Tuesday, March 30, 2021

"They Come Back Home as Demented Fluffers for the Architects of the Fall of Humanity."

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Well, Obama is president again. They are planning some very bad things to enhance their gun programs to get rid of guns and then bring in Communism. You can't have Communism if everyone has a gun. You can ONLY have Communism when ONLY they have the guns. THEY are the people enforcing it and who make sure we are all equal or else. Some will be more equal than others and ride the fattened hog to Doomsday's Barbecue.

Perhaps you are familiar with Michel Foucault and Jaques Derrida, not to mention the self fellating Sartre? Let's put aside the convoluted and supercilious language of constructing and deconstructing and existentialism bullshit. It's still bullshit, constructed or deconstructed, or existentialized. Here is a lovely little bio on that great and selfless servant of prepubescent North African boys. When some of Derrida and Foucault's peer jackals got caught diddling the young, they came forth into the public forum to rail against the constrictions of the existing laws concerning the age of consent. Just like the pornographer poet Ginsburg, who made it the work of his lifetime to help put together the Nambla (8 is too late) North American Man-Boy Love Association.

Whenever you see the high and mighty, rich and powerful screeching in the public thoroughfares about something, you CAN BE SURE they are only about protecting their interests. IT IS A FACT that the ruling cabal of empowered degenerates are pedophiles. Them railing against it is their way of exonerating themselves. Yes... some part of it has to do with the youthfulness and freshness of their prey, BUT... it is REALLY about showing fealty for their Satanic Majesty by engaging in the DESPOLIATION OF INNOCENCE. The channeling sources of The Infernal Kingdom all carry the message of how much pleased The Master is for their participation in his favorite sport.

It is not hard to understand Evil. One has only to study Good. Remember the thousand pairs of Satan Shoes that Lil Nas X had manufactured? They sold out in one hour at a thousand dollars a pop. No, that does not mean there are that many Satanists who want to show their colors (red and black). People buy these things as collectors and with the promise of profit. It's like the pricey art auctions; places like Sotheby's and annual shows like Art Basel. Corporations spend hundreds of millions on bad art because there are ALWAYS those who know nothing about art but everything about what sells, and accrues in value, even when there was/is none. This paragraph is probably racist.

The Satanic colors are Red and Black. You can figure this out by considering the three Gunas of the Hindu faith, which are white, red, and black, or the Mercury, Sulfur and Salt of The Western Traditions or you could just watch a bunch of dumb movies. One is representative of luminous intelligence. Then comes Passion and then comes Torpor. If you eliminate the luminous intelligence you are left with passion and torpor and those are the elements of Satanic enterprise; hot-blooded raging, carnal desire and dark dreaming. I should probably flesh this out with some detail, but any curious soul can follow up on it on their own and it spares those with no interest in it from hearing about it. This is something I ALWAYS keep in mind when interacting with others. I learned the hard way. This paragraph is probably racist too.

I should point out that this Lil Nas character's audiences are VERY YOUNG, many of them prepubescent. It is to them that he preaches same-sex orientations. His justification for what he says and does is always answered by something like, “Well... you did this and that to me so that all I do is a reaction to it, and I have every right.” Of course, no one did anything to him. He was coddled and supported from the cradle, regardless of any considerations other than WHAT HE WANTS.

They are getting crazier and crazier by the day out there. The effort is on to convince people that COVID hysteria is REAL and spreading AGAIN, now... like wildfire (bullshit) and there is a wealth of new tech that is going to make someone rich while the rest of them look Stupid. Meanwhile the random violence continues and intensifies. What you are reading about, hearing about, but hopefully not experiencing is going to replicate far and wide, but mostly in the urban locations.

How did it all get like this? BAD PARENTING! As times have moved toward more and more cultural degeneration, it has been brought to that pass by people catering to the whims of their children, behaving like hovering helicopters and spoiling them rotten. They send their kids to EXPENSIVE universities where they hear from Foucault, Derrida, Sartre, and a host of other numskulls and they come back home as demented fluffers for the architects of the fall of humanity. Their minds are all screwed up. Their sexual nature is twisted into bizarre landscapes of bestial hunger. Their moral compass is broken. God is dead. You know how it works. Selfishness has been cultivated into an art form.

