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There are a Lot of Rocks in Pandora's Box.

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We move into the cultural end of our segment of the blogsphere today. So… it could be relevant to start off with a couple of links. Here you will experience the information side of the contemporary theft experience. I include it only for anyone soon to be reduced to a state of needing to know these things, once the economy goes into freefall; if that ever happens, because for ten years all I hear are threats and dire predictions that never happened, except for awhile in 2008 and about which you can learn all kinds of things in this recent film that might well sweep the Academy Awards this year. Since Foxhunter, Steve Carrell has been showing some amazing acting chops, of wide ranging and diverse abilities. Well, I’m not a film critic, except when I am, so let’s move on.

In the not really real, real world, far more sinister things are afoot as the fastest growing religion since Mormonism and Scientology swells its ranks worldwide; that would be Satanism. The reason that Satanism is proliferating at such a rate is several fold. Primarily it is due to Materialism, since Mammon and Satan are blood brothers in harness, like yoked oxen. The other reasons I will leave in the area of general speculation because we want to go somewhere else with everything today, even if it’s right in the same ballpark.

One of the elusive features of Satanism is that the majority of people so engaged do not realize they are Satanists. You become a Satanist when the drive for material things becomes greater than your sense of humanity. One of the side effects of this is depersonalization. One of the side effects of depersonalization is you forget who you are and an important factor in this regard is that many of these people never knew who they were in the first place. This is because, when materialism becomes ascendant, self-inquiry is the first thing that goes out the window and it is replaced by mimicry and emulation. Who would one seek to emulate or mimic in a world where materialism is massively influential? Well, of course, one mimics the icons of the day and the more the quality of life and character diminishes under the force of material culture, the more insipid and watered down the icons become; ergo… the Kardashians, Miley Cyrus, brain dead rap thugs and then there are the memes, like trumping up the heroism and sacrifice of canon fodder, in order to produce warm bodies for the battlefields of the world.

One of the basic and simplistic definitions of Satanism is that it is an expression of self-interest over any concern for the wlefare of others. Now I am not going to say that that puts Trump right into that demographic, according to his history of his passage to this point. No, I won’t say that because too many people might object because… he’s just so honest about everything. Uh huh and… don’t you think a smart campaign would be well aware of the effect of this upon the collective mind in a time of pervasive frustration and epidemic lying? However, when has a campaign turned into an expression of campaign promises brought into existence once one has won and no longer has to campaign until the next time? Such a result is basically non existent. Perhaps the reader is aware that Trump went bankrupt a few years ago and had to wheel and deal all kinds of arrangements with bankers to appear to become solvent again? Meanwhile I am hearing from people that the bankers hate Trump and that is one of the things that makes him a good guy. How can it possibly be that that is true when in his business a working relationship with bankers is paramount?

Bottom line, politicians lie. They lie to get where they want to get to and then they default on all of their promises because fulfilling them is not in their hands in the first place. Bankers make policy and politicians make it happen. Now… they are not the sole manufacturers of policy. You have people like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Addleson. These are monsters in human form and only what they want is important and if we just segue back to the simplistic definition of Satanism; self-interest, to the exclusion of all other human considerations is Satanism. It’s not rocket science. A person doesn’t have to go around with a set of horns on their head and wear black and crimson robes to be a Satanist. They manage to be full blown Satanists in mufti. “By their works ye shall know them.”

Now… I don’t particularly want to dump on Trump (nice turn of phrase, visible). My only motivation in this respect is based on my observations that the PR juggernaut is as phony as the man’s hair. I realize that many of us are desperate and fueled by hope that this time… yes, this time, it will be different. Meanwhile, Hillary scares the shit out of us so… why not Trump? Trump goes nowhere unless those who control what goes on behind the scenes have got him in their pockets. If it were Jessie Ventura, I might feel differently but there is no way he would have a shot and he knows this and if he did advance to a critical phase, he might well get shot. They kill people who don’t go along with the program. Sometimes they just put them in a trick bag with a dead girl or a live boy… or some compromising situation where they have the videotape. They look for leverage at all times and if you are in this field of enterprise, the odds are great that they will get this, even if they have to Photoshop it.

I don’t want to kill hope but I am a realist. The world is the world is the world; the world, the devil and the deep blue sea. Many people were big supporters of Ron Paul. He got tens of millions of dollars. He once got 25 million dollars in one day from ordinary people and he went nowhere. At a certain point, each time, he just dropped out. Stalking horses are a big part of the game in these times. It is a form of the Hegelian Dialectic. John Kerry was a stalking horse. Ron Paul was a stalking horse and for all I know, Trump is one too. I’ve heard it said that hope is the last thing to die. Hope and faith are not the same.

