Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mystery Babylon and the Coming Darkness

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It's a ball of confusion these days. Despite the manufactured chaos of the near wholly owned, Zionista press, there's what we see at the blogs here that are the real indicators to me. People want different things, including complicated reassurances. Some people want fire and brimstone at the socio-political (that would be Smoking Mirrors) and cultural (that would be this one) blogs. They want clear demarcations from the metaphysical (that would be Origami). Others, some of whom have darker intentions, while being clueless that many words have more than one meaning, want meaning to be narrowly employed, without the benefit of a wider range. Some want to demand that I accept that the ZioNazi world control agenda and their near total control of the banks and the media be allocated to some mysterious other, who is using them as pawns. They never say who it is most of the time and they never provide facts or provenance, except to say it's The Vatican or some shadowy Illuminati (check out who is supposed to have founded the Illuminati and was born one thing and then was, allegedly raised as another). This Illuminati is supposed to have infiltrated the Masons and corrupted that organization. So where does that leave us? It leaves us with the same AshkeNazi cabal of world wide slave masters. I can find provenance and historical record aplenty for some version of this but I find jackshit for the secret shadowmeisters and invariably the people who comment on them are anonymous.

An argument can be made for a world wide organization of Satanists but then you have to consider The Synagogue of Satan and you might as well read the book. If you don't read the book, I don't want you talking to or at me about it. According to every religion on the planet, there is an enemy of humanity who rules the planet in times of darkness from some sort of infernal region. I've never heard that there's some even darker and more evil source behind this. That doesn't get said, probably because there isn't. I do hear and believe that a greater power is behind the whole shebang and that it is benevolent and created the whole dynamic for the purpose of demonstration. It's in your own head and heart where you have to sort all of this out. Certainly there is a mystery to all of it and it is all under control, according to the one who initiated all of the changes in my life that I went through and by now, this is also true according to me. Take it or leave it.

Obviously, Nature, as we experience it and, in some cases (grin) understand it as well, requires a duality of opposites for effective performance. You got night and day; hot and cold, good and evil (which is a relative thing), The Sun and The Moon, well, you can go on and on with this sort of thing and you are more or less aligned in one way or another, dependent on the light and darkness in you. Your fear is generated by your internal conflicts and your freedom from what plagues most people is generated by the degree of your state of unity apart from appearances.

I understand that many of you believe that purple people eaters are behind it all. I recognize that anonymous Hasbara are behind the regular mention of The Pope running the whole show and whatever else you come up with, that takes the scrutiny and heat off of you but it doesn't wash with me. Prove it otherwise and I will change my mind. Fail to prove it and I will not be moved. That's simple, isn't it? Well, be about it and convince me otherwise. I'd also appreciate an explanation for the unshakeable, overall impression that an enormous preponderance of evidence, past and present says that Israel is the present center of darkness and operates through satellite centers in London, New York and elsewhere. Go ahead, I'm waiting. Crank up the woo woo but don't leave the hard, cold proof out. That's a basic requirement.

I didn't set out to prove a premise. I went where the evidence led me. It wasn't that many years ago when I didn't know any of this. That always makes me wonder about the things I still don't know. That makes me open to being shown and I am open to being shown. I'm sitting here waiting to be shown. So show me.

The point of the world around you is to keep your attention on it. This is also why there is the constant threat of loss that attends us. This is why there is the constant pressure to be financially stable and why one is forced into the position of sacrificing their spiritual promise for financial gain. This is the whole treadmill effect. I rejected it and I found sustenance. I'm living proof that you can rely on invisible means that are not appearance based. The rest of the world is living proof that appearances are a lie and a form of temporal enslavement. I am far from the only one who has proven this to be true and certainly not the last. It can be a hard jump initially because your degree of faith in this reality will be tested. You don't get this without jumping through another kind of hoops.

No one finds anything out, without finding it out for themselves. No one can say what's out there or in there until they take the risk. That's why it's called a leap of faith and all these appearances are operative and in place to keep you on the rails of coming back again and again until you get it. As the website that won't link to my work, when it isn't just entertaining and relatively incisive writing states, “No one can serve two masters”, just another ironic reference to a construct that isn't believed in. You are either enslaved by one or liberated by the other and you don't make the real connection, until there something beyond appearances linking you to it.

I'm not running around with automatic weapons, or inciting the crowd to rise up in revolutionary fervor and storm the castle. That may well happen on its own. I don't know what the universe intends, resolution-wise. My situation is to see more clearly and follow the leader. I'm looking for portals and apertures into another state of existence. This world is an electro-magnetic hat dance between a rock and a hard place. If this is where what you find important takes place then you will be engaged in the struggle to maintain and hold on to what is slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) disappearing before your eyes. You will move between feast and famine because that is how it works and how the hook is baited. You'll rise to the top of the heap and then you will be demoted to the bottom. The whole point of that is to point out the pointlessness of it to you.