Well, let's move away from this tedious jeremiad. I'm not an old testament prophet railing against the fallings of humanity. I don't care for self-righteousness, nor the holier than thou screeds that I hear from puffed-up pigeons on the make. I NEVER FORGET that God is intimately involved in my life and is not hesitant about tuning me up if need be. I'd rather spare myself. I'm simply ATTEMPTING to tell it like it is, but I come nowhere near describing it in any detail. I do know that it can't end well, such travesties NEVER DO. However... out of the sucking pull of these composting generations, THERE WILL COME A GOLDEN AGE!

If you get them young, and have them on both sides of puberty, they are lost. I do not know what the psychopaths intend for them, but I do know what God intends for the psychopaths. If you fall into bad company, you get what the ringleaders get. You can get hanged simply for having been there, whether you intended the outcome, or participated in the crime. It's called, 'guilt by association'.

Take a good look at all of the forces and events at work in this time. Any mind, still in possession of Objectivity can see what's about. There's going to be pileups on the highway of life like NOTHING we have seen before. The best course is not to get caught up in the tragedy of it. People trying to save the drowning are OFTEN pulled down with them unless the savior is aware of the techniques necessary to defeat the dangerous possibilities of the drowning. You do what you can.

Given what I see as the potential, inevitability actually, of colossal tragedy certain to occur, it is my recommendation that you place yourselves and your loved ones out of harm's way, should you be capable of that. You can see. You SHOULD BE able to see, WHERE the trouble is most likely to be centered. Don't be there. I should add though, that if you walk with the angels of God there is nowhere you cannot be and be safe. One should KNOW that this is true. It reminds me of this exchange in Henry the 4th;


I can call spirits from the vasty deep.


Why, so can I, or so can any man;

But will they come when you do call for them?


Why, I can teach you, cousin, to command

The devil.


And I can teach thee, coz, to shame the devil

By telling truth: tell truth and shame the devil.

If thou have power to raise him, bring him hither,

And I'll be sworn I have power to shame him hence.

O, while you live, tell truth and shame the devil!”

As I recall it, Glendower said, “I can call the very demons of the deep.” but you get it. Here is the important part of the exchange about calling spirits or demons, “Why, so can I, or so can any man;

But will they come when you do call for them?”

It's like vampires and crucifixes. They will not protect you at all, unless your faith in what is symbolized is equal to the task. There is no limit to how far Heaven can lift you, “According to your faith is it done unto you.” We place limits on God and then place limits upon ourselves. We confine God within the dimensions of our thought. This is foolishness and will make you lame. It is all there in the scripture, even when much of it has been twisted to serve the ambitions of those who are the villains in life and in scripture. The important parts are there. The recommendation to become as a little child speaks volumes to a deeper understanding.

There is the scripture for the common mind. There is the scripture for The Initiate and then there is Revelatory Scripture that speaks in tongues of angelic flame. It is up to The Wayfarer which of these provides satisfaction. Some go to church once a week. Some go only on the holidays. Some go several times a week and some go away and live in monasteries. Then there are those who are a monastery and sanctuary in their own being. There are those who are The Church and who worship in nature's cathedrals from within The Adytum.

Your life can change in a twinkling. For some reason it takes many many lifetimes for many people to come to understand a few simple things. As far as you are concerned, it is/can be simplicity itself. The complexities do not have to do with you. God takes care of the details, you are just along for the ride.

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Anonymous said...

I read the actual death count caused by the vaccines is minimum 150,000 and that's a very conservative estimate. Basically kill a shitload of people will vaccines, then claim they were "covid" deaths, then the Great Reset. By shitload I mean like 10s of 100s of millions of dead.

I also read that 100% of the animals that had mRNA tested on them were dead in 6 months. So yea I think we're in the great culling now. And most people are voluntarily taking the vaccine or will very soon. It is what it is. By the end of the year, this earth may have a significant lesser number of humans on it.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

On the subject of France - only two days ago someone shared this headline with me on Facebook -
'French Leaders Including Macron Slams US' Out Of Control Woke Leftism And Cancel Culture; Call It A Threat To France'

To which I replied -
.'Typical French, blaming someone else :) - it isn't as if they are not the Major Architect, along with Germany, of the Totalitarian Left E.U.

