Friday, September 28, 2012

Lord, Lord, I'm Leaving Dumb-Ass City

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's great to be cutting edge. I know I like the feeling (grin). Michael is one of the shining knights of our time. He's a fearless warrior and, if you're going to be a warrior, it's good to be fearless. That doesn't mean incautious. Brave and Stupid don't go together. One of them is likely to get the other one killed. Well, you know how it goes, or you don't know how it goes and one is an asset and the other is a liability. Nitshitforbrainsyahoo doesn't know when to quit. He's the Energizer Weasel. One crazy person by himself can appear to be crazy, but when you get a good number of crazy people together, like in a certain crime syndicate of a nation, in the Middle East, they don't look crazy for some reason. I mean they certainly look crazy to me ...but that's me. Maybe it has something to do with being crazy yourself. Then, nutjobs can appear to be sane. If you're surrounded by crazy shit, like bad food, a wacko medical establishment, a corrupt legal system and leaders that could headline at a Looney Tunes, cartoon festival ...and you throw in regular and routine exposure, over a period of time, it could look sane but... it's not.

♫Oh yeah, we're going to Dumb-Ass City, Lord, Lord you know it ain't so pretty. The whole town hits you up side the head, makes you feel like worse than dead, not dead, just stupid. Not dead, just stupid♫ Don't ask me where that came from or what the relevance is. I don't know nuthin about pedigree, cause I'm a mutt, or Jeff maybe. You can just see these gigantic fuckheads imploding on stage. To me, it is blindingly evident. I have to chuckle on occasion, when I can get it up. I have no fear and you would think I would have some. Some part of me knows things that rest of me is unaware of. Unfortunately, it is not easy to access that part of myself, because the part accessing it (seeking to access it) is unaware of it's existence and location. Meanwhile I'm watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. It's a hoot. It's things like that, that make me assured that there is meaning and even beauty in life.

I need for life to have beauty and meaning and I have some truly beautiful and meaningful people in my life. My companion returned from the south last night; had been gone for two and a half weeks. I don't think we've ever had a series of hours that hit this level before. Serendipity and her sisters did an overnighter. As difficult as things have been, there is an increasing number of rainbows, without rain. How can you get rainbows without rain, besides standing in front of an oil slick? I think it has something to do with working in mysterious ways. Life's a mystery thought anyway, isn't it? We're so crisp and clear and certain sometimes, about having life figured out but we don't or we wouldn't still be here, if, that is... if we are here. Where's here? I see all kinds of takes and interpretation on 'here' and most of the time, 'here' sounds like 'there'. But that's neither here nor there, is it (grin)? Well of course it is, I'm just making a pun.

So, I look at these dark reptilian fucks, like David Rockefeller and Natty, Nat Rothschild and I see something that tells me they were born this way. They were total shits, from the cradle down. I say 'down' because that would be richtung. I look at New York City and I have lived there for periods of time and, like any city it has it's own sense of normalcy but it's not normal at all. What it has, is a certain consistency, with a factored in uncertainty, that accounts for excitement, because of the unpredictability. Don't get me started. To live in New York City, in this time period, is insane. One thing I will say about New York City, is that you can get anything you want, including things you never heard about, delivered to your door in a pink tutu, if you have the jack. Well, that's Jack City. That's hijack, lowjack, 'oxygen is crack' city.. Some people think they have a choice between stoned and stupid. You don't. You do have a choice between high and stupid, cause stupid is low to the ground. You catching my drift? Am I drifting or ♫slip sliding away♫? Well, we are talking about that even if we haven't mentioned it yet. So, I'm watching, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. The thing I notice, is the incredible cognitive dissonance and people even admit to it. I'm thinking stoned AND stupid.

The last two days, I had a big side of steamed spinach and a couple of prime time zuckermals. That would be sweet corn and then I had a small salmon steak, with garlic and onions. That's how I like to eat. When I think about a woman in my life, I think about a fairy tale princess, with a mind and a big heart. I don't think about a slut, lathered in makeup ...and dressed in some kind of vampire getup, who's got a tattoo across her spine, so that I will have something to read, while I do that perfunctory thing; accent on funk. When I think of books and entertainment, I think of the great writers who have gone before. I think of Merchant and Ivory. I don't love myself very much but I am trying to learn how to do that.

