Monday, October 31, 2011

Wall Street Drummers for the Bankers of God

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Here are the very things that I have been saying coming from one reporter still telling it like it is. The dam is breaking. The levees are rising; at least they are in Bangkok where the banker boys and their sons go to get their pleasure in their Levi’s, probably wearing something different now since confusion and the desire to be entertained and having the appetites and hungers of the public manipulated for profit is the point.

All of our ambitions just lead into traditions that imprison us. There are spiders that drain our substance from our power and performance and we are drones whose energy is used by people to support their lifestyles and profits. Somehow I feel like a possible commie or socialist but then again, systems are just systems and all systems have people at the top even when there is no top to be seen, which is the best of worlds. The more prominent the leader, the less consideration is given to the people. The people are at their best when they barely know that their leaders are around. You can have shepherds and sheep and you can have the other guy with German Shepherds; that being a metaphor since I like the breed but a dog does what you train it to and sometimes doesn’t know who his best friend is. We’re all dogs and we all have masters. I wish someone would pat my head right about now.

Sometimes it is the best of times and sometimes it is the worst of times and sometimes you don’t know what time it is and that is probably what time it is now. Then again I don’t wear a watch cause I’m not into time, unless I’m trying to get eight thousand bucks for my drum cause the cops destroyed one that cost five thousand bucks and I guess inflation is a bitch sometimes and if you are going to drum them out of Wall Street the drum should probably cost a lot. It was probably made out of the skin of Paris Hilton’s chihuahua. Most likely it was a combination job of the dog and the bag it was being carried in. Back in the 80’s all the coke snorting bankers used to have two thousand dollar bottles of wine with their lunch and I suspect that lunch was where the rest of the dog went; probably chased it with a Welsh rabbit, or am I off topic here? Rarebit rabbi; can I get a witness? Of course rabies might be a problem for the chef but he could just say it was Cajun.

All I can hope is that they don’t foreclose on my penis while I’m trying to employ the delivery system but you can’t get good Noahide leather anymore since Winona Ryder’s pussy got tanned in Brazil. Now where was I? Oh right, I was helping the Roman Army get spray-cans for the Kabbalah graffiti they had to do on the walls of Lady Gaga’s vagina or was that Demi Moore? I’m still trying to get myself one of those Kabbalah red strings from Target but they are sold out now. Who knew? Religion is not what it used to be but neither is the Kabbalah. See... you can use the thing in reverse which is where we are now.

We know that the bankers are bad chefs who never saw a tuna they couldn’t fish out of the pocket of the fish riding a bicycle through two Berkeley lesbians looking for an ATM transplant. It’s too bad I’m not drunk cause this feels better than the glue they used to stick all that debt up your ass with; talk about constipation.

How is it that everyone can go broke when all the systems that made industry happen are still there for people to make things with? I got a mystery, you got a mystery everybody got a mystery so why don’t you play Misty for me? Ah the deliquescence, ah the effervescence of the champagne bottles popping corks out of the assholes who blew up too big to fit into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and here comes the Michelin Man, no, that’s the American public easy wider wide load bumper sticker that needs two airplane seats to sit in and now I know how they killed Paris Hilton’s dog. The Queen of England sat her cottage cheese ass down on the puppy. It was the fart that killed it not the weight but that’s just a bunch of pig bladders pretending to be porpoises in the Gulf of Mexico. Can I get a witness!!

They want to punch your ticket and punch your clock and make you feel like Ving Rhames in Pulp Fiction getting a high colonic. I guess it is just about time for the cosmos to get medieval on somebody’s ass with a bunch of pipe swinging niggazs; two nuns walk into a bar so maybe I should die of lung cancer? People who want a new world should think about why Hebrew reads right to left and how come the Crown colonies drive on the wrong side of the road except for the Americans and Canada got included. I’m not a tool and die man so you guys will have to figure this shit out for yourselves.

