Thursday, February 11, 2021

"Doing the Berserker, Herky Jerky, Broken Gyroscope Dance of the Macabre."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The angels of God have always been there. We don't see them when our senses remain closed out of the plane they operate on. The more Materialism intensifies, the more they are captured in the flaming worlds of appetite and can perceive nothing outside of it. That is changing now. Divine force is acting upon human consciousness and the only way that happens is through the medium of the angelic realm.

We've seen a good deal more Strange in recent times than previously and the culture was already 'out there' as far as doing the Berserker Herky Jerky, Broken Gyroscope Dance. Now... we are going to be seeing a new and different kind of Strange. We are going to be seeing supernatural and metaphysical Strange, shortly. Hmm... what do you know? It's already happening, and most especially on the Emotional Plane. Study the trends taking place in human affairs. Some portion is becoming more and more outraged and dysfunctional. The remainder are reasonable people who have been going about the business of minding the family unit, giving thanks to their creator, and trying to live a decent life.

Even the very smart among us are being made angry and are being deceived without knowing it is happening. People are turning on each other, irrationally for no reason which seems a good reason even if it is unreasonable. The rage of the people is being artificially stoked by fire tenders from the infernal realm.

Pandemic COVID. Pandemic racial hysteria, pandemic Trump Derangement Syndrome. These are ALL manufactured by the same people who brought you 9/11 and other wonderful plagues. They keep getting away with it but not for much longer. Racism? Who is it really that is sowing fear and dissension? Which race is more consistently attacking the other; “By their works, ye shall know them”; Who is it that hates which race? White Supremacy is a MYTH and soon... even talking about such things will be illegal, call it, The Q Conspiracy Law. Pay no mind to the Communist effort to destroy America, brought to you by the heirs of the Bolshevik mass murder cabal.

They want to bring Communism here because then there is no longer a vote. Considering the last election there is no vote now. Then there is the Crowded Hospitals myth. There are no crowded hospitals. Then there is the hard to get and most desirable vaccine myth. There is the fear of white supremacy mobs, faked into belief, by an orchestrated attack on The Capitol by the Chaos Supremacy Mob.

Personality and Individuality= I've been studying myself for a while now and lately that has gotten deeper and I marvel at all the selfish behavior and reckless disregard that was a sometimes feature in my life, earlier. Sure... there were a lot of good points too, but I was looking deeper and it became clear to me that we let ourselves off the hook a lot by choosing to see things differently, than they actually happened. It is how people start arguing in the first place. I note also this disagreeable tension that is generated by one's resident fear and insecurity and each of them manifest the others and a perpetual loop of suffering is brought into being.

Our lives are woven in allegory. All of the ancient tales are moving through the present, with a different form and shape. The mysteries of the past are as present as ever. How did they become fallen angels? There was that Garden of Eden expulsion. I was listening to the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album earlier. Angels were dwelling in them and singing through them. My God what masterpieces come and go. Then the corruptions of the world enter in and the angels depart for a new vehicle to sing THEIR songs. We've come a long way down from that. Now, a disturbing amount of us lives in WAP-Land. I'm drifting here.

Watched Super Bowl and all I saw before the game, during the game (and, no doubt) after the game were interviews, commercials, self-serving circle jerks of social justice and diversity, and the HEROES of Front-line health care workers, who were risking life and death; (not really) and then risking their souls, yeah really, by buying into the lie. Then my heart said, “Don't judge, Visible” So I didn't, for about 5 or 10 minutes, and then... all I saw were whores. “Visible, they are blind and ignorant and do not see. Don't judge.” So... Another bit of time went by. I didn't judge, and AGAIN... all I saw were whores, from Miley Cyrus to a bunch of people I never met, to long-established whores. All I saw were whores. So... I'm not going to judge, though all I saw were whores. Could I say I'm not judging, simply noting and naming, like Adam in the Garden of Eden before buying into the bullshit of the time, just as so many are buying into today's bullshit?

Yes... this is that Wonderland with the Red Queen. This is that Jacobin frenzy of “Off with their heads”. One is a fairy tale. The other one happened. They are trying to do that here. An interesting point is that during that major Blood Moon eclipse a couple-few years ago, the chart of America was a near mirror image to that of France during the revolution. Strange how all this canceling and shunning has become the order of the day.

