Sunday, September 18, 2016

Broken Icons and Truly Enduring Archetypes.

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Oh... we are going to have a field day here! I was going to link certain other things first but this one has to take the bukkake for the moment. This site that I just discovered has a lot of radical postings and some of them are just off the wall but some are not only spot on but truly funny! More importantly I am coming across the kind of information that is really mindblowing. I always thought Bill W. who founded AA was a hero and then I see something like this;

“Bill Wilson, aka Bill W., co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935 after being repeatedly institutionalized due to his drinking. His inspiration for founding AA came from a 'vision' of God he had while on belladonna, an extremely powerful hallucinogen that was used as a quack cure for alcoholism up until a few decades ago. While never formerly diagnosed, Wilson’s grandiose personality and self-aggrandizing behavior fits the definition of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Despite being a Christian and a vocal advocate for temperance, Wilson was a serial adulterer known for coercing young women who joined AA into sexual relationships, a practice now known as '13th stepping.' Yet, while he was busy taking advantage of attractive girls who were recovering from alcoholism, Wilson remained unemployed throughout his life and depended on his wife Lois to pay the bills with her day job.

Additionally, despite the purported success of AA in helping drunks sober up, Wilson repeatedly relapsed throughout his life and even begged for whiskey on his deathbed. The inability of the Twelve Steps to cure even the man who thought them up is borne out in AA’s horrifically high failure rates. According to scientific studies, 90 to 95 percent of alcoholics who join AA end up relapsing within six months, and AA may in fact be worse for alcoholics then doing nothing at all.”

There are links in the section where you will find this the first link given you can explore that on your own. I felt chills discovering this, when I had an entirely different perspective due to accepting the party line. Wow!

I have often not liked myself very much and not for anything that I did particularly but because of early telepathic invasion as a child. I recognize the cause of it but I suspect, like all the other things in my life that they happened for a reason. In recent times, I have found out so many truths about people that I previously admired that I now think better of myself than I ever did before. By comparison, my own fuckups and failings do not approach what I have found out about people that I had placed on a pedestal. It's sad when you come to find that new reasons for appreciating yourself are based on you finding out that you are nowhere near as bad as so many others (grin)... but I'll take it. Thank you... heh heh.

I would like to point out here that it is my belief and something I have also witnessed- that AA does work and has profoundly changed lives. That the success rate is as low as it is is testimony to how powerful the disease-allergy-state of possession actually is. Regardless of all I have just read here about Bill W. and the amount is considerable, I haven't lost an iota of faith in the program. I believe it works if you work it. Similarly, religions are filled with bounders, hypocrites and sanctimonious scoundrels as well as rank upon rank of sexual psychopaths and mass murderers. This has no bearing on legitimate spiritual experiences that are the fruits of the lives of sincere believers and I'm not talking about the Eric Hoffer version, although I admire him a great deal. Hoffer is an example of why I encourage people to read biographies. It helps to put your own suffering into perspective. I can assure you I have suffered greatly in this life but... I also know there are others who have suffered more. Just because most people have not suffered as I have means nothing ...when there are others who have suffered more. I now look at all of my sufferings as blessings in disguise, even though they are no longer disguised from me. The higher goals in this life always come at a cost. If you are not willing to risk it all then those who dispense these conditions and things are unlikely to confer them upon you.

Like Hoffer, I was impressed by Montaigne, as well as La Rochefoucald and Montesquieu. I believe that the entire American Revolution was based on ideas presented by these men and I try to celebrate this in my song, Vive La France, which I wrote when Americans got all wacked about France not supporting our aggressions against Afghanistan and Iraq; Freedom Fries? Uh huh...

Vive La France

My life, such as it has been, has been molded by the impress made upon me by great thinkers, visionaries and mystics. They left the footprints that I followed. They wrote the hard earned truths that changed my life. I now live in a world like this and where shit like this is being served as our daily bread. I live in a world where Mercedes is now making gay commercials and people like this are the new spokesnutjobs. Tell me that this guy is not mentally ill. The logical and expected result is absolute horseshit along these lines. That whole march of perversity is being pushed by sold out celebrities who are the face icons for reverse Kundalini Satanists, whose intention is to reduce the world to a state of confusion where international control is rendered into the hands of the evil few as the result of it.