The vibrancy and promise of youth gives way to the inevitable conditions of age. Things that seemed important, no longer seem important and things that did not seem important become critically important. The indifference to what you eat, later becomes a bane upon your well being. As the whole world engages in the pursuit and consumption of crap, everything turns into crap, including the one pursuing and consuming it; garbage in and garbage out. Take a walk through the world and look at the inescapable reality of a culture in free fall, all of it engineered by your most remorseless enemies for their own profit and your torment, imprisonment and certain and assured demise.

Madness is afoot, cloaked in relentless disinformation and ubiquitous deception. Everything seems more or less normal and then, quite suddenly, all Hell breaks loose. Then you see that you have been watching it arrive for a long time, while focused on all the things you wanted to be and to get in the middle of it. Sooner or later all of the things being performed abroad begin to take place in your immediate environment; police state modalities, FEMA camps, enemy combatant designations, economic collapse, mob actions and rampaging crime, political correctness insanities that make the system unworkable and give you things like this. Does this all suddenly melt away like mist before the rising morning sun? Is this just a movie that's come and gone in a couple of hours? It is a movie. Are you in the movie?

Right now isn't the time for fire and brimstone, or entertaining word montages that may or may not describe the situation but do little to annotate or change it. Right now isn't the time for Gonzo or Savonarola. Now is the time for alignment and associative identification with you star-ship being. We all have one but the question is whether it's been tuned up and test driven, or even registers as a possession or an accessory. It's a personal affair. We've been talking about that and related things for some time here. Sooner or later D Day arrives in the form of deliverance or darkness.

Animal Farm has come to town and you can't be headed the right way if you are going in the wrong direction. You either get more of the same, increasing in degree of impact or you are stepping back and out of the current. The speed and force of the current has everything to do with everything.

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There will be a radio show tonight.


daveS said...



amarynth said...

Friend Visible ... this sentence:

"Now is the time for alignment and associative identification with you star-ship being."

So, what is it?

"Now is the time for alignment and associative identification with you -- star-ship being"


"Now is the time for alignment and associative identification with your star-ship being"

Big difference there, or perhaps not (grin).

Anonymous said...

In 1996, I was driving my car (traveling salesman, at the time) and was listening to Pink Floyd.

As I was approaching home, Comfortably Numb started playing and within a few seconds, I felt what I can only describe as an out-of-body experience of sorts.

It seemed that time stopped and I was taken out of my car and was lighter than air.

I began to sense that I was floating just over the water on a lake that was fed by (underneath) a tremendous waterfall. The sound was terrifying. But I could not stop myself as I went under the falls.

I stopped right in the middle of them and looked straight up.

As the water fell on my face and covered my body, I felt the most amazing warmth... love, is what I knew it to be at that moment. It was not, at all, hurting me. To the contrary, it felt as if it were passing thru me... almost cleansing me.

I came to, sitting in my car in my carport.

From that moment on, I have felt as if I know things that others don't seem to catch on to (until much later). Gut feelings. Intuition. I dunno.

I have told few people this story, for I don't know what the reaction might be (I hate to freak people out).

Somehow, I felt like I needed to and could share it with you.

Thanks, Les. For all you do.

Visible said...

typos are just evidence of a lack of perfection, not an effort at strange meanings.

Allison said...

Masterful exigesis of the vicissitudes of awakening and concomitant decisions that must be made. My vehicle is only partially test driven and sometimes the attempts at exit are not so easy. So many attachments.
Thanks Les

Thomas said...

First of, Thanks! A ray of Truth of Light, from your inside, focused by your braingflesh and scattered by your fingers,
into the slipstream of electronic information. For sharing your light with the world. An invigorating and exemplary choice
of being here on Earth.

I must say, I have come to the same conclusions as you regarding the apperance of Zio-Psycho-Jewry to be the whipmasters of
the material plane, and apparent instigators of all our troubles. However, the correspondence with "hidden hand",
allegedly Lucifer, resonates deeply with me (especially since he calls "The Law of One"-books the most accurate information
in mainstream circulation - Laura Knight has called them "probably the best channeling effort ever done", or words to that meaning, and they resonate immensely with me).
The other day I heard, from a good israeli, that there are actually 43 levels in freemasonry.
If this is true, then I would guess the last 10 to be actual incarnations of Lucifer. At least, there are many sources
claiming that levels 30th to 33rd of freemasonry worship Lucifer.

Anyways, I must mention Albert Pikes alleged letter to some Manzini, about 150 years old,
claiming that 3 world wars have been planned for a long time, and that the 3rd one among other things
would result in the middle East and Israel destroying each other.

I DONT KNOW. I know that God, or The One is Real, and intimately present in any and all circumstances, and is both what contains
us and what we contain, undivided in Itself. I also know that the world
we percieve is wholly illusory, and the Real is the Energy that is expressed in this matrix of flesh and stone. I have to say, though,
that my sense is that this war is spiritual, and to me, it makes sense that Lucifer should be the general of the dark side (with the best intentions, a great Love, sacrificing itself and taking a shitload of bad karma on its shoulders for our sake). Love is the Primary Emanation of the Source (I believe), and as such, it makes sense.

