Monday, April 11, 2011

Soundtrack for a Petri Dish

One of the readers was kind enough to post the link to this piece of cultural brilliance at my Zio-book page yesterday and I know how culture starved the reader is, here in these grim ass-end moments of the Fall of Empire, so I thought I’d use it as a sort of keynote icon for the totality of all we receive from the coffers of the gifted and inspired, who rightfully keep us from among their ranks, because otherwise, there goes the neighborhood.

You’ll note that this trenchant and masterful work of neo-Renaissance poetry and music has nearly a hundred million hits on Youtube and who can say that is undeserved? Who can doubt that The Aquarian Age is at last in bloom? Not only are the lyrics and music woven together like Damon and Pythias, but the presentation by one of the coming vocal impresarios of our time, wants to cause the soul to leap from the body and throw itself in front of a Peterbilt, ghost lorry on some level of the astral plane. The soul must die in the face of such awesome artistry. That is the destiny of all life, when faced with penultimate expressions of what is possible for us, when celestial powers channel through the human form.

It’s things like this that grant me true humility and the recognition that my own efforts and those of the other poseurs, presently operating here, are like dust in the face of eternal sunlight. It is so much easier now, to let go of my own pretensions and embrace the essence of what the world actually seeks and gains true satisfaction from. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before Pavarotti rises from the dead to offer his own, mean effort in respect of this stunning statement of deathless beauty and enduring hope. We are all of us, peasants in squalor before the wonder of this work.

This seems to be the new trend with hip hop producers finding Wonder Bread non talent because that’s where the money is; witness Justin Bieber, the animated wax works. I want to say something here about the nature of evil; you can call it ‘milking the de-evolutionary trend’, if you prefer, because one is a force and the other is a process of it. The point is to retard your progress to a higher understanding by the undertow drag of a reverse pull. They do it with entertainment, most media, diet and whatever lazy forms they come up with for your daily workout; power walking in the mall comes to mind. I don’t know if they call it that; doesn’t matter.

This is the nature of evil in our times and it all has to do with attention and what it’s given to. Haven’t you heard that this is the information age? So, you control the information and you’ve got the consciousness; a sort of ‘grab the gonads and the mind will follow’. Youth worship has always been a factor but genuinely stupid youth worship has made amazing strides. What this does is put youth into a lockstep toward confinement, in simple newspeak, double-speak prisons of contradictory terms that appear perfectly rational given constant repetition.

What they do is shoehorn the unformed consciousness of pre pubescent youth into molds of actuated desire, which kills the higher instincts and promotes, simultaneously, license and guilt. They’re formulated into bite sized treats of scrumptious possibility and this works on the adult mind, to create even more guilt and myriad workings out of entrapment scenarios that contain no bite sized treats. This feeds the private prison industry, along with the use and sale of euphoric substances that put the usual pharmaceuticals to shame. In the meantime they make the world such a dreary place that escape becomes an imperative.

As I’ve said many times, the reason that alcohol is legal and socially approved, is because it panders to the lowest passions in the human estate. It also feeds the violent side of the psyche, while promoting incredible amounts of guilt that shackle the human soul in a morass of despair. You might think this is all about soulless corporations and the dark side of the controlling mechanism but this is as old as time and it’s been engineered and operated in cultures long forgotten since. There is a war on for the possession of the most enduring of human treasures. That’s all it is about.

When it gets to the point it is at now, here, or at any other time, the cosmos steps in because the general population of genus humanus, is off to the races in the worst of all possible wrong directions and everything then; culture, Nature and every other attendant force or condition you can think of, goes out of balance. Balance is the absolute concern of the cosmos. Balance includes both the good and the evil, often masquerading as each other, but a point comes where dark industries begins to predominate over and swallow the light and that means trouble, big trouble is coming, in order to restore that balance. Just like it says on that bus kiosk map, “You are here”.

The reality of this is as plain as day to the impartial or objective viewer. It’s even becoming evident to the subjective consciousness. We’ve only been playing patty-cake up to this point. The hammer is going to come down big time shortly. I can see that song playing out of street reinforced hummers in some kind of Escape from New York scenario; oh yeah, they don’t make hummers anymore. Well that means they’ll be making another version soon enough.

Silver is about to kick J.P. Morgan’s ass. J.P. Morgan, as you probably know, is a Rothschild front bank. All kinds of interesting acts and operations are going on behind the curtain at the moment and the most self assured and arrogant minds among us are plotting the future, from out of the wreckage of the moment. If only everything else would cooperate, surely they could get it together and stage a new revival of The Gospel of Wealth. What is coming though, is more accurately titled, The Gospel of Pain and Loss.

Oh well... no signs of a massive transformation in the general consciousness yet. Glenn Beck’s been axed from his Fox show but that was from a Little Georgie Sorrows move. The audience at Fox, for their demagogic lineup, is steadily dropping and that’s got to mean something. Are people waking up? A reduction in the audience at Fox Industries would surely be a sign.

Like you, I go through my days with an eye on my own thoughts, words and deeds and an eye on the big picture show. Passover is coming and that most definitely means that Israel is feeling particularly bloody at the moment. Whenever a religious holiday comes up, they get in gear to kill a lot of people. You see, it’s a religious experience for them. That’s why it happens on their religious holidays, because they can get into the things that take them to their most transcendent states. The killing of women and children is not the result of accidental or even callous disregard for life. You can say it’s not hard to hit someone in the most populous place on Earth; made that way by the relentless theft of their former living spaces. You can say that collateral damage is inevitable, when you squeeze human beings into an ever shrinking ghetto but the fact is that they enjoy killing women and children. They do it for pleasure and they do it for sport and they have proven this many times.

