Friday, February 19, 2021

"God Possesses Marvels and Wonders that are Beyond the Reach of Human Imagination."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Everywhere you look there is a scandal running or one in the making. All over, the rot is coming to the surface, as Mr. Apocalypse churns the deep waters of time, space, and causation, with his walking stick and; The Avatar?

♫ He'll be coming out of The Sun when he comes.

He'll be driving Krishna's chariot when he comes.

He'll be healing the sick and cutting to the quick.

He'll be in the human heart when he comes ♫

There is an unsettling tension rising. Lady Nature is coming down hard in certain places. Could hundreds of people really be dying of carbon monoxide poisoning from sitting in their cars in the garage for heat in Texas? Another storm is on the way. What is causing this perfect storm of uncertainty? The collective consciousness of humanity is the glue that holds the manifest in order or causes the reverse. Anger and Fear have gathered up a gang of fellow travelers and they're shooting up towns and robbing trains. Humpty Dumpty is in The White House. Lady Macbeth is in the wings.

Some hidden hand is shuffling the personnel in high and mid-range locations. Like termites, they are being set loose to eat away the support beams of the infrastructure. They don't know what they are doing. Almost no one knows what they are doing, except for those with a visceral sense of not knowing, because they are informed in every moment of what they need to know. I don't know about anyone else but the first thing I look for, every time, if I happen to be in darkness, is a light.

I don't want to move without a light. I may be certain of where I am going but I am not certain of how I will get there. That is why I rely on a guide who has been up and back more than once.

I am walking through a world of somnambulists. It used to be I was all about waking them up. That served to piss them off. I didn't know any better. I was young and I had a lot of zeal; a lot of passion. It was the usual deal with the usual result. Then I learned to move in and around them without bumping into them. The first thing you have to do in order to awaken others is to be awake yourself. You ever have one of those dreams when you realize you are dreaming and you are desperately trying to wake up? It can take a while and be frightening too. Then when you wake up you think you are awake, BUT... you are still not awake. This is often the case with those in the white suits with all the seminars.

If you are going to be among the blind leading the blind, you need to know that the karma is worse for those doing the leading than for those being led. It's even worse for those who are directing the ones who are leading the others. It runs, as it always does, to the heart of the darkness itself. They got a whole hierarchy there, just like the heavens above; as above, so below.

It's a matter of personal choice, which kingdom you are getting your marching orders from. I don't like being, 'driven'. What are you being driven to anyway? You are being driven to the point of epiphany concerning The Purpose of Demonstration. In other words, you are being put through a seemingly endless ration of shit in order to discover this, and to what end? So that you won't continue to be put through it. This should imply that you can stop at any time. You don't have to whip yourself through uncertain terrain in pursuit of something you later find out you didn't want in the first place. Then on to the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing. Sounds like a whole lot of unnecessary suffering to me. Why not just cut the whole thing loose?

We are struggling to awaken in a rushing stream, and the dream currents are very strong. The idea is to make it to the banks. It can be done because it has been done. We have all kinds of evidence of unique souls reaching a state of being outside the clamor of the pushing and shoving of this unpredictable world which is all too predictable. We have to fool ourselves in order to keep believing it. We huddle with kindred spirits with whom we have conspired to agree upon a particular version of The Unreal. Here is where you find your fair-weather friends and whatever soap opera drama they are bringing to the mix.

What to do. What to do. We all answer this in our own way based on our understanding of how it works. Some are very good at how it works. This means they are in a position to get even more completely sucked into the machinery. You are either going deeper in, where it is denser and hotter, or you are going in the other direction, where it is less dense and cooler.

We live in a movable orgy of sexual magnetics, even as the vehicle of our transport grows weaker and further in submission to the desire for more, as the capacity reduces itself to impotence. It is what I would call, 'a vicious cycle'. The greater your desire, the more you hammer life, and the more life hammers you. There is an interior flame that has to be reduced to a single tongue of radiance. Then you are driving and not being driven. Then the other lights are turned on and you can finally see. How's that Biblical quote go? “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” then there was that part about once thinking and speaking like a child, then putting away childish things.

The Bible is filled with simple yet profound truths. “I die daily.” “Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds;” Oh... there are many, many more. We read them but they only penetrate to a point. Within these parts of scripture is the REVELATORY ASPECT, where one gains spiritual insight into the living substance of it. Then there is the revelatory aspect of The Intuition. One builds a deeper connection through prayer and meditation. If you keep banging on the door, it will, eventually, be opened.

