Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mr. Apocalypse and his Walking Stick

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

It goes on behind closed doors. At least that is how it has always been until now. This character has appeared who is half Fred Astaire, half Buster Keaton and half Michael Jackson moving backwards; you do the math. What I mean to say is that it is all by way of Monty Python, with synchronized Jesus Krishna/Ted Bundy attitude. It’s Mr. Apocalypse. Mr. Apocalypse is what should have been when it wasn’t permitted by those who should not have done what they did AND Mr. Apocalypse is here. Mr. Apocalypse is the greatest public servant of all. He has rectitude and integrity like Rothschild has paper; paper, rock, scissors? Mr. Apocalypse is ultra-abled; he’s got fire and water too.

The reason Mr. Apocalypse has so many features and dimensions is that he has a consort who assists him in his public actions that take place behind closed doors on the stage of contemporary presence. She is called Lady Nature and she brings the force to bear upon circumstance. You can think of Mr. Apocalypse as a David Copperfield kind of a guy that has a slinky, shimmering and attractive presence in the person of an assistant who makes shit happen and I messed this up somewhere and that is why I am doing it in a Petri Dish.

Things have to operate within their dimensions. They are required to operate within a certain construct of limitation in order to operate. You can talk about rules and regulations. You can talk about walls and blocks. You can talk about foundations. You can talk math and you can shoot around the corner with algebra and engage trigonometry and you can go and go and go like the Energizer Bunny but you are in a system.

You depend on systems. When you drive over a bridge you depend on the math and mechanics that support your travel. Some systems are temporary and some endure. Some systems are eternal and may not be systems but simply 1010101010 out of which systems emerge and then there are dimensions.

Of course you are going to have a new world order and of course things are going to repeat themselves and of course it is going to go on and on. That is what it does. The Earth goes on and on. The planets go on and on and demonstrations of life go on through the colorful envelope of culture and commerce and there you are.

I have been a bit of a warrior in my life and I have been on mad escapades. I would say endurance is my signal strength. I have fallen down three or four times in my life from exhaustion and it wasn’t connected to drugs or age, it was just max point. I used to go out into the McKenna Beach area on Maui and throw kicks at the cactus plants and knock the parts off of them and you have to be careful with your aim, given that the spikes can find their way through the sneakers but I was just testing myself against Nature, the same way I used to dance with the desert serpents who used the wind dervishes for psychedelic gladiator school. I have an idea about systems; methods of delivery, compression and release and all kinds of things but I am not a tool and die man, or a banker but I can see some things and my observation is that the thin air fiat system is flammable and corrosive and right now and there is no getaway.

I don't mean to intrude myself into the mix but we are all myself aren’t we? We all have our systems and habitual behavior. I hope your system is in tune with the cosmos or that you are considering getting in tune with the cosmos because the cosmic imperative, Mr. Apocalypse, is moonwalking on the accordion licks and this system has come to the end of its intention and now the beast is looking to close the doors of the casino so the whores of Babylon can cloister and party, while you suffer at your own expense. Not only are they stealing from you but they are blaming the cause of the condition on you and they are intending to make you pay for their excesses.

Ordinarily this kind of shit just goes on and on. It migrates when times get dicey and it works over long periods of time and across long stretches of country but... presently all of these things have run out and the veils are lifting. I have no idea of what is intended to occur, but August brings us more inevitable push and shove, meeting irresistible force and Mr. Apocalypse is walking though the town, tapping his stick. He is using his stick to lift the skirts of the banker whores and when he does this it’s a public thing. Mr. Apocalypse is no uncatchable Jack the Ripper. Mr. Apocalypse is the good guy. It’s most interesting how Jack would operate and how Mr. Apocalypse operates, given the present situation.

Some things have been going on for a long time in the same old places. You get the idea that those same old places aren’t really there anymore but they are. It’s always new and improved. It winds up rehabilitated, like The Vatican. They don’t burn witches and heretics now because they are spiritual. The fundamentalists are good to go with Jesus, because Jesus is their skateboard. The banks and the military, along with the religions and the marketplaces, along with the governments and every other system (did I leave somebody out?) are what they are based on but it is the people who are operating them. They are as good or bad as the people who control the system and whatever controls them. The generals in Turkey are resigning, or are they resigning? Why are they stepping down? Mr. Apocalypse knows why they are stepping down.

