Friday, August 25, 2023

"Our Heads aren't Screwed on Properly and Our Heart is a Selfish Place Where The Walls are Closing in on Our Loneliness."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Why are there no whistleblower Bishops and Cardinals? Not a mea culpa in sight. Why do few politicians ever say anything at all? Why do they close ranks in every large organization of kindred spirits? There are ALWAYS occult forces at work... arrangements made in exchange for advancement, and... a promise of extended torment and termination of everyone and everything you love, if you don't go along with the program.

The final indignity is that you will be dishonored far and wide.

It's a compelling case for hesitation and restraint.

God guides me through depth charges in The Subconscious, and through prompts from The Superconscious; when I can rise to it, and a download to the Self-conscious when I cannot. He leads me to diverse and seemingly unrelated situations, in which a tautology emerges... as my thoughts cross-reference. So it is that I came to be reading Michael Crichton again.

At some point, I realized I hadn't read the entirety of his body of work. Now I am reading State of Fear. I wondered why they hadn't made a movie of this book. Once I got some distance into it, I wondered no more. He absolutely dissects The Climate Change Scam. He rips it right open and then burns it before your eyes. At first, it was a thriller novel. Then it became a revelation as I got up to around page 500... when this wacky scientist appeared at a conference. Whoa!

Crichton nails it. I mean REALLY nails it and this book was published in 2005... copyright 2004... so, written earlier still. He's got footnotes and references during the technical expositions, guaranteed to make The Temporal Deceivers foul themselves at the news conference. There was no cowardice or quit in him.

Crichton makes the truth look like 90 pounds of fine quinceanera... shrinkwrapped in a fantasy suit. I'm not suggesting I'd be moved by such a display. The truth and I are old friends and not much excited by the display windows of time... in a temporary state of arrest... for a momentary pause.

Crichton was a genius in several fields. I always liked him. He had one of those minds attended by a basic honesty that you do not often see associated with honesty in times like these. If you don't want to read the whole book, just go to around page 490 until you find where the lawyer is sent to pacify this wild-haired scientist and read what the scientist says. It's only a handful of pages. You won't be disappointed.

“The Monkey Wrench Gang” and “They Live” were both earmarked for major film release... and the latter for a remake. Both projects languished in the hibernation zone of 'in development' until they were forgotten. The Industry did not approve of these messages. They Live would have been great because John Carpenter was going to do it; too much truth... in both cases.

Carpenter isn't even mentioned anymore. The cabinets have been stripped down; even the condiments and dust bunnies left town.

Right now some of the finest... (let me rephrase that) most enslaved and captive minds of this generation are working on a PR release for The Maui Genocide... or is it a mass murder? How many deaths constitute a genocide? By the day... my friends... by the day... Mr. Apocalypse is parting the curtains, and... videotaping the action for looping playback in The Hive Mind... whether it likes it... or not.

One of the most amazing events of these times is the persecution of the last president, whose election was stolen by The Branch Covidians. The logistics of what might happen when any one of these kangaroo court exhibitions convicts him of something he didn't do... causes laughter to bubble up within me. He has secret service agents permanently attached to him. Will they go to prison too?

The comic absurdity of characters like E. Jean Carroll is right out of Mad Magazine. The fact that such outrageous charges... unsubstantiated... and lacking evidence of any kind... could even be brought to trial... tries the very bounds of reason. Yet it continues. The system is broken and in the hands of lunatics.

I am not here to defend Donald Trump. I am simply observing the obvious and proven criminality of the administration that is bringing these accusations against him. It cannot end well. There will be serendipity OR... there will be revolution. Between the sexual Satanists and this... the country's very soul is at risk.

Being bombastic and full of yourself, and lacking in all necessary gravitas are not crimes. THEY cannot afford to lose, so... this is what we have.

Well... this is Petri Dish and I thought I would confine myself to reflections on the state of The Culture, BUT... I have to talk about The Divine. That's a given by this time. However... just before I segue... since we are talking about things of The Culture, let me mention the Amazon Series... Good Omens.

It seems I saw season one a couple of years ago or more. I liked it a great deal and was on the lookout for season two. I finally assumed it was canceled, and then... it showed up a few weeks ago. Finally... my schedule cleared (grin) and I am re-watching season one as a memory refresher. I like it even better now. The snark and sarcasm... the perfect casting... acting... writing... direction... is off the hook.

I doubt it has any similarities to reality but it is very entertaining if you aren't unduly anal... or have a religious poker up your ass. Probably there will be plot holes and disappointments. It's the nature of the beast in these times, BUT... it stands out from the rest of the crap by a good reach; at least season one does. It's very funny and the parts of the demon and the angel are perfect.

Now... on to the only thing that interests me anymore. On reflection... It's the only thing that has ever interested me, and all I was ever looking for in anything else. At this specific perspective that I presently enjoy, I have to say... I am stunned at what people spend their time on and worry about. I can only assume that they simply haven't had a taste of The Real Thing yet. I imagine there has to be an increasing state of desperation and disappointment among those who have an excess of crap and stuff in their life... and money.