They themselves started the Psychotic Left snowball rolling with their 'Revolution' (Terror) and STILL insist on celebrating Bastille Day every year.

France is the nation who elevated and promoted the Philosophers of Leftist 'necessary violence' like Satre and Godard, culminating in the 1968 students riots which these people still glorify.

Pol Pot and those other Cambodian mass murderers imbibed their poisonous ideas at the Sorbonne.

Actually, I am pro-nationalist, and that definitely includes France -

I supported the 'Mouvement des gilets jaunes' as I support the American majority who voted for Trump.

As far as I know, Macron recognises and does not condemn the Marxist theft of the US election.

This is Nationalism vs. Globalism, and Macron, who was an Investment Banker at Rothschild & Co., is definitely of the latter party ;)

Small is beautiful, local is best, the world over -


Anonymous said...

I was going to ask Vis about his take on the ‘’vaccine’’. Some say it is the Mark of the Beast especially now that the present regime wants to issue vax passports. My heart is breaking as most of my friends are getting the jab. Many who said they would not and now are because they cant travel or see their kids and grandkids and grandma without it. It literally sickens me to have them surrender their LIfe Liberty and pursuit of happiness to these demons. My own family is taking the jab now. What to do? I am almost to the finish line age wise, I dont want to screw up now. I pray daily for strength for myself, for my family and friends and for the Country and the world. So much suffering. I hope Vis is right that the Avatar is coming soon. I can’t t take much more of this. No jab for me but who knows if they wont literally force any who refuse.

Visible said...

As for vaccines; they are poison and the virus is a hoax. It is a mere flu, better than most, worst than some. I was with someone for several days who was suffering from it. Didn't notice anything myself. I DO NOT let the blind as a bat and nasty as a weasel medical community counsel me on my health. I KNOW that most of what they know is false. They are now only functionaries for the pharmaceutical industry. I don't know when The Avatar is coming but he does arrive before he gets here and he is ALWAYS accessible to the determined heart.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

NOSE MASQUES ARE AN ANATHEMA! I mean, what else is there worth lookin' at? I mean, bein' a member of THOOTS, and all. (The Holey Order of the Septum.)

So many terms are used by the mystics I listen to, and it seems like the time as come to separate the wheat from chaff. They say in Matrix, outta Matrix, 3D/5D, which are really states of mind, or willfully ignorant and aware. Different words to describe the same thing. Seems like the world is being purged of the wrong side of the fence.

But hey! If we're not here, we're somewhere else; since we are forever, so why stress over it? These days when I see a dead animal hit by a car, I think 'You are where I wanna be, but I hope you went fast.' I know this. I've got a nostril in both worlds, and The Veil grows thinner every day. Me thinks my parole from the sentence of life isn't too far off.

Next project. Email Putin and Jinping to nuke my town first when the war starts.

Hey! I'm too old and crotchety to be Dancin' in the Ruins, so I might as well be at Ground Zero.

Ray B. said...

Vis, an 'impactful' blog. Thanks!

Concerning earth-plane, I heard an interesting tidbit around gene-modifying (mRNA) vaccines:

Various factions and nations have been interested in bio-warfare for centuries. The 'hitch' has always been in targeting them and not us. We are all so similar, biologically, that what gets them eventually gets us. So, serious kill-'em-all bio-warfare has been off the table.

Now, for the first time in history, there is an 'out-group' that has an artificial difference (the mRNA) common to them and only them. Develop some bio-warfare agent that 'seeks' that mRNA as an actuating step, and you have your perfect them and not us weapon. It will never come back to bite your in-group.

And now, note the ease of 'faking' the taking of a mRNA shot. Saline, for example. Any class or society in the world could be fully 'vaccinated' and never have been near a real mRNA shot. The old X-Files admonition pops-up: "Trust No One."

I am not saying this is how it is; I am saying this is how it could be. The 'opportunity' is now there.

Ever wonder why vaccinations have been 'pushed' so fanatically? And why a mRNA 'solution' is being pushed (which modifies your genetics), instead of the old tried-and-true weakened/dead organism to goose your immune system (which does not modify your genetics)? You might want to read the desired-population-level number inscribed-on the Georgia Guidestones...
On an entirely different (not really) subject, Miles Mathis has just written a wise article on bad-guy strategic planning. (He uses Teddy Roosevelt as a lead-in, but TR is not what the paper is really-about. And breeze-past the genealogy parts if you like, as that is not essential to the strategy.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...

