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The Rules and Those who Make ...and Break Them

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It doesn't matter where you go in those countries ruled by the bankers and corporations. They are up to the same mischief everywhere and where they are being hampered in their rapacious appetites, they are fomenting calculated revolutions, to undermine the competition, or engineering wars against the nations that are not amendable to what they want and they want it all.

It is a calculated certainty on the part of the universe to bring everything to a certain point for the purpose of demonstration. It's not an accident that things are the way that they are. It is not only because the bankers and money changers want things the way they are, or that they are determined to make things worse than it even looks like they do. They are being driven to accomplish their ends. That is also a part of the calculated certainty of the universe. When you give yourself over to certain passions and ambitions, it becomes a highway that only goes to a certain location. It's called destiny. When Jerry Sandusky set out upon the initial forays, into a particular appetite, it became a highway and it leads through guaranteed terrain that involves specific graduating steps, into increasingly egregious, risk taking behavior, in locations that provide the maximum potential for unfortunate discovery.

As has been stated here many times, 'no one has ever taken over control of the whole world'. Everything here is for the purpose of demonstration. That's been said before too. Everything is under control. That has also been said (grin). All of these have something to do with each other. There are other things that could be said too and somebody will probably say them.

To get a more convincing grip on why these things are true, one has to understand the dynamics by which the world operates. The world is a collection of systems. Things work a certain way, although the appearance and the reality are two different things. For instance, the sun appears to rise but it is actually the world turning. We talk about sunrise and sunset. That’s how we label it. There are rules for the operation of certain systems. Look at electricity or anything else. Look at some of the terms; resistors, capacitors and there are grounding agents and there is insulation. You can extrapolate this out into existence in many ways. Plumbing, heating and pipe-fitting follow rules and so, certain technologies are naturally grouped together as professions. Let's move into the metaphysical; karma has rules. Behavior provokes reaction. Behavior is typed according to social and cultural demands. All this seems obvious but it also points to much that is not obvious and one is not wrong for speculating that the physical and the non physical operate according to the same rules, which can be expressed by, 'as above, so below'.

What I am trying to say is that ignorance of how things work has no effect on their working. Saying what is not true does not affect what is true except in terms of the perception of the person employing and the person believing the lie. People lie who know the truth and people lie who do not know the truth. The truth remains and the value of it is enjoyed by those who appreciate the value. The truth tends to appreciate them as well. The universe is all about reciprocity and... “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

What is, cannot be directly stated but it can be implied, so what I am saying, is that things operate here according to rules, or they don't function or they function wrong. This all leads to results. The behavior of bankers leads to results. These results are temporary here and there and ultimate and final at some point. The Roman Army was the most powerful army in the world at one point but it is gone completely at this time. One can argue that the bankers simply shifted their attentions elsewhere and have continued to do so and that it will just always be like this. This is like missing the point of greater cycles and specific cycles; like The Apocalypse, for instance. The internet isn't an accident. The size of the populations is not an accident. The terrible state of things is no accident.

It's not just the bankers and their foot-pad associates that are up for resolution. Everyone invested in the way things are and in support of its continuance has some amount of feedback coming, as one age is recycled into the next. Everyone supporting the wars is involved in the cosmic reaction to this kind of behavior and it all works like electricity does and Nature also has a naturally occurring reaction to everything we say and do because Nature is an active mirror. It is a reflective, response mechanism.

During the various world wars there were parts of the world that were untouched. Even in countries where a majority of the conflict was taking place, there were areas where little or nothing happened. I've been spending time in one of them but not for that reason.

I know this planet to be a testing area, where certain dramas occur and reoccur over and over. Any fool can see this is the case just by giving a little study. If all the parts of it that you can see are consistent and follow certain orders of destiny concerning this, then it stands to reason (and this is a very reasonable and orderly universe) that what you cannot see is consistent and follows certain orders of destiny. It's pretty easy to see around corners and project all kinds of things. Math does this all day long. Math does amazing things without having the goods for computation assembled before it. It theorizes all over the place with things it can't see and things you can see hang in space because of it; the same way the planets hang in space, move in space, spin in space and whatever.

Things make sense to those who make sense. Things are clear when they are not clouded by the smoke of desire. This all follows rules too. Where argument and confusion emerge, they do so because those arguing and confusing, have set themselves up as God, in order to manifest a world shaped by their desires. Atheism is a religion. It is the religion of self as opposed to a greater self. Every desire that predominates in anyone becomes a religion. Banks are churches and so are courtroom and parliaments. The priests dress differently but they all want your money because money is God. The reason money is God, is because those worshiping are not impressed with God being Love because if God is Love, they don't get nearly as much money, most of the time. If God is Love, then a certain behavior is required of you. If God is Money then all kinds of behaviors are permitted to you, because you are God, if you have the most money.

People with objections about the existence of a divine consciousness, invariably are opposed to religion. That is what they are talking about. The corruptions of religion are proof to them that divinity is a fable but religion is only co-incidentally connected to the divine in actuality and real time. In times of darkness, religions are dens of depravity. In a golden age it is different, because perspective, order and restraint are in place. We have not seen a golden age in a very long time. People argue that there can be no divine because of the state of the world (“if there was a God he would never let this happen”.) and do not take into account free will (which they are very big on, by the way), which, in times of darkness, becomes perverse. People don't know what the divine is. They think it is a bigger them. That is why their religions have to hate everyone they hate and why rules only apply to other people and why all other religions are wrong when, really, all religions are wrong in that they are incomplete as far as they go. This is what leaves them open to interpretation by both of those following and rejecting them because they are incomplete as well.

Everything is remarkably simple if you do not need to employ complexity, to obfuscate your intent and motive. Complexity is for liars, in the same way that most western philosophers and some amount of eastern philosophers are supreme egotists, who know less about how things operate than those who know very little about all the things they 'professed' know. Well, they mostly don't know much now, do they? Economists are like weather forecasters and they both wind up invariably working for Climate Control Central; a division of Globoctopus. I don't believe in pharmaceutical companies but I do believe in 'better living through chemistry'.

Everything is going to work out but it's not going to work out for everyone. You can compute whether it will work out for you, simply by assessing what you depend on and the degree to which you are change resistant. Flexibility is the province of youth, just as the highest rate of learning is the province of children. This all follows rules too and some of us keep our youth and also regain our childlike nature in ways other than the onset of senility. Hardening of the arteries is a feature of age and resistance at a certain level. Everything follows rules and that is why everything is under control, 'more or less'. We only know a few of the rules collectively, in times of darkness. Another one of the rules is that light concentrates in times of darkness. And so on and so on and so on.

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Anonymous said...

Les is More Visible,
as a Magical Wordsmith,
Words with Friends,
and ebbe181,
are able word poets Two.

Anonymous said...

"For instance, the sun appears to rise but it is actually the world turning. We talk about sunrise and sunset."

Not so fast...

Ever heard of Airy's experiment, Arago's experiment, Michaelson-Morley's "failure", and several other classical physics experiments which did not show any evidence of Earth's motion?

I'm not saying that heliocentrism has been disproven, only that there is a fair amount of experimental evidence that actually backs up the idea of a motionless Earth (even though that evidence has mostly been swept under the rug).

In fact, Lorentz's transformations and Einstein's relativity were developed mainly to solve the problems exposed by the Michaelson-Morley interferometer experiments, which showed no evidence of Earth motion...

Keep in mind that heliocentrism (Copernicanism), Darwinism, "Big Bangism" are all theories that aim to make man feel as if he is only a random byproduct somewhere in a far recess of a godless Universe. Incidentally, these theories can all be found in the Zohar and the Kaballah (just a coincidence, to be sure).

And no, one doesn't need to be a Bible-thumping fundamentalist, or even a Christian believer, to say these things (as a matter of fact, I am neither). The scientific evidence itself is sufficient to raise serious doubts regarding the accepted heliocentric/Copernican model (of course, this is not how it is presented in school and on TV).

Visible said...

No no no no, Good Grief! please, examine the argument just put forth, it refutes the postulate. And what happens if the Earth doesn't rotate?

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Another fine ruling from Judge Viz”

Let’s evolve the thought “If God is Love, then a certain behavior (a “way of being”) is required of you (is “more conducive” than another). If God is Money then all kinds of behaviors are permitted to you, because you are God, if you have the most money.”