The reality is that you will get your house in order, or else. Mr. Apocalypse can dance like nobody can dance. When Mr. Apocalypse dances then you know what the margin is. Did I say margin? Can I get a hedge? Don’t hedges create privacy? Is that some kind of irony? I’m sure the metaphorical royals of our world have hedges and I will bet they have hedge clippers. Mr. Apocalypse has got all those things too and Mr. Apocalypse owns the joint so... Did I say something about you do the math?

I like to sing and dance. I like to be alone. I like all kinds of things and mostly I don’t get to do them but one of these days I will. I hope that everyone gets what they want and more in every sense of the word because if you can\t wake up when Mr. Apocalypse is working his stick. If you can’t wake up and see what is in front of you and call it for what it is then... then.... I expect you get what you deserve. We’ll see, because that is Mr. Apocalypse’s job and he is on the job, as I write these words. You just might see him walking past you in his top hat and tails, that’s how very present he is.

End Transmission.......

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Anaughty Mouser said...


Thank you for being here, for your words.

My brain is bursting and my heart is breaking. Is there nothing that can stop this zionist murder machine in our midst?


kikz said...

nice one les :)

i swear i think Mr. Apo-calypso has tapped gordon duff. i tried to post there for first time in months, in disagreement w/some supposed facts inre an 'alex jones-esque' freemason frothing rant concerning the norway massacre.

apparently duff has acquired a fragile ego, and doesn't appreciate corrections of his 'erroneous' material. nor care as to the validity of his posts.

apparently now, according to duff himself, i am 'now considered a spammer'.

how weird. :) guess it's just 'signs o the timez'?

Visible said...

I think you're right. I don't think he cares for me either, I've had my own non experience with him. Donh't worry about it. People are just at whatever level they are at. I take people for what they show me and go no further but I'm also big on second chances.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I heard tell Mr. Apocalypse can play that accordion with three hands tied behind his back.

kikz said...

thx, les... :)

what bothered me was..i'd not posted in months... yet i'm a spammer???

and avail doc refuting (just the 2) i'd nailed him on, took no more than 1min to find online. he cares nothing for his credibility? who knows, maybe it's a counter-intel psy-op :)?

i'm not worried.. just told him.. his feelings for me were irrelevant, and didn't chg the facts in dispute... and advised him to ...

flail on, dude. :D

Anonymous said...

"No, I'm not OK." Black anti-hero in Pulp Fiction after being saved from further sodomy.

He then promised to acquire the services of some crack-pipe individuals to go medevil with pliers and a blow torch on the surviving sodomist for the rest of his sorry little life.

I would like something similar to happen to the ruling Rothschilds, to the murdering Mossad and to the synagogue of Satan genociding zionists.

Part of me knows it is wrong to wish for such justice - I am a Christian. But even Jesus lost His temper one time, it was at the money changers.

My anger is also at a modern version of these people - the Talmudists.

A really big whip needs to be made and used unsparingly on these false-jew, Khazarian, ashkenazi mamon worshippers.

Jesus, where are you? The money-changers have taken over the world and they are killing innocent brown and white children to maintain their evil power over everything and everybody.

Please hear our prayers.

Sincerely yours.


Unknown said...

Now why does this article bring Baron Samedi to mind?!

So, August is gonna be interestin', huh? I don't know if I should being this up, but Stuart Wilde actually said Kalki is gonna show up tomorrow(7/31/11) in his blog, though I personally ain't holdin' my breath. Kalki didn't tell me shoite, and neither did any of his co-workers like Shiva or Kali, so why should I believe him?

I don't think I'll post the link. I think I may have enough people laughin' their arses off over this post.

Well, whatever. We'll be goin' through the blender soon enough, I suppose. And so many people are completely clueless, just goin' 'bout their business as if everything is gonna just keep on keepin' on in what they're familiar with.

I find it somewhat amusin' in a morbid sort of way.

covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

KIKZ;Check out the comments section at Kenny's blog,Mouser,Veritas and Eddy have all called into question Duff's the freemasons did the Norway massacre thing.

