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Looking for Dr. Pangloss in an Orwellian Nightmare

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“May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Some seek to evade and appease Draconian oppression; hoping it will find their fellows before it finds them. Maybe things will change before that happens. There’s always hope. Some would rather strike blows against the empire but recognize the futility of individual action as any more than a rallying point once they’ve been dispensed with. Of course, others would prefer to become barnacles on the great ship of state, or occupy a near religious position of ‘nearer the trough to me, nearer to me’ and then there are those who are the direct practitioners of the mischief to begin with. A few choose to live outside the matter entirely, also hoping that mischance or pervasion won’t somehow sweep them up in the net.

There’s no getting around the fact that from a certain wide perspective, things have gone horribly wrong. I’m no Dr. Pangloss, but I do try to believe that everything is perfect; I just can’t see it. I don’t mean to say that everything is actually perfect; it would take a rare and enlightened mind to make that case. What I mean is that everything is outworking and in-working toward perfection, as it takes its own sweet time about it (grin). Well, you don’t have to worry about the seeming lassitude of the cosmos on that account anymore. Time is speeding up and conditions are keeping pace.

If things seem to be moving faster, it’s not because they’ve all of a sudden gained some mysterious acceleration, even if that might be true to a degree. The fact is that for a few decades now, deluded individuals and groups have been industrious about setting the stage for an Orwellian nightmare and now they are on the move. Part of that is the result of emerging powers at other points on the Earth. Part of it is the revolutionary fever that is a reaction to naked oppression and part of it is the population/resources dynamic. My take is that it’s only the cosmos driving the good, the bad and the indifferent toward their appointed destiny. The mysterious power of the universe is pressing on everyone, externally and internally, to declare the nature of their being and intentions, so that they can be sorted out for the benefit of the coming age; an age of universal brotherhood.

I’ve seen any number of people who carry on about how the unions, especially government workers, have too much of what too little there is. That is hardly the problem, no matter how you look at it, unless you actually believe the rich and powerful still don’t have enough and deserve more. Maybe you believe that anyone can be successful and rich if they just apply themselves and the reason they are not, is that they do not apply themselves. That’s bullshit. The bankers play with the money flow and create untenable conditions that make such a scenario more and more difficult by the day.

It’s not the unions and the entitlement programs and the demanding poor, along with the prosperous (snicker) middle class that is the problem. The problem is the blood sucking corporations who moved the manufacturing base into Third World sweat shops to maximize profits. The problem is the banks that squeeze every dime in fees they can get out of the population on which they feed and they are assisted in this by the outlaw, law makers who pocket their portion of the swag as a result. The problem is the media, which is an extension of the government, which is an extension of the corporations and banks and which spins transparent lies and discord among the populace. In other words, while you are getting the shit beat out of you, you hear, ‘who are you going to believe, me or your lying flesh’? The problem is insane wars for profit, which take the canon fodder and war expenses out of the lives and pockets of the people, who have little say in the matter and then the arms merchants, bankers and sundry rake in the swag and nothing comes back.

No capitalist system can prosper or endure for long without a prosperous middle class. This is what America ‘had’. Greed however, never loses its appetite and so the corporations eventually bought the governments, lock stock and barrel, even though they owned the majority shares to begin with.

The absolute disgrace of people making billions of dollars a year and ‘actually’ paying few, if any taxes, is a symptom of terminal illness. Without fair and able dealing, the table upon which it takes place is soon sold off for parts. Your system is a dead man walking and that is why perpetual war is the only reaction possible, for the people at the top. Meanwhile, a fascist police presence and constant over reaction, become the order of the day at home; grope fests at the airport to protect you from something that doesn’t exist, except when the government needs to stage it, in order to ratchet up the abuse, random highway stops for the citizens, while the given reason for them moves with impunity where it will.

It’s a simple process to stop the whole thing. The public simply agrees not to pay their taxes, in emulation of the ones who put them in the situation they are in and the public refuses to go to work, thereby bringing down the government. You don’t need guns and you don’t need tanks or airplanes, or you need is to stop contributing to the operating funds of the machine that is grinding you to powder, while it poisons the world in which you live. You can’t do this after you are dead. You have to do while you are still alive.