Christmas is coming and so are Satan’s elves. Two worlds are going into orbit in a separated at birth scenario and you do have the option to choose what planet you have lunch on after the migration. You don’t want to be having the Gaddafi Duck; just my recommendation. Duck! Duck! Incoming! I love the smell of burning surfboards of salvation in the morning. We hold these truths to be self ignorant.

Wake up people. If you want to be a prophet then you can look at the football teams in almost ruined cities of industry are doing where money is supposed to determine the win loss reality of the times. The World Series says something too. St Louis is not my idea of an economic miracle but you need to understand something about the dynamics of the human spirit and the beauty of some people in trouble when the right hand is on the rudder or when the cosmos wants to make a statement.

For myself I am soon to travel into a new world with the understanding that maybe there is a purpose to our lives. I suppose how you end up depends on who you are; what you made out of yourself on your way to wherever it was you thought you were going. Everyone is going to find out what that adds up to sooner or later and the indications and signs should be evident on whatever highway you might be traveling on.

End transmission.......


gurnygob said...

Good boy Les. (pat, pat, pat) Who’s a good doggy, go fetch?


Chinese Sneakers said...

When it was written: "Rarebit rabbi; can I get a witness?" i thought, perhaps, Douglas Reed. In a related matter, i feel that the ruling rabbinate carried on after going underground in Warsaw circa 1800. Heard the sanhedrin was formally reconvened in 2001.

Hot, damn--that Keith Oldermann was throwing it down hard. It's definitely ON; although the tipping point has yet to be reached.

More glasnost and war for everybody.

And where you going to be visible?

Pete said...

All systems still extant that made the economy go in the first place, yet everyone is broke?? Nose on your face obvious but no one ever seems to bring that point out to light. Resource based economy vs. forced scarcity. Productive infrastructure exists to create unparalled abundance yet we dither on about gold standards vs. fiat currency. It does seem that the OWS movement has an understanding of the economic issues and that is a good thing. Thanks for another good post.

Anonymous said...

step on it....i'm coming with you

liz in l.a.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for about six months now, I like what I read and I agree with most of what you have to say. I have not posted here because up until now things have be fine, but now there are lumps in the gravy. I have read the first nine chapters of your new book on another site and wanted to purchase it. The process reminded me of the census form that I sent to the landfill last week. I normally recycle paper, but I was afraid of what this thing may come back as. Is there a site where I can purchase the book with paypal?

Anonymous said...

Ah, that question arises again. Where did all the money go? It is being extracted and used for? Is it being buried in a castles backyard? did it really exist or is it just the realization that it really never existed that is crashing the system?

Oh, the plan, is it a plan, to take the world back into the land of robber Barrons and such. ther eis a cycle to this.. the masses reagain their independence and then have it taken away. As the game proresses technology does too! So new rules and higher stakes. A couple million elites sit and watch, pull strings, drink, snort and more

Maybe there is an end to this, or not.


amarynth said...

@anonymous 6:28:00

If you go here:

and send us an email so that we have your email address ... I'll let you know our paypal details and we will send you the manuscript by email.

kikz said...

i read.. the queen and benny hav a deal now. looks like what's left of britain has folded to the unholy C... 'The Act of Supremacy' has been effectively nullified... 453yrs....

looks like we could be in for.. inquisition 3.0.

strange daZe indeed...

FizzzykoLOGICALdonutscompute said...

Perfect perfection!
What else is there?
Perfect imperfection?
Imperfect perfection?
Not having a perfect day? ...go directly to the Universal Complaints Desk and fill out the formulars. Be prepared to wait. Why not prepare a plan in the meanwhile? "How It Oughta Be"
Good luck.
Positive thinking helps of course. Unless you think thinking alone is going to do much good.
Sure, okay - reality, whatever - might be a thought and blahdeeblah but at present mainstream science has enough party tricks to convince most of us that gravity and stuff works most of the time and to tell the truth if it were not for the fact that I'm a wee bit superstupdious myself, I'd probably exploit, deplete and discard whatever took my fancy, tsk, tsk - naughty old me, eh?