My dear friends, do not let the craziness of the times suck you into them. God is coming. He comes on schedule in every age. His presence is already being made evident in the changes going on in the world. Each series of changes leads to another series as wonder opens into wonder. There can be beautiful wonder and awesome wonder. There is wonder to delight you and wonder to make you tremble. I remember a friend asking Guru Bawa what could he do about being sexually attracted to beautiful women. Bawa said, “put your hand over your heart and say, “What a wonder!” There are many different poses that one can adopt concerning The Divine Feminine. I prefer to see her as The Mother. It is much less trouble and far more enduring and intimate.

It's The Cross for being a poet, with one foot in both worlds. Byron handled it one way and Keats another. A true poet becomes a mystic and if he persists he becomes a sage. Beyond that are other states, but no matter how you approach it, even if it comes down to a pedestrian perspective, it will adapt to an understanding of some kind. Kahlil Gibran wrote a book titled, “Jesus, the Son of Man.”

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

It has been a very long time since I read it but, as I remember it, there was a fellow who traveled around to talk to different people who had met Jesus Christ. I guess there was a banker and a baker and others and the key to the theme of it was that each of them saw Jesus through the lens of their own industry. It is, like most of Gibran's work, unique in the way he struggles to present the truth as it has appeared to him. Obviously, he was inspired.

I lived with an archbishop on a mountaintop in Woodstock for a period of time. He had met Gibran. Gibran came to his church to visit him. Many famous people did. He said that Gibran was a lovely man but that he drank too much wine. Well, there's wine and there's wine. They drink a different vintage in the heavenly spheres.

One of my objectives, always lurking somewhere in the backdrop of my life, is spiritual intoxication. There is a location in the mind through which this wine can pour, once one has stabilized so as to access it. God possesses marvels and wonders that are beyond the reach of human imagination. Why! Why would anyone want to go anywhere else? That to me if the definition of Crazy. Yet that is all those other directions taken by the mass of us. Like they say, “there's no accounting for taste.”

I know that everyone has an agenda of some kind, even when they are in service to others. It might be as simple as wanting to go to Heaven. I thank God and all his angels that it doesn't occur to me that I want anything other than The Presence. Wanting is the problem to begin with.

It's time to put aside childish things because something is about to happen under the main tent and in all the other tents that hasn't happened in a LONG TIME. God cannot reside in a place that has not been prepared for him. He will NOT go where he is not invited. I can't express the degree of sorrow I would feel upon discovering what I had missed simply because my attention was elsewhere. I do not intend to put my attention elsewhere. There is not even a second choice of any kind.

End Transmission.......

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Thomas said...

That's a good one about doing only what you love, or learning to love those things that are necessary.

Reminds me for some reason of something Solzhenitsyn relates from his experience in the Gulags. As a prisoner being used for hard labour in the frozen and god-forsaken (not really) siberian wasteland, he tells that part of the way to get through the day was to love the warmth that came into the body from working, or, in other cases, building a wall, for example, taking it as a challenge, and doing a job that he could actually be satisfied with. At the end of the day, being happy that he had survived another day (he had made up his mind to outlive the damnable prison sentence, as I remember).

Which again reminds me of a (true) story, perhaps I've related it before, about three women who were imprisoned in a castle dungeon by the nazi regime - 2 young, one old. The old one, who did not make it out alive, but died content, was happy and smiling until the end. One of the young women, who related the story, had at one point asked her how she could possibly be calm and smiling under those horrible circumstances. Her answer: "my dear, there is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still!"

Ah! We are blessed to have such a benevolent Creator!

robert said...

Dear Visible,

Our gratitude wells up that you share your bubble with us here!

Whenever we stop our routine habitual awareness in its automatic execution of our life's time, there is a following wake which threatens to capsize our fear-constructed mental boat.

If in that moment, we survey the world with inner sight, the sheer waste of the gift of being human, the unbridgeable chasm between our perspective and Reality, the deep feeling of longing for Oneness overwhelms our little bubble.

No wonder that most cut off their wonder and avoid being still in the Presence if at all possible.

If we fools would but persist in our folly, we will be gifted with the wisdom that the Presence confers by the merest will to stay put and face the Face.