People are really going off their hinges and Mr. Apocalypse, God Bless Him! Mr. Apocalypse is doing just what he told me he was going to do; 'strip them naked before the eyes of The World. Heah comes De Boss... the Bruce!!! He got himself a DWI! Mind you don't step in the schadenfreude- ♫ Baby I was born to drink!!! ♫

Oh... what the Hell;

♫ I want to love you

But I can’t get it right

Maybe I’ll just stay up

And drink right through the night

I was born to drink

I was born to suck’em up

I was born to have a dream

And born to fuck it up

They say I showed some promise

In my younger days

I could have been a football coach

Someone like Woody Hayes

The people I hang out with

All walk sideways just like me

Except the ones that cannot walk

Cause they can’t even see

I strain aftershave through bread

Sterno beneath the bridge

It’s hard to have a backup

When you can’t plug in the fridge

Yeah, Baby, we were born to drink ♫

You see, my friends, this is what is happening. All of these frauds who live in their own personal dreamland of success without reserve are stepping into the lights and speaking lies about the actions and intentions of others, and then? Mr. Apocalypse body-slams them, makes them trip up in public, turns them upon themselves, and drives them MAD. You have a choice! You can resist, or you can rely on the ineffable one. In times of an apocalypse, you get outed in your resistance to Heaven. The pressure intensifies until the weakest link goes, AND... you ain't seen anything yet. It is happening every day. I ask the readers to attune their attention to this recent trend in human affairs. If you look hard with focus you will see what I mean.

Yes... it does seem grim. Demonic orcs are running through Oakland and other parts of Kalifornia and smashing the elderly to the ground. Some have died. In NYC, they are pushing people in front of subway trains. Disorder is rampant BUT... what you are seeing in its transitory passage is not what really is. The light is breaking, without and within, and all this is no more than an echo as the last age recedes into the mist. Mind how you go and hold to The Indwelling; “Yeah though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil. Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

I know this posting is all over the map. It's not one of my better efforts and does not have my full attention today. My attention is on something else and that is the imminent approach of The Almighty, who is coming wherever a place has been made for him in the human heart. These are the days of compelled introspection, lest one dance in The Sundarbans unmindful of the other residents.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

It was a great read. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for one of your "better efforts." And kudos on your self-examination. Remember to be easy on yourself, as you go inside. (The good part is that it shortens any time to be spent in the Bardo, Purgagory, Duat, etc. Get it done 'early'... *grin*)

Vis: "We've seen a good deal more Strange in recent times than previously... We are going to be seeing supernatural and metaphysical Strange, shortly."

On that line, a ladyfriend just informed me about events going-on near/under Stonehenge. I had been unaware of all of this. My immediate reaction was, "So, you are going to dig near/under one of the world's most sacred spots? Outrageous!"

I mentioned long-ago that I had 'met' what I call Stone Circle Entities (because I first encountered them there) while traveling around England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. One of the most powerful was centered at Stonehenge. You could say that Greater Stonehenge was built because of It. The more-aware of the Celts knew of this entity and interacted with it. This entity is so high that its Consciousness Level is just outside of Space-Time. It 'dips' Down Here to interact with us. It is friendly and interested in conversations. It also blows your socks off, it is so inherently powerful.

Well, upon hearing about the tunnel, I contacted the Stonehenge SCE and others who would be interested. They had not heard about this situation. Much 'conversation' occurred. Then, my Higher Self removed Ray from accessing the conversation. (What I do not know, I cannot reveal by way of telepathic snooping.) More conversation went on, and then many "So Be It!" (manifesting) rang-out and then many "Done! (cancelling, shutting-down, completing) rang-out.

Vis: "All of the ancient tales are moving through the present, with a different form and shape. The mysteries of the past are as present as ever."

Yep, and they are not entirely happy with the ways things are going, Down Here. It will be interesting to find out what just happened...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...

Dear Visible,

A scattershot post still hits the mark and we validate our own experience with the intensity in your expression.

"You have a choice! You can resist, or you can rely on the ineffable one. In times of an apocalypse, you get outed in your resistance to Heaven. The pressure intensifies until the weakest link goes"

Resistance is futile, saith the Borg

Yet another sideways transmission that we can take how we will or take it to heart
Resistance to the Will of the ONE is ultimately futile and our tolerance for painful lessons sets the day when we realize this. We try our own way while we lie to ourselves that we are doing it our way to learn how to do it the best possible way. Huh?