It’s simple. It’s extremely simple. The problem is that any movement that comes along to benefit the people is immediately co-opted by those oppressing them, who bribe and threaten the leaders. Maybe you could do without leaders for a little while and activate some kind of stadium wave, flash mob principle, except, instead of showing up somewhere, you don’t show up at all and instead of rising in sequential order, you don’t rise at all. Then perhaps the cosmos will lift you up? I don’t know. It’s worth a shot. Look at where you are now. Intimidation is the nature of the beast in these times. Intimidation is government and corporate policy. I suggest that an entire country that suddenly refuses to participate can be pretty intimidating too.

What follows this is that you very swiftly have to demand the dissolution of the central banks and a coming to heel for the corporations. Government power has to be limited and the original documents have to be brought back into operation. In order to do this you have to get rid of The Supreme Court and you have to, top to bottom, clean out the court system. You have to get rid of every politician who doesn’t support the public’s revolution and you have to put constraints on what’s left as well. Israel has to be cut loose completely, because it is an organized crime syndicate that’s taken control of the country(s). State rights need to become preeminent so that localities can live with what they want to live with and not what the majority prefers go elsewhere. Political correctness needs to go to the auto da fe.

Can America and the Crown Colonies accomplish this? They still think their real enemies come from a scorpion infested wilderness of tribal nomads, instead of being home grown. If you can’t accomplish it, you are screwed. You might as well make your funeral preparations now, unless the cosmos wants to step in and the cosmos is stepping in but that means; earthquakes, plagues, famines, wars and marauding bands of road warriors picking the bones of the carcass.

On the one hand, it looks like it all just has to come down and frontier justice needs to be extended to the predators. On the other hand, perhaps that’s all going to be taken care of. On the other hand, I don’t know. These are just things to think about and consider. In any case, the people who most need to read these things will never find their way here but, maybe the cosmos has plans in that regard too.

It comes down to what you can live with. It’s a matter of how much you can take. You’ve got to make up your own mind and so do your neighbors. These predators are not going to suddenly stop being what they are. That’s their nature too. Well, it’s actually a perversion upon Nature and Lady Nature is going to have something to say about that as well. I don’t know where the safe places are and I don’t know what shape it’s going to take. That’s not my department. Stop, look and listen.

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A.Mouser said...


Your words are like the careful strokes of a master's brush.

Thank you Les.


Gypsy said...


Okay, here is 7 minutes and 48 seconds that summarises EXACTLY where we are.

I know we are bombarded by articles and videos proclaiming the truth. I have spent 4 years studying everything related to the truth on the net. The above 7:48 video is the maximum amount of true information per second I have found in a very, very long time.

Although this video does not address zionist fractal banking as the controlling force by the false jew khazarians over every aspect of the world, it does succeed in identifying exactly where we are and how we got here.

Watch this and listen to every single word. It is all true and each statement is backed up by information on the internet. Best would be for everyone to go and do their own research.

But if you don't have all the hours to spend on private research at least watch this video. The second half of the video is perhaps the best part.

Frank said...

There is only one answer . The software ( our ego beliefs )is designed so that our world is shitty and can only be undone with spiritual assistance, which is happening at present .
It needs a change of Mind to see with our spiritual vision and that the physical world offers us nothing .
In fact there are only two choices - if you look to the physical world for safety you will always be disappointed in the end . If you look to 'Spirit', for want of a better word, you are at least halfway out of our Mind prison.

Anonymous said...

colonialist recipes
in falsified dreams
on deceptive type messages
doom likes to feed
the deeds of in turmoil
distrust and despair
with mercenary actions
of no one does care
the road into hell
in a passage of hate
of the colonialist mindset
a fractured mind state
psychosis of consciousness
cut by the root
in the feud of the self
in delusions false fruit


Anonymous said...

Zionists... False jew khazarians...

To paraphrase Slick Willy, "It's the Talmud, stupid".

