Friday, March 12, 2021

"It is a HARD Truth to Have to Accept that Most People Don't Care what Happens to You."

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I would hate to be a doctor in these times. Can you imagine, if you were honest in your profession, how many times you would have to say, “You are the victim of your own bad lifestyle?” The problem with modern western medicine is that they do not follow their primary dictate; “First do no harm” because they do plenty of harm. What they should have as a guide, is first identify the cause of the harm. This they do not do because it is all about quelling symptoms and nothing about the origin of the symptoms.

Yesterday morning at the end of my meditation, as I was preparing to come back down the voice in my mind said, “Lord, you know all, I know not at all.” It just appeared unbidden. I've had reason to bring it to mind several times since.

How is it that such a large portion of the population can buy into the used car salesman, carnival barker bullshit being pedaled? Migrants are streaming across the border with no background checks or COVID tests and you are going across and through all the hoops and hurdles as if you have no right to be here... What is it? Is the stick too distracting, the carrot too enticing?

I look at the goings-on in the world and I am stunned at the way people behave with no thought of the consequences of their actions. ALL actions have consequences. I feel sometimes as if I am an alien from another system. It does not matter to me how some people may think me deluded because I have an ongoing conversation with Heaven. I speak with God all through the day now and he answers me. Nothing in life that I have ever known holds even a particle of the value of that. It is ONLY important to me that I KNOW my conversations are real.

No, it is not God that I speak to directly, no one does that. God's angels do speak to us, if and when we make ourselves PRESENTABLE. We must make ourselves presentable or they will not speak to us. Just as you need a coat and tie to go into certain establishments that I never frequent, and just as you wear trunks to swim in, or a uniform, depending on your duties, you must be dressed with a certain amount of Virtue, Faith, and other qualities BEFORE angels will speak with you. Anyone can do it who DESIRES to. There are protocols to everything.

God measures us differently than do other people. God not only sees us but sees through us and as deep as we may be, God is deeper and there already. Impressing other people is a skill. Anyone can learn that too. It often requires guile to do this, though some might call it diplomacy; unless sincerity rings as if you were a bell and then you are heard... sooner or later. God KNOWS our hearts and minds, knows us better than we shall EVER know ourselves. The PROBLEM is... the Leap of Faith. Unless you fully believe, you cannot fully commit, and you cannot believe until it is PROVEN in you. However, I will say with all the authority I shall ever possess that God is INTIMATELY aware of you at all times and you can become aware of God at all times too. This makes for a remarkable potential for conversation because God is your friend and you KNOW that God is your friend. You have convinced yourself of it. You can convince yourself of anything as examples prove to us all day long.

I wondered about the origins of that Flat Earth nonsense and all the other bizarre fantasies and rumors people pass around. I go to the usual news-gathering sites and these days the number one thing I take away from the articles is that they don't know what they are talking about. They are spreading rumors and supposition. They are hoping to have their Nostrildamus moment and they figure if they say one thing or another a thousand times, sooner or later they will be right, and then there will be a profit. There are many economists who have been dining out on some breakthrough in their youth that never since has found any accompaniment. MEANWHILE... God is watching.

Yes, God is watching every day. He has millions and millions of eyes and ears. He hears and sees everything, through EVERY pair of eyes, he sees. The slightest change in the disposition of the heart is brought to his attention. Every shift in the wind is noted and also made possible by him. I imagine myself as a ship on the ocean of life and my sails are tuned to the will and whims of God and which adjust automatically to every change in the wind. Yes, the winds of God will and do propel you wherever you are meant to be unless you know better, and I... DO NOT. It is like being a child with invisible playmates.

Oh... I dare not behave like that, Visible, people will think I am crazy. On the other hand, I consider EVERYONE crazy who does not live so. What an empty life it is to be filled with lifeless objects, faithless friends and lovers, worrying about what people who don't care about you think about you. Surely you have been at a dinner or a gathering where the conversation centers around whoever is not in the room. You learn a lot by paying attention to these things, and you should know that as soon as you leave the room, they will be talking about you. It is a HARD truth to have to accept that most people don't care what happens to you; that most of those you call your friends are not your friends.