Fear ye not, ailswell, nay - tis purrrfect... I'm sticking with the day-job-that-pays-for-the-conspiracy-research-infotainmet instead of doing the old power-grab lunge with usual result; oops-how-did-I-murder-so-many-people-without-remembering-to-enjoy-it?

Hmm, I tire and must re-ditto.
Thanks for listening in on the ideation.

neal said...

Fizzy, there is a place in this where snarky wit only feeds the thing itself, not above and beyond, maybe look at that torus again. Or not. Being somewhere in this could be just temporal arrogance, not freedom.

There are places here where everything works out just fine, but altitude is not attitude. Humility always waits around every corner, but it tends to be judgement when others fall just to help make some spurious point.

Gravity is Love. That's the only place left from the real world that still works down here. Others have tried, but there are places to go, and things that must be.

Look down on it, play with it, but some here are emptied out from the inside. Nobody knows, or cares, until these priorities become rearranged, yet again. Then what is unimportant becomes what it has always been, the way it is, and a mystery.

Dan said...

Love it, Les. But I believe the line was "pipe-hitting niggaz" as in crack pipe hitting. I used to think it was swinging too. (that's what she said!)

hehe take er easy man!


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

@anonymous 6:28:00

if you're just purchasing the pdf version put in crap for census data, a real email address, and you should be able to pay by paypal ( I did).


wv: redit . I did, and will read it again.

estebanrodriguzgonsales said...

now what were we talkin' 'bout

oh yeah
a solar flare or an emp

is gonna stop these fools
in their tracks

'store up your treasures,
where dust and moths' ...

Freddamedgjedda said...

Hahahahahhaahaha! Excellent!!!!

It doesn't matter where you are. What matters is how.

Love and Light

Gregory F. Fegel said...

The actual leaders of the system are not in the White House or in Whitehall; they're on the Forbes List. Rarely do people of great wealth take the reins of government; instead they are busy running the corporations that give them their power over governments and populations, and they leave the chaffeur chores to their minions -- such as the Clintons and Obamas. The activities of our highest tier of rulers are not nearly as familiar to us as the activities of their delegated spokesmen and middle managers.

Five years ago I wrote a statement that advocated capital punishment for the perpetrators of the 9/11 Attacks, who I think worked for the US, UK, and Israeli governments. Recently my view has mellowed somewhat. As a humane alternative to the death penalty, the perpetrators of 9/11 and other atrocities could be GPS-chipped and given mandatory, supervised life sentences on a desert island.

Moving forward, it is more important to create a new system that is impervious to abuse than it is to punish the abusers of the old system -- although of course the abusers of the old system must be defanged to prevent them from causing further harm.

Wealth is the perennial source of social power, and the wealthiest individuals and corporations become the rulers of society. In my view, the concentration of private wealth must be greatly reduced if we want to reduce the abuse of power. I would much rather submit to the Diktat of a popular vote than to the Diktat of a ruling class of Corporate Oligarchs.

Visible said...

So no one thought this was funny. Howe weird. I was cracking up when I wrote it. There must be something wrong with me. It's a good thing I quit standup comedy awhile ago.

Pete said...

I laughed at the foreclose on penis and the Ving Rhames part, just fyi :)

Visible said...

Well thank's Pete. I thought the Paris Hilton sketch was the best. I used to have them rolling when I did standup. From now on I guess I'll sit sit down.

Misty the Crocodial4mystery said...

Hi neal/Les, I thoughthink it's grand, most amusing ♫...tra-la-lah-tah-dah-da-boom-dee-eh? Okayokayokay, aweride, aweready - it's serious shit, although the graffiti of the shituation has it's upsides too.

amarynth said...

I laughed at everything! And then I cried for us as humans. We must be the sorriest lot every created, or did we create ourselves?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that Kabbalah spelled backwards sounds like Mel Tillis practicing ebonics and trying to say holla back;

hala bbaK!

