Saturday, October 22, 2011

Anachronistic Strokebooks and the Pipes of Dread

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(I got halfway through today’s posting and realized I was writing an Origami. That’s been happening lately when I get to the Petri Dish, which is supposed to be the most rant disposed of the blogs. I’ll try to start over and post the other tomorrow.)

Vladimir Putin, leaving for a visit with the Chinese, just told his generals to prepare for Armageddon. Vlad would know. Since you can enter the Gates of Hell in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, New York City, Washington D.C., LA or London, maybe the Gates of Heaven do open in the east. It’s been rumored for some time that Shambhala, as well as the Western Pure Land are located somewhere in or around Mongolia and that the former will become visible in the final days.

I’ve no illusions about the people running China, given Tibet and other things. Then again, I don’t know. I don’t care for the Dalai Lama but I don’t really know. I’ll admit to an admiration for Putin but, once again, I don’t know. I do know that Israel is an enemy of humanity and a curse to those deceived into a relationship with this vile aggregate of poisonous snakes. I know that the government of America and the other Crown Colonies are jail house bitches for Israel. I know the overall intention of Israel, Zionism and the historical and ongoing putsch of this demon spawn is to plunge the world into a sewer of rotting materialism and Kafkaesque scenarios that seek to make Orwell’s visions a reality; corruption, perversion, impoverishment, enslavement, torment and death are the order of the day for these bipedal Moray eels. We are long past the point where any other perception, description or definition can compete with the transparently obvious.

It goes without saying that soon, if they plan to survive, Pakistan; Iran, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and others will have to join with Russia and China to protect themselves from the Christian fundie robot armies (public and private) of the Satanic, Zionist rulership of the west. It’s a disturbing trend when the state of the world begins to resemble scripture, however misunderstood and perverted it may be. My opinion is that true and vibrant scripture is written on the human heart and that the only connection worth having is a direct connection and not what is contained in cathedrals, Halloween outfits and anachronistic stroke books for pedophile priests who can’t see Satan on the dais, tapping his hooves to the pipes of dread. So it is with all of the churches of this world; edifices of presumptuous vanity to the glory of worshippers, whose own will preempts their better interests. Nature is the proper vale of appreciation, not the pseudo-morph of a strip mall world, where Big Macs and fries follow the brief litanies in the dog kennel pews and kiddie buggering sacristies, where dark things go bump in the dead of the night. Nature has been raped and shaped into one of Pinhead’s attendants and a deep anger is burbling below the tortured and twisted flesh.

I have been at pains to explicate that good and evil, reason and madness, are matters of degree and that balance is the key. The problem inherent is that one can only see so far behind and so far ahead and so when balance goes missing, we have only the immediate ahead and behind as a reference and cannot know how far afield from the mean we have actually gone. Nature is the active expression of the cosmos in reaction to imbalance. In the human body it manifests as disease or inharmonious distress. In the greater world it manifests in all of the unfortunate conditions we see around us, whether that be the draconian and desperate conditions of altered Nature, or the arousal of the elements, in force upon those who have finally become too separated from the whole to be tolerated on the sacred Earth, profaned beyond endurance. She’s got her powers back. The temporary magics of enforced submission are being neutralized by the removal of potency from their applications. This is happening across the board.

It’s no accident that our leaders have gone mad and worse; become cartoon caricatures of themselves. There is no buffoonery or prancing ignorance, no hubris or public action of repression or greed which they are incapable of. This is for the purposes of demonstration. Thieving bankers, given the colossal ignorance of the times, could have continued indefinitely had they kept their appetites in check. They could have continued to have more than they would ever spend and to socialize with their depraved fellows in their exclusive resorts and watering holes, if they had just had a modicum of restraint but they are being compelled to behave like despicable cads who are proud of their actions and confident in their security.

It is a hard and fixed rule that you do not over-extend yourself and that your grasp does not exceed your reach; that the army does not move beyond all contact with the wagons of supply. This is the built in and intrinsic destiny and death of empires. Meanwhile, they let the barbarians inside the gates and are ultimately caught in that ancient dilemma of no longer being able to wage war abroad and protect themselves domestically at the same time. It’s simple math to me, yet these experts can’t see it. It’s for the purpose of demonstration that the terminally clever among us are brought low by the simplest things.

Any moment now comes the signal moment of irreversible change. Any day now the sun will rise on one world and set upon another, even though it is not the sun that rises and sets but the world which revolves around it. This is another important truth that is still not understood. Too many of us still believe the world is flat because we are in no position to see the curve and do not have the presence of mind to comprehend why the horizon disappears from our view. When we are not clinically blind to the meaning of what surrounds and composes us, we are seeing things upside down. It takes a superhuman will to break the spell; to become free of the web, to distinguish the true light from the false light. It requires the active presence of the indwelling self. The true light shows things as they are. The false light shows them otherwise, depending on who is behind the lantern. We huddle in our sympathetic groupings and argue about one lie over another, the authenticity of one illusion over another; the reasonable aspect of a collective insanity, simply because we all agree on it. They are all lies. It doesn’t matter if you think yours is the better and more accurate lie. A lie is a lie. We are sawing off the branch on which we sit; dead to reason and deaf to the inner voice.

This is the sole purpose of The Apocalypse. It is the truth pulling aside the curtains, lifting up the skirts of the covering lies and compelling us, forcing us to see by degrees, according to the degree of our intransigence. In this time, the less you have, the better off you are. The less you know, the more correctly informed you are. The more you doubt what you see around you, the more clearly you can view what is within. The more you accept the broadcast of appearances, the more it obscures the witness of them and gives over judgment and vision to the prisoner of circumstance and time. This is one of the varieties of personality and being that we carry around within us and the prisoner must first be shackled from within.

