Monday, April 18, 2011

Priming the Pump for The Apocalypse Factor

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Sometimes, it is to weep, when you consider the state of conditions affecting Nature and what we have turned it to in our pursuit of comfort and imagined safety. So long as you walk on mortal pathways, dreaming the temporary dreams of flesh seeking the forgetfulness of dust, you are not safe and comfort is a mirage, considering the internal disquiet of the beckoning grave.

We have assaulted our own nature in our war on Lady Nature and we have done this by stepping aside, while the psychopaths made war on our higher nature and the residence of Nature’s secret wellsprings of life. The horror of the Gulf of Mexico is coming back around, out of the media suppression and the lies of government and industry. It’s sailing in the arc of a returning boomerang and washing up on shore, while it surfaces in the bloodstream of those resident in the poisoned lands. Now a mysterious ailment has appeared in Louisiana You wondered if it could be true that Rothschild actually does own a big piece of BP. Then you can wonder at this also. Rothschild is a monster. It’s not a family. It’s not a corporation. It’s a flesh eating, blood sucking monster, whose true home is in some dark underworld beneath the Earth’s surface, because that is why its every act seems directed at a transport of the world’s population (what’s left of it) into.

There are any numbers of strange policy driven events, looking to make their will known upon the world of Nature. Here we see a collection of known lies woven from ancient rumors that have no basis in reality. This is not how wolves behave and I can hardly imagine that the numbers quoted constitute the emergency declared, in a state the size of Idaho I’m not sure of the wisdom of importing Canadian wolves because I don’t know either way. Take a look at the size of them. That’s a truly magnificent beast. I’m surprised they didn’t really hype up their danger to humans. Wolves don’t go after humans unless they are literally starving. They are one of the most intelligent life forms in their realm of existence. They’re right up there with the wild turkey and the dolphin. They’ve been known to suckle and raise human children in the wild and yes, some of those stories are true. To demean them by saying they thrill kill is typical of those who actually engage in it.

Evil things are breeding in the Gulf of Mexico. Will they be mating with the radioactive rains from Fukushima? They want to ban Geiger counters in various places because, so I hear, they want to defend against the possibilities of unwarranted panic. What they want to do is suppress the truth. That’s not such a hard sell in the land of the blind. I’ll warrant that most people aren’t even paying much attention to it. Their attention is focused on what interests them in the moment. There’s some permutation of bread and circuses going on in every venue and locale, along with devices of torment for those living in lands that Rothschild wants to own.

Here are some chilling considerations that the public really ought to be paying attention to. One of them is the direction of their standard of living and the other is the direction of the items formerly found upon their dining tables. You can factor in what’s about to happen with the issue of silver once it moves a few more digits upward.

The way the government is thinking, once they get their marching orders from Zio-Ogre Central and whatever other centers of control there may be, they seek to soften up the public by degrees, as they approach the paradigm debacle of their own making, which cannot be avoided; not given who the protagonists are. That’s why 9/11 went down and was followed by a massive press to conquer the Arab world via a bloody war against Islam. This was mirrored by the creation of Homeland Security, built on the Nazi design and which inevitably gives birth to the TSA phenomena of ‘tits, slits and asses’. Concurrent with this is a major drop-off of intelligence, due to a concerted effort at dumbing down. This is in tandem with a massive increase in banality and trivia in the entertainment industry. It’s all a calculated effect; a multi-pincher assault on every feature that make us human.

War is being made on all the areas on which human survival depends. Here is another tear jerking example of depraved insanity, along with a telling example of how noble and beautiful a human being can be when they’re not thinking of themselves. Around the world they are making natural healing methods, herbs, homeopathic tinctures and all the varieties of elixirs and substances, which are other than allopathic, illegal. It’s an international effort. You can’t order certain things anymore and you can go to jail if you provide or practice them; not that I personally care about that. You can say that this is due to the pharmaceutical industry, the same way you can lay the blame for any fascist activity at the door of the corporations that profit from it but... I think it’s more than that. They really do want to wipe out most of the human population and they’re crazy enough to think they won’t wipe themselves out in the bargain.

