Thursday, December 26, 2013

Poetry in Motion, Wave upon the Ocean.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Merry Day after Christmas!!! Christmas Spirit continuing to grow. Mind the mainsails as the boat of your existence (cue Thomas Cole) rides with the wind at its back. Christmas Spirit is billowing the sails. Of course, we all celebrate Christmas differently to some degree. Some of us, like the Israelis celebrate Christmas according to their own traditions in a very different way. Let me explain how that works. Depending on the demiurge or deity that you serve, different forms of service and appreciation are required. If you serve The Lord of Light then generosity to your fellows, service to humanity and other similar acts are expected. If you serve a bloodthirsty demon then violence, outrage and most especially, horrific assaults against the defenseless are de rigueur. If the Israelis had a website like mine, they would have the faces of their victims in descending bubbles, most prominently that 3 year old girl they blew to bits a couple of days ago. She had been scheduled to appear in the upcoming Disney movie, "The Littlest Terrorist". Now, I guess that's no longer workable unless they want to make it a zombie movie, maybe call in Tim Burton and have him give it some kind of Beetlejuice flavor. It could be a great holiday movie.

We have various holiday messages and this is a good one. Then there are other Christmas messages which I will leave it to you to be the judge of the sincerity of. In some cases, citizens of different nations are sending special Christmas greetings to the rulers of their countries and these rulers are going to be transformed into holiday toast for the new year. Yes, things are shaking up considerably, as the heads who wear the crowns rest on uneasy shoulders. Lady Nature is sending out Christmas greetings as well. I don't know what she has planned overall. I do know that she's not fond of sleepwalkers headed in the wrong direction, when the action offshoots have the propensity to trod roughshod over all that she holds dear

As the webs of subterfuge fall into tatters from the impact of critical mass, more and more rotting red herrings are wrapped in newspapers and left with burning paper bags filled with shit on the world's doorstep Christmas is a time of giving and... receiving. All gifts are not welcome but many are inevitable. Some gifts that are unwelcome to the ones receiving them are very welcome to others observing the offering. In some places, Christmas isn't welcome at all. It's become official policy to censure even the mention of it. It's become against the law to wish someone Merry Christmas! So, let's do what visible does in cases like this and let out with a resounding Merry Christmas!!! Let's have Christmas all year long! Let's just be busy little elves and get right into giving and receiving to the extent of our resources and capacities and remember that the very best that we can offer, is our love and faith in each other and to bestow upon each other that most priceless presence; freedom! Yes, we are in a position to confer freedom on one another. It is a most important freedom. It is the freedom to be ourselves and vive la difference. We're all different. Some of us are on different rays and all kinds of things apply or don't apply. This confuses many of us who might not realize that various states, conditions and actions can all be right so far as they go in relation to the different personas they apply to. Something can be right for me and wrong for you and vice versa. Some of us have a dispensation to do things others cannot. In the end it's all about Karma and the particular and sometimes peculiar manner in which the cosmos has decided to work it out on our behalf. Some of us are more breakable and we need an easier more extended go. Some of us can take whatever's thrown at us, so we get the heavy artillery. Some of us are carrying the weight of others as well as our own (Cue The Band) and some of us don't even know that and some of us do. What that means is that when we triumph over a particular shortcoming that we are in possession of, it is vanished from the lives of others, in resonance with our progress. This is the specific reason that some shortcomings are really hard to get rid of and as I have mentioned before, some shortcomings are on timers. They aren't going anywhere until the clock runs out.

The same is true about conditions of the material realm. They will go on until the timer runs out and everything is on some kind of a timer but remember we've got SMPTE time code and we've got time stretch. We've also got fast forward, which can be good and bad news, depending. We don't have rewind. Finally, as most of us know, time is an illusion and it's relative to location and state of mind, such as the difference between watching an entertaining film and being in prison, both of which I have enjoyed (grin) on occasion. Real prison is no joke but being in prison without visible walls I suspect is worse. A lot of people are confined in that manner, which is why conferring freedom is such a great thing. Of course, that is often on a timer too and may not go down until someone asks, "Who was that masked man?". You confer freedom by being free.

