Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Impossible, the Improbable, the Real and the Unreal.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Holy smoking rat-shit Batman! What to say, what to say? I'll try by utilizing inference and stay away from details because there are things I can't go into detail about, mostly and quite simply because of the level of convolution. Were I to engage in connecting only the dots I presently know about I could well be here all day and beyond. Before I embark on certain convolutions of my own, let me draw your attention to this all too telling photo. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, all of the words would be profane. Further, let me draw your attention to this article and most especially to the comments below. Did you ever imagine there were so many pompous and unconsciously evil people going about? Finally, let me draw your attention to this startling composition. Truly, Mr. Apocalypse is on the move. I am getting the tingly sense that he's got something very different under consideration for the Syrian question, keeping in mind that those engaged on the opposite side are perhaps much better set up than has been reported. It is a given that Israel is going down, it's just a matter of when.

Okay then, there's a bit for you to chew on, now back to my situation. First let me say that my situation of recent concern has been sorted in a most surprising fashion and I am back at a location I had thought myself dismissed from. This comes as an enormous surprise to me, in a time of continuous surprises.

I hadn't been able to understand many things that happened to and around me. This is because I wasn’t looking in the right direction. I was being misdirected and intentionally herded in specific directions. Most of you have some recall about my misadventure in India. Of course, you would only know about the parts I shared with you. I couldn't make head or tails of it for some time, actually until just the other day. Perhaps you remember that I was relocated from my sumptuous digs to a much smaller location at the same price down the street. Ostensibly, the reason I had to go was that I was, allegedly crying out in my sleep at night, screaming “Oh my God! Oh my God! What was peculiar was that I had no memory of this and regardless of my state at times, I always remember things happening. I had no memory of this. As it turns out, there's good reason for that. It never happened. It was a putup job. So many things, such as those I had made the acquaintance of, made no sense. In a series of brief instances, it all came clear. It also explains why I heard from a collection of people I was on the outs with, all at the same time. How likely is that, when I hadn't heard from them before at all? How likely is it that they would all say the same thing? How likely is it that someone who purported to be a good friend of mine, albeit virtually, would flee my company with there being no event responsible and then make a damning blog posting, which contained all manner of things that did not occur? Ordinarily, given the components, one would expect to hear from the person but not in such a public way. This mystified me. I couldn't get my head around it. Once again, I tend to remember things, regardless of my state and I remembered none of what I am told was said. I didn't read the blog posting or the comments, mostly because, I thought, there were those who, in the heat of the moment, turned against me who would later regret it and... if I never knew who and what was said, all would be well, all round.

I've had some days to consider many things and I now know that the point was to make me doubt my senses and myself, to think that perhaps I had gone mad. Consonant with that was an effort to delegitimize me, compromise my image, cut back radically on my donations and attendant hamstringings. This has been diabolically effective. And it's been going on for a long time. I chalk it up to my poor self image. I never considered myself important enough to mess with. I also, always see things in terms of the cosmos outworking a plan in respect of me. It's true that nothing is permitted to happen to me that isn't signed off on from somewhere else but... the purpose of demonstration, well, that's an ongoing feature. I found out now because I was supposed to find out now.

I'm a creature of destiny. I've known that for a long time. My early years involved serious beatings that were designed to erase my sense of self When the Kundalini uprising occurred, it drove off every last vestige of a personal self and from that time on, the only thing I've felt in my features was whoever I was around. It accounts for the telepathy. It accounts for all the resonance that goes on here (“I was just thinking about what you wrote.” “I just had a dream about this last night.” and many other permutations or variations on a theme). It accounts for all the supernatural events and many who have visited me will attest to them, also in the aftermath of visits. For some, visitations are just ordinary. For some, anything but.

Anyway, I never saw the many coincidences as they actually were. The truth is, I've been swept up in my one pointed reliance on the invisible and paid little mind to the visible. When the final piece of the puzzle fell into place I was, flatfooted and amazed. It all made sense. It made perfect sense and it made it over and over and over again, like a series of depth charges going off in my head. When things fall into place, they fall into place. To think that I've missed so many connections over the years, leaves me feeling Tom Fool, you may be sure.

We'll just have to take it as it comes. Meanwhile, the world is on the brink. The despicable swine who play with the levers of power in the west, are fully capable of using chemical weapons to engineer a motive for killing thousands and thousands of people. They are fully capable of napalming an elementary school, or whatever it was and causing burns on the bodies of children. This is the capacity of bankers and the state of Israel, who very likely committed these acts, or pressured others into committing them. There is no outrage they are not capable of. They are not members of the human race. A recent poll in Israel stated that the majority of the population was fine with Syria being attacked so long as they don't have to do it.