I’m picking flyshit out of the pepper now…. Back to the lab.


wv: winnessa

DaveR said...

I have to agree w/ Anonymous on this one. </;^)

You see, I happen to know for a fact that when I drive my car it is not the car that is moving. No, not at all. That is only a theory and there is no substantive proof of it in any manner. What is actually happening is that my car is stationary and the wheels are causing the planet to rotate underneath us. Which direction the planet rotates is controlled by the direction the wheels are pointing at any given moment.

I'm thankful that the car has this effect so consistently, otherwise a ditch might get under my car, whereupon the earth would come up to meet us and I'd be stuck.

Anonymous said...

The earth does rotate one gyration per 24 hours - that is why we have day, night and 24 time zones. The earth's axis leads to summer in the northern hemisphere simultaneously with winter in the southern one.

I lived in Sydney, Oz for a half a year 20 odd years ago. Never got used to the sun traversing east to north (midday) to west. The sun appears to follow a counter-clockwise path down under - as opposed to a clockwise path (east-south-west) in N.Amerika and Europe and Asia.

Just sayin'

Robin Redbreast said...

Les -thank you -I get it.
It's typical that the 2nd comment up has to use an 'intellectual' argument - demonstrating that they really don't get it.
(I love your observations of the words used in electricity etc - I had never thought of that).

Your whole piece.... pleases me, because it it truth and it is that truth (whether we have a little understanding or a bit more) which is why we are positive in these times :)

I spent a lovely afternoon with my dog in the woods. It was beautiful and just what I needed to get back in touch. I did a few spontaneous rituals that felt right and I am grateful to be in touch again. What a beautiful world when we can see it.

Live love prayers and peace

Anonymous said...

Les et al --

The reality of the Earth is that it "spins" as part of its vortex motion around the VORTEX -- not the Sun. The recent LoveJoy comet most emphatically did pass into and around the Sun and neither do our inner planets as many "censored" NASA images show. Lovejoy funneled down the vortex that is anchored at its base by the Sun. The planets all move in this vortex spinning down into a tighter loop which, at its base, is the Sun... and the inner planets pass in front of the Sun -- not around and behind it...

Another nugget from Mr. Graves on the homosexual consequences of being ruled by the Cult of Aries (Apollo/Set-On): "Ben Jonson knew the risk run by Apollonians WHO TRY TO BE WHOLLY INDEPENDENT OF WOMEN: they fall into sentimental homosexuality. Once poetic fashions (read Hollywood)begin to be set by the homosexual, and "Platonic love" --homosexual idealism -- is introduced, the Goddess takes vengeance. Socrates, remember, would have banished poets from his dreary Republic. The alternative evasion of woman-love is monastic asceticism, the results of which are tragic rather than comic... The main theme of poetry is, properly, the relations of man and woman, rather than those of man and man, as Apollonian Classicists would have it..."


Anonymous said...

This page contains various strategies, personal beliefs and odds n' ends that may help you think about things a little differently, and get a better handle on Life. Many are Schreiber-isms, and some are borrowed from others' wisdom. Perhaps a few are universal truths, and if any of them stick with you and enhance your journey a bit, so much the better.


A better World begins with a healthier, happier You.

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There's an old saying; blood's thicker than water.
The trouble is, it can drown you just as easily.

As long as you're still breathing, it's not too late to start healing.

You don't marry someone who's like your opposite sex parent (boys their mother, or girls their father). You marry someone who's like the parent with whom you had the most troubling issues.

When you say "no thanks" to something (or someone) that's not a good fit for you, you're saying "yes please" to something better up ahead.

It's amusing to me that some Borderlines angrily refute information that doesn't precisely describe them, rather than allowing that it describes many with BPD, and feeling relieved they're exceptions.

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If you're making plans about dying, it's pretty unlikely you're giving enough attention to fully living and thriving. The former is a dangerous mindset that affects your mental and physical well-being, and actually hastens your demise.

Finding a life partner is like buying a new car. When it's left to chance, fate, God or "The Universe," you don't really want one.

Infatuation isn't about falling in love with someone else... it's about falling in love with You, under the adoring gaze of another.

Success is nothing more than a series of choices you make every day, and the tiny actions you take

Anonymous said...

that'll help you get closer to those aims.

People confuse desire with expectation. Desire, means "I want to." Expectation, means "I have to." Desire is about being in the moment and taking action. Expectation is about future-thinking and emotional investment in an outcome, which typically deters us from starting.

Marriage: A partnership of two individuals committed to enhancing each other's strengths, and balancing each other's weaknesses. A stronger, more highly functioning unit than only one, which thrives on mutual support and protection, and encourages/celebrates autonomous growth. Healthy marriage must continually work to solidify and enhance the marital bond, so partners may continue to grow alongside each other, and their union reflects these developmental changes. Intimacy that stops growing, has started dying.

Don't just "follow your bliss." Be prepared to track it down, and tenaciously pursue it! It's that important.

Childhood experiences always predict the nature of adult relationships; show me where you are, and I'll know where you've been.

Survivor's guilt can keep you trapped in self-sabotaging behaviors. Learn more about this issue here!

Knowledge is power--but power without knowledge, is a tragic waste of human potential.

When a parent dies, we might grieve more for what we never got--than for what we've actually lost.

For an addict, there's no such thing, as "one last time."

If your parents frequently remarked that you could do and be anything you wanted--but didn't teach you, guide you or nurture your talents and abilities, where did that leave you??

We set up our lives the way we need them to be. Have you ever asked yourself what you'd be doing and feeling, if you weren't spending all this time working?

To fully love takes courage. To accept love fully takes self-esteem.

Greed is the offspring of Fear and Desperation. Its emotional basis is; "there's never enough for me." If greed is what motivates you--at your core, you're insecure and disempowered.

Happiness means different things to different people. Make up your mind that you're going to achieve Happiness--whatever it takes to feel it.

Envy is fine, if it motivates you to achieve and accomplish more--but jealousy of someone else's success, will only make your own unattainable.

You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. If you sense early-on in a relationship, that the person you're dating doesn't meet your needs (you're frowning more than smiling), move on--and find someone who does!

If there's nobody around to love you, does that mean you're unlovable?

Until you clean up the mess in your own backyard, you have no business starting to work on someone else's.

Anonymous said...

'Occasional therapy' is insufficient to dismantle core issues that keep you stuck. It's very similar to a long-distance relationship; exciting and nourishing to some extent--but emotionally safe, and never growth/healing oriented.

If you could do everything perfectly and know all the answers to Life right now, what would there be to look forward to?

Good writers are born. Great writers are practiced.

Most of the time, right behavior follows right thinking--but every once in awhile, right thinking follows right behavior.

Everything you own, began with a seed of Desire. Anything is possible. Dream bigger dreams.

You can only put your past "behind you" when it's resolved--and no longer messing-up your present.

Given any personal or professional relationship, you've gotta know what your bottom line is--and when to walk away from the deal.

Love cannot be measured by the quantity of a connection--it can only be measured by quality of it. (Stop beating yourself up for not visiting frequently enough with Grandma.)

The meek may inherit the earth--but they won't become successful actors or notable celebrities. Fake it 'till you make it.

Keep trying to figure out what makes you tick, and you'll never suffer from boredom.

Self-respect is the only respect that really matters.

Have you ever noticed, that you'll somehow always manage to find some money to get the things you really want?

If your foundational belief is that everyone abandons you, you'll orchestrate your relationships in such a way, that you keep getting to be right about it; your payoff is prophesy fulfillment.

You can only become as healthy and whole as your therapist.

Your mind is a thinking organ. Your heart is a feeling organ. Healing, is a matter of the heart.

The greatest growth spurt can simply be, deciding that you're not gonna keep undermining yourself.

Wealth is the ability to buy something you want, without concern that it's not on sale.

People don't change, until what they've been doing doesn't work for them anymore--or they're in enough pain to redirect themselves.

Healthy people are whole people; their darker aspects are acknowledged, integrated and balanced with their lighter ones.

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Commitment is an emotional issue, not a legal one.

Anonymous said...

You cannot get to forgiveness until you're willing to get to, and go through anger. If this were untrue, what would there be to "forgive?"

A healthy relationship means being equally comfortable giving and receiving. If it gives you joy and satisfaction to give to others, why would you want to deprive them of this experience? Even the tide of the ocean routinely goes out to sea, but it must come back to shore, or we'd have no beaches.

