Sunday, July 17, 2011

Willingly Marching to the Guillotine and Auto Da Fe

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always smell out the truth in this landfill of noxious shit’.

Sooner or later you see what was inevitable and whether it’s just saber rattling at this point is unimportant, because when there is only one way to go, eventually that is the direction you head in. Please note that that is an active link that connects to the context and subject of this part of the post (grin). The revolution is under way. We’re looking at it but it hasn’t reached the mad bitch, drama queen stage. Or maybe it has but Madame Defarge hasn’t arrived with her knitting yet. The more The Apocalypse reveals, the more a certain dynamic imperative begins to take its foot off the clutch and the revving turns into driving.

When you look at the evidence at the Casey Anthony trial, you realize that even though O.J. Simpson might have been only 99% guilty, she’s at about 100%. This is an example of what has happened to the structure of what might have once been possibly, sane jurisprudence. Dear Prudence went out to play and now she’s tied up in the back of a white van headed for some deserted Green River bank, or Bank.

Like the traders that were waving bank notes out of the brokerage houses of The City, during that protest a few years ago, the bankers are doing the same, in acts of rampaging greed, whereby they already have far more than they will ever need and are going for the funds under mattresses and in secreted piggy banks. The awesome insanity of raging hubris is a gruesome spectacle. Not only are they eating you but they are eating each other and then they are going to start on themselves. Meanwhile they stay in their locations of business, as if there were some endless security for their heinous behavior. Sooner or later the mob is going to drag them out and hang them by their heels from the lampposts, outside their places of business and the police are going to stand by like they were working for the IDF in the occupied lands, if they don’t outright join in. Everyone can feel the bite of the vampires at their neck and somewhere in nearby basements, stakes are being sharpened and other accoutrements prepared.

You’re going to start seeing the ultimate in flash mobs. Anonymous is only one feature of what is going into operation. The cosmos lives inside of every player and it can be ingenious in the way it organizes the collective toward the fulfillment of its will.

Driving back and forth from Italy this last time, I began to notice all of the livestock trucks, filled with pigs around the area of Milano; headed toward Parma and other processing areas. We would see the fattened pigs, standing in the confining pens as we passed them by. I said to Susanne, “they’ll be dead in a few hours because they go directly to the killing floor from the transport trucks”. We were looking at 'dead pigs riding; sizzle on the griddle, riddle, riddle riddle, like the containment steel that also heats up as Yurasus Dragon is dragged and cooked on the coals. They don’t store them once they arrive. That makes no kind of sense business wise. It was an eerie thing to see them there, knowing that they were headed for the chopping block, the smoke rooms and the retail outlets. It was an eerie thing to think a few hours later, “Well, they’re dead now”.

The bankers are in the transport trucks right now but they don’t know it. When they get to the processing plant, however, they will smell it. They will know. It will be pigs who signed the transport orders and pigs that drove the trucks and those pigs will also be in line to come online next. I say this metaphorically because it’s not specifically like that but somewhere up the line, they signed their own death warrants and death isn’t the end of their journey. “Ease on down, ease on down the road”. So it goes.

You can’t tell these people anything and there’s no stopping them overstepping all lines of fairness and propriety. They don’t give a shit. It’s thousands of Humphrey Bogart’s going mad in The Sierra Madres with the same ultimate result. The stupendous imagery of unbridled greed and indifference to one’s fellows is a sight to behold and there they go, I pass them on the highway in the transport trucks. Through a trick of vision and perception, they think they’re still riding in BMW and Mercedes limousines. They’ve still got their hands all over the hired hookers. They’re still snorting all the good drugs they’ve made illegal for the rest of us, as they head for death in the afternoon; soon to be hanging on the hooks and then sliced real thin onto the plates of those who wish to become like them and given the opportunity, they will.

You can see them now, trampling each other at the Wal-Mart sales. Pressing each other into the chain link fences; dreaming in the aisles of the day when they get to murder with a fountain pen and live the high life of pneumatic bobbing breasts and asses crying out for the mastery of their horned hands upon the vulnerable flesh of the one beneath them. There they are crying out in the passion of triumph, over the flowering and emergent pubes of their reincarnated sons and daughters; signing decrees and visiting vaults and asking themselves, “I wonder what this buttons for”? ...As they push it and wait for the results, flying some new Challenger through the skies and disappearing in an inferno of stupidity matched up with a technology beyond their grasp.