Twitter is a classic example of something created to make humanity look and act stupid and humanity jumps right in, putting on banality like a fashion statement and ‘tweeting’ like the creatures that naturally do but with a much smaller brain. At least the ‘natural’ creatures are not confused about what they are or in pursuit of a greater diminishment. I have no doubt that Twitter was created on purpose for the purpose it provides. Whatever the mass media trumpets and encourages, is certain to be contrary to our greater potential because our greater potential is terminal to our oppressors. This is what reality TV is all about and why it has high end face time in the press. This is why it is now funny and cute to see a father pick up a baby and have the baby take a projectile shit into the father’s mouth. Freud wasn’t about the general public. He was navel gazing on his antecedents, just like Wittgenstein who was taking another kind of projectile shit. People absorb this crap in order to appear intelligent to people who know better and eventually wind up hanging out with people like themselves. This is true above and below, no matter how you slice it. Smart, clever and intelligent have nothing to with wisdom and understanding.

Any moment now, any day now and every direction and intention will be coming into engagement with the real, in the possession or absence of clarity and the experience of transformative force.

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Anonymous said...

How long will the supermarket shelves need to be permanently empty before our tinsel world of big lies becomes a world of shit?

3 days? 5? Certainly less than a whole week.

Hundreds of millions of terrified people finally facing reality won't be a good look.


wv: punishea (couldn't have said it better myself)

Visible said...

Here we have shameless self promotion at its worst. Feel free to cringe at the statements having to do with no conspiracies and how psychopathic mass murderers aren't really bad people, they are just misguided and didn't really intend evil. Cringe at the transparent ploy to pump up ones own importance. I hardly know what to think except I want nothing to do with this person here or hereafter and neither will the regent within and beyond.

Robin Redbreast said...

Les - your writing struck right to my inner core.

I know I have only been posting here this last few weeks - but I have been here since the start of the year - and have been travelling a lot longer than that!

I don't want to appear arrogant - I just want to say that my heart agrees with you. If you have read my recent replies - I have arrived at a station, got off on this platform, where I feel free, care free, focussed, loving, at peace, effective, in love with life, in love with nature and animals, in love with my fellow human beings (believe it or not!).

I don't want to leave this station - I'm not concerned if I have to - the next stop could be even better!

I suppose I just want to say that I feel so special and grateful for all I have had to go through, to have endured what I have in my life (and endurance it has been!).

I have learnt and experienced so much - I have suffered and survived. I feel so lucky and special to be where I am currently - gifted so to speak - I hope it lasts but whatever will be will be. Change is as good as a holiday - or something like that.

My negative mindset has disappeared. I don't seem to be so preoccupied by all the bullshit around me (and believe me I used to be). Everything is where it should be, and if I can help out in some way I will, I will do my bloody best - whether its to someone I meet in the street, the park, my neighbour, in work, in my car (I get so much joy letting others out at junctions etc... I see it then passed on when they then do it to someone else after - it just makes me so happy)). I don't feel hate or regret for anything.

I digress, but this is life: you aneed to be fully present - and it seems I have now have the present I have always dreamed and aspired for.

The bizarre thing - and the greatest lessons I have learnt is acceptance; also, the pointlessness of trying to fight reality. It is what it is - and now my masks are down - I am what I am too. It is what it is, I am what I am, and you are what you are, and you are where you are because that is how it is meant to be at this moment.

The moment of eureka - was when I realised I just had to stop fighting and start being.

Life now is a breeze - I don't get angry, I don't get mad, I don't get sad. I am me.

Sorry if that has pissed off anyone - but I just wanted to share how I am - and how grateful I am of this gift/present of presence. I hope you are able to find it too - I really do - and if you have it too - please share it - pass it forward :)

Live love and peace to you all

Anonymous said...

This just in:

Cosmic Avenger has been spotted playing cards with the White Dragon Society on an all-nighter. Someone needs to go in and tell the boys to break it up and get to work. The time is nigh.


gurnygob said...

Les about the link you gave to the person you want nothing more to do with. I don't know what to say except I had the very same feeling but didn't realise what it was that bothering me. Thank you for clearing that up for me.


Visible said...

I've had the same feeling from the beginning that I have now but I couldn't completely verify it. That is now effected. Certain postures and forms of arcane hair flipping, airkissing and auto erotic butt munching have no place in the pretense of service

Tom Lowe said...

Twitter was created by Birdbrain.

bholanath said...

Visji -
This one is stellar, straight to the heart of all matters. First class, my friend.

"the reasonable aspect of a collective insanity" - fucking hilarious!
and "bipedal Moray eels...who have finally become too separated from the whole to be tolerated on the sacred Earth", etc etc

@est - you rock, dude

@tim schmidt - good one over on the other blog


amarynth said...

Thank you Visible! If we could only begin see fully through the birdbrain twittering circuses strewn around like the breadcrumbs of Hansel and Gretel - eventually one understands that these crumbs do not lead home and that home really is where the heart is.

God help us all during these days.

bholanath said...

As I've gotten to know a few more birds personally, I'm appreciating their little brains (grin).
Cooler hang than most humanoids I know..heh.

Tom Lowe said...

Gilad Atzmon is Jewish, so they're gonna buy his books, give him MSM plugs, and more.

Synthetic controversy is raised amongst them around his introspective blather as a way to boost sales.

Observe, people.

Citizen Elle said...