Nothing messes with your mind like money. Money is a pain in the ass that keeps on giving. It effectively ruins lives on a regular basis. To put it in urban-speak, it fucks your shit up (cue Warren Zevon). Speaking of Warren Zevon, here is a fellow who went on stage drunk like no one else I have ever heard about at his level of WELL-DESERVED fame.

He got his act together... cleaned himself up... got physically toned and ready to really live his life. Then he found out he had terminal Cancer. In true Zevon fashion, he wrote a song about it called, “My Shit's Fucked Up.”

There's a live version right above... on the page where I got this. I don't like to mention their name. They might show up, heh... heh... (speak of The Devil!)

I've always been a huge fan of the man, but... in all honesty... (grin)... I didn't have to live with him. Then again. We would probably have gotten along.

People go through their life bitching and moaning about minutiae, and surrounded by stuff, while in many countries of The World... people have next to nothing and are starving. Our perspective is skewered, Basically... our shit's fucked up. Our heads aren't screwed on properly and our heart is a selfish place where the walls are closing in on our loneliness. Tsk. Tsk.

I had a rough go for a long time. Sometimes I sing that song; “Nobody knowed the trubble I seed” and I have to laugh. Compared to who... visible? Compared to what? Meanwhile... The Divine goes through EVERYTHING. Sure... God's detached in a way that frees him of the pain... yet... he is intimately connected to our suffering. This is what Jesus The Christ demonstrated in his visit among us. It's not going to be the same this go-round.

This go round is all about Punishment and Reward, and... setting the table for the coming age. We haven't seen anything yet, but... we are about to.

I REALLY don't understand it. God is right there... resident within... and people are scrambling for things that glitter in the night. You have a permanent companion and an ever-lasting friend, who... in most cases... is standing mute within you... just watching... because few bother to go through the trouble... and some effort is involved... to wake him up and engage him in their lives.

(Before anyone takes exception to my saying, "wake him up." The Man on The Beach said to, me; "God is a serpent and God is sleeping. This is his dream.")

Yeah... you have to prove your sincerity, but... don't you have to do that anyway... unless you are good enough to fake it and get by? That doesn't last though. Sooner or later, The Purpose of Demonstration comes for us... every... one...

End Transmission.......

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Al said...

"Why are there no whistleblower Bishops and Cardinals?"

There was one, Arch Bishop Vigano (sp) but only one I saw or heard.

I truly miss the Zevons of music and I wonder just how spectacular the new ones among the little people will blast us into the crazy new way coming.

Many Thanks Les as always.

Visible said...

You are correct about Vigano. He slipped my mind for some reason. Thank you!

M - said...

I've read Crichton's books and couldn't agree with you more. Have you read "Prey"?

Another author who has a pulse on the same kind of stuff, albeit with more of a spiritual bent, is Dean Koontz. Just finished reading his 2023 "The House at the End of the World". Koontz' previous novels "Innocence" and "Taken" have never left my psyche. His stories are terrifyingly real (prescient) yet never nihilistic.

I also totally enjoyed Good Omens Season 1, but I'm really interested in what you think of Season 2.

BTW, "They Live" is a pure classic and in my opinion holds up quite well today. Carpenter? Also a fan.

Visible said...

Although I have heard that Koontz is eerily prescient, I got completely turned off to him decades ago because of his character development. His style of presentation annoyed me so much that I never read him again. This must have been in the early 80s or even before. There's no accounting for taste any more than there is for the appearance of beauty in the eyes of the beholder, so... maybe I missed some things here and there and maybe I'll give him another look.

Someone mentioned the other day how he had captured the COVID thing and the date of its appearance in some novel.

I enjoyed They Live but Piper's acting really put me off. I was looking forward to Carpenter's remake, but... powerful interests killed it. I think those who wanted to stop it simply bought the rights and that was that.

Oh well... there's something for everyone these days but since there are different rays we come in on, they have a lot to do with the tastes we develop. I try to be more understanding and realize that my liking or not likely anything is only a reflection of the place I am observing it from... and whatever subjective contact I've had.

M - said...


I hear ya. Perspectives change, too, depending upon time. Additionally, I think we all relate to something that resonates with us at any given time in our lives ("a reflection of the place I am observing it from... and whatever subjective contact I've had"). Sometimes I will re-watch a movie I absolutely loved years ago and find it no longer interests me.

Koontz' more recent books have a sense of spirituality about them that I don't remember in his earlier novels - or maybe it's me and what I CHOOSE to see. Maybe it's what I'm looking for. Who knows? It's art, after all.

Re: Piper's acting. LOL. Given that he was a wrestling personality, it should come as no surprise that his performance in "They Live" was a bit one-dimensional. (Although I loved the 6-minute fight scene.) Did you enjoy Russell's character in "Escape from New York"?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky, though I thought Roddy was pretty funny in They Live. Even funnier in Hell Comes to Frogtown.

Visible said...

