Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Crown of Creation and the Da Vinci Toad

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Deep in the darkling deception, time slams the cell door shut on the moment that has been sliced and diced by the forces of disinfo and misdirection. Most people see a particular invidious foe, sometimes a couple, working a Murphy or Badger game. Actually it is a many headed hydra, whose weapons attack the various body centers; that being their area of expertise. Network TV and reality shows in particular; first born on MTV, where the soul of the music got corrupted, so that the dances would be profane... there is a calculated intent. It is a specific agenda with a particular goal. This same intent is also exemplified in commercials and various media that portrays humanity as a dumb, confused beast, whose inefficacy at everything is cause for humor and ridicule. It is not only warts and all but warts transplanted, to uglify the human being and leech away it's higher human qualities. The core focus is to cheapen sex into a perfunctory, animal act of submission/dominance, because this provides for the opportunity to be role played into a social submissive, whose sexual pleasure is 'tied up' with giving in.

In Hindu tantra, it is a given that the sexual force channeled will result in Kundalini action, after a certain time, which varies depending on the individual. It takes 40 drops of blood to make one drop of sperm and forty drops of sperm to make one drop of Ojas, which is the chemical force of awakening that lights up the festive centers of being. There's a reason why, in the New Testament, there is so much mention of bridegrooms and brides. It's about the alchemical marriage. The Hermetic tradition and the Hindu tradition are basically the same. They only differ in the labels; Sattva, Raja and Tamas= Mercury, sulfur and salt. The whole of Revelations is about a Kundalini experience and it's been suggested that it took place via altered consciousness. “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross” is an interesting read.

Anyway, besides all the depraved behavior of those who have been shoehorned into leadership roles by the forces dependent on them to make the wrong decisions; as far as we are concerned, there is a concerted effort afoot to make you feel bad about yourself, steeped in guilt, uncertain and apprehensive in the moment and confused about who and what you are. As has been stated on other occasions, alcohol is the 'heavy fuel' that is employed to degrade human behavior and perceptions. There's no accident in its promotion, as the celebrating and lubricating mechanism for social discourse. They don't make marijuana against the law for any of the stated reasons. They don't want people thinking too much and they don't like the indifference to treadmill imperatives and following orders, which it often engenders. This isn't pro or con. This is an observation.

In the sixties and a portion of the seventies, our individual and collective identities were elevated; “You are the crown of creation” among many, many other affirmations, like, “all you need is love”. Intelligence services entered the picture and hijacked the music, the same way they flooded the streets with bad drugs. They very much needed to derail the consciousness movement and you hear a lot of commentary in present times about how “we don't want a repeat of the sixties” and how there is a similar impetus in OWS.

The music has gone from the lyrical and poetic elevations of former times to bling, booty and bitches and ho's. This is a calculated demeaning of sexual force, with all romance amputated for the purpose of a guilt fueled, control engine. Everything is sex, operating at different levels. We retain the rock, the plant and the animal within us, as well as the potential to be more than human and that comes about through channeling this force. This force awakens the divine feminine, which gives birth to all of the arts and higher states of consciousness that exist at the various floors, which are accessed through the wheels that are the elevator doors into that plane; whatever plane that might be.

It's quite simple. If you can drag humanity down to the level of the beast within, you can herd it like cattle and sheep. I'm not here to tell people what diet to follow. I'm just here to make observations. Fear is the really big limiter and perversion vehicle of human expression. Animals raised for the dinner table are, generally raised in a climate of tremendous fear. This fear discharges hormones (not to mention the hormones injected), which humanity ingests and that fear gets built into your system. That's a fact. You can argue about it but it doesn't change it. You may not like that it is a fact and you may prefer to include the addition of other informations and justifications and there's always denial but the premise remains.

The fear factor is one of the main forces driving the pharmaceutical industry and they have helpfully made additions to your water and air supply, along with violations of the food chain and just about any kind of pernicious behavior you can imagine from corporations that have no moral compass; none whatsoever. It's what they teach then at the Wharton Business School and Harvard, where such lights as Alan Dershowitz profess on situational ethics and the protocols of the courtroom, where hired corporate guns sit on the bench and dispense severe injustice for whatever departs outside the approved ethos, unless it's one of their own.

All this has been in play for awhile, with a specific end game in mind and it would be curtains ordinarily but something mysterious always enters the mix when it gets to a certain point. Short of miraculous intervention by aliens or higher dimensional beings, The Middle East is on the clock and due to explode, probably no later than March but I've been wrong before. Hopefully this world changing event, engineered by those who hate the human race, can be averted. Otherwise, nothing will ever be the same again and everything we think and say and do, will be altered and spun out beyond the point of no return. What the ramifications and implication of all that will amount to can't be determined in advance.

We are talking about very large population centers, all of which, except for the country fomenting it, are mostly Muslim, even in the big supporting guns, at the point where they touch the surrounding environs under discussion. According to the Hasbara and Sayanim cadres, footpadding it through the internet, this has all come about because dedicated Jesuits are sitting in rows and operating their Gameboys, which then remote control particular blameless Israelis the world over. These are the people who prefer that you get your history from people like Dan Brown and his Da Vinci Toad. Ribbit!!!

There are so many vortexes and whirlpools at work that the possibilities of result are endless; the financial centers, the war rooms, the environmental wrecking crews, the private contractors on standby for the police state. What we don't see are all the heavy bodies emergent behind the mask of the present. Large forces are simmering and shifting, off camera and down the road. Evil chefs are drunk in the kitchen, surrounded by unattended pressure cookers. The political hacks and social maladjusters are all having dinner for one; silly, but not off target in various ways. Off stage there are huge rounds of laughter that have an ominous ring. It's not really funny and that is probably why there is something suspect in the laughter. There is a hollow, mocking tone in the laughter and you get the sense that it's not directed at present shenanigans but rather what they are going to result in.

