Friday, August 02, 2013

The Underwater Siren Song of the Vibrating Butt Plugs.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Something is definitely going on, I don't know if it's 'naughty or nice'. I know it's squeezing people and making various kinds of tasteless whine and in many cases, ♫it was -NOT- a very good year♫ (cue Old Blue Eyes and The Chairman of the Board). I imagine walking into the Oval Office, Senatorial offices and offices of Representatives, offices of Supreme Court Vultures, corporate boardrooms and... in every case, inevitably coming before a flaming red demon, with black smoke discharging from it's nostrils. The other residents are wearing chromium steel chaps, with nothing in the back; skin tight leather head masks and a red, gag reflex ping pong ball in their mouths, “Oh beeehave”! You probably won't be able to see the Sharper Image, George W. Bush model, Vibrating Butt Plug. However, if you put your ear down close, I suspect you can hear it. I'm guessing for the Ipod junkies and ♫make the world go away♫, mindless music bots, they are offering a headphone attachment, that connects to the unit, so that you can hear what is happening in the nether realms; “pump up the bass!!! pump up the fucking bass!!! Oh God!! Oh God!!, Oh God”!! “Knock, knock, Hello? This is not God”. Heh heh, well, we've had any number of dramatic renderings. “Pump up the bass!!! Pump up the bass”!!

No one knows what goes on behind closed doors♫ It's not a good time to be an animal, unless, you're a beast in human skin. In that case it is a very good time to be an animal. Speaking of beasts, let's not overlook six legged, vampire mutants like Jeff Bezos and... to what demographic does this stately humanitarian belong? Uh huh. Oh the surprise, be still my beating heart! I would never have guessed.

In the meantime, events, pretty much unreported or fabricated out of whole cloth, by the media arm of the people committing the offenses, are bringing things to a kind of unendurable STD infection and then you hook that in with things like this. They're trying to get to the finish line, before Mr. Apocalypse replaces the tape with razor wire. Wack a Mole isn't working, the Satanic corruptions keep breaking through the skin of the world, as the purple headed dragon rears up and spits... into the swollen darkness, from which springs, both madness and escape (go ahead, quote yourself, visible... so what?). Yeah, you can hear their boots, pounding on the pavement, as they race forward to control the future, never realizing that the future flows into the present and does not exist beyond that point, except as multiple potentialities, which simultaneously manifest into multiple destinies. They want to cram as much evil into a short window of time as is possible for them. There are no more contemptible creatures on Earth, than those who prey upon their fellows for personal gain, unless you want to consider those who allow them to do it. The force of darkness, being evicted from the inner planes, is hijacking minds, at every level of consciousness, from the most basic to the most sophisticated levels of self interest. Orders, like poisoned waters, flow downhill ...and dimwit monsters, carry out the dictates of all those heavy breathers closer, to the source of the darkness, “Yessss Master”!

What would a posting be, if the author didn't show some sign of his unflinching intolerance? Does the author have to restate his objection to the loathsome agenda, as something apart from matters of private choice? I guess if you sell your soul for a paycheck that's just how it goes. Then you can stand there, dumbfounded at what appeared in front of you and give the whole steaming pile of demonic excrescence that look of a poleaxed steer. Don't forget people, Christmas is coming and... if you have the money, well, of course... in many cases you're already doing it with a robot aren't you?

Listen up, take it from someone who is speaking from direct experience. It is possible to take a particular force and reverse the natural direction of it's flow and experience sex at another level that blows (pun intended) ordinary intercourse out of the water. When one hears about the rapture of the saints, or studies arcane pictographs, like the Ninth Trump (to which the sense of 'touch' is ascribed) you should consider the inner contact with the engine of all bliss. Everything out here on this plane, is a poor facsimile, of the more subtle vibrating internal reality. Believe what you like, that's up to you.