Visible reminding us to laugh at the devil for our spiritual revival!

Especially, the devil's advocate lurking within our craggy mental landscape...
The only actual traitor to our heart's content already inside the perimeter of self.

We may laugh instead of crying out, take down any puffed up personality before it does us in!

May we see the man of sorrows flashing his fiery wit to deflate all pretension of the pretenders, raising joy in those present for the pwnage!

Righteous fury for the automaton-established-order-exploiters but just as righteous humor that sees through all folly and evaporates all vapors of the vain!

"“According to your faith is it done unto you.” We place limits on God and then place limits upon ourselves. We confine God within the dimensions of our thought. This is foolishness and will make you lame"

In a nutshell for anyone to crack and reveal!

WE place all limits, in willful cynical booby-trapping of good uses to which we might be put!
Our minds trained by flat screen fallacy, conform to the confines of our subjective perception, rarely making contact with the spiritual realities just beyond our kin.

We weep for the dessicated thirsty crawlers always one step outside the door to the well of infinite fluid.
We laugh at the self-made drama which blocks our way with logical absurdity masquerading as our personal perception, squinting in the dark, too sensitive to the light to come out of our sepulchers!

"Your life can change in a twinkling. For some reason it takes many many lifetimes for many people to come to understand a few simple things. As far as you are concerned, it is/can be simplicity itself. The complexities do not have to do with you. God takes care of the details, you are just along for the ride"

Yet most in this latest life are clinging to the delusion of normalcy, as if to avoid the revelation!

As if the slave life known is worth more than the free life we don't dare to imagine long enough to feel certain that it is the ultimate truth!

What if all this breakage is just to crack our shell, to peck us free of our temporary confine, never intended to last for all these agonizing ages?
What if all the comical seriousness of those playing villains is to sort those who cannot commit out of the game?
What if the spell is about to be broken because we've all had enough of demented detention and lessons repeated too many times to have any meaning left to consume?

When embracing all of human experience is intended to squeeze the life out of evil and form diamond minds and superfluid hearts?

Can we rightfully restrain our inner child one more day of delayed reunion?
Are we the ones who are cruel to ourselves from misguided missives we wrote looking backward?
Can any of the soul suckers live without our granted permission to stay in our play?

Would we rather be playing the mindless role of resistor to the lightening, the lightning cracks which connect us all into One?
Or roll with the rhythm of the crazy dancer waiting for us to join cosmic conga line?

Rock and roll was initially a liberating force, coopted by corporate anal retention.
Industrial mass muzak must be overwhelmed by native blues turning into full color joy sounds, soon!
What else is there but unending liberation?

Anonymous said...

i remember years ago, Vis called doctors "paid killers", murderers. How utterly true that has turned out to be, literally. I repeated that line to my own parents, saying doctors are paid killers.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

If all the above comments are true, I'm a dead man walking.

I work in a Care Home and have no option - I have the second AstraZeneca vaccination tomorrow.

Just sayin' :)

Thomas said...

Hi friends;

I just want to say that I think the vaccines are not exactly good for your health, but not very bad either. I don't think Guy is going to go off that way :)

If for some reason one has to take it, just relax and detox afterwards would be my advice.

I know it's going around the internet that they are altering the genes of the recipients - but let me emphatically state that they are NOT altering the DNA. In the usual process (another of the wonders of God - cell biology is freaking awesome!) messenger-RNA is "transcribed" from DNA (basically copied), and then goes on the be "translated" into protein molecules, that the cell will use for its various processes. mRNA molecules DO NOT change the DNA structure. The reason that people call them gene-altering, I guess is because one essentially jumps into the middle of the natural process by injecting foreign mRNA.

But receiving an injection, at some point, all the injected mRNA molecules will have been translated, and the antibodies they have been used to make will eventually degrade. That's why there is talk of needing repeated vaccinations.

The main idea seems to me to be to get people on a central, digital register, and to force compliance. That's the main purpose of the whole vaccination drive.