Well, all sorts of things are coming up now and every day brings us closer to them; acts of bestial insanity against whoever, wherever, acts by Nature in a Jack in the Box sort of a way, acts in finance that manifest unendurable pressures upon the majority or the planet, acts of immeasurable hypocrisy and boundless cruelty are inevitable given the state of the world at the hands of the shapers, who are only shaping for so long as they are allowed to and that clock is ticking.

I’m wishing all of you good fortune in riding this out; this amusement park ride called Push to Shove. Inevitably, pressed beyond endurance, major forces activate the globe over and then we’ll see what’s what and what is not. Well, we won’t actually see what is not anymore because it will be gone.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Color Ball by Les Visible♫ Persephone ♫
'Persephone' is track no. 7 of 12 on Visible's 2007 album 'Color Ball'
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Color Ball by Les Visible

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Go Dog Poet! said...

Thank you Les for your post - you never disappoint.

10 April 2011:

The EPA has disclosed that Hawaii's milk contains 2033% the maximum radiation amount allowed in drinking water.

If Michael Rivero actually lives and broadcasts from Hawaii (not Tel Aviv) why has he not reported this?

Just askin'.

Unknown said...

Les I totally agree with what you are saying but my teenage son says the reason that girl Rebecca Black got so many hits on youtube was to see how shite she actually was and slag her off. Have a look at most of the comments under it and they are not pleasant.

I agree that most of the rubbish being passed off as music and talent now is mind blowing but I have also noticed that when a really good song eventually comes out it nearly always tops the charts for weeks because people are attracted to talent and beautiful sounds.. A pleasure reading your posts as always.

Notachicklet said...

That song "Friday" you linked to was TERRIBLE. It was so bad I couldn't bear to watch the whole thing even as just 'information' - I had to turn it off in the middle.
Why did you subject us to such a horrible music link? Yuk!
Next time just say the song was absolutely terrible and leave it at that. No link required. We will believe you.(grin)

Anonymous said...

the shere awesomeness of that masterful presentation was just to much for me,I had to turn it off after 2 minutes....

respects and thankyou for all you do mr visibles....neil

fiona said...

The song is no doubt on a musical level devoid but on another level it personifies for me what is happening e.g. most of the planet is living for fridays e.g. the rest of the week they are doing things they hate and can't wait for the fun to start! It's a real shame, understatement, because we are in the garden of eden, with destination anywhere and yet the majority are just surviving, clinging on to fridays, or eternal after life or whatever their 'joy' is...meanwhile we are eternal beings having a human experience, with light at our fingertips.

gurnygob said...

"Why did you subject us to such a horrible music link"

I agree Les Why subject to such pain?
I had a feeling things were going to pick up a little today. I think I will just go shoot my self.
I know it was for are own good but
no more links like that Les, please,
please, please. I promise to be good. (grin)


How would you like these people as your next door neighbors? said...

On this very day (April 8th) since 41 years the Israeli air force struck the village of Bahr el-Baqar – an Egyptian small village near Suez Canal. The raid resulted in the total destruction of an elementary school full of school children.

Five bombs and 2 air-to-ground missiles struck the single-floor school. Of the 130 school children who attended the school, 46 were killed, and over 50 wounded, many of them maimed for life. The school itself was completely demolished.

That tragic day marked the first encounter of the Egyptian people with the brutality and the indiscriminate aggression of the Israelis that targeted the innocent and unarmed civilians. This air raid demolished not only the school building but also the remains of any hopes for Israel to be seen as a friendly neighbor state. From then on Israel was the absolute enemy in the eyes of every average Egyptian.

This terrorist attack on the innocent Egyptian school children has been deeply engraved in the memory of all Egyptians. And to make sure that no one forgot what Israel had done on that day, Egyptians made April 8th a mourning day for the killed school children of Bahr el-Bakar to be commemorated every year for the last 41 years.

Now we can understand why the Egyptian people tore down and burned the israeli flag a few days ago.

zu said...

Divinely inspired, all of it.

Even the "music" video. It serves its purpose beautifully.

Thanks, Visible. Now, off to cleanse the auditory palate......


Visible said...

Easiest thing in the world to turn something off and I seriously doubt that hit count has to do with people coming to see how bad it is or that all the good new songs always get played on the radio. There hasn't been anything but garbage for almost two decades.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Description of fermenting drivel in Petri dish noted.

No time right now, too distracted.

Maybe Later,


wv: lasto - The latest in food preservation from Ronco! Use Lasto, and you fresh fruit and veggies will avoid spoilage for as long as a McDonald's hamburger!
(Sorry, it just triggered.)

Unknown said...

Who the feck is Justin Bieber?

Never mind. I'll google it. I must say, I don't think I've ever heard anything by 'im, though. I'm inclined to keep it that way.

Oh, give me the old Celtic folk songs, any time. Sorry. I'm biased that way. (I also like Enya and Geoff Tate.)

abe said...

Good shit Les. Reminds me of the time i was a bit younger. Used to like Rage against the machine - now it just seems like controlled opposition repeating worn out Noam Chumpsky talking points with some power chords in the background.

I get the uneasy feeling that many of those hits are from grown men who don't give ahit one way or the other about the "quality" of the song.

As you said Les - nothing but social engineering. They even had a popular tv show about internet chatroom sting ops - probably for conditioning us into finding arrest without crime acceptable. As long as the intent was dirty enough, who needs an actual crime to be committed, right?