Pay careful attention!!! Listen with full attention! Though I now live on a plane of personal experience that is much different from what was once true of me, I can tell you that there are no wilder sluts than those who come from this particular country. Comparatively speaking, I've been around and I know whereof I speak. You may not like what I have to say. You may not agree with me but... what is so is so; “Shut up and gimmie a fish sandwich”! Humor? I got your humor swinging”.

Yeah, I have to live in this world and so do you. “You enjoy it here? Well, you, punk” (grin)? Do you? There were not that many people as funny or self convicting or acknowledging as Richard Pryor. He should have been president instead of Stepin Fetchit, the Israeli Zombie bot. I know these are dark times, so I want you to take some time today and enjoy what it was like once, before it got the way it is today. This man had a true beauty to him. I loved him dearly. I used to drive by his house on Maui, on the way to Hana and think about dropping in but... I don't do that kind of thing. It was the same way with Muhammad Ali. I got invited to his house once also and didn't go. Another time, I got invited to The Dakota to meet John Lennon and Elton John; still didn't go. I walked away from or ignored all kinds of things that might have led to something else for me. I just figured those people were all being bothered enough by the flies and mosquitoes that attend fame. It wasn't always easy for Richard. He's gone now, gone to- I am sure- a finer land.

There were a lot of people who made us laugh, at all kinds of things you can't laugh at now. They were some of the best and most truthful prophets of our time.

There is something unquenchable in the human spirit and we don't want to forget that, in the midst of all the dumb cattle and stupid fucks, who shamelessly parade in front of us, on the arsenic laced media created for that purpose. A large part of manipulating our mental and emotional climate, is to get us to hate each other. There are people who hate me for imbibing this or imbibing that and saying what I say, or acting out when I feel like I see snakes hiding in human form and... if I weren't right and hadn't have been right, then they wouldn't have acted like snakes and kept continuing to act like snakes, still to this day. The thing is that my imbibing in anything is of very limited duration and a hardly measurable part of my day to day and something that anyone who lives around me, or has lived around me, in recent years, can attest to but... as far as the critics go, well, they imbibe revenge fantasies and resentments, envy, jealously and god knows how many different toxic things every goddamn minute of their days. They wouldn't know freedom or humanity if it pulled over on to the side of the ruined highway they are standing on and offered them a ride. What they'd say is, “Fuck off! ♫I'm waiting for my man♫”

Yeah, the one thing all of us, who truly are servants, across the length and breadth of our every days should remember, is to not take the hostile glares and seething acrimony, of emotionally paralyzed losers seriously; to not buy into the mirrored, false-self generating hate ...that is the standard reflection you are left with, every time someone who is not you, looks at themselves in you. See... here is something all of us need to keep in mind. A great percentage of the time, what others accuse us of, is nothing more than what they would be thinking, feeling and being motivated by if... IF, they were doing what we were doing that they imagine we are doing, if they were us.

This is why I don't let fair-weather friends and people incapable of doing what I can do, pass judgment on me. People who swim into my fish-tank and blow smoke up my ass and tell me how much they love and admire me until... until I don't do what they want me to do, or until I scare them by threatening their material world position, by challenging the value of what they consider important, or exposing their addiction, to the vibrating glitter of animate dust, while they hand me a whole lot of phony doubletalk, about how this is this and that is that,when this ain't this and that ain't that but... all of it is just posturing and the endless self abuse, of perpetually arrested development, pretending to be grownup when there is nothing grownup about any of it.

Ah well, I hope you enjoyed some of the skits, linked for you here today and that you will take advantage of so very much more of them that are available in the sidebar menu, of the pages you land on, courtesy of this posting. Meechum anbu my friends; meechum anbu!

End Transmission.......

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Visible said...

Thanks Sim, today's song is perfect for the post.

the gardener said...

Thanks Vis, your post was perfect for today.

Had a little talk about 'happy' yesterday with an emotional,mental and physical cripple yesterday.

