Sunday, August 11, 2013

On the Toxic Fewmet Trail of Offal Winfrey.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(Let's reiterate about the blogs. There are 3 main blogs; One is 'supposed to be' metaphysical. One is supposed to be socio-political and this one... this one is supposed to be about cultural things and that would include media, entertainment, celebrities, cultural conditions in flux- or with the flux, as is more likely these days; contamination levels are pretty high at the moment. Speaking of 'the flux' and celebrities that embody all the qualities of the flux, as defined in the preceding link, let's get right into our posting today).

I am sure that there are few readers who are unaware of supreme race war, race baiter queen; Oprah. Two times, she has systematically set up scenarios where she could frame and slander Europeans about color, keeping in mind that there is far less racism in Europe than in America. I live there and I would know. I'm not terribly concerned about the subjects she chose for her orchestrated offenses, given that they are in the business of selling high end, useless garbage, to those with too much money. Here is a telling little anecdotal item from the poisonous scorpions over at (lack of) Entertainment Tonight; as Winfrey told Entertainment Tonight, "I was in Zurich the other day, at a store whose name I will not mention. I didn't have my eyelashes on, but I was in full Oprah Winfrey gear. I had my little Donna Karan skirt and my little sandals on. But obviously 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' is not shown in Zurich.”.

Thank you for that, 'Offal'. Here is how your quote should have gone, had you been more honest about the whole affair; “I didn't have my eyelashes on, but I was in full Oprah Winfrey gear. I had my little Donna Karan skirt and my little sandals on to compliment my big fat Oprah ass. But obviously 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' is not shown in Zurich.” I realize that that is definitely not a politically correct statement but... I'm not politically correct, am I? The more than 60% of American eaters can be systematically broken down here and also here. My theory is that the processed and fast food businesses, as well as the soft drink manufacturers, are owned by the same people who own the pharmaceutical companies; the medical supply companies, the medical industry and related conglomerates and they all help each other out to feed that wide load, big bottom line. Every time I write about these things, I catch shit but... someone who tells you the truth is much more your friend than those who lie to you and tell you everything is alright; the way the pandemic of pop psychologists and New Age snake oil salesmen do.

These same people own the private prison industry and the music business, that is geared these days to jack people up into behaviors, that will assure their becoming a good financial asset, for the crocodile swine, who strong arm the legislators into making more and more laws that will make it more and more possible to stick more and more people into a prison cell. The culture is now an entropic swamp, steaming and seething with toxins that provide the fodder for all of the death industries, also owned by the same people.

How is it possible that all of these are owned by the same people? Let's segue into the metaphysical (with apologies to Origami) for a moment. We have been told that 'it's all one' and physicists have also proven this, should you care to track it down. Many of the physicists may be unaware that they have proven this but I am not. Given the timeless veracity of the phrase, “As above so below”, we can assume that the same is the case at the high end as at the low end. Sure, both kingdoms have hierarchies, which confer the illusion that there are many minds at work. One of the characters from the infernal realms is called 'Legion”. That means, 'many' if I remember correctly but... here's the reality. In both areas there is only one mind at work and it filters down through all of the entities that serve that mind. At the one end, all of the entities know this. At the other end, all of the entities think it's their own mind. It's not and... that is how it is that the same people own all of those businesses that inter-depend on each other and why it is that all of those industries make a bundle off of human suffering.

There are those who come here who probably think that I shouldn't judge others for their intentional and relentless crimes against humanity. Those are the ones who think I should play patty cake with ignorance, stupidity and mendacious enterprise; not call attention to it and put on some white clothes and talk all sweet and sincere, about how these monsters are just misguided and how we should just step aside and not react and let them do whatever they have to do and it will all work out. It does say in the bible, “Judge not lest ye be judged”. I tend to say, “Do not judge those who judge just because you are too chicken shit to call a spade a spade”. I also like to say, “Don't run your mouth about not judging others when you do it all the time anyway yourself”. I got a problem with people who know all the rules and go out of their way to make all the observed infractions, felony worthy offenses.

These days it seems that the whole world of the arts and academia have been hijacked by the Tribe Morlocks, who more or less run all of those industries. Because I read novels, watch movies and used to listen to music, when there was still a reason to, I run across all kinds of nifty propaganda efforts. There's a writer named James Lee Burke. A long time ago he used to write novels that were worth reading. Over the last decade or more, he's written some really embarrassing crap. I picked up his latest in an airport bookstore a couple of days ago. It's called “Feast Day of Fools”. Once I finish it, if I do finish it, I will destroy it so that no one gets this copy of the book from me and I am somehow responsible for that happening. This writer has to be aware that 9/11 was not done by Muslims. He has to know that there is something seriously absurd about the official story but... at various points in this novel he refers to Bin Laden and the Arab attackers. Then he mentions Iranian torturers. Here's what I think; the Tribe publishers have put all of their writers on notice, telling them that they have to push the official story and stay on target with who America's enemies are, or bad things will happen to their career. Since most of these writers are vain, self adulating freaks and chickenshit cowards as well, their response is in the affirmative; “Yowsah Boss.”