Just a thought.


amarynth said...

A few people on the community have committed to start a serious investigation into the free man movement as part of the current transition. It may be an important step toward community to be able to get free of the documentation of slavery. If you are seriously interested in this topic, you are very welcome to add your piece or to learn about this. What seems to be, is that the roots are all the same across most of the world, and just the words change as you look at regulations across countries.

The thread is here and you have to be a member to contribute and you have to be friends with most everyone there to see anything. It will take about 10 minutes to get to grips with the basic navigation. It is somewhat like Facebook, just much more flexible and versatile.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Vis, your post gave me a wry grin -- if only from within. I seldom laugh anymore, although I do enjoy a good satire.

Lady Gaga just sang in New Delhi with a phallic microphone, which the Media pixeled out. "Shining India" wants what we've got. Freedom of expression is good, but the Media keeps it shallow and burlesque.

The city where I live has a wealth of accessible, intelligent entertainments and events. Last night I saw Shakespeare's "Richard III." In the last Act, King Richard's speech epitomizes the haughty attitude of the ruling Upper Class.

"Conscience is but a word that cowards use,
Devised at first to keep the strong in awe:
Our strong arms be our conscience, swords our law.

Remember whom you are to cope withal;
A sort of vagabonds, rascals, and runaways,
A scum of Bretons, and base lackey peasants,
Whom their o'er-cloyed country vomits forth
To desperate ventures and assured destruction.
You sleeping safe, they bring to you unrest;
You having lands, and blest with beauteous wives,
They would restrain the one, distain the other."

Anonymous said...

Greg at 5:45

One notable exception is U.S. senator Jay Rockefeller, aka John D. Rockefeller IV. You can't get much more 'in' than that.


Robin Redbreast said...

Just thought I'd post a post:

Not negatively

Not down
Not wrong.
Not out.

Not negatively

Live love and peace xxx

Pete said...

I just reread the Paris Hilton and it was very funny. Its all funny. I guess when I come to your blog I get in my serious "spiritual adept" mode and am not expecting to be amused. But how adept am I if I cant laugh? Its like the fool in the Tarot. Most times though I take myself and my quest for enlightenment too seriously. So as Ben Rand said to Chauncey Gardner in Being There, thank you for your "admirable balance.'

Anonymous said...

Hi Les: I've been following you off and on for about 18 months, and don't recall you making a sports reference. Not saying you haven't, but in any case I don't remember it if you have. Anyway, I live here in "Cardinals Country" and am grooving on your reference to our little sports miracle...

Visible said...

I do follow sports. I just don't anyone wants to hear me talk about it. I saw the last two games of the series. Damned impressive.

I've been a Cincinnati Reds fan in years past and am a Patriots fan because of Belichick, Brady and Welker. Was a Cardinal's fan back in the days of Gibson and Musial.

geoffrey said...

Any relation to the Dog Bounty Hunter? Would Dog the Bounty Hunter hunt the Bankers if we put a bounty on them? Not likely. Could be a chihuahua mutt of some type.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Anonymous at 8:39:
Add to the list of wealthy politicians Bush Senior and Junior, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry. The big payoff for being President or VP comes after leaving office. The US Congress truly is a Millionaire's Club. See: Search results The 50 Richest Members of Congress (2009) : Roll Call Special ...

Bill Clinton says that his friendship with the Rockefeller family goes back to his youth.

Jay Rockefeller, like John Kerry, tries to pose as a Liberal, but when you look at their records it's a different story.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

@Gregory Fegal

"As a humane alternative to the death penalty, the perpetrators of 9/11 and other atrocities could be GPS-chipped and given mandatory, supervised life sentences on a desert island. "

you mean like Australia? lol (really)

Anonymous said...

Mr Visible, it WAS funny.
I detected a distinct vaudevillian pacing through much of the piece. **Was waiting for the rim shot**
Can I get a witness?

