Monday, March 22, 2021

"Religions are Fantasies, Constructed Upon the Premise of The Real but Not Reflecting It in its True Light at All."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

One thing you can count on is Selma Hyack posting a swimsuit photo of herself, cosmetically cheating time, and Photoshopping reality at least once every week. Lizzo is putting together a reality TV show for Dancing Obesities. Kanye West is no longer worth the 250 million he landed in the Kardashian Web with. He now has 6.6 billion. I'm guessing Kim now has more than the 150 million she came into Kanye-World with. Word is she is now going to be coming out with a sneaker line too called Sleazies. You know, like Yeezies?

We now have non-fungible cryptocurrency tokens, like BitCoin from someone who says we will all be living in augmented realities soon. She bought a 500,000 dollar digital file of a house that doesn't exist in brick and mortar. I thought we had been living in augmented reality for years already. Nonfungible means it exists as representative values for barter. I imagine I could offer my songs in this format. Instead of a house you can't live in it could be a song you can't hear. It probably wouldn't change the access levels of my music such as it is (grin). Eventually, clones will be offered for other services than what the original performs. Like celebrity porn-bots, for instance. Then perhaps people could swap their own bodies as well if they can successfully bargain with the demons who already own them.

Look at how Batshit Crazy it is! They have gotten people, minus thought processes, to hate the whiteskins, while the other colors were ripped into a frenzy over their own superiority. Now it's Asians who are under threat across the country because some guy who identifies as repressed Amish went around and killed the workers in various massage parlors and beauty salons. I don't know if he was angry because beauty shops routinely operate under false pretenses, or because they wouldn't take him as a client. I'm assuming you've seen his picture. These are all weakest link breakages. These are the early victims, like when a Zombie Apocalypse first breaks out. Later on, we will see broken chains littering the sidewalks and highways with a bunch of lunatics running naked and singing, “Born Free”.

A major war has broken out in recent times between Normal and the racially charged, the Gender threatened, the sexually mutilated and the long-standing and perpetual victims of whatever they say happened somewhere, sometime. This war has to do with who gets the lion's share of the profits from the Guilt Harvesting Industry and the Reparation Nazis. The industry leaders now have a campaign to get this for you 'cheaper than stolen'.

I guess I have hurt the fabricated feelings of half the planet by this time. I'll probably hear from their lawyers sooner or later and they can sue me for what I don't have. I'm looking forward to it. The idea of pleading my case gives me memories of forgotten tumescence over the Fata Morgana dancers that used to routinely appear on the stage of imagination. It was a bitch until I got a harness on them.

One of the most heartening parts about meeting God the one time I am certain of it happening was that he used profanity like it was any other word. I know now that God was not what had been portrayed to me by the men with frowns in the sacerdotal outfits. They are big on the idea of a stern Mr. No No up in the sky. He's especially down on sex, which is a core process in our being present, so... once again, “what's puzzlin' you is the nature of my game.” I don't know who that God is. I suspect he does not exist except in the poisoned imaginations of people who need the repression.

I especially like the ones with the curmudgeon names, like Jehovah and Yahweh. You can't explain to people that these are works of GEMATRIA. I'm not too concerned with them, even though they're big on slaying, smiting, and ravaging cities, and nations, while they are swooning over burnt offerings. Given the size and nature of the present population, I don't think they'll ever get to me; not that I expect to hang out here indefinitely. This is not my kind of place and I have felt that way from the moment I got here. I feel as if I must have done something pretty bad once to have to be here but the idea, however misguided, that I might have come here to help keeps me hopeful. I then cannot be blamed simply for being a Pollyanna and what's the punishment for that? Disappointment?

Religions are the training wheels on your character. Once that is developed and contact made with your central core... YOU DON'T NEED THEM ANYMORE!

The pressure has got to be something fierce out there on the streets. Tens of thousands, millions and millions of people all pissed off about what they don't have, while those that have it all are rubbing it in their faces. All those people who will never be happy in the first place, unless they change their values. When it's not your fault, EVAH, you can not only blame but torment others for being responsible for your own incompetence and misery.

Anything I could possibly want here, I know who to ask. I know better than to want anything here beyond basic things, like health and a clear weather eye. I know better than to want these things because I have had ALL OF THEM... really... even if only temporarily. I know what it feels like and it feels like something is missing. It ALWAYS does BECAUSE... something IS MISSING and what is missing is You. As long as you insist on playing dress-up and attending sleep-over costume parties you are going to get what those transitory identities get as a matter of destiny. What happens is that, eventually, you wake up... eventually.

How far away are the shores of yesterday as they turn into the shores of tomorrow? Space curves and time bends. That's what I see. I'm sure it offends someone; hopeful, anyway.