As you can see, I'm judging again. It makes me sick to my stomach that these so called 'artists' can stoop to a level like this but they do. Right at this moment I am watching “White House Down”. What a monumental piece of shit. Practicing Hollywood Satanist, Jamie, Django, Foxx, who is playing Bwak! Obama makes this a bonafide Shit Com. It's already full of cute exchanges between serious looking hacks and cute crap from whoever it is that plays Michelle. Knowing what I know about these vipers, none of them resemble whoever it is that they are supposed to be doing their cartoon mockups of. It looks like the drama portion is about to start. Yahoo!!! Alright, they just blew up the capitol building!!! I think I like this film (for about 30 seconds). It appears that this is a similar propaganda, faux Bruce Willis, Die Hard drama like Olympus has Fallen. The de rigeuer Tribe child actress is on site, precocious as all get out and annoying as possible. Unfortunately, the right thing will probably not happen in this film; no need to ask me what that is. She'll be appearing in a Natalie Portman (The Professional) like role in her next film.

It is no longer possible to run across a film these days that doesn't have a Tribe commercial of some kind in it. You can't find many novels that don't have Tribe commercials in them or slanders against Tribe enemies which, taken in it's realest sense would mean the totality of all of the rest of humanity.

Ah well, so it goes... for the moment.

This site wishes to express its gratitude to Vladimir Putin for his response to the Zionist House of Saud and the Zionist Occupied States of America; also to those few in every land and location who are doing their best to confront, resist and expose those base traitors to humanity wherever and whomever they may be.

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Anonymous said...

Revitalizes the term "FILTHY RICH PIG"

Sim said...

Thanks you Vis for remembering my birthday!

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Sim (aged 21)

Visible said...

Our smallest most troublesome minority isn't black.

Visible said...

Hmmm... I'm wondering if people are unable to comment or whether the posting has left people speechless (grin).

Anonymous said...

On entertainment, culture, well, from a few centuries ago -will this work?:
In his biographical based novel -Coningsby- Benjamin -the Israeli -Disraeli, the first jewish and gay, or gay jewish, p.m. of Rothschildland - i.e. England wrote that the first catholic jesuits were jewish. That is marranos - jewish of Spain who supposedly converted to catholic ways. A few examples: infamous sadistic executioner of the Inquisition, Torquemada -jewish genetically- and who had a thing for children as it is recorded that he personally executed children;
Igantius Loyola -genetically jewish- founder of the enlightened ones, i.e. black cabbala, and first jesuit.
Adam Weishaupt- also genetically jewish in form of catholic jesuit priest who re-established the enlightened ones, black jewish cabbala, in Bavaria and according to some, is a major cause of the problems confronting all the world to this day - beginning with the so-called French Revolution, followed by world wars, communism, i.e. talmudic rule over 2/3's of earth.
At least that's what i get from Disraeli's novel.
To all the zio-trolls attempting to place blame for their demonic activities onto the catholic church - yes, it's true. Because the catholic church was infiltrated, subverted, converted by demonic jewish centuries ago - specifically to do as much damage as possible to enemies of the zio-ogre.

DaveR said...

Oprah "Don't you know who I am?" Winfrey? She should get treated like that more often. Not that the salesgirl was right for assuming, but still.

Visible said...

Thank you for that info. I was aware of some of it but not about Loyola and Torquemada. It makes sense though. An unfortunate percentage of Jews are Satan's offspring.

On as related note, apparently Joogle is denying comments for this posting as I have been hearing from people about comments not getting through. You should, long ago, know to email comments when it gets like that. they have been messing with me for awhile but I haven't felt the need to mention it. It's something one can assume and goes with the territory.

their time is coming and it won't be pretty.

Anonymous said...

I bet the swissh have better things to do with their time than watch the irrelevant (grin)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Midgets and dwarfs, trolls and hob and regular goblins and ticks. The smallest minority bastards giving me grief.

Well, a little bit..

Wayne said...

Aloha, Les,

The part about the "judging" issue reminds me of a lama's teaching (maybe Thinley Norbu Rinpoche) about the pitfalls of "naive non-dualism". That term seems to hit the nail on the head, yeah?

Almost no one on the planet is ready to treat Relative and Absolute levels as one & the same. For ex., if you view Rockefeller & Kissinger as Pure Buddha Mind phenomena, that's not really a human POV, is it?

Till we're All One in the Great Cosmic Smoothie, I'm for discriminating wisdom, i.e., distinguishing between the Temporal and the Eternal.