I look at this screwed up world and I look at myself and I am not as screwed up as this world. I can get away with things that I have never seen anyone else get away with, health wise, for one simple reason, 'those who love much are forgiven much'. I look at this screwed up world and I say to myself, “this is madness” but then that thing happens, like when you are watching network TV? Your first impression is that this might be the dumbest shit you have ever seen in your life and then, a few minutes later, you are sucked into it and there is no objective position. This is how the reptiles get away with what they do. Think about it. The other reason that I think I am allowed such fortuitous continuance, is that I can forgive. I forgive very easily. I find that a lot of other people, people who think they are all conscious and read all the books and go through the motions, of whatever spiritual practice they get into, like it was a floor demonstration model, ...they can't forgive. Sometimes, there wasn't even an injury, just a misperception but... REAL... ...freaks people out. People don't want real.

When I was in my early twenties, I lived with Michael Green, in a teepee, way up into the mountains. You had to walk 3 miles to get there. We used to get up on a winter's morning and go down to the stream and bathe before dawn. Then we would come back and chant or pray and later eat a Bannock. That was as good as life has ever been for me. God, how I wish I was back there. I should have never moved onward. I did move onward for exactly the reason that brings me before you today. I wanted to transmit that feeling to the rest of the world, even though I had to leave it to do it. Life is filled with irony. I suckle at the teats of irony because I know that dead babies don't grow on trees and it takes a strong man to bring a camel to his knees. ♫midnight up in your anus, take your camel to bed♫ Are you sticking your nose under the tent again? Don't make me come down there!

Nitshitforbrainsyahoo is a madman. All the myths that his failed state is based on, well, don't ask, don't tell. Ahmadinejad seems truly sane. He seems like an humble, measured and circumnavigating individual. He seems like a man of the people, who loves his country. Putin seems like that to me. Chavez seems like that to me, Fidel Castro seems like that to me, ♫and I still haven't found what I'm looking for♫ That was before Bono sucked the devil's dick in Hell. Yeah, he and The Edge bought up all this pricey LA real estate and now they are land developers. I just want to be a human being. I don't care about the money or the things and maybe that is my problem. It doesn't stick to me. Am I a dillweed, stoned or stupid or crazy like a fox? What the Hell is a dillweed?

I can't walk your road for you people. I can't bring you to the mountain because the mountain is different for each one of us. The cosmos loves the singularity of the human estate. That is why no two snowflakes are the same. You can't say that about grains of sand though. Are you getting me? Am I coming through? I am reaching out to you. It is what I do. Sure, that's probably a crazy thing. I know I'm mentally ill, but I prefer to see it as a kind of detachment, that allows me to see from enough distance, that objectivity can come into play and I do love to play. I want to play with you. I want to rest my head in the crook of your arm and while you think you are comforting me, I will be comforting you. That's how it works. Don't you want to shine like the sun? C'mon, you know you do. You want to live life to the fullest, no matter how much fear might fuck with you. You want to be at Casa Amitabha. You want to work all day and still be filled with energy because that is the essential righteousness of the equation. I've been there and I've seen it.

There is time and world enough for us to be able to say, “alles in ordnung”. We are not beasts. We are heirs to something we can't see and are only dimly aware of the existence of. We know these things in our DNA. We are something else ...but we have opted for everything else. We are the people that might have been, we should have gotten in touch with us then. You know that what I am saying is the genuine article. I need to sit by the fireplace with you. I need to cook for you and fluff your pillow. I need to love you and be able to say that without reservation or shame. I need to be able to stand naked and be fully clothed, in that desired armor. I need to touch you and hold your hand because... because you complete me.



End Transmission.......

Visible narrates The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock


Anonymous said...

years ago a sort of wail or chant began to fill my mind and it has stayed with me like a...rainbow...

"we all love each other so much"

i've never really felt it expressed anywhere else except today in your last graph.

we do love each other so much. we do.
liz in l.a.

insiam said...

free phones. words fail:

Visible said...

We most certainly do.

Clarity said...

Down and dirty the whole way through, and then pure beauty at the very end. Gorgeous.

I love you, Visible, and you are loved by many others.

Gratitude and love to you and all the others who come here with good intentions and honest hearts. A different kind of love and gratitude for the others - each valuable in its own way.

Mouser, good comment later on SM.

mike m - please see my comment on SM.

To my girlie friend, I hope you're reading today.

Woof! to you know who.

Love and peace,

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

That's a beautiful post. Almost brings tears to the eyes. Don't tell anyone I said that. ;O)

Anonymous said...

What Nutty Yahoo really meant:

Anonymous said...