The laughter is like voices in a powerful wind. It has an ancient atmosphere that seems to indicate we've been here before, any number of times with the same result. Sands now cover the evidence and mountains sit on top of it. Starships are buried beneath the pyramids. All sorts of things are masquerading as foothills at the bottom of the ocean. Some of the same people are doing the same things and some of them have moved on to other ambitions.

Christmas is coming and so it the anti-Christmas. The teeth of the gears engage and the wheels click in the turning as the solstice arrives, on time as usual. You've heard it said that “there is a destiny that shapes our ends”. This would seem to speak to recurrent motivations that always result in the same conclusion. When those who operate the technology have failed to master themselves, things do not come to a good end overall. It's said that is what led to the sinking of Atlantis. We don't know for sure, since they burned the evidence at Alexandria.

So it always goes, step by step, hour by hour, day by day; inexorable. Lorries come and go in the chakra loading zones and everyone resonant to the peculiar music of the zone will be dancing with St. Vitus, involuntarily of course. It's musical chairs on the deck of the Titanic. Does it matter if you get a seat, in terms of the eventual moment of truth, in respect of the ship? I'm reminded of the tale that Robert Shaw told to Roy Scheider in “Jaws”, about the sailors treading water after their boat sank during the war.

Stay frosty. Stay alert and look out for those close encounters of any kind.


DaveS said...

Well, captain, another gem.

Reading about cattle and I can't help but think of the diet of most, ahem, food critters: deer, elk, sheep, cows, ect. I've always worried a bit about our need to consume other life to keep our own operating systems going. I suppose the only 'healthy' diet would be consuming carrion and berries because one is already dead and the other sends its children thru the digestive track to grow where the eater shits; everyone wins.

I was wandering down the isle at facebook today while eavesdropping on the conversations folks were having and I couldn't help but thinking we're lost. Someone posted asking if anyone knew what the Occupy Protest was about? If the question itself wasn't, um, ignorant enough, the answers people posted only stupified the whole thing even more.


I'd like to believe America's founding fathers are rolling in their graves, but then I remember they all kept slaves. And they drank deeply from The Whiskey Rebellion and America has suffered a hangover ever since.


Anonymous said...

Da vinsee toad thingy...

I've often wondered about why this is so dumned imporant. I was a practising, devout, died-in-the-wuul, Mormon for about 25 years. There is this hidden stuff that no rank-and-file knows about... that Mormonism is da vinci toad stuff... the chillern of god, so to speak are really that, literally as well as figuratively, genetic descendants of the high one and the reason for all that genealogy obsession is to tie up the lines to Adam. That's a part of the secret reserved for the (so called) chosen ones. Polygamy is to produce more of the chillern of the holy one, the inheritors by birthright. That's why Joseph Smith would take wives of already-married men, with the husband's consent... a bizarre thing, incredible, unexplainable... except you comprehend this genealogy and chillern of god doctrine of the chosen ones.

Only thing is, it seems to work the same way as inbreeding always does. (c;

Briggie Young, the great western polyg of merican history (56+ wives), was a sociopath... read his writings to see that. A real basturd, that one. I wouldn't want him as a neighbor... he'd own all of your stuff and have your wives and daughters by morning, and if you didn't bow low enough to him, you'd be dead or in prison... of course, as a favor and gratuity to you. (c;

It's like a comedy. Great stuff, eh?

Like to see that you are writing up a storm. Hope you keep doing that for as long as you can.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

So much contempt for the whole situation I do feel. I was sick of the game a long time ago, and played it way less than the majority, and almost not at all now.

The reason it is, is not only because of those that instigate the horrors, but because every one else went along with them and went on their own greed and exploitation trips. They agreed to dig themselves 10 feet under by having no mind of their own, no common sense, and being led around by the nose by the media and by their mindless peers.

I haven't had a TV between 17 and 18 years, been a happy celibate for over 10, and don't want to be bothered with any of this garbage any more. Just waiting for the day for it to all come crashing down. That's about the only thing I'm enthusiastic about. I'm not expecting to survive being a Bay Area resident, but if the gods are so mean (Hey! I'm a NDE survivor!) as to make me live through it, I guess I could go for the Zeitgeist thang; working in organic greenhouse agriculture.

thelevelshift said...


Thoroughly enjoyed Sundays radio show.

Here in the UK we have a terrible TV show called 'Deal or No Deal'. I was imagining the biggest show of them all being shown somewhere in the universe called 'God or No God'. Riveting stuff.

Is anybody making the journey to Mexico from the UK?



p.s. word verification: LUMMO (someone wrestling with the light)

Terrance said...

Awake and aware that we all agreed to this lifetime .... We should be in awe or we are missing out!....Onelove!

gurnygob said...

Les if it wasn’t for you I would still be living in the dark ages. Thanks brother. There is so much I still have to learn.


siamsiam said...

I used to partake in smoking the weed many years ago but quickly realized (seemed like a long time at the time) that i didn't care for the stuff at all. It always made me slightly paranoid. Just wasn't my thing. Most of the people I knew back then remain users to this day. However, they are mostly low achievers in many ways and look to be physically much older than their years.

Alcohol i still partake although not so often. Again heavy users suffer the same as with the weed. Although in my experience people i know tend to have achieved more of a 'normal' standard of living. With obvious exceptions.

Extasy. Now there's a story. I left england in 1994 and returned just over a year later in 1995. When i returned 90% of the people in my town were dancing. It was easy to spot non users as they would be standing chatting over a beer like they used to before it was the thing. I am sure that this had a major affect on dumbing down the masses and changing their brain function forever. This thing was huge.