None of us knows how close or how far we are from higher freedom. In The Way to the Kingdom (another gift) the author speaks of 'the quickening' and says that we do not know the state of others, when the quickening comes, one who was thought to be of lesser intelligence may well prove to be of much higher consciousness. This quickening is the western equivalent of Kundalini activation. The Shakers were up to a similar thing and the term 'the quickening' was in use during that period.

Well now, even though Christmas is officially over, at least the main day is, unless you work for UPS or Fed-Ex... that doesn't mean you can't still give someone a gift. If you're in a high crime zone, like the U.S. or U.K. you might want to think about purchasing this fine auto accessory for friends or family and even for yourself (side note), that film is among the top five funniest movies ever made. If you haven't seen it, it will give you a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours today... or tomorrow.

It's all math and most of us known this intuitively but the hard core left brain specifics of it escape those of us who are right brain. This is why poetry is an expression of higher math. It can also contain prophecy as in Yeats poem and the works of Nostrildamus (legendary coke freak- kidding!) and Mother Shipton. It's also true of Lao Tzu and Omar Khayyam. Are we mathematically congruent yet?

I had planned on taking yesterday off and then I planned on taking today off. I guess it's not up to me. Meanwhile, the word processing software I'm using has been screwing up and I lost a particularly lyrical section of this posting. All the other ones have screwed up previously. Someone doesn't want me writing. It's too calculated and persistent to be accidental. As it is, I'm using something really obscure but now they've tracked that too, or I'm paranoid, doesn't matter really as it stops nothing, I just find another way around it; takes longer but I'm not going anywhere until I do, so I'd just be waiting around in any case, might as well have something to occupy the time while the timer ticks away.

Let me wish you one and all a continuing passage of good times, occasional bouts of tranquility and serenity warring for dominance (grin) and serendipitous prosperity pulling you into alleys of unexpected good fortune and mugging you with serious gifts of all kinds. Focused certitude and unshakable faith in the generosity of the cosmos, definitely results in positive outcome. The reverse grants you the reverse and that's called, Poverty Mentality and remember, the whole point of that Jesus on the Cross thing is about the perpetual state of humanity in respect of the four elements warring within. The outcome of his tale is that he overcame that and so he's not the one on the cross, we are. Harmonious resolution of this leads to an understanding of that Rosicrucian salutation, "May the rose bloom on your cross." Life is as good as we are. Either we learn or we become lessons.

End Transmission.......

Song: Merry Christmas!Dean Martin - Let it Snow

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

grandmothers lotions
gardens and vines
harmony beams
loving and kind
wild flower trinkets
motions and scent
intensified sources
divine inner strength
a river of living
charge through the sky
rising up unity
where the birds fly
in wonders and wishes
of ever be well
on wild flower trinkets
green meadow bells


Friday, December 23, 2011 9:24:00 PM

Ginnie Christmas said...

Eternal and ever-present CHRISTMAS! How heavenly! But wasn't that the plan all along?
Bring in the "kingdom" by spiritual force.

There seems to be a connection with telling people that "You can't do that!" and them doing the exact opposite thing...reversals and mirrors and unintended consequences.

But then what do I know!

galen said...

Santa reborn:

Visible said...

It certainly does and the meetings in any life are connected to existences previous.

Anonymous said...

A group of second-graders is sitting at their desks inside the classroom, talking very excitedly with one another, having recently returned from a field trip to a local farm.

Their teacher, Mrs. Hanlon, always a step ahead of them, immediately comes up with a clever and educational way to quiet them down.

She asks the children, "Kids, what did we hear at the farm today? One at a time, please! Jessica? What did you hear at the farm today?"

"Moo!", cries Jessica.

"And Bobby, what did you hear at the farm today?"

"Quack!", shouts little Bobby.

"Tina Johnson, did you hear anything interesting at the farm today?"

"Oink!", squeals darling Tina.

"And Johnny Tucker, what did YOU hear at the farm today?"

"Get off my fuckin' tractor!"

est said...

subtly, sublime :

In these one,
three days
a lifetime has passed,
like cascading waters
or a desert squall.
But regret for two days
never comes to mind:
the one that hasn’t arrived
and the one that long since passed

- Omar Khayyam -

Trans. by Juan Cole
from Whinfield 26

est said...

personal favorite here:

(juan cole is a history prof at
the u of michigan and specializes
in the middle east - and speaks
the languages. here he is re-working the whinfield translations)
[from his blog 'informed comment']

I have no idea if
the one who created me
placed me among
the good in paradise
or the hideous in hell.
A cup, a sweetheart, and a lute
are cash enough for me
and credit toward heaven
for you.
Translated by Juan Cole
from [pdf] Whinfield 94

Anonymous said...



