Friday, August 04, 2023

"I've No Interest in Alien Snipe Hunts, or Unicorn Fantasies in Search of a Minotaur Who... Resides in The Subconscious."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I was speaking this evening (Thursday) with the entity that represents The Sun... in the perpetual galactic accord... that all who serve The Almighty... are in resonance with. There is a single consciousness that contains ascending gradients of consciousness, and all of us are in some fashion connected to it, even at the lower levels... where separated minds believe they are autonomous and independent of it.

Apropos of the subject we were on, he said; “That's the thing, visible, and it's a critical thing... there is only one mind. People separate from that mind and you get what we have now. Everyone is running in pursuit of whatever they think they are after. It's Materialism that agitates and promotes this Danse Macabre with temporary things.

“That's the point of religions. They get groups of people on the same track and it makes for relative harmony among the people in that particular faith. Unfortunately... in Kali Yuga... religion is as much of a harm as a good. It conceals as much as it reveals, and all of them are falling back now because a new schematic is going to manifest as the religious architecture for The Aquarian Age.

“Religions perform a necessary service for people who are in the early stages of understanding. As you have mentioned, they are training wheels. Meditation is no more than a person sitting still so that I can align them with my presence.

“Once that has happened there is no further need for Meditation, which then becomes Contemplation... which then becomes something else, and the same thing goes for all the tools of the spiritual path. They are useful up to the point where they accomplish what they were designed for. Then you get new tools.

“All this talk about a New World Order... The WEF, and the international organizations... who decided it was their job to rule The World... they are all trying to get into the driver's seat behind what... I... am... already... doing.

“They are all trying to fix what it is not in their province to be fixing, and there is nothing that needs to be fixed... I am already fixing it. If it looks like it needs to be fixed at the moment... give it a little time because EVERYTHING is exactly as I want it to be, and it is all headed where I want it to go. Sure it looks messed up in a particular snapshot but... it's a progression. People never learn anything unless they are allowed to screw up first.

“It always has to cost them before they learn the value... or lack of value... in any of it.

“I don't need anyone's help to fix anything. I do use people who are inclined not to be a hindrance. Those who are in resonance with my will. Everyone who is in sync with me is laboring in The Vineyard, and everyone who is opposed to restoring the balance... is also assisting in bringing everything into balance... whether they know it or not... and whether they like it or not.

“Visible... all you or anyone has to do is get... out... of... my... way. I handle The Details... and... you let me handle The Details. Everybody's looking for a system... some kind of angle to strategize their life. You want a system? You want a foolproof system? How about... Thy will be done? There is no better system than that. As far as marching orders go... get still and align with my will. That'll do it.

“Remember when I said I was going to show up right in the middle of them and pull their pants down in front of The World? What did you think I meant by that? Did you think they wouldn't know that it was me who was doing it? In some cases... yes... all it will do is astound them, but the one thing they will ALL notice is that I am more powerful than they are and there is NOTHING they can do about me.

“That's the signal event of the next phase of operations. I'm going to become visibly active in a variety of forms.

“I'm doing a lot this very moment. I always am, but... I'm behind the scenes. Soon I am not going to be behind the scenes anymore. I'm going to come right out into view and The World is going to be stood on its head in a way that happens very rarely. I'm going to make an announcement. I'm going to put my mark on certain people. There will be no warning. All of a sudden... boom!

“Right now... in this specific transitionary phase... I'm giving everyone all the time they should need.”

Well... that was rather lengthy. Why would I put something like that in Petri Dish? Heh heh... the same as The Divine can set aside his rules any time he feels like it... even if he seldom feels like it... I can set aside the general protocols of the specific blogs. What The Divine has to say to me is a lot more important than what I have to say to you, and... that leads me to the particular message of this day.

I work for The Divine. Whether anyone does or does not believe that is of no importance to me. I have direct evidence of this throughout the whole of every day. I don't rely on anyone or anything else. The work I do is directed to a specific bandwidth of awareness. It is directed to those who love God... and who seek God.

Other sorts come here, by seeming accident or because they can't help themselves. Everyone is a part of God, so... it is not my job to parcel people off into categories. Everyone is in a state of transition... even if it is no more than a passage from the same old... to more of the same old; those prisoners of routine, for whom all change otherwise is a threat. That is an unfortunate posture in a world where the one constant is... change.

Anonymous told me a short while ago that he/she/it had seen through the false nature of Bhakti and that God was only consciousness... undefined awareness... zip... period. No place for Love, I guess. It seemed to me that I was being told it was a kind of nothing... without subject or object. I happen to know that there are such states and certain personalities seek them out. Nihilism is a term that comes to mind. If they have found what they are looking for there, I am pleased for them.

From my perspective, I am meant to love God with all my heart... all my soul... all my strength/will... and all my mind. That's a spiraling dynamic without limits of time or space. It goes on forever through endless stages of greater focus and intensity of the same. I have found what I was looking for, and I am pleased for me.

I've heard of The Void... also called The Daath, and no doubt other things as well. I've heard of non-being and The Great Emptiness. I've looked into everything there is to look into... and not in a cursory fashion... as far as we have any evidence of any of it here. I have not looked into everything everywhere. Perhaps I will get around to that. Perhaps not.

I have no judgment on what others do. I KNOW that everything contains a specific destiny that is revealed to the one who pursues it. I KNOW that everything is connected. I KNOW that God is Real... and present; The Divine in its various permutations is not shy about letting me know this. The Divine informs me... daily... moment to moment... about whatever The Divine feels inclined to bring to my attention.

I do not need nor want anything more than The Presence of God. Everything I could possibly want is contained therein. I have no argument with anyone about anything because what works for me does not necessarily work for someone else, and I am wise enough now to not contend with anyone about any of it. I routinely dismiss subjects that hold no interest for me; Flat Earth nonsense... I've no interest in alien snipe hunts, or unicorn fantasies in search of a Minotaur who... resides in The Subconscious.