Been lingering in the wings for months. Challenged by availability of wifi. I am totally with RobinH, my life is now perfect, as well. I endured looking for what I wanted & landed here after many lessons. Pure love abounds & resounds with people, Gaia & the many kingdoms. Each day is now forever a mystery & I see the world through the bright light beaming through my heart. I love this here virtual community you've made, Maestro.

many blessings & much love always
~~~ from the deep ~~~

Anonymous said...

forwards inwards everyway
long and wide and far
by art of open all around
sun and moon and star
in flowertops of lightning braids
echoing beyond
multiplying everywhere
in sense of all belong
weaving freely rising through
reaching west and south
stretching north through the east
releasing up and out
above and on and inwardly
on consciousness induced
in waves of colored thinking trails
formed on essence roots


Anonymous said...

In The Crosshairs Of History

thom j

Robin Redbreast said...

Citizen Elle:
You added more to what I put.
You're right: each day is now a blessing, a wonder, a magical, inspiring, uplifting, easy and very productive, peaceful, beautiful, beautiful, joy filled heaven!!
Heaven on earth? I wished so much for that.
Hold tight and relax!

The juxtaposition to what my life was, the struggles daily, the pretending, the masks, the self contempt.......

We are so lucky?
We deserve it ;)
I hope and pray that others get here too - I want a packed station platform - come join us the world!!

Live love and peace xxx

est said...

i would suggest
the mustang

if you can
find it

Anonymous said...

I've been without the internet for a couple of weeks due to moving house. I'm now back online and have just about caught up with your posts.

As always, many thanks, Les, for the work you do and the truth you write. I appreciate it greatly. Thanks also to everyone who comments here, it gives me a wider perspective and significant enjoyment.

Thanks and love to you all,

Anonymous said...

kick ASS, Les...thank you.

Ben said...

Vis, All,

I have an admiration for Putin as well, though I can't put my finger on specifically why. Maybe it's because the khazar news media is always whining and kvetching about him. He certainly seems to scare the absolute shit out of the khazars and I tend to view things that scare them as positive.

I'm quite sure that one of Edgar Cayce's prophecies indicated that Russia would play a distinct role in the salvation of the west and even the world.

I also know that all authority is raised up by Father Creator; that would imply that Vladimir Putin has been raised up for a specific purpose during these wonderful and fascinating times.

I have also heard that the Russian word "putin" means "path"... not sure what the implications of that are, but there are no coincidences or accidents.

But I do admit to a substantial amount of respect and admiration for Putin. I don't know why, but when I look at his eyes in the news photos, these eyes seem to reveal an inner strength, serenity and confidence.

In my experience, for whatever that's worth, people with eyes like that have generally been through the testing fire and have emerged with a certain degree of refined purity and a certainty of faith in a "higher power" (some call this "higher power" God, I call it "Father Creator").

So... I may be totally fooled, but it seems to me that Putin has recognized and acknowledges the absolute sovereignty of Father Creator and has both serenity and confidence of his place in Father's plans.

If this is so, I believe Putin will do very well by and for the Russian people. And it seems likely that he will have Russia play a distinct role in the salvation of the west and the rest of the world. Thus I find it not surprising that he instructed his generals to prepare for Armageddon.

For some reason, I find that instruction to his generals comforting. (But it'll scare the shit out of the khazars.)

est said...

good start here
8 minutes
well spent

blue it out
click and drag
to browser bar

having hard time

Anonymous said...

I followed the article you linked by Atzmon. I was expecting something ridiculous but aside from the correct points you stated about self-aggrandizement (don't we all have some of this? The most commonly used word in the English language is "I" eye]).

While I certainly do not trust this atzmon guy very much, as he himself is a member of aforementioned "tribe" I'm not sure he is so far from yours and others' conclusions that the conspiracy is a "zionist" one. No doubt he has not probably gone into the necessary and inevitable outcomes of studying the exact deeds of those mentioned in the article (the psychopathic murderers he lists that he seems to brush of as misguided brainwashed yes-men who merely stumble into perpetual perfidy) but nonetheless I'm not sure his information is completely useless. (admitting to not having read it nor do I plan to.)

One thing that says to me that he's not toally sold out is that he actually posted an article on Fukushima a months ago. The "forgotten" "holocaust" going on right now in Japan. However, he quicly lost interest with the self-promotion necessary to market a book.

I do not mean this in a bad way but it feels like a little envy coming from you as well as spite for him having this platform and not saying what needs to be said. I have always personally wondered you "angle" as to why you think the whole thing is along "jewish" lines. Perhaps your own book on the topic could far exceed his in both deserved attention and effect.

(thanks for saying crown colonies, I hope you're not just throwing stuff in like that to appease the restless critics like myself, mostly also crippled with silent voices and a hopelessly corrupt and dying system.)

Visible said...

I'm getting several types of comments at the moment, all anonymous and all evading my points on Atzmon and all trying to type me as envious. You don't usually get 3 comments all mentioning the same thing so, I'll take that for what it's worth. I printed one of them. I can't remember in decades being accused of being jealous or envious and if I were I'd pick a more attractive subject. I'm not going to say anymore, the man's own article, of which this is just one of several going on and on and on about his book, speaks volumes but it's the apology for psychopaths that set me off and the claim that there is no conspiracy. I happen to know that is a lie and anyone in this business who hasn't taken the trouble to look into it and find it to be so without any effort at all is either deliberately obfuscating or in bed with the enemy. I suspect both are true.

Anyone who apologizes for them would have the same thing apply.

I'll reiterate that when people are anonymous in their exchanges with me I immediately assume they have something to hide; meaning when the intent is negative. I'll go with the percentages concerning all of this and pretty much immediately forget it ever came up.

