Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Resonance and the Dissonance Hold Hands

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(a collection of sample chapters for “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World” are available for viewing; next up- “The Curious Tale of Ash and The Whine”. The last radio show is also there for download now.)

For some strange and sometimes eerie reason, these blogs are a mirror and microcosm for the wider events that surround us; not so much due to what gets written here but certainly in the comments section. The truth is that many of us are confused, off center and subliminally enraged to varying extents. The best thing we can do is to recognize this and not personalize or project, if that’s possible (grin). I don’t think I have ever seen it so dark and looming as it has been of late, globally speaking and also in terms of the personal hit I take away from it. It’s a struggle and that is what we must recognize. Sometimes endurance is the most effective quality we can possess. Some might say that struggle is an illusion and all we have to do is surrender and go with the flow. Sometimes going with the flow flows right into the abyss. It’s a personal call.

They’re sending in the marines to the Occupy Wall Street movement but not in the way you would ordinarily expect, quite the reverse actually and that means the revolution is well under way. To paraphrase someone somewhere, “the wheels of justice grind slow but they grind exceedingly small”. So the time of judgment is arriving for Steven Freidman and his homies. Paperwork is moving through the usual convoluted channels, sideshifting around Eric Holder and the cinderblock guardians of epidemic, economic malfeasance. The hammer is coming down. As has been stated here many times, the power is being withdrawn from the hands of the abusers and placed into the hands of their victims and enemies. This whole process is accelerating, so it will be moving even faster tomorrow and faster yet in the days after.

We are the players and witnesses of the most dramatic transformation and upheaval of cultures and governments that has ever been seen in this cycle of recorded history. Unseen but afoot, Lady Nature is in movement, from preliminary rumblings, to all out choral accompaniment. Live true and speak true or wave goodbye from the deck of the ship of fools.

However hard it may be on any and all of us, as we seek to adjust to what we cannot see and seek to become what we have yet to comprehend, it is not more than we can bear. Steadfastness and endurance are the keys. Make your determined way with one foot in front of the other or stand firm in patient expectation of good things, veiled by curtains of uncertainty and incipient fear, which has only the power your resonance provides. Love casts out fear. Love and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

I want to mention something that ties into yesterday’s Smoking Mirrors and other things I have had to say in recent times. Neither my reason nor my emotions are highly accurate when it comes to assessing the reality of people and circumstance. However, my intuition, generally and in hindsight (often regrettably) has been near perfect. Intuition means ‘inner teaching’ and the point from which it originates is... who we shall become further up the road. It is our own selves talking to us and it has the benefit of a much wider perspective and access to much greater insight and awareness.

One of my concerns of the moment and for the future is that there is a movement afoot among some numbers of the same people, whose predecessors and associates, are responsible for the unfortunate conditions so many of us find ourselves in or observe in those around us. It is second nature to these people to sacrifice some numbers of their own and then simply replace them ‘down the road’. This shouldn’t affect those of us headed ‘up the road’ but it does affect all those trapped in the situations of the moment, whatever and wherever the moment may be.

Someone said to me the other day that I haven’t succeeded as I might have because of the forces seemingly in control of things. That’s true up to a point; true of me and true of you. They look out for their own and also advance those who give up their personal integrity to enable these people to prosper and be in control. They take a dim view of those who expose them and their machinations. However, it is my belief that my success and your success are not dependent on them and that takes a certain faith on my part and your part to be unswerving and consistent in our efforts because true success does wait for those who persevere and endure. This is all the more true because their power to control and manipulate is being removed. Still, as the timeless quotation says, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” and many other things, I might add. It should go without saying that ‘they’ fully intend to still be sitting there when the tables are turned and we must keep a steely weather eye outward upon this endless game of musical chairs, the same way we need to keep a weather eye inward in order to be able to see outwardly at all in any clear fashion.

True success is not a matter of dying with the most toys or living in wretched excess at the expense of your fellows. Real success is not being noted in the right sidebar of The Daily Mail, photographed like Kabuki doll bimbos, waving from the rim of a toilet bowl.Real success is enduring success and not dependent on the fancy of the moment. Hardly a single person in the right side bar will be remembered ever again after only a few tomorrows have passed and they will only be remembered as embarrassments to themselves in any case. The most important feature of success is ‘who’ determines the value and meaning of your success. Will it be the flyblown centers of yellow sheet regard or will it be the cosmos itself? I’ve two quotes from two timeless venues; “Those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning” and also, “what profits it a man to gain the whole world and lose his only soul”? These may be only words but I suspect they are more than that.

Far too many of us imagine that the most important thing is to get the success to begin with. After that we will repair all the injuries we caused in arriving there and then we will be a good person and have a lasting impact. Well, it wasn’t a good person who got you there. How is it that you are now going to turn into one afterwards when you are already so compromised by the means of your arrival? Somehow that doesn’t compute for me. Maybe I’m wrong. We see the least deserving and most venal among us appear to prosper for long periods of time but that’s trick photography. That’s Photoshopping Karma and appearances and as has been stated many times, appearances lie, however, Karma doesn’t, even though it may take its time coming around.

When I used to work in radio they had a saying, “never explain, never apologize”. Giving the impression that you may have been wrong gives ammunition to your enemies and explaining grants them following arguments. Just keep on moving is the idea and let the waters of forgetfulness take your unfortunate words to the bottom of the sea. What those who advise in this manner may be unaware of is that the bottom of the sea is occupied too.

I do apologize and I do explain and I recommend it to everyone. When you’re wrong, never put yourself in the position of being incapable of admitting it. Otherwise, life has ways of turning things to your distinct disadvantage. Even so, that should never be your reason for exercising an honest appraisal of yourself. Do it because it’s the right thing.

I’ve been doing this for a few years now and that means over a thousand blog postings. It stands to reason that I would get a few things wrong on the way. It would be arrogant and absurd to believe otherwise. Sometimes I sail along for periods of time when this is not a concern and sometimes I find myself in rocky shoals and/or tossed off center simply from the intensity of the times. Sometimes I say things more bluntly than I need to. I have good reason for this and that is to not give in to the exercise of restraint that would give the appearance that I am wiser than I am. Sometimes I shoot myself in the foot on purpose for this reason and sometimes it happens all by itself and remembering the latter is by far the more important consideration.

I recognize that I may have pissed off, offended or disappointed some readers in recent days. If that is the case I apologize. I am truly sorry. I am a work in progress and that’s the best excuse I can come up with. I’m learning as I go. Hopefully you will bear with me as I go and something better than either of us are expecting may be the result in the end.

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siamsiam said...

If we didn't look back at the things we say do or think then what would we be. I know I often offend people and am equally offended by people. I also get offended by people taking offense to things which I deem to be inoffensive. It seems to be a fundamental part of the process.

I find sheep to be inoffensive. I find people with attitude offensive. What to do!!

Pays to remember 'those' that make being offended a crime. Being offended is a great leveler - so don't play the victim.


A serial offender

Ben said...

Vis, All,

Tremendous resonance and truth here.

Yesterday I began a comment on Vis's Smoking Mirror; I had the thing 99% finished and then decided not to post it mainly because it was full of things I'd said before (along with a couple of Biblical references).

I'm regretting now that I didn't post it because some of it meshed so nicely with what Vis has written today in his Petri Dish.

Particularly that part about the hammer coming down; in my comment I noted that the gavel of the Divine Judge was starting its swing downward.

Say what one will about the OWS movement (I'm all for them) and Khadaffi's gruesome execution (I'm against it)l all these acts taking place are, in my belief, kind of the summing up of the prosecutors before the Divine Court. These acts are testimonies and witnesses for the Prosecution.

Friedman and his khazar tribesmen will not be able to scream "anti-semitism" this time and expect it to work. The Divine knows they're not His children but children of His Attorney General and they have been set up beautifully... and they set themselves up with glee, greed and malice aforethought.

I've noted in some of the mainstream on-line news reports that there is some urging that the OWS people take their protests to the White House and Congress.

Nope; they're in the right place. The WH and Congress take their orders from Wall Street and the Babylonian khazar money-changers. This is also in the process of being summed up by the Special Prosecutors before the Divine Court.

As Vis says, remain steadfast. Most of us yearn for righteousness in ourselves and in the world. It's coming. Most of us yearn for justice; that's also coming.

I can't resist, so I'll quote from James, the half-brother of Jesus the Redeemer:
"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."

Richie (Dana) said...

Hi Les,
Personally speaking I very much appreciate your apologies to everyone, but they never seem necessary. After all, if some do not appreciate what goes on here then there are thousands of other places to go. If truth is the real goal here then I do not care if there are only 20 people here as long as it is true.
I have never been disappointed, pissed off, or offended by what you share here.

I am a little upset at the moment because I cannot seem to purchase your book. I just get an error message that that email address has already been registered and never do get to the payment page.

No surprise, as all things electronic have been whacking out on me for a solid week now. Funny that we should be so dependent on this "thing" called computers, while our minds travel the universe.

Thank you Mr. Visible

tmcfall said...

Before you get too gung ho on The OWS, read True Ott's Red October and the amazing similarities between what's happening with this movement and what happened in the Bolshevik Revolution. Very scary. OWS appears to be financed by Georgie Soros which can't be good.
Also the Czar's soldiers sided with the revolution as we seem to be seeing marines do now. Look at the bolshevik logo for the days of rage poster. Next saturday is supposed to be the national day of rage. could they be trying to provoke an uprising to bring on martial law?
Tom in Tempe AZ

C D L said...


"The truth is that many of us are confused, off center and subliminally enraged to varying extents."