I KNOW what kind of drugs he's in where 'happy' can be an induced 24/7 pretend state... but to me, 'happy', comes in fleeting moments based on 'something'. Conditional emotion that 'happy'.

And like all other feelings, they are usually quick to change and 'happy' is particularly, in my case anyway, attractive to BAD SHIT... I get too 'happy' BOOM something bizarre knocks that 'happy' right off of my face.

But I am a sober person. Not taking 300 opiated fluorinated pain meds a month. Along with a few 'happy' mind meds and along with the stool softener and laxatives to get those rigid bowels mechanically/chemically moving along.

I actually have a few lol moments everyday-usually dog/cat generated funnies. If I'm lucky some other human will be funny and make me lol...bless their hearts for that.

I peruse this site everyday for updates

as the ever increasing 'parked car bursts into flames' and "fisherman's drifting boat found first" "porch bursts into flames" "vacant houses explode" stories are collected by Mr Mnemnonic *grins* I started wondering about the histories of those 'owning' these possessions, bodies, businesses, homes etc and got to hoping that it is Mr A tapping and along comes a 'bang' or a 'boom' or a flash fire on those who have targeted their selves with their behaviors on this planet.

Since it is totally unprotectable-that hypothesis of his is that 'hydrogen sulfide is a low heavy water soluble explosive gas especially around metals, especially around electrified copper (like in your battery cables, lighting outside etc)... no way to predict or defend from gas clouds (ever increasing) floating or hanging round your home or part of town.

Very outrageous daily compilation of disasters and strange fires and explosions... he continually marvels that 'anyone still parks their vehicles near their homes' ... like most have any other option? lol

the gardener
just 'normal' but not specifically 'happy'...

Anonymous said...


Ha ha, that was great!!!!! :D. Just as much fun as Pryor and Kinnison. Man, that stuff they did seems like a hundred years ago.

Hey, maybe we can start a new tv show called, "America Had Talent" and run some more old skits from people who really knew how to do comedy. ;)

Thanks, Bro. Today was especially fun!

Jim in FL

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz,

I'm sure you are aware of the Transatlantic Block being formed between North America (no more US, Canada, Mexico) and the EU (much more tragic no more Italy, France, Spain etc.).

Whilst distracting the herd with fake bombings and other such buffoonery TPTB/Zio monsters are actively trying to destroy the living world as we know it.

See : Catherine Austin-Fitts and "The Old System Struggling and Dying" for that fat, smug, cold-hearted NWO shill bitch's version of what is promised us by the "new" system as it sheds the "old" system and how we, the little people, should smile through the pain.

Also: Pierre Hillard, the first to delve seriously into the big end-game from "their" official documents.

Also, on a more optimistic note:
As per sociologist Jules Munro:

(Grosso modo)
When one takes an action, even if one is very powerful, there are forces that affect/influence what one wishes to be the desired result and these forces can even bring about the OPPOSITE RESULT.

They will lose. They will hurt us greatly, but in the end, they will lose.

Best Regards,

Visible said...

hah hah... America had talent! Indeed! they got shit now from what I encounter. I know talented people are out there but they won't let them in.

I used to do standup comedy, along the lines of Carlin, Hicks, Lenny Bruce (who I did not find funny a lot of the time but I got compared to him so much that his wife Honey called up Bill Grahams ex-wife and asked her who is this guy everyone is comparing my husband to).

Like my partner in crime, Bud 'the Birdman' Clifton used to say, "Most comedians make people laugh, Visible makes them angry". That was true enough.

Miss Fitts gives me the shitz... but even more loathsome, or equally so is Madame Christine Lagarde boy! what a 24 carat scumbag she is!!!

Well, try as they might they won't get to do these things. No way the make France not France. You don't know the French. Trust me on that.

Gardener; Poncho made me laugh out loud at least twice today.

Visible said...

The graphic at the top of the page on Rense, relates clearly to much of what this post imperfectly stated.