Anonymous said...

There I was reading this piece and wondered if he had something to beat those bastards with..........

Somewhere near the end I found he had a stick.


I just made one hellofa Shillelagh with dirty great thorns still on there..............

He can have that with my compliments...........

Rock on Mr A............


Anonymous said...

@ A Theoretically fictional character.

Stuart Wilde also blasts sapphire bullets of pure love at the "ghouls" in the "aluna". Well, so he says. And now "Kalki"? No need to hold your breath, just breathe. Stuart Wilde also said that you'd be able to buy a Ferrari for $40 Canadian bucks, "a year from now", and that was two years ago. Nothing to see here...
The return of Jesus? Sorry folks, that was meant to be a joke! The bolshevik revolution, two world wars, and the "least of these", the babies, now sacrificed in their mother's womb, after all it's a "medical procedure". We who have suffered the least in relation to atrocities of the past think we're "special"? pffffffffft.

Anonymous said...

Visible, Saturday, July 30, 2011 8:18:00 PM
For those who are delusional, Les, yes – a second chance. But hard wired psychopaths I don't think we can give them a second anything. Unless of course your Apocalypse is going to change them 'in the twinkling of an eye'. Possible I suppose – not probable but possible; where then does 'revenge is mine sayeth the Cosmos' kick in.
I suppose we will just have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Aloha, Les!

When Mr. Apocalypse struts his stuff, listen for the soundtrack by Django Reinhardt (with all his fingers working in the Studio Beyond). We live in awesome times. Even the aliens are on the edge of their seats. We are all in the show, even as background extras, and ON WITH THE SHOW!

"Hey, you know what? Our Employee Handbook don't say nothin' about no total system collapse! WTF??!! I guess they'll just make it up on the fly!

'As our efforts to collect now-worthless dollars from our clientele have been for naught, we are sadly forced to lay off everyone indefinitely. As for your 401(k), BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, I wish I could have warned you, but that wasn't company policy. Good Luck and Happy Holidays from all of us at Human Resources. And if we never meet in this world again, see you on the flipside!"

kikz said...

cov* thx hon, for the heads up on the duffstuff..over @kenny's.
i left em a note over there :)

Anonymous said...


and now...

First printed human designs can design and print airplane, print car, print hooker, print cocaine, print landscaper, print beautician, print dog groomer, print dog, etc.

To those that will contend they wouldn't be necessary items for humans at that point; we won't be necessary. Organtica Exstinktica; could Archons win round 1 with Gaia/Sophia? Humans and terrestrial flora and fauna; gone. Replaced by 10010101000101010101? Ever think maybe they printed the politicians and troops already?

Welcome to the human replacement. Who needs a hybrid when you can create an inorganic copy? Now that we can print a copy of you without freewill or the need to eat, piss or fuck; we don't need you.



wv; Organica Exstinktica; next.

Anonymous said...

"what's done in the dark will be brought to the light"

It happens day after day -

God's gonna cut 'em down.

Anonymous said...

@Kikz, I did some research on Alexander Hamilton and posted it in the comments here:

Pay attention to his early years.

Anonymous said...

piere said..

Jack and Mr Know It All walk hand in hand.
this song
Stevie Wonder Mr Know It All
covers the angst and frustration part.

In anticipation I welcome Mr Apocalypse, with a how do you do. more importantly, how did I do?


wv: tontant. a transformer goliath who doesnt look like much (size wize) to start with. watch out you evildoers.

Publius said...

Mr. Apocalypse owns Birdbrain, and Birdbrain has been the occupant of the White House since time out of mind.

Birdbrain! by Allen Ginsberg / Hotel Subrovka, Dubrovnik,
Oct 14, 1980

Birdbrain runs the World! Birdbrain is the ultimate product ...!14oct1980.htm -

Zore said...

Rhythm, Timing, Expanse, Understanding.

Chinese Sneakers said...

At the end of this sentence: "I have an idea about systems; methods of delivery, compression and release and all kinds of things but I am not a tool and die man, or a banker but I can see some things and my observation is that the thin air fiat system is flammable and corrosive and right now and there is no getaway;" i wish to differ a bit, politely.