For women, on love and sex: use caution when bestowing qualities or attributes to someone just because he makes you happy in bed: No matter how you slice it, you can't make a fruit salad out of a banana!

For men, on love and sex: women like sex as much as you do, and they're far more inclined to respect and trust you, if you're straight with 'em! If you're attracted to someone--but not feeling ready for something more serious, say that before you get to the bedroom! Women learn to distrust (and sometimes, despise) men, when they've felt deceived or betrayed.

Most of us hate standing in lines. Post offices, banks, retail establishments and supermarkets know you're a captive audience, and tend to take advantage of this. It's perfectly fine to assert yourself and loudly request; "Can we PLEASE get another checkstand/window opened?!" You'll be amazed at how often this brings about instantaneous, positive results!

Nobody's comfortable with confrontation; even the word brings up negative associations/connotations. Confrontation is not a bad thing--it simply means asking someone to respond to your needs/desires (many of us were trained as children, to ignore these). Unlearning this tendency, means you'll gain far more satisfaction and joy out of life!

Never get involved with someone who has more problems than you!

Men who 'rescue' women have been programmed to derive their sense of empowerment and self-worth this way, but authentic self-esteem is not dependent on needing to be needed!

Women who rescue men or "choose down" are terrified of abandonment, and perpetuate their own internal myth; "if he needs me, he'll never leave." But men always leave their mommies (or rebel against them), it's a developmental imperative! Males who don't, emotionally remain little boys who cannot respond to the fundamental needs of an adult female.

Wouldn't it be marvelous if candidates running for public office were forbidden to infringe on your privacy and peace with all those automated campaign calls to your home and/or office? Save yourself some grief by unlisting your home phone, and listing only your office phone with credit card companies (and anyone else, for that matter). Automated systems and telemarketers generally call at night when they think you're home, and disconnect when they don't get a 'live' response.

Anonymous said...

"Nice guys finish last," because the lighter aspects of their personality are the only ones they feel comfortable/safe expressing. This comes across as one-dimensional, inauthentic and predictable/boring (it's like being with half a person). Men who are well-integrated and whole, understand that it's acceptable and healthy to operate from a full repertoire of feelings, emotional expressions and responses.

Only a female who has an early template in her life for some kind of abuse and/or neglect, wants a "bad boy."

"It's far better to need someone because you love him/her, rather than the other way around." (Thanks, Daddy.)

Women have larger pathways (connective tissue) between the left and right lobes of their brains. This enables them to think and feel simultaneously, which occurs as naturally as breathing! Men aren't as facile with this, and tend to think OR feel at any given time, which puts them at a disadvantage during intensely emotional episodes (like arguments)! Therefore, it's crucial to understand that during extreme sexual pleasure, a woman's mind can automatically be thinking; "how can I secure this on a permanent basis?" but a man's mind can shift to work issues within moments after sexual climax. What this means is, she could already be thinking ahead to the wedding, but his pleasurable feelings might not be revisited/thought about for up to a week or more later, prompting him to set up another date!

Your relationship with Yourself is the most important one you'll ever form or maintain. It may be hard for you to be 'alone' if you can't tolerate your own company, but the compromises/sacrifices you make just to be with someone else, may not be worth the toll it takes on you.

For women: if he doesn't call again, do not assume it's because he finds you lacking. It may mean he doesn't think he'll measure up, and you should find someone more confident.

For men: nearly every heterosexual woman leaves her house in the morning with a secret wish that an appealing man will notice her, and start a conversation. It validates that we're alluring/attractive, and makes our day (and sometimes, our whole week)! Offer a sincere compliment, and notice how it lights us up (and creates opportunity for more contact).

Wouldn't it be terrific if jury duty were set up on a volunteer basis? Seems to me, people who want to serve, could join a recruitment pool and receive (as incentive) a decent stipend for their time. I imagine that retired individuals, students and many others might gladly volunteer, if allowances were made to accommodate their schedules and geographical convenience. Should jury duty continue to be mandatory, and punishable (for non-compliance) by fines and imprisonment? Doesn't this fly in the face of our Constitutional Rights? We abolished the draft years ago and plenty of people still join our armed forces, don't they? Well, don't they?

Anonymous said...

A job is when what you do, isn't who you are. A calling is when who you are, is what you do.

If you're not receiving enough attention, understanding or affection from your adult child, he/she could be echoing what they've learned from you.

There is no reward that serves you better in life, than self-discovery.

If your parents "did the best they could," how is it that you're having to invest all this time, energy and money in therapy?

If you knew you only had a year left to live, would you be willing to love more deeply?

You'll very likely be attracted to someone who's similar to the parent with whom you had the most difficulty, and become like the parent for whom you felt the most sympathy.

The most critical distinction between lab rats and humans, is that when a rat gets to the end of a tunnel in his maze and finds no cheese, he chooses a different tunnel.

There's a huge difference between being 'resigned' about childhood pain, and being resolved with it.

When someone says they have a "great sense of humor," it doesn't always mean they're funny--but they might be needing You to be.

If you notice a friend or associate treating others in a way that
makes you question their integrity, just know that you are not exempt; one day, they'll be doing the same to you!

LUCK is when intention meets opportunity.

Truth involves the congruency between words and actions. If someone's always telling you how successful, talented or confident they are, maybe there's a reason they're needing to convince you of it.

When your opinion of someone is higher than their opinion of themselves, they'll always be compelled to prove you wrong.

The relationship you've got, is the one you believe you deserve. Want something better? Work on raising your self-worth.

Anonymous said...

Everyone's got emotional baggage; the question is, what are you doing to unpack that trunk and put it away, so your lovers, friends and relatives don't have to keep tripping over it?

The most costly or painful life lessons are the ones that prompt us to examine and reshape our behaviors. Try to learn and grow from them.

It doesn't matter how much you claim to "want" something; your subconscious mind always gets its way, and makes you act in ways that reflect your true desires.

Nobody can take advantage of you or treat you badly, unless you allow it.

One of the most important and indispensable jobs on this planet belongs to the man who picks up your weekly garbage . . . think about that!

If you're "sick 'n tired" of your life, maybe it's time to create a different one.

When someone constantly dimininishes you or treats you poorly, they're actually showing you how they were treated growing up.

Try to become the type of person you want to spend time with or attract. It'll be much more fun hanging out with Yourself.

On Life: Different fruit grows in different seasons; it may not all be as tasty as we'd like, but it's all nourishing to our development.

You cannot be honest with others, until you're honest with yourself.

Nobody is "happy all the time," and if they tell you they are, you shouldn't trust 'em! First, it's not humanly possible. Second, there's a whole lot of denial there. And third, Life throws us curve balls; if you've acquired some inner resources to dodge 'em, catch 'em or throw 'em back, you're doing just fine!

I once knew a man who believed that money was everything. He died surrounded by great material comfort and wealth, at 45.

If you choose not to deal with your feelings, your feelings will deal with you!

Humanity: Giving a nod and a smile to a homeless person. This carries a lot more weight, than your quarter.

You cannot know who you really are until you've figured out who you aren't.

Any decision that's motivated by fear, is one you'll end up regretting.


Anonymous said...

Les --

Hate to beat a dead ram, so to speak but the whole question of the knowledge of God was lost by the Apollonians, as proved quite conclusively by the story of Alexander The "Great."

When his troops reached Gordium at the entrance to Asia Minor, there was an ancient chariot wheel tied with a thong in the "Gordian" knot. It was said that whoever could "untie" the knot would have all of ASIA AS HIS RIGHTFUL INHERITANCE.

The knot was tied in Ogham knots that spelled out the true name of God. With that knowledge, military conquest would not be necessary as the "word" gave him knowledge of the true forces of the Universe and the Magi of the lands of Asia would WILLINGLY have succumbed to Alexander's rule.

Instead Alexander had what we would call a "hissy fit." Instead of trying to understand the true nature of God, Alexander used his sword to cut the knot in half, thus proclaiming the true thinking of the Apollonians, i.e. that might is right and trumps knowledge of God.

That the true word was "lost" by Alexander is proved by the rites of Apollo contained in Masonry where they admit they lost the word, but are too dishonest to admit that their most "idealized" warrior Alexander the "Great" was the reason the word was lost in the first place.


Visible said...