"Here Comes Monsanto"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Here Comes Santa Claus", by Oakley Haldeman and Gene Autry.)

Narrator talking, at beginning of song:

Speakin' of genocidal spirit,
Each year, out in St. Louis, Missouri
They have what they call the Monsanto Parade
A few years ago, while I was riding in this parade
I saw lesions on thousands of faces
Both young and old alike
As they waited for a glimpse of the most popular GMO foods in the world
I can hear 'em shoutin' now
Here comes Monsanto, Here comes Monsanto, Here comes Monsanto!!!

(Song begins.)

Here comes Monsanto
Here comes Monsanto
Right down Monsanto Lane
Massive tumors in your brain, dear
Un-fucking-godly pain
Babies cryin', people dyin'
All are filled with blight
Kiss your ass goodbye and say your prayers
'Cause Monsanto comes tonight

Here comes Monsanto
Here comes Monsanto
Right down Monsanto Lane
They've got a bag that's filled with death
For boys and girls again
Hear your DNA jingle-jangle
Oh what a beautiful sight
So jump in bed, you'll soon be dead
'Cause Monsanto comes tonight

[musical interlude]

Here comes Monsanto
Here comes Monsanto
Right down Monsanto Lane
They come around with gifts of death
To thin the herd again
Peace on earth will come to all
If we give up without a fight
So let's give thanks to the Lord above
'Cause Monsanto comes tonight

Here comes Monsanto
Here comes Monsanto
Right down Monsanto Lane
Massive tumors in your brain, dear
Un-fucking godly pain
Babies cryin', people dyin'
All are filled with blight
Kiss your ass goodbye and say your prayers
'Cause Monsanto comes tonight

[musical interlude]

Peace on earth will come to all
If we give up without a fight
So let's give thanks to the Lord above
'Cause Monsanto comes tonight
So let's give thanks to the Lord above
'Cause Monsanto comes tonight

the gardener said...

zippity do dah, zippity yay-my oh my what a wonderful day... plenty of sunshine headed my way-zippity do dah zippity yayyyy... that's what came to me right now reading you.


the gardener

I've had several beloved friends who died from a lack of love... sure their cause of deaths were named: brain tumor, cancer, alcoholic related liver/kidney failure by those who wouldn't know love if it smacked them across the ass... but it was really a lack of love they felt... caused them to just give it all up... this time round anyway.

the gardener said...

Your post today caused me to recall way back...decades back when I had the impulse to draw and paint these very sweet pictures of a very sweet looking man...a wise friend of mine's wiser mother saw it then but instead of causing me to STOP and believe her... it just caused me embarrassed diversionary actions from my own self. I told her 'these are pictures of my unknown to me yet forever lover man'... her mom took a look and said 'no, you are calling in/up Jesus'... 'THAT'S who you need to be attached to more than ever right now'... and since then I have seen Jesus a few times and he appeared to me as a very cute, very giggly, very amused cute boyfriend... all naked and hairy and laid out on a nice reclining sofa. Amused at my works. Humored by my intense devoted focus... on him. {{{smiles}}}

I've shared that adventure with a few and they were quick to either patronize me and my moment or else to look askance, somehow offended.

O my sweet lord...Georgie had his number... :)

the gardener

Visible said...

You are a fantastic satirist. One of these days we will get together and seriously kick some ass.

Mark said...

This year's Asshole of the Universe pageant is being contended by some rather stiff competition. That redheaded little shit who wants to sink a sub in the Straits of Hormuz (Let's light this candle, but first, hand me a stick of Beemans) thinks he has the right stuff, but I'm afraid he will be marked down for comportment, as he had the demeanor of someone about to load his pants. The big yahoo established himself as the favorite with yesterday's diagram of a noocular bomb. You could tell he wanted to giggle, but to his credit, he held it in. If we give him what he wants, will he go away? Or is he just getting started?

Are dirty rotten scoundrels born, or made? I think it's either/or, not that it matters. What matters is that today gold hit an all-time high in the Euro and the Swiss Frank; meanwhile, gold in dollars is still taking it from behind and not liking it. Another old lady called the cops, then got mowed down in her own backyard. That'll teach her. I can only surmise that the good aliens have quarantined our disease-riddled planet in order to contain the madness, and who the hell can blame them? I really don't think we are here to learn any lessons, as the universe cannot possibly be that cruel; then again, if the universe needed a planet whose sole purpose were to meet out bad karma, well then, Earth's your huckleberry.

