Tuesday, August 01, 2023

"It's The Endless Lures of The Promise of Future Returns that Lead People into Those Compromising Situations."

God Poet Transmitting.......

On X... formerly Twitter... there's a strange little photo montage that takes place around China Mitch and his brain-fog moment. It's in the links at GAB. I attribute it all to Mr. Apocalypse who is stirring the bottom of the pond and bringing what's buried in the sediment to the surface.

I'm obliged to use a few links to buttress the presentation I hope to... present? Heh Heh. As you know, 5G is going wider and wider and some people say it has a lot to do with The Killer Vaccines. Of course... there will be people trying to profiteer from the conditions that are likely to be caused by the increased toxicity of EMFs... other invisible rays of all kinds... terrible spraying of the atmosphere... poisoned drinking water... etc.

Here's a company that's selling amulets.

I suppose this is the new ceremonial magic end of the tech-biz religion. These amulets are supposed to protect you from harmful radiation. If you got deep pockets you can get the silver and gold line; for thousands of dollars, you can get The Sedona Model or the autographed Paris Hilton line. I can guess at who these people are and probably be right. It's almost always the same people. Does this make their tech bad? This I do not know.

I imagine there is useful tech coming out to protect you from the fallout of bad tech. However... these same people are also pushing The Flat Earth nonsense with a new spin, cause the old spin didn't work real good with the people a notch... or more... above the borderline intellect level.

Everywhere you look... lies are streaming across the airwaves... from video screens on the street... on the sides of buses and whatever going by... from cellphones... and tablets... and laptops... and desktops... through earphones... and headphones... and Bluetooth speakers... and soon... one of these days... the information highway will run right through the brain implants of The Walking Dead.

I know some of you are high on Trump. I suspect that the whole Biden thing, and the stolen election... and it was stolen... went down with the full knowledge of the players on both sides of the action... for the purpose of what's coming up next.

I don't want to rain on your wishin' and hopin' (cue Dusty Springfield). I hear it springs eternal. Without Hope... The Future would have a grim visage indeed. Certainly... Trump is an improvement over Biden. Donald Duck would be an improvement over Biden.

Donald Duck would even be easier to hear and understand than Robert Kennedy, Jr. who sounds like loader trucks... winding up the switchback... from a massive Rio Tinto... South American copper mine. Rio Tinto is owned by The Rothschild Crime Family.

It appears that Trump is owned by a subsidy thereof, or... maybe I am mistaken?

I don't know how many of you are aware that this happened. I know all kinds of more deserving folk did not get pardoned. Trump's problem with being owned and operated by certain vested interests goes back to his overly ambitious casino days in pre-internet times. He got himself into some deep financial shit and needed some moneylender assistance.

If you followed the money evidence trail back in the day, you might have a better idea of where I am coming from. I don't doubt that the same people who tied him up like Paul Giamatti in Billions... are the same folk throwing him under the bus in these present times. You're really going to need to read that link. I'm sure it's more complicated than that. It... always... is.

We tend to have ever shorter attention spans in Times of Material Darkness, and... as it gets darker... it gets harder to see anyway. We have a persistent tendency to not see what is right in front of our faces. Of course... some people are looking into the darkness because they think that's where the action is, and... some people are looking elsewhere.

Where does most of the troubling information that comes to your attention originate from? It comes from The Media; print media... electronic media... through your eyes and ears. The eye is often associated with The Devil because Appearances... are... deceiving.

There is the direct influence of media along The Information Highway, and there is the indirect influence through entertainment... musical lyrics... what characters say in movies... and TV series... and programs of all kinds. This includes books and magazines... mindless celebrity drivel that slides like a centipede... into the undefended... and caramelized Barbieized mind. It's coming at you from all directions.

Who owns these industries? Those are the people who create and manipulate information to specific ends. They are the people who told you COVID was real. They told you to get The Killer Vaccines. They manufactured The Killer Vaccines. They own and operate The United Nations... The EU... and many other international governing bodies that are given their marching orders from the people who control the money flow... who own The Banks.

COVID has morphed into Climate Hysteria. These are the people screaming about temperatures that are the same as the temperatures ten years ago. These are the people starting all the fires to enhance their narrative, and paying the morons who march against fossil fuels. The Media promotes all of this. The Media tells you The WEF has your best interests at heart.

Everywhere you look, you are hearing about climate emergency... sexual perversity... and a conveyor belt of goods and services you need to know about... so that your empty life is not so empty, and you have the necessary distractions... that stop you from having to think about your empty life... as much as possible. Soon... the implants will help you bridge the time in the quiet hours of the early morning night.

The Media... almost entirely... is controlled by demonic forces. Certainly 96% answers to the same central programming house. If you go to any search engine and ask who owns 96% of The Media, it will have answers for you.