By my humble estimates, they most certainly 'believe' that they're either going to get away with it, or be able to get away, having hedges on both sides as they say. Now i believe that they have effectively absconded with a controlling share of the world's gold supply which may in fact give them a getaway as it has in previous tran-z-itions. Guess this is what you meant with all that talk recently about the eternal recurrence (to lift a phrase from Nietzsche.

Still, i would suggest that we would do well to start reckoning with the possibility that the bad guys read Les, too; and that they know exactly what's coming.

Better best if we don't get fooled again--no?

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like Mr. A is in many places simutaneously like big daddy is.

Just saying.....

kikz said...

interesting info on hamilton, anon.

had no info as to his early yrs. my only familiarity was frm the federalist papers on, thru his bank battles w/andrew jackson. also, according to a published masonic historian/author, no record of hamilton's being a member of any lodge exists...

i'm glad the deist leanings of jefferson and washington overrode any references in the founding docs to any deity other than nature's god. no matter what hamilton wanted.

also, i'm no fan of washington, he was a bastard inre the whisky rebellion.. and he also left thomas paine in a french prison to rot. franklin ultimately expedited his release, saving his life.

while visiting kenny's sideshow, (thx again covkid) i noticed duff has another essay out on the norway massacre. look'd quite a backoff/backpedal on the previous rant in some ways.

Rabbit said...

Thanks for a good article as always Les. As always you help me put words to what I feel. But you along with all my trusted points of light are warning of the same impending nature of the next stage and it feels like it might be the end of the beginning.

I am from my mortal outlook in panic. Imagine a rabbit running just ahead of Mt Apocalypse, desperately working against seemingly impossible odds and surrounded by recalcitrant people involved at every step as he tries to get his mate out from under the shadow of the crushing boot of the Zionist driven US War Machine as it stalks it's next victim. Whether it is attacked directly yet or not, whatever comes next is going to make that area much worse than it is and it is already a pretty scary place when I was there just after they killed the ghost of Bin Laden. Attempting to get visas to get from Pakistan to a safer third country where said mate will have to be parked whilst more complex visa problems for the land of Oz are organised. Perhaps a half year to wait on that.
Maybe it doesn't sound like much, but from where I am it is insanity at every level. It feels like being on the edge and slipping into a huge top loader washing machine. The feeling of impending war, along with cultural issues which revolve around potential honor killings if we slip up here and the very real danger of kidnapping and white slavery if I slip up later, (said mate is young and cute) as well as a business partner who has gone from being a godsend to possibly a direct agent from hell in a few short months, who sits astride the entire matter of my personal life and business at the now like a spider deciding where to deliver the final fatal bite.
One's own offspring seem to have become some sort of zombies who can't do anything beyond suck the marrow out of the skeletal remains of a formerly plump cash cow and despite the seeming impossibility of success now after months of plans and outlays and promises given and relied upon. As the rabbit stands on the threshold of having to fly, snatch his loved one and somehow skim the surface of the waves and arrive safely at a distant and exotic place, he sees only darkness bearing down on the direction which is his destination.
I have nothing left but prayer. If I did not have faith in Allah now, I would surrender to despair. Please might I beg of any who have the excess caring to give, please say a short prayer for our success. I can feel the heat bearing down, more and more it looks like I am going to be at the very sharp and pointy end of this when it lets go. Pray for us that we get through it. This is no time to be running towards the center of the trouble but I have no choice, otherwise I might as well cut out my heart now and burn it.

Anonymous said...

Kali Yuga = Apocalypse?

Resonates with me

Thanks Vis. You are indeed part of my heart like to many others here.


Anonymous said...


When I actually see water, wisdom or compassion pour from gold, then and only then, will I be convinced of its societal value.

Pay me 100 ounces of love for each act of kindness we can bestow on each other and we may consider us all as wealthy. Maybe even kings and queens worthy of ruling our hearts and minds!



A.Mouser said...

Anon 6:49,

I'd like to help you. Contact me at for details.


P.S. Visible might you consider coordinating a new mass prayer a la Gaza for the end of zionist oppression around the world?