The retail stores across gobless merica claim that the holiday season has already begun, so you all have your marching orders. Freeze! Oops, where did that come from? I was just wondering what would happen if every family in God's Country, instead of maxing out their credit cards at Walmart buying presents, instead spent that money buying physical silver. Go ahead, I double-dog dare you.

Anonymous said...

God! How long is this nonsense going to continue on this Earth?

The slaves in the U.S. Ante-bellum South ...we're still slaves though, they used to say, "Lord, Lord, how long, Lord!?"

I suppose it's this way, though,

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.

- Find out just what any people
will quietly submit to, and you
have found out the exact
measure of injustice and wrong
which will be imposed upon
them ..... and these will

continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both.

The limits of tyrants are
prescribed by the endurance of
those whom they oppress. “

― Frederick Douglass

I'm am very much afraid, that we have reached the point wehre we will have to do PITCHED BATTLES with these creatures, who don't seem to be Native to this Planet.

We've waited for some sort of Savior, or Saints or Somebodies to come and help us, but nobody is showing up.

It looks that we're going to have to do it ourselves. All alone.

Even we few.

And THAT"S a "natural fact."

I don't want to live the way our ancestors did in the Dark Ages.

Later day Patrick Henry

Anonymous said...

You always speak my language, Visible...getting together and kicking some ass would be a natural thing, and a no-brainer...and I see it happening...I'm working on a cash angle for the overall cause here, even as we speak - I know you've had disappointments in that regard, but all things come to those who wait - I'll email you when I have the necessary quacking ducks all in a row so we can kick things around in a more concrete manner...I got your back, FYI...but I think you already know that...

Zoner said...

Feeling the Love, and thanking you for it. My fondest dream these days is to REALLY, TRULY find that tribe or community and make it happen for reals. It breaks my heart to continue to soldier on and wish that it would all just END. Couple that with the knowledge that by staying in this system and feeding it, I help PERPETUATE THE MADNESS, and it all seems pointless and hopeless. This is not the way we were meant to live, and certainly not how we were meant to integrate into this amazing sphere and with each other and Creation. We are doing it wrong.

I got a house, a pile of guitars, and a Harley (OK, my wife's) that can be made into a small pile of cash to put into the kitty. Please, God - let's do this thing!

Robin Redbreast said...

Thank you Visible
Recently I have been praying - asking - surely now - please sort it out. No more.
Sending love back out - twice fold
LLP xxx

Anonymous said...

It's full moon and we need some beauteous harmony loves,
From the beautiful place,,,,
Anyone got any ideas,,,,,

Michael rivero or lord Rivero's mind is actually so honed in now, he's worked out what tptw are going to do before they do,,,,,,

Netanyahu got to go,,along with global corporate earth raping animal torturing vampire banking colonial empire fest we have been in for god knows how long

Respects neil

JerseyCynic said...

Call out the instigators
Because there's something in the air
We've got to get together sooner or later
Because the revolution's here, and you know it's right
And you know that it's right

preacher said...

I also saw a lot of rainbow colours in the sky, but thought it was because they're chemtrailing like crazy here.
Perhaps I forgot to put on my happy hat...

Happy Milkman’s dairy products targeted by anti-gay organization for rainbow packaging

preacher said...

Oops, meant this link:

Anonymous said...

Am sorry but in my last comment I was talking about harmonious loves but What I really meant are love harmonys ,,,,, : )
As in the undertone being of absolute totality of all love
And the harmonys being the flavours or essence patterns dynamically Induced across the field of our nature
Upon our understanding,,,,,,,

Hmmm I don't know. Respects neil

neal said...

Ordnung, had to look that up. Funny, been thinking about the ones that raised me, old order Amish, Shakers (closet whirling dervishes), crazed Celts, and American Indian Movement radicals, and such.

They have passed on, and the blinding light, the roaring silence, the Love of Christ, my God, I ask them to keep the night fires burning, so maybe I can go home soon, but not yet.

Those Zionists, told them the truth, now they even fired my little boy, out of spite. They say we will never work in this town again, that's OK, we have some peanut butter, and we had to try, it was never some deal, just showing up with choices for them.

So now we watch, and wait, and keep the fire going, it is funny how the ordnund will have it's Way with us.

I do not know how anyone could taste of this and end up making some deal for the things of this world. I do not know if any of the machinery gets invited to Love and Life, that really does shine and give to most everything, even when not generally cared for, one way or the other.

It only seems to be a numbers game on the surface. There is always the lonely one, squared to the negative, you know we just had to be there, for the course.