Coke seems to be the current thing . Different from being the drug of choice as with a little hindsight one can easily see why a particular medication is approved for the masses according to plan.

Sex. Over the past month or so i have heard a 'song' playing in some of the big shopping malls here in Siam, with a lyric that goes something like: 'i fucked you last night'. Customers in said malls being as one would expect - children, family's etc .... What is going on there!

Just some personal observations :)

Nice to see you back Vis. Have i been away

katz said...

KUDOS Les Visible, this is one of your best blogs ever.

I'm going to consider what you said about animals, and the meat eating situation around my house. I admit, I'm from Texas and I got steaks in the refrigerator. I also love to cook, and bake, and can. Generally, I am a foodie. So, I've always resented vegans, and vegetarians, bc of their moral superiority over me, and bc it limits my recipes.

But, this may be the exact thing I needed to hear to swear off meat.
Thank you. I've always wanted to take this seriously, but never had this idea to force this issue.

Thanks again.

Pete said...

A fervent Amen ! Manly Hall, in Secret Teachings discusses the ancient idea that matter is the adversary, or Satan. There is fear that inheres in every atom of matter. Only our divinty gives us the choice to capitulate or ascend. The new age movement keeps pumping out lower astral escapism as its apotheosis while the real spiritual work is being endured by those willing to take on the crucible of earth life at the denouement of this twisted age. Endure....Endure.

Richie (Dana) said...

Thanks for the morning constitutional.
Here is to a better day for everyone.

God Bless.......(snort)..


Mouser said...

Bang on Sir!

All religions lead to God the creator - except one, the one presently trying to take over the world.

Frosty muggins it is.



Rob in WI said...

Been away, and read the last week and half of posts this morning. Wow!, great stuff, especially taken in a large dose. You seem to be in top form, Visible. Many thanks for sharing this with us.

Anonymous said...

just me, lazy laurel, posting from nowhere, rather than gmail.....

it almost seems that we are born into hell, and our goal is to grow and learn and get the hell out of here. if hell were to have a reality definition, this place of beauty with its hyper-attentive human insanities might be IT. perhaps we are supposed to start at the bottom and work our way out. the bits of beauty we encounter are to tease us, to motivate us, so that we wont tarry too long. as if the crap was so tasty that prolonged tarrying would be anyone's preference. well, wait -- there ARE those whose preference is to build a better shack and stay right here, riiight heeeere. which is ok with me, i will have clear skies for my flight out to the next unknown. if i can just. shake. the. weights. off. my. feet :)

Anonymous said...

Your posts always bring me some semblance of hope exactly when I need it. This endless waiting for the paradigm to shift is excruciating and I don't know how much longer I can endure.

When I watch this video:

I get hopeful that a wonderful Christmas present is only days away, but I won't hold my breath.

Could these old In Search of.. episode's really hold the answer to this whole 2012 mystery?

I read somewhere that the TPTB put message's in old tv shows and movies not only to fuck with us, but because they actually believe that it's bad karma for them not to warn us about something ahead of time! I can't imagine being that diabolical, but then again, I have a soul.

Wish I could meet you in Mexico, but my responsibilities are here in the U.S.

P.S. let me know what you think of the video.

Via Con Dios,

Ellie Bellie

Anonymous said...

Les --

To further clarify the "mysterious" relationship between the Rome, the Jews and the Masons, let me clarify things...

The Ju's or Jews are of the cult of the Ram -- the Ram's horn being seen as a JU. This is the universal sign of the homosexual warrior cult of the Ram --

In Rome the Cult of Aries ruled until the "conversion" to Piscean "Christianity."

This is clearly seen in Rome -- some examples being --JU-lius Caesar; JU-venal the poet; Juve or Jove, the god; JU-BA the philosopher laureate of Rome... I think you get the idea...

The Masons also worship Chaos -- one of the characteristics of the Cult of Aries -- whose supreme and oldest God was Set-On (STN) or Satan -- God of war, lies, bloodshed, human sacrifice and homosexuality... among other nifty life-denying perversions...

So it is easy to see that all we are dealing with here is the Roman version of the Cult of Aries and the Semitic version of the same worship, joined in by the Masons, who picked up the flag of the homosexual warrior cult in the form of the Knights Templar.

These antiquated Aries-On (Aryan) religious practices have nothing do do with Caucasian Aryans -- and everything to do with Aries-On or Set-On (SATAN) and his ongoing worship by elements of these three groups going back to the time of Christ.


wv diciang -- slicing and dicing history as we go

Chinese Sneakers said...

As an aside, i would like to add that, it's my humble opinion that those library buildings in Alexandria were burned, but also that much of what was in there was saved and hauled back to Rome in preparation for the next grafting on; which i would suggest was part of the founding of the Holy Roman See.

And, i must say that i enjoyed that scholar's suggestions that the origins of religion are based on mushroom trips into the transcendent, experiences which are then shared in esoteric allegories or hidden in layers of coded language.

He was essentially an empiricist who recognized that there's an on-going search to find solace and relief, to find the divine, in a frightening and lonely plane of matter, while seeing at the same time how special psycho-tropic 'shrooms have proved mighty useful in coming to grips with this mortal condition over the years.

Unfortunately, i suspect you're right about trouble flying into the middle east. Seems the liberator machine will be turned on Syria before too long.

Anyway--take care, good people. And thanks for all you do, les.


covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

@ Kristian.
I shall be making my way down Mexico way from the uk,inshallah,though still wrangling for a flight deal.Will you be there too?

Anonymous said...