Anonymous said...

Your following sports seems very funny, but my sense of humor is warped.

Anonymous said...

(with apologies to the Sergeant-Major)

Now, I would just like to point out that this blog is displaying a distinct tendency to become silly.

Now, nobody likes a good laugh more than I do... except perhaps my wife... and some of her friends. Oh, yes, and FizzzykoLOGICALdonutscompute....

Come to think of it, most people like a good laugh more than I do, but that's beside the point! I'm warning this blog not to get silly again! Right!


Visible said...

I played sports all my life. It's simple but so am I. I don't follow them that much though or anyone else either.

Anonymous said...

are you ok Vis?
You have been very quite and I am getting the sense that something is amiss?
Here's hoping all is well!

In gratitude,

Visible said...


I'm fine, as good as I have ever been and even better. I just take time now and then and there is a lot going on around here at the moment. Thanks for asking though.

Pete said...

Have you seen Rick Perry's drunk New Hampshire speach? Is the walking stick swinging wide or what? Jeez man, we couldn't sit down and create an apocalyptic play that was better than this crap. The U.S. of A, the world's largest open air insane asylum.

Visible said...

Haven't seen it but I do know it is all falling apart for them and it is going to get more and more bizarre and comical as it goes.

kikz said...

speaking of bizarre..

if you thought BIGDOG was a creep out..

welcome to the rise of the cybermen.


scroll down for vid.

Kevenj said...

A Patriots Fan??? Say it aint'so!

Sit Ubu, sit!!

Good dog...{sigh}

Robin Redbreast said...

Just managed to get my copy of Spiritual Survival..... for some reason was a little complicated for myself (and still might be...:)
Anyhows.. - its a wet and windy evening outside - even the dog didn't want to go out for his 2nd walk- so he's missed his walk - and I'm knackered from work today (perfect!)- got the house to myself this evening so will be having a good read I hope :)
Live love and peace xxx

Robin Redbreast said...

Sorry - if my posts annoy you - just skip over mine (if they do its probably your problem not mine - opps! GRIN)
Only on page 13 - but thought I'd share - that ringing you desribe Les - for me is almost like a cold shiver - its energy I think. Had it several times reading. But am having now a lot if life generally anyhows...
When its really strong its like I have static in my head hair (still got a good head of -thankfully!).
I get it when something feels really right - really strong, really good. Might get it listening to music - or when really communicating with someone - when am really making progress with a patient (yes I'm a therapist - but not probably the type you first think of!).
Anyway will get back to the book - again sorry if I'm annoying (grins)
LLP xxx

Gregory F. Fegel said...

pierre: Australia is a colony of the British Empire. A place where today white men are furiously defensive of the "property rights" that their ancestors stole from the Aboriginals, whom they nearly exterminated.

I was thinking of a penal colony more like Devil's Island for the government and non-government planners, perps, and cover-up schills of 9/11, Bali, Madrid, London 7/7, Anthrax, Lockerbie, Abu Ghraib, torture, murder, and the wars of aggression -- from the White House, Pentagon, CIA, FBI, Special Ops, the Blackwater/Xe gang, Mossad and Israeli government, British government, Bilderbergers, and other known threats to civilized society. Give them the tools to grow their own food, but little else. Rehabilitation and return to society need not be part of their sentence, nor having children. Eventually the prisoners would die of old age or whatever and the prison could be closed down.

M said...

Mildly off topic note for Pierre:

James Jancik, who hosts Visible's radio shows has moved all the files from to

The whole shebang can now be found at

amarynth said...

Yes, I'm busy changing the radio shows on the main sites to the new URL.

Robin Redbreast said...

At page 81 now! Had to share...
Les' talking of Love -
There's tears pouring down my cheeks
What a journey this life has been
Thank God!
LLP xxx

Robin Redbreast said...