Anonymous said...

I can make yurts for a community,

Oh and sorry for being crazy people,,,

Respect neil

Anonymous said...

Dumbass City a parody of Guns 'N' Roses-Paradise City

Take me down to dumbass city
Where the ass is fat
And the food is shitty
Take me home
(Oh, won't you please take me home?)

Take me down to dumbass city
Where the ass is fat
And the food is shitty
(Oh, won't you please take me home?)

Just a serf livin' under the heel
I'm a dumb ass that's tough to feed
I'm your sympathy case so buy me some high fructose corn syrup
I'll never pay you a another dime, take it to the welfare line

Rags to free sailphones(!) or so they say
You gotta keep obeyin, gotta keep it lame
You know it's all a sucker's bet when it's all a game
You treat it like a capitalist crime, everybody doin' their lines

Take me down to dumbass city
Where the ass is fat
And the food is shitty
Oh, won't you please take me home? Oh yeah

Strapped in the chair of the county's fast food chamber
Why I'm here I can't quite remember
The surgeon general says aspartame is delicious
I'd have another GMO food but I can't even see

Captain America's been outsourced to various parts
Now he's a laughing stock with a broken homeless cart
He said turn me around and take me back to the fast food dumpster
I must be losing my freedoms, are you blind, I've seen it all a million times (on cnn)

Take me down to dumbass city
Where the ass is fat
And the food is shitty
Take me home, yeah, yeah

Take me down to dumbass city
Where the ass is fat
And the food is shitty
(Oh, won't you please take me home?)

Vulc said...

Never forget, we all radiate. There's a reason the physics gurus were mislead about the aether - it exists. Its where many things come and go from.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

all that and more, I had you with me on my great walk up the back yard yesterday. one day, when I climb that mountain, or it climbs me, I'll get my own avatar, perhaps a rainbow coloured flying kangaroo in foam convict shackles.

forgiveness is something I anticipate I will need a lot of when and if I find some grievance for it, particularly if I was the culprit. it's the only way to keep ones soul from being white-anted by hate.

this me too one didn't get through last where have all the flowers gone.

♫Where have all the holocausts gone
long time passing....♫

(and oops, it was Crashtest Dummies that referred to TS Elliot not Smashing Pumpkins)

youtube a warning about and information warfare games
And now the adds are getting mandatory, not skippable and longer than some of the videos. not unexpected. they could at least flag the ad infested ones aforehand.
Some substitutes
They should amalgamate.

preacher said...

Talking about movies: I just watched 'Eagle Eye'...

It's got it all: Drones, computer surveillance, a government gone rogue and a guillotine program. The end didn't satisfy me at all, alas.
So I think I'm gonna watch some girls go bye next...

Anonymous said...

Another nice post Vis. We all need some of that illness. Proud to be a sick bastard myself. Got rid of the TV five years ago. This is why I am not a model citizen. I appreciate all your thought provoking works. Thank you sir.

My God

What if there was no reward? Would you still be faithful? I've tried to find something, anything that makes sense, but nothing does. To put your life and service to something that was created by human hands, is just foolish to me. If you ever want to see a demonstration of the integrity of human beings, just watch a few Youtube videos. We cannot and should not be trusted. This is the part about religion that really can be very hard to swallow. Why do we subscribe to our faith, our particular brand of faith? Why are there so many differing ones? The just God should be universal, not differing sects who kill each other over faith. The one thing that each and every single faith that I know of, be it good or evil, have in common is this, they were written by the hand of a human. Another thing that just makes no sense, is the Christian faith was at some point merged with a totally opposing one, one that spits on the central Christ figure of Christianity. Now called Judeo/Christianity. Maybe I'm just too simple to get it. It seems that the so called chosen ones would ensure that everything they can, will be tilted to their favor. Some people will shame me and say that in my grief and my views, that I am nothing but a blamer who cries the victim. That may be true, but oh how quick we are to call out the cry baby while totally allowing the biggest example of professional victims just go about trying to destroy and control the entire planet according to their dictate. The hollywood movies are dedicated to these victims, the television media is dedicated to these victims, our very government is dedicated to these victims. Why? It's because each one has been infiltrated by them. It is true, it is undeniably true. Is this how your God would love you? By allowing these self righteous and arrogant creatures to profess openly that anybody but them, are lower life forms, lower than Cattle? What is your faith then? Cognitive reason is damn hard to find in any zealot. The term "blind faith" is alive and well, and that is exactly what it is. Are we so afraid of death that we let our simple minds be swamped by this? What is it about death? The fear of hell?It seems that any loving God would not attempt to gain the devotion of his creation under duress! Nothing makes sense here. Just what could be any more of a hell, than what we are put through right here on this planet? Eternal fire? Give me a break. Irrational, and that is the hallmark of the entire thing. You go turn the other cheek. If we are going to invent some Gods for ourselves, we cannot let someone else do it. lets cut the crap and invent a God that encourages us to stand up for ourselves, not be fooled and pushed around. Not be herded around and treated like Cattle. Not make sure we are wilfully ignorant and consumed by fear. My God is proud of any creation, be it his or some other God's creation, who gets in the faces of those that would try to abuse him and grind him under their thumb with propaganda and lies at every opportunity. He favors the brave and the just. Then maybe, just maybe, things might start to make sense. Do you think the creator of this entire universe, would have been so successful, if his logic and inconsistant mind, that favors some over others, really worked like that? That is NOT MY God. Just sayin........Jimmy