I hate to pester on about it, but I'd like to relink the youtube video from the other thread showing elie weasel without his aushwitz tattoo:

This SHOULD be big news, but it won't be.

Rock'n'roll said...

Arcade Fire
Linkin Park
Kings of Leon

Well there's a three exceptions to the rule.

But you're basically right it has been a veritable wasteland musically for two decades.

Why is that?

Did something artistic die in the collective music consciousness?


It Absolutely Must Be said...

”For example, its April 2 assault was preemptive, Israel unjustifiably claiming three Hamas members killed were “planning to kidnap Israelis over the upcoming Jewish” Passover.

Doing so constituted cold-blooded murder, extrajudicial assassinations “in which Israel, the occupying power, acted as judge, jury and executioner, issuing allegations for which it offered no evidence, after it had already carried out the death sentence. Under international law, this is a war crime.”

War crime.


Nayon said...

Darn Les, now you've ruined it for us all aspiring musicians and poets, the bar is way too up for us to even dream about it. (sad grin)

Seems like a recuring theme though, working for the weekend, and this is what it sounded like 30 years ago:

Love to all

WaitingOntheWoo said...

mr vis,

You are truly the narrator of the apocalypse and an agent of the quickening. The radio show was fantastico.

thanks for the boost!

Anonymous said...


WaitingOntheWoo said...

"....wants to cause the soul to leap from the body and throw itself in front of a Peterbilt, ghost lorry on some level of the astral plane. The soul must die in the face of such awesome artistry."

This is terrifying! I feel like I have been assaulted. How, I'm not sure...kind of like the shock you have after being assaulted I would imagine.
Another you tuber summed it up rather strikingly as well...
he said "this song is ass".
a comment that I think stands on its own.

Anonymous said...

Back in the 60's we had bubble gum music which was a good way to induce vomiting. But now it doesn't sound so bad. Smile.

Visible said...

That is a positive note, everything sounds better by comparison.

Pond Owl said...

Ah, yes, Rage against the Machine....such good taste Abe.

I've always really enjoyed Soundgarden. It's rock n'roll with soul. Tool is pretty good, it's like metal with intelligence. I also like Audioslave, the band that formed from Chris Cornell(Soundgarden)and members of Rage against the Machine. I wouldn't know of any good rock music from the past few years, I haven't been paying attention.

Any kind of cultural world music is always a winner for me. Doesn't matter where from or what style, I like many styles. It is always rich and authentic. The other day I was enjoying a reggae song. But world music has nothing to do with America now does it. In America you get lots of pop candy teeny bopper crap that is ridiculous, country music that is dumbed down and a far cry from the good and real country music that was made decades ago, and too much gangsta rappa shit that just goes on and on about who their gonna kill and how much money their going to make before they die.

About a year ago I pulled up to a stoplight to a guy in a SUV with his windows down and my windows were down too. He was playing some sort of metal. I listened. The lyrics went like this....

(shouting with furious anger and might here)

Of course the vocalist was being sarcastic with the lyrics

That one gave me a grin and a charge(grin)

Josh in North Carolina

amarynth said...

That! can only be described as 'the bleating of the sheep', excepting, in the ealy morning real sheep sound way way better.

I look at what these men are doing to find deep peace within themselves,

and then my heart breaks for the young women that feature in that inane and dumb-making and ear assaulting video. They do not know!

Emmanuel said...

That fucking shit is the stuff that is on Disney and Nickelodeon channels. As a parent to young 12 and 8 year old girls, I try to monitor their exposure to crap such as that. I don't believe that total censorship is the answer because that usually produces the opposite reaction of the intent. My hope is that they come to their own sense of good taste. I trust that they will. Looking back as a kid my generation had the equivalent of this corporate created commercial bubble gum pop. Similiar lyrics just a different beat and production. I tell them that we are all artists. Every single person is an artist. You create your life to the extent of your choices and reactions to that which you are dealt. Your life is your art. Make it a beatiful one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les.

Please give this a listen.

I guess you can find beauty in almost anything in this world if you look hard enough. Play loud on good speakers. That track gives me goosebumps.

Hmmm said...

This is the weirdest fast food, lost material world video I've ever seen.

On Saladin's blog. 16:09. Really bizarre.

Sort of a Roger Rabbit meets western corporatism on steroids.

As Brad Pitt's partner in the film Seven states just before opening the box with Gweneth Paltrowski's head:

"I don't know. I just don't know..."

Visible said...


Just to let you know, a lot of the time I can't see the videos that are linked here because they aren't allowed in my country for copyright concerns. I did see the conscious men video. I'd say, more than half the time this happens.

guntommy08 said...

They can have their Bubblegum and fizzy drink music if that's what they really want (Freedom of choice) I'll take the Floyd brain food thank you very much.
Food for the Brain:

bholanath said...

I swear I didn't know about this planet before I signed up...!

Any way to get yer head around this?:
8 Million Dog Mummies

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel
Sometimes I feel ... like I've been tied to the whippin’ post
Tied to the whippin’ post
Tied to the whippin' post
Good Lord I feel like I'm dyin'

Anonymous said...

always ever
ever be
heather feilds
in spring time breeze
sun blessed tips
of meadow flowers
lifting all
the scent empowers
shining stars
and moon lit nights
living hearts
filled with light
flying wingtip
riding storms
turning changing
allways all


F*ck you Evelyn with a said...

AFRICOM's General Ham:
"Many of the troops involved in the Libya strikes are preparing to go to Iran or Afghanistan"
by Cynthia McKinney

Read it again and note what two countries are mentioned as the troop's destinations.

IRAN and Afghanistan.

That quote was made today Monday the 11.04.2011.