One lives their life believing white is white, black is black, green is green, etc.

Along comes the internet and long-suppressed facts are suddenly presented to those willing to do the work of research.

It becomes clear what we were told is white is in fact black, and black is white, etc. Welcome to Cognitive Dissonance Land.

Who did the lying to us all our lives? The figureheads and institutions we trust. All of them, it appears. Perhaps there were a few exceptions, but they were dispatched in various ways by order of the supreme liars on top of the dung pile.

Cognitive Dissonance Land is an odd place to be when the majority of one's fellows are still true believers in the world of lies they have lived in their whole existence. It is the only "reality" they know, just as it once was for us.

Open a newspaper - lies; turn on a TV or radio - lies; watch a movie - lies; listen to a politician / university lecturer / preacher / historian / whoever - lies. And on and on and on it goes.

Maybe these are interesting times we are currently living in, which I believe is an ancient Chinese curse.

Confused, off center and subliminally enraged to varying extents may be putting it mildly.

I wonder what would happen if millions, or tens and tens of millions, of people woke up to this world of lies?

What would the world be like if Cognitive Dissonance Land was suddenly very, very crowded?

As you often say, I don't know.


Visible said...


I'm well aware of that. There's more going on than just that.


Richie, I will let the publishers know post haste.

tmcfall said...

Les, I knew you would be, but a lot of people aren't. Let's hope their little ploy "get's away from them" with unintended (by them) consequences.
Great post as usual
"Love your show"
Tom in Tempe

astro bob said...

Great post les..

Astro Bob

PS.. the new moon on the 26th is most probable date of the "shift" and lo and behold we do indeed seem to be working up to a climactic point on the timeline
If this continues true to form we have a 11/9 max rate of change set of events just ahead here. Hope the hangover is not painfull.

amarynth said...

Richie (Dana)
quote: I am a little upset at the moment because I cannot seem to purchase your book. I just get an error message that that email address has already been registered and never do get to the payment page. :end quote.

Richie [Dana], the order page says ... contact us from the contact button right hand side top of every page on the main site. From here, I cannot help you. Most orders go through trouble free. I think you are registered at the community and it wants you to log in - a security measure.

Thank-you to all that are purchasing Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World and thank you so much for the kind comments that are rolling in and the suggestions for the print version and just your wonderful vibe with this thing.

Let me quote a quote: "Holy cow! What a treat! Am getting into it right away. Did you do the pix? Extraordinary layout and love the "box quotes".

Let me say it again, "If you experience a problem with a download, please feel free to contact us at the 'contact us' link at the top right hand side of all pages on the site." Here from the blog, neither I or Erik can give you a hand.

While I am at it .. if you cannot pay by paypal, please contact me using the contact button at the right hand side top of the page. We do try and do something that will work for all. iPads will read the pdf just fine. Any device with a pdf reader will be able to deal with the pdf. Again, if you have a difficulty, we would like to know about it. Contact button is on the right hand side top of each page.

I dream last night that today people that struggle to place their orders are going to complain on the blogs and I'm gonna lose my cool (grins). Really, I did - dream it, but not lost my cool! Yet (smiles).

katz said...

what? why? say what you mean, and mean what you say.

I'm surprised you care what others get you, or not? considering the topics you pick are controversial.

don't change...don't do an oprah. she was great, when she was still in a small pond, but the bigger she got, the more full of it, she got. now, she's a freak. just be true to yourself....temper and all.

the weak will still lurk. whiners get a grip. don't censor his mind by creating victim-hood.

Anonymous said...

You've got nothing to apologize for. Reality tends to sinks its teeth into some people once the obvious has been pointed out to them. And they're looking for a scapegoat.

For some, it will always be the fault of the messenger.


Zoner said...

"OWS appears to be financed by Georgie Soros which can't be good."

So what then - just toss out all the messages as being flawed? Lump all protesters into yet another neat pile to be dissed and ignored. Who would benefit from THAT?

He wishes. This is a movement that has been growing internally in many for some time, and is only now taking wing in the form of OWS, since it is an avenue for those who have found a voice to begin to use it. Should it become co-opted, it will just spin off and take other forms. How about "Just Occupy Your Own Universal Soul"? That is a good start. Turn off the noise (media), listen to your inner voice (intuition, baby), and connect with your kind and creation(All). It would help to avoid giving in to fear and allowing this silly sniping as well. Just a start.

No one owns, or will EVER own, the force that provides the juice for these actions. It is so on!


Anonymous said...

I've often wondered why there ain't no perfect food out there in the world. No matter how good we try to eat, we still have to take a sh1t the next day.

I think it's a metaphor. There ain't no perfect guru either. If there was, then people might not ever get free of following some other man and they would never rise up to seek the divine on their own.

In Mormondoom, they bless you in the temple to "let your bowels do their proper function." Only problem in that case is no one in that damn temple knows what it means. If they did, they wouldn't need to be there in the first place. And they get in bigger trouble from being all plugged up.

I liked that Cheezuts told his (moron) disciples that they would never learn anything unless he went away. It's clear that you gots some of those same disciples hanging about. We know what they did to Cheezuts. I hope that ain't what is in store for everyone who steps up to speak truly. But, maybe it's all a part of it and not such a bad thing like we think. For all I know, it might even be the only way.

Another subject... Tried to buy your book from the website, but at the checkout where you put in the info and hit "next", it just reloads the page.


Richie (Dana) said...

Po Tai @ 5:38

"I think it's a metaphor. There ain't no perfect guru either. If there was, then people might not ever get free of following some other man and they would never rise up to seek the divine on their own."

Excellent comment Sir, This is exactly the way I feel about this subject. We all need to learn to stop following some human being or my pet peeve.....These ridiculous organizations with the ever present agenda's that everyone must follow or be lost. The fucking Satanists love organization.

Ben @ 2:50
Please do not hold back on posting. I always enjoy your talk of Father Creator.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

You just keep killin it Judge Viz!

Kabuki doll bimbos, waving from the rim of a toilet bowl and photoshoped Karma.... too much.

Woof Woof


Neko Kinoshita said...

Sure, and there you go again,

I post something I think is clever over on SM, and then you are over here in the Petri dish waxing rhetorically on a similar subject.

I understand, my own meager quips are hardly worthy of comparison, but sheesh!

Visible, you never fail to enlighten and guide, whether that is your intent or not. I understand that you only write what you are compelled to, but it is a true comfort to be reminded that you are still human too.

Much is building, we can all feel it if we just try. The divine works on its own time table, and the buildup is so slow. The shift is going to catch so many unaware. It’s fun to guess when, but I know better than to think I know.

I’m still along for the ride, and if I don’t pass, there is always another try later I suppose. I have at least learned that there is nothing worthy of rage. After all, just because I am not to judge doesn’t mean I cannot see where judgment will fall.

Oh yeah, well said Ben,


Visible said...

If you are experiencing problems paying for the new book or downloading it or whatever the problem is, please bear with us. It's like that I Ching Hexagram, Difficulty at the Beginning

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a reminder of previous very unfriendly behaviour by leaders of the Tribe.


Visible said...

Wait for it... uh huh, just imagine the actuality and implications... still waiting... can't say it without laughing. I just heard that MTV is going to be doing a series on Occupy Wall Street; no doubt giving real meaning to the title, Bog Brother. Of course, we know who runs MTV; and... like I was just saying at the blog...

est said...

please forgive digression

i've just been informed
by the 13 " diagonal

that at two my time
[10 minutes from now]

i can watch the guy
that got killed in malaysia

this weekend at the G P

it's going to be like watching
an execution by motorcycle

but watch it i will
thats it [yes i'll weep]

Anonymous said...

Les, You've been a good friend to honest people of the world and have done your best to share amazing thoughts. You don't have to apologize for anything.

Pete said...

"Seek to become what we cannot comprehend." That is right on the money and right where so many of us are right now. Remember awhile back when you said to look for strange animal behavior as a harbinger of Mr. Apocalypse? Damn if my city is not starting to be plagued by packs of wild dogs attacking people, killing peoples pets and scaring people from taking their daily walks. Its right on cue, the elements are restless. And from what I'm reading this is happening all over the U.S. You were right, this is truly a stupendous time to be alive.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Good post, Visible. My favorite quote: "Far too many of us imagine that the most important thing is to get the success to begin with. After that we will repair all the injuries we caused in arriving there and then we will be a good person and have a lasting impact. Well, it wasn’t a good person who got you there. How is it that you are now going to turn into one afterwards when you are already so compromised by the means of your arrival?"

Three of us from the Portland 9/11 group visted the local OWS camp for a few hours on Saturday. We have a couple of friends who are living at the camp 24/7. We like what they are doing. There have been several hundred people occupying two city blocks since Oct 6th.

In a little amphitheater nearby, a nerdy-looking older guy named William Daniels was presenting a Socratic dialogue about "Reality Based Economics" to a small group of people. If you want to change the system, you should have an alternative, right? I thought what Daniels had to say was quite interesting. His website is:

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Jesus is a perfect guru if ever there was one.

But you can't have both Jesus and Caesar. Not even a little bit.

Some things just aren't possible.

Like the smart fellow who long ago advised the Pope .. "you can have the Catholic church or be friends with the Jews but you can't have both."

Sim said...

Hello Visible

Sorry if this just me being dense, but I've twice checked the link you posted in your comment timed at 6:38:00 PM and it still doesn't seem right...

Anonymous said...

and where the people gathered
and the mighty wind does blow
great expanses reach
truth does always flow
riding always onwards
like a boat across the sea
to the place that is love
and time is always free
where the moment opens
compassion is devout
echoing through everywhere
multiplying out
the fruits of living nourishment
weave the essence through
fill the atmosphere with majesty
divine the loving truth


Anonymous said...