It's probably poor timing for me since I 'have to' talk about my next book release tomorrow (grin) but thankfully it won't be as extensive or even about the books contents in any case.

Anonymous said...

quality post lord visibles,was having another look at shambhala info earlier and got to thinking maybe you are one of the shambhala kings or in moments of high are in contact with these lot or something lord visibles as your writings can get real deep.....

anyway some good things going on at the moment,lord icke posted his thoughts on the protests which were spot on,lord immortal technique up front and totaly correct as usual with his interview,lord rivero opened up a dialogue with an iranian tv channel and spoke like a statesmen...
actualy it would be good if the truth movement could somehow open up a dialogue with the somalian ugandan and well everywhere that the empiricals have got their eye on really.....their is enough people around who could quite easily hold interviews with the people of any of these countries,so why dont we,if the people are struggling for computers we send them spare ones which I am sure many people have got lying around their homes that they could quite easily give away......

and I keep having thoughts of hilary clinton wearing a bee fur coat,dont know if anyone else is having these extremely distressing thoughts because if they are,then she probably does have one or is in the process of having one made

and a meteor fell out the sky right where I live last night,.......weird

est I wish I could get the mustang to ride on,I have to make do with the lawn mower out of the next door neighbors garden at the moment....

am shattered so going to sleep....

respects to you good peoples...neil

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Another great post Judge Viz.... I am mostly ambivalent with Atzmon and before you brought it up.... I too had the professional envy hit going on.

I dismissed the hit as ridiculous and made no other comment.

For what its worth, it is always healthy to take a good look into the mirror for anything not obvious. Mirrors are good things no matter who holds them up for us.

We will not appreciate you any Les for it, but it may be nice tweak to clear it.

Kindest regards,


Anonymous said...

I post anonymously even though it does not matter because if they wanted to, they could trace 99% of anons back.

I post anonymous because it takes an extra 2-5 seconds for them to trace.

So it makes them waste 2-5 extra seconds of energy and time thus bogging them down even more than they already are trying to reign in 6 billion people.

Little exercises in F you big brother when done by everyone adds up

Visible said...

I hope to avoid explaining myself in certain areas because it often looks like justification. I'll say again that the 3 blogs are all expressions of different personas. I have different degrees of reaction in them going from mild to more severe with the sequence for that being Origami, Mirrors and then Petri Dish. I do it on purpose. It might not be smart but hopefully it is entertaining.

I could care less what you were feeling concerning this person. That's you and not me and the implication that the one implies the other is faulty reasoning. I have not had a positive view on this fellow for 'years'. It's got nothing to do with his book. I only mentioned that in concert with the two points that actually set me off. Otherwise my comment wouldn't have even appeared.

I have seven books presently awaiting publication, one after the other. Once the most recent one is out shortly, the next one (a novel) will follow and so on. They are all already finished, except for the usual minor tweaking. I'm not going to go into what I really think about this man because it would be harsh and serve no useful purpose. What I will say is that there are thousands of very successful people out there, if you measure success that way. I don't. My track record shows that I have run from it my whole life and am no longer in a position to for any number of reasons.

I suspect coming time will indicate whether or not I had anything to be envious of. Since I honestly consider temporal success to be an annoyance, you can be sure that whatever happens, I'm not going to be all that blissed out about it. It's like having to walk around with a hairnet of mosquitoes and flies.

I am a very private person. I seldom interact with other people if I can help it. Unfortunately I now have to and I also have to become more engaged in things that I would prefer to avoid and I'm not going to explain why that is.

I get more positive comments presented in a certain hyperbole than any other site, or directed at any other person than I have ever seen on the internet anywhere. I've got nothing to be envious about. Whether these comments accurately reflect reality I couldn't say. I don't get it myself. I don't see myself that way and I keep away from responding to any of it. I seldom respond at all. Usually I respond to questions or negative feedback, depending on the site. I seldom ever get any to begin with. That's another truly strange feature and I can't explain and don't understand that either. I am left nearly completely alone by the agents of the most powerful negative force on the planet- and they are that; I don't care what anyone else has to say about mysterious elites manipulating them. The only one manipulating and channeling through them is Satan. I can't explain that either.

I just get up every day and I do my job as much as I am able to see what that is and I do it for free. I never ask for money though I do have a donate button. i have no paid ads and I have very little money and never have had but I've managed to get by and even take care of other people now and then.

I freely admit having shortcomings and I work on them through my every day. In this matter my feelings are directed at the specific things I mentioned. No other feelings are involved. God is the only reality I recognize and I already receive things that make me envy no man living or dead. It's too bad I can't provide graphics in respect of this. If I could it would clarify many things.

Anonymous said...

Ben at 10:58

I, too, have a sense of confidence about Putin. It seems that he's a purveyor of minimal bullshit. He's not lying about any of the big stuff. Never has, really.

He foiled the zio-coup attempt of the russian financial system. He wasn't having any of that zio-oligarch crap. He's sticking with just the russian orthodox oligarch crap.

Perhaps the world at this historical moment is better of with someone like in place him than not.


est said...


i rarely say the word

it signifies to me
a collective delusion

no one is apart
from any one else

no one is chosen
no one condemned

play in your mind
all you want

won't change nothin'
they are toast in my view

Anonymous said...