I don't care what people get up to sexually as long as it involves consenting 'adults'. I might have an opinion on it but that is my affair. I can think what I like. Sometimes I am wrong and sometimes I am right (unintentional rhyming). However, when the entire schematic is electronically and magnetically charged for the purpose of social modification and I can feel its hot fetid breath on my neck as I pass... then... well, then I'm not amused. I can see what is going on in front of my eyes. It is possible that since I know the senses are being manipulated for gain by those who work appearances, uh... uh huh.

Yesterday I spoke with Our Lady of Everything and I've had problems understanding certain realities that come upon me. I won't say I was confused. It wasn't confusion. It is simply that some things are beyond the reach of my awareness. Anyway, she said, “My son, you have many friends in the invisible and they have advised you and helped to carry you on your way. They have also tested you and tried you to prove you. What they have done has brought you further up the road but... though they have been useful in guiding you, only I can fix you. Only I can fix you. I believe this. Today, on this Sunday, she came to me for over half an hour and that is remarkable. Usually the sustained reach of the interplay is around five minutes. Of course it might travel across an evening and beyond but NEVER has it been continuously present across the reach of an entire morning. She told me about the gods and the archetypal entities that stand as guardians and vibrating protectorates of certain zones. She made it clear that as useful as an understanding of these places, entities and positions are... behind them she waits in every respect. She gave birth to the gods in the first place and although I have understood this intellectually for some time, I have never known it in the visceral sense as I do now.

She said such things to me today that I know I cannot speak about them because it puts me in a kind of light I am not comfortable with. I cannot and never have been able to take myself seriously. She surgically went through my life, pointing out so many moments when I wasn't watching or since, remembering... I am beside myself (there is a joke in there somewhere) with what is happening. Imagine what it is like when in your earlier life you saw the whole dynamic of the spiritual realm exemplified in the feminine aspect and then it went away and you bounced from pillar to pole in search of something... something... something and then, presto! She shows up again and now... like all those years were nothing... she is there all the time and not shy about letting you know.

Those who come here and actually believe that any or part of any of this is true, know that I have friends in the invisible. Huh? I'd have been dead and gone so many times already were that not true but now... after these recent years when the conversation has, finally, been two way, SHE shows up and lets you know that not for a moment has she ever been away. I remember when I was about 16 and I read that H. Rider Haggard book, “She” and I was fascinated by her and then, two years later I dropped LSD and I saw her for real. She dominated my thoughts for years and then, stepped aside so that I could both participate in and watch my life go haywire for no good reason that I have ever understood until today.

Nothing happens without a reason. There are no coincidences. For some time I have been saying here that I am one of the luckiest men in the world. Today I know that is true and it is not about me that I bring this up today. It is about all of you. She said, “if it can be true for you it can be true for anyone who believes as deeply as is required to do so. Life is a bank. Think carefully about what you invest your beliefs and your time in. That is your bank. Whatever your bank may be, that is your bank. Must I remind you visible that, “where your treasures are there are you also?”

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There will be a radio broadcast today.


Anonymous said...

Paul Gauguin... Mozart... All of them psychopaths!!! What do we revere and why? Abandoning families to bitter starvation and cold because of their insufferable selfishness!
Look up the bios of all your idols and you will puke!
I don't watch tv, listen to the radio or buy movies at all anymore. Celebration of the profane is so over for me.
Just because the package/ marketing is pretty doesn't make the monster inside any more palatable.
I only celebrate the truth... Nature does it all for me.

Thanks MOM! She never let me down.

Freud was a sexual deviant and drug addict as was Jung and don't get me started on the pedophilia freaks of Kinsey! This is the basis of psychiatry? They should be drawn and quartered!

But hey... Go get some therapy from people who are so entrenched in this belief system.
Celebrate the sickness!!!

Anonymous said...

If a pearl is worth the digging why don't people dig?

Visible said...

Mozart? Gauguin? Who do you work for?

Hereticdrummer said...

It's synchronicity Vis, as the great C.G. Jung would say. That is to convey, meaningful coincidences.Thanks for another gem Brother.