You can point at ugly fruits like Zionism and Usury, and the evil of the Ashkenazi converts all day long. If you keep thinking that the "Real Jews" are rabbinical/Talmudic Jews aka Pharisees (90% of Jews, and Karaites or Sadducees make up the rest, and are less evil), instead of the Essenes who are to my knowledge extinct from the physical world, you're just one of the many gatekeepers playing the "Good tree, bad fruits" game.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

but life charging wisdom
of rivers run free
swooping like eagles flight
rushing to sea
service to love
in truth thats uplifting
spinning in starlight
pulsating true living
universe sounding rythms
atune to the wonder
harmonious drawn factors
bursting like thunder
pierce through the symptoms
delusions of hate
reverberate consciously
sanctify and awake


Dr. Pangloss said...

Character Analysis

Dr. Pangloss and his philosophy are the principal focus of Voltaire’s satire. Dr. Pangloss, Candide’s tutor and mentor, teaches that in this best of all possible worlds, everything happens out of absolute necessity, and that everything happens for the best. This philosophy parodies the beliefs of Gottfried Leibniz, an Enlightenment era thinker who believed that the world was perfect and that all evil in it was simply a means to greater good.

Every twist of the plot, every new natural disaster, disease, and incident of robbery or assault in Candide is intended to prove Pangloss’s Optimism utterly absurd and out of touch with reality. Pangloss’s personal sufferings alone are more than unusually extreme. In regard to his own misfortune, Pangloss responds that it is necessary to the greater good. The result is that the philosopher appears utterly blind to his own experiences as well as the horrors endured by his friends.

Voltaire also uses Dr. Pangloss to attack what he considers useless, impractical metaphysical speculations on unknown topics. Hence the philosopher being a tutor of "metaphysico-theologo-cosmolo-nigology." Such scholars, Voltaire informs us, spend all their time talking instead of doing (note that "pangloss" means "all-tongue"). Check out the point where Candide is on the verge of death and, rather than get him water, Pangloss talks. Or the time when everyone should be cultivating the garden and Pangloss...talks. Following the earthquake, Pangloss also comforts people by…talking. Pangloss is so busy blabbing that he is unable to take good advice when it slams him in the face, namely the dervish telling him to hold his tongue.

In addition to being unrealistic, Pangloss’s way of living is impractical. Completely absorbed in theorizing, Pangloss and his student are unable to live their lives. In this sense, Voltaire seems to critique not only Pangloss’s particular philosophy of Optimism, but more broadly, his crippling absorption in philosophy in general.

Anonymous said...

harmony harmony
heather dripped feilds
sun dripping empathy
loving truth wills
evergreen glistens
whispered on scent
of flowers and star beams
engaging present
living life charging
like birds flying sky
rising true living
uplifting through life
medicine reaching
weaving potency
consciousness drifting
the plains to the sea


Neko Kinoshita said...

“Some seek to evade and appease Draconian oppression; hoping it will find their fellows before it finds them.”

That hits kinda close, but I don’t think it’s a fair assessment of what I’m doing over here.
Make no mistake if “The Machine” points its attention at you, it will chew you right up, unless you have been singled out for special dispensation by the cosmos.

The real challenge seems to be deflection, and keeping out of its sights. There are weak spots, and the machine can be fought, but make no mistake, open defiance is only the last statement your gonna make.

“Intimidation is the nature of the beast in these times. Intimidation is government and corporate policy.”

Absolutely, and an emotional reaction to it is playing a rigged game their way.

Guidance is not yet, but I know it will come. Trust in the love, and control of self will lead to the required outcome.

Watching the rising sun peaking through the clouds in the cul-de-sac,


wv: dailart - (Contraction: Daily art) "Reading Petri and listening to a selection of Les's music is my dailart."

Anonymous said...

Brother Vis,
I admire the democrat minions who had the courage to step away from a rigged game in Wisconsin, the result showed the iron fist within the velvet glove that is appearing daily and becoming an all out assault upon the common man throughout the world. Humanitarian mission in Libya? right, it must be doublespeak for depleted uranium munitions.

wv inest- tptw must have forgot the "c"

Thomas said...

