Saturday, January 02, 2016

Out with The Old and in with The Temporarily New.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

(Greetings. We are back much earlier than expected. That said… let us continue on with whatever it is that we do here.)

Happy New Year, dear reader! Let us hope that in the compelling uncertainty of these times that we can be compelled toward a certitude of unwavering purpose. I always like to remind myself that in times of pervasive darkness, it is simple physics that the light concentrates somewhere or various somewheres and the most overlooked of locations is… within. One is either distracted by their surroundings and things at a remove from the sensory bandwidth, via the undisciplined activities of the imagination, or provoked by unreasonable fears through the tambourine and tympani action of the dark side percussion section of the Satanic Symphony, which is center stage these days. In times of materialism the visible conductor is always drawn from the infernal regions. The real conductor, who is invisible, is the one who pulls the strings on the visible conductor and not the other way around. This is something that most people, brainwashed by myth and legend or religion don’t get and if it isn’t the government that lied to them, it’s the church and if it isn’t the church, it’s the educational system and if it isn’t the educational system, it’s the marketplace and if it isn’t the marketplace, it’s their parents, who either began the process of deception or stood by and let it happen.

I went traveling yesterday evening and this morning to see what I could come up with as reference points for this alleged new year, finding ever more egregious examples of contemporary trends. I found explanations for things that hadn’t been explained before but made a whole lot of sense to me. I saw things I had never seen or heard of before that looked like something along the lines of the affluenza defense. I will admit that my first or second thought after the initial surprise was; “How do I get one of those?” I saw things that were just further confirmation of scenarios, which indicated ever more deep conspiracies of depravity but which, most of us know are only surface chimeras of monsters who are darker than anything we have actually seen or heard about and I saw the trending glimmer of ubiquitous offenses to come and which have, in fact, already arrived. The reaction, from this quarter to all of these is exactly what was said earlier about compelling uncertainty and certitude of unwavering purpose.

However deranged and depraved the deceived may become, in this landscape of deception, we should be awash in waves of fulsome gratitude that we are not numbered among them. There are things far worse than poverty, misfortune and death. In times of summing up, there are resolutions and results taking place that involve larger segments of time and that is meant to say; time already passed and time yet to come.

New Year is, or is supposed to be, a time of reflection and aspiration. It is a time to look back on what has passed and a time to look ahead, with the benefit of all that hindsight can bring before the mind’s eye. Still… New Year’s Day, is to me, an even greater reach upon that meme of going to church on Sunday. It reminds me of the lyrics to that song; “One day of prayin' and six nights of fun. The odds against going to heaven, six-to-one.” Many amazing feats have been accomplished by those who made a particular awareness the centerpiece of their existence and that includes those who are sometimes considered to have been evil, like Rasputin, though we do not know that Rasputin was, per se, evil. Our ideas of good and evil are more often something injected into us, rather than the fruits of a reasoned consideration. Much that is called evil, I do not consider to be evil at all and the same goes for conventional ideas about good. A part of me wants to say that good and evil can kiss my ass but that might be offensive for some to hear and it might not be precisely what I mean either.

In any case, Rasputin came from a particular fellowship that practiced a version of, “praying without ceasing.” There are a lot of ways to approach this kind of an existence and the methods employed may vary but they all require a persistence of consistency and focus and whether you believe as one practitioner said; “All magic is in the will.” Or “concentration is the secret of the magical art.” Or, the particulars of what Patanjali had to say… or this… or that… or that too… they all are directly relevant to degrees of intensity in the practice of uniform consistency. A mountain is not going to be mistaken for a river or the other way around but they are both marvels of consistency, even when a river bends a hundred different ways, it is still consistent at it. The day will come when neither that mountain or that river will be there but it will take a very long, long time for that to happen. Make of all of this what you will.

Even though quotes were used that involved the word magic, we are not talking about magic, those were simply examples of what is necessary to the successful performance of it. The same is necessary for most things and any successful person will tell you so and even if it looks like it just got dropped into their lap. This is not what happened. They did the necessary work somewhere else.