Kazz said...


As Lord Acton told us, 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely', so only idiots would elect a mass of pedophiles to masquerade as our guiding patriarchs. Or have they?? When voting was first introduced in ancient Rome Lucretius proclaimed that voting would give the appearance of freedom of choice, but in reality all the candidates would be controlled by the ruling elite (satanists)! NOTHING HAS CHANGED! These global demented corpse worshippers have created a global Stanford Prison Experiment to provide a playground for the rich and demented so their demonic controllers can move freely into and through this realm.

God allows satan to tempt humanity so the wheat can be separated from the chaff. The goats who think they are running the show are the chaff who have been gathered for the fire and they don't see because any capacity they had to see with clarity was removed as their wealth and freedom to indulge their fetishes increased.

A friend remarked to my husband and I the other day that all today's children had to do to be successful in the future was to stay away from the myriad of mind altering drugs available, because in 10 years the severity of these drugs, that have been pushed on our children by our illustrious leaders(?), will have left them with the brain capacity of a zombie!

The way I see it the best way to fight these demon controlled lizard retards is to be the best you can be. Think for yourself! Help others wherever possible! Be kind to those less fortunate! Eat well and stay trim! Stay away from excess of any kind! Learn to balance yourself in every way possible. The absolute best way to stick it to these lizard brains is to make it through this gauntlet!!!!!

God is real, God is great, God is a loving Creator who has been maligned by the elite and their satanic institutions. The elite know their pirate ship is sinking so they are doing everything in their power to take as many of us as possible down with them. Now is a good time to jump overboard and get off their CITIZENship of slavery! These pirates on the high sees of commerce revere greed, lust, and ego, because stupid is as stupid does!

Common sense dictates that not all have fallen. There are still many good men and women in this world who have withstood the test of time. To these people I say OO-RAH!! I take my hat off to your fortitude and staying power my brothers and sisters. You real men make staying a real woman worthwhile. From the bottom of my heart thank you for BEING here on this plane right now. You guys and gals are the reason Jesus gave his life, so he could set forth a path for each of us to follow. Even though the elite tried to highjack this path you saw through their travesty of justice, because you had eyes to see and ears to hear. You are all awesome! Stay strong my brothers and sisters. You know who you are. I LOVE YOU ALL :o).

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
I got that much from my brief readings on the American Revolution, there were good ideas from Europe, just as there were the bad ones. Good cops, Bad Cops, and the wisdom to know the difference (to paraphrase the AA creed).
Was the drunk woman in The Sting there to promote it or warn against it - we pays our money , we takes our choice as the tin pan alley creed went.
Ditto history, through's pov, Greece AD300 was (according to her) the only time democracy was pronounced. Demosthenenes (the original King's Speech, pebbles in mouth included), speech writer, democrat, Aeshines, fellow Athenian but shill and traitor, and vanguard against the likes of Phillip of Macedonia and father of Alexander the Great (turd). Moret reckons the latter are part of this Iranian bloodline (eg Castro) that are the fathers of all ills, and the benefactors of the evils they spawn , like all the Cleopatra's (sisters, literally).
Ditto the Christian Church history I am reading, the schisms, the power and the passion (in both senses). Starts out giving unto Caesar, then becomes Caesar.
As for pearls, it's hard with sand in your eyes rather than a grain of sand in your heart (the thought came to mind, its the grain in the shell that initiates the pearl, clouds get in the way at coral spawning time)

Anonymous said...

pierre said...oops
The Hustler not the Sting
and 300BC not AD. (noting that getting a Britanica page through a web search gets me the article but going to Britanica directly and searching there gets me a paywall). Ive added a book from for that person.

Unknown said...

This one really soothed my soul im 28 years old, and had all the opportunity in the world. My abuse of Alcohol, has ruined my life from legal trouble to losing my family's trust i still pray for help but i feel really lost. Until I read this posting..

Thank you Visible

Ray B. said...

Vis, a nice half-'Visible Origami'. I am catching where you are trying to inject spiritual food/mood rather than just go down to how bad-off the world is. Kudos.