♫ Why can't we have Christmas the whole year around? ♫

There was a shop in Nevada City, California called 'Christmas The Whole Year Around' (maybe). They had several kinds of fudge all the time (maple, bourbon, coffee, French vanilla, Cajun beinet - I may have just invented some of those). Bliss. (Also, there was a restaurant where you could have a caviar/sour cream omelet and white wine for cheap.) Then the yuppies moved there, end of an era.

Put the load right on me.

Lean on me.

I can't find my way home.

Fall on your knees.



Machiventa Melchizzedek

Thomas said...

Thanks Vis!

and thanks for all these interesting books you put up. Gibran is awesome, but a re-read is in order ;)

God bless us All, yay!

est said...

"poetry is an expression of higher math'

i believe music is, also
i think it was plato that said
the highest art is music and geometry

music is math [geometry] you can hear
when a song, tells a story,

music opens the heart and mind
to the words that accompany it

or rather, the music opens the heart
so the words can slip into the mind

i hope we all know we are sharing
some very special work l v is doing

[his writing is music, to my ears !]

and i for one, am thankful to take part
i wish him and all of you 'godspeed'

Visible said...

Some of the best fun I ever had was being on stage with these guys. Even more fun was singing with them in the parking lot outside the Joyous Lake.

Sadly now Joe's gone and Jerry moved on and what's left and came in replacement is just not the same. I really loved those guys they were as close to being human beings as any musicians I ever met.

Visible said...

Friends, I would appreciate it if you would take just a few moments to sign the petition to vote the Persuasions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It would mean a lot to me.

Just go here and fill out the simple form. If you want you can say I made you do it (grin). said...

Okay. You got your Christmas wish from me, Visible. Merry Christmas!!! I signed the petition. They're a great, yet humble, group of musicians. I saw them many years ago as the opening act for Rat Dog at the 9:30 Club (new one on V Street - doesn't smell as much as the old one). Really nice guys that deserve the notice as they so obviously love their music and craft.

Visible said...

They are sweet guys and it was my privilege to hang out with them in various locations. Thank you!!! They deserve it!

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Smyrna: Anonymous Smyrna said...

Been loving the orbs dropping down the screen Vis. Some superb posts lately, keep that ball rolling. Any chance of asking CURTIS to learn about paragraphs? Or SNAP HIS PROZAC IN HALF? <----sentence fragment alert! If this "open mind" has the horse sense to talk crap about someone's character about having to use Prozac because I'm "mentally ill" and don't know how to use paragraphs, just let me know that I'm the idiot here, Les, and I'll take my insanity elsewhere. Not really joking about much that I get into here non-anonymously, but if "real brave" individuals like Smyrna, which probably is not the whole name there, love to snipe at me, given it's "just fine" to talk like that about mental illness in general, laughing about it, then I'll take my permanent leave here. Just let me know. Like any of that "sweetheart" sentiment there will end up being a good karmic dynamic to get into for ol' Symrna to deal with, who really gets a laugh about me, and who's a real "mensch" for making fun of the subject that way. At any rate, sentence fragments and the like are no better than the utilization of just one paragraph, given how that really isn't employed, like punctuation marks, in live talk. Not into this type of crap, arguing on here, slopping up the wall, but if what I'm saying's just "crazy talk", let me know, because I don't take well to inhumane insults about my sanity from an idjet that can't even form full-blown sentences.

the gardener said...

Thanks Vis for the Persuasions push-signed!

love little Johnny jokes. lol

Vis you caused me to light up and smile throughout your post today. Thank you from the bottom to top of my heart. Love you

and walking hawk... thank you for Neil... loved that 'grandmothers lotion'...

freezing toesies time off here and looking very much towards the 'green meadow bells'.

Merry Christmas everybody.


the gardener

Visible said...

Curtis, I missed all of that, whatever it was but... I have no problem with you and you're welcome in spades but more likely hearts. Maybe you misread Smyma. He's usually pretty flexible and easy. Hell! We'll fix it in the mix.

People, please push the Persuasions.They are really good guys. I know them and go Pats!!! Heh heh.