I would like to apologise for mentioning that horrible name in the first place (which one says you all) Often enough I have ranted about those who want to introduce the one who shall not be named instead of the Christ. And in my hindsight I fell short.

Caryn (CL)

When the ego disappears the I is found.

wv: moochi (someone somewhere must have a sense of humour!)

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

@ Ben 2:50:00 PM -- That was a very clear and helpful comment and I agree with you that the occupiers are in the right place. They are pointing their fingers at the culprits behind a system which is corrupt right down to its core. BTW, my affectionate personal term for them is occupeeps, as in people (NOT Peeping Toms). I get contradictory vibes from the term occupier because that is what the U.S. (directed by Israel) has become, along with other countries which have been dragged into its sinful, criminal behaviour. There are so many pits the occupeeps can fall into which could end their movement BUT they have released a genie from its bottle and that genie will never go back in. They have directed the gaze of the grazing sheeple towards the true cause of their discomfort and what should become their discontent. Ain't awakenings awesome?

wv: "cossank" -- a newly discovered vector in geometry which points to the abyss.

Anonymous said...

Looking at this world economy business, I am not an economist or even an accountant but do basic bookkeeping; my logic on this is as follows:

Economy is based on trade partnership which determines the value of product; this value is the measure of the cost and also the standard principle of the cost e.g. based on the quality or quantity of the product. This introduces competition and currency exchange in trade partnership and again determines the value of product. This is how the world economy has more or less worked since the industrial age (in my basic understanding, leaving aside for a moment, if we possibly can, unlawful business practices) but now what happens if one world economy is introduced, as the euro for example. This means there is no currency exchange, (healthy) competition or measure of value.

I am trying to think is this a good thing or a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

Vis, the link at 6:38 points to http://zippittydodah.blogspot.com/2011/10/resonance-and-disonance-hold-hands.html which is this very article of course.
Don't withhold the latest Lohan news from your readers. Or maybe do.


Anonymous said...

hearts stir and unravel
freedom walks the path
liberation thunders
present future past
advancing on an echo
traveling on wing
embraced within the moment
an everlasting spring
vibrations of a humming bird
scent of rarest flower
flavourings of paradise
unions living power
showering the essence
of tide forever turn
divine is loving truth
the mountains sky and earth


Visible said...

Sorry M; You are correct about the link but next time tell me what it is that you don't get (grin). Something weird happened because I put the link in the html and it didn't take and I got the blog itself. I don't think I'll ever figure that out.

Anyway, here is what I was trying to present-

This is amusing to say the least. How many ways can you get busted in the same situation. I've got to say that this guy had one bad hair day, not to mention the one he was giving his girlfriend.

Visible said...

Yes, I just got that straightened out. The title of today's posting is in reference to myself as much as anyone. So many peculiar things are happening to me that don't make technical or rational sense.

Hopefully tomorrow finds things presented in a different way. I've had a very strange few days and it's affecting everything I do.

Erik said...

Uuh Vis,

The link you posted at 6:38 just takes us back here?


You (most) probably did not accept the Sales and General Conditions; it's a small 'tickbox' (it does get highlighted on error though ;)

Anonymous said...

At risk of upsetting Sally or Susan or whatever your fucking name is over at Origami or Petri Dish:

Erik: you're a kunt; Instead of wasting your time (and that of everyone else) regarding incorrekt links etk. why not just go and increase the size of the tick box so that the entire "buying experience" (grin) is made to be a little more user friendly than it is now?

est said...

that's it
everything is here

to take us back
to the beginning
beginnings happen
over and over

endings happen

Visible said...

I think there might have been a better way to say that and you got the woman's name wrong too (grin?)

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz...with the full blown Donkey Rodeo breaking out in the Court…. U got the Gavel man, maybe its time to swing that stick. :)

Anonymous said...

Something like The OWS, is also happening in Russia today.

Visible said...

Some absolutely amazing things are about to happen.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff cousin Les,

No need for apologies, we all try and fall. You've tried harder and done more than most I know physically. I deeply disagree with some of the things you've said, but I learning to bite my tongue and recognize my own ignorance is one of the most valuable things about the blogs. Getting hit on the ass with that switch is necessary sometimes. Besides, we can all argue about trivia once the war is won. The planes of Armageddon have been cleared and the red shields of Ezekiel 38 polished for what lies ahead. Most of all, we must confront the jew within in order to have any hope of confronting the ones around us.

Hoka hey chillins!!
Abe in ELA

Visible said...

How forgetful I am these days. It's a trip to have something so much on your mind and not even know what it is. Anyway, Happy Diwali!!! or Deepavali!!! depending on how you see it. Many greetings and great joy to you all.

bholanath said...

Regarding all the crap about li'l georgie sorrows controlling the OWS, Counterspin (the radio program) just shredded it to shit.
Sorrows gave some $'s to the Tides Foundation, they gave a little bit to Adbusters. End of fucking story.

This character "A. True Ott" (sometimes poster here under the name Dr. something) is a twisted egomaniac and rabid cheezits/Xtian freak still at war with the "pagans" and all other non-salvationists, non-monotheists, Hindus, "witches", and others who don't buy into his absolute certainty of the nature of the Divine as he interprets it intellectually. He has, admittedly, investigated various covert/corp-gov conspiracies, but feels to me like controlled-op or half-baked shill.
He's horrified at the name "Tides" because it is associated with the moon, for fuck's sake...you know, Luna, lunacy, etc.
He's terrified at 'something' happening on halloween, because even though it's an actual real cross-quarter day of the solar year, something observed by all cultures forever (as well as being attempted to co-opt by dark forces), it again also proves that OWS is under the spell of luciferian forces, witches, and demons, and sundry.
Like most Xtian fundies, he has miniscule knowledge and understanding of ancient and earth-based cultures, and all of his output is tinged with his fundamentalism - his own brand, of course, since he doesn't identify with other fundies, LOL.

John Lash noted something to the effect that salvationist religion is the main vector for the Archontic forces to invade and destroy humanity.

Eyes wide open, people.

andrew of sydney said...

Hi Les,

Thank you for your timely and reasonably priced book.

I spent my entire afternoon reading it at my desk, it contains some highly useful methods for navigating through these times, I recommend it be downloaded by all who come here. Thank You very much indeed.

Cassandra of Troy said...

The resonance and the dissonance. Hmm, this may explain things. I've been vibrating and tense and anxious since the last several days, for no apparent reason. It comes in waves, washes over me and then recedes. It's exceedingly uncomfortable. Flower essences have helped, as has the advice of laying low which I instinctively have been doing.

wv: phyreth: what will happeneth to those who thinketh they are in chargeth.

bholanath said...

Happy Diwali back at ya, and to all here!
Full spectrum natural light to feed our souls and expose all that should no longer remain hidden.

Anonymous said...

piere said..

then there's the corner stone that the builders rejected given foremost position and function (like the cracks that the light gets in). don't be too nice is my advice (sic), but most of all, be aware . not that you need any advise from me.


wv: haricent, but I can barely remember.

Rob in WI said...

You put so much into blogspace that it amazes me. In one post, you included a most important question; cognitive dissonance/ resonance, along with commentary about the bimbo menu at Dailymail. How the illusion is an illusion, and that's all. Great.
Po Tai, "Let your bowels do their proper function", only means, "May every visit to the throne room be successful and pleasurable".
I'm not LDS, but know a few.
Things are getting interesting, and
I think this is the best place for me to experience it; being limited in my mobility. Be well all, Rob

mick said...

i"ve been reading reense for 11 years everynight. your writings fit right in with the truth searching, thanks. Dont understand though, why that young man was picking on David Icke last night?

Anonymous said...

Cake or Not?!

Never complain nor explain…
Let ‘them’ work it out;
Better ‘they’ eat cake - or not?!

pax verbum

Anonymous said...

This one's for you, LV! It is directed towards all card-carrying servants, agents, facilitators of Dis and the synagogue of satan.

Big Fibber!

Truly, I’m a big fibber;
And that is no lie!
Trust me: what I say is true!

pax verbum

david griffith said...

it's a good thing that we're all 'works in progress' ... otherwise we've be surrounded by people saying "Finished .... do I get a prize?"

.... and then "Oh ... damn it... I'm dead."


Anonymous said...

don't get distracted. don't get ruffled. if'n you do, acknowledge the faux paws and move on.

we need you focused. you need you focused. who else is willing and able to do that thing you do?

curse of the responsible.(grin)

it's not by accident we're 'out here' with you. when you're on the cutting edge, there's bound to be a little blood.

Anonymous said...

arent we all a work in progress? Over and out.

MachtNichts said...

OMG, Vis, were you looking over my shoulder last night when I was 'stooping' in on the Kardashians and the other Arsch-ians? That part of your post was just uncanny. Sometimes I can't help myself. Sooo much glamour and un-reality.

Seriously, if you try to sow on a button, and can't find the eye of the needle: patience.
If you try to buy the book and can't find the button: patience.
If you wait for the cottage cheese people to get whacked: patience.
That is what I am going to excercise: patience. And when all the wrinkles have been ironed out I want to buy the book too.

I don't think you have to apologize to anyone, Vis. If people's egos are so fragile, tough titty. In my experience, if you put away your ego, nobody can offend you. Makes for some excellent peace. By the way, I knit, crochet + do needlework too. Still luv ya, Silvia
redoterf: may be it is time to move?

Richie (Dana) said...