A slight synchronicity in that today (Sunday) was one of those all-day spiritual/meditational marathons. Every once in a while, it goes from before dawn to dusk, depending on what Higher Self wants. Fortunately, my life is laid-out now so that I have as much free-time as I want. Coincidence?

On 'Our Lady of Everything': I have had several encounters with the higher-feminine, though perhaps not as 'intimate' as yours...

Once, at a combo psychology/spirituality class at college (led that day by a female Muktananda devotee), I had a profound experience. I dropped into a deep meditative space. I became aware of this pervasive presence - that was deeply feminine - all around me. It seemed to be the pre-manifestation 'sourcefield' that exists prior to creation. Pregnant with possibility, so to speak. And powerful. I still remember it...

Another time, it was during my first 'face-to-face' meeting with (real) Elves. I could not see them directly, but their presence was awesome. One of them was feminine. In that first moment of contact, I just bowed and offered whatever She needed - unconditionally. It was instinctual. The word Lady occurred. I was blown away by her simple Presence... (This was long before TLotR movies.)

Still another time, there was this channeled-entity who was feminine. Whomever was coming-through was high-class. Wonderful loving energy, deep wisdom, and a Presence that swept-away everything else. Greatly healing...

So yes, I am also one of the Divine Feminine's greatest fans...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

pierre said.. oops oops
from previous comment a few days ago, Amen as Tutucamen (from memory, and wrong)... Amen-Ra
though the wiki et al would say it is Hebrew for "be it so"
anti-hebrew would say "liar liar, pants on fire"it means Egytpian hidden god power , which sounds like some of the early Christian and Albert Pikian secret mysteries only available to the indocrinated and blackmailed (Hotel California, check in but never leave)

and Rolling Stones would sing, don't wanna be your slave.

@ Katz, Amen, or Heliopolis to that sister.

Ray B. said...

By the way, I 'judge' folks much less since knowing about unseen influences...

I have been fortunate in doing much interior work. In doing this, I have become familiar with what "I" feel like. So, every time an 'urge' comes out of nowhere, I check to see/feel if it seems like me.

If it does come from me, I have to 'trace it back' and deal-with-it or satisfy-it. Hopefully, in a more-enlightened way.

However, quite a few times, it does not feel like me (and yes, I do know about sub-personalities and past-lives). These days, I make it a rule to 'check around' before acting on an urge from out of nowhere. Sometimes, it is a 'gotcha' moment, followed by some Cleaning...

To come full circle, I do not judge folks much anymore, because they are not Trained. It would be like judging a two-year-old for not riding a bike. I am sad that TPTB have won-out to the point that training does not even appear on the mind-screen. As a result, almost everyone in today's 'modern' cultures is woefully vulnerable to unseen influences. It is a wonder that things are not much worse. Guides and helpers are on overtime...

Higher-ups have mostly given-up on today's generations "growing-up". It was meant to have them develop sensitivity to unseen influences. Self-defense. Instead, the cultural-situation is bad-enough that the sheep will probably remain in second grade. So, various movers-and-shakers are just going-after the unseen influencers. The sheep will remain asleep. Their evolution is stalled. Sad...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Dear Nolan,

We all lose our way here, it is the nature of the realm in which we exist. We are not what we did yesterday or last year, we are who we are today. Tomorrow we will be someone else. The trick is to step slowly towards the better you, the person you know you are capable of being. Abuse of alcohol ruins many people's lives, and to acknowledge such is a huge step towards dealing with such an issue.

Hopefully you have a long path ahead of you and plenty of time to heal. My bet is that as you heal yourself the rest of your problems will heal along with you. Being in human form is hard work. There is much we must learn so we must be patient, not only with others but also our self. It is okay to fall down but it is not okay to give up. Giving up is futile anyway because problems don't go away on their own. Taking control of one's self and one's desires is very empowering, and being empowered gives one renewed hope and faith. Getting back up helps to develop one's character and helps expand one's soul, so it is always highly recommended. Perseverance and hard work provides its own blessings. Although trust can be lost it can also be regained. If you want something badly enough and put your mind to it anything is possible. At 28 most of us are lost so hang in there Nolan. You have your whole life ahead of you and tomorrow is a new day, so you can choose to be whoever you wish to be :o). God bless you and good luck on your journey.