The world is a training ground. It is a boot camp. It is a school. It exists only for the purpose of demonstration. It is a wheel of fire and it is driven by carnal desire and people come and go through a revolving door in pursuit of all the things they think they want and the inevitable bitter disappointment that accompanies their acquisition of them. It goes on and on and on and on and on. Some few aspire to something more and they are generally out of sync with the rest of it and often in conflict with it and sometimes driven into isolation that can be more rewarding than anything the world has to offer. The world has only disappointment to offer and the last thing remaining in Pandora’s Box will fly away too. The Greeks had a lot of understanding about life as an expression of archetypes dancing through human form. They had more philosophers than any other culture. You could wander along a river bank and find them weeping on one shore and laughing on the other and all of them ...and the other expressions... were relevant because life will accommodate the relative truth of any of them according to the construct of “as a man thinketh’ and the mirror mind factor which you can find in Buddhism or some other way of looking at things. Personally I am less concerned with how I look at things than I am with who is looking at things ‘through’ me. 'Late at night when you’re sleeping Kundalini comes a creeping around.'

We’re dreaming. Some of us know we are dreaming and some of us think we have woken up and we are still dreaming; like when you wake up and believe you are awake, only to find that you were still dreaming, cause you wake up yet again. Some of us are in a deep sleep and some in a restless sleep and some dream idyllic and some dream in nightmare and it all has to do with what we think is real and none of it is.

Meanwhile, the wheel turns and one life moves on to the next and is often a lesson on the one previous, or the one before that, or before that, depending on the ideal circumstances coming about to fulfill the demonstration necessary for the soul growth. Sometimes one becomes the antithesis of what they were before, as a reaction to what they were before. Sometimes the whole life is about payback so that one can have first hand experience of what they visited on others. Sometimes it is all about service required, based on what came before. Everything you see is the outworking of karma and every single expression is an example of some purpose of demonstration. Some wind up like Greta Garbo, locked in a room for the rest of her life and some wind up climbing the 13 steps to the hangman’s noose. Some are rich and some are poor and what really matters is how you handled it. Everyone who is rich should learn one critical thing; were you a good steward? There is nothing wrong with being rich, or famous, or temporarily beautiful. It is all in how you handled it because consequences attend everything. Handled well, you might stay comfortable from life to life… more or less but… handle it badly and you’ll find out.

We wandered off into a place we had no idea we would arrive at when this posting began. Something else entirely was on our mind but… well… there is a lesson in that and many of us wind up somewhere much different than we intended to. Where do you get your guidance? What leads you? What motivates you? These things are important, yes… but far more important is what results over the long haul.

There are a lot of rocks in Pandora’s Box. They might be there to keep the box from flying away with Hope. It’s said that Hope was all that remained in the box after all the ills of the world escaped but of what use is hope in a box? It makes us wonder. Rocks are mineral compositions but they are a metaphor too. Much of life and its contents are metaphor. One thing is certain, things seem. Things appear. The real question that any intelligent soul should ask is, “What is it that exists behind appearances?

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Kazz said...

Awesome post Vis, and a wonderful explanation of what satanism really is. It was a long road that brought us to where we find ourselves, in the belly of the beast known as Babylon, and it will be a long haul out of here, but the only way forward is upward from here, with the extermination of the human race barking at our heels to drive us forward into the light, hopefully :o).

I hold no malice towards those who have fallen to the materialistic state of satanism because I know that much goodness still lives in many of these people, it merely needs reviving. God lives within all of us so none of us can be lost as long as that spark of God/soul still resides. Lose that spark and you will become earth bound just like the global satanic elite. What a truly devastating predicament, to always be trapped on this plane and never return to the higher realms. People don't seem to understand that eternal life in this realm is hell, not Heaven. Death is a reprieve from the suffering, and don't kid your self, those who are at the top are suffering a great deal, which is why they developed CERN to destroy this plane. The elite are desperate to destroy this world so they can leave it, but it will never be because God has ordained that they will remain here to provide the duality necessary to filter souls. This way the world acts as a sorting station for souls so they can be transited to the most appropriate destination. ONE'S KARMA WILL DECIDE THE DESTINATION, so walk gently in this world, just like the wise prophets who have gone before advised us to.

Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

Vis: "You become a Satanist when the drive for material things becomes greater than your sense of humanity. One of the side effects of this is depersonalization."

In my personal sense of what-is-called Satanism, the order-of-events is somewhat different. (This is only for those folks who are at-heart 'human'. There are other forces that are dyed-in-the-wool antagonistic to humanity - seen and unseen.)

This 'progression' starts-with unfelt-through pain - from this lifetime or others. If a person can feel-through the pain of an event, the pain goes back to all-God and the event simply becomes a 'learning experience' in the Soul. The person remains 'whole'.

If a person cannot/will-not feel-through the pain of an event, the pain remains 'lodged' where it originated. (Masseuses and body-workers know this.) Sooner or later, enough pain builds up that a 'split' occurs. The emotional body (or some of it) 'detaches' from the intellect. (This is much like if you keep a youngster up past it's body-based need for sleep. The youngster will recover 'alertness', but will become cranky and 'brittle'. His/her intellect has become separated from his/her emotions.)

Once you get proficient, you can actually 'see' where the split occurs. Many times, it is at the base of the neck, denoting pure body-detachment. Another 'popular' place is between the stomach and the heart, denoting a split between the self-biased side and the community-biased side. All are the result of held-pain forcing a 'split'. In one way, it is a remnant of an ancient survival-strategy. Detach, and keep going...

This 'split' is what causes 'depersonalization'. Depending on where the split occurs, the intellect becomes more-and-more 'in charge' and emotions become more-and-more 'distant'. (This is not actually the case; the emotions are quite there, but behind a terrified 'dam' so they will not spill-out and be felt. Not to mention, the held-pain 'beneath' the held-emotions.) The end result is less-and-less 'empathy' for other human beings (and the Earth), due to failure to feel emotions.

You cannot shut-off one emotion; you have to shut-off the entire 'emotional body' to stop one. Love and joy are also diminished, once you do this. This leads to Materialism, where Objects are drafted to replace the Closeness that true feelings for an Other brings-forth.

At some point, the accumulating-pain (and the absence of feeling-Communion with Others) forces a 'personality-change'. The possibility of 'rejoining' by feeling-through one's-own held-pain becomes apparently-insurmountable. (Think "Scrooge" just before the tale begins.) So, the person turns-away from his/her own humanity and focuses on objects.

In this 'mode', humanity itself is seen as a 'foe', because the healthy-ones of humanity might cause one's inner-dam to breach and the held-pain to be felt. A perceived 'real threat'. (And, this is where the phrase, "misery loves company," originates. The attempt to turn 'us' into 'them'.)

The above is where the negative-actions collectively known as Satanism originate (for humans at-heart). Simply a turn-away from their own 'humanity', based on held-pain.

For these types, compassion is best. They are wounded. If you wish to 'take action', you can ask your Higher Self to actually-notice what is going-on inside that person, and move to it's resolvement as appropriate. Many 'interesting' things can then happen, originating from levels higher than the intellect. (Think "Scrooge" after the tale begins.)

Part of Mr. Apocolype's 'toolkit' is ways to resolve the above 'issue'. What I call the 'Turning' is also partially-concerned with that. Higher Self says the 'Turning' still exists, and is still 'moving'. We shall see...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "...Trump went bankrupt a few years ago and had to wheel and deal all kinds of arrangements with bankers to appear to become solvent again."

An American banker, J.P. Morgan (yes, that Morgan), made a name for himself in wheeling-dealing in America and then opened-up banks in the City of London. For a while, he seemed to be at least breaking-even with the Rothschild banking interests. Then, just when Morgan was over-extended, a market 'down-turn' took place. (Hmmm.) Morgan's "Empire" seemed to be destined for bankruptcy.

Then, as the papers said it went down, Rothschild 'extended credit' to Morgan to help him through his troubles. How kind, especially to a competitor 'on the ropes'. So, the Morgan banks survived. The funny thing is, ever since then, the Morgan 'playbook' has been remarkably-similar-to the Rothschild 'playbook'...

The astute reader may note some similarity between Morgan's tale and Trump's tale...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

None of that is in conflict with what I said. It is only a further extrapolation. As I said, my definition was simplistic. It is for reasons such as this that I said that (grin). I have to work within the limitations of the consistent size of these postings. It is a limitation that I set for reasons other than brevity but that is certainly one of the reasons. I try to continue this in the coming Origami but from a different POV.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Heaven and the Presence will Come.