Hi Les,

I am sure this is old news and perhaps boring to you......but.....

I got to page 3 of your book and am blown away. Ringing sounds???
Here I could only say that God directed me to you......very amazing.
The only reason I am on page 3 is that I started work in San Francisco at 7:30 AM and stopped working at 10:30 PM. I have to do this, as there is no time.

In my entire life, there is no one who could even come close to what I have lived daily for many years. There is not one person I ever met in life that even remotely understood where Mr. Richie is coming from.

But then there is you.

I am not so special.
I have seen this kind of talk here many times. There seems to be a certain, very small group who feel these things. Disclaimer.....It is not a club (grin).

To all my friends out there....And I am not altogether sure who you are....Listen up. And this is important, or not..

Visible is a kinda a fucked up John the Baptist. I frikkin love that as I am totally whacked. This in no way changes what is true.

Do you hear the ringing?

I come here and read and many times it just sounds like gloom and doom. All the bad things that are happening......but. You just let those words rest in your mind and all of a sudden something clicks and you see a whole new picture. The picture happens to be God talking directly to you. Les is always very careful to say these words do not come from him.

I have noticed some altercations here in the last few days that were a little disturbing. I invite you to at least consider this.....

If what I am saying is even remotely possible....and if Les claims the words do not come from him.....then I would question you...Do you wish a fight with God?

I know that Les is not Divine, so do not go there. I am no respecter of persons. I do not care who you are or how much you have. I do not care if you are much smarter than me.

I do care very much for the truth.. only. You are welcome to beat me at will, but after these many years of searching, Perhaps I just think and do as I will, regardless of what others may think of me. (Always with the help of God).

Vis....I thank you, and most of all I thank God for dumping me into your blogs.


Anonymous said...

@ 1:42 Old Testament? ... Hebrews 9

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

And he came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, He shall be called a Nazarene.

And there came a voice from heaven, saying, Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.


a visitor from Cairo said...

I'm enjoying the book Spiritual Survial in A Temporal World and the radio shows are always good. Thank you for sharing (big smile)

kikz said...


i'm in agreement w/gary north..

if OWS was in the correct geographical location.. it would be centered around
33 Liberty St., NYC.
home of JewYorkFed.

also of note.. the differing .suffixes on the fed url's in the article. he doesn't link to the jewyorkfed.org, but i chkd...he's correct.

"The less well informed will form picket lines in front of the representative agency of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, namely, the Federal Reserve Bank building in Washington, D.C.

The power has never resided there. That is a symbol to deceive the Congress of the United States, which operates under the illusion that it is in charge of the Federal Reserve System because it is nominally in charge of the Board of Governors of the FED, an agency with national sovereignty.

The symbol of this sovereignty is the suffix to its URL: www.FederalReserve.gov. The "gov" ID is the mark of sovereignty.

The New York FED is where the decisions are made. Its URL suffix is ".org." That is the mark of its legal incorporation as a private entity."

gary north's latest (sorry, i'm incompetent as to tinyurl)

Occupy Liberty Street


Visible said...

Given that, all that, am I wrong about Atzmon? I've been watching the guy for awhile and I note the talking out of both sides of the mouth and the playing up of the personal value and assumed sacrifice. How does one manage sacrifice and virtual exile when one is in London, surrounded by people that buy into this game? I'm the one in exile and I don't even have anyone to talk to and hardly a dime to my name.

I don't begrudge him his success, that's immaterial to me. I'm not after that, if I were I would have it, regardless of opposition to it. I full well know who runs things and they are both the same thing. It is just that one seems to cater to appetites and one seems to be free of that impulse for contact.

They are both the same operating on two planes of perception and this I know cold, hard and real. I'll talk about it in Origami today but I won't even get close to the truth and power of the experience.

If I go after someone I have probably been patient a long time first. It's like Makow and how girls need to wear dresses and whatever. I study this stuff because I want to see where it leads. In the next Smoking Mirrors I am going to talk about the Ten Commandments of Truth. I don't know what they are yet, that comes when it happens but I know it will come and people can take it for whatever good it does them.

I defend Jews because I know they're not all fucked and I have good reason for this. In the same token I have to say what I am compelled to say. I don't come up with this on my own. On my own, all I want is an endless stretch of beach with no one on it and sandbars that reach out for miles into emerald waters and time to think and I am going to get that so all of this is just foreplay short of the event.

In the meantime, serious business confronts us. I'll get into both sides of that story in the next book which will be out around Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Happy Diwali!

On Diwali (and every other day) I take pleasure in one little story taken from the Ramayana. A story of love and service to God, to each other.

Lord Ramachandra was building the bridge to reach Lanka and kill Ravana. The monkeys were carrying huge stones to build this bridge. The strongest of all monkeys was Hanuman Ji and He was carrying the biggest boulders and throwing them in the sea to make the bridge.

There was a small spider who was also assisting Lord Rama to build the bridge by pushing very small sand particles.

When Haumana Ji saw the spider struggling to push small sand particles, he started laughing and asked spider -

Hanuman Ji - "What is the use of your effort?"

Lord Ramachandra called Hanuman Ji over and asked him..

Lord Ramachandra - "Tell me why I am building that Bridge?"

Hanuman Ji - "Because you want to cross the ocean".

Lord Ramachandra - "This is not true. I don't have to cross the ocean. Just a few minutes ago I dried the ocean simply by getting angry. That's not the reason I could be there in one moment if I wanted. Simply by writing my name the stones are floating in the ocean."

Lord Ramachandra - "How much more potent is it if I am there?"

Hanuman Ji - "Because you want to kill Ravana."

Lord Ramachandra - "If I want to kill Ravana all I have to do is leave his heart and he will die. Only because of my presence in his heart he is living."

Hanuman Ji - "Then why you are building this bridge?"

Lord Ramachandra - "To engage all of you in the devotional service and thus get purified.

Thus this spider obtained through his purchase, Lord Ramacandra's eternal glance.

amarynth said...

Many people don't like David Icke but this is a very good video and almost a must watch. Essential knowledge.

Anonymous said...

all girls in dresses. i know! that was my precise point of departure as well, although I do see his point about socio-sexual engineering in general.

endless remote beaches ...

already there - in the 'neutral zone'. for the long term, too much local politics on the other ones.

you're getting warmer.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

New litmus test….

High service to the Creator is to mirror him and create something that honours him. Honouring him is not done with feeble intention at the alter, nor mumbling platitudes, no the creator is pleased when we utilize our God given faculties, get off our transcendental blaming assess and solve the problems of our own making.

Nothing is created from a negative intention, only the positive. Atzmon fails the litmus test because he is not a stand for anything, only a stand against something and jew enough to make that a living.

Advise from your friend Sovereignty…. Do the mirror work (there seems to be something personal) and move on…. Slagging this self proclaimed reformed Jew is only soiling your radiant cosmic cloak.


Anonymous said...

mick said 5:33

in responce to what that young man said about David Icke. If you where talking about my comment. what makes you think I am a young man, and I was refering to David Ick stateing that evil extradimensional reptiles possese and couse the evil activities of the tribe members through DNA manipulation.

from a remote area in Oregon

Anonymous said...

via Homer


That's quite a proclamation you, a humble yogi, makes as to "feeble intention at the altar."


I'll take advise of Lord Sri Krishna, Sri Mahadev, Lord Brahma and all the many millions more who DO offer love and words of gratitude and worth at the altar of their Lordships.

Was Arjuna "mumbling platitudes?"

On Diwali the eternal Hanuman Ji, whose love for Rama and Sita is replete with platitudes by the trillions and who carries an altar in his heart, never sings louder.

I'm sure you know this and in a moment of passion at the injustice and pain had to find release.

Hari Bol!

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Question: How to block radio waves?

Fighting or countering an unseen force or foe with stick is just plain stupid. That's not saying the unseen foe is not without its vulnerabilities and these vulnerabilities can be used to our advantage.

It’s only by better knowing its nature through better knowing our own, can we block it and even defeat it.

But GMAFB nothing meaningful will be done quoting a silly scriptures and flailing about with a stick.


Robin Redbreast said...

Ok I failed :)


Beautiful song - beautiful words -brought back some wonderful memories, enjoy :0)

Soveringty - you are sooooooooo right :)
Live love and peace

MIH said...


Poet of God and John in the wilderness are the same stream. One day my heart truly burst, and the joy of it had a tint of sadness, while considering the words of this poet; the past and the future happen now.

Why the sadness? Look at the end of John's story. Why the joy? Because this is only a dream.

Anonymous said...

1. The "Litmus Test" was contrived only a few years ago.Hence, before that only its inventor had been prone to nod towards the dogmatic stink westwards of the world river jordan while others were still pointing in the wrong directions.
Well, nowadays its use becomes a slight more inflationary among the adherents and invokes the frothing Zealot of a calvinist in some.
To call Atzmon a "reformed" jew is a silly thing of a dogma in itself but to state that he is no stand for anything....? Man, at least he is a damn good musician and I dig him musically.....have a little heart here !


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Sorry Campers... the Creator does not want to hear about your whiny interpretation of your walk.... he wants to see it.


Anonymous said...

I disagree life is not a dream. Dreaming is a intermediate condition between waking and sleeping and occurs just before waking up when the ego and astral body comes into contact with the etheric body and the field of vision is then pervaded with the pictures we call dreams. When dreams arise they are not the true activity of our life during sleep but an image of this activity resulting from our recollections of the experiences we have gone through during the day. This comes about through the ego and astral body making use of life’s physical memories in the etheric body just before waking up. Dreams read in the right way point to the significant reality and activity of the ego and the astral body during sleep.