I was looking at some pictures from the occupy protests and one sign really annoyed me it says 'occupied by love'. Maybe this isn't the site for me because my sign would read 'I hate your guts. you sicken me'. I believe that while these protests remain non-violent the PTB willjust pick up and drag awzy the protesters one by one over and over, pass new laws and then incarcerate those that motivate the mob. Does thinking that violence is the only solution make me a bad person?

amarynth said...

Nice Comment about Bird Brains Bholanath (big smile). I've been listening to your tunes today - no birdbrain there!

Alpha Silex said...

Excellent, right on time and eloquent words Vis. I've been trying to say all of these things, either directly or swaddled in a warm fuzzy blanket of a "joke" which most don't ever get anyway, for a long time now. Anyone out there who wants to continue to attack us or consider us "crazy", better wake up and realize VERY quickly that the kid gloves have now come off and the time for jokes and lady gagme are on the verge of being over, once and for all. As a "card carrying" Aquarian who gnos, I welcome us all to the imminent ascension from this wicked and completely illusionary false dimension and into the dawn of true love and eternal presence of the INFINITE ONE that IS the source of peace and understanding. God speed all and as always, much love and thanks. Back to my regularly schedule Kum Bah Yah time.....

Anonymous said...

A perfect post, Les, so much resonated, as usual.

"...we have only the immediate ahead and behind as a reference and cannot know how far from the mean we have actually gone."

Ain't that the truth, and something which is a daily worry to me. Thanks so many times, Les.

As for Vlad the Impassive and the Cayce prophecy, just do a search 'Russia hope of the world - Cayce' You'll get lots of results. And you can bet that the Russians have been just as busy in the 'Arab Spring' countries behind the scenes as the CIA/MOSSAD have. Things surely are getting interesting around here!

If I might just point out, Les, Atzmon is spot on when he says the the Guardian newspaper has become a Zionist mouthpiece; a high percentage of its staff writers are jews for one thing, and don't even try to comment positively about the Palestinians, o dear me, no! And the newspaper supported ZATO's carpet bombing of Libya. The Guardian, despite its so-called liberal credentials, is well and truly part of the JSM status quo now.

Est - hotlink:
[url=whatever] your link [/url]
in return for the mustang! Btw, I don't care what colour or gender mine is, as long as it's true essence shines through!

Love and hope to all, deana.

wv: monorete - the monitoring of ourselves at a deep personal level.

missingarib said...

Les,between the nightmarish dreams of the fathers and the visions of the children or is it the other way around-I don't know but I just want to keep an eye on the camera as it pans 360 degrees and someone asks what do you see.

The suggestion that things are unfolding in a biblical SENSE is disturbing but hard to deny and when the two witness are killed on the streets is no longer a stretch to imagine --
regards missingarib

shamanicmechanic said...

I especially identify with the concept of being better off by owning less.It allows one to simplify,downsize and reduce the stress associated with keeping track of "stuff".Materialism is passe' ,the only riches worth having are based in the spirit of love,compassion and sharing the universe rather than attempting to exclude others from the beauty and wonder that our creator made available for ALL humanity.The deceivers are hard at work, but truth will win in the end.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

I'm also tempted to like Vladimir Putin until I remind myself that he was head of the FSB (KGB) in the summer of 1999, when the FSB false-flag bombed a series of Moscow apartment buildings, causing hundreds of deaths. The Russian government blamed the bombings on Chechnyan rebels, and they used the bombings as an excuse to re-invade Chechnya, which has a vast, easily-accessed oil reserve. The killing spree ended when several FSB agents were seen planting a big bomb in the basement of an apartment tower at Ryazan. If you have never heard of that incident, please google "Ryazan."

I gratefully thank Dmitry and for having the courage to publish my statement about Ryazan in 2006. People have been killed for simply expressing the intention to mention the truth about Ryazan in the Russian press. (The Godfather USA - English

I am a follower of the ancient Hindu philosophy of Advaita Vedanta (nonDualism). As such, I do not believe in Satan or a permanent Hell. God did not create anyone for such a fate. Eventually everyone attains Enlightenment.

In 2003 I posted a couple of satires about George Bush and the Bush family on the Internet, which earned me a home visit from a couple of Secret Service agents. Of course, they also visited my employer -- which ultimately cost me my job and my nursing career.

I asked the SS agents about my file, and they said that their supervisor would not allow them to read anything that I had written. The pen is mightier than the sword. I am posting here under my real name, but I appreciate why someone would choose not to use their own.

Copernicus Kidd said...


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes Bholanath,
your site is absolutely wonderful!

I wish you best of health and all success.

Your associates of every species are fortunate indeed.

Jai Maa!

Rob in WI said...

I'm still mourning the loss of Al Qadhafi; if indeed he was murdered successfully. A good read for anyone would be his "Green Book", which is easily available for download.
It's a bit cumbersome (as Arabic to English translations are), but demonstrates his dedication to the truth of the natural order, the ONE behind the illusions. Thanks to you and commentators for keeping me awake. Be well, all, Rob

david griffith said...

Now ... that's a good rant!

A wonderful cosmos and a good rant .... both very inspiring

Anonymous said...

atzmon apologist. (jon stewart minus the frontal lobes.)

incompetence over intention is the msm story (from whatever backwater tributary it may originate) at all times, in every case, for at least as long as anyone on this forum has been alive.

plays well to the impossibly minute comfort zone of the general public.

can't even think about it anymore or i'll just get pissed off.

oops, too late.

truly great post. no part untouched, no 'stone' unturned.

B. Bombay said...

"Certain postures and forms of arcane hair flipping, airkissing and auto erotic butt munching have no place in the pretense of service."

Butt munching? Butt munching? Really?
I was just sitting here minding my own business and reading your blog as usual and out of nowhere you hit me right between the eyes with "butt munching" in the comments section.

I forget. One cannot let down ones guard when one comes to this blog. Attention is required.I'll try to do better next time.