P.P.S. Nitwityahoo's government is presently being petitioned by the israelis themselves to step down after poor housing and fury over the Mossad hit on innocent Norway youth. Hallelujah!

siamsam said...

On reading the first paragraph I really thought you were talking about Obama. Your description of Mr Apocalypse fits exactly with the Hussien guy.

Then again i suppose they are intertwined.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

Mr. Apocalypse is getting his presence felt across this universe...even those with the wool in their eyes are feeling something is not the same...

although the minions of evil...those of demonic essence and the counterfeit beings whom they have been able to sway will never run out of spurious answers as to what is happening...they will explain away everything in the light of their mendacious doctrines...just as the religions have done for countless eons...including so-called scientists...will never give the real reasons for the planetary occurrences because they are programmed like simple robotic computers spewing out false information...

it will be beyound them to acknowledge what is occurring is the conclusion of the END time for this planet as prophesied long ago...

the shock resulting from sudden forced expansion of awareness and the realization of those things which they have for so long denied...will have catastrophic effects upon them...many will simply not recover...

without such awareness and preparation one can only expect to be caught in suffering and possible panic as the changes about to evolve on this planet commence...

making sense of the madness is essential...and yet the majority of beings on this planet do not even realize that they are existing within a madness...

for so long many have denied the truth of things and in so doing convinced themselves to accept their falsehood as as the Truth confronts them...they will be shattered beyond recall...

for those of an evil essence no amount of denial will be sufficient to hide the fear and terror which this operation and energy will have on them...they will be terrified beyond description...particularly as the action of the beings of Light takes effect...

their doom will be inscribed on their foreheads...their fearful countenance will reveal it...they will not be able to hide their nature one moment matter how much they try to laugh...for the beings of Light will be able to perceive their True nature by use of the Power of the newly descended Light and inflowing of the Father energy...

Best Wishes Always

covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

"When I actually see water, wisdom or compassion pour from gold, then and only then, will I be convinced of its societal value".

Absolutely beautiful Ghana.Unfortunately there are not too many around who think like you do.


W.V.cheapple;...sheeple are 10 a penny.

salialioli said...

Rabbit, prayers for you in abundance. Don't worry, there will be time. 6 months isn't long.

Go very carefully and resist all temptations at snatch and grab. The latter will only attract attention as you know, I'm sure.

Thanx to Mr Visible for staking out the horizon and keeping our eyes trained on the possible clues around us. No guidance needed as we're on our own, but it's great to be accompanied.

Miriam said...

Rabbit you have my prayers for you and your loved ones as well.

DaveR said...

@ covkid said...
Hi Les and all,

"When I actually see water, wisdom or compassion pour from gold, then and only then, will I be convinced of its societal value".

Absolutely beautiful Ghana. Unfortunately there are not too many around who think like you do."

Too true, that. Gold seems to suck wisdom and compassion right out of the situation as soon as there's any to be had. Funny how so many are all "love and light" until there's a few shekels on the table.

Funny thing happens later with those people. Their plans never seem to work and they never understand why.

Miriam said...

Today begins the 5th Day of the Mayan Calendar(July 31-August 17 which according to Calleman and astroliger Barbara Hand Clow is a doozy.

The brightest period of Light(Christ Consciousness)Forward Movement.

This cracking of evil is part of the blast of Light coming in and breaking up the gangrene atrophied conditions of the many leveled beast.

This Light is a harbinger. Be ready to open to it and flow. Stay out of the way of madness; help where you can...

Miriam said...

Today begins the 5th Day of the Mayan Calendar which according to Calleman and astroliger Barbara Hand Clow is a doozy.

The brightest period of Light(Christ Consciousness)Forward Movement.

This cracking of evil is part of the blast of Light coming in and breaking up the gangrene atrophied conditions of the many leveled beast.

Welcome this Light as the harbinger and be ready to open to it and flow. Stay out of the way of madness; help where you can...

Jarlsberg said...

If Mr. Apocaplypse walks by i will offer a cold drink and a snack if he is so inclined. I love the work he is doing, taking a big shit on frauds and charlatans.