Mucho blessings, Wayne

Anonymous said...

Winfrey is hardly a shrinking violet, why didn't she confront the salesgirl, if she really thought she was being racist. This is just an opportunity for her to wallow in victimhood.

Visible said...

That is exactly the case and why I presented it as I did. She goes around looking for opportunities to pull off shit like this. She's an evil creature. I do not doubt that she is a ranking member of some Satanic organization. Most of them are. In these times the demonic is everywhere to be found. It is of no consequence to those grounded in the light but otherwise... look out.

Anonymous said...

Judging was a tough one for me to come to grips with. I have always detested the fact that the evil bastards running the world tell us what we can and cannot do. They make up all kinds of bullshit rules and laws as part of the human harvesting. Here in the USA we have brainwashed police and other so called authorizes that are stupid enough to enforce the will of the elite. There is only one law, my rights end where your rights begin. It dawned on me one day that I was doing the same thing judging other people, expecting them to fit my definition of descent human beings. Don't misunderstand, they are still scumbags, but I tend to see them differently now. (GRIN)

DaveR said...

I remember reading this a long (Internet) time ago and I found it. This is about that lovely Oprah Winfrey.

Visible said...

I read about that some time ago and it might have been this very same article because it looks very familiar to me but I can't remember it well enough to identify it as the one. All the players are the same though. All the people mentioned are quite ruthless and none of them are individuals I find attractive. Whoopi Cushion I find to be extremely annoying. I probably like Farrrakhan the most out of the bunch but there are serious questions about him that have never been answered. Should those things be true, like the thing about Malcolm X, it would significantly alter my perspective on him. the space alien thing about whites I just found funny.

Rob in WI said...

Visible; "Our smallest, most troublesome minority isn't black".
If that ain't the truth, there is no truth. But maybe Offal is one of those Ethiopian tribe members.
Be well, all, Rob

Anonymous said...

Les, fine post! Would dispute the characterization of Torquemada based upon Walsh's outstanding book Isabella of Spain.

The Inquisition, long overdue here in the JSA, is constantly characterized as an example of Christian evil. Lags behind the slagging of the "Nazis" but very likely as much of a lie.

Folks really should read Walsh and ask themselves if the Inquistion is not just one more example of big assed Jewish bullshit.

An excellent exchange between Walsh and Cecil Roth is at

Anonymous said...

The Joey King is Jewish link just goes to the Google UK homepage. Also, if 'The professional' is the movie known as 'Leon' I liked that movie.

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of Joey King until i read this post (I must have no culcha). Joey is the right name as that is one androgynous boyish looking girl (I think it's a girl right?)

Anonymous said...

"My theory is that the processed and fast food businesses, as well as the soft drink manufacturers, are owned by the same people who own the pharmaceutical companies; the medical supply companies, the medical industry and related conglomerates and they all help each other out to feed that wide load, big bottom line".

Of course you are right, Les. It's known as the FOOD and DRUG Administration. First they poison us with their food and then sell us their drugs for the treatment. There is no cure. Cure is not an option.

Anonymous said...

truth beckons like a feast to a beggar...

{without hurling invectives at a useless BLACK witch}

let me just reflect on some serious TRUTH...

These same people own the private prison industry and the music business, that is geared these days to jack people up into behaviors, that will assure their becoming a good financial asset, for the crocodile swine, who strong arm the {Zionist kneepad wearing crack whore} legislators into making more and more laws that will make it more and more possible to stick more and more people into a prison cell. The culture is now an entropic swamp, steaming and seething with toxins that provide the fodder for all of the death industries, also owned by the same people..!

yipppeee, that's how I felt when I saw your latest...and also how I felt seeing Abby in a Dress.

and as for James's obvious that whores galore on parade ain't just on TV.

well done


Anonymous said...

It’s me again ...Erica (1)