Ray B. said...

Sorry, Vis. In no way was I meaning to create-conflict or 'one up' you. If it came across that way, that was not my intent.

In one sense, I was trying to reach-out to those who know something is wrong, even if only intellectually, but have no idea as to the 'causality'. It is a Condition, not a Nature. As such, one can - if one has the desire and the determination - work their way back to their 'humanity'. The skies are bluer and the joys are more-felt. It is worth it. It can be done.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Good grief! I took no offense whatsoever. that would be vain and counterproductive. I was simply explaining myself. I respect your input and I generally refrain from argument or similar in most exchanges. Sometimes I will say certain things but it is is usually to see what the reaction might be, in order to prove to myself that what I already think is what is so (grin). Like when it seems obvious to me that when someone gets after me about handsigns in pictures of me or says something a certain way, I might react along certain lines to see if an explanation is what they were after of if they were just messing with me and it gets pretty quickly revealed what is going on. Occasionally someone will show me that they were sincerely asking for some kind of an answer and at that point I feel compelled to apologize (grin).

Anonymous said...

"What really matters is how you handled it" - says it all.

Saul Mine said...

My question of late has been regarding the Pandora's Box. If the container was opened and out of it flew all the ills and evils of the world, and when the container lid was replaced trapping Hope, how are we not to think that Hope is evil or ill-causing? This option is not covered in writing that eye can find, Greek or otherwise.
The nearest was in your post when you said that Hope and Faith are not the same. True that!! Hope takes intention and adds fear. Faith remains resolute, without additives.
Thank you Les Visible. Your writing is fodder for my soul. i don't know if that is stolen or too sappy, but my intention is gratitude.
Love to all

missingarib said...

Vis, it seems we're all invited to the tele-vision of the mad hatter's ball. Imagine, in the comforts you you're own "bad crib" you can watch and identify with the inmates running the institutions ,wildly cavorting down library isles tearing out pages from books rearranging locations of books whose conclusions and definitions that don't agree with their mania. Inmates suiting up for debates that ponder the question what is Alzheimer’s‎ contribution to peoples choice awards ,followed by question and answer opportunity all punctuated by a laugh track machine.

Scenes of inmates dressed in swat gear ,dressed in three piece suits ,dressed in black robes , all shouting above the voices in their head .

The daily work intermission no longer a stress test for access to the entertainment ,a playback opportunity awaits at the close of another peek at the "rocks in Pandora’s Box."

The clock eventually runs down and the days of our lives goes into reruns and quietly they "forget who you are" and an important factor in this regard is that many of these people never knew who they were in the first place." .

Time tosses and turns the sleepers and those that wake up understand from whence come the bruising they see." Some of us know we are dreaming and some of us think we have woken up and we are still dreaming; like when you wake up and believe you are awake, only to find that you were still dreaming, cause you wake up yet again. Some of us are in a deep sleep and some in a restless sleep and some dream idyllic and some dream in nightmare and it all has to do with what we think is real and none of it is."

live long

Anonymous said...

Watched "The Big Short".

Good film. The fraud was well explained. (I finally got it!)

Visible said...

Considering the degree of difficulty involved in making this film as outstanding as it was, I would have to say that it is the best of its type that I have seen. "Margin Call" is another good one in this genre. I'd say Carrell gave a masterful performance in "The Big Short". Unfortunately for him they are probably going to give the Oscar to DiCaprio for " The Revenant" It was a gritty and interesting work and I didn't know it was DiCaprio until the credits rolled but, on the whole it was not as good, with a number of shortcomings. "The Big Short" was much more polished and the acting was better. So it goes. The best film doesn't usually win anyway. There's a chance they give most of the awards to "The Danish Girl" cause that is where Hollywood is at, right there in the shadow of Bareback Mountain."

Anonymous said...

pierre said.....

Alternative title (cue Elton John, Social Disease)
"Falling apart at the seems"

response "I suppose so" (and other Kiplingesque Why is it suppose so stories)

Farell... playing a 50 something year old crucifixion-virgin whistleblower , it's only a movie.

Churchill, De Gaulle , Rockefellers all borrowed (for personal finances, ie parties and strong liqour) from and were ultimately, and finally, owned by the Rothschilds (and company). Ford too after his proSemitic anti-Paulian conversion (Louis Marshall, Bankster, Handler).

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

It All Rests on Who and What You Dedicate Your Life To.



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