DaveR said...

@ Miriam said...
Today begins the 5th Day of the Mayan Calendar(July 31-August 17 which according to Calleman and astroliger Barbara Hand Clow is a doozy.

The brightest period of Light(Christ Consciousness)Forward Movement."

I've been reading about this for the last couple weeks, after the previouusly mentioned GLP thread. The way it lines up with Time-Wave Zero is just a little too coincidental. The only thing I would have to materially disagree with is the notion that the Days are all the same length on each level, or that the levels are stairstepped in the fashion they depict. It seems to me that the length of the level might be correct, but the beginning days would be longer and get progressivley shorter as we go. I can't find any justification in Calleman's work for the days being equal, but I'm not that far into it yet. I ma be running out of "time" to find out. Hehe

Nice day in Southern Michigan!

wv: alimp. Sadly, my arthritis has acted up and I'm walking with one.

A.Mouser said...

Ho ho ho ho!!!

After years of waiting, Drockton finally produces!

Bless his heart.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit!

Is Patrick Willis reading your mother fucking mind Visible?

Your couldn't have written this better even if it was you.

is it your words?


Zionism must die.

Miriam said...

Here is significant news on the USA home front:
Mr. Apocaplypse has used His stick~

"On June 16, 2011, the US Supreme Court overturned a US Court of Appeal ruling; and, believe it or not, reasserted not only State sovereignty but individual sovereignty as well. And we thought the government was going to hell in a hand basket! This unanimous decision, as I see it, is a major turning point, a visible shift in consciousness of the ruling elite. All things are possible. Watch for miraculous reversals in the remainder of this 9th wave. "


Forgot this said...

Patrick Willis

Miriam said...

Here is an RT vid-report on the protests in Israel~
Jewish Tahrir? Israel witnessing mass protests

Anonymous said...

I love mr appocalypse too...,
thankyou mr appocalypse I think its great what your doing,and your welcome round our house for a cup of tea when ever you feel happy,,

keep up the good work mr appocalypse

mr visibles top quality petri and smoking mirrors too,sorry I havent been around,,,

respects neil

Anonymous said...

Though doing some hot dancing over the past couple days to the music by the likes of Jimmy Thackery, Ray Manzarek and Larry McCray at the 16th Annual Fargo Blues Festival; i had no idea that this dancing with my walking stick had any possible connexion with apocalyptic developments.

The transductive resonant power of Wizard Willow dancing sticks has been revealing itself to me over the past few years when i have taken these presumed walking sticks to outdoor blues festivals where these offerings of the Great Mother catch and carry the vibe of the music of movement. This revelation began with the whittling on a stick at a previous Fargo festival a few years back. A week later that same stick attended one of the last appearances of Bo Diddly at the Seven Clans Casino Blues festival. It was the vibes of the late Bo Diddly which induced my first experience of stick dancing, as the music, the inductive power of the willow and my own spirit produced an experience akin to those of Sufi Dervishes. Bo Diddly still lives within that wood from a willow which had died a natural death while maintaining the potential of great Blessings.

Power of music as a great unifier of people from every stratum of life has long been known to the Dark Powers who do all they can to co-opt and corrupt this agency to their own usages. But this elemental and natural outpouring from the Spirit of One can never be conquered by those who would rule in the names of greed and maddened manias of ego.

Elemental energies are awakening. The reckoning is looming. When the Lord of the Dance carries and transmutes the message of the music, the elementals and the angels are in accord. Those whose worship of Moloch through shedding the blood of the innocent will soon meet the fate they have so earned. This verdict will stick.

Anonymous said...

To my brothers and sisters;

Thank you for your gifts.

I apologize for using the term "me" when I got in the way of the Divine's muse who was producing:

"Pay me 100 ounces of love for each act of kindness we can bestow on each other and we may consider us all as wealthy. Maybe even kings and queens worthy of ruling our hearts and minds!"

It should have read:

Pay we 100 ounces of love for each act of kindness we bestow on each other and we may consider us all wealthy. Maybe, even kings and queens worthy of ruling our own hearts and minds.