It looks hopeless and suggests a ‘run for cover’ mentality but not from my perspective. I see the whole thing as a cosmic arrangement that is the driving engine for necessary change, as well as the power causing The Apocalypse to act on human awareness. You might question The Apocalypse Factor, seeing as there are so few seeing but... give it time. There are stages involved and there are certain dramas that need to act out and there is a level of exposure that has to be accomplished and then... then it’s a ‘drunken ducks in a row’ kind of a thing.

For myself, I’m focusing on the work I do and the community I imagine I would like to be a part of. This latter has to come into being (provided a world remains for it) regardless of how things turn out. I have no intention of living in this world, according to its dysfunctional way of being. I spend my days walking through a mental institution and where I am is a lot saner than most places. I’m determined to finally return to the lifestyle I most enjoyed, living in the company of kindred spirits. The money will come because I’m just going to go ahead and do it as if it already is and as you can see, if you are around here much, it’s is already virtually true. One of the principal ways that we’ve gone wrong is that we stopped living together and working toward common goals; pooling our resources and performing our talents for the benefit of the whole. This is the game they talk about when they talk about democratic nations and whatever lying modality they are foisting upon the public for the purpose of oppressing it. Find me a democratic nation if you can. Perhaps the nomads of Mongolia represent this. They just move on in their timeless way, without any other problems than the elements and they’ve figured that one out.

It really is time to print up those stickers with inventive content and post them at all the likely spots; public toilets, store windows, buses, government cars, public buildings, the window of the café you’re sitting in, telephone poles and streetlamps. “9/11 was an inside job”. “TSA is child molestation central”. You can come up with better than that. Also make use of a technique that I know very few of you use but which I employ regularly; whenever you are in public, project the thought of awakening into the atmosphere. You are a broadcasting relay station. The message is already coming from something you are connected to; let it pass out from you. Everything is vibration. Thoughts vibrate the same as words and the only reason more of you are not telepathically aware, is that you are not exercising it. If all you want to project is love then that will do. There are many variants.

Think of yourself as one of those old time water pumps that sit in the backyard of a farmhouse. You have to prime the pump and you will note that the water does not run clear at first. You will also note that after a while, you can take your hand off the pump and the water keeps flowing. We’re too focused on physical action but that is the least effective of what is possible. Getting your heart and mind into a position, where you are transmitting a powerful concept or state, can lead to action on the part of many. Do it and believe it and let it go. No one can be very effective unless they begin at the beginning to begin with (grin). Effectiveness begins at the gateway of the mind and all of your speech and action follow after. Get control of that first and your very being will radiate into the environment in a positive manner.

Look into the Petri Dish and purify the contents. Remember that you are channeling this force, not generating it. I’ll leave you with that and my sincere wishes for good fortune upon you all.

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Bushukshi said...

Thanks, Viz.
Much sigh of relief.
Don’t know if I could face giving my Sun night alms without the “show goin’ on.”
Wise man once said: ”Like the old song says, "Them that don't know don't know they don't know."” (double grin)
Still rising from the miasma,


DaveR said...

Jeez Louise everybody! Get a grip. This is a virtual community. There's one fucker who posted here (1:22) and it sort of set off this whole thing that only exists in cyber space. A sort of imaginary world where nothing exists in the physical and yet people are sniping and defending and trolling and denying being a troll and on and on.

Whatsamatter4U? Do you not have lives? Les speaks his truth, or so I think. Do you all not have your own truth to speak? I'm reminded of a Monty Python thingy from Life of Brian where Brian tells them to "Fuck off" and the one asks (Cleese) "How shall we fuck off?"

Can you not think for yourselves? Do you need Les whatshisname to do it for you?