But how can that be?

Nothing has happened YET that justifies the declaration of war on Iran.

But the troops are ALREADY assigned to go and fight there.

How can they know the future?

Simple. An engineered or so called 'false flag' event is ALREADY planned in the very near future (read days) that will allow the US to formally declare war on Iran.

That is the only way the above quote can make any sense.

So when you hear from the MSM that the Iranian Royal Guard is pulling premature babies out of incubators and murdering them on the cement floor or that the Iranian Royal Guard has attached the Saudi Arabian forces who are killing peaceful muslin pro-democracy protestors in Bahrain:


"Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor."

Isn't that something we want to believe in?

F*ck you Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and all your minions, f*ck you with a donkey's dick as you sit in the City of London and play your global chess game of zionist fascism.

You Evelyn Bauer are directly responsible for every single death you are causing, men women and children. Shame on you. May God damn you.

Dan said...

Hello Les and everyone,

I was thinking about the things you've been writing lately and an idea popped in my head. Nothing really to do with your post but I felt compelled to share it here. I dislike the people responsible for much of the suffering in our world but I wouldn't know them if I passed them in the Airport. It would be nice if someone with the means could produce and distribute Playing Cards with their picture and a short bio. They might be called "Shunning Cards" so we would know who to shun if the opportunity presented itself. Of course some may go further but thats to be expected with all the fear created in the masses today. "Power cedes nothing without demand" or something to that effect.


amarynth said...

There is a way around that. Download Tor Browser Pack for Firefox. It will be a little slower than normal browsing but you will be able to see most everything.

You do not need it for everyday browsing, just when you need to see something that you cannot see - fire up Tor Browser and you can see what you want to see mostly.

Visible said...

The Allman Brothers remain one of my favorite all times and Whipping Post is at the top of the list.

Anonymous said...

swirling clouds
stirring oceans
riding rivers
turning motions
lifting mountains
growing trees
weaving wonder
swirling breeze
pulsating sources
drawing moments
drawn in time
on opened focus
potent potions
vibrate free
healing loving


Visible said...

Bholanath; I wish I hadn't seen that. It only goes to show that religion is one of the worst things going.

Dan, those cards are definitely getting made from the Profiles in Evil. That's been in the cards (grin) for awhile.

Anonymous said...

"The Gospel of Pain and Loss" - Meher Baba called it "The New Life of Helplessness and Hopelessness" - and He lived it, with His companions, so that it would be/will be/easier for all of us to go through the New Life that is coming closer by the second.
He said:
"This New Life is endless this New Life is endless, and even after my physical death will be kept alive
by those who live the life of complete renunciation of falsehood, lies, hatred, anger, greed and lust,
and who, to accomplish all this, do no lustful actions, do no harm to anyone, do no backbiting, do not seek material possessions or power,
who accept no homage, neither covet honor, nor shun disgrace, and fear no one and nothing; by those who rely wholly and solely on God, and who love God purely for the sake of loving, who believe in the lovers of God and in the reality of Manifestation, and yet do not expect any spiritual or material reward, who do not let go the hand of Truth, and who, without being upset by calamities, bravely and wholeheartedly face all hardships
with one hundred percent cheerfulness, and give no importance to caste, creed and religious ceremonies.
This New Life will live by itself eternally,even if there is no one to live it."

Anonymous said...

tell you what mr visible's anything that seems to be worth watching cuts out half way through for me...snippits and slappits posted that I am israel up again earlier I love the first bit of music played on it I dont know what its called but that is beautiful...also some really good info over their if people from here havent been to see,their is a link from mr sideshows blog where there is also loads of stuff worth reading,dont know where mr rebel 4 ever is,where ever he is I hope he's ok....

anyway respects... neil

M. Rocknest (Em) said...

I think the antidote for Rebecca is in Persephone. Luckily I only took a very small dose of Rebecca but I enjoyed a full dose of Persephone. Les meant us no harm with the link ... it was just another teaching moment. And he did provide instant relief.

The "shunning" cards are a great idea, although I'm pretty sure I'll never get to turn my back on any of the players. I'd be happy to do so though, if I ever got the chance.

Anonymous said...

Heh had to put on Mozart for a while just to get a pulse again.We're all lost, some more than others, as Gurdjief said we need shocks sometimes to continue on. That was certainly one for me. Thanks Les
Mo visable

guneisti wv happiness is a warm guniesti

MelanieStone said...

Dan @ 12:40 I got a deck of cards very similar from back in 2003. A bit outdated now perhaps. I haven't visited that site for years now, so I don't know if they've updated the deck :)

Anonymous said...

soft and hard
pull and push
back and forth
sweep and swoosh
in and out
up and high
wax and wain
grand old sky
sun and moon
air and thistle
feather flower
hum and whistle
mother living
water wind
spin and brush
weaving spring


Sui Juris 249 said...

Damn Les,

Hey next time could ya put a warning that watching this could lead to decreased mental capacity and even stupidity if one is not careful, the next time ya post a link to a video like that. I think my brain is still reeling from the effects of that garbage.

Sad what they pass off as music these days.

amarynth said...

Shun Banks and Banksters
Shun Plastic Food Makers
Shun Big Pharmaceutical Drug Fakers
Shun Monsanto and its ilk
Shun those who call themselves the 'rulers of the world'
Shun all who lie and cheat and steal
Shun all who take part in war and warlike activity ...
Shun all who are unkind in any way to kids.
Who else?

Anonymous said...

