Thursday, December 19, 2013

Somewhere in Recent History, Normal Killed Itself.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There's something going on with India. I don't know what it is but you don't arrest and strip search and then do a cavity violation of a diplomat, without there being directives from high up. Obviously there is more to this story than meets our eyes and the blowback has been terrific. I've been thinking of India lately because of Priyanka Chopra. I had mentioned a few weeks ago that while listening to the opening song, which plays on Thursday Night Football (now over for the season) I heard the lyrics clearly say, "You've never had a party till you come and have a party in my pants". I went, "huh?" I heard this on two occasions and then it got changed to "till you come and have a party in my city" 'pants' and 'city' do not sound like each other. I don't think this lady did that herself, I think it got subliminally inserted. Will I Am of the incredibly gimmicky, no talent Black Eyed Peas had something to do with it.

For some reason this lady kept coming into my thoughts. Yeah, I know she's seriously hot but it's more than that cause that sort of thing doesn't have an impact on me much anymore. I'm always too aware of the down side and how rare the exceptions are (I'm always on the lookout for the exceptions). I thought at first she might be some new Vegas type sensation, or someone groomed at some level by some corporation or something and I was surprised to find she is an Indian national and prior to her now emergent musical career, she's been a Bollywood actress. I was curious about this lady so I went to youtube and found an interview with her. Once again I was surprised. She was the absolute picture of decorum, demure and without pretense. The way she sat and spoke was reminiscent of an actress from the 40's. She reminded me somewhat of Ingrid Bergman. Apparently she is the daughter of a very famous Indian musician. What I learned from all of this is what I already knew but which I forget routinely just like most of you. There is more to people than what we might get from initial appearances.

Justice is getting a sort of instantaneous edge to it these days. Just as all of the Tribe activated anti Semitic false flags keep getting caught out, other deranged entities from the dark side of Uranus are getting found out too. Well, we see it happening on the big stage all the time at the moment. Welcome to the Apocalypse, oh yeah. Local 101 Tribe Affiliates of Italy wants to drive David Duke out of Italy. Here's David commenting on the removal of Christian symbols, while the Tribe Menorah, symbol of duplicity, slaughter and other mayhem gets erected in gigantic form so that an electric company cherry picker is needed to lift those degenerates up to light the thing. However, all over the world their world is changing. All over the world, apocalyptic fever has broken a sweat on the brow of the formerly sleeping masses. Their time has come round at last and it's going to rock their world soon enough. You don't fuck with destiny and you don't change what is inevitable and for the betterment of all. When the time comes that's it.

Just like people and mountains and planets, nations have their span, which is quite a bit shorter than mountains and planets but usually longer than people. Still, sooner or later the cassette runs out of tape and that's it. That's it. You are given a period of time to address the issues having to do with you being here in the first place, although it is probably not the first time. When the tape runs out, be it in regards to a collection of people, or a trend in some segment of the population that has run it's course, or a country, or whatever it may be, that's it. That's it and you can even see it most of the time unless you are up too close, or involved in it. You can watch it come apart at the scenes.

It is to be expected, in times of material darkness that science would tie itself up in knots and distinguish itself in ever greater absurdities, until it is reduced to a drooling idiot. There is no stupid anywhere quite like educated stupid. Why shouldn't I go to the government and give them my proposal on extending human life through studying the California Sequoias? Right off, I'm thinking the key is to stand real still for hundreds of years with your arms in the air and slow your breath and heartbeat down to almost nothing. I'm still not clear about standing in a bucket of earth and fertilizer, diligently watered at intervals but we'll have various test groups to determine the efficacy of different approaches. After that we can move on to all kinds of fascinating studies and we'll have plenty of time since we'll be living for thousands of years. I know it might be difficult to accomplish much while standing very still with your hands in the air but we'll think of something.

Yeah, educated stupid is a whole thing of itself and it's a lot more dangerous than uneducated stupid. Educated stupid has a tendency to affect many lives up close and at a distance. Take psychology and psychiatry for instance and keep in mind, it's not just stupidity but a complete breakdown in moral character as well, including a loss of integrity, which is a lot more important than the people who see no value in it, when juxtaposed with the necessities of survival, think it is. Here you have people who go to school for long periods of time and read voluminous texts about all kinds of pathologies and all kinds of theories about the origins and intricacies of them. Then what happens is the pharmaceutical companies see the value of inventing all kinds of toxic chemical compounds that are supposed to treat these pathologies and they show up at the universities with suitcases filled with cash, along with their samples suitcase and they start stuffing hundred dollar bills into the pockets of the professors and the regents and board of directors and the next thing you know the whole method of treatment becomes pharmaceutically based. Then it occurs to the pharmaceutical manufacturers that the earlier they can find patients the longer they have to sell them expensive bogus medications so they can finance research laboratories who invent diseases out of thin air, just like their cousins do over at the Federal Reserve, with currency ..and for every new fictitious disease they come up with a new medicine. Of course, since they inflated the costs of research by about a hundred times what it actually cost, they can charge outrageous fees for these medicines in order to recoup their investments, which the law says they can do because they also went over to the FDA and to all the senators and representatives offices who control the policies of affected agencies and they also tossed around huge amounts of money and... you get the picture right?