God is just like you and me, only better looking and in better shape, while in complete control of all of it. This is why the secret is to emulate him until it happens to you. It will. He's always watching. God is just like you and me, only better at it. Once you get closer you will see him pop in and out of view here and there. He doesn't stay around on a permanent basis, except for that part of him that is the basis. He comes and goes and you have to pursue him/her as a lover, as a VERY ardent lover, and believe me, God has run into every variation of that so HE KNOWS who is who and what is what. 'Fool me once' isn't even in God's vocabulary.

Anthropomorphism is a real problem. It's one thing to live here in a fantasy land, like most of the residents. It is another thing to live in a spiritual fantasy land that reveals itself as just that... eventually. Religions are fantasies, constructed upon the premise of the real but not reflecting it in its true light at all and that is why they worship the bones of saints and collect all those religious tchotchkes for memorabilia. God is a living God! Right this minute. He is not wearing the old dead persona from back when they first misunderstood and misquoted him. He is right here right now and if he isn't, who is?

Finding God does not have the same requirements as rocket science. Even a simple mind can find God in a profound manner. One only needs a child-like state of mind and a humble heart. One of my favorite quotes of scripture is, “ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God” because of what I read into it. More on that later, one of these days.

God is not over the river and through the woods, though it might take considerably more than that to realize it. I speak from experience. God is right up close, right here, right now and ACCESSIBLE. One of the reasons I think God speaks to me is so that others can think, “Wow! If he will talk to him then he will certainly talk to me.” That might well be. Of course, God is speaking to all of us all of the time. Few are listening. The necessary ATTITUDE OF LISTENING is missing. It's an acquired skill. Once again, a big part of the price of admission is to fundamentally not know. Lacking that, you get nowhere. Sometimes God will lead someone around through their inclinations just to show them what they are really like. He does all kinds of ingenious things. He weaves an exquisite poetry out of life and people don't see it. They are looking elsewhere for other reasons. However... this I can assure you of...if God wants your attention he knows how to get it.

I don't have time for linking articles anymore. You can find everything I am talking about on the virtual front page of any of the crass media. You can find everything important about yourself inscribed on the walls of the secret chambers of the heart. The language of angels vibrates as a subtle fire in the soul. Religion is simple; THE SUN. Pass from this plane and go to The Sun and you've made it. Find the light too bright and keep opting for the softer, dimmer light, and you will arrive at The Moon to get outfitted for the next life. After that session with The Sun and The Moon, further ports of call and destinations pending are there, and... if at first, you don't succeed, try, try again.

End Transmission.......


Ray B. said...

Vis, a back-to-the-future type of blog. Thanks!

Vis: "This is not my kind of place and I have felt that way from the moment I got here."

Funny you should say that. Several decades ago, I did some breath-work designed to pop-out old held-traumas. It did work; apparently, the increased prana made it impossible for lower-energy stuff to remain held-in. Pertinent to here, it also popped-out a memory of me at birth. Unexpectedly, I was hopping mad. I was not supposed to be here, and I did not want to be here (earth-plane). I was supposed to do some unspecified 'stuff', but I definitely was not happy about it. (Maybe, it is the 'stuff' which I am doing now.)
Vis: "...and that is why they worship the bones of saints and collect all those religious tchotchkes for memorabilia."

I understand where you are coming-from, with all the distortions of spirituality and power-grabbing/profiteering (prophet-eering? *arrggh*) from the dark-side. In addition, there is a psychic/spiritual aspect to 'objects', concerning what was called psychometry in the old ESP language. (Psychometry is where facts or impressions about a person or thing are received through contact with an object associated with the subject.) This is real, and I have experienced it many times.

(One time, I was handed an ancient Buddhist-related figurine. Completely unexpectedly, I burst into tears. Heavy sobbing. Not common to me. Words came up around 'us' not having people of that quality on Earth any more. Later, I found out that the figurine was of a high Buddhist saint/sage. I figure (hah!) that I had connected back to some disciple who had lost their beloved Master. Potent...)

In that sense, I can see why original churches/ashrams kept psychically-potent objects around. They acted as a 'booster' to achieve contact or to move into a certain awareness. To achieve that effect, though, they also needed a certain 'class' of receiver. Spiritually-sensitive, so to speak. Otherwise, to the spiritually-insensitive, it is just an object...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Don't ya want an Akashic Library Card too? I've wanted one forever, but my request keeps gettin' rejected. I suppose that's a good thing, considering how many news stories make me wanna do a Scanners thang on so many, even if it does give me a headache. Well, then there's the red nose hair coat and 6 foot furry prehensile tail with red and black striped fur and a tail nail at the end, but sheesh! You'd figure I was askin' for the moon and the stars.

Everything else, meh! Got what I need, and all else is pointless.

This post made me think of FSM. Pastapromorphism? Wonder when that one's gonna make the dictionary?

Anonymous said...

