Monday, February 21, 2022

"Why is The World as It Is? We are Far From Heaven. The Further Away You Go the Less Light There Is."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

God told me, while not talking to me personally, but to those who go the costumed religion route; “Don't cut my balls off, son. Just because you put on a robe, and think you are being made pure for the Heavenly estate, don't turn me into a eunuch. Perversion awaits those who cannot channel my divine force and make union with Heaven. You can just dress like everyone else, and be their true self reflecting. Because that's what you are unless you are not”

Everything that is happening in The World that is twisted and perverse is evidence of the presence and the taste of those who imagine they rule over us. Look at the hot button issues that dominate the news media. They have an agenda and that is to make you a post-modernist Serf Slave. It means you are chained to your board but you still get to ride the waves. Oops... that is more the picture Krishna gives in The Gita. Let me replace that with... THEY have an agenda and that agenda is to destroy your spiritual nature. Yeah... that's like... a better fit of a bad dynamic.

I have long maintained that the most effective resistance is to stop buying their Bread and Circuses; stop participating. The whole world, as much of us as is possible... needs to stand down and NOT be involved in their antics, not be driven by their Fear, and not be drawn by their attractions. This will shut them down good. I have lived my life outside of this and remained free, even when they locked me up, I was free. I haven't had much in the way of material goods, but I don't need much to begin with; basic sustenance and my tools.

God has been cracking me up like Carlin on steroids of late. Recently he said to me, “That's a very good answer, visible... someone write that down so that we will have something to put in a person's head next time we want an answer from them. Oh yes, visible, I am behind everything one way or another but I never pull anything out of anyone or have anything displayed for public scrutiny that wasn't already in the person to begin with. There are no accidents and I lose no wars nor battles either. Sometimes those who fight on my behalf do lose a battle now and again, just for the sake of adding excitement to the whole affair, but... no one who fights on my behalf EVER loses a war.”

“Think about it, visible, the war is always taking place within. That is where it begins before it externalizes. I am within everyone so I always win the contest depending on whether I want to win in that instance. Sometimes I want them to lose for the Purpose of Demonstration.”

Why is The World as it is? Because we are far from Heaven. The further you go from the source, the less light there is. Even though the whole of it is filled with a light you cannot see, it is denser toward the core of the inspiration for it all. Where there are shadows, and deeper shadows, there is more error because there is less light and then there is more of what we call Evil. There is also Poetry and Beauty there, but there is that which is not poetic or beautiful too; even though it be in the eye of the beholder.

As one is closer to Heaven, there is less shadow and less of what we call Evil. The point here, the hard screaming point, that so few seem able to hear, is that you have a choice of the distance between you and Heaven. It is only in your mind and the absence in your heart that something less than Heaven or heaven itself... resides or does not reside

We DO NOT have to be in The Land of Suffering. There are places of large concentrations of people who have all gotten together under a particular climate of suffering. Sure... there are plenty of distractions too (another reason so many people are there), so... sometimes people don't notice that they are suffering. Then Life starts to hand out to you... your allotment of suffering; the HOA tariff for amenities that you are supposedly enjoying, and it gets that tarnished, jaded, used look. They learn to treat people that way. Many people have been gruesomely disappointed here, AND...

because they are more selfish, their disappointment includes revenge and giving back in kind. Well... each of us chooses the road we are walking, and if it leads somewhere, if it winds up somewhere, you got you there, AND the good news is that you can get out... by turning around and seeking within. There are even different exit points. You simply find the footprints of someone who has already walked through here and OUT OF HERE, and follow them out and into an entirely different world. Any legitimate religion is legitimate. That should... go without saying.

God told me that Religions are training wheels for people without enough Faith. He also told me, because I had been saying, “the angel of God told me,” that I can go ahead and say it's God. "That's okay, let people think what they like. It is my intention... shortly, to set The World on its ear. I am going to stun and surprise Humanity like you cannot imagine. I'm telling you this now because I am soon to begin and I want people to understand I AM BEHIND IT ALL!”

All the worlds are connected. You can move between them. You might have to move from one world to the next a hundred times or more to get where you want to go. I don't know how far you drifted. Some very good news is that you can make that journey in a single lifetime sometimes, depending on who or what you are following. You have to be up to the level of dramatic changes required, but... I can directly tell you this is so. Each of these worlds is like a life, so we are moving between worlds constantly as we grow into and out of a life. You can do this more quickly, and not have to die and come back so often by learning to die while you are still alive. There is a WAY THAT LEADS TO ETERNAL LIFE.

You can understand that... since I KNOW this to be true, there is not much point in my writing about anything else, and it is hard not to write about it, especially given there is so little of it. The rest of it is politics or religion, observations made by others and taken therefore to be so. The case of the Virus Scam and The Killer Vaccines (that are not vaccines) is a case in point. I just walk right through it. I don't even consider the argument from either side. It wouldn't matter what it was for me because I would have the same reaction. I have an immune system, that is what I rely on. I do not rely on doctors, and most certainly not on antibiotics and vaccines.