As has been said here before. I consider myself an investment banker who represents an unconventional bank. “As above, so below” There are all kinds of currency. Thought is currency, feeling is currency. Effort is currency. Some is short term and some is long term and some is way up around the corner and over the mountain and through the woods term. It’s never a good thing to measure your investments on the yardstick of time, unless that is the only place you are ever likely to see the desired result. Such things interest me only incidentally and… if you haven’t invested some large amount in your hair, you won’t grieve at its passing.

The world is insane so it stands to reason that anyone engaged with it in any manner where it makes sense is to be considered insane as well. Of course, there is a way whereby it makes sense but one’s awareness of it is in a detached and casual way. In the first instance, it is to be expected that at some point people will behave badly. In the second case, there is no telling what to expect.

A new year has come upon us and it has a certain global meaning because the shared awareness of it is global. It is an election year in the land of the Great Satan, as an Iranian cleric might put it and there is an convincing argument that can be made for that title being applicable. There is also a compelling argument that can be made for this being true in practically any country in the world, due to the time zone of the moment.

All this having been said; Happy New Year, my friends!!!!




Smyrna said...

Good to hear from you, Vis.

"Be not troubled by imaginings. Pray about everything and worry about nothing."
is a paraphrasing of some New Testament scripture (one of Paul's) that has always held me in good stead. Having a hyperactive 'schizo' mind etc.


Visible said...

Cheers my good friend. Two of your countrymen visited me in the last month that I was in Hawaii. You make good people in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Peace and blessing upon all
Happy new year Les and all readers. I am the biggest magic. By I mean we. I hope you are well, I was curious as to which part of the world you are in ? Praying for your ultimate success.

JerseyCynic said...

Happy New Year, Vis - May the force be with you (and also with you!)

This land is your land

This land is my land

(whoa....hold the phone!)
Chapter 3

1. The single largest asset class owned by the Vatican is also the easiest to see, as it cannot be hidden.

2. The Vatican is the largest holder of land titles for any organisation or government in the world with visible title to around US
$316 Billion of property

The most valuable property holdings of the Catholic Church by nation is the United States with around $50 Billion in visible property holdings and around $507 Billion in hidden property holdings through a massively complex network of front companies and trusts....

Smyrna said...

Great to hear Vis. The true Australian spirit is that of a wanderer and rebel. There are plenty of us still out here. Eudoxia Jones is a sassy version.

Visible said...

Now Zen Gardener is saying the Earth is flat-

Alan Jong said...

Les, here's some info I posted on Facebook, I share information about you, but in truth you can do no wrong no matter what you write. At some point you will be helping with the clean up of the old. Most of my post are public. I share more about DNA, but the Planet X is actually Saturn raised from it's hibernating state. Once a 5th dimensional grid locks into place across the solar system things will begin shifting around. This is the Year that process begins. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Vis....I've been looking at this for a while now very interesting but I'm still none the wiser (grin) God bless, Jean ... These links to some amazing stuff : ) Eric Dubay Videos Earth Being Flat & Not Spinning Rotating Revolving Wobbling - Does The Earth Go Around The Sun Or Does The Sun Go Around The Earth?

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Les !
We love you.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the craziness abounds!

Opposites fighting each other from the inside and out. Have to remember that all of those opposites have come from the Source that is above and behind us all. Thanks Vis for the reminder that we can expect people to behave badly. This holiday season showed me people being selfish beyond compare and, in my own selfishness, I became very angry about it all. Guess detachment got thrown out with all the wrapping paper. :)

Hope you're well, Vis, and happily settled in wherever is is. Happy New Year my friend!!!!


Anonymous said...