Whoever this is, I respectfully suggest you go get a blog and post it there. I'm pretty sure the reader does not want to wade through all of this especially with the pop psychology flavor cut and paste effect. I don't mean to be dismissive but I don't appreciate having to read through the majority of it either and I won't be doing so in the future.

Furthermore, about the Gordian Knot. It is very doubtful that Alexander ruined all the knots in existence by cutting through that compilation and he was making a very clear point (that I get) when he did what he did. The idea that the knot was no longer available strikes me as questionable.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Was swiming along nicely in the Judge Viz wisdom river and then suddenly had wade for miles to get out of the cornflakes box wisdom post.

Superfical shit thinking like that has brought this world to the brink of demise, as none of it requires you to "get now" and "be real" and "know thyself".



wv: homaera

Anonymous said...

Okay, sorry. Won't repeat.


Richie (Dana) said...

Thank you Les,
Your words are appreciated.

Anon @ lost me on the 2nd paragraph.

In a word......Blah, blah blah

Anonymous said...

Les --

It wasn't available to him and his followers. I never said it was lost altogether.


Anonymous said...

Les --

I find it astonishing that you can't understand the symbolism of the story. Obviously all the Magi of Asia and Europe know the word -- They put it there in the first place.

The lesson of Alexander was that -- who needs all that bla bla bla crap. I'm Alexander, the big shot -- And I don't need your stinkin' badges....


Visible said...

Of course I get the symbolism of the story. No man would ever conquer Persia that could not unravel The Gordian Knot. So Alexander promptly drew his sword, cut it in half and conquered Persia. It's one of my favorite tales. I don't know anything about the endless competing versions of history from all the variant perspectives of everyone who ever had a pen and wrote it all down. I've read plenty of them but at this point none of it makes any difference to me because I have no desire to hang around here any longer than I actually have to unless I am somehow convinced I ought to or something to that effect. Anyway, I don't see the part about wisdom denied to Alexander, especially not with what I know about Persia at the time. I'd say what happened was destined to happen the way it did, drawing on what little I know and intuit about it.

Alpha Silex said...


Today's post picked right up with what I was thinking, after reading comments to yesterday's. You nailed it. I think there's a lot to the vortex concept someone here was referencing. I really can't remember what my point was going to be now, as it spun off into the vortex and flattened like a piece of paper. Thanks to whoever was channeling Dr. Phil's beady eyed vortex of Oprahphilic wisdom. Now I can't remember if I washed under my ball sack this morning. If not, at least I'll have some fancy cheese to feast on for dinner. THANKS Oprah, Dr. Phil and Sally Jessie Raphael! I need to take my daily crap now.

Lee said...

I was shocked when I read your quote"Where argument and confusion emerge, they do so because those arguing and confusing, have set themselves up as God,"

I finished reading the paragraph and I am still stunned. This makes perfect sense and explains a lot of things that I have observed. It really jumped out at me. It is as if you are guiding me through my own personal crisis. But I am sure many readers feel the same way and are in tuned with your deep message of enlightenment.

Yes, this one got my attention and my eyes widened while raising my eyebrows at the same time. What you said, needs to be said, if only to confirm and reassure others going through this same tribulation.

Bless you my Brother..

Richie (Dana) said...

My mind is on the Divine

Anonymous said...

"A guide to Hasbara trolls"

Anonymous said...


What happens if you're a high profile Cabal member and you get charged with child sexual abuse in the USA?

Ans: Disappear the DA and his notes!

"Disturbing news out of Penn State put a cold case back in the spotlight. A decade ago, in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, a tiny town just a few short miles away from the Penn State campus, the accusation that Coach Jerry Sandusky sexually abused a child, first came to the attention of Ray Gricar, the local district attorney.

Then, seven years ago Gricar went missing. Investigators uncovered his laptop but the hard drive was unreadable. The question being asked now is – could there be a link between Gricar’s disappearance and the Sandusky scandal?"

Visible said...

Yeah, I saw that that's why it's been my suspicion that he is part of one of those Satanic cabals and international pedo rings. That connection was announced awhile ago but it didn't get much traction; mostly because high end media is involved in it too.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Speaking of history, (Plutarch's "history" of Alexander being written 200 years after the fact) isn't it a bit odd that this mighty Alexander who is so famous as world conqueror and all that jazz, was(is?) basically a nonperson in India?

His supposedly world changing encounter with Porus, a relatively minor king in a remote outpost in northwest India, (Punjab)is relegated to but a minor footnote in India's history, if even that.
And in that history Alexander didn't fare quite as well..

But with the academic West being much like the US itself, incapable of admitting error and quite psychotic to the point of lethal violence to save face, Alexander will continue to win in movie after movie, story after story, for as long as the West rules.

Which might not be too long and then it will be Zheng He instead of Columbus who rules the history books. (and the waves)

Ever heard of Zheng He?

Also know as Ma Sanbao. He's world renowned in fables as, yep, Sinbad the Sailor...

Some fable.

Robin Redbreast said...

For reactions
So much wasted energy.
Short term
LLPP xxxx

Anonymous said...

The female Attorny General of Massachussits(sp?) would be a great VP for R.Paul.

Her office is going after The Banks for the realestate scandal!

Gregory F. Fegel said...


You have endorsed the Vortex (Spiral) Solar System theory that has been proposed by Dr. Keshava Bhat, among others. If that theory were true, the outer planets (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) should never, ever appear in the daytime sky or in conjunction with the sun -- but the fact is that the outer planets do often appear in conjunction with the sun. For proof of that, see:​conjunction

According to the legend, the Gordian Knot tied the wheel of an oxcart to a post or, in an alternate version, to the wheel's shaft. Significantly, an eagle landed on the oxcart of Gordius. My interpretation is that Alexander, who is an equivalent of the Vedic god Skanda, cut the Gordian Knot to free the Wheel of the Cosmos from the World Axis, an act which signified Alexander as the Chakravartin, or World Ruler.

Similarly, Skanda split open the Krauncha Giri (Crane Mountain) with his spear, and Parasurama likewise split open the Krauncha Giri with his arrows. Once the Krauncha Giri had been split open, the cranes were able to fly between the earth and Swarga. The Milky Way, which passes through the avian constellations of Aquila (Eagle) and Cignus (Swan), is the cross-cultural Soul Road between the earth and Heaven.

Indra used his Vajra to split open the sky-dragon Vritra, "producing the sun, the day, the dawn," and releasing "the rising waters of Manu." "The waters were as wives of the Dasa (Vritra), guarded by the dragon, shut up like cows by the Pani. The orifice of the waters, which had been closed up, he (Indra) opened after having slain the dragon." - Rig Veda 1.32.4-8.

- GF

Visible said...

After reading all of these things it's a good thing I don't know anything because I would quickly be out of my depth if did.

Alpha Silex said...

Come on guys, Sanduskme is INNOCENT. He was just teaching those boys how to play two hand "touch" football, in wet conditions. The shower is the best place to work on your ball handling drills, with the Patern-al eyes of Sandusky watching over. Nothing wrong with getting some pointers at personal hygiene while you're at it too. You don't want to fumble the ball when the "game" is on the line now, do you? He's really neat-o and swell. You guys are negative and jaded.

Richie (Dana) said...

I for one am thankful for the detailed descriptions of these esoteric themes for my unenlightened mind.I honestly would not have seen the importance of looking up all this stuff on Wiki and copying and pasting, but perhaps I am just stupid.

Richie (Dana) said...

Good day to you Alpha Silex.

I think you have some good points there. I don't see why people have to be so mean.
Why can't they just be fair and let others live their own lives in peace.

After all, we do live in the land of the free and brave.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

I keep this article on hand at all times to help with my truth seeking. I'll be adding the article regarding Hasbara trolls which Anon. @ 9:27 provided. (Jonathon Blakeley seems to be a credible source).

There's another type of disruption which I call "halt by bulk" which is the slowing down of a useful exchange by sheer volumn. When it arises from genuine enthusiasm it is quite alright but it can be suspicious too, as I have noticed a few times on other forums.

Visible said...

It's possible, as a football coach he had the boy in the shower and holding a football and as a defensive coach he was showing him what can happen if a big linebacker gets his hands on you and he was teaching the boy; teaching the boy that he should not drop the football under ANY CONDITIONS, no matter what and in order to instill this discipline INTO him he was applying a technique that is guaranteed to make you remember the event. He was also creating the simulated conditions of playing under the kind of conditions you can expect to run into on a football field, wet, slippery... it's all I could come up with but I could see a jury buying it.