They dream of navel rings winking under t-shirts that says “I’m Daddy’s bitch” and they’re safe and secure behind mahogany doors that exist somewhere in their minds, while their hands are busy beneath their trousers- trout-fishing in America, if they even have them on. “I want what Rupert Murdoch has. I want what Rupert Murdoch sells. I want it for real and I’ll use my imagination and death and rebirth to get it. I believe that nipples are nozzles made for bicycle pumps and I want to wear pumps when I get bored and maybe someone will do it to me. I can afford it. Whip it to me, whip it good”. They want to undulate beneath the cosmic dick, as a cordial following the operation of the cosmic dick, engaged in every perversion of Nature, motoring down the road to dreadful epiphany because really, that’s just another way to find God and you will find God, “Oh God! Oh God!” Kali Yuga style.

I’ve walked the night time streets of LA and New York and I don’t have to go to Bangkok or Tijuana to see what’s possible. I can fire the ping pong balls into the shot glass in my mind and bring on the donkeys. It is out of this that the mobs emerge, inflamed with another passion, incited by the Murdoch’s who invite them to the castle gates. The Murdoch’s of this world advertise for the fury and conflagration of their terrible demise.

Goldman Sachs will be finding their sacks bronzed and mounted on the mantelpiece of history for the record and remembrance of their times. These institutions will not crumble. They will be torn to pieces by the maddened hands, driven by ravenous minds, in the flames of what they stoked on their own behalf. Dress rehearsal is at an end, as the pressure ignites critical mass against the unmoving wall. There is nowhere to go except outward into killing force. Selah!

...and so it goes and will continue until a cleansing rain or baptism of fire scorches the polluted world into an alkaline whiteness; even as it goes, the stagehands are busy setting up the props for the next sequence that will follow. Now’s there’s a bedtime story for you as Vishnu dreams on a sea of milk, except Vishnu isn’t dreaming now. Vishnu is in wardrobe changing into Shiva, while remaining Vishnu for the better half of all the better dreams that will not go unfulfilled.

End Transmission.......

Underground (we shall all be). Maybe not all, I hope
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Annsie said...

Thanks Les, You are a scream, I really needed a good laugh today and your post certainly did that, the way you use words and metaphors is something else. Legend...

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy your poetry immensely! Oh and your songs are awesome too. Happy first day ot the week to you! I do believe that people all over the world are feeling these things, you are the pulse, God speed to you and his protections upon you, Thank you sharing.

I'm ready to rumble said...


"Dear Prudence went out to play and now she’s tied up in the back of a white van headed for some deserted Green River bank."

Are you main lining comedic truth? Watch out - that shit can kill you because of it's purity!

You are the man, dog.

Respects, Mouser

Chinese Sneakers said...

Hard-hittin' stuff, and lots of it lately.

Trip did you good, Bro'.

Keep it up.

(Got me cueing the Who's, "Won't Get Fooled Again.")

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I'm positive Vishnu read this and pretty sure He very much liked the ending.

damn the 'control room'
full steam ahead!

Visible said...

Maybe I should have capitalized 'banks' and made it a noun like Germans do- or something like it. Given what I know of my own capacity for depravity these must be monsters.

Capacity for Depravity... hmmm sounds like an industry well wtf we're open around the clock to serve you better, or is that, 'serve your betters'?

Things can get real confusing when you have to ask yourself is this my dick that I am touching?

I have only to look at myself to see that I, like everyone, have capacity. My main concern is keeping my initiative in line with what I belive and really want as oppposed to falling off of the rolling wagon because I got confused about what I'm actually attracted to.

Unknown said...

Brings to mind the tale of Damocles.

Israel is the ultimate testin' ground, it seems. Serve her, and you may do well. . .for a while. Physically, in the material world, which is worth what in the cosmic scheme of things? Can you sleep with yourself at night? Does it matter in the long run, for when you are no longer of use to her, she will kill you, and feed you to the carrion eaters. Guaranteed. Then there's the fact the hair that 'sword' of the first mentioned sentence of this post is going to break any day now will bring Israel herself to doom. . .