Anonymous said...

to the bbc...

it stank of death
sickness and disease
ruined childrens minds
it was named the bbc
it spread lies
a culture of delusion
materialy dominated
people in confusion
devoid of truth
dehearted and debilitated
diverted and controled
infected and inseminated
cheap and debased
governmental pawns
residing in a pit
of where hell forms


Anonymous said...

'stoned' - derived from astonied: to be astonished or in a state of awe...

Denny said...

Hi Les,

Had it not been for your posts and all the comments here I'd probably still be in the Dark Ages as to the sole perpetrators of all these crimes against humanity that the majority of people around me incredibly enough cannot even see happening right under their very noses.

Gregory F. Fegel

Re those apartment building bombings in Moscow, let's hope President Putin now puts his karma right by being instrumental in the downfall of the above mentioned perpetrators.

Meanwhile, maybe we should all learn a few words of Russian and Chinese, as not one of the two hundred million or so soldiers that will probably be required for the job will speak a word of English.

Anonymous said...

to satanic families,jewish or from any other culture,,,,your finished and all you do from now on is being recorded,no more hiding for you lot,

debased satanic families
in premonitions of insanity
governmental minions
reduced into calamity
condensed into confusion
electrified on clarity
debilitated instantly
for acts of acting savagely
back to singularity
consumed by falsehoods vanity
taken to captivity
spiraled within gravity
reduced into the constant
induced on natures sanctity
to conclusion of subversion
death of satanic family


siamsiam said...

Just like to say Vis, I sussed the sax player a long time ago. I mentioned it here at the time.

Here in Siam the number one (in numbers that is) visitors are Russians. The men all resemble Putin in some way - they all have a certain look. Easy to identify. Americans are also easy to identify - they generally look like a lard arse clowns. Brits generally look like football hooligans. I am not being racist. I am just saying how it is. Russian women are also very feminine and appreciate being admired.

Conclusion: westerners are fucked up. I believe
the sax player is playing his part.

of course there are good and bad jews;

edna :) said...

It's official: RobinH is annoying.

"I don't want to appear arrogant but I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I...."

As for your 'pay it forward' crap, letting people out in front of you is a form of altruism. It makes you feel good about YOURSELF. It's a selfish act so STFU.



vw: syncerus. Serious + sincere I'm bein' syncerus when I say RobinH is buggin'.

PJ Cotnoir said...

As a simpleton myself practicing what I preach on a daily basis, which is to follow Ghandi in being the change I want to see in the world, I am amazed at how uncomfortable people still are after thousands of years of evolution being in their own skin.

This is not self promotion or condemnation of those who practice STS, but a free admission of my truth and an answer to my own personal question of why I am here in the first place.

Les, I believe in your struggle, and appreciate your commitment to it. You have a beautiful way of expressing what your pineal gland is showing you in a daily double feature of reality, if there is such a thing.

Thanks for taking the time to care.

Visible said...

Concerning alleged conduct on the part of Putin, it is probably better to have all of the facts and none of us have anything like that. Russia is a huge country and many things go on that are not direct actions on the part of the leader. The same applies in the US. As for him being in the KGB, that doesn't mean anything to me because I don't know what he did there and there are only so many ways up the ladder and the quickest and most assured path is to know the secrets.

Politicians in general are self serving jerks but I get a hit from Putin in a certain way and I will stick with it until he proves me wrong.

He also showed up during my hyper dimensional reality show in Italy last year and we had quite a conversation. Of course I could well have been temporarily insane at the time but that's beside the point. The conversation was most enjoyable and then there's the matter of the Pravda reporter who told me that Putin reads Smoking Mirrors. That could be pandering BS as well but it sure made me feel good at the time.

just me, Laurel A. said...

its been a cloudy week. thank you les for that much needed fresh breeze now blowing this way, and i can enjoy that moment, in spite of the insanity festering all around the edges of my little clearing here :) ..... all i want is to go into a quiet happy place and create beautiful things and enjoy the love and sharing of happy people at peace with themselves and their purpose here......but until then, i stalk your writings like a harmless little thief stealing a peek at the garden just the other side of the old stone wall :)

just me, Laurel A. said...

as for putin, i get a good "hit" about him too. i dont know why. but there is something there that defies. and it, whatever it is, makes the not-so-good guys absolutely crap their drawers. that speaks to me too.

just me, Laurel A. said... what music? where is it? is it on the internet so i can peek?

Anonymous said...

"...Thieving bankers, given the colossal ignorance of the times, could have continued indefinitely had they kept their appetites in check..."

It's just too hard to keep from squeezing that goose to get another golden egg to roll out.

Then after that's done... it's just too hard....


Anonymous said...

So true Visible. They could have just let it roll but nope, they brought it down intentionally. Those who doubt need only take a look at the Georgia Guide stones. Another great post Visible, thank you.

The Elder of Zycon-B said...

Damn Les, How do you come up with this day after day? It is like the greats such as Ezra Pound are simultaneously channeling though you.

I'll say it again, you are a virtual living and breathing quote board for long hidden truths and clear-headed logic.

The poor young victims in the public fool system (ZOG schools) need you, but they are too busy reading Elie Wiesel.

Zoner said...

The only mention of such "tellings" by Mr Putin seem to come from either a 1+year old VT article or from a story attributed to Sorcha Faal, but it sounds as plausible as any of the rest of the hysterical bullshit being put forth as "our reality".

I like playing at speculating about how things "might go down" as much as the next guy, but it sure gets tiring listening to so many people who think they have "it" figured out. I see that the Rapture ran into some technical difficulties as well....

Guess what? None of you KNOW what is going to happen next, and you certainly won't find the schedule of real coming events up at your favorite internet "truth" site. Observe and report is about the best we can hope for, but if the observation is done by others, there is a chance that this info is compromised as well.