I don't really think it's going to pan out as they plan. Too many people asking questions, and too much resistance. The vaccination plans are based on behavioural theory, which does not include free will and inspiration, nor God, nor Love. So... they are flying blind, really. But prudent to stand out of the way, or at least mind how you go, as Visible says!

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, Wednesday, March 31, 2021 11:34:00 AM :

My grandfather on my mother's side and my father were both Army Doctors. They saved countless lives, particularly during WWII. Your 'blanket condemnation' does a disservice to countless doctors who did not/have not been compromised. (There was a sea-tide of change when doctors went off of the 'holistic' model and onto a surgery & drugs model, but that's another story.)

Two bad things did happen in the past several decades: First, public, non-profit hospitals were taken-over by private, for-profit hospital chains. Keeping a person sick (or sickly) suddenly became a possible source of profit. Second, the pharmaceutical side took over the doctor side, resulting in a 'moral risk' of doctors prescribing drugs under pressure for the profits of the pharmaceutical side. Both of the above have seriously eroded the Hippocratic Oath foundations of 'modern' doctors...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Then again, Since COVID was a govt opp in the first place, what is the point of the vaccine? Why was Dr. Fauci working on the virus where it was being constructed and tested. They are pressing it with great force everywhere. Something's up. It may not alter your DNA; this isn't my field, BUT... there's more to this story somehow. I am definitely not taking a vaccine when I'm immune to the virus. I was with someone on COVID, close up for 3 days and nothing happened so, I presume, anyway.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

MANY thanks for the reassurance,Thomas -

Although it means my window of opportunity for Symbolic Martyrdom might have narrowed somewhat, on the whole I prefer the alternative - :)

Anonymous said...

Guy Reid Brown I am praying that you got a placebo
No one is talking about them but this is ‘trial’ and the batches are marked
So a good chance there are placebos in the mix
I am praying you got a placebo and I will be praying for my family as well
Do not take a second shot or a top shot if they say you have do another shot
in a few months .

Ray B. said...

Thomas: Yes, I could have been more clear in my terms. (Not a geneticist, etc.) From a Nature paper:

"Most currently used self-amplifying mRNA (SAM) vaccines are based on an alphavirus genome92, where the genes encoding the RNA replication machinery are intact but the genes encoding the structural proteins are replaced with the antigen of interest. ... The SAM platform enables a large amount of antigen production from an extremely small dose of vaccine owing to intracellular replication of the antigen-encoding RNA."

It is true that the native genes within the cell are not modified. However, non-native mRNA is permanently introduced within every cell by some 'infectious' method that penetrates the cell wall. The mRNA 'sits' outside the genes, but within the cell.

It is also true that mRNA is gradually degraded by cell processes. However, major efforts were made by pharmaceutical firms to halt or forestall that degradation and prolong the effective 'life' of that mRNA. Outsiders really do not have info on how long that mRNA remains potent.

I only have interest in mRNA vaccines because of the single-minded 'pivot' that ALL parties made to absolutely push mRNA vaccines in every possible media and using every possible emotional tool. In my researches, this kind of everywhere-pressure indicates a top-down decision on some matter; usually not for the good of the general public...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Also potentially relevant, from another Miles Mathis article:

"My spidey sense is going off big time. That's because EQT [Infrastructure] is the holding company for the Wallenberg family, one of the richest in Sweden and definitely Phoenician Navy. At Wiki, we find this: 'According to Financial Times, it is the most powerful dynasty of Europe, if not the world, in terms of controlling the biggest empire by market value and strategic companies.' The Wallenbergs basically own Sweden and large parts of Europe. They started out as bankers, of course. They are descended from Warbergs, Ekermans, Hertzmans, and Bangs, so they are Jewish in most lines." (p.4)
"Also of interest: the Wallenbergs own AstraZeneca, so this Boulder fake was probably run as an eyes-off event for that. They also own Nasdaq, which means they own those stock exchanges." (p.5)

The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper and deeper...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

I met a 105 year old babaji in Vrindavan and he is still very mobile, can move quite freely and has plenty of energy. Vaccines werent really being used at least in India in 1910s. Compare that to us modern humans who are having physical and mental breakdowns in our 20s and 30s and have been injected with do many vaccines since birth. Vaccines are evil. The whole "germ virus" theory is bullshit anyway. And as Vis said, since covid isn't even real, what's the purpose of a vaccine? It cannot be anything good.

