Friday, February 11, 2022

"All These Identities are Nothing but a Pack of Cards, Tumbling Through The Air on Invisible Winds."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

On the lower levels, the attractive... affection force acts as a binding agent. As it rises into Higher Love it becomes a liberating force. While Love is Free and celebrating the independence that its presence brings, it radiates an indefinable magic. Most everyone in the early stages of Love, untainted by Desire, KNOWS about this esoteric feature of The Supreme Attractive Force. When Love is Impersonal... it liberates. When it devolves into the Possessive Personal (or Personal Possessive)... it binds. Herein is the ESSENTIAL feature of Impersonal Love that makes it superior to all the other masquerading permutations. It frees you... AND everyone else in reach of it; unless they flee or resist out of fear of The Liberator.

The cosmology of The Vedic Perspective has a simplicity to it that defies the claims that it possesses millions of Gods. Then again... Everything is divine for The Divine. Every star in the Heavens is a demigod. Very few of them are known by name. In that cosmology, you have Devas, Yakshas, and Rakshasas. Devas... usually represent a divine quality or function; an aspect of Light. Yakshas are demonic representatives of The God of Wealth... Kubera. Rakshasas represent the impetus toward Power, Pleasure, and similar. You might wonder why The God of Wealth has demonic servants; consider the nature of wealth.

Of course, we could go into exhaustive detail here, but... that is for the curious to discover on their own.

One will never understand the representatives of The Heavenly Order in any abstract or intellectual sense. You have to get to know them through Impersonal Love. All of Heaven recognizes Impersonal Love. It's what turns the lights on and keeps them on. It is a conscious emulation of The Incomprehensible Ineffable. It is what it is... Om Tat Sat.

When we get in trouble in this life, it is our Desires and Appetites that take us there. The Gunas are the threads that weave the fabric of our pretend realities all around us. They shape our perceptions, and our understanding of the information received. They are what cause us to believe what we believe. Everything... EVERYTHING gets arranged according to our desires and appetites. When you are set free of this personal nonsense, you are no longer trapped in the briars. You are 'in The World but not of it.'

There are two critical things that are the fuel and fluid of our passage out of bondage. They are Impersonal Love AND... the visceral mindset of, “I don't know.” You can go ANYWHERE... if you are in the possession of these. You will be guided. You will be protected. Impersonal Love is an impenetrable shield and a light in the darkness, like the light of Eärendil 's star in Galadriel's Phial; “May it be a light to you in dark places, (ringbearer) when all other lights go out.” Of course... that light within you is ALWAYS far more powerful than it could be in any external device.

I know there are those, even among The Wise, who favor amulets, sigils, and talismans. Personally, I have no use for jewelry of any kind. I do sleep with a crystal in my hand because it facilitates my travels in the places I go while the rest of me sleeps. Form is often function when it comes to Occult Practices. I am sure there is much to learn and to know in all of that, but it holds no interest for me whatsoever. I am complete with Impersonal Love and the mindset of... “I don't know.” I do not need more than this.

Impersonal Love is a conscious and continuous release from the limitations created by attachment to The Things of The World. If this world is holding on to you (or you are holding on to it), it can hinder your passage elsewhere. It can also call you back with all that haunting music that got you here in the first place. Yakshas and Rakshasas love it here, and they especially love those who will let them come in and play house in their heads. They don't have bodies. They have to get bodies. They are like hermit crabs with appropriated shells.

Desire and Appetite keep you here and are the source of all of your Suffering. Impersonal Love is an upwelling of unattached affection for every living thing. It is a constant benediction of Freedom for all that it shines upon. Impersonal Love is what the big players employ. It protects and it liberates.

The Deep State and its deeply entrenched agents are in a full-scale panic at this time. There are holes in the Dikes of Darkness that they have fenced us in with. Now... light is streaming through thousands of portals in The Dikes. There are not nearly as many agents and fingers as are needed. Look what happens when you turn on the light in a formerly dark room. Think about it!!! This is what is presently happening with The Grand Apocalypse and The Grand Awakening.

They are getting mean and vengeful. A Harvard professor and CNN analist has called for The State to slash the tires and steal the gas of the Canadian Truckers. She wants them arrested! None of this happened when BLM and Antifa were on their murderous Purge-Nights. This is because The Usual Suspects CONTROL BLM and Antifa. They are the footpads and Thug-Armies of their Satanic Majesty.

Let me talk about The Natural Caste System AND... the way it naturally finds its own level. This ALL emerges from the Play of the Gunas... Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. They thread through the whole of manifest existence. You could say that they are the energy sources for ALL action here. Whatever your combination of Guna-Force amounts to... depending on your percentile of conscious light... from that comes your place in The Pecking Order and whatever it is that you are pecking at. It's not based on skin COLOR. If you go to Kensington, you see black, white, and the intermediate hues, well represented in The Street Life of that or most similar locations.

It is your percentage of Tamas that accounts for your degree of darkness in respect of True Perception. It is Rajas that accounts for your energy, and it is Sattva that accounts for your level of luminosity. I have met all kinds in my time. I've wined and dined with scions of The Elite... and I have been imprisoned among the most dangerous there are of us. I was in places where they put those too dangerous for prison. They must have thought it would be the end of me. I flourished. Everyone can be reached with Impersonal Love. Impersonal Love casts out all fear. THEREFORE... no one possessed by Yakshas or Rakshasas can harm you. You do not get between them and what they want, and there is no Fear or acquisitiveness to attract them. Fear is the blood in the water that draws the predators.