Having been in danger many times, and having lost everything I had more than a few times, I know how many friends anyone has and they will too, come a time of disaster. You never know the mettle of anyone until danger appears and people start to think about what it might cost them. As soon as you behave other than expected, as soon as you broach the parameters of safe routine, watch and see what it gets you. Most people are decent, kind, and want to be helpful... as long as... as long as. I don't fault people for this. It's human nature.

I no longer look at the news or hear about some unfortunate event than I feel terribly sad for the people. I used to have all kinds of reactions; not anymore. I KNOW that there but for fortune goes I, except it isn't fortune, it's fate woven from a carpet of actions. I have found Compassion to be far more than I ever thought it was and sometimes, now, it wells up in me and brings tears to my eyes. Truly did Master Lao Tzu speak when he said, “No matter what, never let go of Compassion it is a weapon from the sky against being dead.” He said it was what made it possible to afford your enemies.

I spoke with God last night and was asking if there was anything I could do to evolve at a faster rate. I mentioned what he had said about success being speedy for the energetic and he said;

“You're going at a good clip already. You know how you can feel on certain nights when the energy comes up like the tide and you feel that margin of discomfort? That is due to the speed you are moving at. It may not look like you are getting anywhere but most of the real growth goes on under the surface. You're doing fine. Don't worry about it. I already told you you have come as far as you can on your own. Now, I must come and take you the rest of the way, BUT... it is on my time. Leave it in my hands. Don't be impatient.”

Today, the day came at me sideways. There was a strange tension in the air and I had a few stumbles trying to orient myself. As the day continued so did the leaden sense of weight coming down on me. This went on until I walked up the street to check the mail. I came across the front and on to the sidewalk and The Sun hit me and my whole state of being transformed and the angel said;

“Visible, pay attention! If you are having a struggle that is good because something positive will come of it, but... NEVER think that I am not right by your side every minute”,

...and I could feel the intensity of The Sun as if it were the vehicle of communication. Then the force of the words increased measurably and he continued;

“I'm right here. I will always be right here and as soon as you can fully grasp this, all limitations will melt away because ALL YOUR RESISTANCE WILL BE GONE. It's science, Visible, Math actually. It is precise as precise can be. Trust me, COMPLETELY, and don't let momentary discomforts affect you BECAUSE... you are only passing through.

“Do you understand? None of this should have any effect on you because you are ONLY passing through. There is no need for you to become attached to any of it. It's just a projection of the mind. Stop making the pictures and let me give it a try. I've been told I have a good eye.”

I came away so thrilled by that that it is still with me, and this happens all through the day, every day. How does that happen to anyone? I don't put my attention on anything else, or let me say I do my best not to. One of the best things to happen to me in recent memory is that I now understand HOW VERY REAL GOD IS and at a level where it is more real than anything else is to me, which makes it possible for me to hinder less. Amazing things happen when you stop getting in the way. That's pretty much the whole point of the exercise.

How many times have you heard someone else say something like, “I figured it out and I can't understand why it took me so long. The answer was right in front of me the whole time.” Of course, you have heard some version of that many times. It is like that. I find it so hard to believe it took me so long to learn what I could have learned much earlier. Then God will say, “Visible, it wasn't time yet.” What I have intuited out of that is that ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is give your attention to The Divine and then be ASSURED of a result and not be concerned about the time passing. As long as you are yoked to the plow and paying attention you will have a straight furrow. You just make God the objective and he WILL take care of the details.

The details ARE NOT your department unless you make it so and then you find out why they say, “the Devil is in the details.” Those furrows do not go unseeded and the fruits of your labor WILL flower WHEREVER you happen to be. You cannot avoid your meeting in Samarra. Then again you could be on the Road to Damascus, or Damcar as the Gematria students term it, or the Rosicrucians used it.

It DOES NOT have to be a bad ride, though it can take some miles of bad highway to get that sorted. It did for me. I stayed stupid longer than most.