Anonymous said...

syria blazing
more zionist wars
chaos disturbance
blood spilled on floors
poor men farmers
bricklayers carpenters
dieing for nothing
but false laden chancers
what about the children
come turn off the tv
get out and defend
project who we be
project the disgust
and utter astonishment
at why this goes ahead
o.k'd by our govenments
its not right
and never will be
to watch people die
and bleed on the streets


Pond Owl said...

I told myself I wasn't going to say anything else about this unimportant little issue but I feel the need to say just a few more things. So please everyone bear with me.

Just to be clear it is not only most everyone here that has been kind and generous to me but it is Visible himself that has been very kind and generous to me. I'm not the person who made the ugly comment towards Visible at 1:22. When Visible called me out for using the word "meh" and said he was a little anti anti these days I was a little taken aback and I didn't quite understand what he meant by his statement. But that was all. I'm not the person who made the comment at 1:22. I admit I may be sensitive but I'M NOT THAT SENSITIVE. I wouldn't leave an ugly comment like that. Visible has been a spiritual guide for me and he has been kind and generous to me and I wouldn't make a comment like that.

Also I have been at this site now for a good while. If anyone wants to go check the stats I think I began posting a few comments here and there back in October/November of 2009. I began posting under my real first name which is Josh. Way back then I even sent Visible a few emails about a few things. A few months afterwards I quit leaving comments for a long time except for a few thank you's to Visible here and there. I changed my internet nickname a few times because I had trouble deciding on a name but most of the time I have always put my real first name with my comments, which is Josh, for identification. Just recently over the past couple of months I have started to leave comments again occasionally.

As I said earlier I am probably going to stop commenting for a good while and maybe even forever but that isn't because I'm angry at Visible or anyone else here.(okay maybe a little frustration with the anonymous posters *grin*) I am a student at this site and I do more reading and learning in the background than I do talking and commenting. Also as I said earlier I have other things I think I should be focusing on now and although I think it's important for me to read Visible's essays I don't think I should be spending a lot of time leaving comments and talking on the internet.

As I said earlier I am unimportant at this community and I don't enjoy taking up space like this. I would appreciate it if people would leave my name out of this mess. Of couse people are free to do what they want to do and believe what they want to believe.

Goodwill and Peace to all,

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Pond Owl said...

Hi Visible. Assuming that the comment that I just made here in the late night hours where I live goes through and that you receive it, I would like to make a small request of you right now. If you have the ability will you please re-print my last comment that I made defending myself at your newest essay if you put one up over the next few days. It is a relatively long one and I hope it goes through. I saw in the comment you made earlier where you said you may be doing a new essay at your site soon. I would like for you to re-paste my comment and put it there so everyone will see it. I don't know how to save my comments and I didn't save that one so if I have to do it I will have to type the comment over again. This is a blog not a forum. Once you put up a new essay everyone reads and comments at the new post and virtually no one goes back to the older comment sections of the older essays and reads there. I want everyone to see the last comment I made. Also I am a little frustrated because it looks like the last comment I made is going to be the comment that starts a second comment page at this essay and now I am frustrated because some people may not click on the second page of the comment section and see my comment. So once again will you please re-paste the last comment I made at your newest essay once you put it up. Thank you sir.

I would like to say that I don't appreciate being falsely accused of something from ANONYMOUS POSTERS. They have little right to accuse anyone of anything because they are ANONYMOUS. Anonymous doesn't have as much right to be heard because they will not put a name for identification with their comments. They will not put a name for identification with their comments and stand behind who they are and what they say as time goes by. I could say more but I will bite my tongue. You even say yourself Visible at the top of your comment section that Anonymous does not stand behind what they say and therefore has less right to be heard. Please put this comment and the last one I made up Visible because I have a right to defend myself and be heard. As I said earlier I don't enjoy taking up space like this on your blog on an issue like this. It feels unpleasant to me. But I have a right to defend myself and that is what I am doing.

Goodwill and Peace to all,

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Anonymous said...

It is not possible to read/access the comments from 201 an onward - just so you know.

Visible said...

Please look at the top of the comments where it lists the pages of comments. It's just above the first comment. Maybe I was too busy going through the posts about that meh thing. I can't remember what I said but it shouldn't have meant anything. It was intended to be informative, nothing more.