If the ever changing ceases,
what at rest, or what increases,
who will open up the door,
to recreate this? All once more

why is it we hide the light
in this the darkest of the night
all the symbols perish here,
now the shadow wanders near,
always present behind the flame,
that's hidden in the dim Refrain.

Anonymous said...

feathered circle
rainbows deep
love arise
truth and peace
sweeping motions
up and high
totem lift
bloom sublime
weaving conscious
whispered still
brush the tongue
sweep and heal
swirling ocean
reach inside
hum the earth
seed of life


Miriam said...

I like world music too, it opens my heart very much and makes me happy.

Those oldies like The Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Dead, those were the days.

This non music really does have a cultural message and you don't have to listen to it for long to see the mindless life kids, well so many people of all ages, have today.

Really sad lives that revolve around repetitive days as exemplified by the repetitive words.

And look at all that GLAMOR! Part of the recipe of killing the mind and Soul.

wv: skere: pronounced 'scary' as in what is out there mascaraing as life.

Anonymous said...

Shun the animal killers.

The animal killers and their accomplices who extinguish the spark of life within hundreds of billions of innocent animals are the most insidious perpetrators of vikarma, bad karma which results in adverse reactions such as the profanity of war.

"We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form." ~William Ralph Inge

"A Robin Redbreast in a cage
Puts all Heaven in a Rage."
~William Blake, Auguries of Innocence

Living Graves - G.B. Shaw

We are the living graves of murdered beasts,
Slaughtered to satisfy our appetites.
We never pause to wonder at our feasts,
If animals, like men, can possibly have rights.
We pray on Sundays that we may have light,
To guide our footsteps on the path we tread.
We're sick of war, we do not want to fight -
The thought of it now fills our hearts with dread,
And yet - we gorge ourselves upon the dead.

Like carrion crows we live and feed on meat,
Regardless of the suffering and the pain
we cause by doing so, if thus we treat
defenceless animals for sport or gain,
how can we hope in this world to attain,
the PEACE we say we are so anxious for.
We pray for it o'er hecatombs of slain,
to God, while outraging the moral law,
thus cruelty begets its offspring - WAR.

Anonymous said...

That video is horrid.

I feel infected.

A purgative is called for.

Nayon said...

"Shun all who are unkind in any way to kids." (amarynth)

I read from a forum yesterday, two "concerned moms" discussing giving "kiddy coke" methylphenidate(Ritalin)to their 4 and 5 years old daughters, because the doc says so. I guess they're about to introduce the milk bottle version.

Thanks a million Les for a master piece radio show. Quel est vraiment cet esclave fidèle et avisé que son maître a établi pour nourrir ses enfants en temps voulus? En effet cet esclave, il l'établira sur tout son avoir. (I guess by now you must have piced up a little french) Keep on passing the food bro!

Much Love

katz said...

yea, it's Friday, Friday, Friday.....oh's Monday, Monday, monday....damn Monday sucks! :)
Thanks for the link, I almost missed it.........reminds me of "Barbi Girl", and a few other ditzi girl least it's not another Lady Gaga egg!

Anonymous said...

Your take on the young lady's song misses one point I think; what is the song about? Freedom, that's what. two whole days where I don't have to report to prison for kids. Does she show much understanding about what freedom really is? No, but the point is that the song resonates w/ the public because freedom is in the air. It feels like the mid 60s in some ways. Are the people responding getting it right? Mostly not, but the point is that, as you say, things are moving.

Anonymous said...

Took a brief look but didn't listen to that youtube thing, I thought I'd spare myself the torment. The comments there look mostly negative.

Two explanations for the view count: 1.some people actually enjoy looking at awful shit, the same way some people like a train wreck.

2. Now that utube is pwnd by google I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that they were altering the view count; I know for a FACT that google video does this. Typical wankery from google.

I admit that the machine has attempted to inculcate the masses to place value on the most inane and insipid facets of life as it defines it. I've seen people who think they have it the most 'together' and are the most wrapped up in the illusion. The greatest lessons I've had to learn these last few years were those of simplicity and the value of life, of creation. Society at large fails to grasp that the world we live in is one which places monetary/material profit over the sanctity of life. We see the results of this all around us. Meanwhile, the deluded fill their lives up with all sorts of useless dross like any of it holds any real meaning; it's only purpose is to desensitize you. Yet another thing I had to learn the hard way. Definitely looking forward to a massive (and possibly rude) awakening.

"There hasn't been anything but garbage for almost two decades."

I disagree good sir. While it's true that music nowadays is overwhelmingly rife with the kind of output that causes my ears to vomit desparately in distress, I have seen (within the last 10 years) some exceptions to the rule:

Midlake, Bowerbirds, Sunnybrook, Fleet Foxes, to name a few.

There's some good stuff out there but you won't find it so long as you wait for it to come to you. I guess this applies to lotsa things, yeah?

Les, I thought of you recently and something I once heard from Dr. Maya Angelou came to mind: "I may not always be right but I will not lie to you. I will try to be right. I won't tell everything I know, but I will try to make sure that what I say is the truth." I love her.

Something tells me this month is going to be interesting to say the least...

Anonymous said...

amarynth, TOR is hugely slow, lucky to get 56k out of it, but for the purposes of getting around location blocks for innocuous material (and that video was sooo innocuous) it's probably ok, but a word of caution about using TOR for normal anonymous web surfing. TOR is best when used within its own (fairly much) anonymous network with other TOR (.onion) sercvices. If you go to a normal www. page hrough TOR you are in effect coming out of TOR land with an exit node, which is someone elses IP. In effect a proxy. That person is therefore taking the rap potentially for your usage. That person may also be a person in authority. Unless you are going to a https page, they can see what you are doing. If they control more than 3 TOR nodes within the network they might be able to trace you, moreso if you spend more time or activity in a current session.