Visible said...

How about some more Richard Pryor

and more Richard Pryor. What a humble man. He makes me weep, not laugh, weep

Visible said...

Look at the comments on that last link. Study what people have to say about that man. I can truly say that I loved this man as much as I loved anyone. His love of the truth was immense. I'm going to go ahead and post some more of my favorites.

I don't believe in a God that doesn't love Richard Pryor as much or more, more even than I do. I don't trust, respect nor am inclined to stand anywhere near anyone who doesn't love this man for his fabulous gifts to humanity. Dirty words? Fuck your self righteousness. Prurient material. fuck you for that too

Visible said...

Here is another guy who is just too funny.

I got hijacked on a plane out of Albuquerque in the early 70's by some Black Nationalists. After they took over the plane and started walking up and down the aisles with their guns I took out my notebook (I always had one) and I wrote on it in big block letters, "Right on brothers"! I wound up sitting with one of them through the whole flight.

I begged them to take me to Cuba with me but they wouldn't. It turned out that the guy sitting with me knew this heartbreaker- wow! and I mean heartbreaker, who was living in Taos where they had been. Years later my best friend Billy sent me a news clipping. They were all still in Cuba.

God sure has put me in some funny situations.

Dave Chapelle had a huge career going. Money was pouring in and the Jews started demanding he wear a dress during his comedy skits. He refused. Boy they did not like that. I don't know where he is today. Chapelle doesn't move me like Pryor but I put him in so that I could talk about those other things.

Visible said...

more Pryor

and more Pryor

and more Pryor

And close with an entire movie by someone else.

Anonymous said...

Love the title of the post. "The Underwater Siren Song of the Vibrating Butt Plugs". I choked on my bran muffin when I read it.

Richard Pryor was fucking brilliant. He was a man of high principles. He had a show on I think it was NBC and he ended up quitting because the network wouldn't let him do his thing the way he wanted to do it. He wouldn't bow to anybody.

He once did a stand-up show in front of lesbians and gays at the Hollywood Bowl (??? - might have been a different venue), and he ripped the gays in attendance a new asshole. It was supposed to be a celebration of alternative lifestyles, that kind of thing, and Prior got up and basically said, "I didn't see you people fighting for Black people's equality, you can kiss my black ass." Of course, all hell broke loose at that point, and they booed him, because that went against the carefully crafted "Gay Rights" agenda...Pryor just walked off, like, "Fuck you."

Richard Pryor's mom was a bordello madame in his hometown of Peoria, Illinois. His dad and uncles were all pimps. His grandmother used to beat the shit out of him on a regular basis. (This isn't hearsay, it's just the truth.)

Many of Pryor's friends and associates said he had "a bunch of different personalities". One of his closest friends said you absolutely did not want to meet his darker personalities.

Make of that what you will, the man was awesome.

Visible said...


ALERT!!! THE Israeli owned American government wants you to know that the American intelligence network, under orders from the Istraeli government and in tandem with the Israeli Moassad, intend to attack American citizens sometime this month andblame it on Arabs. Please take note and protect yourselves as well as you can until the gratuitous blood sacrifice to the demonic Israeli deity is concluded. Thank you!

Visible said...