Les --

As a further aid to the reader -- Here are some more people, places and names that fall under the outdated, malevolent rule of Aries with the JU shaped horn --

Ju-ries, Ju-dges, Ju-RaH-Sa-On --(Jerusalem), Ju-Lian as in the ruler and calendar; Ju-Set (Joseph, who carried the cult of Aries into Egypt), Ju-Rah-Ka (Jerico, where the Aries cult was established) Ju-Ka (Joker, who conceals knowledge of the cult); Ju-ly -- the month when the Ram has intercouse; JU-Vah-Nal, a young child of the cult of Aries....

And you wonder why there is no JU-stice from the JU-dges in the court of Aries, Set-On, or we like to call him Satan???


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ellie Bellie-loved hearing Rod Serling again... and with Nimoy narrating the first clip of a clip... that really resonated with me. A partial solar eclipse on that fool moon day too.

I am in agreement with Laurel with what I've suffered through witnessing with the 'now is the time to show everyone who and what you really are' times.

As much beauty as there is on this planet-everywhere!- I think in comparison to our REAL home this is what would be considered, very politely, as the 'armpit' of the Universe.

Yeah, yeah, yeah-you can eat, drink and be Merry... you can also be wrung out dry by hideous events called 'reality' more often than not. You can peak in love flows-then drag through the gutters of all the lowest emotions... until finally... your clock stops as a result of your reality one day.

Then... just a memory in that life that was like a dream.

The devils that be would put it out that the Mayan calendar says 'December 21, 2012'... but the way they're all acting says it could very well be NEXT WEEK. Such tricksters those with full control of what is put out for our consumption. SOMETHING is up-I hope to God... it's all gone stir fried crazy if not.

love you,
the gardener

PS does it mean I am getting somewhere when I just do the best I can to get off this planet and never have to come back here again?

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To RJ:

Don't forget Jujubes. Visible mentioned them in the title of a recent blog of his. Jujubes are the fruit of a shrub that grows wild in the Middle East. Jelly beans are just Jujubes with a Christian coating, and the Satanic bisexual Ronald Reagan was addicted to them.

Anonymous said...

Les --

As a final aside -- the two avatars from the Cult of Aries who pointed to the Age of Pisces were...

JU-ON (John) and

JU-SUS (Christ)....


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Beneath the Vatican there are numerous treasures extant from the usurped Vedics who built and worshiped at the "Vatican" long preceding rumors of Krishna's son Krista or ideas of Roman Catholics, let alone Christians.

Out in the open and on display in old museums here and there in Italy and nearby locales are the rare Western Shiva lingas and even statues of Lord Shiva.

The word Vatican is from the Vedic Sanskrit word Vatica meaning a Hermitage

The word Pope itself is from the Vedic Sanskrit word "Papa-ha", (Absolver from Sin).

They (the Vedics) taught us all (the West) how to count and talk and we usurped them at the first opportunity.

Sound about right?

And on and on..


Stephen Knapp photographic evidence of Vedic influence

Robin Redbreast said...

Les - great post (surely goes without saying by now?!! ;)

RJ: you seem to have it all sewed up eh! Well done you.
Just hope your homosexual tendencies don't finally get the better of you-(where did that come from!) it's so obvious it's laughable - bet you don't like this comment!
Live love prayers and peace to all
Robin xxxx

Anonymous said...

Robin --

I personally couldn't care less about the Cult Of Aries homosexual practices... Simply reporting the facts like one would do in a murder case and the last time I checked, writing about murderers does not make you a repressed psychopath.

Did I mention -- JU-Ha-Vah Jehoveh and JU-BA-lee -- his holiday?


wv stinks -- - no joke --nuff said

DaveR said...

I've appreciated this man's music since I first heard it several years ago. His talent will never be equaled, I'm sure. URL below. The poetry is just to get you warmed up. Enjoy!

Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast,
To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak.
I've read, that things inanimate have mov'd,
And, as with living Souls, have been inform'd,
By Magick Numbers and persuasive Sound.
What then am I? Am I more senseless grown
Than Trees, or Flint? O force of constant Woe!
'Tis not in Harmony to calm my Griefs.
Anselmo sleeps, and is at Peace; last Night
The silent Tomb receiv'd the good Old King;
He and his Sorrows now are safely lodg'd
Within its cold, but hospitable Bosom.
Why am not I at Peace?

Anonymous said...

Secrets will be forthcoming!

Very, very fitting that the article contains the words "End Tyranny," too.

Seems this also coincides with the latest SOTTC report...

Take care and thanks again for allowing us to share!


Smyrna said...

My wife took her cat to the vet the other day. She came back with a fridge magnet about Greyhound adoption. That got me thinking about the occasional greyhound you see, who when the starting boxes open, jumps the fence and runs across the infield to catch the rabbit head-on; or runs around the track in the opposite direction to catch the rabbit head-on.

Now obviously these are animals who have woken up to the game, seen it for what it is. They wont race again, not that they'd want to having learned that the rabbit is a fake. All ambitions and desires for that game have gone.
So there's a metaphor for TV glued, hamster wheel running sheeple to ignore.

Anyway, I'm thinking about getting one, they sleep alot and don't demand too much from their owner.
They are a damn good hunting dog, that gene is in them, so I am a bit worried one might want to eat my wife's pussy. Cheers.

MIH said...

Mouser, I could not resist (grin).

Not one thing of the world leads to God. To the degree that religions lead away from the world they point to God’s creation; the Child. Only the Child leads to God. Religions point to one of three levels of the Child’s method of separating from God.

The Vedas, the many human teachers explain the thought of the Child; the material universe or the body (same thing) and its endless cycle.

Buddha, the one human teacher explains the thoughtless state of the Child, which merely extinguishes the universe and rests attention on the essence of the Child’s mind.

Jesus, the human as the Child (or inverse; same thing) teaches God is in the Child as the Child is in God; they are the same.