What I just described here happens in every industry. It happens in the food industry when evil shits who invented some kind of sweetener from petroleum and Aardvark blood want to use it in soft drinks and candies. Back at the lab are hundreds of corpses of mutated and dead rats and other life forms who are proof that this compound has some kind of effect... no, those corpses aren't there any more. They went into the crematorium. It's the same in the munitions and war machine industry, where other evil shits went to the relevant political committees, with a bunch of blueprints under their arms and told the politicians, in between frenzied bouts of tossing wads of hundred dollar bills into the air, that the plane in the blueprint would revolutionize the military capability of the Air Force and grant a measurable superiority over everyone else. So the politicians voted to spend a hundred billion dollars on the plane only to find that this is wrong and that is wrong and eventually they have to shitcan the whole thing but that's okay cause they've moved on to the next thing. Actually they don't even do it like that. These days, The Pentagon, which is no more than an Israeli slush, (a criminal siphon machine for the really big cartels) fund simply gets hundreds of billions of dollars allocated to it and they sit down and sort of eenie, meenie, minee mo the money, which winds up in different piles. "We steal this, we spend this, we pay out this to insure cooperation and so on." You get the picture or else you're stupid or culpable.

Books like Fifty Shades of Gray don't just appear because some blimp of a piss poor writer sat down and agonized over the deathless lines that composed it. What it is is a bad marriage of romance novel and porn mixed up with a few other things. I haven't read it but I don't have to. Like so many things that become massive financial hits, the whole process was engineered to pander to the lowest prurient appetites of the bored and bewildered. Somewhere in New York City and cities like it, a bunch of cheese and white wine artistes and effete hangers on are referring to it as literature and every now and then one of them will turn to the other, point at the wall and say, "You know, I really like that painting. It's got a fullness and intrinsic power." what he's referring to is a red paint roller track across a white canvas. I can hear them now, "It speaks to me." I'm glad it kept it's mouth shut when I walked by.

What would a day be without a dose of social conditioning and the suppression of free speech?

A few years ago the janitors at MOMA cleaned up a couple of art exhibits that they rightly thought were trash left by visitors during an opening. The curators and critics were furious but the irony was not lost on the rest of us. One of the exhibits there was called "The Unmade Bed" if I remember correctly. Why is the state of contemporary art as it is? It's because the Tribe controls all aspects of it. Argue as much as you like. The proof is what it is. I guess it has to run its course. No large body of the public seems moved to do much. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, these are possessions of the privileged. They say what they like and they do what they like but you, you cannot. Or... perhaps you can, it depends on how 'effectively' you believe in your right to do so and who backs your play. I don't get my freedoms from government charters or citizenship. I get my rights from the cosmos. I don't recognize governments or temporal authority when they have ceased to possess any integrity whatsoever ...and if you are guided by fear it will be your master. How does fear come into play? That's an interesting question. No doubt the psychiatrists and psychologists have an answer for it; something along the lines of Xanax and Vallium.

I just saw a film called Don Jon (check out the reviews emblazoned on the poster up top). Boy! Does it ever sum up the depraved and superficial mindset that has been nurtured into the common American mind by those controlling the entertainment business. This is a new low, well past the Hangover series that finally got so bad that I couldn't even get past ten minutes of the third installment. When you are talking low brow this one has it all. This is how they want you to picture yourself, as a troglodyte from “Jersey Shore”, or a member of a massive failed experiment, where Kardashian DNA was spliced into GMO corn for the purpose of activation in the sweetener by products. I'm guessing this is the “Rocky” of the decade only differently abled.

Well, we've come to the end of whatever this is. Hopefully it is the beginning of something else (grin).

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant post Les. I had to smile on the Don Jon comment. I just got done watching before I jumped on here. I had to stomach my way through it. I would say there was a glimmer of decency about it thanks to the older woman he met at school. God bless Les


insiam said...

Hey Vis, whats with 'dissin' those clever people that do all those important surveys. I feel obliged to counter your 'diss' with a recent important survey by Ozzy Scientists ....


will iam said...