Alpha Silex said...

Yes, Richie. Too many meanies out there. We all need to learn to be a little more positive. Everyone has the right to be Touched By A Sandusky, if they want to. Jerks.

Alpha Silex said...

Cochrane would have run with that defense, Vis. Brilliant. And good run defense by Sandusky, as well.

Richie (Dana) said...

Speaking of brave....

I can imagine it takes some real guts and fortitude to stick your dick up the butt hole of a traumatized, screaming child.

You just must keep telling yourself and them that this is all for their own good.

MIH said...

Poet of God, it gets better (grin).

In the spirit of copy and paste…last month I was communicating with a friend I had not seen in twenty years and the ends of an association finally came together:

(M) Hmmm. I should add that the Old Testament god is merely that black heart of man; when the god man is aware only of the god woman then the moment is sacred. If instead one or the other god is aware only of itself then the world becomes a useful place to play out this arrogance.

Also, the god level of identity is merely the place holder (matrix) of the elements; it is empty (Buddha). That is why the two gods, male and female, dissolve into one body; the Christ Body.
I have a drawing to work on - I could go all night with this conversation. Hellene. We meet again, old friend.

(D) Hellene? Are you calling me a pagan?

(M) Macedonia, to be precise. What does it mean?

Further; in that place and time man listened to his god/heart, and it desired to join with the god/heart of woman. East is Water and male, and West is Fire and female. Western feminized man cherishing past saw the East as an unknown future bride (male within female). What does this mean, Diane? The presence of Zeus is a thunderbolt within, and I am his vessel and therefore his son.

(D) Hellene was the daughter of Zeus if I am remembering correctly. What does it mean...the meeting of two worlds? East and west, the two halves...

(M) And the name of his civilization - interesting that I write to you as if to an acolyte...what are you an acolyte to? For a time, for me, I thought it was about Alexander because of Morrison and Cabeza de Vaca but then it extended to Dogen (my father's last name is Soto) and Musashi Miyamoto which then connected to van Gogh, and then at age 24 the flower bloomed and the East opened up to the line of teachers but just now I see you and Aristotle

The moments of unwritten passage are there as well; dancing with the Spirit of one in a trance - water in the desert. No connection but through mind.

[The god/heart of woman is white or the past, and god/heart of man is black or the future; the perceived division of eternity. Their coming together is grey or Ego or Devil and it is the last and only thing to be rejected.]

Anonymous said...

... God saved me from religion...


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Richie (Dana):

I provided a link to the Wiki article about planetary Conjunction because it provides a relatively non-technical explanation with graphics and photos. Anyone who wants to understand the reason for my dismissal of the Vortex Solar System theory can easily find it in that Wiki article.

I "cut and posted" a quote from the Rig Veda because I think that Alexander slicing open the Gordian Knot, Skanda slicing open the Krauncha Mountain, and Indra slicing open Vrtra are identical mythic acts. - GF

Alpha Silex said...

Your honor, Mr. Sandusky has been a fine upstanding pillar of the community, since coming up through the Pee Wee leagues as a Tight Ends coach, where he fashioned many fine future ball handlers. What stuck with his players, was to always make sure you're wearing your Sandusky "Stick-Em", especially in Bump and Run coverage. These stupendously salacious allegations are not only ludicrous, they are preposterous and ridickalomous. If the cock doesn't fit, you MUST acquit. This will NOT stick and we demand that these charges be instan-anusly discharged!

Visible said...

A number of these posts speaks to violation. When it comes to ass raping small things it's all about abuse of power and the despoliation and violation of innocence, put another way it is the doing of evil for the sheer joy of it in the hope of coming more into the mind of the one who inspires it. It's an essential of Satanism as is bestiality. These are practices that break supernatural boundaries put in for spiritual protection. It is a cry to be possessed and such things open the door. In times of darkness it appears to be where the power lies but of course, the devil rats then out and then transforms into the district attorney.

Visible said...

Hmmm an innovation on O.J's glove. It's much harder to demonstrate for the jury though.

Alpha Sandusky Silex said...

I agree, especially since it's becoming ever more clear by the moment that the old tricks are NOT working anymore.....On a side note, does anyone else here get the sensation that the Earth is about to split apart here soon? I hope so. It's time for a new star to be born.

Anonymous said...

Les --

I love all you here and you often crack me up. Yes, Les the theme was violation of innocence and the laws of God. Seen from a non-biased frame of mind, the story of Alexander (as a warrior member of the Cult of Aries) is of someone who does not know God and does not care. Therefore he spits in God's eye, cutting his name in half (homosexual worship) so he can rape a land that would have been his with simple and true religious understanding. In that respect the Sandusky case is illustrative of the same mindset.

Concerning the Gordian knot and the cutting of the Sampo, they play out on several levels as do all ancient myths. The Magnetic axis of the solar system is what is symbolized by this level of myth and relates to Earth being knocked off its upright axis (the Venus invasion, so to speak) because of the actions of men who thought themselves Gods and cared not what the consequences were....

As to the vortex theory, I was referring to the inner planets of Mercury and Venus... As to their transits I have seen footage of Mercury passing in front of the Sun taken with special filters to reduce the glare that makes this transit impossible to see with the naked eye.

If you understand the vortex in your mind's eye as an ever widening gyre and the planets caught in its widening spin, you will realize the effects you describe do not mitigate against the overall theory of vortex motion, as opposed to traditional orbits....


wv eness -- i could talk on these themes enessly


Richie (Dana) said...

I guess now is about the time I must "come out" on the subject of pedophilia, as I have done before.
While it is very sad and heartbreaking to see the war mongers killing innocent men, women and children for money, you have to remember that those souls have escaped this house of horrors. They no longer feel the pain.
Sexual molestation of tiny innocent humans just has to be the worst infraction in the universe in my opinion. I despise this practice with all my being. Many of these innocents continue being tortured by their past experiences for years.
The image of pond scum came to mind except that does not seem severe enough to describe these demons.

Back in the 90's I built a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco, just off Embarcadero. Upon completion, I was in the basement one day and saw some ducks hanging from coat hangers, above flat pans, on top of the garbage containers in the back of the restaurant. The pans were filled with the most disgusting, black liquid. I realized it was dripping from the ducks, which were rotting. Bottom line for that story is enjoy your Peking Duck because that is how they make it.

The pond where these beings are created, would look very similar to what I saw that day, but probably would contain the rotting blood of the satanic sacrificial human lambs and the kicked-in tiny skulls of babies. This would also be the spittoon of the satanic forces so busy around us all.
When others mention their frustration about the seeming, never ending dominance of the forces at work in this time, I always think of the children first.

To all you vile, scum sucking, perverts......
Fuck you and may the universe give you your richest deserved reward in spades.
On this I would vote a triple sentence.
In fact, since the number 11 seems so attractive, lets just do that.

I am sorry, but this is going to take some time to resolve.....

Richie (Dana) said...

Perhaps since I feel so strongly about this, the Divine will make me responsible for part of the punishment.
If that is the case, I will make up a nice "bubble bath" for you to relax in for an eon or an age. Please note that this is not "forever" as I do not wish to know that you still exist at some point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Les Visible!

(many religions give the divine consciousness a bad rap)

on bankers, law maker-breakers and as this is a topic in comments, here's info may be of interest

Louis Freeh - remember him?
"usa's top law enforcer (fbi)" 1993-June 2001 (kitchen heat was gonna get too high around September ?);

overseeing investigations into numerous false flag, er, crimes such as Waco, Ruby Ridge, Centennial Olympic Park bombing, many more psyops

a "patriot" who became dual usa-italian citizen in 2009 (very convenient in case of extradition or something?)

Has been hired to cover up, er, investigate the

"sandusky affair (i.e. a child molesting, ass-rapist - alleged of course )"

while at the same time he has been "appointed as trustee of robbed, er, bankrupted MF global

"JP Morgan Crashed MF Global to Avert COMEX Failure, they stole all the accounts that were going to take delivery (of physical gold)"

Apocalypse upon everyone of them

Em (M. Rocknest) thanks for link
cointelpro = hasbara

anon @9:27

Alpha Silex said...