Taoism will lead to the recognition of harmony in the two aspects of the thought of the Child, and Tantra will extinguish these in a flash. Jesus’ technique of Tantra for men was recorded as the Marriage at Cana. Notice the implied colors of the Buddha’s elements of mind: take (green/wind/male) water (blue/water/male) and place in jar (yellow/earth/female-neutral) at her request (red/fire/female). Water is the essence of the human male mind and fire of the human female mind, and consummated they make an element of a color not sustaining of the universe, or it leads away from the world and towards the Child; the color is purple and spirit.

Anonymous said...

piere said...

and would it be a corollary that if an animal is reared in love, then when you eat it? ... food for thought.

wv: conallo . GM tinned meat which is really GM canola, lie lie lie .

Anonymous said...

Just to let you all know--this letter from the middle east is to let you all know...we are working on this and the big picture looks like one of those old Japanese cartoons where a bunch of the good guys are holding hands in a circle and the picture is shaking to show how strong they are holding on to each other to ward off the evil thing that is about to happen--or not. We are definitely working on making the shift a peaceful one this time in the face of all those tribal wardances. We are more advanced than the last time around and there are several players who actually do things the way their ONE would have it. They have understood that there must be a lot of weaponry in the depot but only for "defense" purposes or demonstration if you will. Of course either way there will be martyrs but the time is approaching fast and they are waiting for us on the other side...

Love to all from

wv: singing 1 No kidding!

Terrance said...

Hello LV....the bubetube is a powerful transmission device....duh!....the stratocaster 50 on palladium is a godsend! on high def tv is heavenly!......pick what works for you and throw out the rest! love

neal said...

Who taught the Vedics how to count and talk? Who remembers Atlantis, and deals with countless recycling?
Who took some Christ and phonetically reversed the Eh, and Oh, and Ooh?
You could maybe take all these clues, and throw them into the passion of the whirlwind, and some whispers would maybe sneak through, just things recombining to make some scary and exciting shapes, always with life of their own. Interference patterns will do that, that's what they are.

Who allowed black dogs, and shadows, and things riding broomsticks in this house? Who doesn't need to line up and take it, whether attention is paid or not?

Who let those dogs out, with those drawn out howls, hoots, a Who? Elephant Talk.

Who deals with stones that will not sit still for it? Would that be new things, not just the same old Wheel, turning? Even if identity, and memory, and everything else, absolutely, even to the bones and the teeth, along for the ride, explains nothing?

There were 12, in places. Those 7, the were unveiling some engineering. In this place, it starts with just 2. They say that goes on behind the curtain, but that was torn. They say that is Door Number Three, and the Lady and the Tiger make too much Noise. I guess there had to be a third in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


You are the zio-Beavis(google Beavis and Butthead) of the blog.

Settle down. It's just a sugar high you're experiencing.


siamsiam said...

continued: (who knows why:)

Salvia: first smoke felt my face/body losing definition didn't really understand. Like a sort of pulling - or being sucked by a hoover.

Second smoke - whoosh gone. like being sucked form one end of a sand timer to the other. One dimension to the other. First smoke now made sense in that it wasn't enough to take me through fully. Met up with the wrathful deity as depicted in the Tibetan book of the dead. On returning felt like old files had been deleted - a sort of cleaning of the hard drive. Hole thing lasted only a minute or two.

Mushrooms: very interesting what the late John Marco Allegro has to say. He was the chosen British representative to study the dead sees scrolls. What he concluded Makes total sense. Funny how nobody really understands why red spotted baubles are hung on xmas trees. Or why santa delivers through the chimney. Or the relevance of the easter bunny. Well it is all there - it is all related to 'magic mushrooms'.

If you look in to what he has to say then you will never see your xmas tree in the same light again. Or santa (the shaman:)

Anonymous said...

Robin Red Breast--

Since I seem to have ruffled your feathers, perhaps it's time to tell the readers who you really are...

This from Robert Graves "The White Goddess; "The May bride (Mary Gipsy) paired off with Merddin, by this time Christianized as "Robin Hood," apparently a variant of Merddin's Saxon name Rof Breoht Woden.

In French the word Robin, which is regarded as a diminutive of Robert but is probably pre-Teutonic, MEANS A RAM AND ALSO THE DEVIL.

A robinet, or water faucet, is so-called because in rustic fountains it was shaped like a Ram's head. The two senses of RAM and DEVIL are combined in the illustration to a pamphlet published in London in 1639: Robin Goodfellow, his mad pranks and Merry Gests.

Robin is depicted as an ithyphallic god of the witches with YOUNG RAM'S HORNS sprouting from his forehead, ram's legs, a witches besom over his left shoulder and a lighted candle in his right hand. Behind him in a ring dance is a coven of men and woman witches in Puritan costume (note), a BLACK DOG ADORES HIM AND AN OWL FLIES OVERHEAD. (think Bohemian Grove)...

In Cornwall "Robin" means phallus. Robin Hood is a country name for red campion perhaps because its CLOVEN petal suggests a RAM'S HOOF, and because "Red Champion" was a title of the Witch God. It may be no more than a coincidence that 'ram' in Sanscrit is huda.

In short, Robin meaning a RAM has become mythologically equated with Robin (latin:rubens) meaning Robin Red Breast.

I think this make it quite clear why our little Robin Red Breast may be a wee tad touchy when the subject turns to Rams and Devils.


Josey said...

Dear Les,

For a multitude of reasons, including what you have been writing for a long, long, time, I think the MOST dangerous song for the "Powers-That-Think-They-Be" is the original song for Ethiopian Relief "We Are The World" recorded in 1985.

It is the ultimate anti-thesis of everything "THEY" want, and are intending to accomplish, against the rest of us.

To many great singers of the day, contributing their time and talent, to aid a country in need, with words that inspire the same attitude of giving freely. UN-Selfishness.