preacher said...

Wow, one step closer to running man:

Man Offs Himself Fox News (Live) Studio B


Anonymous said...

"LaPage states that the dormancy of parasites is a continuously observed phenomenon, retaining their potency during many years of inactivity and isolation. Thus, a community of Jews may live torpidly in its ghetto for centuries, seemingly self-absorbed in its own parochial existence, and having little effect upon its gentile host, until some combination of factors will cause it to become furiously active. In a short time, it permeates every aspect of the host people's existence, and brings it to the point of destruction. The community of Jews in the Frankfort ghetto of Germany is a good illustration of this type of parasitic dormancy. It remained dormant for three hundred years, and within the span of a single generation, produced a group of bankers and traders who soon won control of the destinies of Western civilization."

-- Eustace Mullins, "The Biological Jew"

Anonymous said...

War can never win,,by its essence it's already defeated


Anonymous said...

Truth lifts with the might of all the heavens
Lies entanglement is to our own undoing
Our being essence writting in nature of all unity
Conscious grace by the fire on the hearth
Abundant fields draw the pull of understanding
Chasing tails of the wild upper moon
The rising sun glazed across the wingtips
Painting emblems of eternities resolve
The heart of all is the open sun in man
In bindings of nurturing love soothes a way
mothers palms weave in lightning through a soul
Freedom lives in an everlasting flame


Mark said...

Crossing the Rubicon

If you speak out against Israel, you're toast.

missingarib said...

vis,the camel thing is rightious funny--sending this tune -to chorus your thoughts-
it's marley at his best

Don't let them fool ya,
Or even try to school ya! Oh, no!
We've got a mind of our own,
So go to hell if what you're thinking is not right!
Love would never leave us alone,
A-yin the darkness there must come out to light.

Could you be loved and be loved?
Could you be loved, wo now! - and be loved?

(The road of life is rocky and you may stumble too,
So while you point your fingers someone else is judging you)
Love your brotherman!
(Could you be - could you be - could you be loved?
Could you be - could you be loved?
Could you be - could you be - could you be loved?
Could you be - could you be loved?)

Don't let them change ya, oh! -
Or even rearrange ya! Oh, no!
We've got a life to live.
They say: only - only -
only the fittest of the fittest shall survive -
Stay alive! Eh!

Could you be loved and be loved?
Could you be loved, wo now! - and be loved?

(You ain't gonna miss your water until your well runs dry;
No matter how you treat him, the man will never be satisfied.)
Say something! (Could you be - could you be - could you be loved?
Could you be - could you be loved?)
Say something! Say something!
(Could you be - could you be - could you be loved?)
Say something! (Could you be - could you be loved?)
Say something! Say something! (Say something!)
Say something! Say something! (Could you be loved?)
Say something! Say something! Reggae, reggae!
Say something! Rockers, rockers!
Say something! Reggae, reggae!
Say something! Rockers, rockers!
Say something! (Could you be loved?)
Say something! Uh!


live long

preacher said...

Just talking a hell of a lot lately about society, boss...(swing)

Corporate Domination - Buddy Tabor

flying cossack said...

if you enter a forest and think you are second best, you are as good as dead ... if you think the bear is too strong, or the pack of wolves are too strong, or the crocodile is too strong ... then you will not survive for long ... every man thinks he is the best because this is a natural survival instinct

since confidence is a natural state of mind, the arrogant man is not the one that is openly confident ... open confidence is you, it is humility ... humility is sharing your true self ... the arrogant are those that are offended by another man's confidence

native indians knew this for thousands of years ... and lived like it ... they never stepped on each other's confidence, they encouraged it ... atleast until the jesuits "taught them better"

Anonymous said...