In the most respectful and humbling way
I wish to call you Brother

Im not finished yet
(are we ever!! no I'm at page 105!)

and God bless Les
LLP xxx

Kevenj said...

I can't wait for South Park to get ahold of the Fort Sumter Moment Moment at Oakland.
That will be a hoot.

Anonymous said...

Hey brother, how goes it?

So, I have been researching the right hand left hand reading, writing and driving thang. I haven't found anything eye opening per say. England and the colonies did it (do it) because the aristocracy walked on the right while the peasants were forced to walk on the left. Not much else there except that America changed do to multiple horse teams drawing wagons and giving King Jorge the finger after the revolution.

As far as Aramaic and Hebrew I can't find anything but cover; chisel tool in left hand and hammer in right, ink able to dry before starting again, etc. One Jewish source Rabbit Simcha Bart said, “According to Kabbalah, the right side symbolizes greater spiritual revelation, as opposed to the left ("weaker") side, which symbolizes a "weaker" manifestation of spirituality.”; however, it was also stated because it helped prove they were Gods chosen since that is how the Tetragrammaton is read and Hebrew is the “Holy Tongue”; not my quotation marks, Rabbit Simcha Bart.

I know I'm missing some important details. Will you help me with you insight and understanding?



MIH said...

King of Warriors.

The left and the right are the expression of division of vision into merely sight. From seeing as one, you have chosen to see as a direction; the left path, or the right path. This decision is also the making of time (right) and space (left). But once begun, the decision has further consequences.

Time divides again (another decision) into past and future, and space concordantly divides into the movement inward or outward.

You can only occupy the time space as another of two decisions: male or female. Even after this decision is made, you will find the time space world dependent on, and therefore actively enforcing, another decision. You must choose to not see equally through divided vision, or sight, and pick one eye to make dominant.

The right eye of man sees future outward movement, and this becomes his domain of dominance. On the other hand, the right eye of woman sees past inward movement, and this becomes her domain of dominance. Clearly, these two will never see eye to eye but will sustain the division of vision.

What of the left non-dominant eye? Notice the sad case of its atrophy in some, but mostly notice the unwillingness to use both eyes as one.

The left or non-dominant eye of a man or a woman is either’s interpretation of what the other sees. It is not the actual sight of the other because the perceiver is still a division. One can vacillate between eye dominance.

The left and the right eye in accord is, however, the precursor or consequence of simultaneous spatial movement.

Visible said...

depending on whether you are left or right handed?

MIH said...


That depends on how you see. Am I the son of a human, or am I human? One leads to more questions, the other to one answer.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Stan Gooch's book "Cities of Dreams" (1989) speculated that the Neanderthals were left-handed, pale-skinned and red-headed. DNA studies from 2007 show that Gooch may have been right about the pale skin and red hair. DNA studies also currently support the controversial theory that Neanderthals contributed to the gene pool of modern humans. See:​071025143311.htm

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Am I the son of a human, or am I human?"

There should be one more option. Am I neither?

I am neither is known to be the 1st sane step in the process of spiritual realization.

Bodies are material, planets are material, the cosmos is material.

We are not material.
We are spirit souls.

As per Vedic shastras, the spirit soul can by individual conscious choice escape this body, this karma, escape time and space, the cosmos, universes, heavenly planets, hellish planets, dimensions, etc. and enter once again into our true spiritual home of eternal present, and presence..

This is the ultimate goal of human life.

Escape from this material prison.

Anonymous said...

Thank you both,

Is there a middle in 3-D land?

Is there idleness that does not include atrophy or entropy?

The left or non-dominant eye of a man or a woman is either’s interpretation of what the other (? expound, please) sees.
It is not the actual sight of the other (? same, expound, please) because the perceiver is still a division.

One can vacillate between eye dominance. Is there benefit in vacillating eye dominance? How is it incorporated into a vision that is either dominate right or left based?

How does one decide whether they are the son of a human or human? By their statement to that effect, with atrophy of the non-dominant eye? Does the changing of the belief rectify the atrophy?

