Tuesday, August 22, 2023

"They are Forming Endless Ranks of Michelin Men and Pillsbury Dough Girls... to Lurch Sideways into The Cannon Fire."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings my dear friends and welcome to the 2nd wave of The new BULLSHIT COVID shutdowns. Remember The Wizard of Oz? Remember Oz The Terrible? It turned out to be this dumpy little fellow with a lot of special effects who operated from behind a curtain?

That's what they did to The Common Cold and Flu. They gave it a new name and a bad reputation. They turned them into Fonzie on PCP and bad acid, and... whenever he hit the jukebox it started playing Celine Dion, singing backward through a Vocorder. It's like the software that changes your voice on the telephone, but very James Earl Jones kind of scary and intimidating.

What you have is a small collective of dumpy Cromwells, pretending to be big and terrifying monsters. They are... in real life... if there is such a thing... degenerate sexual monsters that mostly terrify the children they are attracted to, and the children have reasons to be frightened. You do not. There are far... far more of you, and... THEY KNOW THIS.

Why would the people who fancy themselves in charge, and who have been orchestrating wars... famine... plague... and such-like for generations... suddenly be so hot and bothered about turning the entire world into a killing field and concentration camp? There is a simple answer. They are in panic mode. Behind the scenes, they are freaking out.

Why is there such a large homeless population? They priced existence beyond the reach of a particular income bracket. It is the same programming that made billionaires out of multimillionaires. The poor were squeezed out of their subsistence-level existence. The Middle Class is next. In order to dominate a nation you have to get rid of The Middle Class. It is The Middle Class that makes revolution possible. You don't get one without their assistance.

Why are they intentionally flooding the country with flesh and mind-eating drugs? Why are they promoting open borders... that have flooded the urban environments... with migrants from around The World? They are actively engaged in creating an environment of managed chaos. They are making The Hegelian Dialectic a perpetual condition.

Why is it suddenly in operation again; this new and improved COVID variant bullshit? It is because election season is on the horizon, and they have to steal another election... because they can't win unless they are the ones who count the votes. The COVID shutdown gave them the playing field they needed to orchestrate the last steal.

At the same time they have upped The Climate Scam hysteria... with space-age tech... turned upon the populace. You have to keep the people afraid and off balance... if you are going to get to the point where it is too late for them to react.

I exchanged an email with a friend on Maui a couple of days ago. I lived there... on and off... for 20 years. I lived in Lahaina for months at a time... now and again. I knew it well. Lahaina was a party town where the soundtrack was, 'Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville.” A lot of people made a whole lot of money. A lot of people had a whole lot of fun. Maui was the most corrupt place I have ever lived and I've lived in some really corrupt places.

Maui is owned and operated by a small handful of vested interests. You ONLY get safe passage with their permission. I digressed; as I was saying, I exchanged some communications with a friend of mine and I commented on DEW and the intentional blood sacrifice of children and others in Lahaina.

He came back huffing and puffing to tell me that Alex Jones had been discredited and I shouldn't be referencing him... and that it all happened because the water came through PVC piping and the fires melted them and... it was a lot of nonsense. It was all a horrible accident... no harm was intended, and... yadda yadda.

This friend was once one of the most paranoid individuals I have ever met. He thought Reagan was PERSONALLY tracking his every movement. He was CONSTANTLY in trouble with agents of The Powers that Think They Are. He always imagined they were out to get him and he responded in kind. They may not have been out to get him originally, but... he saw to that.

I had to go back to my email to see where I had mentioned Alex Jones, because... I dislike Alex Jones exceedingly. I had not mentioned Alex Jones.

Just about everyone I used to know on Maui is certifiable. It's ironic because... I used to be the crazy one. Even the locals left me alone, and that's saying something. You could occasionally find me reverse back-kicking cactus plants... by the side of the road... on the way to Mckenna Beach; here... hold my beer. You have to be very precise to hit between the spines.

Some people play video games, and some people watch porn. I used to enjoy kicking the cactus. There were plenty of them. There were plenty of people who behaved like cactus plants too.

There is a strange tropical disease that you don't much hear about. I know it as Pineapple Brain Rot. It's a slow-wasting disease that is very common in The Hawaiian Islands, and... most tropical locations. Most of the people I used to know have succumbed to this and are wandering in a looping dream tunnel as extras from “The Day of The Triffids.”

If it were up to The People, I would have little hope that conditions would improve. It is not up to The People... however. It is God who manages everything that occurs to whatever end he envisions. If he needs The People. He wakes The People up. Elon Musk bought Twitter in order to control the narrative. Now he's turned the functioning of it over to The Globalists, and some company in Israel that I never heard of before.

Same as it ever was.

You might think this is a terrible thing. Oh my! What are we going to do? Don't worry about it. All of these people are being outed for The Purpose of Demonstration. God has the whole of it neatly organized as it pleases him, and... thank you very much.

I have been more fortunate than most people. I spent a lot of time in life-and-death situations... under the threat of extended torments, and elimination via one medium or another. I have the benefit of seeing God at work. You might think it strange that a person who lived in Extremity as if it were his hometown would be... so sanguine about the whole affair; not at all.

I watched it over the long haul. I saw it turn into what it is today. I KNOW that God is Real and... also that he loves me. He was merely tenderizing... tempering... and shaping me as it pleased him to... and... as it turned out... it pleased me greatly too; in the aftermath anyway. There is that which tastes bitter in the beginning, and then it turns sweet. There is that which tastes sweet in the beginning and then turns bitter; something to keep in mind.

All this has been... all this time until now... has been The Divine giving ample time to the evil intending to be mending their ways. It has also been to bring them to a state of arrogance where they are not afraid to announce their intentions and to out themselves in an open field with no hidey holes in sight.