Therefore one cannot be dreaming while one is connected to the mineral physical body. Although we do like to day-dream a bit during the day!

Via Homer thank you for those beautiful words of wisdom. Diwali is such a joyful occasion around my suburb and tonight there are lots of fireworks going on!


MIH said...


The perception that you are multiple-bodied is the dream.

What is the fundamental difference between dreams and so-called life? None. They both begin, evolve, and end. Both are an experience of death that has no effect on the continuity of life.

Only life can dream that it experiences death, but death cannot dream that it is alive. Death is the dream; awareness of continuous life is the awake state.

As I describe a body composed of different identities, each identity-world is a dream. The source of the first dream is also the knowledge of the only dream.

If life is not a dream, then dreams are life.

Mike said...


Its all good and so what if you step on some toes along the way, haven't we all but at least we are men( and woman) enough to stand by our convictions and admit it.

At least you are not killing them by remote control from thousands of miles away, those are the ones who are truly demented and have lost their way long ago.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree; the I is the continuity of oneself and is what incarnates into a new body throughout the ages and thus death is the illusion. However, I disagree on the multiply-bodies being a dream. They are considered to be sheaths of the I in order for to evolve.

The etheric body also known as the life body is the life formative forces for the physical body. Without the etheric body the physical body would disintegrate.

The astral body is the sheath for the sentient soul, the intellectual or mind soul and the consciousness or spiritual soul.

The physical body, being the greatest mystery, is in common with the whole of physical nature around him/her.

It is the task of the I to transmute these bodies in order to evolve correctly and most importantly to perceive life after death is not a dream.

Thus, the I works on the etheric body and the etheric body is transformed into the Life Spirit (Budhi)

The astral body is transformed into the Spirit Self (Manas)

And eventually the physical body is transformed into the Spirit Man (Atma)

In our present age the development of the consciousness soul is taking place.


amarynth said...

Just an administrative note:

Today our server is really busy with Spiritual Survival Downloads. Thank-you to those that write immediately if they encounter a problem. We will increase server throughput as fast as what we can.

If you download your file, give it a moment, it is a very big file and takes a little while to come down to your computer.

Thanks again and enjoy reading!

wv : maxial (that poor server is (d)ialed up to its max!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post, Les. It's appreciated.

@amarynth 3:52 pm- Thanks for the Icke link, I wouldn't have seen it otherwise. He's not really saying anything new, but the context of the occupy protests helps make it current.
I'm not an Icke promoter but I have read several of his books. Why do many people not like him? His work is fact heavy and a lot of it seems unbelievable, but I think on it all the same. That wasn't a rhetorical question by the way, I'm genuinely interested in why people think he's full of sh*t. As far I'm concerned he speaks and writes a lot of truth. His greatest crime is his hairstyle.
Thanks again,

Visible said...

That's not all of it John. His books are fantastic and I have read several. Some of what I have heard and some of what I have seen tend to match up here and there but not always. I cut him slack because, although he is a bit of a carny barker, I think his heart is in the right place. He does tend to believe his own press. He's a showman and that tends to affect the appearance of veracity in the minds of purists.

My personal problem is his publicizing the outrageous tales of those recovered memory ladies. I could be wrong but I think those stories are bullshit because those ladies would have been toast well before they got around to running around on the talk circuit and also being provably involved with former CIA agents.

I've caught some shit from people for not believing these tales which harken in my opinion to some of Freud's classic hysteria cases.

The shapeshifting reptile thing is a little dicey, though I have heard stories from credible people and even then, their observations were extremely brief. If there is anything I am up on it is how the serpent works because I deal with it 24/7 and being on one side I am pretty hip to the other side.

This is not to take away from David but, on the other hand, people I really respect do not like him and he's touring non stop at pricey entry fees all over the world and pretty much doing a similar number to that Texas presidential candidates that made all his money off of electronics and was sure the Black Panthers were coming through Canada after him. That would be Ross Perot.

I happen to like David for his impeccable research and his celebration of the open heart and love being the answer but he is a showboater and that rubs people wrong. He's always been that way, even back when he was a soccer player.

For me it is high praise to say that the jury is still out.

DaveR said...

Regarding David Icke. I've had the pleasure of seeing him twice live. Yes, he is a showman, make no mistake about that. The show is quite good. There's lots of sound information, good visuals (800 slides) and quite a bit of humor. The times I saw him he really didn't spend much time on the reptilians. I think he's taken a lot of heat for that even though it may be true. How's that saying; you take a lot of flack when you're on target?

As for price, he's asking for $75 for his Cleveland appearance in about a month and there are cheaper tickets for students ($25). Considering that the 'show' is about 9 hours, not including lunch break, I felt the cost was not too high at all. I've certainly spent more for less. A good concert ticket can cost that and lots more and it would be over in 2 hours.

Back to the reptilian thing, I was standing in the lobby watching on a monitor when he started on it and a guy next to me says, "You don't believe all that crap, do ya?" I asked what he was talking about and he said something like, well have you ever seen anybody shape-shift? I said, no. Then a guy on the other side pipes up and says, "I have!" and the guy next to him said he had too! Those two went off to compare notes and the doubter split. You just never know with these things.

I recommend going if he's in the area. I enjoyed it and felt it was worth the money.

Visible said...

I know he gives good time and info value for what he does but how much money does he really need and what does he do with it? That is something people point out to me a lot. Now, I don't care one way or the other. I'm not about money and I don't mind if people are so long as they are not messing up other peoples lives in the pursuit of it. Like I said, I like David and I don't have to say any more. I was just pointing out what I hear.

As for people saying they did or didn't see something, that has no impact on me. The world is full of hallucinators, which does not mean shapeshifting is not real but I do have a background in the supernatural and I have never seen it and I have seen some really weird shit; doesn't mean it isn't so and especially given who I am, maybe I'm not supposed to see it. The jury is out on that too.

katz said...

I was skeptical about the shape shifting thing. I knew that there are multiple dimensions in operation at all times, but never spent any time on it. That changed when this woman I knew shapeshifted in front of me. At first, my blood ran cold, and it scared me to death. I'm serious. I was so shaken up it took me a few hours to relax. I kept thinking that nobody would believe me. She got angry and her entire face changed. It warped, like a reptile. She collected herself, and left.

I told a few people, like my mom, but nobody believes me. They don't say much to me, just shrug it off.

But, I know what I saw. That was the freakiest thing that I have ever seen.

It's something you just have to see for yourself. and, then, even so, you will try to convince yourself that you really didn't see that.

amarynth said...

Shape shifting? Did the old Shamans not do this? We always think this is a bad thing .. the nasties shape shift and if we look carefully, we will see them turn into reptiles or something, and that sounds weird, so, we stand away from it.

Recently the bunch from realitysandwich.com have been talking and experiencing this from a shamanistic perspective. I read most of what they published and the strangest thing - you know when you hear that 'ding' in your ears. I just knew I could do it. Not turn into a reptile, but shape shift into another kind of body and experiencing from another viewpoint.

I experimented in meditation one day and came out of that knowing that this was possible, personally, but so far, it remains on the list of things to study and work with. I think the traditional shamans know about this very well.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

On David Icke….

Years ago, a beloved spiritual friend turned me on to David, and for a while I followed his messaging with mild interest. Until he went over the top with Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family being shape-shifting infant devouring reptiles. I thought to myself, “David pal, you’ve lost it”. He has done great research and after a break I’ve since come back to where I’m giving David a bit more slack.

There is indeed a Dragon Energy (reptilian) well established and documented in Chinese mythology and prominent elsewhere in humanity’s past, and always associated with power. Warning to all, take the Chinaman for a fool and in time you’ll be seen for the fool you really are. Our native shamanic lore is full of tales of the shape-shifters and cannot be dismissed.

My own experiences and especially those in the Pituitary DMT domains, lizards are prominent in those spaces. My take on the space we occupy here in 3 D is that basically we have two dominant soul roots populating the planet in the Ying an Yang soul essences. The lizards are in to power domination and suppression and feed on soul pain and suffering in their dogged pursuit of their own legitimate transformation path.

They persue theirs and we pursue ours, and just shut the fuck up as both, end up in the same place… end of story.

Withholding amoral judgment…. some cats do a line and some cats ritualistically kill and then devour babies. Indulgences range from your Starbucks latte, to the major, and then on to what are regarded as the extremes.

My experiences with the lizards reveal them to be extremely intelligent, totally lacking in empathy, and disciplined to make a Tibetan monk look lame. They can only tear something down, incapable of any mastery in creation or manifestation (drawing forth from the unknown). In business, they devour or capitalize and feed on those of us that can generate from the void. This past century at least, they have suffocated vision, creativity and solutions, ever lurking around any soul source that raises himself… looking to do a line. Can they be bitch-slapped and used? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY.

The other side of the coin is basically us here in Judge Viz’s Court. Shit for brains, great empathy, awesome creativity, loving and nurturing, unbelievable potential (mostly latent) for wilful intended manifestation, lazy, and a tendency to poverty devotion as misspent virtue.

The Yugas have been a tensile energy dance of shifting balance between the two forces in polarity and today, these lovely lizards are enjoying their day in the sun. Indulge in judging them and you only give them power they do not posses, and worse, you undermine your own power to deal with them and do the things you wish to do.
David has his own strengths, weaknesses and blind spots as do us all, but to his credit, he has a great heart and he has brought that driving combative spirit from the soccer field and laid it all on the line right or wrong. I can only admire courage like in a man that when for most of us, we only chime in to this cosmic truth symphony, and do so signing in as ANONYMOUS. Shame shame.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the light Vis.
Mo visible
WV acotrig is being installed on the new model saucer pod

Visible said...