Anyway Vrindavan is a place where it feels like an eternal dance or celebration with God is happening. Let the whole world burn even, this place is not part of the material realm.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

To Guy:

Federal law prohibits employers and others from requiring vaccination with a Covid-19 vaccine distributed under an EUA


Hope I'm not too late. Also, you can't sue the pharma companies. They're immune, but I did see a post that you CAN sue your employer if something goes wrong. Also demand informed consent from who's vaccinating you. Let me dig up all the stuff on my blog on this:











Anonymous said...

As per Covid vaccinations, this is worth a read.

Thomas said...

Certainly, Visible, the whole Covid thing is a monstrous hoax, and totally blown out of proportion.

There IS a virus, and it is highly infectious, but not very dangerous, except to people with very compromised immune systems. It was created in a lab (maybe Fort Detrick in America), and then let out near the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where gain-of-function research on bat Corona-vira was also done, to make it seem like it came from there.

The virus was released for several reasons, I think, but mainly to give people a reason to give up their rights and freedoms, and to have an argument for the vaccines. The vaccination will then be entered in a centralized digital system. - which they want to keep track of everyone.

They mean to scare people with "new mutations" (pathetic), so as to have a public reason that the digital vaccine infrastructure has to stay in place.

Modern vaccines are not very good, mostly because they contain mercury and aluminum, which are both neuro-degenerative - and especially in America, where children get a lot of vaccinations (is it 75?), it is a big problem.

On the other hand, they are not VERY bad either, and it is a testament to the vigour and strength of the body created by God that it is still only a small minority that get serious ill effects from them - such as autism.

It IS a monstrosity, to be sure. But on the other hand, there is no sense in scaring people (for example Guy ;)) needlessly.

Vaccines have been used for over a thousand years, and the mechanism is ingenious. In ancient China, they would take scabs from small-pox wounds, and blow them into the noses of people, by means of a long pipe - thus priming the immune system, and greatly reducing the incidence of the pestilential and terrible small-pox.

I have also heard that Indian mothers used a technique where they would make small lesions in the flesh of their childrens shoulders, and rub a bit of cow-pox scab into the wounds - also an effective vaccination - and by all measures better than succumbing to small-pox - if you look up some pictures of small-pox victims, you wilo see why. It is gruesome.

One of the problems nowadays is that there is such a fat load of money to be made from medical supplies - and that the "elite" see it as a potent method of control, and as a way to inflict people with their hatred and contempt. But it must be said, still, that most doctors are good people - and also that much of what they do actually has some benefit - despite everything.

That being said, I would certainly not recommend anyone being vaccinated against Covid, except perhaps it they had a very high risk of a serious illness. However, the vaccines are not THAT dangerous - although some people get serious side-effects, they are in the small minority.

So I think that Guy is in the clear on that score :)

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Oh my Goodness, I am so grateful for the responses from everybody here, the Prayers from Linda, the detailed and linked advice from Love to Push those Buttons, the sage reassurance from Thomas, Kindness in Action! (I live in England so different criteria might apply.)

I have set up my own Truth website- still too early to put it out there, but it is there , and ALL knowledge based on a love of Truth is worth its weight in more than gold - Love to All!

Anonymous said...

Covid vaccine "passport"...sounds as absurd as a common cold passport or an athlete's foot passport. You're right Vis, something is definitely with this bullshit. It all feels eerily similar to the 'War' on terror or the 'War' on drugs. Only this time it goes deeper and more sinister. A 'War' on personal freedom perhaps?--and all such that would entail? They've got cards they're not showing yet. Gotta get the sheep properly conditioned first.


Guy Reid-Brown said...

Hello Mandocello - although the aforementioned website is not organised enough to go out there, these are my thoughts, with links, on the very subject - so important do I see this CV19 thing, as you do too, I made it the Homepage and called it 'essential reading' (although the entire structure of the page will be changed) -


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Schizophrenia is Like Cholesterol. There is Good Schizophrenia and Bad Schizophrenia.

Anonymous said...

To Guy Reid-Brown

Re: Vaccination

Please find attached a letter which needs to be given to the employer for the refusal of vaccination. I'm not sure if this exact letter will work in the country you reside in, however, I feel you might be able to adjust it for your purpose. Hope this letter can come to some help...