Let's just all endure and not take things overly personally. I get people sending me nasty shit now and then that is designed to push my buttons only those buttons aren't there. I just laugh and go my way. Be confident and believe in yourself and always willing to change when needed and all will be fine.

We're works in progress., We will triumph. We will prevail. We shall all be gathered at the meeting of the rivers and we will dance on the mountain tops in more beautiful spaces than we shall ever see here. Hang in there and be patient. All will come right.

You are a fine fellow Curtis. Don't believe otherwise. Turn adversity into a finer resolution. It is possible, always.

Ginnie Christmas said...

It is sad to be a cybertard! And I can't even hotlink!

I wanna chatbox with everyone!

Merry Christmas anyway! To EVERYONE!

Anonymous said...

I love their Zappa covers and I signed the petition...Merry Christmas!

Ray B. said...

The What Really Happened article you linked was a good summary. One section caused me to go "hmmm":

"Saudi Arabia does not have a history of dirty tricks, nor a demonstrated ability to carry out such deceptions. More to the point, Saudi Arabia has no motive to attack the United States. The Saudi princes have grown very rich indeed through the Petrodollar arrangement ... Whereas Israel constantly takes money out of the US, the Saudis pour it in! Private Saudi investment in the US economy is over $400 billion. Saudi Arabia is a major creditor to the US Government. Exact figures are hard to find but Saudi Arabia has loaned the US Government hundreds of billions of dollars.

Saudi Arabia is not going to risk an attack on the US because all that wealth would vanish. The Saudi wealth inside the US would be frozen or seized, and the outstanding loans to the US would never be repaid."

Given that we are talking sociopathic banksters here, I am wondering about a different 'motive' for going after the Saudis. Rather than (or perhaps in addition to) simple deflection away from the Tribe central involvement in 9-11, I sense something else going on.

Look back up at the second quoted paragraph. If some indictment could be rammed through 'our' government involving the Saudis, an immense amount of capital (both from seized assets and canceled loans) would immediately become available. The portion that didn't instantly vanish into bankster pockets would stimulate the economy. (In turn, this would probably cause the sheep to feel less financial pain and return to grazing - indirectly hurting the Truth movement.) It might forestall the imminent dollar devaluation, because of reduced principle & interest going overseas. Ironically, it might even 'save' the U.S. Petrodollar.

All the above might indicate a more calculated reason for the Saudi brouhaha...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

to the gardener,
Ya ,
I didn't notice the match up with visibles title today and the start of neil's poem until I went to check new comments tonite. He sure knows how to pick'em don't he? I just post them.
I would like to take this time to tell you that I've really enjoyed reading your comments over the past number of years. I know that you also have helped lighten others loads like other souls gathered here and elsewhere.
Thank You also for Shining the Light.
With Truth and Love,
walking hawk

flyingcossack said...

math is a precise language ... art is a clumsy and obscure language

art lets you zoom out, zoom sideways, guesstimate, speculate ... see how things are harmonious with other things ... you cannot build structures and rocketships from art ... tho, you might be building structures and rocketships for wrongful purposes without the perspectives art gives

its somewhat similar to the functions of men and women ... men make survival ... women make life worth surviving

flyingcossack said...

христос родився

Anonymous said...

Just one of those days

On or for new pretensions
you beckon and call
for nobody listens
the higher you rise
the farther you fall

Sun upon the water glistens
Love and Hope we must surmise
On or for new pretensions

Mark Lucas

Roi Tov meet E. A. Poe.



Anonymous said...

"Whether we win or lose is in the hands of the Gods. We can only choose whether or not to struggle. Let us rejoice in the struggle."

"There is no failure in life except the failure to try. Success is measured by how well we cope with disappointment; which we all must."

I like these quotes. Not sure who said them.


Anonymous said...

An old man on a crowded bus has trouble finding a seat. The bus careens down the avenue, shaking the passengers from left to right, and the old man, unable to support himself properly with his cane, falls to the floor.

Little Johnny, sitting nearby, looks down at him and says, "If you put a little rubber cap on the end of your cane, you wouldn't fall down like that."

The old man looks up and replies, "If your daddy had done the same thing, I could have gotten a seat on this fuckin' bus."

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Gotchaland and the Angels of Retribution.



Joseph Brenner

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