I like what you say about having nothing the demons can take from you, and how that's a position of freedom. I look at the celebrities and get the strong feeling that they are all MK-ULTRA mind control robots and can be sacrificed to appease their demon overlords. At the same time, the capitalist system is responsible for this state of affairs. Many people are realising the WEF's "you'll own nothing, goyim, and you'll be happy" Agenda 2030 isn't such a bad sounding idea at all. The real problem is the savage hordes that are being unleashed in the Western countries. LotR and all that. The more we depend on God the less we depend on the material? So that even the death of the physical body is no longer feared

Thomas said...

Holy shit that was good, Visible!

You must have rhythm in your *bones*, man...

I laughed, laughed, the senctences coming like tap-dancers tap tap tap, every sentence tight and a world of its own, yet fluidly leading to the next. Outrageous statements, but who will say they ain't so?

And then, about in the middle, the tune changed - profound depth, clearly, simply, a peaceful light, fine words - ah, its true! - the music never stopping... God! God! God!

And the finale... "don't actually worry"... "the light is always there". "Moonlight is pretty, too, and someone will be there to show you round."



Those dudes who imagine that they're going to make some god-like super-computer Artificial Intelligence that will take them to virtual heaven in their longed-for and prophecised (oh, really?) "Singularity" are some right goons. They're going to be sorely dissappointed.

Computers have the same level of consciousness as silicon chips - as rocks. They're never going to be intelligent, because they're never going to be conscious. The material fools gambit of the millenium!

The strange part of it is that its probably a deep soul-longing for Unity with God, that when filtered through their materialist worldviews becomes expressed like that.

I suppose one should pity them, but... they'll be fine. Just dissappointed. A lot ;P

That's what you get when you believe in false techno-voodoo, and peddle it to wayward souls, I guess.

Visible said...

Perhaps it was lurking there all the time but your insights in the last year have been something to see. I've noticed a sharper keener edge in the communications of some number who come here. I sense something wonderful and deeply GOOD coming, despite all appearances to the contrary.

Thomas said...

Me too, I must say. I have a sense that "Something's in the wind".

As you say, time will tell, and we shall see what we shall see :)

In any case, God is always here, there, everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Regarding religious anthropomorphism, it took a while to come to the realization that God wasn't merely a bigger, angrier scowling version of Moe of The Three Stooges. Television and religion have more in common than the exponents of either either would care to admit.

robert said...

Feeling it yet?

Corner turned?

The larger the chaotic front in the media Matrix, the closer to waking up the sleeping giants behind the scenes

The more absurd the narrative, the more that the control over the story is deteriorating for the superficialists serving satanic scrutiny

The more false flag movie violence with crisis actors in critical role playing, the more that the con is revealed

The more desperate the reuse of ALL the bullshit narratives, ISIS, killer climate, scary monster virus, victims on parade, the nearer the heart of matter approaches

The more illogical events being pushed to the surface at ramming speed, the clearer the Real, Objective, Logical Consciousness of Creation is revealed

The peak madness is the fever breaking!
The extreme emotional indulgence is the healing happening!
The more we resist the emergent joy, the more we will cry when She comes!

It is time to laugh off our miserable human perspective to make way for the larger Being afoot, walking closer to us than we ever believed before.

We are there, here now and realizing the Reality behind all of our pain.
We let go of limited living to become more than we imagined that we already are!

Namaste, nerdling never-Diviners!
Love is coming to a heart near you!

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Totally get what you are saying about the curmudgeonly Jehovah/Yahweh, Les, it's true after all, but I have to share this I got on Bible Dice (Scripture randomiser) today- I am building a website and I asked what tone it should be - Harsh, News, Light, Angry, funny (I am not good at direct communication)- I got this, not perhaps what you might expect from that quarter-

Isaiah 55:12-13

12 For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.

13 Instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree, and instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree: and it shall be to the Lord for a name, for an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off.

Others have been getting messages of a Golden Age coming soon, but it will be a Dark Age for the low frequency.

I must say 'robert's comment just there is brilliant- totally spot-on.

He should provide himself with a more noticeable moniker than just 'robert' :)

Visible said...

He's been going for that understated profile (grin).

Nice run of scripture. Yes... the golden age is a fair accompli, but not for everyone. You will find what you carry in your heart.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'Follow your heart
Just where it guides you
And it will take you on a journey to the stars
A million million miles may not be very far
Follow your heart
And there you are' :)

Marga said...

You are all a ray of sunshine that brightens my life!
Thank you Visible and everyone here for giving me a reason to keep striving for the greater good....I believe we are getting close to the shift.
"I salute the light that is within your eyes where the whole Universe dwells.
For, when you at the center within you, and I am at that place within me, then we shall be as one."
Crazy Horse

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It is Up to Us to Escape from The Prison House of the Senses, which We can CERTAINLY do With Help."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

What better reason do have to keep on striving but that you are a little Ray of Sunshine yourself, Marga :)



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