We all have a fuzzy outline of the potential future going on, with an endless supply of folks willing to color in the spaces, but trying to put some sort of all-encompassing clear image ahead of one's self is akin to pissing in the wind.

Either you trust that all is under control and act accordingly, or you spin in circles trying to use the mind to find your way.......well, wherever one thinks that leads I guess.

Best of luck to all of us. Trust that which resides closest at the moment. The rest is just stories and infotainment.


Anonymous said...

hahahhaha ya gotta love Edna, sayin what yer(we're) thinking.

jimmy G

Visible said...

Exactly Zoner, Sorcha Faal, or 'such a fool' depending on one's awareness of who that is, is one of the least likely repositories of truth around. Some say 'trust but verify'. I apply that to metaphysics, all others pay cash; meaning verify period... then trust, maybe.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Regarding the 1999 Moscow Apartment bombings and Vladimir Putin:

"...a growing body of proof has surfaced that links the bombings, and the Ryazan incident in particular, to the FSB - the revamped KGB. Independent investigators, including several MPs, who have sought to look into the case have been intimidated, arrested or beaten. Analysts and investigators claim that President Vladimir Putin, who was FSB chief until August of that year and subsequently prime minister, must know the truth." (​130304secretattheheart.html)

"Yury Felshtinsky (resides in the USA), Alexander Litvinenko (assassinated in 2006), Boris Berezovsky (oligarch in British exile), David Satter, Boris Kagarlitsky, Vladimir Pribylovsky, the secessionist Chechen authorities claimed that the 1999 bombings were a false flag attack coordinated by the FSB in order to win public support for a new full-scale war in Chechnya, which boosted Prime Minister and former FSB Director Vladimir Putin's popularity, and brought the pro-war Unity Party to the State Duma and Putin to the presidency within a few months. ...Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin praised the vigilance of the Ryazanians and called for the air bombing of the Chechen capital Grozny in response to the terrorism acts."

"Boris Berezovsky announced Tuesday that President Vladimir Putin "definitely knew" that the Federal Security Service was involved in four bombings that killed more than 300 people in Moscow and two other cities in the fall of 1999, as well as a foiled bombing attempt in Ryazan. "At a minimum Vladimir Putin knew that the FSB was involved in the bombings in Moscow, Volgodonsk and Ryazan," Berezovsky told reporters, adding that Putin's failure to order a full investigation of the attacks constituted a coverup." (​knew_about_fsb...)

Regarding Gilad Aztmon's apologetics for the Zionist Jews:

Anonymous 9:58:00 wrote: "incompetence over intention is the msm story (from whatever backwater tributary it may originate) at all times, in every case, for at least as long as anyone on this forum has been alive. plays well to the impossibly minute comfort zone of the general public."

Let me take that ball and run with it. The point made by Anonymous 9:58:00 implies that -- and I agree -- adult human beings should be held responsible for their actions. That includes all of the Jews who support Zionism, and also Gilad Aztmon, who forgives them for being "incompetent." That includes all Americans and Westerners, in and out of government, who support the Western Imperialism and aggression. That also includes all of the US troops and veterans who have volunteered to serve as mercenary murderers for the elitist Western Oligarchs. None of the aforementioned were "incompetent." All of them committed their crimes knowingly and willingly, with malice and premeditation.

Visible said...

I agree with that but... the thing about Putin, it appears you are saying he was only an intelligence operative at the time, not the leader of the country. Is that right?

Robin Redbreast said...

Oh Edna
You made me smile :)
Thank you for that.
One often or might describe where one is through the use of I. But perhaps I am presumptuous?
One perhaps either might, shouldn't ot tends to judge or assume others opinions are based on one's own.
Perhaps the worst thing one might do do is to judge.
Perhaps even saying that is a judgement.
Perhaps I (opps!) should just go and end it all -
Perhaps I (opps!!) won't too?
Goodness some people are annoying aren't they!
Often the faults one sees and judges of others are an upside down reflection and actually mirror of one's self.
In the true British slang comedy character:
"Does one look bovered???!!!"
Live love and peace xxx

Gregory F. Fegel said...

After university, Vladimir Putin served in the KGB from 1975 to 1992. Putin worked for the Mayor of St. Petersburg from 1992 to 1996, and Putin worked for Yeltsin in Moscow from 1996 to 1998. On July 25, 1998, Yeltsin appointed Putin to head the FSB, and Putin held that position until August 1999. Putin became a permanent member of the Security Council of the Russian Federation on October 1, 1998, and Putin became its Secretary on March 29, 1999. When Yeltsin suddenly resigned on December 31, 1999, Vladimir Putin became the second President of the Russian Federation.

"The Russian apartment bombings were a series of explosions that hit four apartment blocks in the Russian cities of Buynaksk, Moscow, and Volgodonsk in September 1999, killing 293 people and injuring 651. The explosions occurred in Buynaksk on 4 September, Moscow on 9 and 13 September, and Volgodonsk on 16 September. Several other bombs were defused in Moscow at the time.
A similar bomb was found and defused in the Russian city of Ryazan on 23 September 1999. On the next day Federal Security Service Director Nikolai Patrushev announced that the Ryazan incident had been a training exercise."​bombings

It is apparent that the Ryazan incident was an attempted false flag bombing that was perpetrated by the FSB. It is also reasonable to suspect that the four successful Moscow apartment bombings in September 1999 were likewise false flag bombings that were perpetrated by the FSB. Why? Because if the first four Moscow apartment bombings had been perpetrated by Chechnyan terrorists, there would have been no purpose served by the FSB to perpetrate a fifth bombing at Ryazan. That Ryazan was only an "exercise," as was claimed by the Russian government, is highly unlikely.

Putin left his position as FSB chief in August 1999, but Putin remained in his position as Secretary of the Security Council when the Moscow apartment bombings occured in September 1999. It seems very unlikely to me that Putin, with his many years of experience with the Soviet and Russian security apparatus, and in his position as recent head of the FSB and serving Secretary of the Security Council, would not have known that the Moscow apartment bombings were a false flag operation. If Putin did not know that the Moscow apartment bombings were a false flag operation, and if the bombings were perpetrated by "rogue agents" of the FSB, why didn't Putin order an investigation of the Ryazan incident?