God saw what Materialism was doing to The Hive Mind so... he let the Perversity flower like an endless landscape of poppies and nightshade trees. He let the whole thing get out of control so that we would eventually smell the bed in which we slept... on fire beneath us. He left the degeneracy, and venal mindset of The Elite, and all their zombie followers... go far beyond the comfort zone of The Sleeping Classes.

All of it is designed to wake us up. In broad daylight, they are coming for The Children. They are sexualizing them... they are poisoning them with Killer Vaccines and turning them into autistic... wall-staring invalids. They are forming endless ranks of Michelin Men and Pillsbury Dough Girls... so as to lurch sideways into the cannon fire. They seek to make Stalin roll over in his grave.

People are crying out for Satan from parade floats on Main Street USA, with banners streaming... from corporations shilling... for your attention. It is of no matter. It is a fart in the wind. It is not even real. It will fade like a bad dream when the moment comes for it, and... come it will. God knows exactly what he is doing, and why. Watch and See.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

mas and mas Visible
Entry into the twelfth cycle of 7 has given the gift of today's post. May the day bring you joy and happiness that corresponds to that which your posts have brought to the reader's minds and Hearts over the decades of Dog Poet's dance on the keyboard.
Cheerful Love, grizzlyBear hug

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Those in your title make excellent wind breakers and shade, by the way.

In the end, I really wonder. . .was it worth it to live so many lives, especially this one? I guess I'll know when it's over.

I really shouldn't complain, but I do. After all, my life is outside the nastier collective reality. Part of it is due to my own decisions, part of it due to Cosmic Circumstances. I wasn't stupid enough to get in over my head in any way, though it's still been a roller coaster that I despise. Again, I don't see how any NDEs can like this place. My psychic twin who is also an NDE case is a total Xerox on this view.

M - said...

"Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville" - I love that song; makes me think of Summertime no matter what the season.

"The Day of The Triffids" - Hey, I love that movie and re-watched it not too long ago.

In other news: Today it's back to our normal Summer weather here in the Bay Area. Clear. Sunny. Warm. Still some humidity. We saw cloudy weather and a bit of drizzle yesterday, courtesy of TROPICAL STORM Hilary. In spite of all the damange she incurred, there's a silver lining to her appearance: https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/other/how-california-reservoir-water-levels-changed-after-hilary/ar-AA1fCIKz

Electroculture update: My electroculture antenna are working. I stuck a small one into a pot where a trifolium plant has been struggling for months. ONE DAY LATER: Strong new growth is appearing. I haven't yet tried this technique on any house plants, but I have a Heliamphora (a type of carnivorous plant) that is not doing well so I thought: "Why not?" I fashioned a small one out of a skewer and inserted in the pot this morning. Will keep everyone posted. I have high hopes...

0 said...


"I'm gonna butter your bread"... huh. (from the first supertroopers)

Past time to use the same shenanigans against they who manipulate to cuntrol.

Heres to the All Stirring the Pot.


Missing Munich said...

Dear Vis,

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!!

As said before, your words are salve for the soul, and help keep on track! Can't wait for the new c-19 BS to start. Afterall, we've been allowed to have faces for 8 months, no less. Pretty much over all this BS, but also intrigued what they have up their sleeves next.

Love all around!!

Missing Munich

M - said...


Have you listened or read anything this gentleman has posted? If so, I would really love your take on him and/or the information he spreads. Thank you.


Visible said...


I've known Clif for years. We were once friendlier than we are now; not for any particular reason that I know about. I tried to reach him about something a while ago and he wouldn't even answer me.

He's from the intellectual side of the equation and much of it is lost on me. That is not a criticism. I have noticed that he's had a lot to say about Patanjali since I started recommending him. There may be no connection there.

Anyway... I don't follow him because he is too dense for me. It is similar to Miles Mathis. A lot of people are fond of him, but I can't get past a few paragraphs before my eyes glaze over and I go searching for something on the horizon.

THAT IS NOT A CRITICISM of either of them. They are just from a different section of God's universe doing whatever it is their dharma has made needful of them. I am of the Bhakti-mystic-lover of God dimension and anything not directly or indirectly connected to that does not hold my interest for long.

From NJ With Love said...

Thank you for what you do and for who you are dear man. Sending wonderful vibrations to you Les Visible on your Solar return. Thank you for sharing your love of the ineffable with a beauty that shines in resonance. May love and wellness be yours today & always.
In gratitude & admiration,
From NJ with Love

Gregory said...

Happy Birthday Les. Hope you're enjoying the day.

Please keep the sanity coming our way. Your words are greatly appreciated!

M - said...


Once in a while Clif says something that interests me but I find myself fast-forwarding through his videos/podcasts because I find them, for the most part, dull and uninspiring. Sometimes he comes off a tad condescending although I'm not sure he even realizes it. I appreciate your input. Thank you.

BTW, a belated Happy Birthday. ❤

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
It is indeed rare and refreshing to find people that are making an effort at objective self-evaluation as your comment above indicates, a trait that , in my perception is shared by you and Clif High.
As to the spiritual paths, even in the Sufi tradition those capable of walking such different 'tools' as intellect/mind and Heart are rare, even less so of the higher stations.
Naqshbandi and Mevlevi are examples of such, and the only one in the 20th century who was initiated int the station of 'Sheikh' in both was Murat Yagan, but then he came from a highly particular genetic 'factory'... He did write two or three books and presented the Way as an older gentle-man in and around Vernon , B.C.
Cheerful Love, GrizzlyBear Hug

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Mind is The Devil. The Snatch and Grab Mechanism of The Carnal Nature. It Wants to Eat, Fondle and Screw All of It."



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