I don't know. Thank you Les!

To All, Love and wishes of Beautiful Thoughts and Days

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

Now we are getting to the nub of the matter. Just who do the evil bastards actually serve? Solve that mystery and we can readily solve the problem.

George Green at has already done that work. He has some ebooks on his site where you can download them for free. You might also want to read this one to fill in the picture.



lightandlongshadows said...

Whomever "they" are they are only humans. I've spent the better part of the last decade trying to figure out who "they" are. The joos, the zionists, the papacy,the black pope, euro. royalty, the black nobility, the freemasons the bankers, etc.,etc. HA! What a joke! I can only laugh at my fool self.
For all their supposed secret knowledge, self-styled superior understanding and highly dubious wisdom and power - I repeat, "they" are only humans. I look around and think, "this is it? This is your vision for the world". Pitiable beings.
We empower them, we want to be led, we want security, we want our daily bread, we want others to provide for us, we want, we want, we want. As the saying goes: "the only fear is fearlessness", without fear what would we do?. "They" have provided their version at our request. They are in the most insecure position of all, I wouldn't want to be in their shoes - ever. There's no freedom in their world. The amount of plotting and schemeing required to maintain this farce is just to much work. It's too much work to try to maintain a fragile ego these days let alone trying to plan the world to maintain "supremacy".
"I've met the enemy and it is us". I'm done "tilting at windmills". It's been entertaining and enlightening in so many ways but I thank God that I'm coming full circle. Seeing through all of this is as natural as a baby learning to walk, the intellect reels at the simplicity.
Enjoy the treasure hunt.

Anonymous said...

Here's are some clues regarding the identity of the puppet-masters behind The Tribe -

1) Which came first - the Church or The Tribe? (I'll bet quite a few of you thought you saw the word "chicken" there, instead of "church", hmm? Just as many people see Jews everywhere, instead of the masters who pull their strings...)

2) Rent the movie, "From Hell", starring Johnny Depp. In that film you will see some scrawled-in-chalk handwriting, on a brick wall adjacent to a crime scene, which was allegedly written by Jack the Ripper. It reads, "The Juwes are the men who will not be blamed for nothing." This movie was based on the book of the same name, which was written by a man named Alan Moore (who also wrote a series of comic books titled, "V for Vendetta" - cough-cough, hint-hint).

(As an aside, it is not the Masons who are behind the ubiquitous blame-the-Jews puppet show. The Masons are puppets, too. Dig depper. Or is that deeper?)

Robin Redbreast said...

Opposities seen in nature
Previous deferment of ourselves
Onto others:
Blaming, judging, shaming.
You're right - the battle is within
The goal to reach the One/Creator etc
The answer in part:
Realisation of past
Forgiveness to SELF and others
No regrets
Get in nature
Love it - appreciate the beauty
Be grateful
Love to all
Replace fear with love

Great post Les -
LLLP Robin xxxx

Anonymous said...

Good word cousin Les. One thing that keeps reintruding my mind is the thought that if they put enough free fastfood, prescription pills, pornography, and flouridated tap water in those camps - they might not have to round anyone up, folks will beat a line down to the nearest fema camp and trample their own grandparents on the way in if all that shit is cut off from them without notice and then suddenly made available, for free!!, in one of those camps.

The enlightened folks around here may laugh at the idea, but I think more than a few people in the general population are foolish enough to do such a thing. Most of them actually.

abe in ela

Visible said...

See, yet another anonymous pronouncement with no facts that use movies for a resource AND graffiti. Bullshit and The Tribe was around and up to their evil shit way before the church Hasbara Boy. Put up or shut up.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Breaking the God Spell and cargo cult religions for the scripture folks.


Visible said...

I have known Neil Freer for decades. His stepdaughter was my girlfriend for a number of years. I haven't seen in a long long time, just thought I'd mention it.


LeMat. I look at who leaves the comments before I read them and then if I see your name I delete it without reading. Spare yourself the trouble.

onething said...

Hmm...Sovereignty seems to hint that the Tribe serves an alien race who consider earth their domain. It's possible, although disheartening.
It's also possible that they serve a disembodied entity or entities. This would mean that it's really only those in the inner circle that are in the know and have truly "sold their souls."
The rest are used as shields to give them cover.

When I began to suspect who Jehovah really is, it began to make sense of a few things. They are surely a neurotic and paranoid people. The Old Testament is a long tale of sadistic treatment of that people by their God, and full of tedium, gnarling threats, vicious anger, vindictive rage and unkept promises by this misanthropic god. Of course, the Khazars would have been spared all that...

There are some hints in the OT that Jehovah is none other than Satan. But I don't know, because he also seems to be a physical being, and thus I suspect him of being an alien of a bad type. Jehovah is not El. El was much higher rank.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

You’ve been outed Judge Viz….. you were a shit disturber and trouble maker on another planet and brought to this one for your sentence. (grin) Likely part of the ground crew as well.

onething said...