Considering one as self while here can be an addictive tendency leading one to becoming a repeat offender. We are truly already wealthy because the wheel keeps turning; instead of 3 strikes your out.


There is usually a lesson in times like what you are encountering. As Vis has mentioned; it's for demonstration purposes. So here is a prayer from me;

I pray you remain detached and calm from the emotion being designed to instill fear. My your heart and mind remain true to its unselfish purpose of providing a harbor of safety for your tribe.
May the false fear reverse itself and be the light to carry you with courage and determination.

Your brother and friend,


Visible said...

two fabulous posts by two fabulous posters.

thank you!

DaveR said...

@ Mouser:
Can you try again with that link. I get nothing...

Penny Pincher said...

I was going to mention this reminded me of Baron Samedi but someone already beat me to it. Baron Samedi also has an eye patch. I am not sure which eye but it would be most appropriate for it to be the left one. One time I saw a strip club bouncer who looked JUST like Baron Samedi.

Anonymous said...

Vis and Anon at 12:16 am;

I grew up from the around the 3rd grade until the summer between 8th grade abd becoming a freshman in a small town in New Mexico called Bosque Farms. 45 miles south of no where else close by; back when. I grew up around the daughters of Mr. Bo. We rode horses, dipped snuff, swam in the irrigation canals during hot summers... like this one in south Texas. Carp and catfish as big as Chevy's. Crawdads the size of lobsters and elk the size of moose!

We would play 8 tracks of Diddley, Muddy, B B, Elvis, Slim Harpo, early Zepp, ZZ Top; while playing kick the can, hide and go seek or mother may I, in the barns, lofts and ditch banks. If I recall, they moved to somewhere in Florida around the time my parents split (78-79) and we moved to Albuquerque. Thank you all so much for tapping the well of love, memory and resonance that resides within me.



wv; 8-track: a mental time warp experienced by a generation each time it reads the name. Said backwards it sounds like qurat tay.

That does not mean anything; just wonder how many said it out loud at least once? he he

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

came across this today,
Rense and Dr Judy Wood on her new book about 911 "Where did The Towers Go"?

quite scary when you consider the possible technologies employed. still I am thinking that there must be counterbalances to the misuse of powers. and why so petty and "materialistic?". amateurs with pro tools methinks.




ps Vis, sent you an email on a shopping matter (is also why I cant buy this ladys book for now).

wv: retshory. when history is restored to its former glory.

John O said...

Hey Les and All,

Les your blogs are simply the best and the group of folks who write comments are also the best on the web.

I really love you all.

Mr Apocalypse not only has his stick working but he's put steel taps on his shoes for the nest phase of his dance.

It is beautiful that Ramadan Kareem begins Aug 1st this year. The planetary aspects for August are the most challenging I've seen in some time.

I believe we should all join our Muslim brothers in observing Ramadan this year. The traditions of Ramadan seem to me like a perfect method of staying focused during this most trying of times.

Dear Rabbit, It is my families prayer that Allah the Merciful and Generous grant you and yours peace and deliverance.

It is so tempting to go on a long rant about Augusts planetary aspects again, but I will leave it with Holy Shit. Prayer, introspection, Hugs and Love daily for all whom you can embrace are my best advice to myself and anyone who will listen.

Peace and Best Wishes to You All, John O

Anonymous said...

Thanks Visible, Anonymice et al. I believe it's OK to wish for JUSTICE! And yes for second chances (non-psy-op Cajun accordion required). Send them away to an island north of the Arctic Circle with their creations (radioactive hybrid GMO, prions, Roundup, dioxin, fluoride, chlorine water, chemtrails, HIV and other manmade evil viruses). Lord Jesus, hear our prayers for Rabbit. And take all your dead children home.
Machiventa Melchizedek

Anonymous said...

DaveR 1:43,

Here's the link again - works well.

siamsam said...

Seems like the stick is being wielded far and wide.

I guess many readers are aware of the Hoy Greig affair. (Downs syndrome girl sexually abused by the usual suspects - Judges, senior Police)

Well, Mr apocalypse has tapped his stick and those responsible will be feeling nauseous.

Breaking News: Hollie Greig case exposed in today’s Scottish Sunday Express

Anonymous said...