Right on, Les. Thanks :)

regarding perfection:
I believe that everything that is, IS and WAS CREATED BY the One Innefable. What can it be, then, if not utterly perfect?

Does Earth not serve perfectly as a filter for spiritual sludge and deluge, while also separting the purer forms of positive and negative, and, having this function, could it be otherwise?

The black mages, carving up innocent little smooth-skinned children, doing the "reading-the-innards" dance, choking them and destroying their small openings with bloated slimy cocks, waving their lascivious tongues in the fear- and pain-crackling air, eyes uprolled in satanic ecstasy... Are they not perfect in their role as the negative polarity, which is required for existence? Perfect in their depravity?

The demonic entities, are they not merely predators, like the lion slaying prey on the savannah? Are they not also perfect in their nature?

I don't like saying these things, but it is how I look at it...

The Creator blooms, in all I see, and spring is doubtlessly perfect, to me.

Much Love to Everyone

Anonymous said...

Hey Gypsy,
Couldn't pull up the video using the url provided.
Please identify the video by name or user account or embed the link.

DumbGoyNot said...

Dear Gypsy,

Thank you for recommending the video, I watched it and I wish every adult in the world would somehow have occasion to watch it because if they did it would change everything. But you and I know that isn't going to happen. This may seem like it's off the subject but it's not:

Before Jesus' murder the Talmud was never written into text, it was memorized by the rabbis and their students. After Jesus' murder it was written into text. The instant Jesus died the religion of Talmudism/Judaism came under an extremely powerful curse in the spirit realm which gave it an anointing by Satan for being the vehicle of world conquest. Initially the Talmud was disseminated by apostate Jewish rabbis who were true descendants of the patriarch Judah who was one of Jacob's twelve sons (from whom descended the twelve tribes of Israel). The rabbis were true Hebrews in other words, which weighed against them in the sight of Satan because their Hebrew genetics would cause them to have an affinity for the truth and for a love of God. So they were later (740 A.D.) displaced by Khazar/Ashkenazi Jewish rabbis who had no such Hebrew genetics. With advent of the Khazar Ashkenazis came the invention of the term 'Jewish' because they weren't true Jews but they supplanted them, copied them, wanted to be like them, adopted their religion, etc. They referred to themselves as 'Jew-ish' and continue to do so to this day.

Satan handpicked (culled) Ashkenaz (Genisis 10:3) to father the tribe of the Ashkenazis because he, more than any human being before him, had the attributes most suited to kingdom of darkness purposes, attributes such as little or no conscience, lack of empathy toward others, an affinity for the deception/exploitation of others, a sense of entitlement, fervent retention of unforgiveness, affinity toward cruelty and hatred, affinity toward greed, affinity toward self importance/exaltation, etc., attributes which are inherent in all of his descendants (obviously). This coupled with the fact that they are empowered by Satan for the purpose of world conquest makes them a truly evil presence in this world (as the video clearly points out). To give you an idea of the magnitude of it Jesus himself twice referred to them as the Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9 & Revelation 3:9).

As for the video, I wish I could share the author's belief that the truth movement is going to ignite a revolution that will throw off the shackles of Jewish control over our nations, but there are prophecies of scripture that foretell events that are quite dismal in that regard. Those prophecies are there not as any sort of discouragement but as a warning so that we can prepare for what's coming (i.e. preparing spiritually and mentally more so than physically). The Ashkenazi's existence will culminate with a supreme leader from amongst their ranks who will embody and fulfill the Satanic anointing on Talmudism/Judaism. Scripture refers to him as the Beast. Christian prophecy and theology refer to him as the Antichrist. He will make life hell on earth for anyone who opposes him and his agendas.

Here's a list of some of those prophetic scriptures I mentioned: Daniel 7:7-8, Daniel 7:19-25, Daniel chapters 11 & 12, Matthew 24:3-31, 2 Thessalonians 2:2-11, 1 John 2:18, Revelation 6:9-11, Revelation 13:1-18, Revelation 17:10-13.

Gypsy said...