It's possible there have been fiends of this measure for centuries. Certainly these same fiends have been around. The sheer weight of all the atrocities to which they are connected is near incomprehensible. Baal and the Baalsters; ingenious tortures and a multiplicity of mass murderings. It astounds the mind that such things can be possible and for those who cannot see the point and the process it makes no sense. How can it be allowed? How can it be permitted? For those denied the partial observation post, looking into the other end of the Mobius Strip, it must be baffling and fear inducing. It all seems so out of control. It seems as if there really is no one at the tiller. It seems impossible to comprehend. Where is the rhyme and the reason? How can men of such apparent and important stature tell such transparent and obvious lies? How can John Kerry be such a 24 carat asshole? What terrible personal darkness causes the (is it a woman?) woman in the first link to look as she does? She is of a kind. She is the offspring of inhuman congress.

I don't quite know what I will do about all the things I have discovered, probably just muddle on for the moment. I'm faced with choices and decisions that I would have much rather wished on myself at an earlier age, if at all. Never before has the adage, “It's all under control” meant so much to me.

For some reason, I'm supposed to be discovering all of this now. As trying as it has all been, I look at it with a full measure of relief to find that what I had thought to be so was not. No matter what else may follow, I have that and I won't soon be turned back upon old perceptions.

End Transmissions.......

The novel, “The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine” is now available digitally, excluding the cover which will arrive next week. In the meantime, it's all there otherwise. The book form will be out shortly as well. Should you want to see it now, simply send 10 Euro to my Paypal account at and you will have it near immediately (grin). Be well!


Anonymous said...

It is said:

“Recognize beauty and ugliness is born.
Recognize good and evil is born.
Is and Isn’t produce each other.”


Sacred and Profane arise together.
Civilized and Barbaric arise together.
Tibetans and Tribe arise together.


Do we seek a world without Tibetans?


Visible said...

You'll get no argument from me. This is the very thing Lao Tzu says, "By finding one thing beautiful you make another ugly." Opposites are born together. My only wish, and it will be granted, is that the long awaited resolution of so many things will finally occur.

Zoner said...

For those opting to send funds for the digital copy of the new book, also note that Paypal has a "gift" option which will allow the full sum to be paid to the author rather than have a portion skimmed off the top.......

Visible said...

Hello Reunion!

Visible said...

A word to the wise for those of you ordering the book. There's some amount of very dark things in it, just as there is in the world at this time. This is counterbalanced by otehr features. However, this book is not for the timid or those who want just sunshine and rainbows. My suggestion is that those of you who fit this description go read The House at Pooh Corner or something from Dr. Seuss.

the whole point of the novel is to present certain constructs. These are more important than the story taking place but the story does make it interesting and possibly entertaining. There's a great deal of humor in the book, not to mention, irony.

Visible said...

I'd like to ask those readers who have access to any place that reviews books to consider reviewing mine and also any of you who have so far purchased it to share your impressions here for the benefit of others; however the chips may fall (grin).

Old reader, happy reader said...

Got my download, but i had to hack my way into my adult students email ;)). ......shall get to the pleasure of reading it in snips, and with a and as i go.

Please, lv, did i remember to purchase it as a gift, so that the skimming did not come from your skinning? I think i did....i seem to think i did.......i must be having oldtimers sneeze......

Visible said...

I have no idea but... I hope you enjoy it. I brought a lot of the Origami flavor as well as the dicey parts.

Old reader, happy reader said...

I tried to hotlink a photo of a drambuie cocktail in my comment above. It didnt work. Dammit.

Anyhoo, i shall enjoy with a drambuie highland cocktail in hand.

Unknown said...

Any plans to have it printed? Print on demand or something?

Call me old fashioned but, I prefer paper.

Visible said...

Of course it is going to be printed in quality paperback. I've already mentioned that in the comments here, or in the post. It simply takes longer to accomplish and we don't have the cover art from our resident artiste, Nina, of whom it needs be said I am inordinately fond (grin).

marilyn said...

hello les v.
after being gone from my computer and the internet for a week and a half, i'm back.
i can't say it missed 'it' because i did not..even tho' it popped into my thoughts, mostly at night when i was done solving the problems of the day. (helping the young granddaughter move away from an endangering situation by removing her, her shit and all things connected to her to a safer and saner place)
i was just catching up on reading your posts so this might not be in the right place but whatever.
i've never had my iq measured. i don't feel the need for it because i know right from wrong and i know if i measure all things with love being the most important that i will not be led astray.
lack of love is the problem. it applies to any problem whether it is between individuals, states or countries or anything else for that matter.
so simple yet so hard for many to understand.
i'm rambling so will quit.
sending love and hugs your way. pass 'em on.
ps. i like to read jeff rense and mike rivero and others that put the truth out there. doesn't mean i agree with all they say. just that i like how they say it. i love it when you get geared up and rip new's inspiring!

flyingcossack said...

jews arent too smart, thats why theyve had to murder to get their way ... they are like the bookkeeper that murders its winners instead of paying them

their methods of manipulation are very primal too ... they appeal to your vanity ... they come around here kissing your ass every day ... hoping you become dependant on this fake emotional support ... because once you do, you are theirs ... and if they whisper in your ear that obama is the source of all ailments, youll be hopping on the blame-a-puppet bandwagon yourself

they are setting up america to take the fall in the very same way ... while american zombies are marching to the devil's tune, putting a bullseye on the zombies serves the devil ... regardless if its futile, educating the zombies to separate themselves from the devil is the righteous path

i am certain that you have educated atleast one zombie, so its not so futile

Visible said...