There are good serpents and bad serpents. I've got personal experience concerning the serpent end of this so called shapeshifting but I will remain mute.

I don't know the details of the shamanic side of it and I don't want to annoy anyone, just putting out a possibility which should be at least considered and that is that it is altogether possible to enter into the being of an animal and experience it as if it were your own being going through it. I'm not saying this is how it happens but only that this is another possibility.

I know there are alien intelligences among us and I had a flying saucer land right in front of me and the occupants cone outside and this happened in front of a witness but I've never seen anything like shapeshifting and so I have to remain not knowing and without opinion until I do.

Anonymous said...

as the euro resurfaces
banksters fill with glee
another round of misconception
deceit and falsity
quadaffis cold dead body
buried deep into the earth
a good man who loved his people
tried to fill them with their worth
but cameron and sarzosky
the worst men of the time
like osbourne rothschild and the rest
sell their mothers for a dime
blair and netanyahu
bush and clinton too
and all those who came before
in the chase of false pursuits
they'll all have their day
the day that they die
when their breath is taken from them
and they melt into the sky
knowing full well they were satan
or whatever word that you prefer
each marked with all those people
that they sacrificed unconcerned


Anonymous said...

if it turns into a lizard
in some state of pure evil
become the symptom of a cloud
resonate and rise an eagle
it uses the principles of yan
under influence of yin
on a cold dead emotion
completely debased within
weakness is its virtue
lie's are the place it forms
its powerlessness posessed
its unity deformed
it sucks away inspiration
it owes a huge great debt
and its time to pay the reeper
the reeper will always collect


onething said...

I watched the posted video of David, and yes, for me it was nothing new, but it is really, really important, just as he says, that the OWS movement understand what the core of the problem is. People are indeed getting wiser as to many of the corruptions, but the central bank is the core of it.

Maybe he keeps himself from getting killed by teaching some wacko stuff, thus consigning himself to the fringe.

Anonymous said...

it played games with paradise
infected with its shame
split the backs of children
warmongered in false claim
spent good peoples lifes
consuming through the unaware
the so called forces of these devils
are nothing but despair
a mind that is impaired
closed and in defeat
resonating failure
through the tips of its deceit
greed is just an infection
lies are what it serves
it never really lived
on the day it dies it will learn


Anonymous said...

it slivers through the u.n
grips established paths
took control of a false caste system
its like a boil that needs a lance
and as it fully exposes
as its arrogance is fully aired
little people need to work together
each do their bit everywhere
we'll tear down its corruption
to its evil take a flame
burn the body of this satan
and its shattered impaired brain
for the tyrant and empirical
their is nowhere on earth
and if it ever trys again
we'll just bury it in the dirt


Anonymous said...

I find it curious Asange and Ike look similar. When we study the etheric body in further detail we understand the etheric body lives by preference in the elemental world. A moral disposition carried into the elemental world is fundamental. I find this somewhat lacking in Ike – he speaks about love – yes of course but in a case of a criminal I would say the natural reaction, after the natural reaction of hate, is a sadness someone has degenerated to such an extent.


Anonymous said...

it needs to know a few things
what it thought was power has been lost
when it manipulates through media
its desperation is noted and crossed
the calculations of its failure's
are constantly renewed
life is life is life
and life's empowered by all truth
it needs to know their is no back door
playing victim just wont work
that it dug its own grave
deep inside the dirt
and under its false perception
through the collapse within its mind
it pulls and draws the moment
of its own suicide


coletteonice said...

Neil you are exploding into this starry sky tonight..down under time...piercing,poignant,terrific!

Visible said...


You are deep. Whoa... what a festival of lights we have about these parts. In a more serious tenor I get the same hit from the other guy with the 'no conspiracy going on' when it is going on right in front of me.

For me the whole thing is personal insofar as I associate myself with people. I have had many a turn into unpleasant territory in the past and things continue apace.

I keep my own counsel and hope to work for the greater good, leaving some amount for me to be able to move around and survive according to the one I follow. I can give no lasting name to the divine. I call him, her, it... ineffable and unknown. I follow. I try to serve. I am a complexity of drives to the primary intention. My intention is to be in the service of the divine. I do not attribute to myself the power to perform but wait and anticipate at the urging of the one I seek.

I want to be careful with criticism because of stones and glass houses but that is not my primary concern. My primary concern is to not be deceived.

I make mistakes in the process. It is a struggle and anyone who thinks otherwise and who profits from the produce to a significant degree makes my alarm bells ring.

It is a dicey thing to navigate truth and power and persona. I like to keep my head down. I'm only a servant in any case and the muddle of money and false presence and force is a painful trek. It is why I am so slender and taut at times. I want to do the right thing and I also appreciate ease of movement while keeping a small footprint.

I decided that whatever money came to me would be a third to myself and a third to the community and the other third would hover around interesting things to do. I think that leaves ten percent in my pocket as a kind of mad money and maybe the divine does not object to that. I just want to be able to move about. I don't want to have a whole lot of shit; money, power, personal presence. I just want to be able to keep moving to God my lover without extremis showing up, that's all I need in my cup.

We are all different people and some of us are expressing different things. I don't know the truth about what moves and motivates others. I try to keep my eyes open and my heart open and my hand open and continue on my way.

Each of us have shortcomings and difficulties and my ongoing prayer is that the divine will remove mine and grant me his qualities so that I can show Lady Nature a useful and welcome behavior. It does seem to be a matter of degrees.

Tony said...

Where are you taking off to Visible? And for a few months? I hope you will still be contributing to your blogs.
Not taking the money and runnin'.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the additional Icke comments. Interesting reading indeed.

Personally, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I don't think he's in it for the money unless he enjoyed being viewed as the village idiot for many years, but who knows.


Anonymous said...

Goethe once said ‘by their fruits they will be known’ by this meaning in what is fruitful is true and there is one thing we can be certain of is John 14: I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Degrees, that is an interesting thought and I often think about the saying ‘burning maya in the sun-fire’ in that there is nothing hidden that shall not come to light.


Anonymous said...

Vis and all

My point was that he didn't mention a certain tribe until fairly recently and now seems to give them an out with the reptile possesion angle, I agree with Viible, I don't know anything forsure, I was just making a comparison between him and the wandering who

from a remote area in Oregon

life is but a dream

Visible said...

that is what makes me tremble and mumble and try to be humble because I KNOW GOD IS-REAL... interesting associatives. On most accounts, I do not know. On only one account I do. God is real and the powers and possibilities have no limits whatsoever period. I have had it stone cold proven to me.

Andjres said...

Caryn, If you are close by I'll meet you here:


Anonymous said...

Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas was the first to display a Marine presence during the Occupy movement, now that veteran Scott Olsen was seriously injured by the police things might heat up: MARINES TO OAKLAND POLICE: 'You Did This To My Brother'. I really wouldn't bet on Team Donuts if more veterans get hurt.


Django said...

Wow, rock on Sovereignty. Shame is one of the few motivating forces for this member of the light crew- why, I'm feeling it right now.
Something gelled upon reading your words.
Stern. Concise.
I'm having trouble with the "equally valid" part,
but the message is still in my mental esophagus.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

On Shape-shifting.

The elder’s wisdom is that when ever you find yourself in an impossible situation “Turn Right”.
In my wild youth I was travelling in my hot rod Ford, 44 mag on the consol, herb clouding the cab, various mind altering beans and buttons in the bag, down the highway of life with my sister’s trust fund idiot boyfriend who had just gotten us in a mess of trouble in the last town, and we really had to get out of Dodge.

We were smoking down a two lane highway passing an eighteen wheeler going into a blind curve when a Greyhound bus appeared dead ahead. Rock wall on the left, narrow bridge abutments, tractor saddle tank at the right door handle and the speed odometer reading 140 mph, what the fuck to do?

That chrome steel bumper on that big dog 20 feet in front of me was certain death, so I yarded it to the right (thinking we might somehow survive under the tractor), the space blinked and then collapsed and we shot through a non existent gap.

To a couple of fools on the road it was just another near miss but we had indeed just shape-shifted and bent the space.

25 years in new energy technologies and after examining over 500 innovations there are two technologies I begrudgingly respect, but simply do not comprehend them. These are mind fucks involving the intricacies of space.

The first, John Keeley’s Vibro-Sphere and the second is the GIT (Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster) propulsion technology. I know Dale Pond in Boulder Co who has an original Keeley device from the Smithsonian Institute and my out there friend David Cowlishaw in Oregon, is building prototypes of the GIT (which turns to the right) and will in time prove new physics with his device.

Space too is just part of the illusion, is only structured by our agreement in the consciousness field and has hidden folds the normal linear mind can not comprehend.

So folks for what its worth, in a pickle, turn to the right.

Too much screen time in Viz Court, apple pear pies to cook, third day of frost up here in the hills, six more loads of wood to cut, and my newly acquired vintage Homelite power saw needs a carb kit, out of here.


Anonymous said...

david's rightfully attained folk hero status amongst the conspiracy attuned.

inter-dimensional entities an experiential fact. reptiles?
cold-blooded is as cold-blooded does.

and truth be told, there's enough ham-bone to go around.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the responce Visible. Well said, I guess the fact that God is real has been a given to me for long enough that I didn't add that. Your ability to put your thoughts into words is a great gift. For us all

from a remote area in Oregon

Anonymous said...

thanks coletteonice....neil

Visible said...