Les, I do have a hankering for being more positive, less judgemental and more capable of trivial fun, so to that extent I tried to get to the end of the video. I tried and failed, prefering the pianno lessons in my head and the tinnitus.

and just when I was going to ask Les about how he stopped the babble. At least this music was so inane that it did not leave and imprint on my brain that goes round and round for days (they have proven this and located the area in the brain that does it). I won't risk a second impression as it might stick and put me into don't worry , be happy mode as I fall over myself somewhere lost in a moonage (teenage) daydream oh yeah!

A renaissance of sorts in the pop arts is however something I look forward to, as it is long overdue. I hark to the early 70's, but that came out of the 60's. The corporations and race to the bottom stuffed it right up (how can you have 30 years of RAP/HipHop and call that resistance?), but centalised top 10 order did give us all a common ground, albeit prone to liquifaction and sloppiness.

its fair to compare to the good old days, come on, be honest, is there a huge difference?
Friday on My Mind, the Easybeats.

currently IPOD apps can use a video shot anywhere and compare the target to an online database and identify. you could have the profiles in evil automatically pop up when such a target is met, and broadcast the location to whom it may concern. Little Brother. it's not so far fetched. crims are said to be going to police recruitment days, and this might make under cover cops not feasible. more reason to stay in the bush though if you like privacy.

hoping to stop the babble, even for 20 minutes in a day.

Anonymous said...


My name is Max Drake. I am not afraid to hide behind
something other than my real name.
Thank-you for all of your efforts.
You have made a real difference in my life, which, by the way, bears some similarities to yours.


Santa Cruz, Ca

abe said...

Pond Owl:
I definitely dig Sound Garden - and Audio Slave (COCHISE!!)but Rage's Chomsky talking points just get a bit old. Tool is awesome and Fear Factory is BEYOND under rated. You got good taste too, but the guys in Rage, Zach especially, remind me of successful rappers who can't admit that they didn't grow up on the street, that they've never "murked" anybody, and that they ain't about to start. Monster Magnet also has some sick shit that goes beyond commercial metal.

Les: You always have the best folks sitting around your campfire. I'd envy if I weren't here myself.

est said...

where i am now
i hear geese
flying south
over head

once in a while
there is one
who has lost
his bearings

i hear it calling
out for the others
gone on ahead
not looking back

it reminds me
of all of us
'where is our leader'
'when will he come ?'

i submit that the
lonely one's not lost
he's gone on ahead
he's a tracker a scout

siamsam said...

ooh, that song made me feel all queasy. I had to take an old natural remedy.................

Anaughty Mouser said...

Tuesday 12.04.2011

Top o' the morning till you Sir.

Early bird gets the worm an all that eh?

Same shite new day I say. Not meaning your work Sir, but rather the state of this world.

"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous"

General Ham said "Iran", not Iraq, in his speech about the future destination of his Afrocom troops.

That can only mean a false flag against the Persian state, a declaration of war and the begining of the end of the world as we know it, WW3.

And no, I don't feel fine.

"This is it" said Jack to Rose as
the unsinkable boat began its final descent into the icy water.

"When she goes under kick free and swim as hard as you can away from the ship so you won't be pulled down with her".

Ladies and gentlemen: we have arrived at the infamous Titanic moment of the world. There are not enough lifeboats for everyone and most of you have thus far declined lifejackets anyway.

Remember, nobody gets out of this world alive.

Thank you for your patronage.

Signing off,


WV: ingin
Det finns ingin ting vi kan göra åt saken.
Transl. There is nothin' we can do about it.

est said...

have you ever had
an ice cube
jump out of a glass ?

i'm going to try to
catch the next one

damn that freezer
is cold

Anonymous said...

Les Visible - if you haven't seen/heard this yet - check it out

Derek Trucks (newer member of new Allman Brothers Band) - playing Punjabi music "Sahib Teri Bandi" on electric slide guitar

Visible said...

Fantastic guitar player; I've heard of him. I suppose, leaving Jimi Hendrix out because he's got to be #1 in my book, my favorite guitar players are Dwayne Allman and Al DiMeola, for different reasons.

Anonymous said...

It takes a lot of dedicated effort researching suppressed facts and hidden/twisted history, to even begin to break out of the poisoned fantasy the khazars have created over the past century or so, that the collective "we" believe is reality; up to and including Dancing With The Dimwits and We Sure Can't Obama.

Are any of those 100,000,000 going to put the work in? Suffer the discomfort of cognitive dissonance? Face the truth that EVERY government is always run by the latest crop of elected traitors, representing the international bankster gangster jews, etc etc?

Will they do the work required to see through all their Big Lies?

I hope so. Their lives are going to depend on it.

Lily said...

Antidepressant music


Anonymous said...

but with tptw terrible judgement and extreme bad luck,does mr ham and his genosidal compatriots really think they are going to get away with anything,,I mean what if one of those solar flare things were to just blast off and cause total disintegration of all electrical systems thereby initiating total failure.
also the complete crumbling of the banking infilstructure...
that would ruin them...

and we the people of the world really need to sort this japan thing out
because these money junkies,demons and their pets are completely useless.
could the radiation be held back with
a glass cover around it,or something like that,their must be a million ways of sorting this out...

anyway respects to you lot....neil

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

There's nothing new with that video. It's just a variant of "girls just wanna have fun."

Pull out a bag of Quaaludes or excellent blow and watch the party's just the way it is. I doubt that they're looking for those effete punks pictured in the video.