And in that great, cosmic scheme of things, it's not what you own, or your illusory position in life; it's what you did that's important. For nothing else matters. Did you work to reconsolidate the universe? The Source? Or did you do everything you could to rend IT further?

As for Shiva:

He's quite awesome, and quite popular. (Heh-heh-heh. 'My Last Night At Rishikesh' was a fun tale to write.) His head's really in the right place. Unfazable. Good role model.

He walks in peace.

Visible said...

and then they started playing red rover and lived happilly after (grin)

Anonymous said...

Les -
So, so happy you posted that first link! I've been waiting to see the Irish do something; knew they'd be the signal marker for the rest of us, with their ancient roots of fighting the oppressor. We're in the age of the Internet Reformation (pls see the Daily Bell for more background - its their term), and the Irish just posted the equivalent of Luther's 96 theses! (PS - This is also a temporal marker from Clif High's predictive linguistics work.)
We already saw the police back the people in Wisconsin (thankfully the police are unionized), and like you alluded to, as well, we're going to see more of that, because they realize they've been exploited, too.
Ha - there's just way too many holes in the dike, and TPTW don't have nearly enough fingers! Being on that side of the dike just means they're going to be swept away, at long last!!!
Thanks for starting my day with such good news!

Visible said...

And it is like I said, it's coming down.

Anonymous said...

Hi All.

Vis it's truly painful to see how I've been deceived by the illusion and to realize and acknowledge my own folly.

But that's where I'm at. And that's OK because it gives me lots of horsepower and desire to strive harder for a life that has meaning through the spirit.

Sometimes reading your posts is a little tricky for me because I know very little about Eastern Religions and so forth. That of course is my problem and not yours.

I did a small amount of reading on the Kali Yuga and it says it lasts 432,000 years. Gah ?

These are concepts of the Hindu religion as best as I can tell. Would you classify your beliefs to be along those lines ?

Thanks for your Blog LV

Patrick V1.0

Anonymous said...

Another in a long list of great meditations by Les Visible Prabhu.

One Helluva Comment..

"I have only to look at myself to see that I, like everyone, have capacity. My main concern is keeping my initiative in line with what I belive and really want as oppposed to falling off of the rolling wagon because I got confused about what I'm actually attracted to."

Visible said...

Yeah I would but there is argument from various places that the length of time is questionable. LongJohn has pointed out the writings of Sri Yukteswar on this matter and regardless of that we are going to enter a mini golden age I think, depending on who you are.

Anonymous said...

"Dead pigs riding." Hilarious.

So, they don't warehouse them? Straight to the slaughter, huh. Sounds familiar.

Surely they tattoo individual numbers on those thousands of trotters just prior to the kill.

Maybe first they get to frolic in the slaughterhouse swimming pool for pigs?

A game of pig soccer on the playing fields to lull them into a false sense of security?

Pregnant pigs to the camp maternity ward for a couple months prior to getting the chop?

How about a little fun in the camp brothel to make their imminent passing bearable, paid for with specially printed camp pig pounds, yes?

Do they get a final checkup from the slaughterhouse dentist; Gotta fix those cavities first.

Do they let them put on pig plays in the camp theater?

Ill pigs to the slaughterhouse hospital to recover from any illnesses? Wouldn't want to be slaughtering any pigs while they were feeling unwell. We ain't inhuman, for G-d's sake.

No pig orchestra for some pre-slaughter entertainment? How unrefined.

Are they allowed to send pig post cards to the piggery back home from the slaughterhouse postoffice?

You think maybe some are allowed to leave the camp on regular day leave to work in the surrounding countryside, hunting truffles? Just before they are cruelly slaughtered, of course.

I could go on. Anyway . . .

Sounds like a fairy tale, les. The kind of fairy tale only dumbass telezombie Westerners would believe. I can see Schlemielberg making another schlockbuster out of this crap and there won't be a dry snout in the house. Just as full of porkies as the others.

SickOfZionistShills said...

Anon 7:17;

Disinfo alluding to the defacto swimming pool, leisure and child care facilities at the work camps - there were NO gaschambers and according to the neaytral Red Cross a GRAND TOTAL of 271,000 died of starvation and disease. NONE from gas chambers.

Fuck off you shill.

All of you and yours time is UP!!!

Visible said...