Oh! What can I say? Thank you. Thank you, Mr Visible. Or can I call you Uncle. (Please take this as a complement. I am Gen Z, you know or do you?)
What else can I expect from a relatively awakened heart? Did I pander? Your guess is as good as mine!
Let me guess.
Mr Apocalypse (Mr. A) pandered! Right? Was it mild or full-on? Remember, “interesting things have happened”. I guess it was moderate. So what did you do at first? You dismissed him with some degree of disrespect, ridicule and even sense of accusatory tone. Remember, “Smart as Paint ...Mr Eastwood/Dr Seuss).
Then, Bang!
Mr. A got a 2x4 and cracked open the cranium and you surrendered. And you did so at once. Remember, “There is light far greater than me..I am on a rail..” So you couldn’t wait the wisdom to come to you. Right? And the trip to nowhere and coming of the Tribe! All those vital comments were deleted!
Then...Then something really significant happened..and you made a deal with who? Not Mr A! You didn’t think it was a deal but they did.
Then the era of enlightenment. songs and poems... What a wonderful world! You were in lime light and Mr. A was in the dark. Right? And you were kneeling and begging. “I will strip naked for you..I will bathe you, I will cook for you..please give me your armor.. Please... Please”
Then Walla! The thinly disguised offer :“The Cold, Hard Daylight of Temporary End Times. Who wrote that anyway? Who knows? Who cares?
Did Mr. A respond? Must have. Why else they call him a visionary and call you trying to highjack his creation. You got angry. Really, really angry. Remember, “Brownnosing Chipmunk...” Did Mr. A get angry too? Why would he? Then you figured it out (He is not looking for a little head) and crawled back into it.”
Then came India and the Armageddon that did not really happened. I can’t figure that one out yet but I will. I guess some big misunderstanding between Mr. A and Mr T. I can say that much and also you didn’t quite know.
Then some big fight between you and Mr A. Oh, god! Wasn’t that ugly?.....then fast forward. the Diamond Mr. A put together with Dog quotes(DOG 1). That was it. That was my turning point.
That day, ten of us, my friends from Grad School class got together. Just three hours of brain storming (I must add here that there was lots of mind storming as well) We cracked the code. Yes we did, yes we did, Uncle.) We now have Mr. A’s Integrated Enlightenment and Wisdom package minus a few holes here and there to complete the puzzle.

Anonymous said...

It’s me again ...Erica (2)

So what is the biggie here? That we did it! Absolutely not!
You couldn’t do it. And you missed it by miles. We were confirmed right when Mr. A followed up with more detailed “DOG 2” which only appeared online for about one hour. Luckily, I got all hard copies!
With this greater understanding we went ahead and designed and made a multi-media portal with some financial help from our parents and now testing on three different severs with no Mr T. Access) We have road tested it using a number of focus groups with different demographics mixes and guess what? All thumbs up!
Why am I spilling beans? Because I like to share what we have done with Mr. A’s exposures, which were all sourced from your site. And also I want to ask you to reveal what you are hoarding which might help us complete the puzzle.
Mr. A is right! Before we can feel everybody we need to learn how to feel like a nobody. Or mathematically speaking, before understanding infinity one needs to understand zero. Remember, “Vote for Nobody, Nobody cares..”
You can quote me on this one any time. I am so absolutely certain. When it’s all over, neither one priest(this may beU), nor one priest class (this may be them)can guard the door to god by hoarding wisdom and path to enlightenment. Because when you work it out by critical thought process rather than reading a lot of books, it is actually so simple.
So why is it so difficult for you? Well did Mr. A mention lack of excessive vanity or lack of excessive anger in his pandering. Well there you have it. I think he is being patient. Ultra patient with you! Yes, really!
What you are doing and you are not alone is that you consider your “awakened class” is somehow a superior class and everyone who doesn’t readily sign up for your specific brand of consciousness is somehow inferior.
So, Uncle Visible, do you have the heart to help us by letting go of hoarding. (Just put it in code. Oh, ya!)
Because you are the one who is holding us, holding us, who want to go to places where no young has ever gone before!
I know in my heart that’s what Mr. A wants anyone to do.
Finally, applying the doctrine “As above so below”, I don’t think I am the only one who has figured it out. I feel there are so many. It’s ironic you can’t feel that way. By the way, if you correctly answered my question: “Whom is your golden heart brand love directed at”, you should have answered with absolute certainty: “The love is directed at all and all include YOU and THEM.” But you faulted.....take it easy.
Who is judging whom on what and why? (Grin)
By the way, I am Erica Anderson with love.

Visible said...

Ericka, your earlier comments were so off base and misinformed that I did you a kindness not printing them because people would have jumped on you for them. I'd read a little more carefully and not presume so much. Besides there having been no criticism of Icke and besides the fact tha Adams is a Gatekeeper disinfo guy (regardless of what he does on the health info scene and I do appreciate that, your saying I suggest, espouse murder is slander. I choose the use of my words carefully; much more carefully, it appears, than some of my readers do. I would look for the subtlety already mentioned. As for Adams, partial truths are not really truths and definite and ugly lies are still definite and ugly lies and no one presenting himself as something he is not is going to get away with saying certain kinds of shit on my watch. A great deal of the horrors of the present day and preceding decades comes about because of something Senor Adams was slavishly pandering to. Maybe you can swallow that. I cannot and will not and all arguments in that regard fall on deaf and indifferent ears and I believe I speak for most of the readers as well.

Other than that, things are fine, carry on and best wishes for your project, whatever that is.

Anonymous said...