Deek fan said...

All FKN Newz Weekly videos with Deek Jackson are now blocked. (yew tube)

Go to Jeff Rense and try to click on Deek's latest video from Good Friday - nada.

Try to click on FKN video from two or three weeks ago - again nada.

Wow, real live Orwellian censorship on YOUR internet access. Quaint.

Where will this go/end?

Doublespeak "net neutrality" is now a burgeoning reality.

Like a report on WTC7 in the official 9/11 report - doesn't exist so explaining how it fell down is not required.

FKN NEWZ no longer exists, so its humorous factual truth no longer has to be explained away.

They're coming for you and your so called rights soon enough.

Like the 150 million christians killed by the jewish Bolsheviks, you are not going to have a say in your own genocide. So just stop whining about:

Human Rights Vs. Zionist Wrongs

The work of Deek Jackson r.i.p. You were right; "the world's fucked, it's our fault, and it's getting worse."

Peace out.

wv: flockin
It's about flockin time the sheeple wake up because they are right now getting their sheering before the slaughter.

Save the world said...

Chris Hedges:

"The president has failed us. The Congress has failed us. The courts have failed us. The press has failed us. The universities have failed us. Our process of electoral democracy has failed us. There are no structures or institutions left that have not been contaminated or destroyed by corporations. And this means it is up to us."

I add to the above that it is private fractional reserve banking, the ability to create money out of thin air by a small group of private individuals - the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Oppenheimers and a handfull of other oligarch banking families, THAT ARE THE CAUSE OF 99% OF THE PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW.


Money is power and these people are printing whatever money they need to consolidate and expand their power around the world.

They are in fact gangsters with a printing press using zionism and israel to achieve their murderous, fascist goals.

Save the world. Speak truth to power. There is no alternative. Right now we are enslaved, living in a pseudo reality created by these oligarch bankers.

Violence is not required. The truth of what is really happening will dethrone these corrupt rulers of our lives. Look what Gandhi did without killing his enemy. He used information, knowledge and peaceful methods to come out from under his oppressors.

Make no mistake, we are oppressed by the fractional reserve oligarch bankers.

Time for a change.

Visible said...

A New Visible Origami is up-

Ironies, Epiphanies and Satya Sai Baba.

Anonymous said...

Works for me.

Anonymous said...

pond owl,your hurting your another of our brothers,we dont like to see our brothers hurting as it sort of hurts us so I want you to know that your comments are valued,if you want to leave off commenting for a while that is up to you,but stop thinking you any less than anyone here,,,turmoils are difficult to deal with but you know the way round them as we all do...

hearts up peace and respects... neil

Pond Owl said...

On second thought thank you Visible for not posting my last two comments at your latest Origami essay. I have grown weary now of this conversation. This conversation doesn't deserve anymore of my attention anyway.

Thank you for the good words Neil. I'm okay.

Goodwill and Peace to all,

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Anonymous said...

works for me too, sorted by date.

and that's a fair comment too pond owl, this is a blog not forum. I need to remind myself of that all too often.
still. all's fair in love FULL STOP!.


Visible said...

Josh, I haven't left any of your comments off at any time that I can remember. Comments often do not make it through.

Visible said...

There is a new Profiles in Evil up-

Orders from Hell; the Western Zio-Ogre Judiciary.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Extraordinary, Inter-Dimensional Ship is Landing.

Visible said...

Thank you DB. People rattle my cage but all I get is echo because I'm not in a cage. You've just shown yourself to be a superior person. I'd like to double thank you for that.

As the scope widens, the myrmidons tighten. I've missed hearing from you AND OTHERS but I know we all have our struggles and division is the name of the game; house asunder.

I don't carry resentment. It serves no purpose or dolphin. wrong is wrong period so is right, beyond that is our welcoming home.

Visible said...

Fud; He wouldn't have done that to me. And I respected his work. He helped a lot of people.

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