Hey Zoner, in case you are out there. It did arrive. I contemplate it; given the scare factor it contains for me with the 'too much truth' compressed into too short time. In any case, gracias. Like I said, contemplating it from a distance (grin); back to work.

Visible said...

huh? what is it with satire that people don't get. It seems like the more serious someone is about something, the less possibility that satire will impact.

Miriam said...

Well I am full now with a belly full of righteous anger and 'please, sir may I have more?'
That felt great!
"The revolution is under way. We’re looking at it but it hasn’t reached the mad bitch, drama queen stage. Or maybe it has but Madame Defarge hasn’t arrived with her knitting yet. The more The Apocalypse reveals, the more a certain dynamic imperative begins to take its foot off the clutch and the revving turns into driving."

That so, that so.

Let the Irish share the courage of the Icelandic people and shout~
No preempting this rage.

This also was my favorite, a bit of dessert:

"I have only to look at myself to see that I, like everyone, have capacity. My main concern is keeping my initiative in line with what I belive and really want as oppposed to falling off of the rolling wagon because I got confused about what I'm actually attracted to."

That is the measure, how we handle and process our darkness and turn it into Light, for we all have that darkness when we are honest with ourselves. We just do our damn best to transmute it with the Love and single mindedness of Divine Love. Let that be our witness.

Anonymous said...

your either willfully ignorant or complicit in the machinations of the freemasons in serving the bitch queen and her mystery slaver empire

I sent you the information and have posted it.

Your either a sellout fraud, more ignorant and illiterate than imaginable or a plane outright conspirator to sew confusion



Visible said...

What is it with nutjobs that they always wind up writing in all caps. he didn't hear a thing I said. I'm not defending the masons. I'm not a mason, I'm just pointing out something because millions of decent people are masons and have no connection to the bad shit, just as there are millions of Christians that are not mouthbreathing morons who like to sentence people to Hell, like God is going to listen to them. god knows they are morons too but he knows that eventuall they will get a clue. Becoming smarter when you are very stupid is not easy but it can happen. You have my hopes and prayers that your head may at some point be removed from your posterior and relocate itself atop your neck.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

Been coming to this site now for over a year. Every great once in awhile I'll post. I get varied experiences.

Sometimes I smile. A lot of times you make me seek. Today was just depressing. The truth often is.

I think the most important message that I have learned from you is: I don't know(grin).


Anonymous said...

Anon 7:07 and 10:09;

The jury is still out on Masons - but the whole world is unanimous that YOU and YOURS are the synagogue of Satan.

You're gonna have alotta splainin' to do when this apocalypse reaches full throttle.

See you shill - wouldn't wanna be you! (grin)

neal said...

So it cuts both ways. I really dig it, not that it matters. Recovering from some mysterious flesh-eating disease, the whole family, but for me, way south, to places I never thought would put up with that kind of lesson. Now I stare down at once was a friend? Staring back, like a stranger, wanting to let go, and let it be, living in a van down by the river? I would call that infection, not freedom for the other mind. I guess I need new friends, at least with not so many attachments (grin).

Cheating a cycle, in time, is OK, as long as the losses are counted, and maybe sung out, with rocks, and such. Maybe that depends on who is really doing the work.

est said...

the only thing
being blown up
in germany today

is america's sense of

perhaps an
auspicious start
to the final

Visible said...

I don't care for soccer but Susanne's mom was watching it. It was 2 to 2 I heard so I said, thinking of General Electric and Fukishima, I hope Japan beats them and they did.

est said...

they are trying to re-license
a, leaking like a sieve

40 year old bucket of bolts
in vermont [new hampshire -mass]

but we're not gonna let them

it's the same design
as the ge / fuku

bholanath said...

Something I read in a recent essay by John Lash (author: "Not In His Image"):

"'On the Origin of the World' informs us that the defeat of the Archons is a last-minute affair that depends on their reaching the full extension of their phantom powers over humanity. The outcome depends on the intervention of humanity at the eleventh hour. The myth clearly indicates a sudden, drastic turnabout. Sophia warns the Lord Archon: "There is an immortal luminous child, the Anthropos, who came into existence before you and who will appear among your modelled forms (plasmata). This luminous child will trample you in scorn just as a potter's clay is pounded (into a lump)." Instead of molding humankind in their image, the Archons will be reduced to pulp, like the discard from a juicer.