Good film to watch here, if you haven't seen it. "Blood Simple". The Coen brothers' first hit film. It's a true classic based on lust, greed, revenge and a whole shitload of misunderstandings. Check it out here on YouTube -

You're welcome!

not katz said...

Kittycats ain't no bonafide lawyer, but bonnified is a whole different story. (grin)

Anonymous said...

Hi vis,
Ive got no clear verdict from my perspective jury on
Icke (im not judging this case, grin,) rather, just in the public gallery,passing the time, seeing what is put my way.
Yeah, icke has a significant portion of the £ market £ in the expansive "truth sector" industry, along with mr jones et al, and are starting to leave frosted breath marks on the windows of the main stream sewage treatment headquarters.
Icke's been there before! He served his apprenticeship at the institution of the bbc and has cultivated political clout too while with the green party. He must have some level of protection because you just dont really get away
With insulting the blue blood nobility like he has done without reprisals?
Im thinking along the lines of possible/probable
Mi5/ tavistock program somewhere...?
Anyways just thinking, that aint a crime yet is it...
At the end of the day, no one can lay claim to have the infallible absolute truth, otherwise they would be in light unapproachable (grin).
Judging people (yes it is spiritually acceptable) by their fruits, and not by what they profess, is the way.
The actors are all reading from one script ultimately. Hey vis, i only take you for what you write/confess. I admire your honest approach in your work but I have never met you, yet have benefited most definitely from having been made aware of your words.
I kinda like your no nonsense attitude In your words, cutting the chase, and your'e the kind of dude i could sit down and have a couple beers with, but I dont know, I just dont know (grin)

Anonymous said...

I would submit:

98% of the music, art and literature of any generation is less than memorable.

Oprah is a scam artist; a close relative to the carney barker or snake oil saleman. And she is very good at it.

Whoever it is that promotes the hip hop scene hates black people.

I have always wondered: Why didn't the NAZI's invade Switzerland? There is gold there and financial records of many of rich people among their enemies? Or maybe they weren't enemies.
What kind of barbarians were they?

What happened to black people. They used to come up with some pretty cool music: Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, James Brown, Coltrane, Chuck Berry and Jimi Hendrix just to name a few. Now black culture produces no one but pop stars.

Anyhoo...good column, as usual.


Visible said...

Switzerland doesn't get attacked because all of those people stash their money there for after the war or if they have to book quick.


Thank you anonymous. hearing things like that always cheers me up


Seen Blood Simple 3 or 4 times and was thinking of getting Body Double the other day. It showed up on my Usenet page but... I've seen that half a dozen times at least. I decided to watch the last season of Breaking Bad as I wait for last night's episode of the newest and last season to become available

Anonymous said...

Yer spot on McCob bout the black music scene.
How it has fallen from the Mississippi delta blues founding fathers of rock n roll!
Just the other day I saw these so called gangsta-crappers ( kanye and jayz I think) jumping around on stage in a music video wearing dresses! Lmao these must be the founding fathers of flock and parole to this generation.
I loved hendrix and otis redding in their brief but talented duration here.
It would be cool if someone decent (rare indeed) mainstream could cover one of vis' songs and show off his writing talent (and get some royalties!) I dont know what do you reckon vis?

Visible said...

I spent a number of extra years hanging out on Maui, thinking I might run into Willie Nelson and he would do one. I went there in the first place to meet George Benson. That looked good until George told me his manager had first refusal on all of his songs; meaning he pocketed money from them. These things happen or they don't

Anonymous said...

Yeah it definitely is perplexing and tragic that Blacks do not dig "Real" music anymore : "Bird" the greatest musical genius of the century, Wes, Cannonball, ask a black kid who these brilliant innovators were, and see their vacuous reaction.
I somehow suspect that this is not a coincidence, rather an aspect of the destruction, by the liberals of the US school system.
This coming from a Detroit born Jazz performer with fifty years on the bandstand.
Oh yeah I almost forgot : Parker was introduced to the head of the US communist party in a NY night club, late forties, and refused to give him his hand, which speaks tomes.

Visible said...

Like I said she set it up.

Skepticfrog said...

Erica Anderson,
I'm an older guy. I grew up on reading and books. (In a language other than English). We had no TV - did not need it. I started to learn English when I was 17. I got my first TV when I was 18 - in N.America. However, I remained an avid reader; read thousands of books - literally.

Why all this info and lamenting? Because you are utterly unable express yourself coherently. You're writing semi-literate riddles thinking that you are - ah so clever. The undereducated always seems to have this silly notion: Hey, If I write incoherent parables spiked with riddles, I look so smart and the reader thinks he/she is so stupid. Of course, most of us are unto this little psych game so it doesn't work too well - not for us, nor for you.
You're also implying that you are in an institute of higher learning. You may be in an Institute - granted, but the higher learning part is a bit tenuous...