Really? Snake Plissken? A work of art (in progress-grin). Did you ever see a film called "Wasabi" with Jean Reno? That was remarkable. Then there is The Freshman. Absolutely one of my favorite movies. I don't have a particular favorite cause... then I will remember, Time Bandits or The Girl Next Door, The Transporter or ANYTHING with Jason Statham. or The International, or Vannila Sky, Serenity, or Alien, or John Wick, or True Romance, or The Thirteenth Floor, or Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets, or Shoot 'em Up, or Deadwood, or Breaking Bad. or The Sporanos I could go on and on, but I didn't like 99% of what's been done. Fortunately, I know enough by now to tell in 5 minutes and I can shut it off.

I hate it when I start listing things because I ALWAYS leave important items out. I'm sure I've left out a lot... many westerns and Sci Fi and fantasy. If it was well done then I liked it. If it is quality work then I liked it even if it was not a genre I am drawn to. The same with books... or anything in life. If it is quality I like it. If it is crap I do not like it. This does not apply to handbags... jewelry and most material objects which I have no interest in.

0 said...

It is interesting to realize that alot of what decent people CREATE in this world gets co-opted by criminal interests and made use of toward THEIR own ends. Refering to the Crichton book you called out. I was just teeing up Andromeda Strain, the movie, yesterday before my internet went offline about 6pm and didn't come back till this morning around 7am.

Its by and large what sorta slowed me in my energy systems explorations. What would these criminals do with unlimited energy that needed no fuel source to produce output? Now that they have it, I think this is why they are reguaging the population via depopulation and the series of engineered events. Overunity has been realized multiple ways now, with tariel kapanadzes method being the least hardware to realize a sustained more out than input setup. Infinity Sav's method takes advantage of setting coils orthagonally offset to the perm magnet rotors radial magnet placement to avoid the Lag that occurs if the axi mutually line up. Turning the coil sideways to the passing magnet field removes the backemf that would otherwise "zero" the accelleration felt up till Top dead center. (normally a magnet accellerates to tdc and decellerates due back emf from tdc forward.) There was also James Schwarz ERR that worked off layering metals to produce SPIN gains and that was then output as electricity for use.

So the aim now seems to be reducing the population to a point where it can be controlled before potentially allowing these technologies that change the way we live to percolate into society. If one had unlimited electrical energy, one would not have to Work to produce anything but the capital to purchase such a system and then use its output to do whatever one needed to do on ones self sufficient homestead.

Who wants to create in a world where others will take whats created, bastardize it, and then terrorize nations of people to have their way? Hell who even wants to be an iteration of form in such a world?

Guess we'll see what shakes out. Hope things start trending back towards accountability sooner than later.


Visible said...

It pretty much comes down to Satan in human form=

M - said...

Yessss! Snake ("I heard you were dead") Plissken! Russell was SOOOO buff...yummy stuff. But that may be because I'm a grrrrl - and (was) a Personal Trainer. Also loved Stalone in First Blood, for the same reason. But then again, I'm a grrrrl. ≋;>

I have heard of "Wasabi" but have not seen it. "Vanilla Sky" was one of those films I could watch numerous times and see something different each time. I like that. "John Wick" (franchise) is predictable, but I like Keanu Reeves so there you go.

I usually watch series after-the-fact (I'm a late bloomer). Did enjoy Deadwood, The Sopranos, and Breaking Bad. They were all well-done. I hate movies with too much CGI, but Game of Thrones used just enough in the right way for me to suspend my disbelief. Also, HBO's Rome I liked and have on DVD. I absolutely love old monster movies (Universal, Hammer). They take me back to Saturday afternoons when I was a kid. But I detest movies like Hostel and its ilk. Splatter films. Yuck.

I am gonna make you CRINGE here, but I love a great many movies from the 80's (and 60's). I own a great many movies from the 80's. I don't care and I've (still) got the 80s Hair Metal hair to prove it. LOL

(I'm also a sucker for a nice rom-com, but if you tell anyone I'll have to kill ya... BUT you can divulge that I watch gardening and cooking shows, too.)

This has been fun, Vis. A bit off-track, but fun nonetheless. ≋;>

M - said...

Oh, and any documentaries about cats. Big cats. Little cats. Domestic cats. I love 'em all. Also, nature shows... I obviously have a lot of time on my hands...

Anonymous said...

Read the works of a remarkable Vatican whistleblower and Catholic priest,Malachi Martin.
Good Omens is hilarious- the book is even better than the series.

Visible said...

If you are confused... mentally ill... delusional... this is not to place to come and try to confuse others with incoherent nonsense. If what you say has no cohesion and rambles all over the place without a point, I am not going to subject my readers to it.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Faith... Certitude... and Determination... are Essential to The Process of Arriving and One Cannot Arrive Without Them."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Malachi Martin reflected on Vatican 2, which I witnessed destroying the Catholic Church in the 1960s from inside, being born and baptised in 1962 -

Favourite film is 1957's 'Night of the Demon' - the uncut version, America got a cut version called 'Curse of the Demon'.

Works on so many levels, a sort of Supetnatural 'Maltese Falcon'-

Visible said...

Curse of The Demon had a profound impact on me as a youth. Some years ago, I got a copy because I wanted to see it again. I don't know what happened to it. The central theme was terrifying and then... the demon lumbering down the way at the end. Yikes!

Guy Reid-Brown said...

And Mr. Meek the Medium - 'it's coming - it's in the trees' :)



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