A complete downer for them, against all they believe, and a huge plus for humanity.

We need to play it everywhere, in its original un-selfish form.

Anonymous said...

Robin Red Breast --

Who says trolling can't be fun and educational too! Saved this last best blast from the White Goddess; "For the Devil as ram the classical instance is the one whom in 1303 the bishop of Coventry honored with a Black Mass and saluted with a posterior kiss (Knights Templar anyone???)

I would suggest you kiss mine, but as a latent repressed homosexual warrior you might think I liked fudge licking more than I let ON -- heh...

Also this nugget you can put in your beak and suck on "It will be recalled that the Somerset witches called their God Robin, Robin Red Breast and Robin son of Art was the Devil of Dame Alice Kyteler, the famous early 14th Century witch of Kilkenny and used sometimes to take the form of the Black Dog..."

Woof woof meow


Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

Thank you for your input about the food we ingest...

what one consumes is actually very important...certain food (especially meat although there are others as detremental) they pollute our inner being...alcohol is another that is very dangerous to one spiritually and if one consumes enough puts his chakras at risk of demonic walk-ins...its an insane world of a pretend sanity...the deeper you go the deeper it gets...metaphysically

the original Divine Plan in this dimension for the evolution of consciousness was totally sabotaged and a false plan imposed...this Earth is not the life centre of this universe although it appears to be...we were fooled into thinking this because this planet has been artificially isolated in awareness from the rest of creation and we are but a blimb to what has been hidden from us...when the evil demigod took control he completely isolated this dimension in order to take control...

Many in the past have pronounced the "End Of the World"...some was code in this war and then many antecedent mimics were puppets set up by the evil demigod to allow that the true message would also be ridiculed in due course...that is how evil operates...they are great deceivers...lairs to the bitter core...

this Era for earth is unique and many conciousness have incarnated with purpose...the focus will be on matters spiritual whether people like it or is a time of decision and a time of finality...the proverbial separation of the wheat from the chaff is to occur...and Deva consciousnesses are in the physical to help in this process...they will come forward to help and prepare for the clearing of all from Earth prior to its total, physical end to evil before it contaminates any further part of creation...

Best Wishes Always

tmcfall said...

Les, you are on an incredible roll of late..a veritable feast for thought. Thank You!
Tom in Tempe Arizona

brian boru said...

Hello Les and thanks again for your insights. I don't always follow your more esoteric musings but I trust what you say. Any man who is willing to name the jew and is not concerned with political correctness is someone who, more often than not, has something to say that is worth listening to. What I would like to gain though is some of your optimism. These bastards seem to be herding us to the edge of the cliff and there seems to be nothing to stop them. If there is a cosmic demon in charge then they are surely his children.

tmcfall said...

Monsanto being defeated by "superweeds" (many of which which are edible and far more nutritious than the crap my satan inflicts on this eart) Think Mother Nature is trying to tell these idiots something?
Go Momma Earth Go
Tom in Tempe Arizona

amarynth said...

Some good news for those that are waiting for it ... We will have the first printed proof of Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World in our hands this coming Monday.

If all goes well, it will be released in print still before Christmas through Amazon and soon thereafter, also at Perhaps a little late to give as a gift right on the day, but around that time (if nothing goes wrong grin).

If all goes well, I'll have some copies in Mexico.

Now on to The Curious Case of Ash and the Whine, a new novel by Les Visible which is currently in the proofreading and editing stage.

My husband is reading The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World now and he is thrilled. His comment .. a careful construction of the plot in the first 100 pages or so and then this book starts talking to you on various levels. He missed dinner - just wanted to get back to his book!

Richie (Dana) said...

"It is all for the purpose of Demonstration"
Les Visible

Robin Redbreast said...

RJ: What a charmer you are :)
Please don't worry yourself - my feathers certainly haven't been ruffled by you - for I don't have any to ruffle - as you have clarified (for you conclude from my christain name that I am a Ram/Devil!!) - so perhaps it is just your feathers that have been ruffled?
I'm sure Les does not want a tennis game on his comments so I shall leave it at that.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

You just cut right down to the bone Visible. Great work as usual!

So the moment of terror is now an hour, and it just keeps growing out of your power. While those who are victims who volunteer, in hopes that Saint Pickle-us soon will be here.
With heads like an onion, so many layers, peeled down to the core of snake-oil purveyors. Dancing around, what a curious lot, looking down noses packed with snot.
"Someone once told me", that is your intro, someone once told you all of your info. Drinking from cups that are shared with like minded, reading the words that ensured you were blinded.
Walking inside a fog so thick, prostitutes of self, unaware you're the trick. Assemblies of followers, no leaders are seen, victims of what you call your machine.
Nothing is yours, not even your mind, large brains and egos that speak from behind. Go to the sacred place from ancient times. Like Stonehenge or Giza, and see what you find. All that remains are monuments of stone, still standing through the winds and floods of time.
You will never be knowing what anything is about, never be lucky enough to find out, that all these places so sacred and old, were built by a people who did what they were told.
Just think about this, as "someone once said", you're caught in a Web or a Net, that is INTER-connected, unaware of the alter you've genuflected.
The spider's Web has you tangled up well, the butterfly collector's Net has you, forever in Hell.

over and out.......Jimmy

Anonymous said...

LOL! @ Robin "Redbreast" aka "hood".

LOL~~~~~~!!!!!!! ROFLOL!
RJ, that is interesting. TY.

Our little Robin is just fluffed bc he is our resident homosexual sodomite, and he used to brag on it. But, he is too soft to be a warrior. He may be a ram's head.

LOL@@@@Robin. Your passive aggressive comment was ineffective!

Visible said...