They represent the physical side... the side of appearances. They tell you what they want you to think you know. They seem reasonable a lot of the time. They have persuasive arguments, which they are on both sides of. They're rich and important, and... many people wouldn't mind being in their shoes. It's the endless lures of the promises of future returns that lead people into those compromising situations. If you don't want any of it... there's not much they can do about you. Buddha clarified all that.

Jesus Christ told you how you should behave. Buddha had a lot to say about that too. So did Krishna. So have all the masters and way-showers and teachers of Humanity from the centuries past. They are mostly all in agreement with each other.

Outside the bandwidth of your senses is an army of light workers who operate behind the scenes. The same is true of the workers of darkness. They possess people through their carnal appetites and desires. If you are not susceptible, they can't trouble you. Above them... on another plane of being... are the servants of The Light. It's your choice which of these holds your attention. They both work for the... same... single... almighty... power.

This power created both Good and Evil. Your own scriptures tell you this. There's another conveyor belt that runs like a multidimensional helix. It carries all human (and other) traffic toward the destination that their intentions ferry them in. Some meet a version of Charon and some meet a version of St. Peter.

This dance of endless change goes on forever. Well... of course it does... it's endless. I'm not here to encourage you to hate The Bad Guys or love The Good Guys. I am here to encourage you to be a Good Guy because the payoff is better. In the short term... The Bad Guys seem to have the upper hand; appearances again.

The One... The Eternal Everlasting Almighty... is the one you need to impress, be you... temporarily... a Good Guy or a Bad Guy... or you might be more permanently adjusted toward one or the other... so you keep coming back in the same outfit... working for the same outfit. It's the head guy you have to impress. You need to get his attention.

Doing really bad things will get his attention. Doing really good things will get his attention. Mumbling over beads... repeating the same thing over and over... hiding out in cloisters and places of retreat are less likely to get his attention, though... you can get his attention anywhere because he is constantly watching everything you think... and say... and do. You have my word on that.

What am I trying to tell you here? The Bad Guys don't win. You can count on this, but... they are necessary. We are all rewarded according to how we use and do not use The Talents accorded to us. HOWEVER... seeking a reward of any kind... at any time... is not a good way to proceed. There are rules about the whole thing and you need to know what they are. Selfless Service is the ticket. It's what God (and all his angels) does. Emulate the best, and... don't worry about the rest.

If your eyes are open... because your mind is open... because your heart is open... you can see what's going on. The Bad Guys APPEAR to be formidable at the moment. That's all about to change. You are going to see some things that are completely unexpected... as far as appearances go. An invisible wave is about to sweep the planet. It will sweep in more than one direction... simultaneously.

I wouldn't dismiss that twinkling of an eye thing if I were you.

End Transmission.......

Some links are to be had at GAB=


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Gods, I wish Kalki would hurry up and get his nostrils over here and do his job. Why make us wait any more? Sheesh! Onyhoo. . .NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!

Anonymous said...

those pendants work... it basically declumps your blood cells, since e-smog causes the blood cells to clump together and improves your energy levels hugely. The link you gave is selling them for only 100 dollars... I had paid 600 dollars for the same from an MLM company. So it's honest, and quite a good deal. I'd recommend buying and wearing it if you have the money.

Al said...

"Trump's problem with being owned and operated by certain vested interests goes back to his overly ambitious casino days in pre-internet times."

Trump is a key monkey wrench or monkey, whichever term is desirable to one. Either way he does Gods work unbeknownst to him. He is what I call the kinder softer slavery representative of the ever popular control both sides of the narrative clan. We sensed that when he went full on support for the vax and showing his true hand for a brief moment. I'm unsure if there is any billionaires without much blood on their hands, who knows, maybe..

As for me I'm tending all my gardens both within and without and enjoying the hell out of it and I wish the same for all.

Great summation today Les, much Love

Visible said...

Anonymous... yes, I know people pay a lot more for them. It was the bejeweled high-end line that got me going. That... and the flat earth nonsense. I came across them because there was the idea of buying one. The thing is... I don't think you can crack them open to see if something else might also be in there.

I am very wary in these times. I feel fine without one but... they keep coming to my attention. Thanks for the added info.

M - said...

"the stolen election... and it was stolen... went down with the full knowledge of the players on both sides of the action"

You betcha.

Being that I'm aligned with Nature's energies, I shield myself daily without purchasing something someone else has fashioned for the purpose of making $$$. (That "amulet" is ugly as Hell. I wouldn't wear one if you paid me to do so.)

A simple prayer does the trick, along with focus and intention.

If one has an interest in the energy of stones and crystals, might I suggest shungite, black tourmaline, and obsidian.

Anonymous said...

the science behind it is that it contains rare earth minerals that generate negative ions, so it is the negative ion field that declumps the blood. Thank you for linking it, I may buy one too as the one I had before got smashed.