Too bad,

Tom frum

Thomas said...

Wow, Les, you've really overdone yourself in the last 3 posts, and sundays radio show. (In my humble opinion).

SO EFFIN' GOOD! many thanks :)

you're growing in strides, by the day, it looks like to me... I'm happy for you :)

as for what I see, things are obviously, definitely intensifying, so such that even seemingly everyday things are buildups and releases of massive tensions. Times are a'speedin' up. Every day is uniquely its own, and I thank thank thank for all that I get to do for Love and Light. Trying, intense, honing, but I'm told I'm doing fine (even to relax sometimes!). Truly, the Creator bestows many blessings on those willing to sacrifice their false attractions and let Its Love flow into/from them.

Thank you Les, always a pleasure :)

Much Love to All

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Avatar is within You.

Anonymous said...


I used to get crabby without Al DiMeola. The intensity brings up my heart more than any other. So many aren't familiar with him. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

Still playing the original LPs.

I've been trying to tell my husband about the merits of counting your blessings, but...

I'm conforted by the message I've always felt, that is so wonderfully communicated by you. And the humor is most welcome. You give me belly laughs. I don't get too many of those any more. Your analogies make it easy to feel what you're telling us.

These days, the things the rich have and do seem so cheap; like a McDoogles toy.

Many Thanks!


Scarlett said...

The "Friday" song is horrid and most people seemed to agree initially ... until everyone started saying how the young girl was being "bullied" online with negative comments. Then, suddenly, she's sympathetic and people think the song "isn't that bad". Brilliant marketing strategy to convince people to lower the standards of music (which I didn't even think possible!). In reality, she is just another spoiled, talentless, poor little rich girl who whined to her parents that she wanted to be a star and her parents agreed to buy her a music video to indulge her. What she needed was a little tough love and brutal honesty that she cannot sing and, in today's music industry, she isn't pretty enough to get buy with a lousy voice.

As for Bieber, I didn't think he was all that bad (just the Shaun Cassidy of the day ... yes, I'm showing my age!) until I read that he is in Israel for a concert and will be meeting with Nutty-yahoo and a bunch of girls who "almost" got hit with the "Hamas" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) missile that hit that school bus. Gag. But, he's an evangelical Christian and he's right on time for his Yiddish brainwashing session and, by extension, the mass brainwashing of all the "Beliebers" out there. It is utterly transparent for those whose eyes are opened. A non-event for everyone else. I'm guessing the Biebs will now have lots of love for Israel and all kinds of interesting symbols and hidden meanings in his next videos. Glad my daughter hates him.

billbo said...

Hilarious - 'milking the de-evolutionary trend' hit the nail on the head. Reminds me of when my 13-yr-old brain was sold on The Monkees, briefly (boy, that dates me). Luckily, discovering Sci-Fi & philosophy, pot & a very cool FM station out of Boston (back when there were such things), took me down a much more enlightened & adventurous path.

There has always been vapid music, like forever. From the disney-overly-romantic bile to today's courser brand of commercial whatever. Flash-in-the-pan tripe, which will never last much beyond its commercial uses.

Beyond the above, music can be a never ceasing adventure of discovery. Music can be the purest expression of depths; Exciting, fresh, enticing, enlightening, healing; It can make you weep & put goosebumps on your arms; Music can free you, raise the hair on your neck, shake you to the core, destroy you - & that's not a bad thing.

Some queried where is all the good music? It has also always been there, you just have to look for it. From Coltrane to the Dead, Phish to Sonic Youth, Minutemen to Niel Young ... its always been there - it's just not on the radio; Punk bands to raves, psych-grundge to jam-bands, shoegaze to drum circles; The adventures never end. The cutting edge of exploratory sounds never died - it just isn't being advertised. Like the spirit can never die, no matter how many blankets of superficial garbage are thrown on top, trying to entice you to sleep in its comfortable embrace.

My quest for new sounds has taken me lately to Post-Rock (one of the most undescriptive terms for a genre, ever!). In particular Mono, a Japanese post-rock band - sheer genius.
Post rock = sound-scape, rarely any vocals), pure sound (ranges from floyd-like-psych to hardcore).

Those who listen to a lot of new-age, folk, R&B, classical etc. will likely shy away from this adventure-in-sound, quickly. Do not be afraid. Mono is a most trustworthy guide through the beauty & chaos that is mind & life. They never lose control & will guide you firmly through the quest.

It saddens me when people who don't like a certain music, call it bad! When what they mean is it's just not their cup-of-tea. We should toss out judgements of this kind ... we know so little, after-all. We should stop using terms like right & wrong, good & bad; Especially when such trivial matters as choice-of-music is at play. Terms like these often limit our own perception, our own adventures, & only show our limitations (that warm blanketed world we build around us). We are such different creatures, what one likes another will not ... nothing good or bad about it.

Mono has some of the most lilting & beautiful songs, though, they are not afraid of building to a crashing vibrating wall of sound; Though, they never lose control, the beauty never lost, sure to return. Never be afraid of noise(ecstatic discordance) - turn it up! Let it fill you, reverberate through you, shock you, vibrate through you to the core & then bring you back to the world again (if u must). It can cleanse you, open your senses, synapses & being to 'other-than'; Like a good psychedelic. Ah, maybe I just show my prejudices?

My favorite musics have always grown on me ... give it a chance.

Life is an adventure. If this life's path is leading us to the shattering changes that seem ready to bust loose - We had better be adventurers, never afraid of new experiences, new ways of looking at life. For we know nothing, tip of the iceberg at best, as it turns out. The more at ease we are with chaos, & the more aware we are of all the possibilities, the better.