Alright guys. It's a big world and nothing more than a series of ladders and stairways. We all go through all of the stages at some point in our travels out of the mortal realm. I know we have opinions about right and wrong and how intrinsic Nature expresses itself but the finest of adjustments is the one that is adjustable to everything at any point in space and time, knowing it is only a stage and temporary appearance.

est said...

sorta like the guy
that you let come over

sit on the porch with
the rest and every time

he can't seem to piss
over the railing

not a tragedy
but sad no less

Robin Redbreast said...

The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they're a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

From Essential Rumi

Anonymous said...

Robin --

An elegant and graceful response. Much respect and love to you...


amarynth said...

RJ, have you really forgotten your previous lifetimes? If you have, you'll repeat it eh. If you ask me, which you did not, you're contracting for a new lifetime configured somewhat differently. Some past lifetime work and some clearing might help you.

I think Visible is leaving this interaction up for 'demonstration'.

Word verification : sulfomer .. (fire, sulfer and brimstone?)

missingarib said...

Vis, what we are seeing is spiritual autism whether by design or choice (grin as you do)is not as important as your observations of it give the few uninfected some hope for a cure.

Anonymous said...

,,,Seeing the field in its nonlinear and nonlocal dis-play magically empowers us with the visionary tools we need in order to navigate safely through to the other side of our experience, from a world of seemingly meaningless, random, separate material events to a world in which life is infused with meaning and we are fully rooted in our seamless connectedness with the biosphere, each other, and within ourselves. Seeing the field─a place where we are all inter-connected─is the portal through which we plug into the living plenum, the infinite reservoir of zero-point energy that fills all of the space in the universe. This is the place of leverage, our point of power where we can co-operatively help each other to step into the dream and put our lucidity together as one so as to intervene and creatively transform the waking dream in a way that changes everything...
Paul Levy in

Visible said...

Now there is a bizarre juxtaposition of comments unlikely and incredibly unpredictable; speaking of for the purpose of demonstration. heh heh. You can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...


I thinking of all of us cleaning house, so to speak...


gurnygob said...

Back on line. Tried an old version of Firefox. Must have been a bug like you said.

thanks Les.


Mouser said...

Yuk, yuk, yuk!!!

These are a bunch of zio-trolls who can't find a speck of untruth to wedge in on (nod to Visible's integrity) so their having a effeminate bitch-slap parade to justify their wages from Rohschild inc.

What a bunch of (latent?) zionist abetting morons.

Give it up trolls - you're an embarassment to yourselves.

WV; fandgmi
fanatical pigmy fags

gurnygob said...

Since we are talking about Robin Redbreasts in the comments.

I use to think how lovely and cute the little robins were until I seen two of them having a fight one day. Boy they are vicious wee things. They flew around my garden for almost half a day kicking the shit out of each other. In the end it was clear that one of them was in real trouble and badly injured. Unless I am mistaken, it looked like a fight to the death which is probably the way it ended up.

Not so cute after all.


Anonymous said...

I Love You Guys (and Girls)

Thanks for the good vibes!

(cant quit smilin now )

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

The following really resonates with me and is highly recommended reading for anyone wanting to know what happens next.

Wish I could hyperlink it, but I can't.


Richie (Dana) said...

I was kinda thinking the same kind of thoughts all day watching this foolishness. Kudo's to Robin on defense. haha

Les, I was guilty of over-reacting and yelling at HSH, I think partially in defense of these blogs and the fact you told us you were being attacked and did not post them as a protection to us.

This was an interesting day and I wish to share my take on things.

I am not alone in feeling a change in things and a loss of what was. You are the one who told us that we all had a contribution to this. We are in it together so it is foolish to fight alone just because you control the acceptance of comments. I think we can regain ground here. Let them come at us and we shall see.
The gay life is revolting to me personally, so I have never acknowledged Robin because of that.
I must say that his response today was elegant and perhaps a sort of standard. I saw no passive aggression despite the judgement.

My biggest personal problem is dealing with modern life in the big city while trying to maintain the spiritual connection. It is not easy, I can assure you. I keep saying, If I could only stay calm through this crap I would know I am making some progress. Bottom line, I guess I am wishing all of you to help me through this by how we deal with attacks on what we value most. It just seems that we are much stronger collectively. This is not a religion, but a way of being.

I do not feel that I did a very good job in expressing this, but no matter. Those with the mind of the One, will understand this.


The Cosmic Player said...

Ojas, preach on brother. Hail to all who turn water(semen) into wine(ojas).


gurnygob said...

I see Christopher Hitchens has died.


Anonymous said...

God Help US All

God help the U. S. of A.,
Betrayed from within;
God help them! God help US All!

Pax y'all...and fear NOT!

pax verbum

Robin Redbreast said...

Others’ judgements
And assumptions.

Not a warrior
Am too soft.
But must take
Others’ scoff.

Think I might
Change my name.
Seems that now
I’m not that tame.

Find it hard
Not to fly.
Find it hard
So should I try?

This path’s hard
Don’t add your tease.
I don’t know
Accept me please.

I’m just for
A freer world.
My only wish
For this to build.

Do not need
Your pity son.
But please respect
This wayward one.

Steve said...

Hare Krishna Dear Visible,

Sir, you talk of the Middle east coming to a head in March and yet you are going to be abroad and away from your Consort, Susan?

It is really none of my business and I am sure you have given it plenty of thought and talked with Susan about it.

But I am concerned for her in your absence, without you there beside her in such strange times and wonder at how this could be?

Could Susan not travel with you?

Your friend,


Visible said...