Thank you for telling us about that. Surely, if I were to embark on such an adventure, I'd want Pink Floyd to send me off. His music is really on another level.

Visible said...

Yeah, no doubt. I've got a relentless psychopath on my ass at the moment. I've seen his earlier rants and finally I had to block him on Facebook and then here. He keeps pouring it on even though I don't read it. He must have followed me over from there. I haven't had a good day either (grin). These are tough times to live through.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

I'm trying to look at this from a slightly different perspective. You know they have computer simulations for everything these day -- military planning, stock market trending, weather predictions, etc. Certainly the predictive accuracy of these simulations is only as good as the quality of the information being fed in (garbage in, garbage out) but even so there may be something useful produced.

If I had a super computer, one with no built in bias, I'd run a simulation of what the world would look like today if the Ashkenazi “tribe” had not been created and subsequently dispersed throughout the world. If this particular form of evil had not been inserted into our world I am absolutely certain that we would be living in relative peace today, without widespread debt slavery, and that the number of people living with their basic needs (shelter, food, safety) being met would be astoundingly greater.

I wish I could go back in time and press the DELETE button on the Ashkenazi existence. I wish I was a star-ship being and not just a hooman bean (sigh).

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

That must have been a cool relationship.... she would have some of Neil's bandwidth. He's quite amazing and has done a lot to iluminate a lot of the crap of our so called history. We are hooped without our history.

Elvis and now Neil.... Viz, you'll have a triple header if you reveal that you hung out with Chuck Berry or Gerry Lee as well. (grin)


Visible said...

I never met either one of them

Anaughty Mouser said...

I don`t know which is worse, to know the Synagogue of Satan indicated by Jesus Christ in the book of Revelations is the zionist Khazarian false-jews who are trying to set up a new world order with themselves as king, or breaking up with a BPD I suspect was knotting her dog (sic).

Thank you for your post Visible.


BPD; Borderline Personality Disorder

ravenise said...

Les, I appreciate your views on the divine, God, and spirituality. Most anti spiritual types grew up in a religious environment where they eventually came to realize their entire identity was formed around lies, or a gratuitous and materialistic approach to spirituality. So many of us are struggling to get results we seek, or have given up on it altogether.

They don't feel they have anywhere else to turn to, but some people offer guidance and forums for others to explore and evolve our spiritual identities regardless of religious background or spiritual orientation. Its kind of a multicultural hotspot here, bridging those artificial gaps and divisions. Since religion of sorts will always be among us, and religious conflict has played such a large role in what has brought us to this point right now, wouldn't it serve everyone's best interest to not throw the baby out with the bath water and to allow people to explore and evolve into a new age of spiritual awareness and enlightenment? I think Visible Origami is that place and deserves to be shared on Mikes website. I will email him about this.

As you once said, "There is no reason to deny the essence of something just because it is intentionally misrepresented by scoundrels."


Just for you and others know Vis, Rivero debunked the FEMA camp myth started by Jones town. Mike asked his viewers to go out and see if they could find any camps at those locations and they couldn't. They are trying to scare people back into the hamster cages. I successfully posted Rivero's video below as a response to Alex Jones Video here on youtube... (which garnered over 300,000 views in the last 4-5 days) but it was magically removed from Jone's page within the first 30 seconds.

Confirmed: FEMA HOAX + End of Private Central Banking / END of Israel

Anonymous said...

for those so interested; a research, recently published in book form:

"Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great"

"Discover how crypto-Jews have infiltrated the Vatican and are now teaching the Cardinals and Bishops to applaud Judaism, ...

Read about the pedophilia of the sexually perverted priests and rabbis ...

Read how ... sinister Popes have made today’s one billion-strong Catholic Church a bastion of Judaic treachery and Babylonian magic ...

How the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles have been removed from Catholic teachings while demonic rituals and dogma of the Jewish Kabbala and Talmud have been elevated and promoted, even as the loyal Catholic faithful have been deceived and led into satanic worship and kabbalistic sorcery."

just a courier

hebegb said...

50# bags of rice, thousands of rounds of your ammo/weapon of choice won't do jack if yur head isn't screwed on straight. Sounds like your's is, Les or at least getting there like those of us attuned to Universe are experiencing. Bring it on! The "stuff" we humanoids have brought upon us in this stage of development needs to be "revised". I'm waiting for the big "reboot" with quivering anticipation. I think we can do better given another chance.. Keep the messages coming, mi amigo.

Anonymous said...

Hey folks -

Listen to Visible, he is the real gig. Read the words, listen to the radio broadcasts. He is speaking the truth. The reason I know is - well I know.

I read this same material decades ago, long before there was an internet and it resonated then. Of course I forgot it - or selected to forget it - or decided I needed to find it again. I'm not sure exactly why it works that way but it does.