You are correct Sir and... I know about his life early on. Yeah... the gays were none too fond of him. Poor guy caught MS. As much success as he had and he made the most money of any black man ever at that point because he got a huge amount of the gross from all of his films, he still had the shit kicked out of him; set himself on fire freebasing etc... not pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Pryor was something else. He saw through the Gay Agenda like it was cellophane. Imagine the balls it took to go up in front of all the eyes of the MSM, and all the gays and lesbians in attendance at that "celebration", and tell it like it was. He caught endless shit for that. With the Zionists controlling Hollywood, and pushing the Gay Agenda with malice aforethought, it's amazing he still had a career. Come to think of it, though, you could definitely say his entire life began to hit the skids shortly thereafter. That's when he started "falling apart" - who knows what really happened to him, and how large a part the Hollywood controllers played in his overall disintegration. One thing's for sure, the true story about that has to be even stranger than we know, and if I were pressed to bet one way or the other, I'd bet a lot of his "misfortunes", both personal, professional, and healthwise, were choreographed by outside forces to a large degree. Too bad. That's what happens, though, when you refuse to compromise with the Hollyweirdos and their shadowy controllers. Ozzy Osbourne's former guitarist refused to compromise, and he "died in a plane crash". Lenny Bruce refused to compromise, and he "died of a drug overdose". The list of such people is very, very long indeed.

mike m said...

Thanks for heads up, Vis.

Anyways I just want to relate about a great time I had last night with my canine friend and her two gorgeous pups.

I took them to the park were they ran and swam and then we departed on a little ride out into the edge of civilization where we watched the sunset.

It was wonderful and not a instance of complaint from my traveling companions.

It struck me how lucky I was to spend time with these beings and to take in the beauty of our natural world.

I know it gets better then the crap that is of this world.


Anonymous said...

Adrenaline is the new god, Les. On the biotic level sugar and caffeine are required minimums. Pharma Planet LLC will cover the deficiencies. On the tech level the maw will demand endless carbon. Thus the fracking, which duh is fatal to the water supply. Hominids who allow themselves to be swept along on the adrenaline tide will dehumanize and crack up. Thus I say that the first thing will be social disintegration. The economy will hold on longer than civil rest.

It will be hard to avoid bad energy in the city, Les. You can take so many hits and after that your defenses crumble. It's hard to float in the city. C. sativa, perhaps?

Watch these people drive. They're out of their minds. They are guided by memes. They have no minds.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Les. Our controllers want us to hate each other. They instigate race and class hatred. So just imagine, if we do the opposite of what our controllers want, and segregate. I mean self-segregate, a peaceful agreement between the natural leaders of racial communities.

I'll give you one guess why Marcus Garvey is never mentioned by the controlling media.


Laura said...

I have not watched anything that Geore and Richard had done, for some years. Watching George over this last hour, particularly the piece he did that was apparently his "last" show, and how it was markedly "social commentary" more than comedy, it stands out for me now how incredibly fluid and perceptive he was. His presentations were stream of consciousness..expressing without missing a beat...simply amazing!

Having the courage and finesse to express truth through comedy...tell it like it is....seems a rare gift. Thanks, Vis, for bringing back to our attention, as you do many things, in many ways....:-)


Anonymous said...

Lenny Bruce used to do an entire spiel about the Kennedy assassination (JFK) at his shows. He would go on and on about how it was obviously not done by one shooter. He would discuss several inconsistencies with the MSM reports, while on stage, and talked about how odd the whole thing was. Alphabet-soup boys (agents) started showing up at his shows shortly thereafter.

If any of you has looked into the circumstances surrounding how he died, you'll know right away that he didn't die of a drug overdose. And if he did, it was administered by someone else. Who knows how many celebrities have been whacked for speaking the truth, or for bucking the system, or for not agreeing to diddle little children (paging Jimmy Saville, and others).

Dave Chapelle is currently touring comedy clubs - you can check out his schedule here:

He went to Africa for a while to get away from the Hollyweird shit. He did an interview on "Inside the Actors' Studio", with James Lipton, several years back. And it was very revealing. Well, as revealing as he could be on a PBS show. You can check out some of what he said in that interview, in a NY Times article, right here -

Personally, I believe Dave Chapelle and virtually every other big-name "modern celebrity" there is (or ever was), went through a mind-control factory before they hit center stage. But I only feel that way after reading numerous books on the subject, reading a boatload of online articles, thinking about it for a while, and having actually been in the business. I wasn't a big-name celebrity, but I saw some weird-ass shit.