Anonymous said...

"Jewish (zionist, freemason) crimes against humanity"

Avops said...

Wow Les,

As I was reading this post, a vision came upon me......... all the peoples of the world sitting around with smiling faces doing...... absolutly nothing!

Not buying, not selling, not fighting wars, not hating, not working....just enjoying the day and having pleasant conversation with their neighbors!

Imagine the effect that would have on the forces of evil! Their flow of money and power cut off by the simple act of doing nothing!

Let us all call for a world week of doing nothing!!!

lol...........damn, I must have been dreaming.

wv: bills - how the JPTB stop us from doing nothing!

Anonymous said...


The demonic entities, are they not merely predators, like the lion slaying prey on the savannah? Are they not also perfect in their nature?

The meddling demonic entities are more akin to sick, cannibalistic mice than any Natural predator.

Also, these 'black magi' are not powerful at all - they merely have Material influence - in Spiritual level they are like bloated balloons full of hot air.

You should work harder on eliminating your Attachments.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

snake sage,I dont know if you was talking about me there,but no its not just the zionist or jew,america is also a colonialist state over run by europeans who enslaved the african and ethnicly cleansed the native indian same as australia also africa,india would of been aswell and all of them other little islands dotted around everywhere else..
the colonialist settlements cover the entire world,the jew or false jew may of financed the colonialism but the european followed suit and ethnicly cleansed the locals or enslaved them....

the whole world is in psychosis, poisoned,the poison needs to be extracted before the healing takes place,

anyway peace neil

Anonymous said...

Mary Croft's 97 page book about how to take back your sovereignty from the government looks like a game changer to me.Read it at "
Also of note is John Harris video at google-John Harris-"It's an illusion" talk at the Stoke "Lawful Rebellion" Conference.

Thank you Visible for what you do.

est said...


decided to do nothing today

so that's exactly what i did

slept real late barely woke

hardly ate drank or smoked

did not buy nor did i sell

no eye of the needle or eternal hell

didn’t conceive a child today

nor plant a tree or act in a play

didn’t save the world in any way

except for the peace in my heart

Thomas said...

Thank you Snake Sage for your reply.

Let me state that I know nothing, but I state what I believe to be the truth.

Thus, we are simply of differing oppinion. My attachments are not my current area of working, but of course, there is ALWAYS work to be done, in any sphere of ones inner.

all the best :)

Devil's Advocate said...


I'm going to play the part of Rothschild's (I mean the devil's) advocate.

Sir Evelyn, what we want here is a simultaneous meltdown of the American dollar and the Euro. In the panic over the coming real economic loses, it will be easy to introduce your RR's (Rothschild Reserve notes).


We have 500 million dollars of (authenticated) gold bullion in our BIS bank in Switzerland. We will convince the public the RR's are a gold back cuurency as opposed to fiat - but we will not tell the public it is only fractionally backed at 10,000:1. What the plebians don't know won't hurt them heh, heh.

Even the Chinese will convert to RR's because they will lose 60% of the value of their American trillions if they don't. To make the conversion to RR's more believable we will require ALL currencies in the world to accept a 7% across the board devaluation.

We are having George Soros laying out the plan now in April at his invitee-only world economic conference.

Our banks in Switzerland including the BIS and World Bank will work with our IMF to enable the world conversion to RR's by the 1st of July 2011.

The threatened shutdown of the American government and the growing dislike of the Federal Reserve combined with the implosion of the Euro, as we had planned when we created it, are right on time.

Once we implement your RR's we will squeese Iran with global boycots until it capitulates. Our spies in Cuba and Sudan indicate they will accept the RR's before the year end. Assassination of Khadafi has been approved by you and a rogue mininuke is planned within a fortnight which will terminate Mummuar permanently. As agreed, Mossad will carry out the extraction and lay a blame trail back to Hamas.

Once the RR's are in place there will be nothing in your way to do with the world exactly as you desire and please, to an even greater extent than you have done before.

I might add, congratulations are in order Sir, you and your family have succeeded in defacto taking over the world in less than 300 years.