Inability to convey notions and ideas coherently, simply and intelligently, is not the sign of cleverness. It it is a sign of linguistic and intellectual incompetence lady.

Gather your thoughts - if you can. Put it into a clear, coherent form. It is NOT easy, so take your time, rewrite and revise as much as needed, to be succinct and crystal clear.

May I suggest, that you hit the books, the classics, so you learn how to write with clarity. Who knows, it just may be useful in your life later on...

Look at Vis, he has supreme writing skills. In fact, at times he approaches awesome. He may have the talent to be such a skilled wordsmith, but like one famous musician said: "Talent is a small useful gift, but the rest is learning and practice - in that order".

Rob in WI said...

Oprah is indeed a scam artist, etc., and these sometimes can make a few millions, but to get into the billions, one has to be connected to dark forces.
I agree with the bulk of your comment, and also Visible's response re. Switzerland. The plot gets thick when you stir in the ashkeNAZI factor. There sure were many great black musical and comedy artists a while back, weren't there?
Be well, man, Rob

Anonymous said...

This is the common, though unfortunately diluted, duped view point

The Inquisition, ..., is constantly characterized as an example of Christian evil


If Torquemada was Marrano; i.e. jewish convert to Catholic ways and did even one torture-murder in the name of whatever, then the action is jewish evil - posing - as it often does - as Christian, or another evil with goal of destroying its main target (e.g. Catholicism, Christianity, etc.) while partaking in some sadistic activities along the way.

i.e. the less common, verboten, view point, but most important one to understand, because much understanding may follow after the realization

besides Christianity is a supposed religion created solely for slaves of the jewish, or bastardized judiasm for purposes of mind-body control - no offense intended, just how i see it

apologies Visible, for straying off the culture theme and mucking up your zio-ogre-free one-of-a-kind blogosphere

Rob in WI said...

For one who began learning English at 17, your skill in writing comprehensively is impressive (this is a compliment, I'm not questioning your credentials).
From my grandkids, I have learned that, these days in usa, in the government schools, flaky, incoherent prose and poetry is praised as being brilliant and innovative. Part of the obvious "dumbing down" process. I believe that praise of the like of Joyce, Ginsberg, and (retch) Warhol, etc.,etc.,etc. has been orchestrated to promote this.
The Protocols of zion outlines the agenda well, for a 100+ year old document.
Anyhow..., enjoy your comments.
Be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

I thought the black bag's estimated worth was in the millions rather than thousands (grin)...
Good advice skepticfrog, although it sounds like the drugs/medication may take a few days to wear off before any sense or comprehension comes round

Visible said...

You didn't muck anything up and you are on target.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Mr. Apocalypse is lifting up Offal Winfrey's Donna Karan Skirt.

Anonymous said...

Visible said...10:43:00 PM: Thanks Visible! That means a great deal to me!

By the way - the information source for my comments comes from one of your excellent hotlink sources! So thanks again.

respects to all souls!


kf said...

Yikes - you reminded me of a book I tossed in the garbage, and immediately took out to the trash receptacle. It was quite a few years ago. As a lover of books it was no easy decision to terminate a book I loathed.

It was a second-hand purchase of Bishop/Doctor/Reverend/Holy Man/Billy Graham's Successor (according to Time Magazine), T.D. Jakes' "Woman Thou Art Loosed". By chapter 2 I knew the man was a sick, perverted, SOB'in predator. Took me months to shake that off.


insiam said...

Skepticfrog ..... thanks for clearing things up re. Erika's jibberish ramblings. My first thoughts were wtf is she talking about. Then when i read Vis's response i thought - hmm, it must be me as he seems to understand what she is saying and he is a first rate wordsmith.

Im sure Ericka has something she considers important to say. And im sure many readers would be interested. So if you get to read my comment Ericka then i would be most gratefull if you would make your points in a way that we could understand.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Hell's Unfinished Symphony in Illegal Minor.

Anonymous said...

Chritianity and Islam are cults on steroids; IMHO. Both are off-shoots of judy-ism. The bible is passive agressive and equivocal and so is Jesus. Equivocal to the point where anyone can read anything they want into it. An engineering diagram it is not.

(I forgot to mention Bob Marley. From what I understand he was as big as Elvis in the 3rd world. His music was uplifting and clear and it fed the soul.)

No cool black musicians anymore. They are all doing the same bullshit 'Run DMC' was doing back in 1982.

I swear the people who promote hip-hop hate black people. Hip-hop glorifies gun violence and pimping and all of the moms, daughters and sisters are 'hos'.


Anonymous said...

With respect to black people: The slaves brought over from africa often had to work 16 hours a day in order to build the budding economy of what would become the USA. Black people did more to build america than the eastern europeans, irish and italian immigrants which came much later.