Those of you who would like more information on the subject, can read Dave McGowan's "Inside the LC" series (Google Dave McGowan Inside the LC). I'm not sure if McGowan thinks it's an ubiquitous phenomenon - but it makes no sense to populate the celebrity landscape with fully functioning, awake, non-controlled entities, when you have the power to populate the whole celebrity landscape with mind-controlled bots.

Wow, this is getting too far "out there", even for me.

Back to the friendly confines of "normal" conspiracy theories for now - hee-hee.

bee wrangler said...

vis- golden honey soaked words! loved this one & the comments too! Enjoying the excitement here in the upside down usa waiting for the next false flag....oh the drama...jen

Anonymous said...

Les, if you're going to place video links of a butt-pluggish nature, how about some advance warning? I now dread what is going to turn up in the "Recommended for You" section of my account homepage.

the gardener said...

A few things Vis... first...your title. The Underwater Siren Song of the Vibrating Butt Plugs.

You do know we've all been underwater with the deluge of water signs including the grand trine in water of: Saturn in Scorpio trining Jupiter in Cancer trining Neptune in Pisces-got your fixed water, your cardinal water and your mutable water...been an emotional month for me-have already done this life's review this past month. Barely could take it but I survived it. *whew* horrid stuff there to relive.

All the cruel, thoughtless, hateful actions I've done to others... and rabid shit done to me. And mine.

That 'underwater Siren Song' ended just in the nick of my time.

As to your 'vibrating Butt Plugs" that could either be referring to URANUS in Aries... or perhaps a little zingy Saturn in Scorpio? lol

I always thought with me and Richard it was because we were both Illinoisians(?)... with crazy mean mothers who'd rather fight and switch... I'd be channeling his grandmother when my son got to be a teen... I'd crack myself up thinking of his skits with his 'grandmother just whipping his ass'...I didn't do it though... just kind of fantasized about it.
Restrained myself.

I really loved him probably the best of all the funny guys.

BUT I did notice it when he teamed up in that movie with Gilda Radner's husband whom I always thought was her controller... he was off his mark then and right afterwards is when he caught himself on fire.

It would be so easy to get your star hooked on whatever you wanted to hook them on.

Randy Quaid and his 'star whacker' hypothesis is really very interesting-how many with residuals are worth more dead than alive to those who do the bookkeeping.

And funny that... I was thinking of Richard the other day and wondering if he was from Decatur or where? so I could scrounge around his stomping grounds if they're stompable in today's world-not that they were much better in those 'icepick frenzied' days of his time. They were doing all kinds of bennies and drinking to altered states back then too.

So it is Peoria... He was funny like only the very smart ones beaten down and abused into multiple personalities can be.

I was familiar with the road and place Kinnison died at and went through there right after he died. Shitty piece of traffic there. Stayed at the Chateau Marmont where Belushi died sniffing around... a very strangely different place-like all the help is from Transylvania or someplace really really foreign. hahahahaha a ha.

the gardener

the gardener said...

PS-Dave used to do a spot on his show called 'my dog Bob' which was hysterical to me. Put a camera around his shoulders so we could see somewhat from Bob's perspective. I, myself, get a kick out of dogs' different sounds they make drinking water... I can always tell which of mine are drinking from their sounds. Dave would set up his boy with all kinds of things and we'd see what Bob was doing left alone in the NY apartment-right after Dave left LA and moved to NYC living in an apartment. Dave Letterman.

I caught those Chappelle interviews... about how 'all black men have to wear the dresses'... he's very funny man with a very scary story told. The price you pay like what Sheryl Crow sings about in "leaving las vegas"... I get that.

New Moon on August 6th here in the States. I came across a weird dissemination astro wise on astrology zone's August forcast saying something about 'August 7th has the opposition between Jupiter in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn" bringing up 'if you had business going on December 11, 2007" something kind of confusingly ominous with that date-due to the 'conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto then with this opposition being a playout of that aspect"...