Your great great great great grandfather Bauer from Frankfurt would be so proud of how his little scam, of printing more chits than he had gold entrusted to him, has lead his progeny to be the true rulers of the world.

You and Jakob have done it sir!

Anonymous said...

all I would say to mr rothschild is anything he now touches will fail,so maybe it would be better for him to do nothing at all,or better still renounce his sadisticly collected wealth and come clean on the abuse he and his cronys have subjected the world too,

up to you mr rothschild


Anonymous said...

nHi Les and Family,

It is a fact that 98% of the wealth of this world is in the hands of less than 2% of the population. Mostly bankers and old royal $$$. This in it self screams of scam and unbalance.

Prophecy is a lie and can be proven to be altered to their agenda. Read the book "Union Jack" it will blow your mind. Think about it they have been ruling for thousands of years with their spin doctors always working. The bible over the years has been changed like it was part of an olympic telephone game. The counsule of Nicea changed it, King James removed all references he didn't like, the Scofeild is a new spin. Why wouldn't they mess with the bible they have no qualms puking out major BS in our MSM. They are profesional conartist like their master " the father of lies" as well as pretty good murderers. Check the book out. You can find it on 4shared.

May God bless those who he wills to and Les I sure hope you are one of those. Keep shining the truth. Your service is greatly appreciated and you have made me laugh so hard sometimes I cryed. I don't laugh much any more. So thanks man!

traveller36 said...

Hej Les and all,
Thank you for your words that keep on reminding me that I need to keep going deeper?/higher? in search of the divine. That is the only comfort I have nowadays knowing that the divine has it all under control.

Thanks for the music... I love it .... I am alive, alive I tell.

Much love from sverige


WV: ambilu - as in ambitious lu(v) .. hhmm maybe not quite.

neal said...

Maybe sometimes we can only stand our ground by wandering poor through the waste places, seeing as the safe spots are becoming more someplace down the road, or the road, rather than a place that tends to stay put for awhile.

Where we are, in the high places, the coyotes and wolves and foxes speak in big pictures, and the rest get caught up in the details, and miss the full impact of the story being told. It's only natural, they are trying to hang on to us, and we are only hanging on the wind, such as it is, with all the extra isotopes and fireballs, lately.

We are not what you think, neither are you, and if you want a place to be, you can't stay you- it is a wonderful thing to behold.

Anonymous said...

"If you can’t accomplish it, you are screwed."

Remove the first five words of that sentence and you could have had a three word petri dish, and I would venture a say most reading here would agree. Like you said the ones that need it won't be reading it anyway. As I've said a number of times human flesh and blood can't fight inter-dimensional beings. This is a prison planet and we are the unfortunate inmates. Without divine intervention there is no extrication. The best the aware individual can do is DON'T PLAY THE GAME. If present trends continue most of the zombies will be living in the park or waring a FEMA tee shirt. Maybe then they will wake up, when it is too late. I'll do what I can not to be with them.


Anonymous said...

"On the one hand, it looks like it all just has to come down and frontier justice needs to be extended to the predators. On the other hand, perhaps that’s all going to be taken care of. On the other hand, I don’t know."

And on the gripping hand...

DumbGoyNot said...

Dear Snake Sage,

One of my first thoughts after reading your 'words of wisdom' was that you are a Jewish shill who has been assigned the task of stirring the pot into a state of confusion. But that may not be the case at all, It could simply be a case of you being someone who is misinformed albeit wanting to try to impress someone with your 'knowledge.' You wrote:
If you keep thinking that the "Real Jews" are rabbinical/Talmudic Jews aka Pharisees (90% of Jews, and Karaites or Sadducees make up the rest, and are less evil), instead of the Essenes who are to my knowledge extinct from the physical world, you're just one of the many gatekeepers playing the "Good tree, bad fruits" game.