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Anonymous said...


That was like, the BEST post I’ve ever read!!

Awesome, thanks!

So God is looking through my eyes? Then who am I if God is here? Does that make me a nuisance?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The post of parallel thoughts. WOW!

Wonder if you can post on pocketnet again if you start a new account? I did that when I lost the password for my original account. I know you lose all the worthless to us pkoin, but so what? Several of us are posting your stuff on our own pages, and they are not getting removed or anything; so. . . I'm also posting new post links in the comment section of your page, and they stay.

Man, after that read it's gonna take another flat. . .uh. . .apartment fire to get me down from the high this post sent me on.


Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Sincerity in this article is most appreciated.... Makes me reflect once again just how much of everyones's life isa series of scripts from different , at time very confusing and mixed-up books, some mythologies , some Shake-spear, some Homer etc., with DNA and family patterns thrown in as 'spice' for the entertainment and meals of some mostly unknown ( if at all) 'public'..... every once-in-a-while, some 'actor' or 'actress' is chosen to leave the Kabuki Greek-tragi-commedy theater with the consequences you describe succinctly above.
Syncronicity abounds, even if the most part is with people and experiences far away, and mostly informed , on this plane of five-sense 'reality' through the internet.
'Unbearable Compassion', at times leans over to the unbearable part, and one has to become inclusive of one's self in the Compassion part, mostly achieved by me sitting on the park bench as the sun's rays illumine so much beauty in nature and in the rays themselves, and reflecting on the delicate nature of use of words , sometimes even reflecting on Witter Bynner's misuse of some concepts, ahhh what a different sense and direction is to lower one's aspirations, 'ambition' being anathema for Lao Tze....
Ahhh, there are no water buffaloes , let alone blue ones, not even at the local zoo, closed for the period of planned-demic.....What is one to aspire to ???? Perhaps offering the turtle's back to a Condor, instead of a snake ??? Mount the Baby phoenix Red Baron '98 golf, adjust the moustache on the 'hood and head for the majesty of the mountains, far from the Big Enchilada..... hmmmm
Letting go is hard to do....
and so the phoenix pulls back from direct communication.... and the passerbys ask for a handout, and very brief verbal interaction with the mask-less one, weird idiot pendejo kretino croata enjoying the chipmunks doing chipmunk activities on the nearby trees, as a rat or two runs by in search of the next garbage container..... surreal,... sojourning, ... no water-buffalo,... remembering the white female buffalo just outside of Flagstaff over two decades ago, such beauty and Peace, not for mounting and riding west, just to leave a Gratitude/Blessing cloth on the nearby totem-pole...... prophecies in the process of fulfillment...
Not even Armagnac to toast all the internal Idiots, in difficult times, lower the aspirations...... glass of red-wine, maybe a half-glass with the meal of egg-tacos.....
Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear hug
unuk (aka - idiot pendejo kretino croata)

tasmith said...

Thank You Visible for your " testsofmany" . May God remove my arrogance, anger and stupid thoughts. Build me in compassion speaking your truths in love. Help me recognize You in all things - all the time!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les. Your words ring with Truth and God, but I'm being redundant.
What a fine thing to start the day with you words. Thank you so much.

Visible said...

No... you were already a nuisance (grin).

robert said...


The fact that you have found your passion and found it to be centered deep in your being where the One shines, is shown in your sharing, consistently.

We observe from the same place, though we may be less clear, that nothing can oppose the will of the One to be here now and to be free of human ignorance.

We are warmed by the Sun and warmed by your expression of your inner sun through your word smithing.

This observation reports itself only to applaud and share the resonance you ring through your work, your service, your example...

Your reporting on your inner dialog is heartening for all

“Lord, you know all, I know not at all.”

This idea is the beginning of wisdom and being teachable and we all must get there somehow!

It is not a negation of the human mind but the key to tapping into the greater Mind.

Everything this one has ever learned was cribbed from the 'Cosmic computer' or the Akashic internet/intermind simply by abandoning the known and opening up fully to the unknown in the expectation of being loved.