I DID have extremely weird 'business' on that date but the conjunction was with them both being in 28 SAGITTARIUS... I get it with the out of sign aspects etc but I have never noticed her doing anything like this and it caused me to really get into my own astro charts data base and look up that time and also what would have been its first square three and a half years ago with a then Pluto in Cap with Jupiter in Aries...

with that new 'security warning' I was triggered back to that astrograph 'message' of AUGUST 7... DUE TO PAST DEC 11, 2007 DATA? WTF? maybe an astrologer can 'splain that out or feel it out as being some kind of heads up message. *shrugs*

the gardener

Anonymous said...

America had talent.



Anonymous said...

You're living up to your name, dirty-kid
Nobody's gonna dignify your shirty-bid
Hurry up and collect your thirty-quid
Or I'll stick the STICK under your filthy-lid

Visible said...

There was no actual demonstration of the use of vibrating butt plugs, merely a few definite twits proving that anyone can get on TV. I kept waiting for one of them to say, "And I got one going right this moment".

Anonymous said...

This note's for you:

Feel teh Bass! The mega-ass-BASS!

Brian Crossland said...

Many thanks Vis and all,
Re: Gilda Radner,
Something triggered a memory of her death in me. So I searched-check this:
Gene Wilder had this to say about her death:

She went in for the scan – but the people there could not keep her on the gurney. She was raving like a crazed woman – she knew they would give her morphine and was afraid she’d never regain consciousness. She kept getting off the cart as they were wheeling her out. Finally three people were holding her gently and saying, "Come on Gilda. We’re just going to go down and come back up." She kept saying, "Get me out, get me out!" She’d look at me and beg me, "Help me out of here. I’ve got to get out of here." And I’d tell her, "You’re okay honey. I know. I know." They sedated her, and when she came back, she remained unconscious for three days. I stayed at her side late into the night, sometimes sleeping over. Finally a doctor told me to go home and get some sleep. At 4 am on Saturday, I heard a pounding on my door. It was an old friend, a surgeon, who told me, "Come on. It's time to go." When I got there, a night nurse, whom I still want to thank, had washed Gilda and taken out all the tubes. She put a pretty yellow barrette in her hair. She looked like an angel. So peaceful. She was still alive, and as she lay there, I kissed her. But then her breathing became irregular, and there were long gasps and little gasps. Two hours after I arrived, Gilda was gone. While she was conscious, I never said goodbye.

wonder who she had upset..

Anonymous said...

try to find the clip from young frankenstein where Gene says...


think real hard...

not all so-called "Jews" approve of the Zionist "TERRORIST". . .


insiam said...

latest threat - pffft.

interesting to look at the comments re. this article. definatley a sea change from not so many years back. seems that nobody - at least when i looked - is swallowing the BS these days.

having had peronal experience with psychopaths i became very aware that their weakness is that they assume themselves to be much more intelligent than they are and assume others to be much more stupid than they are.

Anonymous said...

A whole passel of them-thar Al-CIAda terrists got released from them-thar jails. And they'll be a-comin' for us. The gubmint said so, and we is all in a state of high alert. Git Granny and Uncle Cooter out from in front of the TV, pack 'em in the truck, and high-tail it fer safety! Go over tuh the FEMA camp, they gots lots of water there and everything a body needs. You will be safe behind that-thar razor wire. God bless the USA. Patooiee (spits terbacky juice in can).

insiam said...

update re above post.

same article posted on yahoo news. alas, all of the american readers seem to have swallowed with out spitting out. tip of the spear when it comes to brain dead moronic fuckewitted shit for brains zombies.

Ginnie said...

Ahhh! Vibrating Butt-Plugs! Give a new meaning to "The End Times"!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Hypocrites, Disinfo Agents, Halfwits and the Big One.

Janitor said...

Nice title. "catchy" ring to it.



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