"If you cannot profile a psychopath, you are not a responsible member of human society. If you cannot detect and defeat psychopathic behavior as it presents itself in your immediate personal reality, you are not qualified to live in a free world. Freedom ain't a free lunch. Such is the humble view of a warrior in Kali's Band.

"We cannot realize our true humanity without beating the Authorities. There is more than one way to do so, but the central and decisive way is to choose anarchy in defiance of any authority that does not demonstrate benevolence toward life in all forms.
The Authorities only have the power ceded to them through ignorance and denial of our divine potential, our endowment from the planetary animal mother and the Aeons."

-from The True Anarchy of Life on Earth

and Happy Guru Purnima!

Unknown said...

Erin! And maybe after they kick the bankers out, THEY CAN KICK THE FECKIN' CHURCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or am I dreamin'?

Ben said...

I spent thirty-two of my fifty-four years working in Latin America, most of that in Central America but a few years in South America, always north of the equator (Peru, Colombia, Venezuela).

In those years I saw first hand how the wealthy oligarchy repeatedly screwed their own people, repeatedly sold their country and its citizens out to the globalists and khazar bankers.

This morning we received an email from some friends in Honduras as to the recent completion of yet another shopping mall on the periphery of Tegucigalpa. I know who built the mall... I mean I personally know them - members of a very large, very wealthy family that "own" most of Central America.

Honduras needs another shopping mall like the U.S. needs another Walmart (or another war).

Years ago I used to wonder why didn't these people (the mall builders) use their incredible wealth towards investing in their own people. They could build schools, pay the salaries of good teachers, built orphanages, build hospitals, build roads and infrastructure; train farmers, craftsmen, engineers, teachers, doctors, etc.

Nope, they built shopping malls. Monuments to their greed, their control, their incredibly selfish selves.

And now I read Vis's latest Petri Dish. Yes, the mall builders are pigs on their way to slaughter but they have no clue. They have no idea; they believe that because their fathers have always had their way, so will the sons and daughters. (And when things go sour, the sons and daughters can always flee to El Norte, the United States.)

I've stated before that the only time we see Jesus, the Son of God, the Father Creator manifested-in-flesh, exhibit violence is towards the money-changers. And so I suspect that as the Apocalypse goes from turtle to rabbit we shall see some violence enacted against today's money-changers. And there will be no place for them to flee nor hide. El Norte may not be as receptive of them as it has been in the past because El Norte will very likely be involved in its own scourging of the money-changers.

Like Vis, I believe when the dust settles, the earth shall enter into a Golden Age. I don't know how long the Age will last; Biblical prophecy indicates a thousand years and then another great shaking will occur.

As I've said before, I'm absolutely loving the Apocalypse... whenever I feel things are moving too slowly, I am reminded that it is Father Creator conducting the orchestra and His conducting is perfect as well as way beyond my understanding.

est said...

yeah so
me and jerry
headed south
about mid-nite

six hours later
we were driving
through the village
saw l. coryell go'in
home [or ?]

parked right at the
u n [on the curb]
started at the bud monks
then to the park, 25-50 wide

i heard someone say
'that's 750,000'
as we walked past

so we checked the tunes
scoped out back-stage
then walked around the crowd

it took us four hours
i'd say there were a million
there that day

no-nukes - new york city
1979 [or so]
and yet the fools persist

gemmell said...

Regarding typing in all caps; It is my considered opinion that they do this because they don't know how to change the font to green.

My tuppence worth.

John C(UK)

Insurance UK said...

Nice saying by the poet.

Anonymous said...

thought i'd try out
see how it feels
as far as buddha
i was the tree
that he sat under
that set him free

i was the stone
that he became
i was the wind
i was the rain

i was a cloud
drifting by
what the hell
i was the sky

i was the night
i was the day
and not one word
did i ever say

Annsie said...

You all are saying watch the Irish.. I am from Dublin and I have yet to see anything important happening. Yes, Enda Kenny said all those things but once he was voted in as Taooiseach of Ireland he has u-turned on everything he promised.. I really hope I am wrong but living in the middle of it and still hearing people getting angry and whining but thats about it.. Enda Kenny promised the Irish what Obama promised the Americans...I saw it coming but many did not. I believe about one third of people are pretty aware of whats going on, another third are fence sitters and last but not least the last third are complete idiots..
I really hope we do something but watching the fools allowing the Queen and Obama come here and costing the tax payer of 20 million Euro without having a conniption fit.. well..