At first... it can be a lot of work to manifest Impersonal Love. You have to be relatively free of Personal Love to have any chance at success. It takes a great deal of priming the pump, and a great deal of patience to wait for the water to clear. You can't... really... do much without the help of Invisible Friends. Those who go it alone, wind up alone. Yes... The Hermit on the Mountain is solitary and holds out the light for the travelers who come, but... he is NOT alone. He will NEVER be alone again. This is the finest of the objectives we can seek. Impersonal Love makes this happen.

I should say a few words about what is going on here with five postings every week. I would be writing no matter what because it is what I do. If I were not doing this, I would be writing books or similar, in another venue. What's the point of writing the books? One has to write and edit and compile and jump through all of the hoops that there are, and make those books ready for whatever portion of the public may have an interest in them. Then... there is the matter of selling them and I am not into that. I already wrote three books that were published and several that have not been. You have to charge for them or the publisher won't print them.

This way... I do not have to charge for anything because I could care less if I ever get a dime from anyone ever again. The money necessary for being able to do what I do, somehow... is always available. I don't need or want much, so I live like royalty in a sense. Impersonal Love made that happen. As long as one is inspired to give without thought of return, Heaven WILL PROVIDE ALL THAT IS NEEDED.

I will not always be doing this. The situation is going to change. It is going to evolve. I do not know what shape it will take, and I don't care; as long as it suits Heaven... it suits me. I might simply vanish; that is what Les Visible is about. I might be at this for a spell longer. It could go on for a year... or two... or more, but I am fair certain it will not go on forever in this fashion. THEREFORE... I will do this, on my schedule, for as long as I am inspired to do it.

No one is compelled to come here. Some very mentally challenged individual recently came around to say, “I haven't read any of this but here is what I think.” I don't know what he got up to after that because my attention had moved on. No one has to come here. This is VERY niche-directed. I know there are a lot of people with no creative juice whatsoever, and who have a lot of time on their hands... so they do target practice on whatever they encounter. I come here each day and I write what I am inspired to write. After that... it has left me and moved on wherever. It is no longer a concern of mine.

I've had to deal with Jujubee Minions all of my life. It comes with the territory, but... I answer ONLY to God. This is the reason that money plays no part in what I do. I have no position nor significant properties that ANYONE can take from me. I have no hostages to fortune. I know that all these identities are nothing but a pack of cards tumbling through the air on invisible winds. I have no ambition to please ANYONE but God... and I will surely be informed if I should fail at that. Otherwise... it's just Straw Dogs, coming and going. It's all temporary images in the mirror of blinded Vanity, where everyone sees what they want to see, and no one sees it as it is.

These writings will experience the destiny appointed to them. I am not concerned with that. I am concerned with pleasing Heaven and NOTHING ELSE. On that account, Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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robert said...

Visible One of Many to Many

There are holes in the Dikes of Darkness that they have fenced us in with

If: Brevity is the soul of wit
Then: Conciseness is the heart of art

Have we stared at flat screens persuading us that the earth is flat too long?
Are our eyes too accustomed to the dim flicker of our confined spirits that we imagine that the dark normal can only continue?

Has anyone noticed that the luminosity of the Sun has increased, especially in the higher color spectrum?

Partly due to our perception awakening but the thunderous silence from corporate scientism bought by baubles stands in stark contrast to the dire fear mongering about climate!

We may confidently observe that the chaff is now clearly self-identifying by bringing rotten fruit to the table!

Hate-ful, infantile tantrums driven by fear passing as intellectual achievement
Repeated talking points provided by media sock puppets passed off proudly like participation trophies
Boring and ancient ritualistic reactions presented as knowledge, driving while stupid

Levitating humor trashed in favor of put-down pissing contests, while simultaneously self-stroking and patting selfies on the back.

Sense of humor NOT at the expense of others but aiming to strip away masks and chains is an indicator of a free spirit in motion.

I know there are a lot of people with no creative juice whatsoever, and who have a lot of time on their hands... so they do target practice on whatever they encounter

Another key indicator of where people's expression is coming from:
Is it creative or destructive?
Productive or consumptive?
Expanding or contracting?
Overflowing from abundance OR spewing fitfully from a broken vessel?

Reading the expressions in the comment sections of internet sites, especially those independent of globo-corpsical control, is the sheer banality of the trolls!

Their stuckness in their role of acting pacmans, scavenging all hope, love and good faith, leaving only offal in their wake, is painfully embarrassing to read.
Compassion wells up in response to the insight that their minds are bound and their hearts are being squeezed to death.

Even when the trolls are clearly just bots from algorithms of machine learning, the imprisonment of the programmers who cultivated the bots reveals the cult behind them which owns their asses.

These writings will experience the destiny appointed to them

Let fly with no regard for where they may land!

Is the Sun jealous of every ray or careful of how the light is used?

Or serene in the satisfaction of shining on as long as time permits?

We all know that we live beyond time and space in a perpetual light show.
Some are clinging to a known nightmare in pretending otherwise
But clinging is no longer an option as we approach the speed of light
Former forms cannot hold as our spirit grows beyond restlessness

We begin to breathe freely again, in the face of masked pretenders who hide their intentions from themselves...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

It seems 'Twilight Zone' has become reality. Nostrils up on this post and your last which I just finished before this one.

Your posts are one of my addictions.

Gregory said...

You keep me loving everyone else. Please keep it up.

You are more needed than you know.

I am blessed to have found you.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"They are Trapped in The Paddle-Boat Wheel on The Ship of Destiny, Turning... and Turning."

Anonymous said...

Les, I don’t know who else is reading these blogs but I have enjoyed them for many years and have often derived comfort and wisdom from your musings. I really appreciate that your able and willing to share so much.



Joseph Brenner

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