I don't have the time for any of that, even though I have all Eternity to dance with. I don't play any version of Trivial Pursuit... nor care a wit for a single reference... throughout the whole of it. I talk about events and conditions in The World for the purpose of context and comparison... with what I consider to be a much... much finer world... that exists at right angles to this one.

Sometimes people agree with me. Sometimes they don't. As long as I agree with God... that is all that matters to me. I've long maintained that the reader should take what is useful to them and disregard the rest. Please grasp this simple principle and if you've got a need to argue anything... go find someone who wants to argue. There are plenty of such folk around.

I don't debate in my head whether I am right or wrong. That's not for me to decide. The Divine decides that and informs me accordingly. It is how I grow. I pass on to you what I hear, and what I have found to be valid in my journey through this vale of tears, and I have very few tears anymore.

This has all come up recently... more than once... in the last few blog postings. There's a reason for it. It probably won't come up again for some time. I'll just assume that those who need to get the point will get the point or... they just aren't going to get the point any time soon; not my problem. This caravan will continue on toward the point of origin it set out from.

Thank you for your patience as God gets me sorted out, which he will do in the time and fashion that pleases him; may His Will be done, and may The Kingdom of Heaven come to Earth where we have made a place for it.

End Transmission.......

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Visible said...

Stop confusing sex with higher union. It bears similarities. It is not the same. You're really hung up on that end of things and it's getting tiresome. How could Kundalini show you that as an objective part when Kundalini IS THAT PART? Shiva's heart stops during climax and the universe ends? You have a rich fantasy world. The carnal is not transferable... try as you might. I deliberately included what I included in the post to militate against this kind of nonsense.

All scripture makes clear the association between sex and death and the channeling of that force into everlasting life. It's one or the other. You don't get both.

For the same reason that your Flat Earth support is not permitted here, neither is this misleading... trolling... picking arguments game playing allowed here. Kundalini is not a comic book character. I know what you're up to. This is more explanation than you deserve, but I present it on the off chance that you are only mentally ill. Perhaps this will trigger a reboot for you.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

Sex and death versus everlasting life.

Batteries strike me as a good example. Batteries are polar, one pole we call positive and one negative because one pole is more positive and the other less positive and giving the two poles different assigned names seemingly reduces confusion. In truth, all formed things are positive offset from the true negative pole of the unformed. All formed things are then relatively offset from each other.

If one uses a battery conventionally, one consumes the current which was stored in it by shorting it thru a Load which then runs until the volt disparity that controls the current flow comes into Balance and thus no longer flows a current. This is a Dead battery.

If one more properly sees things in the context I noted above, one does not use a single battery but uses, lets arbitrarily pick 4 x 12volt cells for the example, and we'll put 2 x 12volt cells in parallel, and 2 x 12 volt cells in series. Now we take the negative pole from both battery pairs and connect it together. Now if you take a volt meter and put the negative lead on the 12v+ and put the positive lead on the 24v+, you will measure a 12vdc potential.

However when you put a load between the 24v+ and 12v+ and a current flows thru the load, instead of discharging the battery, the 24vdc series stack discharges, while the 12vdc parallel stack CHARGES up.

Now shift the context to that of self and the All. Self is the 12vdc potential stack. The all is the 24vdc potential stack. The all discharges into the 12vdc stack keeping it sustained if one puts oneself into such a position as to be beneath All Things. This is why they, religious types, harp on Humility. By Willfully acknowledging that one is less than all one senses, All one senses starts to Sync to Self.

This, to my mind anyways, is how one becomes Whole and One with the All as it allows all that is to permeate self rather than trying to make self permeate all that is. One has willfully chosen to be the lesser potential form relative to the all.

Most people never tumble to the idea of the All being the other which one should befriend and develop a relationship with versus someone of the other or same sex being a singular form that one forms a relationship with. We may need another human form to procreate in this world of forms, but what might be created by procreating self with the All?

Curious to think about. When you take that idea of Relative Potential Source into all the forms we can sense, you can see how you end up with infinite diversity of forms versus pretending there are only positive and negative. And frankly its the only way GROWTH can happen where something at a higher potential is giving to something of a lower SAME polarity potential which then Grows or reaches itself towards the other potential feeding it. If growth was predicated on positive/negative, the shorting of such would result in death, not growth.

Like Viz says, use what you can, and discard the rest.

Take it easy Viz!

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend Vis and Thanks again for the much appreciated energy.


Visible said...


Boy! You have really got that left brain thing plugged into the esoteric side in a way that makes contrary argument invalid before it starts. heh heh. It was great to read that as it dovetailed right into a form of corroborating evidence that I was trying to put into words.

0 said...

Hehe hopefully its useful. I've always sought to understand and Energy and circuits was sorta the context I made use of to try and make sense of things.

On the bench I setup a relative potential source of 100,000vdc and 50,000vdc and then flowed Currents from the 100kvdc to the 50kvdc, as the relative available potential in that config was still 50,000vdc.

The volt combinations can be pretty much arbitrarily infinite.

I also did this with just D batteries, 3 x D's in series and 3 x D's in parallel for a net 3vdc potential to run a flashlight bulb. The parallel batteries overcharged and burst after leaving it run overnight since they were alkalines and not meant to Take charge.

Hopefully the mind grown thru Doing the Work gets to be retained. :) Tho maybe part of the gambit is seeing how many ways one might climb the mountain.

Take care man,

TotoFromOz said...


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"Materialism Breeds Ignorance. You are No Longer Fed by Secret Springs Because You Have Drowned in Stranger Waters."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'get still and align with my will'

Thank you once again, Les!



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