The World is full of things that can kill you. I kind of got that early on, but what I also got early on is that if you trust God it will go well for you. Certainly, it will go better than it had been. When you are already in the execution dock it requires more Grace and Divine intervention. It happens. It happened to me. It wasn't that dock but it was on the way... several times. Eh... some people go to war, and there are a lot of wars in a world driven by competition. That does mean that somewhere excellence is more likely to survive and one does not get trampled by The Mob. The Himalayas are anywhere that you are if you walk with God; so too with the Christian Heavens, so too with the Muslims. For me, Buddhism is Hinduism with different seasonings added. They are quite close to each other on the important level.

There are forces loose in The World at this time that are a part of a great acting out. We are in a time of historical change, I guess it depends on how much of a part you want in that and what your expectations are. I have no expectations and I want no part in it.

There are a number of links I did not include that had to do with bizarre circumstances and human misfortune; outright crazy behavior. I'd rather not pass them on. If you have seen some news of these events of recent times you know what I mean; horrific crimes and strange acting's-out. Then... on the larger stage, Son of Castro is going full Havana on the residents of Canada. I have many friends in Canada. Some of my best friends I have not even met or rarely seen are from Canada. You have my thoughts and prayers. It is the same with Australia. There are many who are dear to me there. (It is a strange world we now have where so much is virtual. That is a part of the advent of the loving of the collective of humanity.)

This is some kind of Crown Colony thing that seems to have been sorted at the nerve center but it hasn't hit The Provinces yet. Apparently, the Boys in the Back heard that The Virus and Vaccine thing was dead in the water now, so it's on to the next thing. That was supposed to be the war in Ukraine. That's iffy now too... so it is probably False Flag Season starting in early Spring, and running? Well, it will be running until it happens; could be a short season, could be a long season. It depends on who you ask, mostly it depends on how it is, even though it's still around the corner.

See... this is a thing about an apocalypse. More is exposed and revealed than in any other period of human experience... in the long cycles that some things run through that is significant. Also... in an apocalypse, “business as usual” is unusual. Plots don't gel or come off. Yes... a great deal of damage can be done, tearing down the stages for the new performances, BUT... these are times of tremendous spiritual change, IF you take advantage of it. It's not a time to be a bad guy, even if it looks like it is. That's a sucker's trap.

Tomorrow is 2/22/2022. It's supposed to mean something about America's Pluto return and the transformation of empire or culture. Apparently, we are back at The Revolution again. It's more complicated than this but I can't find the link. I am sure you can find it on your own or someone will put it in the comments.

End Transmission.......

My friends, a long-time reader and sometimes commenter, Justin Virden goes to prison today for some amount of time. Even the shorter possibility is extended time when it's happening to you. Having been in prison, I can tell you, Time is a whole other country. You understand 'doing time'. You find ways to cope. I had God and that turned into a big plus cause he negotiated, and navigated me through SERIOUS rough country at various times, and places... because there were many of both. It was a curious twist of fate. Because I refused to cooperate or do probation or parole, it took some doing and time for me to get cut loose, but I got a governor's pardon, whatever that is. It came in the mail one day.

I'd like to ask for your prayers for him. There is great power in that. I'm surprised he went to jail for substances in these times. It must involve some level of demonstration.

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Anonymous said...

in an apocalypse, “business as usual” is unusual.
very true. Suppose you could also say, 'normal' isn't normal.
BTW, I believe you meant 2/22/2022. Small matter.
Lots of twos anyways.Whatever it means is beyond my abilities.
Two is better than one in my books. And one is better than none, so there's that.
Reminds me of 'more the merrier'.
Will pray for your friend.


Visible said...

Thanks! I was in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Mr. V.
No more charter rights in CANADA Inc. as of tonight. We are on our own, no 'legal' recourse.
VIOLENCE CANADA Inc. is completely in control. They had a 'democratic' vote amongst
themselves tonight over the nonexistent emergency and gave our God given rights to
VIOLENCE CANADA Inc. (under threats of violence) cause they was ascared and morally and spiritually bankrupt.
Their fear will be their defeat.
No telling what's gonna happen next. I had hoped that cooler heads would prevail, it being winter, but nope. I suspect the country will split, eventually. I'd like to think the prairies should join the US red states.
Those eastern city folks done gone nuts, 3rd stage syphilis i suspect. Didn't Mr. Churchill have that too? I read that small pox vaccines caused much of it. Maybe the con-vax does that too, straight to 3rd stage.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

"Perversion awaits those who cannot channel my divine force and make union with Heaven".In a nutshell that's why we're here ( though it took me forever to see this.)I'm a great fan of the simple ,direct statement like this which is why I like the work of Srila Prabhupada.

Speaking of which-"For me, Buddhism is Hinduism with different seasonings added. They are quite close to each other on the important level." I seem to remember Srila Prabhupada saying Krisna created Buddhism to direct atheists to God without their realizing it.

The Dr.Seuss mug made me laugh. "I do not like green eggs and ham etc" was my favourite of his stories.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to declare my colours: I'm Canajun too.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"You Will be Handled Accordingly by The All-Seeing Ever Present, Presently..."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

LOL! Learning to die whilst still alive. Having declared mine self dead and waiting for the body to catch up many years ago, that sentence FLOORED me. I'm still a'chucklin.

So much to look forward to. Problem is, patience is a four letter word to me. I don't know the meaning of it. Never did. Hence I feel life itself is a prison, though I know I incarcerated myself.

Gregory said...

People go to war for the same reason they fall in love -- to see how lucky they are.



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