Black people also came up with amercica's only 2 original art forms being jazz and rock and roll.
(The last great white composer was probably Rachmaninov.)

Africans, the indians of North and South America and many asian and south pacific peoples got a raw deal from the 'christian' europeans who conquered them.

These good people from christian society gave them the barrel of a gun, slavery, poverty. That is christianity for you.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Less than 10% of all slaves from Africa came to North America. 80% went to South America.

99% of Christians did not own a slave. In fact, white Christians were the first group of people in this world who attempted to, and did, abolish slavery.

All the various perverted histories and memes of white people being slavers is childish nonsense. It's slavery to stupidity.

Not even 2% of whites owned slaves and the whole race is judged and condemned?

A far greater percentage of free blacks owned slaves than did whites? 15%-25%

The noun "slave"(Slav) itself speaks volumes, or should.

Skepticfrog said...


You're WAY OFF base.

Europe had slavery all the way until the end of the 19th century in the Balkans, and they were not Africans.

Slave trade was thoroughly Jewish - historically.
Europe had slavery (Jew run - of course - read the chronicles), albeit some (or most) kings prohibited enslaving their kingdom's people, however (foreign non-European) slaves could be imported and be kept. It was not cost efficient for the most, so it did not flourish. Irony of ironies: mostly (Jew) merchants had slaves.

African slave trade to the Americas was thoroughly Jew run. The written records of the ships' owners is STILL available to read and to verify. The trade was a triangle shaped travel of ships from England to Africa (trinkets, beads, knives); from Africa to America (slaves); from America back to England (sugar, cotton). Then the cycle begun anew again.

75% of all (black) people in Africa were SLAVES. Yes, that's a hard FACT. The Jewish traders BOUGHT them from the chieftains for the stuff they brought from England,
they were not "sold" INTO slavery, they were SLAVES ALREADY; they merely changed owners. An important distinction.
Their mistreatment on the ships is exaggerated; they were VALUABLE merchandise, a dead slave is a net financial LOSS. The captains/owners may have been evil, but were not stupid. Those are literally stupid, who believe that crap about mistreatment to the point of them dying en masse. This kind of illogical stupidity really gets to me.


Skepticfrog said...

To McCob - cont., pg.2

Slaves did not built America; that's pure propaganda for black consumption. They built the wealth of the South (only). However here's the bad news: That accumulated wealth - the South's - was totally destroyed in the Civil War.

Slaves on the plantation worked LESS (on a yearly basis) than people in the factories up North. The 16 hour workday was of short periods, like planting time and harvest time, while the "free" factory worker worked 10-12 hours a day year round - except Sundays. The slave on the AVERAGE worked a THIRD of that. (Late fall, Winter, Early Spring was a big down times).

It is quite well known,that the living space (sq.ft.) of a slave was bigger than of a factory worker in New York. (Early to mid 19th century data). The slaves also had BETTER nutrition - hence they had better a life expectancy. (Surprise)

Jazz is NOT a solely black creation. Just remember, where New Orleans was. Did you hear about the Louisiana purchase? New Orleans was an amalgam of cultures; French, black, Spanish and an assortment of other minorities. BTW: New Orleans (under the French rule) had rich, wealthy BLACK merchants, who had BLACK slaves (surprise). It's not PC to mention this...

Ragtime, followed by the Jazz Era was NOT born on the Southern black slave plantations; blues/spiritual/gospel was. Ragtime/Jazz was born in New Orleans, and was significantly black, but(!) if you listen to the compositions of Louis Moreau Gottschalk (a New Orleans white-boy pianist) the ragtime/jazz elements/flavors are ALREADY there - in the 1860s!
So the music is not as much black, but actually New Orleans, due to the musical meld which took place there, with all those various cultures and influences. Structurally gospel/blues (plantation black music) is utterly different from ragtime; never mind the rhythm, and chord progressions. I'm sure Vis can educate you on that, or I can, if you so desire.
Blacks can take full credit for blues/gospel/spirituals, but NOT for Ragtime and Jazz. Yes, they contributed a large percentage, but it's by no means theirs only, far from it.

In closing, I think there was a black historian who said the unmentionable: Black slaves who were shipped to America (remember now, those blacks were slaves in Africa also), fared BETTER in America than if they'd been left there. It's a long list what was better in America, but here it is: Nutrition, life expectancy, medical care, living space and living conditions. Also: safety of life; arbitrary killing/execution of a slave was prohibited in America (but not in Africa), and tribal warfare (endemic in Africa) was non-existent.

I'm sure I could come up with more (unpleasant) historical data, but this is enough for now.

Anonymous said...

skeptic frog,

The black african, as well as indians, asians, peoples of asia and the south pacific got a real shitty deal from white europeans of which most were christians. the crime still goes on today.