My thanks to Visible for slapping me up side the head with that two by four. But then again, I did come looking for it :)

Keep up the writing, you never know how many cradles will be shaken nor who will come looking.

Visible said...

Wow! Ravensie, I actually got the info for that off of one of Michael's links or I thought I did. I've had a rough several days I don't mind saying. Thank god I've been through rougher patches. I didn't want to do tonight's radio show. It took me all day to prepare. I usually have it half written and half winged so I can keep my extemporaneous chops together; given that I will need them in Mehico but every yard I made on the 'pound and ground' offense against the elements and a canny cock blocking syndicate of occult feedback came dear. The thing is that one can't give up, no matter what the darkness arrays against us. A lot of the bad guys have relocated and send their oppressive vibes from far out zones now given a frequency freedom on the airwaves; like the upper Midwest and South American locales. The beauty of telepathy is you can tell where it is coming from. We die by inches if we don't stay on target by centimeters; if that makes any sense.

Peter said...

Hey Mr Visible,
the cosmos laid this song down for me this week.
keep lookin' for real lovin'
The Dramatics!!

Anonymous said...

Know Your Demons: Rakshashas, Changlings and Shapeshifters!


Dec 09, 2011 — BRAZIL (SUN) — In the 16th chapter of Bhagavad Gita, Shree Krishna tells us that "… the demoniac, who are lost unto themselves and who have no intelligence, engage in unbeneficial, horrible acts meant to destroy the world." Certainly, the misguiding hand of the demoniac is seen across the face of the Earth, prominent in every society.

Raksasah kalim ashritya
Jayante brahma-yonishu

"In the Kali-yuga demons take birth in the families of brahmins."

In a broader sense, we can interpret this verse as referring to infiltration of human society and modern institutions by demoniac elements of the Kali Yuga. And let's not be impersonal about it, infiltration by demoniac elements begs the questions: by whom, how, and wherefrom?

This idea of beings from other realms taking birth on Earth with agendas is not unheard of..

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

I dont know, I suspect, and my "they live" glasses are of great assistance when making sense of the messages protrayed in all these music and movies etc.
AND, "the Jews" is my #1 research program for the indefinite future AND I have the internet. The more people that openly question all these lies, the more they will come out and prove the point, characteristically. the Apocalypse as you say.
given the Nazi hater (as a moral reference point, little me) that I was, this is some change, and they can thank the obvious lie of 911 for making that change in little new me.
as for violence and blood on the streets, I, unlike little old me, I won't be stopping them. I could even be joining them yet, I don't know.

ps any links for the Torah? it's as openly available as the rest of the cult. do I have to join the Club?

pss when I first started to read this post I was, as readers often do here, thinking it was directly related to my comment at smoking, then realising it was written before then, still....

wv: grizi . the hybernating nazi bear goes grrrrr!, but what kind of beast is it really?

the BCth said...

Les is more... Thank you so much for your newest radio show. Just finished listening to the weekly broadcast in these sleepless wee hours of the night, after a truly trying week. The words you call forth are not in vain, they are a comfort and a helping hand to this tired, cold, and hungry traveler. Thank you.
Yours in loving gratitude,

Anonymous said... made a curious comment in rebuttal to a post that was made earlier in this thread -

"The Tribe was around and up to their evil shit way before the church Hasbara Boy. Put up or shut up."

I find this curious. (I'm not talking about the attack-the-messenger verbiage you used there, but the statement you made about The Tribe.)

Are you saying The Tribe existed before the church? I thought it was the other way around.

Please set me straight on that one, Les - I'd like to know what sources (books; online info; face-to-face discussions with Mr. Apocalypse; etc.) you used to glean this information.

And correct me if I'm wrong (I know you will, wink-wink), but I have the understanding that the church's roots are founded in the Egyptian Mystery Schools, which were themselves predated by the Babylonian Mystery Schools (these schools were designed as a secret means to control and enslave men; and, via hidden and/or occult knowledge, men would thereby control others - sounds eerily like the church today, doesn't it, Les?).

To my understanding, the phrase, "hoodwinked" comes from Freemasonry (whose forebears came from the Egyptian Mystery Schools, and the Babylonian Mystery Schools before them). And, in point of fact, "hoodwinked", refers to being scammed by men who wear hoods, does it not, Les, which gave rise to the word, "priesthood".

For point of illustration, in Ancient Egypt, the Priesthood of Amen Re was fronted by a group of men who likewise had "secret knowledge". And they wore hoods and were referred to as the priesthood (or the priestcraft). And they gave their secret knowledge out in dribs and drabs to the sheep (always mixed with plenty of chaff), and those sheep fervently attended their sacred weekly services. And this gave rise to both Freemasonry, and, more importantly for this discussion, Christianity - which was originally based on the power of god being inside of us (instead of outside of us), and the whole thing was summarily turned on its head and we ended up with today's give-me-the-money-and-I'll-talk-to-God-for-you church...