Mono - The Flames Beyond The Cold Mountain (album version):
or Live:

If u would like to explore more post-rock, I recommend Mogwai (My Father My King) & Explosions in the Sky.

best to all

billbo said...

In case I don't post again, I just wanted to say ... [would be the 3rd time I've posted to a blog in the last decade (not my cup-of-tea normally)]

Les, thank you ... It is rare indeed to meet someone so capable of seeing the big-picture; when so many are content picking over the details, details, details. To see the forest for the proverbial trees is a rare gift.
I tab up all my news stories, and when I get to your page (WRH often posts a link), I hang around, mulling over your words, reading all the comments, visit your other blogs; Hungry, oh so hungry; Famished for the ineffable. ... thank you for the respite during the storm.

[sorry for the music rant. Music's been a big part of my life. u can cut it if u like] - billbo

In my first thirty years of life
I roamed hundreds & thousands of miles.
Walked by rivers through deep green grass
Entered cities of boiling red dust.
Tried potions, but couldn't make Immortal;
Read books and wrote poems on history.
Today I'm back
at Cold Mountain:
I'll sleep by the creek
and purify my ears.

- Han-Shan (Cold Mountain poems-trans.Gary Snyder)

Visible said...

Readings Snyder's Cold Mountain translation had a profound effect on me, "sleep by the creek and purify my ears", indeed.

Anonymous said...

Arthur Koestler's claim that Ashkenazi Jews are descended from Khazars has not been verified by genetic studies but refuted by them.

Koestler's motivation for the theory is not a motivation for an honest truthseeker, it is this: From wikipedia (but with references):

Koestler stated that part of his intent in writing the book was to defuse anti-Semitism by undermining the identification of European Jews with the Jews of the Bible, rendering anti-Semitic epithets such as "Christ killer" inapplicable.[2] Arthur Koestler himself was a Hungarian Ashkenazi Jew by ancestry.

Scapegoating. 'It was the Turkic people'. 'Bad Easterners'.

About Artur Koestler (under politics):

Politics and causes

Koestler embraced a multitude of political as well as non-political issues. Zionism, Communism, anti-Communism, voluntary euthanasia, abolition of capital punishment, particularly hanging, and the abolition of quarantining of dogs being re-imported into the United Kingdom are examples.

13th Tribe is written by a committed Zionist, who was made Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1968.

Make of that what you will.

I'm going to keep repeating the fact that Phariseeism is the problem whatever its outer shell is called. It is a corporation which uses the outer shell of a religion as a cover, and like a corporation is craven image of the desires of its participants, designed to generate profit for the shareholders. Very likely, it's CEO was originally Pharaoh Akhenaten, and it's "priests" are but scribes who replaced the priests.

It exchanges Prophets for profits, and rejected Truth (no Khazars were members of the Sanhedrin which rejected Christ).

Pharisees believe they can stay on top by sacrificing their 'lesser brethren' below them, so they built up the capstone of the strongest materials and the foundations they think they can sacrifice from weaker materials. They are digging a deep grave for themselves and should stop what they are doing.

Snake Sage

Soul Food said...

Speaking of Pavarotti, my all time favourite tenor - here he is (was) at what I believe to be at his absolute best:
RIP Maestro. Thanks Les, for what you are doing.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

If it isn't Israel then it must be Space Aliens or Monsters.

Visible said...

Soul Food;

I love that man. Used to drive a truck and next thing you know, Wow!

I listened to Mario Lanza all the time when I was young. We had an album of his for some reason and I used to play it. I couldn't have been more than 8 years old.

Thanks for making me feel useful.

ChewyBees said...

Hi Les,

Here I am creating a post late night in the bottom half of the ninth, or the comments, whichever it may be. Nothing spectacular to report (like I'm a beacon otherwise (grin)).
I like to sing. I purposely bought a PA and mike to give me a better chance to project. I like to belt out whatever I think is awesome, male or female. Sometimes I butcher it, and sometimes I slay it. Inevitably it just fun to give it a go. To know that a section is coming up where full throttle on the vocal chords with harmonic control is quintessential, and then to nail it and feel the vibrations of not only the notes, and the lyrics, and the music, but of the soul. Every time I turn it on I get turned on. Kinda cool.
...Musicians. Didn't see any references to Rush, though they are such great musicians, and the lyrics stand alone with no music playing. Who can argue the messianic ties with 2112 that seem to be culminating in step with 12/21/12. Or the message of division and joining of Hemispheres. Closer to the Heart sums up a great deal of what many of us would desire. And songs like Tom Sawyer and Subdivisions that defined cultures of the 80s and beyond. I could go album to album from songs like Working Man to Snakes and Arrows and find such a wealth of poetic inspire to make the knees crumble. Which brings me to Snakes and Arrows. In my opinion, it is one of their top 5 and a complete concept work of what we are facing spiritually as individuals against a tide of inhumanism.
I don't attempt Geddy Lee much as a singer. Someone would have to kick me in the nads a few times to get me up to that range ;) Many don't like his sound, but after decades of hearing it I know it is the only voice that conveys. What a great trio those men are, humble and wise, available and still making it happen with new awesomeness to stack on top of the mountain. And who else creates instrumentals from time to time that rock hard enough to stand on their own?
I listen to and sing a wide variety of stuff, but if asked what music I though best described the human condition, I would have to go with Rush. But it's not like I'm some kind of beacon, other, wise.
"We can only grow the way the wind blows
on a bare and weathered shore
We can only bow to the here and now
In our elemental war"



Joseph Brenner

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