Black people in this country got fucked! I can see that with my own eyes. And it isn't just because of jews.

What I have read says there were tribal fueds and things like that in africa and often slaves were captured by rival tribes and sold to traders.

Would you want to be a slave? You sure make it sound like a walk in the park.

Slaves were bought over from africa to work the cotton fields and tobacco plantations which were the biggest exports of early america. Not all of the wealth of the south was lost during the war. They still had developed real estate and cities. As well as lumber, fishing, cotton and tobacco. How can you say the south lost all of it's wealth?

I agree with some of what you say but how do I know how accurate your statistics are? Maybe you are the one who is given to propaganda? Do you ever question yourself?

And don't be so presumptious about my knowledge of music. I can read it and write it and I play several different instruments. I have been able to make money with the guitar since I was in high school which was 40 yrs ago. I have produced records; (none of which sold very well I am sorry to say.)

John Philip Sousa was probably the most popular musician in america at the turn of the century. He played the popular melodies of the day as well spiritual and patriotic music.

Some black players would take these melodies, change the modality add some notes and synchopation and they called it ragging the melody. Hence ragtime was born.

In the 1920's Louis Armstrong (one of the greatest musicians that ever lived! The man can not be immitated.) got a job with King Oliver; the man who popluarized 'The Charleston'. He blew away the crowds with his tour de force horn playing and a musical revolution was begun. Charlie Parker took it to a new level with an avante garde style that influenced a whole lot of other black virtuosos like Coltrane and Miles Davis. Not a jazz afficianado myself but I can appreciate it.

Blues is definitly african and is liturgical. It was used in fertility rituals.

None of us exists in a vacuum. We all build on what came before us and take our influences from many sources.

I come here to read Les's take on things, read the comments and sometimes state my opinion. I don't appreciate that you just presume I am stupid or ignorant. Very condescending on you part. I am not always right. I am a flawed human being who often makes mistakes. I don't expect anyone to believe anything I say just because I say it. I am unlike you in this regard or so it would seem.

I am not of the mind that would say you are an objective person Mr. Skepticfrog.

And one more thing: If gentile, caucasian society was decent in the first place there is no way jews could ever get power over it.

Be well! I really hope you are having a nice life.


Skepticfrog said...


You did not refute any of my data. All you're doing is whining.

The greatest trumpet player was Armstrong (maybe), but ONLY, repeat, only because he outlived Bix Beiderbecke who was not only two years younger than Armstrong, but died in 1931. Get this: was only 28! In those days being 2 years younger meant a lot, music was changing and evolving very-very fast. Therefore Armstrong had two years advantage on him to begin with. I listen to both of them - all the time; especially Bix.
Armstrong was a showman - a highly innovative and skilled one. But Bix was a MUSICIAN. Bix was really "discovered" by his fellow musicians (see, they can hear - but the audience cannot - for the most).

This is how they compared them:
"Armstrong was a virtuoso on his instrument, and his solos often took advantage of that fact. Beiderbecke was largely, although not completely, self-taught, and the constraints imposed by that fact showed up in his music. While Armstrong often soared into the upper register, Beiderbecke stayed in the middle range, more interested in EXPLORING the MELODY and HARMONIES than in dazzling(!) the audience. Armstrong often emphasized the performance aspect of his playing, while Beiderbecke tended to stare at his feet while playing, uninterested in personally engaging his listeners, but lost and occupied in the richness of the music itself."
(The hallmark of a real, true musician)

See, I PLAY 1920s (hot) jazz. What's more, I play on a professional skill and level, albeit I'm not a professional. So I'm likely just a bit more knowledgeable about ragtime and early jazz than you are, because I know and understand the music on a musician's level.
That's why your stuff is bunk.

We who consider ourselves real musicians, don't give a crap about showmanship. Armstrong's playing while I can appreciate the technical excellence, musically doesn't do me squat. Bix does, and did from the moment I heard him first on a recording from 1928. It was a whoa! moment.
Harry Reser's variously named bands had a cornet player who is far more exciting to listen to, than Armstrong EVER was; Red Nichols (cornet).
He was pushed into the background later, but:

"Much of his vast recorded output was released in Europe, where he was regarded by early jazz critics as the equal, if not the SUPERIOR(!) of Louis Armstrong(!) and Bix Beiderbecke. [...] Nichols' chief fault was an overly stiff, academic approach to jazz trumpet, but he did recognize merit as far as other jazz musicians were concerned and made some wonderful small group recordings". Clarification: It was not his playing that was stiff, in fact, it was joyous. The commenter is talking about music theory and structure.

You have a LOT to learn...

Anonymous said...

skepticfrog...We all have a lot to learn. You putting me down doesn't make you smarter or stronger nor does it lend weight to your argument.

be well, McCob



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