Easy does it so we try the hard way to resist our inner knowing and our inner guide.
Not the implanted fear minder: ONE>soul>us chain

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Sometimes you and 'i' seem to be on the same'wavelength'.... hahahahahahaha.... just this week i used the term 'whore' with two suchnesses, to their ears in a conversation, both decided to hang up, one just before hanging up asked me to do an incestous fornication with my mother !!!! hahahahahaahhahaa....... in both cases they actually believe that withdrawing communication is some kind of punishment !!! one would suppose what many of the singers of what passes for music today would opine if they would actually stop with their cacophony with their new¡songs'...... ufffff....

May you live in interseting times... used to be the Chinese curse, and we all are living in such times... Mr Apocalypse is making them so.

Then again also there were the desires that would be such as- may your next life be whilst the Buddha is incarnate, ... may also be such times.....
As for me, thank you for that turn of frase, and the song, 'Out of function at Armaggedon junction......'

Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug, Dog Poet

Guy Reid-Brown said...

All I saw of the Superbowl was that strange clip of 'Biden' praising 'the Front Line Workers' (of which I am one - it's nothing, really; that isn't False Modesty - it really IS nothing - calling the scamdemic out for what it is is potentially FAR more inimical to one's personal well-being ).

At one point,a VERY strange artificial CGI grin splays across 'Biden's physiognomy.

His wife looks Demoncrat post-menopausal mad and derangedly skinny and overdyed, like 'The Masked Centipide'Pelosi - so I assume that really IS her, in counterbalance.

Thomas said...

Selfishness is part of life - even trees and plants fight over the sunlight. And what about human babies crying for their mothers breasts? They surely are selfish and greedy, and if they weren't, they would not live!

Nature is eternal struggle, dance, war, creation.

Some people *are* whores. Others are hateful and evil, demonic, even. The world is full of variety. Some people are mean-spirited, hypocritical, craven wretches, despicably abusing the power that they have over others, or failing miserably to live up to the trust that has been invested in them. Feeling hatred, feeling scorn for such things is not unnatural. Judgement is also part of life. Of course, it matters how we express it, to whom, and when, and how balanced it is, but... it is there, and it is all right. Jesus said to forgive them - and to pray for those who are evil. He was a genuine, true master.

For the rest of us, the trick is, I think, to build more than we destroy, give more than we take. Or at least try to :) - and in that way, we are purified over time, and become better and better at it. At some point, we will be pure, and we will be able to channel the light of God to the world without interference - and we will be free.

The wise say that even the masters have a trace of ego left, or they could not be in manifest form. So... I think we are justified in being somewhat forgiving of ourselves :) - Perfection will come in time.

Asil said...

Brilliant insight, as always.

Visible said...


You have come such a long way in the time that I have known you. There are others here who give me the oft difficult to see evidence of God's Presence in Humanity. Given my observations on your contributions here you should think of being more engaged in what you do here; writing and thinking-wise. There are others here too. We are making our love contagious. Fight one false pandemic with a true pandemic.

Thomas said...

Thank you, Visible -

I am happy that you think so - about me having learned something (yes, thank God!) - and that you think it could be worthwhile for me to write more. I would like that, too. God willing, I might even be able to inspire a soul or two.

It's a good idea, I think: Make the Love and Light contagious!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Thomas
As Mas and mas Visible uses a rather expanded vocabulary, ideas from various cultures and metaphors as well, and puts together prose that is poetry, apart of the poetry of songs, in his persistent aspiration towards Union with Divine, and graciously shares the path full of traps, Joys and Exstatic moments....
May your path be akin to the Dog Poet's, and not the ambition of wordsmith of, as an example, 'Zen Gardner' !!!
Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear hug

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Royal Road to the High Kingdom has Few People on It and Gridlock Below."

Thomas said...

hehe, thanks Unuk - I appreciate your kind wish.

I too prefer living artistry to sterile intellectuality - but I think that it is possible to make elaborate wordsmithing with heart and soul, too!

I guess it takes practice, but is worth aiming for.



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