Or am i wrong, Les? Was it those dirty Tribesters who set that whole thing in motion, way back when?

If The Tribe created those mystery schools, if they were behind the whole thing from Day One, if they created all of that "priesthood" stuff back in Ancient Egypt (if not before), I'd really love to read up on it.

I want to get my mind right, Les.

I think what we have here is failure to communicate.


Anonymous said...

Visible - keep your airwaves clear.

But then again you always will.

And yes the world is a changing. Most of us don't look around enough - it is there. Many don't see the changes occurring simply because they are still focused on the past and they want some sort of visceral retribution.

- in fact it has moved on. Just look around.

And please - keep those words coming!

Many are still stirring , they may need a short, sharp jab here and there.

Kevenj said...

Rav hit it spot on...and so was this:

The thing is that one can't give up, no matter what the darkness arrays against us.

Touche. & cheer up. I'm sending you some good vibes.. send me some cold Heineken. :)

Anonymous said...

Jerry D

Bullshit mixed in the stew of truth makes for a stinky lie.

Anonymous said...

here is advice from a Prophet. Mohammad said that he travelled in "your world" as a rider on a steed seeking shade of the tree. a field, and a man on a horse standing under a tree enjoying the shade at noon.

star ship being.

he also brought a book that says very clearly "you can not escape try as you might".

Same Prophet asked a companion what is the blessing of the food? he answered per his understanding of the ways of the children of israel that "that you make ablution before partaking". He said, no, the blessing is in ablution before and after the partaking.

and. armor.

what i saw personally was an evil and what was despoiled was defenseless innocence. and how i failed was i did not speak out. (this is all in a dream.) even though a small circle around me said "speak. this is a democracy".


("Before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.")

Here is advice from a Prophet. Zarathustra said "Listen with your ears to the best things. Reflect with a clear mind -man by man (woman by woman) - upon the two choices of decision, being prepared to declare yourself to Him before the great retribution."


we are tested neither for our comprehension of the the creation nor are we responsible for making things aright. we are tested for our choices.

("No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.")


("Why this cowardice in time of crisis, Arjuna? The coward is ignoble, shameful, foreign to the ways of heaven. Don't yield to impotence! It is unnatural in you! Banish this petty weakness from your heart.

Rise to the fight, Arjuna!")

"I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me."

"I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture."

and. happy trails.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz

‘psychopath on my ass‘

Goes with the territory…. You have a much wider access opening than I do and have to take the shit with it.



ravenise said...

Yeah, I've noticed a few flaky things posted on Rivero's page lately that contradicted what he mentioned on the broadcast.

I feel you vis, its been a very energetic few days. I've been learning not to bite off more than I can chew while searching for equilibrium lately and without beating myself up so much over the circumstances and people that I can't change. I'm a work in progress and if it wasn't for the divine it would be a hell-of-a time. Your origami posts and novel have been very helpful. Just the other day I noticed the frootyloop feedback parrot boomerang thang flying once again through the airwaves. I'm glad that I don't tune into the bad guys fear mongering programming as I used to, and all that repetitive electronica can get annoying.

I think I'm beginning to understand how the mind works a little more each day. Perhaps you know better than I do.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the link to The Synagogue of Satan. I have just finnished digesting this - it tasted foul. Here in NZ we have a Hook Nose Prime Minister - John Key who just prior to running for parliament worked for the Federal Reserve.

- Simon
Wellington NZ

ravenise said...

I like to meditate for at least an hour before and after I sleep. Lately I've often been meditating for 3-4 hours at a time. In that state I'm finding more and more that living in the moment in love and recognizing that now is the only thing that is real is the key to releasing ingrained patterns of the reactive mind. Its so simple. I do this in conjunction with tossing every thought that enters the mind, and the snorting technique which I've been doing for quite some time now, along with holding my fingers in the activated kundalini position which I've been practicing for going on a couple of years.

One technique that I've found extremely powerful is: with a closed mouth, hold your tongue right behind your teeth, slightly suctioned into the roof of your mouth while allowing your jaw to naturally sag down.

Then, to give the mind the impression its doing something, subtly use the muscles in your jaw and tongue almost as if you were speaking... with the belief and intention that every movement is an act of communion with the divine.

Does anyone else do this? I figure that people do this more than they realize unconsciously. Consider giving this a try. I don't know about you but it seems to increase my felt experience of the presence far greater than anything else.

Sometimes I notice a lot of discord in the air. I'm learning to be more conscious and aware of the type of feedback I receive. When I'm seeking union and sense disharmony then I step back and change my approach.

Disturb the devils comfort and comfort the disturbed angels unaware.

Amalekyte said...

Trust in God but tie your camel. Do your own research, make up your own mind. Besides the Sayanim networks, political and cultural Marxism that uses media and sexploitation coming from them. Hand around the U.S. long enough and eventually find yourself subject to the Noahide laws. Israel does not exist, it is an idea. These Jews who are not, are the problem. From Jew owned Monsanto, to the Jewish owned FED and UN, even Jew owned GCN network and mouth piece Alex Jonestein, everything that has and is happening they have said they will do. If you cannot see this, it is already too late for you.