I don't know that I've ever mentioned my IQ before. I had a reason for that and it had to do with figuring things out, once the focus was the correct one.

Mo Raf said...

Your destiny was to take a stand Mr. V, with all those who stood when it was hardest to do so. Blazing a trail as lamps in the deepest darkness. Tenacity was the name of the game, like the great prophet Job. That's because no-one at can speak out against the Zoharites and their ways Mr. V, either quietly or publicly. And for those with the 'audacity' to go the public route, well they obviously get special attention. "You'll never work in this town again" etc etc. They like to throw out fake lifelines similar to the coyote cartoons - attached to sticks of dynamite or an anvil thrown over the cliff. (At least they have a sense of humour in the dark!)

Not to worry now though Mr. V, especially as you've only just noticed them after they've been rounded up and corralled out of town (ha ha). Pay attention at the back boy, what's that you're fiddling with? We gave you cover by pretending you weren't there!

Unfortunately for you most of the lights are visibly focused Mr. V, politics, media and money. But you stood for morality and art, what a beautiful duet, and so attracted the attention of the invisibles. And of course the big game is being fought in those unseen worlds and is percolating down into this one.

Also, we've had to succumb to a further secret understanding with Mr. N because he's getting impatient. So heed very carefully Mr. V as you will grasp this where many won't: Things have to get better before they can get worse. The keepers of the Voinich Qabbalah have lost patience with the current Baal who has made a dog's breakfast out of the last plan and are now intermediating directly from the unseen to the seen to 'improve' matters. As I said, it's going to get complicated from here because it's a strange deal, for who does the devil himself sell his soul too? Why Mr. A of course! But what's the price? The price? The price? What has it got in its pockets shall be the price.

Visible said...

Well done Senor Raf

Anonymous said...

Aloha, Les,

Scary Monsters and Super Creeps indeed! Yow! That photo of Judge Ginsburg made me think of another creature, The Fukushima Dragon Lady.

Hey, when you got it, flaunt it!

Mucho blessings,

Anonymous said...


this is a terrible time, waiting for another war to begin, sin, children burned alive, men broken by evil, monsters everywhere

depleted uranium

fukushima was not an earthquake

on a lighter side: "Seriously, I don't know when exactly that UFO landed and dumped all these stupid people, but they apparently aren't coming back for them."

i was born in war, we have permawar

i'm so glad both my children decided to never have children, the end of the white race?



Rabbit said...

More to the first comments. By separating things into their opposites, we create. The power of creation, belongs to us even as our creator owns it. It is the meaning of Yin/Yang. This is the essence of being. This fundamental truth, perhaps the most important of all, is actually "hidden" in plain sight, everywhere. "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" Yin/Yang. Light darkness. Male female. Up/down. Try to find anything in creation, a thing or even a concept, which does not have a polar opposite. I personally have not been able to find anything yet after decades of thinking on this. It is the basic key to creation and mastering the principle grants one the literal power of creation as I have come to understand it. The first thing must be recognising the duality of all things.

Ginnie said...

Trying my hand at a hotlink..

Did it work?

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Duped, the Despicable and the Depraved.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Great Awakening which is in full progress now on a highway near you.

JLKGreystone - a common laborer

Anonymous said...

That princess Diane link, did you check out the Mercedes she was killed in? The whole front smashed up to the windshield, no fire. Did you see Michael Hastings 2013 Mercedes. The complete engine compartment gone, with the engine 150 feet from the car, raging fire. Both front end collisions. Goes to show the lack of quality control in the Mercedes. Poor Hastings he got a lemon. Kind of reminds me of 911. Three building with small fires crash to the ground in their own footprint. There has been several skyscrapers in other countries that went up like a torch, burned all day with no structural collapse. What to think.....

Well machiventa my only child had one child. This is a huge problem for the white race. Hitler encouraged Germans to have kids, lots of kids. Gave them financial incentive to do so. That's what we need over here and in other white countries (while they still have a white majority) but with ZOG it will never happen. Too bad, not only for the white race but also those who don't have sense enough to know where most of the innovation down through the centuries came from. SCREAM!




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