I still use a very similar product, and keep it in my water jug, and it is said to regenerate the water crystals to a pure crystaline cell formation. That one is called Bio Disc, and was based on Dr Miyomoto's water experiments, where he said "I love you" to one glass of water, and "I hate you" to another glass of water and then tested both under a microscope. As you can imagine, the love water had a much better crystaline structure. Either way tho, these things aren't really necessary if we get our water from a natural source like a river or something.

0 said...

These pendants people sell are basically cloudbusters and they are typically various types of metals like bb's and metal shavings and sometimes copper wire all embedded in organic resin to make the shape of the pyramid or whatever. These things are extensions of James Trevor Constables work with what Rife called Or and d'Or, a sort of existent field that requires Less constant order to not create tumors and cancers in various spaces. The various metal bits in the resin are affected by the emf but since the resin holds them in place its sorta like a Chaos anchor and its why they used to put them at the bases of RF towers to help fix the field at ground level. The guy I used to like to read about was Slim Spurling and his varied creations. His didn't usually use resin and were usually made out of copper.

All that noted, its likely the disordering affect of this little thing on the volume of space its embedded within that helps reduce rouleaux in blood. Course that can also be reduced by staying hydrated and drinking less High fructose corn syrup in all the various Drinks out there.

I still need to make time to start putting my attempt at the dotto ring together. Gotta get my youngest setup for the next college semester and then will see if I have anything leftover to try and get the heat syncs for the peltiers I want to try as the thermal disparity.

Take it easy!

Anonymous said...

Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall . . . The Mezzanine Capitalists saved Trumpty from a great fall.

Peeple are oblivious. Articles have been written that Soros saved his bacon when he was about to under on some real estate in Chicago, i think it was. Sort of explains why he let little Georgey run his roughshod over the nation, Trumpty not lifting a finger, let alone even mention him while he was in office.

Trump is Owned. Chap bad owned. Spun around endlessly by them for his wonderful cultural contributions with the form of contrivances of casinos, hotels and condos.
I wonder if he understands why he’s in this predicament or if it bothers him at all. But, i don’t wonder too hard.

If anyone’s interested, check out what Devon Stack has to say about it :


I don’t agree with everything he talks about, but he’s an excellent analyst.



word bird said...

"seeking a reward of any kind... at any time... is not a good way to proceed."

Did the Savior not speak often about risk and reward?

"Whoever humbles himself, he will be greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven"
"Everyone who confesses me before the children of men, I shall confess him also before my Father in Heaven"
"When you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Then your Father who sees what is done in secret, will reward you."
"Those who humble themselves, will exalted."
"Whoever drinks from my mouth will become like me. I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to him"

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It Takes Longer for Conditions to Appear on The Physical Plane than to Think The Thought that Shapes and Becomes Them."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'This dance of endless change goes on forever. Well... of course it does... it's endless. I'm not here to encourage you to hate The Bad Guys or love The Good Guys. I am here to encourage you to be a Good Guy because the payoff is better.'

Wonderful - thanks, Les!

Ty said...

The West is not acting rationally. The West wouldn't be in the situation they're in if they were acting rationally. A rational circle of power, say in the U.S. or Europe or combined, would look at the world as it is right now. They would realize that it's changing and adapt to it. But instead, they're fighting against reality. They're fighting against a power, a force of change, that is far larger than they are. They have no chance of resisting, yet they're doing it anyway. This is not rational.

The idea that they can contain, divide up, destroy, and subjugate both Russia and China is madness. They're not thinking straight. They're not being rational. When you listen to these people talk, and there is no secret smoky room around the table where they're all conspiring, they do this on YouTube, the Atlantic Council, Brookings Institution. They have their own YouTube channels, and they openly talk about these things. When you listen to them, you can hear how utterly detached from reality they are. This is a whole generation of politicians, military leaders, people involved in the economy that did not necessarily earn their positions where they are right now. They do not understand how reality actually works. They don't understand that if you want to wage a war against Russia and continue this proxy war, you need to build factories that make the ammunition. You can't just say, "We're just going to throw money at it, and it'll fix it." You have to actually understand what happens with that money, how long it takes, how sustainable it is, how plausible it is. They would realize that it isn't and they would stop. But they're not stopping.

So, the whole... I mean, this is what Russia has been doing, this is what China is doing. They're trying to deter the West against their worst impulses. But it isn't seemingly working because they're not thinking rationally. The nuclear issue, Russia carrying out a first strike, that would be disastrous. And I really hope that no nuclear weapons are used anywhere on anyone. That would be a complete disaster because everyone has enough nukes to wipe each other out. So, nobody's going to win that. But there are other things Russia can do, there's other things China can do, and they are doing right now to create the conditions on the ground that just make this impossible. This is exactly what they did in Syria. They created the conditions on the ground that simply made the West's proxy war against Syria impossible, and it burned out, and now it's kind of frozen. But that's a lot.

Visible said...

You're preaching to The Choir Ty. I am aware of all these situations and certainly not on the side of The West. I'm actually not on anyone's side but God's side and he lets me know how to travel and in which direction.



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