They were just horsing around guys. Sandusky was re-enacting the invasion of Troy with the young man. It was that or play pin the tail on the donkey, followed by a nice Pinnochio bedtime story. Or Sandusky could claim he was just helping him wash of the Stick 'Em after Tight Ends practice.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Gregory, is it possible, even likely that these "myths" were the result of an original actual event and were conformed to fit various succeeding cultures?

You've read Bhakti Ananda Goswami's research. It is rather unique and in many ways unprecedented in its approach.

His history of Heracles is a perfect example.

Alpha Silex said...


Banish them all to an infinite, burning bubble bath with Sandusky, Paterno and Michael Jackson. Have the vortex perpetually pelt them with napalm infused, Rubber Peepeeking Duckies (made in China).

Richie (Dana) said...

Please accept my apologies if I offended you.
You very much remind me of my own brother who is very left brained and analyzes everything. I see nothing wrong there and understand after over 40 years of interaction.

From my point of view, I admit to being narrow minded. You have ample evidence here of one thing that is important and the rest consists of the Divine influence on our lives. I am guilty of dismissing, perhaps out of hand, that which does not lead to a more intimate connection with the Divine, in the here and Now.
History is fine as a tool to reach this place, but our life in the Now is what really matters, and that is my focus.


Alpha Silex said...

Justin Bieber, singing his AWESOME hit, "Baby, Baby, Baby" will forever sodomize them with a flaming pitchfork, tipped with thumbtack riddled loofahs.....Rubber Baby Bieber Butthole Bumpers. Forget the lies of history and continually chant this, faster and faster as we spiral into the vortex. There peave will find you.....Ok, Vis, I'll stop now. Try to. Sorry.

WV: knipl

Addendum: Rupaul will forever purple knipl knurple their man boobs, as Dr. Kissinger tugs them in the opposite direction of the vortex, with his Peking Duck meat hook fingernails.

Anonymous said...

via homer..

Gregory, I meant to leave you this.
If you haven't already read it.

"Although a general constellation of myths or a specific myth may sometimes contain some historical, theological, geographical, archeological or other idea or information of value, generally they are no more important than any other fiction, which only reveals something of the author’s psychological condition or world-view."

"a theological revelatory tradition is not the same as a myth! "

Richie (Dana) said...

You Sir, are a true soul....Laughing.
There are some who come here that bounce off the words of the Visible one and speak the truth.
Let me just thank you right now.


Anonymous said...

Rig Veda. Hmmmm. Sounds like a , ancient, cool rock star name.
Sort of a pre-Vedic Elvis from the last go-around.


Jo said...

Hi Les and Howling grateful for this sacred space and the tremendous gifts offered by all.

Often ideas or references go over my head and I am completely left baffled and googling said concepts; ie Gordian knot...and that's okay as I enjoy learning new things.

Sometimes I get a bit annoyed by postings that are: unrelated to the topic at hand, obvious trolling or even maybe not so obvious to my naive mind,(thanks anon 9:27 for link to hasbara troll guide!) gratuitous blathering (anon/mouser 7:21 thru 7:29~scrolled on past!) So I get a real kick when other folks point it out...preferably with humor over rancor: "and then suddenly had to wade for miles to get out of the cornflakes box wisdom post" Good one Sovereignty!

Anyway, while reading the comments about Galileo, rotation etc, I was reminded of a very cool visual aid I saw during the many hours of Nassim Harameins Event Horizon presentation I watched over Thanksgiving. Check it out here:

There is also a very cool two part video on The Power of Spin that if y'all take the 20 minutes to watch will touch synchronistically on this Petri post in general.

Sorry-still trying to figure out hyperlink...I'm so computer illiterate :(

The resonance of it imbues some measure of hope and optimism for me which is quite precious for it is kinda rare in these times of darkness and insanity as I skirt the edge of poverty in my personal sphere of reality. Perhaps I need to skirt les (grin) and spin more. Grandmother Spider and Sufi Mystics would no doubt agree.

As often said in these parts...there's free will and choice. Spin out of control or spin a web of beauty and utility in harmony with the Greater Design!

Blessings Peace and Love to you good people.
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin~jo

@sjsrana said...

Good work/words, however the TRUTH still remains TRUTH and shall be victorious, for ages SAME TRUTH has been victorious.

What is TRUTH?

We all are going to die one day, the ultimate TRUTH and real FACT.

However, people are tied to tangible things that only lasts for few seconds to at-most their life-span, that's it!

Love/Affection to those wordly-things call it money, mother, minister, materials or simply "MAYA". People have been seeing, are seeing people are dying but still can't get the grip of REALITY/TRUTH that they are too going to die.

So, call yourself living in TRUTH if one is not attached to MAYA but rather takes MAYA as means to do good for humankind/planet. Since, the TRUTH can never be CONCEALED for long!

Jo said...

Oops, I think I forgot to give link for Power of Spin!

Here ya go:


wv: amenep Can I get an AMEN on this episode?

Richie (Dana) said...

There once was time.....

Merry Christmas

Whoops, not politically correct
Oh well I suck

Richie (Dana) said...

Okay...kick my ass for being a fool.

A few out there may not think this is a bad thing at all.

Alpha Sirius said...

Love ya too, Richie! You're welcome, although I'm probably annoying the shit out of Vis. Problem is, I am a true soul, but the only thing that seems to do for you in this part of the vortex is get you labeled crazy and otherwise, heavily targeted. Fuck 'em all (with love). I'm rubber, they're glue, Sandusky's Stick 'Em will be on them all soon. You know they'll love it. Otherwise, WTF is their point?

Lots of cool "lights" out there tonight. I'm totally Sirius.

MachtNichts said...

I am the Alpha and the Omega, to the thirsty I will give from the fountain of the water of life without payment. That was inspired by the alpha in Alpha Silex. Now, how do we spin the Silex? We are going to use Michaelson's interferometer from above, which showed no evidence of earth motion, and transform the silex into the Flintstones, although I don't know if you can transform by measuring.

Then we have the jury which will ultimately preside over the Insanedusky case and come up with a conviction of the black ooze- dripping Dana-ducks. Wishful thinking? I hope not.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone, Silvia

wv: the disembowelment of said ducks will not be stayed

Visible said...

If you are the person who sent me that really transparent kiss off, I want you to know it made me laugh, which I don't think you intended. I especially love the little commentary about how over the months your trust in me grew and how you are the real deal because you haven't had a minimum wage job in six years but now that I was so terribly rude to the poster who sent in ten exhaustive comments that were mainstream pop psychology, now I've lost one of my most important readers and then you got abusive to the point that I wasn't comfortable printing it because it would just get a rise out of the other reader and create a lot of static and that was your intention anyway.

What you may not know is that the person who left those comments is someone I know very well and who has visited me several times and whom I am in regular communication with so you see what being uninformed can amount to?

Any way, I saw right through your sophomoric little antic and if you do make good on your threat to never darken my blog again, I believe all of us here who are in love with sunlight won't mind if you pull a Gollum. Jesus, people, if all you want to do is hurt me try being creative. It is unlikely but think of the entertainment value please.

Let me tell you something important. It's really hard to injure someone who doesn't take themselves seriously and that is the case with me. Also, when you're anonymous and you always are and when you are trying to seem like several people you need to mask your syntax and I know that you are anonymous because if you weren't the reasons for your lame performances would be unmasked. I take it you get that?

I'd like to say "Good try" but I can't say that and that does disappoint me. I would appreciate a higher caliber of opponent but I guess this comes with the territory.

Alphasecticide said...

Ich habe keine idea WTF you are inferring, but maybe Anthony can answer that nebulous question for you. I'm no Sandusky, aber Iche libe dich.

Alpha Silex said...

My McQueary to you, "mogen nichts" is this:

When the hell did Jesus say this and what on GOD's Earth is he talking about?

Alpha Pineuti said...

We see smoke and infer FIRE. WHO the HELL are YOU? Ask yourself this question.

WV: pineuti

Another ?: How neutered has your pineuti truly become? Mine is coated in SILEX and Alphabet Soup.

Alpha Pyrex said...

If you are seeking any suggestions on how to measure something, Mr. Nicht-she, forget the spin and shake it like a spear to your heart in I AM BIC Pan Tam Meter. Got it, "meine freunde?" Gut. Guten Tag bitch.

Anonymous said...