"You are given a period of time to address the issues having to do with you being here in the first place,"

I don't believe that bs. I think the keepers want people to believe that cause it strengthens their miserable existence. Gives them the importance they vainly seek.

Address the issues? This place is all about issues and if you don't have more when you are outta here then your probably hadn't been paying attention. Now that would need some explaining!

I think the fitting postscript to this place will simply be 'next!'

Cheers to you Vis, I enjoy your writing and wish for you all the best this season! will

Visible said...

Possibly the reason you consider it BS is because you didn't get my point. It's a commonly accepted truth in all legitimate fields that self inquiry is the single most important industry and the 'issues we have' are the offspring of our Karma and that is clarified and resolved through self inquiry. I have never seen where 'they' advocate that or want you to believe that; quite the reverse actually. All their efforts are to keep us distracted and away from self inquiry.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
discord and chaos
artificialy inseminated
disharmonious repercussions
disrespectfully instigated
institutional corruption
and cultural insanity
communities in turmoil
practising calamity
with hell bound principles
backward thought processes
images of death
focus of hopelessness
seems the minds indefinable
unobservable and dumbfound
in hearts insecurity
to disrespect when bound



Saturday, February 19, 2011 9:13:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...
lift of sanctifying
electrifying touch
lift a falling heart
wipe away the dust
blow a breath of living
hum the the living breeze
reaching through the moment
inner essence weaves
of rumbling of buffalo
dynamic inner light
activating processes
cosmicly aligned
universal harmonys
equilibrium afloat
swirl the grains of goodness
lift a man awoke


Saturday, February 19, 2011 9:38:00 PM

Thanks again Neil.
Thanks Visible.

walking hawk

Eudoxia said...

Can't agree with our more on post 4 Viz. Aside from m keyboard malfunctioning I'm copying and pasting t's and y's and it's a pain in the ass. My 23 year old son is in hospital with a brain tumor diagnosed on tuesday, straight to emergency,so I've not been online for a few days. this year has been a big one and has truly sucked but everything will become clear eventually but it's going out kicking and screaming for sure. I'll be relieved to hit 2014 a 7 year and a new moon to boot on January 1st. tumor is operable they are going to remove it on he 27th. On another note, he has an arachnoid cyst he was born with, picked up in he MRI as well, it's benign and totally harmless but it's given the surgical team access to the one causing the problems and is life threatening. Some would say that it's a fortuitous coincidence????? I doubt you amazing people will be hearing anything more from me until after his surgery (we sill have a public health system in Oz and I can't fault it, brand new hospital and best neuro team in Oz), so I will thank you in advance for your support and well wishes, I will still be reading the articles and comments but might not be posting, yes I am aware of he slash, burn and poison policy of the medical industry but in this instance there is no other way than to remove it. so please all be safe and well during he festive season and enjoy the cherished people in your lives. Peace and blessings be with you all talk soon.

Anonymous said...

I feel for ya .
My younger brother was just diagnosed with a big tumor in his lower esophagal cancer stage 4.
Only 47 yrs. old.
Trying remote healing for him and will put in a request for your son also, whats his name?

Lotsa shit goin' on these days.
This kinda stuff will definately
show us whats really important in our lives.
(and it sure ain't any material shit)

Love and Healing to ya Brother.

walking hawk

Eudoxia said...

Thank you Walking Hawk his name is Zack

Eudoxia said...

@ Walking Hawk

I'm sorry o hear about your brother also, my thoughts and prayers are with you also.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Art wise, me thinks I'll stick to the old timers. TYhe good ones like Boris Vallejo, John Waterhouse, Salvador Dali, and the incredible Michael Whelan.


Oh, where is Elric when you need 'im?

Anonymous said...

I thank you for giving me and the Spirit a chance to help .

It feels so good to be used as a tool for healing. Love Ya Man

w h

Anonymous said...

Isn't this what life is all about ?

The Spiritual,Emotional,Physical and Soul.

In my world, escaping the clutches of materialism and fear we are Truly Free.

w h

Thank You again Eudoxia.
Back to work with me now.

will iam said...

I apologize for having missed your point, and I have read the paragraph several times.

I cannot agree more with you that distraction and discouraging self inquiry has worked very well for 'them'. Its only through self inquiry that karma can be resolved. Thus my issue with the statement...

"You are given a period of time to address the issues having to do with you being here in the first place,"


Who gives this period of time?