Luv Kazz

Diane said...

What have they done to the earth?
What have they done to our fair sister?
Ravaged and blundered and ripped her and bit her,
Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn
And tied her with fences and dragged her down.

I hear a very gentle sound...

It's not possible to be unemotional as I type this from memory.

Visible said...

Here is-

This weeks radio broadcast..

Kazz said...

Dear Diane,

The feminine is rising with the new dawn and God will let nothing stand in her way.

Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

Perhaps, the following is why the spiritual is being ever-more-invoked:

Mulga Mumblebrain - September 18, 2016 · at 10:22 pm UTC (cleaned-up slightly)

"The reality of Western malevolence can be explained, I believe, by understanding how the most evil people in society have been empowered, and taken over, all the seats of power. This includes politics, business, the brainwashing apparatus of the MSM, PR, entertainment, and advertising. And, most of academia (which, in very small part, remains somewhat unpolluted).

As a result of this rule by psychopaths, their pathopsychology has been projected on society and normalized. So, personal untrustworthiness, lying, egomania, greed, and the total absence of human empathy and compassion are now the norm. Whereas, only decades ago, they were - notionally perhaps - reviled.

As to why this situation has arisen, I can see two inter-connected reasons. First is the ‘triumph’ of laissez-faire, Free Market capitalism. This dehumanizes a society, making greed the sole raison d’etre for all actions. It acts like a cancer in consuming its hosts - humanity and the natural world - and spewing out nothing but waste (i.e., pollution of every kind) in its stead.

Capitalism inevitably produces as great an inequality and poverty as a society can tolerate, up to the point of revolt or massive repression. We can surely see that everywhere from Greece and Latvia, to the waves of desperate refugees fleeing the destruction by the West of Libya, Syria, Iraq, and many other countries. Flows that will grow and grow, as climate destabilization renders more and more regions uninhabitable.

The second reason is the ‘victory’ of the West over socialism, after Gorbachev surrendered in the face of the risk of nuclear war from the deranged religious fanatics of the Reagan regime. After that great ‘triumph’, the West was reinforced in its deranged, egomaniacal belief that they were ‘God’s (Newer and Better) Chosen People’ and ‘Exceptional’(i.e., Übermenschen) and that ‘History had Ended’. They are that insane.

Now, when faced by resistance that cannot be murdered - in their millions; men, women and children - by sanctions, subversion, or direct ‘bombing back to the Stone Age’, and into surrender to the West’s Holy ‘Moral Values’, these psychotics know nothing but increased belligerence and aggression. They are protected, as ever, by a bodyguard of lies peddled by the worst of the worse, the vermin of the Western MSM lie and hate-machine.

I cannot see any way out, because the Western elites (perhaps because of their deep penetration and control by the very worst kind of Jews, and their Sabbat Goy underlings) are dedicated to controlling the entire world, forever. They will destroy the world (the ‘Samson Option’) if they cannot control it, absolutely. And, they will happily sacrifice their own populations in a nuclear war (the ‘Masada Complex’) rather than reverse course and allow any other seats of power to arise - even in great, non-Western, World Civilizations, like China, India, Iran, and Russia."

Kazz said...

Human being's natural state is one of enlightenment, which is why the elite have had to work so hard to keep us in the dark by controlling us with their institutions. Our very core is one of Love and Light, which is Consciousness. The elite have capitalised upon Man's ego to create an illusion that many believe is reality, but in fact it's only purpose is deceive Mankind from realising their inner divinity. Once the illusion is shed all that remains is enlightenment and the knowledge of the true nature of our being.

Luv Kazz

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#16. . .I am under the impression we are dealing with Enlil's brats. Enlil hates humanity, and perhaps he did 'choose' a tribe way back when Sumer was at her peak or something, that could be coerced into destroying everyone not like themselves. They did seem to have an edge to get to where they are today, so who know?! Thing is, if I were working for Enlil; I sure as feck wouldn't trust him. Also, if you were Enlil; how would you feel about the idiot psychopaths who are nothing but whores that would sell their grandma down the river for the right price?

Kazz said...

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Driving Down the Road and I Have no Idea Where.



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