Oh Les is More Visible,
dont you boys know,
the Earth is the Center,
of the whole big universe,
everything including that which is Visible, (more or les,)
revolves around the Earth,
in the meantime,
while we wait out the apocalypso
playing "words with friends" can be entertaining, just send an,
invite to ebbe181.

spiller23 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
spiller23 said...

Great words and truths, as always Les.

I was having this very same conversation with someone last Wednesday. Organised religion has essentially given the Divine a bum rap. Or at least the way Religion’s incomplete teachings have been exercised. Misinterpretation and misrepresentation of divinity has led the general masses to this belying ignorance of freewill and this ridiculous notion of a God who couldn’t possibly be real because of all the bad things that happen in the world.

How did this particular concept of God even come about? I had a Christian upbringing. Sure even back then as a kid I was critically reviewing and analysing those teachings in a way the “teachers” may not have originally intended. But unless my consciousness was literally zoned out in a galaxy far, far away, I do not recall once being told about some bearded old dude, up in the clouds, watching over us all, judging everything we do, having a hand in everything that happens and therefore consequently bearing sole responsibility for anything bad that goes down.

Is this a new concept? It is less than a hundred years old? Has it evolved along with the proliferation of modern media? Is it a sign of the times? Has this portrayal of divinity been manipulated by controlled media? Is it the fault of all those Christmas movies? Is it John Huston’s fault? Mel Gibson? (I jest). Once upon a time, before mass-media and mass-transportation, when we were separated into smaller and smaller communities and reliant on a smaller network of “teachers”, reliant on inherited family wisdom, perhaps more independent in thought, in possession of the peace and quiet to make our own minds up on the important things, did people have a more accurate and valid concept of God?

One question that can be frequently asked of “them”, is why? Why conceal the truth? Why perform all this manipulation, rape, barbaric warfare and malfeasance? And the obvious and easiest conclusion to come to is that they seek total control and power over us all.

However the way I see it (and I think it has been said here before but maybe not in the same way or words), is this universe is all about balance. Balance of forces and energies and whatever other names you want to give them. You can see it everywhere, from the lifecycles of plant life down here on terra nova to that of star systems in outer space. Balance.

Surely for “them” to achieve their psychopathic and megalomaniacal goals, surely for them to win this battle between their chosen darkness and the opposing light, surely for the Divine to accept their argument, surely for a true valid victory in proving their way is right and anything else is wrong, it HAS to be a fair fight. It has to have BALANCE. But it’s not and it doesn’t. The game is rigged. The cold deck of cards is stacked in their favour. Through their control of all the mediums and influences, be it major organised religions, mass-media, politics, education, and ever increasingly even the social engineering of those most familiar to you, they have been withholding the Truth and endeavouring to direct the masses down a back alley to nowhere.

I just can’t see the Universe sitting idly back and letting things pan out in favour of these cheats. You can cheat and manipulate the Homo sapiens, but you can’t cheat the Universe. You can’t cheat the Divine.

This is “their” ultimate mistake.

It’s just not going to happen. Their plans are appearing to fall apart. People are awakening. The truth is breaking through from within. Just imagine how many more people are out there just like us, thinking outside the box. The box being the metaphor for the shroud of bullshit the malignant elements of our species have been trying to keep us within for far too long. The truth is growing and it’s unstoppable.

Until the last, I will always believe.

Peace and love to you.


Visible said...

A new Origami is up-

Drinks on the House at The Apocalypse Club.

Visible said...

I am well aware people that the holiday season can make us a little buggy and in the spirit of Christmas, despite what you may see at Origami today, I would appreciate that you be a little reflective of the impact of the season upon you, which we sometimes forget in the midst of being swept up in it, even when you may be studiously trying to ignore it ...and refrain from baiting each other. As a Master Baiter for aeons past I know the routine.


Also, what is it with people who say they are going to leave and then don't leave and can't keep from coming back, like they were Richard Pryor staring at the crack pipe? I'm flattered by the pull these sites have on you but please... if you're gonna go, go.

Now the last thing any of you 'types' want, is to have someone say, "Stop acting like a bitch". You realize the appropriate titling don't you? This is in no way meant to be pejorative to women, as this is singularly apart from the equidistant polarity aspect of essential meaning and has rather to do with a behavior dynamic, common to both sexes. Now, how do you feel, knowing you came back to read this? Point taken.

Anonymous said...


Whenever you directly address the obvious about the zio-fascism that is raping the world, your blog is immediately targeted by a cadre of syanim-trolls. They come at you from many different angles but they're not terribly clever about it all. Entertaining, in a way, though it does tend to degrade the discourse, which is, perhaps, their goal.


Anonymous said...

Visible, no one does it better. Some may have laughed but I wept. You are lucky you are not a woman because you would be the plunder of the realm. The bad news is that a certain portion of men are gay, grin.
You made my day, my week and my month. I thought I was dead and now I know I'm getting that bike for Christmas. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Richie (Dana):

Thank you for your kind reply to my comment. I might be predominantly "left brained", but not entirely -- or at least I don't think so. I'm all for spirituality and intuition and living in the Now.

However, when I examine or discuss history (including religious scriptures) I prefer to deal with history as a critical thinker, and not accept popular Dogmas as Gospel. Unquestioning acceptance of Dogmas has gotten us into a lot of trouble.

Best wishes, Greg

Alpha Tilex said...

Whoever they are probably want to be your bitch. A dog of The Dog Poet's ain't such a bad thing. There is no match for an ancient Master Bieber Baiter. LOL....Off to get a drink at the Apocalypse Club. Request for the DJ:

wv: prophav
"I'll stop by and prophav a few dsrinkkkkks."

Anonymous said...

"Everything is remarkably simple if you do not need to employ complexity, to obfuscate your intent and motive. Complexity is for liars, in the same way that most western philosophers and some amount of eastern philosophers are supreme egotists, who know less about how things operate than those who know very little about all the things they 'professed' know."

no truer words have ever been spoken. Great one again Visible! OVER AND OUT.....Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Dear Psycho-anon.

I never read the comments that are longer than Visibles article. over and out.....Jimmy

Anonymous said...

via Homer..


while studying history (Kali yuga) as a critical thinker, amateur dabbler, or even as a semiliterate like me, it's easy to grasp the truth of the matter which is there was never a time when we weren't in a lot of trouble.

The whys and wherefores of this most blatantly obvious fact is what needs to be acknowledged and remediated.

I'm sure any mildly thoughtful person might easily feel and acknowledge one particularly immense collective act of vikarma; just for starters.

You know, the reaction from all that slaughter of animals..

Anonymous said...

the banks are churches comment made me think of something I heard once.

A bar is a kind of church also.

It has a Pulpit, the Bar itself.

It has a Preacher, the Bartender

It has a Choir, the jukebox

It has holy spirits, the spirituous liquors in bottles!

Merry Christmas to all!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Dancing Dandelion Dreamsicles and Komodo Dragons.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Homer:

I read a bunch of articles from the "comprehensive list" on Bhakti Anand Goswami's website, but I didn't find any title, or any article, about Hercules/Herakles. Perhaps you might have a reference you can give me to BAG's article about Hercules/Heracles. After I read it I'll let you know what I think. Lately I have been shifting my attention back to reading scriptures, so I may not be visiting Visible's blogs as often as before. You may contact me at this address:

Indeed, as you wrote, we are "in a lot of trouble", and I think that a lot of that trouble has been caused by faulty teachings, and also by faulty interpretations of scripture. It can help to just "empty the mind" and try to disregard the programming, but if we keep relying on the faulty teachings, we'll still be stuck in them. That's why I think it's necessary to critically examine the ancient scriptures to try to figure out what they truly mean. BAG has done some great work on that.

A couple of examples of "faulty interpretations of scripture" are the right-wing extremist Christians and right-wing extremist Hindutvas, who use the scriptures to justify materialism and tyranny.

It is obvious to me that the scriptures are not merely about Philosophy; if they were, they would not contain such lengthy explanations of geography and history. If the scriptures were merely Philosophy, they would not be complicated by elaborate stories of wars and with bizarre incidents. If the scriptures were merely Philosophy, there would be no need to portray Krishna as a warrior-King with 11,000 wives.

I recommend that you read a short and very interesting article; just Google this: Parashurama and the Axe in the Sea by Deepa Krishnan at The article connects Parasurama with the land extension (Parashuram Shetra) which ocurred on the west coast of India during the Ice Age. My interpretation is that Parasurama, Vishnu, Skanda, and Indra are manifestations of the Chakravartin, who does not conquer the world as a terrestrial King, but turns the world on its Axis as a celestial God.