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Absolutely HAD to do this.

kikz said...


nice to know someone else reads lash too. :)

just me, Laurel A. said...

odd morning. its hot this time of year and i have no a.c., so the windows are open 24/7. this morning at dawn, the air smelled like burnt matches. took my daughter to work at the other side of town, 2 hours later, and it still smelled of burnt matches. and is now layered with an odor that is purely chemical. i spent a number of years as a child living downwind of DOW CHEM, in charlotte smelled JUST like this chemical smell. i cannot figure the burnt matches. i live in southern nj, no reason for either odor really. maybe its the Great BBQ, firing up for the ultimate labor day global cookout? pig pickins' for all.

Anonymous said...

israhell I called you
fellow and brother
I smiled at your sister
your father and mother
the times we played
all those years ago
when love was a mountain
true men do know
the love we could share
in mutual respect
but now you murder and lie
with full disrespect
seems your fears got the better
swine took your tongue
the systematic failure
of all you have done
sit down for a moment
try and think clear
shed a tear for the children
that you murdered each year
that blood that you spilt
documented in time
written across moments
of all hearts and minds
israhell you were my brother
I offer you my hand
come back to humanity
or crumble into sand


Miriam said...

Well PatrickW, that was a sight for breakfast!
I could not turn away.Perfect!

Neko Kinoshita said...

They treat the turkeys the same way as those pigs. I should know; I once worked the line, unloading the truck and hanging them by their feet on a moving conveyor. Occasionally you had to knock a dismembered foot out of the way. Six birds per cage, six cages high, many, many birds per truck, if they were breathing, then they were hung and sent on their way.
Sometimes Vis, the images you draw with your words hit quite close to home.

I too am often finding it difficult to keep my focus on the real, and keep the illusion from knocking me off. Or is that just the divine slapping me upside the head for being stupid?


amarynth said...

I wonder if he 'willingly marched to the guillotine'?

"Sean Hoare, the former News of the World showbiz reporter who was the first named journalist to allege Andy Coulson was aware of phone hacking by his staff, has been found dead, the Guardian has learned."

Apparently the same old song is playing in the same old circles or the sheep are eating the sheep.

Miriam said...

There is definitely a strong shift come on us all. For days now it is feeling strange sometimes wrong even chaotic but that is because it is different. We are on the big ride and it is getting wild. Time is not time it is movement and the veil is thinning and sometimes it feels like cross overs are happening.
Those I speak to about this are feeling it strongly as well.
Feet on the ground.

just me, Laurel A. said...

a thought.....every time we hear of a nuke plant that is closed down or has age-related issues.....a majickal monstrous natural disaster strikes it. could be happenstance. 3 times now. could be more. the indian point (near nyc) and the vermont plants are due to be shut, or licenses not renewed, in need of dismantling..... think about it -- if they dismantle, it is expensive, takes years, and is just not fun. if a "natural disaster' strikes and wipes the waste and nuke residue off into the hinterlands.....well, not only do they get to blame "act of god", they also get to collect......larry siverstein's favorite dish --- INSURANCE!!!!!! now really, wouldnt you prefer a little haarp under those circumstances? still think haarp is just to passively gauge the ionosphere? like all of our "government" entities, it is for and abused by private enterprises. it makes for some nice hasty demolitions that NO ONE dare to call natural, and it nets a full return in cash. oink.

bigloner said...

Um...I'm not a poet but as kid I remember a large jar full of water and a dog turd. In it would fly flies who could not resist, though they would ultimately drown. Upon this augmented putrification more flies would fly and die, but not B4 laying eggs. Soon the jar would be full of maggots sounding like rice krispies. From that, pupas and more flies. Like Marcelus sez, it goes on Judah Ben Hur, it goes on....

Anonymous said...

As always: Nice work Les & PatrickW.


est said...

um @ 7:52 am
glad i didn't grow up
in your neighborhood

i probably wouldn't have
made it home one day



Joseph Brenner

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