Anonymous said...

wow....i smell a disaster. i think that duck dynasty flap might just be a HUGE mistake for the sociological controllers and non-stop politically correct police in america. this brouhaha could turn into a backlash that stuns people....last straw....people love that show and that old man. the people who put up with a lot of shit, pay their taxes, stay quiet for the most part and own guns. this might be the tipping point for something interesting.......
excellent post les visible.
liz in los angeles

Visible said...

If you don't know you don't know, let's leave it at that. I was about 99% sure I was being baited in the first round.

Anonymous said...

So I was talking to this 22-year-old woman last night at a bar whom I had just met for the very first time. I usually don't talk to anybody, because I'm afraid I'll catch Zombie-itis. But this girl was awake. We talked for hours, and it was refreshing. She said I had spoiled her for other men, because now she was going to be looking for a clone of me (and I'm 35 years older than she is). Maybe she was just being nice, but it still felt good. I could hang out with somebody who is awake and talk for years. Know what I mean? Too bad you only run into people like that, once every 10 years or so (I mean, out in the real world). Anyway, it renewed my hope for humanity. And it was a nice pre-Christmas gift as well. Crap, I probably shouldn't mention "Christmas" in an Internet post, should I? Hasn't that been criminalized? Oh wait, they're going to do that next week. My bad. So I have been reading "Thanks For the Memories" by Brice Taylor (aka Sue Ford). It deals with her life as the personal mind-controlled slave of both Henry Kissinger and Bob Hope. I don't necessarily buy the whole thing, because in parts of it, she seems to be bragging about what a hottie she was, and how great she was at performing sex, but there are portions of the book that just ring true. Especially when it comes to describing how the elite bring politicians to heel, and make them do their bidding. She allegedly was passed around to ungodly numbers of politicians when she was between 10 and 16 years old. And once they had sampled her wares, being underage as she was, the elite had them by the balls. Which explains a lot. It explains why vile, ridiculous laws are passed, on a seemingly never-ending basis. It explains why the Fed continues to exist, why wars happen, why the banksters continue to slurp at the pig trough - all of it. According to Brice Taylor, Kissinger was the true power behind Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Bush Jr. And he did the bidding of an outfit called the Council. The Council is a group of bloodline elitists who used mind control to pull the puppet strings of every organization on the planet (including secret societies, the Mob, etc.). You can read it online for free at ScribD. Just Google "thanks for the memories Brice Taylor" and look for the ScribD link...definitely, DEFINITELY worth a look.

will iam said...

You have my complete understanding because who can be sure of anything these days, especially with the Internet.

I trust I was not out of line because I have great respect for you and your work! cu, will

Anonymous said...

Liz at 5:18,

In Pitman New Jersey each Christmas season a banner is strung up across the street between a light pole and a privately owned building. The banner reads 'Keep Christ in Christmas'. No one in town ever had any objections.

Last year however an atheist group called Freedom From Religion, based in Wisconsin did object. Its spokesman, tribe member lawyer Andrew Seidel(big surprise, there)maintained that this was either a violation of the establishment clause of the Constitution, or a sign that needed a permit – and without a permit, they were showing favoritism to an organization.

This year the banner went up again and the tribe-led group hired a billboard outside of town that says 'Keep Saturn in Saturnalia'. Someone doused it with gasoline in an attempt either to destroy it or to send a message.

Some would say arson. I prefer to say righteous anti- PC/tribe agenda anger.

Moreover the irony of a tribe member spouting off about favoritism is priceless.


Anonymous said...

Anon @6:22,

Nice try at ziodeflection, there, sonny. However your unwillingness to specifically address the role of the tribe in all those machinations earns you a D+ on this website.


Anonymous said...

Prescient, incisive post as usual Les. However, with respect to the Indian diplomat and the horrendous treatment, you may not have realized that this criminal assault on the Indian Diplomat prefaces the criminal trial for the Mumbai false flag attack by the CIA patsy which is soon coming to a Mumbai theater near you.
Message conveyed. No Indians off the reservation.

Visible said...

Okay, I blipped a comment because it was an escalation of something having to do with Mandocello. Guys, let's play nice. There is some funny shit going on around here recently ; people trying out different angles, looking to set something up or... so it seems. I don't want this to reflect on anyone that it doesn't reflect on so if it doesn't apply to you don't take it personally. It's only relevant where it applies.

Anonymous said...

My take on Don Jon. Shocking - yes - but it is a constructive movie taking on what is generally under the counter - the open dirty little secret that the internet floats on a massive sea of porn. That millions - billions - have immediate access to this which encourages them to masturbate - leading to addiction - lots of wasted energy there. I thought it was a good movie - very thoughful, dealing with a current phenomenon/ problem - well acted and directed. We are living in a very sick time and this movie did a good job showing that. Peter

Anonymous said...