Namaste and Ram Ram, - GF

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Homer:

For a satellite view of Parashurama Shetra, go to Google Maps (Google Earth) and look at a satellite view of India. All of the light-blue Continental Shelves were exposed as dry land during the Ice Age.

The Continental Shelf, hundreds of miles wide, off the west coast of India is Parashurama Shetra, which will get exposed as dry land again during the next Ice Age. When most of Europe and the northern USA are devastated by the Ice Age, India gains a huge tract of habitable and arable Subtropical land along its entire coastline. - GF

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Thanks Gregory.

As always you are thinking ... and then some!

Lord Ananta Balarama ki jaya!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..


Is that Rama's bridge I see?

They call it "Adam's bridge," don't they?

"The radiocarbon dating of the bridge verges on around 1,750,000 years, which roughly coincides with the Indian estimate of the mythical ‘Treta Yuga’.

There's that word again..

kf said...

Hey Les - If you have the time, visit the RailrOad Blues in Alpine, TX.


Alpha Silex said...

Have you checked out the latest on carbon "dating", within the last year or so? I recommend you looking beyond Wickedpedia. It's not your friend. You are, so do yourself that favor. From a very young and dumb age, I instinctively felt that there are NO constants within creation. Even Wiki.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes Alpha, I have.

I used this quote to emphasize the point about how 99% of everything West, when referencing the East, inevitably uses 'that word.'

The reference to "Adams bridge" is not exclusive to wiki, nor is the dating, the myth pronouncement or the Ramayana.

Isn't creation itself a constant, though cyclical, and aren't we as well?

"Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be."

Visible said...

I should point out that Homer is the authority in all of these matters and is one of my gurus also

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

That's very nice of you Les Visible prabhu, to offer such a compliment, yet we both know that I am no guru.

I'm a very very fortunate mongrel, mutt, stray, just like your little Poncho.

I've never really had an original thought, nor do I wish one, covet one, try to buy or sell one.

I do know of a handful of people who have though, and you are one of them.

My philosophy is, as you know, very simple and easy. Otherwise I would likely fall short.
It's very likely I will anyway, but nonetheless...

"Anyone at any time can sit down on the road or under a tree, chant the Holy names and worship God."

Best wishes for your good health and all success to you!

Hare Krishna!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I must add that I surely do not mean any offense to you, Les Visible prabhu.

I consider you an exquisite friend and believe you always have been.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Homer:

It's a travesty that Westerners named it Adam's Bridge when Rama's Bridge is the more appropriate name for it. 1,750,000 years might be a geological estimate, since radiocarbon dating only works on organic materials. We know that global sea levels can drop more than 300 feet during the Ice Age glaciations, and not only Rama's Bridge, but the entire Palk Strait to the south of it has been exposed as dry land during many Ice Age glaciations in the past. The sea around Rama's Bridge is only 3 to 30 feet deep in many places, so even a minor glacial period would be sufficient to drain the oceanic bathtub enough to make Rama's Bridge into a monkey freeway again. (Cue to an upcoming Ice Age Era video of Tamil monkeys "twittering" each other that a banana truck has overturned over on the Sri Lanka side of the Bridge.)

I have decided to limit my use of the "m" word, in light of the fact that I'm not saying that the scriptures describe things that didn't happen. I'm just saying that I think that the scriptures often describe celestial and cosmological events instead of terrestrial, historical events.

I also think that the ancient authors of those stories had spiritual interpretations of their own about those stories, based on their astro-theological view of the world and the cosmos. Today people have interpretations of the ancient stories and scriptures which may or may not coincide with what the stories meant to their ancient authors. I want to try to figure out what the ancient authors of the stories and scriptures meant by them - without the influence of modern interpretations.

Here's an example. In the Ramayana, several women get mutilated by Lakshman or by Rama. Those mutilations have inspired controversy over the status of Rama and Lakshman as "ideal men." Lakshman sliced off the nose and ears of the shape-shifting demoness Surpanakha with his sword. (See

Here's my take on the Surpanakha story. The name Surpanakha is usually translated as surpa (sharp) and nakha (nails). However, the Monier Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary doesn't contain the word surpa; but it does contain the word sarpa. I suggest an alternate translation of Surpanakha as sarpa (snake) and naga (a mountain, a snake, or a serpent-demon). Lakshman's removal of Surpanakha's nose and ears may have served as a How-so story about how the serpent-demon Surpanakha lost her nose and ears -- which snakes don't have, anyway.

Many Goddesses in the scriptures have Doppelgangers or evil twins. According to the scriptures, Sita did not come to earth for the Rama-lila; Sita's Doppelganger did. Surya's wife Saranyu had a Doppelganger named Cchaya (Shade) who had an affair with Surya while Saranyu went walkabout in Uttara Kuru (the Northern Field of the Gods -- Sagittarius?) disguised as a horse. Surya caught up with Saranyu in Uttara Kuru and mated with her, producing the horsey Ashvin twins and the horseman Revanta.

From Valmiki's Ramayana (circa 5th to 4th Century BCE) onward, subsequent retellings of the Ramayana story generally became progressively gentrified, and some of the primitive folk elements got eliminated or explained away. Originally, Surpanakha may have represented a Doppelganger of Sita.

In a previous comment I stated that Parashurama Shetra was "hundreds of miles" wide. That was an overestimate. I did some measurements, and I found that Parashurama Shetra varies from about 50 to a lttle over 200 miles wide, with an average width of about 100 miles. - GF

Alpha Silex said...


I understood what you were trying to illustrate, even though I admittedly don't know a lot about the specific topic. I was just saying that many take carbon dating methods as gospel. In the past year, scientists have been seeing a radical change in carbon breakdown, even in controlled environments. With all the cyclical changes the Earth has gone through, I think it's obvious the farther back these methods are applied, the less reliable they would become. I was more or less pointing out that this scientific method is not reliable when attempting to make correlates with ancient texts. I got what the gist of what you meant. My comments about Wiki were not directed so much at you, as it was to anyone who references data and information from that source alone. There's a lot of that out there and many times the information is highly inaccurate. The incoming energies are certainly changing things up quite a bit. Might be a painful process, but absolutely necessary. :)

Visible said...

And that is why you are one of my gurus. Just how it is. Look at what you just said. That is what I myself believe about myself and why I have so many people following me, even though I pretend not to notice. If I weren't the genuine article I wouldn't say what I do and mean it. You're proof positive that I am reaching the right people. The very fact of you coming around makes me authentic. This is one of the few things I know. Hari Bo!

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Visible: My condolences for you and your Poncho. Illness in the family is something that we all can relate to, and it should inspire us to appreciate and be thankful for all of the Goodness in life.

To Alpha Silex: I agree that Wikipedia has many biased and badly-researched topic pages; some of the worst are those that deal with political topics, recent history, and contemporary affairs. The Zio-Nazis keep those sites under their thumb. However, Wiki also has many unbiased and well-researched topic sites. It has always been the case with the information marketplace that there are good sources and bad sources -- and Wiki hosts both. Some of the Vedic lore topic sites on Wikipedia have been commandeered by Indian Nationalists who spin the Vedic lore as literal history. Some Wiki sites provide a marvelous overview of a topic, with good illustrations, and I will quote a Wiki site if I think it's a good one. Particularly when the information might be hard to find elsewhere. - GF

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Thanks and respect to all you fine gentlemen.

I very much appreciate your honest words and wish you all the best.

Hare Krishna!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..


I'm surely not the first person you've known or talked with who truly believes Lord Vishnu is yoga-nidra lying upon Sheshanaga.

I value beyond all else Lord Krishna's pure devotee Srila Prabhupada and his Vaishnava servants such as Bhakti Ananda Goswami, Sadaputa Dasa and many others.

Hence Bhagavata Dharma is to me the beginning, the end and everything in between.

Now if only I might muster the integrity and determination to make a little progress, manifest a little service, I'll consider this life a success.

Thanks again for your consideration.

Hare Krishna!

Alpha Silex said...


I can't say that I disagree with any of those points. There's a couple friends of mine who will go right to Wiki, before referencing anything else. Many times what they were looking at was clearly way off. It drove me nuts. Well said and thank you.




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