Wednesday, August 09, 2023

"Buddha is The Mind in Pristine Self-Reflection. Christ is The Heart When it Comes into Resonance With The Soul."

God Poet Transmitting.......

To paraphrase the inimitable Michael Jackson; “you're looking at your face in the mirror. I don't think it can get any clearer...” unless... of course... the mirror is covered with dust or it's one of those funhouse mirrors where the image is distorted in your mind and so that is how it appears to you. Plenty of people see The World this way... through a funhouse mirror that's no fun at all.

Yesterday... I left a comment over at SM. It's appropriate to what just got said, and it's probably going to be appropriate to the post that follows. It was a response to the last line in the previous comment; “So now we have the consequences of the stupidity of humanity.”

I answered; Only in an individual sense... expressed collectively when those of similar sensitivity (or lack of sensitivity)... gather together... in a common fallacy... or group illusion... in search of inescapable epiphany. In other words... if the bullet don't have your name on it... it won't find you... PERIOD! This is where Faith has to be the Styrofoam cooler on an unruly ocean. Faith... Certitude... and Determination; don't leave home without them. (grin)

Really... it's all going to be fine where fine is called for and something other than fine when it calls for something else, BUT IN EVERY CASE... it calls for its likeness. It calls its likeness forth.

We create The World we live in. We live in a world of our own creation. Everything that we see is a projection of our mind... extended into the field of Karma... outworking according to a return on our investments.

It is becoming more and more clear to me, by... the... day... we are in the midst of a game of self-deception... based on ignorant desire... the root cause of all our suffering. It is what Buddha said, and I am in complete agreement with The Buddha. Buddha is The Mind in pristine self-reflection. Christ is The Heart when it comes into an obedient resonance with The Soul.

The Sun rises in The East and it sets in The West. That should tell you many things having to do with Buddha and Christ. You might say that Buddha is Christ when The Heart swallows The Mind. Of course, there's more to it, and the rest of the story begins at the point where words fail.

Lately... I am (without warning) swept up for a moment in a spontaneous exhilaration... an exaltation... as if a few measures of some long-forgotten music had suddenly played through my mind, and caused the heartstrings to vibrate in sympathetic response. It happens at least once a day, and I find myself *(pun intended) consciously radiating it out to everyone I ever met... enemy and friend.

Immediately I am reminded of all the other versions of myself on the road to self-discovery. Everybody is operating at the level of what they think they know... for good or for ill... as they will surely find out.

These sudden surges of feeling are a recent event in these last several days. It is exceedingly reassuring. I was told that soon I would have an experience that would banish all doubt from my mind forever. This is a nice prelude if it happens to be the case. (more doubt?)

I... like everyone else... live in a world of my own creation. In my world... I seek to hold up a mirror to God. In my world, there is no personalized objective other than to hold the personal firmly beneath one foot as the other is raised in dance.

That reminds me of someone. I'm sure it will come to me. (grin)

The World is presently like an old man dying of Leprosy or some variant with running sores. All that has been hidden in the darkness of the human heart is being driven to the surface in unspeakable acts... visited upon the specific targets... waiting in the specific line of fire.

♫ Frog went a-courtin' and he did go, uh-huh. Frog went a-courtin' and he did go, uh-huh. Frog went a-courtin' and he did go to The Land of Snakes for the magic show, uh-huh ♫ That doesn't sound like a good thing... if you're a frog.

The bagmen and grifters... the loan sharks and leg-breakers... the lawyers and jailers, and tailors of perversity... sew up the bondage suits and body bags... right out in broad daylight where everyone can see them. They used to be smarter than that. They used to know that their kind of business got done after The Sun went down. They are getting increasingly bolder.

Bands of orcs, and all the rest of the indulged offspring of Materialism, roam the streets with impunity. Behind the scenes... the puppetmasters pull the strings and the monsters dance in a blood-lust orgy to the tune of Burn The World Down. I don't know if that song is on Shopify yet. They are... perhaps... still writing it on the brutalized canvas of Other People.