MachtNichts said...

Confusion reigns and bad vibes are coming out of nowhere. I have decided to let them wash over and through me. Go with the flow. It is what it is. Today 'it' hit especially hard, Dec. 11th, Sunday. Had to make a real effort not to start a fight or break out in tears for nothing. And I don't really consider myself living far out, but maybe I am.

So, Vis, I would appreciate it, if you took the bad guys and hand them over to Sovereignty and George Green, for processing. I am done and done in for today. It's just exhausting, and I can't even put my finger on it. Love Silvia

wv: heatis - the heat is on

Anonymous said...

The Jews are demons who serve Satan, aka Yahweh/Jehovah! See

Great stuff, Les! I always enjoy reading your articles! Keep up the great work!

Visible said...

I was talking about the Catholic Church as it stands and as it was referred to by the commentator. For whatever the Bible may or may not be a reputable source for, those who supposedly killed Jesus and The Pharisees and others have been around a long while and Jesus Christ had a great deal to say about them. I don't quite understand linking a particular church to all sorts of things past especially when we have no accurate records of anything except a bunch of writers who contradict each other.

Visible said...

If I have seemed a little off lately it is because I have been getting hammered on the invisible airwaves. That happens sometimes and it comes with the territory. 'One generally gets stronger after', he said hopefully.

Erik said...

Hi All,

New Radioshow is up:

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

Here in this dimension WE ALL have to incarnate into a human body...or animal, vegtable, mineral for those that have lost so much energy they cannot support a human body any longer...

BUT, and I mean this in a big way...we are not all the same on the inside as we are on the outside...

Satan's creation are made from stolen energy of the True Beings...they have no inner truth of a divine nature like the True Beings that were here before the takeover...they have no truth of what the rest of creation is about...all they have ever known is death, destruction, misery, pain, disease, lust...this is why the demons and those that have turned to the dark side serve with such glee...they are comfortable in this Hell Hole they have created for they know no other way...

we have approximately 30 per cent demonic conciousness right now in this dimension...many have come from lower dimensions that are also fragmenting and coming to a close...this dimension is the last dimension within Satan's world with any light amongst us...the lower dimensions are nothing but demonic and will be transmuted as well...the whole universe of this dimension is failing and fragmenting in the process...

When Satan took over this dimension he isolated it from the rest of creation...hence the stealing of energy from True Beings was his only way to make his demonic creations...this energy is stolen through our emotionial bodies...thus demons love places where lots of humans gather...big cities, sports functions, amusemnet parks, malls, they love noise and is right up their ally...

his demonic creations are the ones that have kept this dimension seemingly normal in appearance...when in fact normal is the opposite for the rest of the true divine dimensions it is about, True Love (not lust), Peace, Creativity, Joy, health, no greed, no death, no reincarnation, no Karma, it is the complete opposite of what Satan's world is all about...

This whole mess has been termed "The Celestial Error" evil abberation took over this part of creation and we have been at a great war spiritually ever since...the war between good and evil...a war of the essences it has been called...and directly effects the material world of Satan and his supporting minions...

WOE is he who lives in comfort in the Land of Zion...the Zionists are Satan's chosen ones...

this war is all but over...what we are witnessing is the self destruction of evil...the only way to eliminate them...they will never turn to the Light they have been given upteen chances over the eons and always chose the knows no other way of being but to live supporting the Darkside...and is very content and happy living in this Hell Hole...

while those awakened cannot wait to get the Hell out of Dodge...and are totally repulsed by the Darkside...

I can see these demonic entites as plain as day in these human bodies it is getting easier and easier to spot them...I want nothing more than to stay away from the demonic and they get easier to spot by the day...

Best Wishes Always

Erik said...

Hey Vis,

I, for one, am glad you felt
'inclined' to do this Radioshow ...

You can't get any more clear than that, i believe (grins)


admin said...

I've just sent out an email with details and arrangements for the Visible Visit to Mexico. Some emails bounced back. If you would like to join us and did not receive the details, please let me know here:

We have to complete the bookings for accommodation by the end of the year.

Dave Klausler said...

Since Michael Rivero has been mentioned recently... I thought that I would check here.

Am I alone in that I can no longer access SInce last Wednesday I think.



Anonymous said...

ziotroll at 3:01,

Settle down, there, Zio-Beavis.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Journey Out and the Journey In.

Visible said...

Dave; I had the same problem for a few days. Michael mentioned that he had made some kind of adjustment with his server and they screwed up access. I couldn't get in with Firefox but Internet Explorer got there with no problem. Then, a dew days ago Firefox repaired whatever it was.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

The guy that coined the phrase 'Synagogue of Satan' also mentioned 'those who call themselves Jews, but are not'.

So there sure is something to be said for a power behind Jewish Supremacy. Henry Makow is one who has useful things to say about that.