How brave you are.The unveiling of the great mother..the unveiling of us all to each other..shy..brave..I struggle with not liking myself either these 60 brave you are..

Mouser said...

The farcical Betty Yahoo IS being plastered all over the zionist mudstream media. Wots up wit dat? The Rothschild rulers of the world are planing something (understatement I know). I wonder if israel's number is up and the zionist Rothschilds are going to sacrifice that shitty little country on the grand chess board in order to further their agenda of defrauding all people the people of the world of the land they live on. Like sacrificing a queen in order to check-mate your opponent with your horse.

That the MSM is ridiculing Nitwityahoo is under Rothschild control. What is the stategy in that? Is israel being goaded into a suicidal attack on Iran? A world war results with israel being blown off the map and the Rothschild zionists somehow using the carnage to set up a one world currency that they issue exclusively. The elders of zionism need the people of the world to accept a one world currency and to accept ceading over all land that is presently owned by individuals or countries. The so called new world order is a 1:99 split where the 1% own all the land and make all the laws and rules. Anyone then challenging the NWO system can be instanting deleted from their monetary system and will not be able to get a legal job. All opposition to the 1% rulers will be sidelined from earning a living. Complain? You don't work or eat. So called useless eaters will also be disposed of. A viable 500,000 is the target total population on earth. Is the sacrifice of israel a chess move to achieve that goal.

Something isn't making sense in the grand zionist playbook. Why let your owned mudstream scribes lambast your frontman? Rothschild controls the media. Why let the media you own discredit your puppet for a zionist world order?

The reason those with billions more than they can ever spend in 10 lifetimes are securing more and more money for themselves is because they want to buy the whole world. Ironic because all the money was created out of nothing and usury garantees all the land of the world will gradually be used to pay back the Shylocks. Result is the zionist 1% will own everything everywhere and THEN they can do exactly as they want forever. That's their plan anyway.

I suspect little israel is going to attack Iran with false promises a la Sadam Hussein's attack on Qatar. As soon as israel attacks Iran the world is going to neutralize israel permanently. What I can't figure out is how this event is going to further the Rothschild zionists plan to take complete ownership of all land in all countries on earth. The Rothschilds don't need any more money - they can print up as much as they need in 194 of 197 countries by way of their ponzi central banks. What they want is the land we are living on. Once they have that everyone will be in reality a slave to the rulers of the NWO.

How the destruction of israel is going to further their plan I don't understand yet.

Gladly correct any incorrect assumptions I have made and offer your own explanation of why the zionist media is hanging Yahoo and israel out to dry.

Mouser said...

My bad, Kuwait not Qatar was invaded by Sadam in 1990 after he got the 'green-light' from Washington.

insiam said...

mouser ....

Everything you assume is well known to many that come around hear. So my feeling is that couldn't be the real plan.

Also not wanting to be pedantic but is not that their ideal populace would be 500 million as opposed to 500 thousand - quite a difference. I think the stones indicate a 95% reduction. So .05 x 7billion =

One thing you can be sure of is what we think we might know is what we are supposed to think we might know :)

Anyhow i don't give a fuck since i got my obama phone :)

flying cossack said...

mouser, your understanding is sound and the logic in your communication is sound ... that plan is possible since the jews dont need israel ... theyve run russia for 100 years, usa for 300, england for 1000, and nearly every country for the last 50 ... with so many armies and resources, israel seems purposeless to the jews ... israel was most likely created to fish out the remaining people in the world that opposed world jewry ... the jews have run the world for the last 2000+ years by proxy, they now want to do it openly

they are setting up netanyahu to be a fall guy ... much like stalin was ... stalin didnt go door to door and murder 40 million russians himself ... a large group of people accomplished this ... and unless you are retarded and think russians genocided themselves, the only remaining possibility is the jews ... so these fall guys serve the purpose of detargetting the target ... take your attention away from the jews

americans should be more concerned with obama being setup as a fall guy ... obama is constantly slandered as some kind of muslim or communist ... when he is neither ... he is merely a puppet with no power ... there is no communism anywhere on the planet, never has been, thats just a political circus designed to detarget the target ... what the jews did to russia in the 1930s, theyre about to do to america

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Tinsel Glitter and the Cup that Holds our Joy.

niijii said...