.....Vaccination Refusal Letter and Indemnity.....

Dear ......

Re Vaccination

I refer to the recent direction for me to have an annual influenza vaccination. Before I make a decision in respect of this matter, I would like to clarify certain matters.

Would you please advise as to whether there has been a state or federal government direction to the company which would require us to have the annual influenza vaccine? If such a direction has been made, could I please have a copy of it? If no such government direction has been made, on what legal basis are you directing me to submit to an annual influenza vaccination?

Could you please provide me with the scientific evidence that is being used to justify the new policy?

Upon receipt of the above information I will consider the matter further.

In the interim however, I would like to note the record on certain matters.

1) I am yet to make a decision as to whether I will submit to an annual influenza vaccination. However, I do feel like I am being pressured into submitting to a medical procedure that is not without certain medical risks.

2) I provide below the relevant wording from the safety leaflet for FluQuadri vaccine. On any objective view, a flu vaccine is not completely safe.

Serious side effects:

inflammation of nerves leading to weakness, such as weakness of facial muscles (facial palsy)

visual disturbance (optic neuritis/ neuropathy)

fainting (syncope)


tingling or numbness of hands or feet (paraesthesia)

temporary inflammation of nerves causing pain

paralysis and sensitivity disorders (Guillain Barre syndrome [GBS])

fits (convulsions) with or without fever

severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis)

temporary reduction in the number of blood particles called platelets (thrombocytopenia)

swollen glands in neck, armpit or groin (lymphadenopathy)

3) My research has led me to many studies which also support my conclusion that a flu vaccine is not completely safe or effective. I have provided some below.

Cochrane Library reviews of influenza vaccines

Influenza vaccine effectiveness in the community and the household

What, in Fact, Is the Evidence That Vaccinating Healthcare Workers against Seasonal Influenza Protects Their Patients? A Critical Review

4) I am also aware that under the vaccine injury compensation program in the United States, more than $4 billion of compensation has been paid out to victims who have been injured by vaccines in that country. The majority of the cases are caused by the Flu vaccine. Many such cases to be found at this link

5) I certainly do not wish to ever feel that I have passed on a flu or other communicable disease to a third party. However, I need to balance that desire with the fact that I have concerns about the safety and efficacy of the flu vaccine. There is also no compelling evidence that receiving a flu vaccine makes someone less likely to transmit it to others. In any civilised country like Australia, I
strongly believe that whether to have an invasive medical procedure is a personal decision and I should not be subjected to coercion. My job should certainly not be at risk as appears to be the case at the present time.

If it is to be the case that my employment has now become conditional upon submitting to an annual influenza vaccine, are you prepared to indemnify myself and my family for financial losses in the event that I suffer any adverse reaction to the annual influenza vaccine?

Upon receipt of your response to the matters raised in this letter, I will consider the matter further.

I thank you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully


kind regards,

Hassan R said...

Mass vaccination is claimed to have reduced infant mortality around the world -- the only problem is, infant mortality rates had been on a steep decline long before mass vaccinations were put in practice in the 60s. To prove that claim, all one needs is a simple double-blind, saline placebo-controlled study --- reproducible anywhere in the world --- showing a statistically significant efficacy. To date, no such study has been undertaken, not even for a single vaccine in the long list that each child has to bear these days.

The closest study available that was published last year is as follows:

Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination (Lyons-Weiler and Thomas, 2020)


The results described in that paper are not surprising at all -- unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated ones.

Eamon said...

There is NO "virus" and no one even pretends to have claimed to have isolated and purified it (necessary for identification and all else besides). The "vaccines" are gene therapy and not vaccines, even according to the legal or scientific definition. It is ALL one enormous MIND FUCK, utterly lacking scientific foundation.

Got the jab? Sucks to be you.

Wake. UP.

The Fauch-meister and his overlords have been lying and fear-mongering for DECADES. Read Virus Mania. Read AIDS Inc. Read The Contagion Myth.


Kinda embarrassed that anyone who reads LV's work buys ANY of it.

Cheers. Happy Easter. Godspeed.

Visible said...

That would be a rare bird hereabouts.



Joseph Brenner

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