Gideon Ezra: "The state of Israel is not prepared to accept a creeping right of return; no one wants our state to cease to be a Jewish state."

Dear Ezra; That is where you are completely wrong. The majority of the world want Palestine to be returned to the Palestinians from whom it was brazenly stolen in 1948.
Most of us do indeed want the land of Palestine to cease being a Jewish state.

est said...

for some reason
this brought to mind

a little ditty
i would sing

when my girl and me
worked the early vines

[one on each side]
[a little call and response]

ch :

mr. clipper mr. clipper
he like to clip all day

mr. clipper mr. clipper
we can't hear a word you say

as you might imagine
there were many verses

the young guy in charge
kept trying to split us up

we laughed and pretended
not to understand

three weeks later
we had our tickets [home]

Anonymous said...

"Cui bono? Who did it? Fingers have immediately pointed at Mossad. Clearly blasting the Norwegian Palestinian-loving government out of the water would go down a treat in Jerusalem. But this may be to under-estimate the wider picture. The Norwegians have been getting on a lot of nerves for a very long time. They are wobbly on NATO. They refuse to open their protected oil, gas and fishing grounds. They two-finger the EU. The euro? Most people know what they would do with that piece of paper. Their economy is successful, seemingly recession-proof. Wall Street cannot, for all its efforts, get its smutty mitts on Norwegian assets. Don’t even mention privatization. So taken overall its quite a list. Israeli intelligence is certainly in the frame, but so is the much wider agency that we call the New World Order. Aside from the US and NATO, that’s the full gamut of globalised thugs like the IMF and the World Bank, plus for good measure the corrupted international bankocracy.

I think this is an organized gang bang designed to take out the Norwegian government in its entirely, to cut the whole show down to size. The object is nothing less than to cannibalize the country (exactly like Libya). As Michael Ledeen is supposed to have once said, to ‘take a small country and slap it against the wall, just to show we mean business.’ Lets remember NATO is no longer a regional outfit. It is the global military arm of the US and, through that, the might and force of western interests everywhere. The latter-day secret soldiers of the New World Order responsible for the latest outrage are an uptake on the old Gladio: but even more to be feared, that’s for sure. Ask any Norwegian."

Richard Cottrell

Kray Z8 said...

"Hand me down my walkin' stick
and hand me down my hat;
Hurry, now, and don't be late
cuz I don't got time to chat."

RubberBandMan indeed! When this one snaps back, it'll splatter shit, blood and fiat currency all over this end of the cosmos.

Thanks, Les, for the last 3 blogs and the radio show. Your energy lately has been strong, accurate and entertaining to boot! Must be ramping up for the big month ahead.

As always, the readers/friends have posted great insights & observations, some of which assist me and all of which are interesting. Thanks, friends.

Not much to say tonight; Just glad to be here.



Tom Lowe said...

Well, as tool and die man my proposal is fairly straightforward: first the tool; then they die.

There's a vast desert peneplane a few miles from here that would make a great sharpened closet pole forest for about 50,000 newly deceased people who were found to have conspired in mass murder, decades of counterfeiting amounting to hundreds of trillions of dollars of lost production to earnest world citizens, and all manner of horrible environmental crimes leading to the deaths of many millions. Each pole would be sharpened at both ends beforehand so as to facilitate carrying out the death sentences. This is for those who cannot be saved.

Then there are the other five million or so dedicated followers on the next rungs up on the now-inverted pyramid who would not only be liberated financially of their ill-gotten gains but also mentally liberated by spending 7 to 11 years at Camp FEMA for re-education, along with lots of blisters from using shovels and the like. These are the ones who can be saved to some extent.

And let us not forget that all those involved in the nuclear energy industry who are not actively involved in shutting down and cleaning up other facilities--along with their families--would be required to report to their new permanent home of Fukushima, Japan, where they would be quarantined forever in order to protect the human gene pool from radiation contamination and a coming muliplication of genetic birth defects.

First the tool. Then they die.

Visible said...

A New Origami-

As we Come to the Changing Line.

Visible said...

new smoking mirrors-

The Dolhins Sunbathing on The Armageddon Train.



Joseph Brenner

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