Once the international criminals took over all of the formerly legitimate enterprises... law and order were suspended. They became a memory of better times. They assumed it meant that The Bad Guys won and it was open season on everyone else. That's just what The Good Guys wanted... a front-row seat to watch evil destroy itself... by calling down The Wrath of Heaven upon themselves.

You've heard of Directed Energy Weapons. You've heard about EMFs and HAARP. You've heard about Tavistock, which has now been reimagined as something else. You know about Satanic covens in exclusive gatherings... of people too rich and privileged to know how stupid they are. Hey! I can't be stupid! I'm rich and powerful! I didn't get that way being stupid! Uh-huh... keep telling yourself that.

There are other weapons and mechanisms for the purpose of psychic disturbance... generating implements for mental and emotional discomfort; directed energy beams that cause fear and confusion. Did you think subliminal programming just went away? No! It did not go away. It got more sophisticated and harder to identify. All of these things are operating on people... individually... and in groups.

This can be very intimidating, especially when you don't know it's happening. Meanwhile, it's become public knowledge that the leaders who are supposed to be guiding and seeing to the needs of the community are out-and-out criminals. It inspires an every man for himself mentality, a just-don't-get-caught perspective.

Bad things are happening in broad daylight. No one seems to be in charge. This morning... I was sitting before The Altar of The Sun and I heard; “What! Visible? You think I can't handle this? Is that what you think? You think I went to The Maldives until it blows over? Fiji maybe?”

I laughed (nervously)... No, Lord, I know you're in charge no matter how it looks.

“Visible... I could clean the whole thing up in the space between two heartbeats. IF... I... WANTED... TO! I'm doing it in stages. I am guiding every particle... animated or otherwise... to its appointment somewhere... with someone... or something.

"It's easier on everyone and everything all around. I'm pretty sure that scripture made it clear that I am The Alpha and The Omega. That means I am at the beginning and end of everything. This means... I'M WAY AHEAD OF YOU! I'm so far behind you that you can't remember a lick of it, and I'm right alongside you the whole time. Just because you can't see me doesn't mean I'm not there. If I'm not there, you could not be there either!!!

"I'm letting the people... too smart for their own good... fuck around and find out. You've heard that one, right? (Yes, Lord, I have heard that one) They cannot possibly imagine that every move they make is being choreographed and controlled. It certainly doesn't look that way to everyone else either; present company excepted.

"Here's what I got to say. It won't be long now. It won't be long in my time... or your time. Things are soon to come to a head, and then we find out all kinds of things. Okay... I'll see you later. I'm not actually going anywhere, but... I'll see you later. You know what I mean.”

This is the most wonderful part of my day, and it's starting to push everything else to the side. I know how hard it is to believe that everything is under control... as appearances... more and more... indicate everything is spiraling out of control. Appearances are the children of The Father of Lies, and God... is in the details.

Don't let it get you down. It's a construction zone. During those times... between the tearing down of one building... and the construction of a new building... there's going to be a lot of noise... dust and confusion... people coming and going in hard hat areas. The day will dawn when the tear-downs and construction end. Don't get in the way of God doing the same thing with you.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Today's post made my day! NOSTRILS TOT HE SKY!

M - said...

We don't get planes spewing chemtrails overhead on a daily basis BUT I realized this morning that I haven't seen one since May (?). That's a very long time ago.

June was the month in which I set-up electroculture antennas in the Concrete Jungle. The plants are loving it, too!

I wonder, though, about the other thing. Could the electroculture be tied in with the other? Time will tell. In the meantime, I will keep watching the sky.

marina said...

Les Visible, thank you. Holding strong and bright, your words bring smiles and ease to me this day. What times! Can relate to the "sudden surges" of joy in the past few weeks or so, yes. Best to you and your readers, we are at a crossing indeed.

TotoFromOz said...

The Sun rises in the east & sets in the west...sums the passage of each age...especially so for this one. I'm off now to bask in that glorious altar & say gidday to the boss!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It's Important that You Possess The Truth in The First Place; even if You Are Going to be Keeping It From Them."



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