What about homosexuals?

Much love and gratitude from the king of idiots,


neal said...

Ghana, when you are outside, the light is circling one direction, and the shadows are the other. I think if you pay proper attention to both, they are explaining certain things about orientation, and choice, and identity, to most everything, even now. It's only natural, it's been over 4000 years since this stuff got up a majority of noses, and other parts.
There is hunting involved.

MIH said...

From Hostage to Warrior King

If I am not many but one, and yet that one dies, then I am not that. But why is it that I keep waking to a human body? That is to say, to a form which is described by two; a man and a woman?

Beginning with whatever body I am in, as one, I find its’ darkness is the world of passion, and it is enlightening, but only about darkness. Beginning again with whatever enlightenment I am, I find that passion is the world of goodness, and goodness is god, but only to darkness. Beginning once again with whatever god I am, I see another god, but she is encased in darkness; I had started this path as a human, and had chosen to be male.

We are not spirit, but I am. God is not two, but three are the steps to God’s reflection, and spirit is the light.

This land only has two directions and no middle, and when turning away from your perception the name of direction becomes the other. And only a concerted effort induces atrophy of sight, or a passion for darkness. So long as you maintain that you’re half of a whole all you’ll find will be half hidden (encased in darkness). It does not matter which eye is chosen over the other; they are just symbols of your conviction. Nor does blindness preclude the body’s bilateral symmetry, and the body itself is the choice to be one of two, to be human. Would a sexless creature be whole? Indeed, just as long as the creature was also mindless, and heartless, and formless (grin).

My right eye is blue (my mind) and the left is yellow (her body), and her right eye is red (her mind) and the left is green (my body). Choosing human simply means starting with this body, or darkness (relative to goodness), or the world, and giving it to passion, or mind (relative to body), and then this falls into heart, or goodness (relative to darkness), so that nothing is left of me but my reflection. But then I look again and see the world, and yet her silent voice guides me.

A belief, relying on external proofs, cannot rectify an atrophy which is caused by faith in external truth. One must start with what one thinks he sees. But how can he succeed? If anyone chooses enlightenment, then all have chosen the same.

Poet of God - thank you for this space.

Anonymous said...

My friend Vis, I again thank God and you without measure for this space and wisdom. I love you deeply and dearly.

From Peasant to Freedom Key.

I am grateful to the Divine and you, and your humble indulgence to my veracious stupidity; furthermore, I love you to boot.

Neal, I asked Source if you would be joining us in this discussion and was provided an emphatic prolly or maybe yes, but might not too. Thank you for hearing my chant and I love you as well.

Friends, may we continue?


Anonymous said...

Good day sentient ones' plus two, radiating God's reflection of 3.

If I am not many but one, and yet that one dies, then I am not that.(physical perception, i. e., gender choice, or a single human incarnation, or both?) But why is it that I keep waking to a human body? That is to say, to a form which is described by two; a man and a woman?

What helped you comprehend you came before, might be coming back, or moving on?

What about the others?
Can you become a different species of physicality; that isn't human physicality, yet sentient and erect in posture? I'm told they don't live amongst us now, but they live here with us on this land in the parts we wasted, don't use, or are afraid of.

Humble and ignorant,


Via Homer(y)or others, please feel free to reflect your perceptions.

Vis, should we Origami this subject, or move to the community, if that is more-better-gooder? Your graciousness is a reflection of the pulchritudinous of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Light of the Bhagavata Chapter 47 —

When water is needed it has to be poured on the root, not on the leaves. Pouring water on the leaves serves no purpose, but pouring water on the root serves all purposes. This is the essence of the philosophy of spiritual culture.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all. There is no more here for me. My journey now carries me to other rivers.

May your flow be in the direction of spirit.

Peace and love,


est said...


where are you going ?

i'd just like to know

can we up meet there ?

after the show



Joseph Brenner

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