Thanks for your concern. Where Susanne and I live is one of the dullest, most provincial and safest places in Europe. I was in this town for several years before I saw a police car. It is a rare event to see one and you never see police on the street, or rarely I should say. We have town festivals and there will always be an ambulance and a policeman possibly. Sometimes there are crowds of many hundreds of people if it is one of the large fairs and you might not see a policeman. Crime is nearly unheard of. I have been told there are some junkies around but I have never seen them. You need not concern yourself with Susanne and I am not going to be in The Middle East and my life and circumstances are directly in the hands of the ineffable with whom I try to converse the live long day, including him in everything I do and often talking about it or seeking inspiration. I have been in situations of tremendous danger many times and sometimes for years at a stretch with little to show for it but my taillights; "the blue one is my baby, the red one is my mind", or something like that, probably the colors are different.

My relationship with Susanne is not like that which is common to most. We are friends and that is about it and we have absolute freedom to do whatever we please; whether or not we actually do. We are together as a convenience for each other and due to a natural affection which neither of us really understand. We were put together by the cosmos and not from any effort on our own part. We may well be separated for lengths of time and have been before. I have been away from her for six months at a stretch when I was in Italy. It's very easy and we are not attached like other people. It is difficult to explain so I'll leave off with that except to say that other people may well enter our lives without any uproar at all.

Susanne's mother is very old and does not get around easily. She needs to be cared for through the day and Susanne and I both attend to this. As a result we seldom travel together. One of us stays here and attends to her. She will be taking trips on my return. She has all of her own friends and her own circles, I am not a part of them or only peripherally. She doesn't get a lot of what I am up to and is regularly amazed at the results of it as she sees my email and most everything because I have no secret life. We are together more than most because we both work at home.

There are also four dogs and they need to be cared for too. I should mention that I walk the talk as far as being aware that we are all losing each other and headed toward our individual destinies as we go. One day none of us will be here and we will come and go on our own with the assistance of the cosmos. I hope this clears some of your concerns up.

Anonymous said...

robert johnson oh yeah

Anonymous said...

Les et al,

My problem has never been with the "original" gay community -- by that I mean the lifestyle before it was made a political sledgehammer. I lived for many years in the Village and the men and women there who "came out" had my respect and support.

What I do not support is the closeted Cult of Aries and their "secret" homosexual rape, child sacrifice, pedophilia, Satan worship, etc. -- all done behind closed doors and with the co-operation of the closed courts.

If this group were to come clean, so to speak -- perhaps they could "come out" too. Find a state that will go along with human sacrifice and pedophilia, slavery and usury beyond moral limits.

Nevada would be a good choice. They could legalize the activities of the Cult and tax them on the children they kill and rape and the financial fraud they commit, the history they re-write etc.

The State could even say "Come To Nevada" where anything goes! They could probably sell the TV rights to the best sacrifice-ers and anal rapists and give away big lottery dollars to any parents who wanted to get rid of their sons and daughters to take a ride on the gravy train, so to speak...

By the way -- all Fascists are from the Cult of Aries. Their logo is ten FAGS, that's what they themselves called them... straight sticks symbolizing the penis, tied together by a rope with an ax in the middle. The LOGO is actually proudly displayed in our Senate logo...

It is relatively easy to pull out the ax and cut the fags in half, but there must be the will to do it. It is much easier than removing the sword from the STONE, which is done using the first three numbers of the Ka-Ba-La as the handle of the sword, but we will burn that bridge if we have to come to it...


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

On a Journey of Magnificent Quest.

Coward but honest said...

Susanne saved you life - NEVER forget that. And if the truth be told, you saved her spiritual soul at the same time.

"...let no man divideth that which God has joined together."

a friend

Visible said...

Coward but honest, you have never met either of us and tossing off Bible quotes isn't appropriate because neither of us are Christians; nor did I state any behavior on either of our parts. I simply said we are free to do what we like and I believe I mentioned that was regardless of whether anyone actually did anything because neither party has but that isn't anyone's business in any sense.

Anonymous said...

Coward --

As Miles Davis said at a famous White House dinner when his domineering wife Cicely Tyson was bragging how she saved his life to a rapt audience of Senators and bankers --

Miles leaned over the table with his steely glare and the table quieted and Miles growled...


At the same dinner, a white trash wife of big money put on a toothy smile and said to Miles "You must be so proud of what you've accomplished considering where you came from...

Miles glared back at her:

My daddy was a dentist you gold-digging whore. What did your father do for a living?"


Anonymous said...

Vis and RJ,

Points taken.


Alpha Silex said...


Nevada makes sense for that kind of thing, but I think Penn State would be even better. A modern day Sandusky and Gomorrah.....Those black holes out there sure have had me cranky lately. Just another day, as the Milky Way runs down the drain. Fun.


Visible said...

I think I know who cbh is (grin).

Alpha Silex said...

CBH: Christ's Black Hole.

Visible said...

I was wrong. I thought it was someone else.

Cathy said...

As I dine on my medium-rare "fear" tonight, I have to wonder what I'd taste like to the galactic visitor, and would it absorb not only the full content of my knowledge but the flavor of my opining. Makes for a tidy dessert....

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Have Yourself a very Merry Apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

red seems your most incisive color.

Steve said...

Thanks Vis for your thoughtful and honest reply.

I am a bit late in getting back to you on this as we have all been busy carting hay before the rain. The hay is now in the shed and its raining. I'm sure there's a metaphor in there somewhere?

My concerns rose from a shit hitting the fan type scenario where you and Susanne would be forced to remain apart and that saddened me to think of that.
I know you have your back covered and I am sure that extends over to Susanne and others that are close to you as well.

I was unaware of Susanne's Mother being in your care, and of coarse the dogs (give them all a big pat for me).

Such an amazing place you have created here the joy and realizations I garner are growing everyday. It feels like what I have been searching for all these years is opening up. So simple, yet so sublime. It just is.

Hare Krishna.



Joseph Brenner

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