I wanted to write about that veteran who got skull smacked in Oakland because I think that is the moment when the military and others go into gear but an ambulance just took Liselotte to the hospital. I went out to get her some pastry for her tea and I got her a nice wedge of Black Forest cake. When I came in the door her brother (who comes by to walk Alfie) was there and he told me something was wrong. Liselotte couldn't speak. She was off planet and just slowly moving her arms like she was swimming or just stroking herself. I kept asking her to speak but she could not. They took her away and I believe this chapter of my life is over because it has been about taking care of her up to this point and this house will be no more for me and this town no more. Susanne is in Italy with woldemar and Dieter, attending to the upkeep and release of the space and I must now consider space as my next condition.

Liselotte loved Hawaii. I kept hoping and praying I would have a chance to take her there in style but that is not going to happen now. I am sure I will see her on some future beach.

I guess I have things to attend to now so posts may or may not be forthcoming.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

The Court will be waiting your return Judge.... prayers, safety and blue light for your journey.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"God appears, and God is light,
To those poor souls who dwell in night;
But does a human form display
To those who dwell in realms of day."

-William Blake

The last stanza of what is a monument to compassion and life itself.

For the full effect...

Google: Auguries of Innocence

Anonymous said...

to liselotte

through emanating all directions
concentrated here and now
composed in everlasting
notes of heaven scented flower
chanting through eternity
on golden waves in sign
on butterflys and summer seas
releasing through the mind
lotions of the medicines
wash and take the pain
breathing universal life
inside embraced upon the flame
multiplying all around
where emotions tune
and fill all with vitalitys
of how the flower bloom


Kray Z8 said...

One of your best yet among a multitude of excellent posts. Solid truth in a simple and eloquent form.

May the Power and Love of the One and All be with You and Yours as you navigate the rocky shoals of your journey. Thank you, and all the sisters and brothers for the much needed communal dynamic. Keep the course, friends.

Peace, Love, Strength,


Richie (Dana) said...

Sovereignty @ 7:38

"Sorry Campers... the Creator does not want to hear about your whiny interpretation of your walk.... he wants to see it."

You know what Sir? I do not believe this at all. This life is not altogether pleasant and God is well aware. I think he has great compassion for those struggling to make sense of this all.

I live less than 15 min from Oakland Ca and spent the last hour checking on the latest stories and exactly what happened there.

I am now whining and I have tears in my eyes......sorry.

My friend, this is just not right, and as I am one of the meek ones, I am emotionally disturbed by what I see,this I cannot help. I am well aware that there are many people who do not give a fuck and are sitting comfortably in their nice home with two cars in the driveway that are both less than 3 years old.

I honestly do not know where this attack upon you came from. All I know is that somehow this does not sit very well. There are multiple stories in the Bible about Jesus taking pity on those outcasts of society that everyone else thought nothing of. Your preaching smacks of better than you. I will not bore you with the text as I am well aware that you dislike it very much.

I am not so smart. Basically all I know is construction and how things go together.

I believe this is the second time I responded personally to you and it the God's truth that I appreciate what you have to say. Somehow I am just forced to respond.

One thing that is now becoming very clear in my mind is that we have absolutely no right to tell others how to live. This is what every religion and organization does. (There I go again).

The statement cues up the feeling of doing something wrong and the listeners need to remedy. This is classic bullshit.

If I in any way mistook, please forgive. I know nothing. Unfortunately sometimes things just come to me concerning right and wrong.

I now understand that I am doing the very thing I criticize above.

I think I am trying to explain that these people of the OWS are whining about the conditions of life and trying to make things better. Maybe they suck and are totally wrong, but at least they are trying.

Nearly every person who frequents these blogs is trying, I can assure you. There is only one entity with the authority to tell these humans to shape up and that would be the Divine.

I submit that the Creator begs us to tell our sorrows and mistakes to him so that we can come to a state where he is able to help us.


Anonymous said...

Well received. You ain't so bad.

For a straight guy.


Visible said...

Richie, we're no different than you. One of the reasons there are so many of us here right now is that all the people from all the planets wanted to be around for the main event. There's nothing straight about me either. I'm a bow. Then again you could have been talking to someone and then again, we're all the same person differently aspected.

est said...

telling the truth
isn't always easy

but it's the best
and only thing to do

it has it's own rewards
and never any debt

no need for recompense
nor useless regret

kikz said...

good luck to liselotte.

and to you too, les.

Anonymous said...

I was trucking along yesterday the 27th right at twilight time, hustling to feed the outside cats when I saw a man approach from the West.

He was dressed in a forties style overcoat and wearing a fedora hat came up to me and said my name.

I turned to him and said 'yes' and then he lightly tapped my forehead right above my nose between my eyes. Smiling at me all the while.

That was all it took and I was over in this life time. I smiled and said 'wow! that was easy'... he just smiled and turned away.

This event occurred within the five steps it took to enter my outbuilding where the cats are fed.

I was conscious of continuing on with my chore whilst this encounter happened.

I fed the cats and came back inside and told my brother what had happened. I was/am still 'here' it appears but that was as real as an encounter as it was in the feeding of my cats and returning inside to my warm house and telling my brother what had ensued. *grins*

RE: Liselotte and the young Vet-sounds like they experienced the same kind of brain injury manifestations-all my love to both of them. Darlings...

Anonymous said...

"all the people from all the planets wanted to be around for the main event."

yes, it feels to be a capacity crowd. jockeyed for suitable seating over the past few years.
it's been a process, don't you know.

precipitation crescendos then shuts off like a faucet come the first days of december, signalling my return...

to sashimi beach, where one 'can see for miles and miles'... in the here and now that never ends. (hold the umbrella.)

(of course anywhere you go there you are, so if anyone's disturbing your peace you know exactly where to look.)

may not come back this time if the kids decide to hang, a bit further up the coast.

if'n you and yours find yourself in the area...

('just a half a mile from the railroad tracks.')

Robin Redbreast said...

I'm as staright as a dice - in many ways!
Lets not go there again!!
Another beautiful day here in da Wales
Live love and peace

Anonymous said...

To be Human is to be related to a twit. You have some relatives that in the past, present and future, are quite comfortable with it. Never forget that mistakes are our tool, and if you get no education from them you truly are a fool. To admit that you were wrong is something that should feel good. Many people are wrong but admitting is something that they never could. Arrogance and ignorance are pretty much the same, it's the psychopath who places on others the never ending blame. Humility is misunderstood and some think related, to the other word called humiliated. Sometimes it's good to have your face turn red, it means that you're spiritually alive as opposed to no color when you're dead. over and out....Jimmy G.

Another spot-on petri dish Visible Thank you

Denny said...

Hi Les,

I don't know what's going on but I sure hope it all turns out for the good.

Anonymous 4:47 00 PM

Quite remarkable. A few years back I also had a strange encounter with someone wearing a forties style overcoat and a fedora hat.

I was doing something I shouldn't have been doing (as always) in a particular establishment in connection with the Indian guru Sri Chinmoy. On arrival I had a wallet firmly in my grasp containing a large amount of money but with no form of ID. As I passed the gentleman in question (who kept his back to me the whole time) I noticed that the wallet was no longer in my grasp but knew with 100% certainty that I had not let go of it. A week or so later I was advised by a friend to contact the local police. This I did, and to my amazement they handed me the wallet containing all the money along with a few strange glances.

My feeling is that there are any number of such "apparitions" out there wearing forties style overcoats and fedora hats whilst not being subject solely to this dimension.

As for the wallet, I got the point and never did anything I shouldn't do in that particular place again.

On another occasion I was stuck in a London prison cell on remand awaiting transportation to a very nasty prison simply for breaking the law. There was a police sargeant on duty who went out of his way to get me out of there, and I even overheard him shouting over the phone that he didn't care if it meant causing an international incident between police forces. The guy driving the prison van came two times to pick me up but the police sergeant sent him away. After about an hour he opened the main door and I was free. When it eventually came to court the judge told me I had no case to answer to.

I guess on that occasion the police sergeant probably had his forties style overcoat and fedora hat in his locker.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Les: I extend my heartfelt condolences to you and your loved ones.


Nearly every day I see a new article about the late Steve Jobs on the mainstream news pages of the Internet. For Apple, these articles that promote the Jobs Legend after death are propaganda, just as they were when he was alive. Today's article says that Jobs never bought a license plate for his silver Mercedes and he always parked in a handicapped slot -- to protect his privacy, according to the article. In reality, a stalker would immediately recognize Steve's car as the silver Mercedes with no plates. In reality, Steve was making a vanity statement: "I can break the law with immunity because I'm rich."

Apple's revenue was $1 million in 1977 and $110 million in 1980. By 1979, Steve Jobs was living in a posh estate. In 1978, a couple of days after Steve's daughter was born, he flew to Oregon to see her. However, for two years thereafter, Steve refused to admit the paternity of his daughter until a court-mandated DNA test proved otherwise.

Steve Jobs and Robert Friedland became friends at Reed College in 1972. Robert often bragged that he and Steve had robbed $1,000 from Reed's Student Activities Fund. I met Robert at the Hare Krishna Temple in Portland, and Robert invited me to stay at the All One Farm, which was owned by Robert's uncle Marcel, who, we were told, owned the largest nut-and-bolt company in the world. Robert said that his father was an architect and his mother was a Holocaust survivor.

Robert had lived at Neem Karoli Baba's ashram in the Himalayas with Richard Alpert aka Ram Das, chant leader Krishna Das, and others. All One Farm in Oregon was run like an ashram -- two hours of meditation a day, group bhajan every evening, vegetarian diet, celibacy, and communal chores. Knowledgable visitors said that All One Farm was unique on the ashram circuit for the full-day work schedule that Robert required of the residents -- first pruning an apple orchard, and next thinning a fir-tree farm -- projects that increased the value of the property. The All One Farm only existed as an ashram for a couple of summers, after which Robert sold the farm at a substantial profit.