The Moscow apartment bombings of 1999 are comparable to the 9/11 attacks in the USA; both were false flag attacks that served as an excuse to invade oil-rich Muslim nations and initiate domestic Police State measures. It is equally unlikely that Vladimir Putin was unaware that the Moscow apartment bombings were false flag attacks, or that Bush Junior and Senior, Cheney, Rumsfeld, CIA Director Tenet, and FBI Director Freeh were unaware that the 9/11 attacks were a false flag operation. After 9/11, 150 FBI agents worked at Shanksville on the fake airliner crash there. FBI Director Freeh simply had to know that he was directing a cover-up. Likewise, Vladimir Putin must have known that he was directing a cover-up of the Moscow apartment bombings. Like Bush Junior and Senior, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Tenet, and Freeh with 9/11, Putin probably knew about the FSB planning of the Moscow apartment bombings before they happened.

Just as there is no "proof" that Putin knew the Moscow Apartment bombings were false flag attacks, there is also no "proof" that Bush Junior and Senior, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and other members of the US government knew that the 9/11 attacks were an "inside job."

Visible said...

Well, it's obvious you don't like the guy but it's not necessary to be absurd in the process. I'm not writing him fan mail and I don't have his picture on my wall. He rarely enters my thoughts and I rarely mention him. I just like him better than the others for certain accomplishments, his position on what goes on lately and the things he says about it. Like I said, politicians are what they are and I am not a politician and don't associate with them. Until I know something though, i don't know it.

katz said...

Les, you are right about that guy and his boring book. I haven't even read it, but I can tell, bc he is.

Everybody is trying to make a buck, get by, chase the mortgage, pay the bank. Rat race.

I heard this song~~~~

It really grows on me.

RobinH what kind of game are you running, really? I'm not buying it. Plus, the nasty barbs, in between the saccharine platitudes are somewhat unsettling in their mendacity.

katz said...

Putin is hot. He's a real man. He rides a big horse. He's not a limp wrist-ed closet case like Bush Jr. or OhBama.

That's why I like him. I get the impression that he knows all about it, every bit. And, he doesn't give a damn about the Russian mafia, or the blasted Frankist zionist stooges. He'll be one of the few to put them in jail.

No doubt Putin knows all about all of it. And, I'm not surprised if he reads this blog. You're writings are excellent enough to attract a brilliant man like Putin.

Too bad we don't have leadership like Putin in the US. I could see him kick some arshe in congress, and in the courts.

I heard Putin put it to Gorbechev that he was going to retire, for stealing the resources of Russia for the oligarchs, for a dime, or else. So, Gorbechev retired.

Anonymous said...

The teachings of Srila Prabhupada on women and anti-feminism

The purpose of this essay is to address the issue of feminism and misandry (hatred of men, the opposite of misogyny) and how it has destroyed modern society. We will be analyzing many of the statements made by Srila Prabhupada about women, their role in society, and the anti-feminism stance of his teachings.

Visible said...

Well Homer, if that is you, it must be a very important link (grin).

Gregory F. Fegel said...

What I find concerning in this discussion is that people are presenting Putin as a Great Leader as compared to our Western criminal establishment, when a deeper analysis of Putin and the Russian government shows that they are just as corrupt and malicious as our bunch. The Russian military killed every Chechnyan male over the age of fourteen they could catch; they even made impromptu raids on the schools to arrest them.

The role of the FSB in Russia is comparable to the role of the CIA in the USA. Both the FSB and the CIA are immensely wealthy and powerful, manipulating the economy and controlling the puppet government. The election of former FSB head Putin to the Presidency is comparable to the election of former CIA head Bush Senior to the Presidency.

I have no personal animus against Putin; I just recognize that Putin and the Russian government are not much different than our Presidents and the US government. Like a lot of other Western dissidents, I do like the independence of Putin and Russia and the opposition of Russia to US/NATO/Israeli expansionism and Imperialism. The old saying goes that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Pravda has published many of my opinion articles, but Pravda is not the Russian government, and in recent years many Russian dissident writers and activists have been "whacked" for criticising the Russian government.

katz said...
"Putin is hot. He's a real man. He rides a big horse. He's not a limp wrist-ed closet case like Bush Jr. or OhBama."

Ronald Reagan also rode a horse. This admiration for tough-guy leaders begs the question "who is their enemy and why?"

Visible said...

I was going to quote the same thing about the enemy of my enemy being my friend but didn't. Still, somehow I knew it would surface.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Not me, Les prabhu.

I've read this of course and it can indeed be seen and felt as male chauvinism, or not.
I see it as the rotten truth, to a very pertinent degree.

That said, it's not like the men of Kali yuga, as a whole, are going to kiss the girl frogs and turn them into princesses. Is it?

Visible said...

Heh heh, somehow I didn't think it was you and that is why I shouted out, especially so because others might just assume that given that you are representative of Prabupad's work- and a fine one at that. Okay, that's clear, now I can go back and enjoy people hammering on me for statements I didn't make but which they were kind enough to create for me.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Zio's et al as moray eels, I just had a thought of the Church as Venus Fly Traps. then roaming alternatives as Triffids....

just playin' with the words.


wv: glebeni. a bit glib am I?

well, I must confess I at first (a while back) got a hit (charisma, look in the eye - not policies or actions) from Netenyahu, closely related (charismatically) to Alan Arkins and his role in Catch 22. but alas these days, like watching series 8 of House md, I am looking for the Jewish agenda (it's hardly hidden nowadays) and it takes the shine off the whole show. and thank God for that.



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