So your above word of wisdom has to do with your 'knowledge' on the subject eh? Sometimes I'm amazed at how some people are willing to speak as authorities on subjects they have absolutely no understanding about. For your information the Essenes were true Hebrew Jews who were descended from the patriarch Judah the same as Jesus, Peter, Paul, Mark, Matthew, Luke and John were. The peoples of today's true Israel on the other hand have nothing to do with the tribe of Judah (which has been dispersed and bred out of existence just as you say), but has everything to do with the ten lost tribes of Israel (NOT Judah) who were dispersed from the Assyrian captivity into SW Asia, then Europe, then the British Isles. If you don't believe it I suggest you try to find a copy of a book titled "America B.C." by Barry Fell. He shows pictures of detailed maps that were recovered by archaeological expeditions, pictures of artifacts with Hebrew writing on them (which most of the archaeologists who were studying about it were referring to as 'Celtic' writings), and ships logs containing historical accounts of Hebrew (i.e. Celtic) expeditions into the Americas. If you really want to know who the true 'God's Chosen People' are go find a copy of America B.C., then find a copy of 'The Thirteenth Tribe' by Arthur Koestler and compare the info and see what you come up with. And while you're at it do some research into the background of the Celts who are the true Israel (i.e. the Anglo-Saxon tribes and their descendants). Then maybe a few months from now after you have researched all that you could come back to this forum and try to offer something of value.

Anonymous said...

Its not guna happen visible while the JEWS have control of your wallet and mind.People won't act upon it,as it goes against the grain of who they think they are.
That includes the awaken.

walter washco said...

Hi Lis.
Great post.
Gypsy your youtube video is a sorry piece of hateful lies!

Redneck said...

"On the one hand, it looks like it all just has to come down and frontier justice needs to be extended to the predators."

I think this is the only thing they know. And the only thing that will stop them. But who knows.

G.Scholar said...


What sentence or word in the video is untrue.

Please give one example.

I myself would substitute the words "khazarian zionists" each time the narrator uses the word "jew" - otherwise the historical content and the information presented are 100% true.

What in that video is untrue?


Telaviv video from yesterday said...


First we have the most moral army in the world killing women and children with white phosphorous.

Now we have the only democracy in the middle east calling their immigrants alcoholics, thieves and rapists.

"After we saw all the damage caused by zionism through the creation of the state of israel in 1948, and we realised it would not be possible to save it, I talked with the UN chief and gave the order to 'pull it' and we watched the country of israel collapse." Unlucky Larry

miss liberty said...

go back to europe you khazarian impostors. there's no room for filtthy baby-killing occupiers in the new middle east, the lions are finally awake, israHELL beware.

Anonymous said...

go Lv!. This one strikers me as the political face of your diamond. you've got my vote.


Anonymous said...

The Egyptians must completely end their puppet subjugation under USrael. That will involve the complete opening of the Egypt-Gaza border and the extension of every kind of help by Egypt to their arab brothers and sisters in Gaza and the Westbank.

The truth is that for Egypt to really be free, the experiment of the Rothschildean puppet state of israel must end and the land be given back to the Palestinians from whom it was illegally stolen in 1948 Nakba.

Anonymous said...

weave of thunder
howling forces
lifting sounds
on gathered sources
waves of equal
springtime fresh
dressing flowers
lovings nest
a breath of starlight
lightning roar
freedoms power
wind of four
expressing living
sunlight tipped
shaking west
stir and shift


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Glamour and the Ghost Cities of the Moon.

Namron7 said...


Thanks for the link to your video.

Now, what do you think about what the 'peace-loving' Nazis did to the Gypsies?

I guess that was OK, too.

Anonymous said...

What did the khazarian zionist hating Nazis do to the gypsies?

Miriam said...

A little humor here:

Come on, you know you think this vid is funny....

Anonymous said...

2 things;

1) Our very belief systems are what need changing, not a return to whatever (constitution this, states rights that, etc)

Believing you can 'own' something is beaqstial and unenlightened.

2) Nature is a fractured mess created by the choatic vacuum left when Yin and Yang are opposed instead of parts of a whole.

Mother Nature is a Bitch, not something to be admired.

Visible said...

anarchists and spelling challenged iconoclasts through door #6

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The King of Hell and 'points in Hell' for the Damned.



Joseph Brenner

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