Re: Flat Earth

Over the holidays a discussion evolved about the flat earth. My position was that the first human to consider the earth as spherical did so from a position of aesthetics rather than physics, and, as such, would have known their notion was correct without any corroborating proof. A disc is an unappealing shape, having as a boundary a sharp edge. (Money would later assume this shape!) The Platonic solids are better, having a higher degree of symmetry. Even though it has more edges and vertices, a dodecahedron is more pleasing than a tetrahedron. From a dodecahedron it's a small jump to the ultimate beauty and symmetry of a sphere. Someone, a long time ago, sat back in the cave/hut/yurt/hogan/igloo/etc and smiled, knowing that this place of life has the most sublime and beautiful of shapes - a sphere. No need to go outside for proof, contemplative recognition of beauty is more than adequate.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Dr. Richard Thompson (Sadaputa das) found that rather than a simplistic view one might have of a mythological Earth-centric flat Earth model of the cosmos being presented in the ancient texts, that instead they present four different models at the same time in the Brahmanda conception—which is spherical, and split in half by the plane of Bhu-mandala which we live on. A Brahmanda or Bhu-mandala can be viewed as:

1. Polar projection map of the Earth
2. Map of the solar system
3. Topographical map of south central Asia
4. Celestial realm of the Devas

He says "earth globe"

Ray B. said...

John, January 02, 2016 4:08:00 PM :

"A disc is an unappealing shape, having as a boundary a sharp edge. The Platonic solids are better, having a higher degree of symmetry. Even though it has more edges and vertices, a dodecahedron is more pleasing than a tetrahedron. From a dodecahedron it's a small jump to the ultimate beauty and symmetry of a sphere."

This brings to mind a 3D version of the 2D aesthetics/politics/religion of the 2D 'natives' in the 1884 book "Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions" by Edwin Abbott Abbott. (A great book.) In it, the circle is considered so sacred and so to-be-desired that some ardent parents break the lines (bones) of an offspring and reset them in order to be closer to a true circle (say, converting an offspring Square into an Octagon, and moving him/her up in their 'social ladder').

(This book is an excellent way to introduce oneself to higher dimensions. Just take the book's 'observations' of 3D - as viewed by the 2D natives - and extrapolate-onto what a 3D native would 'observe' about the movements/interactions of 4D folks. I am sure the author intended for this semi-spiritual "hmmm", for those open to it. It explains a lot of inexplicable 'happenings' in our 3D world...)


Anonymous, January 02, 2016 2:16:00 PM :

"Does The Earth Go Around The Sun Or Does The Sun Go Around The Earth?"

Actually, both go around each other, since both have mass. Newtonian physics. It's just that the huge Sun slings the Earth in a huge ellipse (roughly 93,000,000 mile radius and near-circular), and the tiny Earth slings the Sun in a few-mile ellipse. But, the Sun's movement is measurable. (The above is an 'ideal' situation. In real life, the Sun and ALL the planets simultaneously 'tug' on each other, producing a weird, jumbled 'orbit' for the Sun's center.)

The co-movement is one way astronomers discover planets around other stars: The star moves toward us (slightly) in one half of their co-orbit and away from us in the other half. Astronomers measure this change in the star's velocity and deduce a planet's existence.


Vis, I am glad you are apparently 'settled' somewhere and safe. I hope you 'prosper' there...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

The spherical earth model is a relatively new concept, in historical terms. It literally came out of nowhere. All the forefathers of astronomy were heavily funded by the Catholic Church (Galileo, et al). Once you look at all the evidence, and the key players, it's pretty simple to see what is going on here.

But hey, if you're a doer, and not a talker, try trotting down to the Antarctic. If you go far enough, you'll encounter a heavily armed military force that will inform you to turn your ass around or you will pay the ultimate price. My elitist old man went to Antarctica. I told him I'd heard it was not as cold as advertised down there. He said that there are a LOT of things people don't know about Antarctica - including that it has a median temperature of 57 degrees Fahrenheit.

Google this - NASA space station hoax air bubbles. There are videos several available where you can see clearly that they are shooting UNDERWATER, so it looks like the "astronauts" are "floating". Wink, wink. Complete with air bubbles that periodically seep out of their suits, and head for the surface, or rise inside their helmets.

Brilliantly clever scam, and they've pulled it off for hundreds of years now. I mean, you can see why the elite truly believe they are elite - it's because they ARE elite. They dictate what everybody believes, thinks and does. And that is power.