Also, the problem with making it a 'Jewish' thing is that it leaves non jewish criminals a little of the hook and it's also nasty for the many Jews who have nothing to do with it.

That is not to say there is not such a thing as Jewish Supremacy, it's just saying that the Adversary is almost as good at lies as the One is at truth.

I find the 'bloodlines' a rather plausible approach too, but I've learned long ago that they will fool most of the time.

But then again. The question is not whether we know everything.

We know enough.

Anonymous said...

Admin: Australia's bigpond was down over the weekend
dave klausler: Michael was having trouble when his isp upgraded

All are fixed now

EriktheRed said...

YOUR WORDS...Madness is afoot, cloaked in relentless disinformation and ubiquitous deception.

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me? He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.”

NOT TO HARD TO FIGURE OUT....oh, by the way...i can take you right to the children of the serpent(the serpents seed)...and i can prove that they are demonic hybrids...but that would take a road trip and some funding...this is no joke...i lived with the lucifers kids for years...they suck the big wet chunk...too bad people like you try to police everyone to believe that its all a figment of some delusion....bottom aint as smart as your arrogance thinks you are.

Visible said...

Erik the Red

I generally expect all caps scripture writers of little understanding to give examples of what they accuse me of, in this case trying to convince people that something is a figment of their imagination. Your being able to transport people to see what you claim would probably result in the usual loon work screaming through a chain link fence. Good luck with your alienation from sane people.

DaveR said...

Dear Les:

Please don't dissuade the ALL CAPS writers from writing in ALL CAPS. It saves me a bunch of time when I'm trying to decide if I should skip the post. ALL CAPS = DO NOT READ!!!!!!!!!!

Electrolux said...

"Now is the time for alignment and associative identification with your star-ship being."
Exactly. And for me that entails a settling of my mind, quietly generating a compassionate inner determination that ALL living beings are to be cherished. The emphasis is on an inner determination, not on an outer acceptance of crime. When I rise from such a exercise the world around me is a holy place and compassionate acts come easily and I can make a real difference. If we don't win the battle for our own mind The Others will borrow it.

Visible said...

Dave, you are correct Sir! Given my degree of impatience I was on the verge of giving this mental patient a pass. I intended to do this due to the recent non appearance of LeMat who might possibly have incapacitated himself because of using his necktie as a tourniquet while forget that auto eroticism was the purpose behind the event.

However, I remembered this Erik the Red from some time past when I noted an incredible nasty streak in him that actually jogged my memory in this recent comment. It wasn't directed at me, if I remember correctly but the bitterness and misanthropic content he provided was of such an intensity as to make him memorable for it. Not much has changed.

I'm always impressed by the unpleasantness of a certain kind of Christian who no doubt believes the Heaven toward which he is bound is populated with types like himself. I always wonder what they imagine God thinks of them.

Visible said...

I always liked hijacked minds to stolen cars on a fatal joyride.

DaveR said...

"I always wonder what they imagine God thinks of them."

I always figured they were sitting 'at the right hand of God'. They thought it Divine Right, but it's really because it's easier for God to smack them.

Visible said...

On several occasions recently, readers have made comments and then resubmitted them. I posted them the first time so, be advised that something is wrong in the infrastructure of Blogger. It certainly omits a great many comments over time.

Anonymous said...

AS to who precedes who, the tribe, the church, the 'mystery schools' (a greek epithet) of Egypt and Sumer, etc.

The tribe entered egypt and after several failed attempts and much sustained and deliberate effort (Genesis) insinuated itself into the bloodline of the pharoahs, and into the power-structures of the empire, then proceeded to suck Egypt and the Egyptians dry. Impoverishing and enslaving the entire country. Until, somehow, the egyptians threw them out and re-established the Egyptian religion and blood-line of the pharoahs (although Egypt itself
was fatally wounded)

The surviving Abramic-pharonic heirs were not slain but exiled to the desert (el-armanah) then to 'israel' taking a slave population with them, (re-enforcing the 'chosen people' myth) and promising them their own land (the promised land) when they got there.

Before Egypt The tribe had come from Sumer (Mesopotamia) and there is much evidence that they had done exactly the same thing to that empire, country, culture and people, sucking it dry then moving on

before that, Abraham was Abram and has been identified by serious scholars with Brahmin. The similarities between the concept of a special 'chosen' people and the Brahmins belief of their own superior 'caste' do stand out.

They've been with us an awful (sic) long time.

No offense meant


Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Naked Emperor at The Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Andrew Hitchcock, the author of the "History of the House of Rothschild" provides a good historical overview of that family.

However, Hitchcock describes the Hexagram as a symbol of Moloch and Satan, when in fact the Hexagram (Vishnu Yantra) has been cross-cultural from very ancient times. See:​david-or-star-of-goloka, and, and

Andrew Hitchcock also implies that Christianity is an antithesis to Judaism, which demonstrably it is not. - GF



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