Thanks Visible and all. I see it as comformity gone mad. More like stoned BY stupid, as in that little 1969 movie "The Lottery".

Just because you can't follow the asshole ahead of you doesn't make you a bad sheeple. Does it?

Best to all.

the gardener said...

Thanks for the gut laughs! Dumbass City a parody of Guns 'N' Roses-Paradise City-got a new one now to replace the Gambler one you did a few days ago! hahahahahahahaha

I am swearing by the 'shining the light' exercise learned here on vis' site a few years back... they're being outed by selves and others left and right... keep it coming-we are the tools...we can pray and meditate and visualize all our days and nights but we humans have got to also do the physical works in any way we can to SHINE THAT LIGHT!

the gardener

tackling that wood today!

the gardener said...

Speaking of 'here comes Monsanto' (LOL) who the hell knew about this shit?

It just makes me sick (cough cough) knowing it will come out in 50/60 years what they've been putting into our air via the chemtrails. Wonder how many in St. Louis saw these 'tests' going on or put their sickness and strangers about together and were told total BS making them seem crazy for asking?

the gardener

Farmer said...

Fuck Israel, and Zionist, and everyone one else that is turning this jewel into a sore.

Love you as well Les, thanks for being so open about it.

Love is the only thing that is going to save any of us, and is one of the hardest lessons to learn.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

re mousers musings.
it's a common pattern for them to raise them, the 'leaders' , up and spit them out, for varios clandestine prposes, often just a use by date as they are exposed, then off to the next puppet, usually "gentile fronts" though - like darling boy Assange .

as for the conundrum of cutting the arm off to save (or promote) the body corporate, I am also wondering.
perhaps it's the destructive nature of their beast, even an enemy to themselves.
perhaps there's more to it, like the energy they get off being persecuted.
perhaps its like how Israel has been populated largely with "good jews", the ones who in previous times got on for centuries, more or less, and WWII and the Bolshies drove them back into the desert, so they are the real enemy within for the final pelvic thrust at the global wall.
who knows? but I do know that once one knows even a little of their shenanigans throughout history, they conform to a pattern and there are no surprises, once the truth comes out.
and they have wasted peoples time watching their contrived false shit.

Ray B. said...

Mouser, September 29, 2012 9:07:00 AM

"Gladly correct any incorrect assumptions I have made and offer your own explanation..."

I believe your assumptions are 'right on'. I had the same question when the two towers were taken down, seeing they were obviously the Jachin and Boaz pillars. The little middle east country has no more security than those towers did. It is expendable for the 'cause'.

I offer two 'additions' to the brew:

First, I believe that most of the 'higher dimensional' bad guys have already been 'turned' ala my previous woo-woo posts. This leaves a 'power vacuum' where there once was direction. The lower, physical bad guys are on their own.

Second, there is an interesting 'twist' from the old Ramtha days. 'He' used to speak of the future as built of the thoughts and, especially, emotions of the past. As such, one dangerous 'manifestor' was the doomsday expectations clustered around armageddon religions and the enormous anger 'chi' projected into that. This could literally 'manifest' the end of the human race.

The way that Ramtha described as dealing with that problem was unique. It had to do with 'fulfillment'. Fixed-expectation people had to experience their 'dream' as being fulfilled, before they would release the expectation and 'chi'.

Basically, the 'cure' had to do with letting a situation get so physical that folks would say, "Yes, it is done!" With that 'gratification' or 'completion', they would release everything having to do with that. The background 'force' would go away.

Then, people would find out that the damage, casualties, etc., was nowhere near as bad as recently reported. The world would still go on. However, the 'juice' for a major negative manifestation would no longer be there.

(There was, in my estimation, a 'trial demonstration' for this type of 'defusing' mentioned by Ramtha. A couple of years before the 1989 San Francisco 'Loma Prieta' earthquake, Ramtha had brought up that the 'conservative' faction really hated the inhabitants of SF and wanted the terrible destruction of their city. As such, a 'manifestation' cloud was built up. Ramtha said that this would be 'dealt with' as I described above. When the earthquake hit, TV and radio all described the city as suffering cataclysmic damage. I remember some people around me breathing that it was an 'act of God' and 'they got what they deserved' [and experiencing a 'completion']. Then, the news reports of the next few days brought out that the actual damage was far less then it could have been.)

Interesting times...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

Mr. Apocalyse does, Grond and Pound.

Anonymous said...

Try to Relax..the end is nigh the bigiinning is near.



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