But hey, never take a person's word about anything. You can do some simple plane trigonometry and prove that the sun is less than 700 miles away. (Hmm...PLANE trigonometry...the earth PLANE...hmm...)

Do the experiment at the above link. Don't take my word for it, prove it to yourself...unless you'

But hey, forget the literal mountain of proof that the earth is flat - hell yes, the earth is a sphere! And it spins at 1000 miles per hour. While it races around the sun at 2000 miles per hour. Can't you feel the movement? Me either. But hey - "gravity" is responsible for us not being able to feel the movement.

Give it a name. That's all scientists do - they give it a name.

Some bigwig tells a scientist, "Jim, we want you to come up with evidence to support this premise...there's a shitload of money in it for you, if you can pull it off." The scientist gets busy. Comes up with the evidence. Gives it a name, or a bunch of names. Complete with convoluted, highfalutin mathematics that nobody can understand. And they can't understand the math, because it's all bullshit. The evidence is gathered to fit the theory. That's what scientists do, that's all they do, and they will never, ever stop until we are DEAD (borrowed from "The Terminator").

Science is the new religion, the new god - it has become sacrosanct, irrefutable (to most people, anyway). And that's the scam here. Get it? Global Warming - "We have to cut carbon emissions, we have to gather together in small apartments in urban areas, the scientists say we have to do this." Science is the hammer gripped by the elite and we are pinned against the anvil. Get it? "We have to take your drinking water away, it's tainted, the scientists told us so." Get it? "You can't eat that tuna, it's tainted with Fukushima radiation, the scientists told us so." Get it? "We have to take your land away, Mr. Farmer, the speckled tree frog is endangered, the scientists told us so." See a pattern developing here? Science is the hammer, wielded by the elite, to serve their long-term goals. Always has been, always will be.

Visible said...

This place is becoming haunted by mental defectives and agents of the Dark Empire who seek every opportunity to spread lies that make the Holocaust fantasy look like legitimate scripture. Keep in mind that I will omit your work generally but occasionally let some silly bullshit pass. Meanwhile, MOST of the people who come here are wonderful and the shills and trolls can't change that.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Ray. I read "Flatland" many years ago, and agree - it is excellent.

I really did not intend to be so hard on circles. A circle is a thing of beauty too, even though constrained to only 2-D. (My academic side includes electrical engineering and it never ceases to amaze me how vital circles are to AC circuit analysis and the incredible power of the Smith Chart for transmission line and antenna analysis.)

My relatives around the holiday dinner table are all scientific types having fine and productive careers. For them the Scientific Method is sacrosanct and find it shocking that the black sheep of the family would claim that a spherical earth should be concluded on the basis of aesthetics alone. (Of course I accept the scientific method, only it's not the only path to Truth. Sadly my relatives disagree.)

One more thing about the flat-earth people. I wonder how thick they think the earth is? I've been underground to a depth of around 2 km and am working as a bit player in a project to go down to around 3 km. At what point do we need to worry about "falling through" to the other side?


Anonymous said...

Why aren't these Flat Earth jackasses talking about a Flat Moon? Or Flat Mars, or Flat Asteroids, Flat Jupiter, Flat Saturn or a Flat Uranus?

This pernicious little meme grows with each attempted engagement with it, however well meaning.

Please don't feed the trolls.


P.S. Mercury goes FLAT-OUT RETROGRADE January 5th.

Visible said...

Mandocello; I had that very thought. How is it that everything else is round all around it but Earth is not? Anyway... natural bodies in space all conform to certain laws of being and it also occurred to me that I would have heard something from any number of wise souls over the last thousands of years and not one of them has even hinted at this. Meanwhile, math is math and over the long stretch you would think that some amount of name scientists across the thousands of years would have come up with some kind of math which they did not. Then there is that weird comment about NASA lying to us. How long has NASA been around? Nah... this is some serious psyops and my thought is that this is in the event horizon of all kinds of pending fabrications which they are using this to test the waters for.