Steve Jobs visited the All One Farm several times when I lived there during the spring, summer, and fall of 1975, but I never saw Steve do any work there. Robert's close friends were exempt from the work required of all residents and most visitors.

I was the only long-term male resident at the All One Farm who never worked in the tree farm, because I held Robert to his promise that I would run the vegetable garden. When Robert threatened to expel me for refusing to work in the tree farm, I reminded him that I ran the garden with an efficiency that no one else could match. Robert knew he couldn't replace me, so he let me stay.

See: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Friedland

"He [Robert Friedland] got his start in mining in the mid 1980s when a loan from a relative bought him a joint venture with Rio Tinto Zinc [Rio Tinto is a Rothschilds Company] in a gold mine in Nevada."

"One of the largest mass gatherings in Mongolia’s history, they even burned an effigy of Ivanhoe’s mining magnate Robert ‘Toxic Bob’ Friedland."

One observation I have is that the abusers of wealth and power are often of the Self-Chosen Tribe -- like Robert Friedland -- but not always -- like Steve Jobs. A second observation is that what matters is what people actually do -- not what they profess. Both Robert Friedland and the late Steve Jobs have claimed to be Buddhists.

I know a few people from the old All One Farm who only want to discuss it in spiritual-la-la terms, with no reference to the exploitation that ocurred there. I personally think that "spiritual practices" aren't much use if they don't make you smarter.

Anonymous said...

Les -
Hope all works out the way it's supposed to for you... thoughts and prayers with you.

To those interested, there's an excellent conclusion up to Tom's Gnostic series on montalk.net:

If you haven't read them, I highly recommend them. You'll note a lot of synchronicities with Les' writing.

Take care -

neal said...

That 40's stuff is carved into the rocks out here, used to be broadcast in a lot of places, from long ago, erasure has mostly relegated that to myth, and oral teachings, just like Chee-Zoos. Never written down, I guess you either get the nose rubbed into it, or rely on mostly second hand information, for now.

Real shape-shifting is always sort of time travel, even if it gets noticed now, and not before, or later. Karma doesn't need a linear understanding to fold, origami's like that. The end is the means, even when it gets torn up to start over, again.

Disrespecting whines and groans could be a bad mistake, considering that might be the one real conversation left, after everything else moves on. These things just might be the one thing that will jet attention, when payment comes due in full.

Sounds used to be words, and shapes, and some kind of strategy that does not anchor in the ego, due to some nature that does not recognize some little worlds.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Gregory F. Fegel,

Very nice to hear pertinent tales of what is now 'the old days' for people to chew on and hopefully taste a bit off back roads history.

I agree with your conclusion ... "spiritual practices" aren't much use if they don't make you smarter.

I would only offer that spiritual practices aren't much use if they don't purify a person as well.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:47 - Re: The tap on the forehead - Every once in a while, on the way to sleep, I get a startling tap on the forehead just above between the eyebrows, and I automatically react with a slight jerk back. It's too distinct to be a nerve thing, but I wonder...maybe it is just a reaction, but to what, I don't know. (No forties look or fedora comes to mind though).

This is the first time I've heard of someone else getting that tap on the forehead.

Vis, Suzanne,
I commend you for living like we're suppose to in taking care of your elders in your own households.
I'm not sure that I could make that sacrafice.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

1973, I was driving down a road in Florida in a yellow VW.

I stopped and picked up a hitch hiker, a big man.
He looked like a very sweaty and ragged Paul Bunyan.

I offered him some fruit I had and stopped up the road a bit and bought us tacos.

He was going to a little town off the main road some ways and so I said sure no problem and it wasn't. Took about half an hour.

We conversed a bit about things in general, music, the ocean, nothing personal or too heavy.
He seemed a little forlorn to me so I didn't pry or become overly enthused as I sometimes do.

I didn't even ask his name nor did he ask mine.

I stopped where he said to, by his little house and and as got out he turned to me and said "Homer, have Krishna take care of you."

I said, "how do you know this" because nothing of this was mentioned during our ride and he apparently wasn't an ISKCONite or the like.

He looked at me, all ragged, big and sweaty and hairy, smiled and said "I see it on your forehead."

How might I ever forget THAT?

Hari Bol!

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Anonymous (via Homer) wrote: "I would only offer that spiritual practices aren't much use if they don't purify a person as well."

I agree with you, of course. Instead of "smarter," I could have used some other word denoting intelligence, compassion, or wisdom. However, at the close of my post I was limited by the 4,096-word comment barrier, and I had to be succint, so I chose "smarter" as an all-inclusive, catch-all term to signify increased intelligence, compassion, and wisdom.

Compassion is a form of wisdom or knowledge that recognizes the Universal Self in others, so these terms -- compassion, wisdom, and knowledge -- have an equivalence.

In Psychology there is talk of "emotional intelligence," which I equate with "spiritual intelligence" or "spirituality." Mahadevan's book about Advaita Vedanta states that knowledge (gnana) is Enlightenment, and that knowledge includes awareness of all factors of existence -- not just material facts. In an existential sense, to say "I am" is to say "I know."

As an etymological aside, gnana = gnosis = know-ing or know-ledge. A gnomon is "one who discerns" or "that which reveals" or a sun-dial.

The title of Adi Shankara's "Vivikachudemani" means "The Crest-Jewel of Discrimination." It talks about Discrimination in the positive sense of intelligence, knowing and wisdom -- to have greater Discrimination is to be more wise. The process of Enlightenment is that of clarifying or purifying the mind.

A "spiritual practice" should make us more compassionate, more intelligent, and wiser.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Fegel said,“A spiritual practice should make us more compassionate, more intelligent, and wiser.”

The modern term would be bandwidth.

Most contemporary enlightenment models and practices involve study, reading bullshit books with second hand information, meditation, diet, herbs, physical exercise, philosophies, arcane etc. Having done all that for 35 years I am now of the mind that none of that is necessary. Only the intimate neurological knowledge of brain mapping, understanding how the brain glands work and how to work these glands is required. Once an individual has access to his pituitary gland, (don’t worry about the pineal gland, it’s driven by pituitary secretions and takes care of itself) your transformation is on a chemical mechanical rail.

This is a semi enlightened discourse on Judge Viz’s blog but only occurring in the Alpha brain state at about 2000 bytes/sec, pituitary secretions can brain shift us into the Delta brain state running upwards of 400 billion bytes/sec.

The 2000 bytes/sec brain is not even capable of understanding the higher bandwidths in the Delta. See http://fukushima50.blogspot.com/ for more on brain mapping and pituitary work.


Anonymous said...

Big thing for me last year, a butterfly came out of the air and tapped me on the third eye, not once but four times.
I noticed it fluttering around and it flew over to me and it touched me between the eyes and it flew up and around tree in front of my house.
I just stood there and let it happen, three more times, Thanking The One because I knew what it's meaning was.

Third Eye Open.

Thank You Vis, and All.

You all have confirmed many things that have happened to me over the last number of years with your many experiences you have related here.

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Thanks for that, Gregory.

Yes, "Discrimination in the positive sense of intelligence, knowing and wisdom"

For me Sri Adi Shankaracharya's
Bhaja Govindam best exemplifies this.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I've experienced an object moron, as pertains to intelligence, metaphysics and egoism, cry tears of love in a moment of realization of God's beauty.

I'll please drink a drop of his reality rather an ocean of chemicals, glands, brainwaves, mystic siddhis and all the rest combined.

Anonymous said...

Three years ago, I had an experience with oil secretion from my crown chakra. I was holding my 8 day old niece. I had put her over my shoulder to burp her after her bottle, and she fell asleep. She felt so good there that I let her sleep and I picked up my book to read. It was a book by Llewellyn Vaughan Lee on Sufism and how to know God. I was reading with awareness of the words I was reading with my niece laying on me. I started to feel warm, and that warmth started to radiate heat, intense heat. I knew it was her/mine/our spirits, because of the type of heat I was feeling. It got so intense that I laid my niece down in her bed and felt her hands and head to make sure she didn't have a temperature. She wasn't hot. My whole left side was hot for a little while longer. The next day, after I showered and dried my hair, I noticed my hair around my crown area, looked and felt greasy. I thought I didn't rinse the shampoo out of my hair well enough. Same thing the next day and the next. I put my finger on my scalp and it felt sticky. I couldn't imagine what it was and why it kept happening. When I got back home, I looked up pineal gland secreations, and it seemed to fit what I had experienced. The secretions lasted about a week or so. I could never find much information on it, other than the pineal gland secretes oil that lubricates the 12 cranial nerves, and usually occurs after speding time in nature. I had just started to raise and rehab the doves when this happened. I have had this happen a few times since then, but nothing like that day with my niece.


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

"I'll please drink a drop of his reality rather an ocean of chemicals, glands, brainwaves, mystic siddhis and all the rest combined."

I get it ..... and you do so Anonymously.... GMAFB!


Visible said...

break me a fucking give!

but I did figure it out intuitively though I don't usually know what those things mean except for lol which is the real reason why I do (grin) because it takes way longer than the abrev (grin)

Anonymous said...

Military pilot who had sex with an 11 year old boy when he was 17!!!
How long did he masterbate and think about having sex with boys? In boot camp? Into his flight training? 20, 25 YEARS OLD??? OLDER???
Dave Letterman - "Creepy rotten grape attached to an otherwise normal bunch."



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