The access key to this infinite resource is a mind opened by the simple expedient of surrendering all attachment to ignorance.

Since our identity is formed from fearful ignorance, guess what?
We have to give up who we think we are to learn ANYTHING of depth!
Anything of any usefulness cannot be glommed on to a faulty self-image or on top of false bullshit!

No vain pride can block the fact that any mastery we gain in any knowing or being is a gift we have accepted from the Greater Being.

We can have no attitude about the amount of blessing we have received, only a pragmatic willingness to share HOW we tuned into the Real Radio station long enough to hear something good ahnd that tuning in is the ONLY way to be under any circumstance!

IOW, once we know that we share the Mind of the One and the Heart of the One, we tap whatever knowing and being that our spirits can handle in this singular moment.

Those who can handle more than our present identity can currently deal with are bringing us up to speed, if we are willing to surrender our helplessness for receptiveness

Trying to convey why humility is the wisest way
Why selflessness is the way to host Self, the Author or the Being of the One
Why humorous little-self deprecation is a useful method to scrape our minds' eye free from crusty scabs so that we can allow the One to see through our eyes and mentor our minds into usefulness and gift our hearts with the joy of being One.

Why despite the possibility of being misunderstood and offending the egocentric when allowing the One to flow through our lives and speak through us, however imperfectly, there is no other way to live, truly live, truly love.

When we get a brief epiphany,encapsulated in:
“Lord, you know all, I know not at all.”

we can rise from our death beds which we call our human lives and begin to sing our way into flight worthiness again.

All this is inspired because people like you step out of line in faith, certainty and determination.

Gracias vez mi hermano!

Anonymous said...

thanks Les for lifting my mood:>

Thomas said...

Yogananda says somewhere:

"Even if you have nothing, if you have God, you have everything."

Ah! In times where real honour and integrity are hard to find, hard to hold, how good it is that the Lord is a true and constant Friend! And He is!

Anonymous said...

I just conclude that everyone has their karma, and perhaps it is most people's karma to be poisoned by doctors. Looking around at the world, it appears we don't have a very spiritually elevated population of people with high karma. Rather the opposite. All we can do is beg for God's mercy and say "please have mercy on a fallen Kali Yuga soul like me"

Aso the Clown said...

You mean Dr. Big Pharm doesn't love me and wouldn't work for free? (sarc)
Giving thanks on the third anniversary of the stroke.
Going upside the head was a true blessing in disguise.
Scared shitless in the ICU and only GOD was there to relay calm.
I thought back on the purpose of demonstration and every movie, book, quote, album to get through.
The evil nurses hardened me up for these Terminal Madness times and God's ways are absolutely immaculate.
The Source from which all things comes in on the radio, it is supposed to be a news, weather and sports station but it comes in at just the right time.
One day I was saying there is no perfection here talk to Jesus for that, the radio had a sermon about you are expected to walk a righteous path.
Another time I was wondering about forgiveness, turned on the radio and the sermon was you must forgive others as you have been forgiven.
Just thankful to still be riding on this amazing cruise ship and it is best to keep it light and humorous but some dour souls get upset and say you are trite or flippant, they need to lighten up Francis.

Al Dornemann said...

I rarely comment and have been coming here for years. You have the ability to write, express and resonate what many here are are seeing and experiencing. You're a gift and a treasure in these times. Wonderful stuff!!.......A..... God Bless!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your writings because I feel it is one of the last sane vestiges where God loving , sane people gather
My heart is troubled by all my friends who are getting this va c in e and for the most stupid reasons ie peer pressure or their insane children demanding it of them. This is an evil being perpetrated on the masses and it beyond whatever the demons have done in the past.
I am ever so grateful that I intuitively know not to get this. That surely God’s angels must be whispering in my ear because why else would I be spared this propaganda that so many are falling for. All that remains as of now is to find God and pray mightily that good will triumph over the demons that seek to destroy us. Keep writing. Keep spreading Hope as the hour nears.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Reason God Comes is the Steady Decline of Humanity into the Abyss of Common Appetites and Desires."



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