Walk in bravery
Cherish every now and then that comes your way
Hold each as though it's your teacher and teach it as a top student of eternity..
Gather the knowledge and bear witness to all that passes you by - for each is giving, taking and feeling and when You feel - feel EVERYTHING - because the heart will not mislead You into too much that cannot be handled and just enough to pull you even closer to heavens doors...we are almost there...
I watch everything fall, rise and shatter...I speak - unafraid and tell - but when we tell...we tell truth...and just the water that his truth in memory flow - let it be in sea, oceans, rivers or creeks - water meets, exchange, replenish and return flowing again...flowing again..we are like water...we are few...Vis...but we are here - we are here.

Purpose to know and embrace. It must be for nothing - NOTHING is not known by Creator...All knowing...most Merciful.

Peace and Blessings,


(Few that that gather here - to pull the ropes of truth together and resonate the song written and sung by the few)...surely they will hear...sure they will hear...

Ray B. said...

I just happened across this NY Post article on Saudi involvement in 911. Given all the multiple players within the 911 apparatus, and the obvious Tribe leadership, I am not sure how far down the operational ladder the Saudis were. They may even have been involved as the "Lee Harvey Oswald" character of the piece (for later blame). I am not even sure of how much in/of the article is blatantly made-up or misdirection. Nevertheless, I thought Vis' readers should know about it. It is a good consolidation of Saudi info.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Just my opinion but it was overkill in the extreme, that film, with a sop of fifteen minutes or so at the end with a lot of insincere moralizing which they could hardly have released the movie without. The whole theme was gratuitous and with a desire to make it funny which it wasn't and the random waste of most precious resources? Well, we can agree to disagree.

Besides which, I am no fan of Scarlet's (grin), nor of Julienne's. It was odd seeing my two least favorite actors, besides Paltrow and Streisand. I watched Star Wars In the Darkness last night, now that is a good film. They've really done a bang-up job on the movie end of that series

Saw that Saudi thing and the covert mention of not mentioning other players.

Anonymous said...

Les, I am in India and have been following the growing feud between our countries. It is obvious that this is deliberate provocation by the American government. The retired senior Indian diplomat M K Bhadrakumar who writes on foreign affairs mentioned some of the reasons behind America's action. ( India is no longer quite the toady the Obama administration has been accustomed to. The US no longer looks like such a super power, so India has had to start hedging its bets. The whole American Afghanistan caper could come apart any time -- Karzai is feeling his oats. Obama needs the Pakistani government to lean on him to get the bases in Afghanistan that your rulers killed 3000 of their subjects for. What better way to win the Pakistani government's 'friendship' than by shitting on India? A former Indian foreign affairs minister has suggested that we might avenge ourselves by doing something nasty to a homosexual US diplomat (read: Nancy Powell, US ambassador to India, one of the first openly gay members of the Obama administration, in the context of the Indian Supreme Court having just shot down a High Court ruling that decriminalised homosexual acts). Everyone you hear wants some sort of counter-provocation. I think getting down to the American level of cruelty and vulgarity would be giving away the game -- and that is what your 'game theory' led Judaic rulers are betting on. The best revenge would be to unmuzzle our media re 9/11 -- hopefully creating a powerful enough wave to be felt back in America -- and encouraging thereby the American military's early departure from this and other far-flung parts of the world. India could then make best friends with Pakistan and China, taking care of our region without outside interference. That would be better justice than having Nancy Powell cavity-groped. Best regards, Syed Zaidi

Visible said...

Syed; interesting.

Visible said...

Ah... what do you know Hasbara Boy, it didn't. It was probably the craven anonymity thing. The posting of course would be moot anyway because how would you be reached? Ergo- irrelevancy. Blip.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Powers, Placements and Potentials. Now is the Given Moment.

Visible said...

Didn't read the comments and won't post them. All I needed to see was the first sentence so, you wasted your time and anyway, rudimentary sarcasm, devoid of skill has no impact on me. Even the best has no impact other than entertainment. You'll need a verifiable identity because, as you well know, anything less, in this case, is cowardice and also indicates a lack of faith in and belief in what you present because otherwise, why wouldn't you stand behind it? That's my dilemma, I can't let anyone who conceals themselves toss off commentary with no credible entity behind it.

My suggestion is that you disprove what I say about Israel. Everyone here would like to see that but... you can't can you because... it's all true and demonstrably provable, as I have a habit of doing.

zepheri said...

India halted all gold imports or was it exports They need to do something before the next wedding season.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Yahweh's Boys, the Wide Boys from the Temporal Swamp.



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