Ray B. said...

Mandocello, good thought. Even Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" had a spherical moon orbiting it. (grin)

Are the Australians, Chileans, South Africans, etc., on the 'other side' of the dinner plate, or only spread-out-somehow à la Via Homer's map-projection Flatland? If we are on a map-projection Earth, is there a mirror-image "Earth" on the reverse side? Would that be an "anti-matter" Earth? (grin)

Vis, there is a lot of 'professional effort' going into the FE meme. I, too, wonder what's the point of paying so many people to mount this campaign. Outside of an alphabet-agency psychological study, I can only think of an effort to paint all 'conspiracy types' with the same brush to common people - crazy, gullible, and not worth listening-to. (Maybe, that's why there has been a serious 'uptick' in allegedly "mental defective" postings. Throw 'us' in with whacked-out cases, to casual readers. That's funny; professional 'mental defectives'.) Of course, FE does distract people from TPTB topics and dilute-out serious postings...

John, good to hear from you. Condolences on your relatives. Mine are the same way. Makes for either a quiet & guarded time around the dinner table, or an outrageous shouting match. What the Buddha said about having to have had your own 'experiences' to understand the woo-woo side is certainly demonstrated daily.

And yes, TPTB, you are still on Mr. Apocalypse's menu. He/she/it hasn't forgotten...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Chinese Sneakers said...

Good to hear/read from you so soon.

Hope you landed well; you're tone sounded well enough. a

And here's to a better turn 'round the sun this time.

Gotta' say, all this noise about the flat earth rings like disco. And i ave always believed that such willfully wretched music, and the attending proliferation of cocaine, was a riven through with nefarious social engineering and bushy intelligence connections.

i Thought this piece was best in the middle, but it might've just been me trippin'.

The link in the following sentence seems to be misdirecting: "I found explanations for things that hadn’t been explained before but made a whole lot of sense to me."

The House of Saud looks to be sinking in a heap of their own stinkin' scheiss, and karma is sure to get them boys bad. My bet has the most of them holed up in Geneva hotel before the new year's end.

Anonymous said...

Mandocello, Vis, Ray B.

I'd been wondering why Zen would "poison his own well" with the FE/moon landing foolishness. (Other sites too, such as Northerntruthseeker.) Especially since neither issue is relevant to exposing the authors of the current nightmares. But I think Vis has it - this is bait to test the waters - how many will rise and embrace this stuff?


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Sinuous, Half Snake, Half Weasel and Half Mongoose, Sidewinder Sleaze.

Anonymous said...

I think this is the test run for the Aliens they are going to trot onto the world stage in the next 12-24 months, probably after a small 'nukular' exchange in a land filled with darker pigmented humans. The funny thing is, whether they are directed to by their laws or not, they cannot resist beating their chests. Hollywood will likely pour out more, as in the coming "Independence Day" follow up movie where the evil Aliens reappear and get beaten by a guy named - voila! - Goldblum...

The utter silliness of "Flapjack Earth" when sitting under the night sky, and so much more online "dis-reality" is evidence of something we have been discussing elsewhere - migration into 'virtual' lands where people do not have to actually relocate. They can just exist there and carry on commerce and order takeout delivered and date online non-existent chicks or gay guys pretending to be the chicks. They do not need or want anything actually face2face - that risks rejection or disapproval, right? And it is far easier to sense lies and bullshit, even in psychopaths, looking in their eyeballs. It is much easier to fool others when their friends and sounding boards are all anonymous online presences. Japan has guys and gals like this all over the country - they are always online and believe it more than their own eyes.

And Les, you are right - that thing on his head is very much hamster-colored. I wonder if the hamster brain in that rug is actually in control of this guy.

Anonymous said...

Friends in Germany say the million man march out of Syria/Bangladesh/Iraq et al. is already a nightmare, trash and feces in front and back yards, rapes, thievery, and this on top of the millions of ghettoized gastarbeiters they already had from Turkey. I just figure out why 'they' didnt do this to Germany seventy years ago.



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