Naturally, we attached to mortal limits cannot actually face the Face, but only some microscopic, angelic proxy.

Even that is more than enough to strike terror and panic into us if we have not learned to reason with ourselves to calmness in our sea of emotions.

Your writing conveys the resonance of these depths of experience without scaring us out of our wit's end completely.

To shed our skin we must to grow
So your service to shake us out of slumber serves us

"I am walking through a world of somnambulists. It used to be I was all about waking them up. That served to piss them off. I didn't know any better. I was young and I had a lot of zeal; a lot of passion. It was the usual deal with the usual result. Then I learned to move in and around them without bumping into them. The first thing you have to do in order to awaken others is to be awake yourself"

The Avatar Christ Yeshua was scribed as being able to disappear when roused rabble sought revenge on being confronted with an awakened being.

Being invisible, the opposite desire of those harvesting human frenzy in plain sight for fame and fortune, is a valuable skill to practice.

Observing without disturbing the observed neatly transcends the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, by operating from a higher dimensional plane.

"Being awake ourselves", aye, that's the rub, the only way to rub people the right way, to massage their being with the tough love of example.

Any reflective person sees the terrible responsibility involved and runs away from it if possible.
Problem is, it is not possible to put off the Presence, only resist it in painful temporary thrashing.

Why do we all play the shrew to the Lover?
How many stories and parables and personal traumas must we experience before we surrender to the inevitable?
That we are being loved into life for reasons so fundamental and interwoven that the only way is to simply be, be simply until our soul possesses our awareness in tranquil acceptance.

Yikes folks!
The light is coming into everyone's eyes from within and we must let it shine or burn out all selfishness and then shine anyway with carbonized wicks!

The shortcut is the deepest cut: Life is learning and learning is life
Loneliness ends where union begins so we learn to be in union

Let us all learn our lessons speedily on this enlightenment ride before it launches us into weightless orbits about the Sun!

SanchoEarlyJones said...

Good read, and thank you for posting.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the 'Heavenly' blog. Appreciated.

Vis: "The collective consciousness of humanity is the glue that holds the manifest in order or causes the reverse."

This 'effect' is known by the darkside and is being used against humanity. Cue most art, music, and movies in recent history. How much is meditation is being taught? How much is the Unseen being taught? The goal of the darkside is to reduce humanity to meatbags and nothing more. At this point in the 'game', we have to seek beyond what is being presented to humanity...
Vis: "The first thing you have to do in order to awaken others is to be awake yourself."

At some level, each of us is aware of whether someone has mastered an area we want to learn. There is an 'aura' of authenticity about them. (And the reverse.) All-God could reach down and enlighten someone, but we usually progress through teachers. If one wants to awaken, pick-out someone a few levels up from your state and try to learn. When one has mastered all which that teacher can teach, move along to the next teacher. The mountain is climbable...
Vis: "It runs, as it always does, to the heart of the darkness itself. They got a whole hierarchy there, just like the heavens above; as above, so below."

This is the part which I don't really understand. All-God is made of everything, of course. The darkside is part of all-God, like it or not. I guess it comes down to attitude. Higher Self does not go out to 'punish' baddies; HS goes out to Clean them. Once various held-pain is removed or forced-through, whomever-it-is changes attitude. They go neutral, or even pitch-in to clean-up the mess they might have created. I wonder what happens when that line-of-reasoning is projected all the way up to "the heart of the darkness itself..."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

tasmith said...

Thank you. Are they unaware, blind, deceived, intentional? I do not know! "Love what you do, or learn to love what you must do." Society, civilizations attempt to establish boundaries, enforce acceptable behaviors for the sake of the residents, they all fail, why? Are we not meant to tolerate each other? Can one mind ever fully exist in this place? Worlds come and go, but truth reigns, We love therefore we can resist and exist. Surviving the bumping into the lonely hearts club, making it back from being cancelled - we shall see! May we all see more clearly. Keep getting weighed down by the thousands of those known in the womb that never see the light of day, every day by choices made. May our decisions all be based on The Truth, not mine, yours, theirs, his, hers, it's etc...... love ya, Vis!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I suspect geo-engineering. Tons of snow in KSA?

I must also say, I don't think I live in the world of the majority. Where I am is statistically a nice place to be, though I am periodically reminded to not take it for granted. Damn right you are on gratitude.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

OK, this is post after I finished the read in its entirety, instead of half way through. It's a total euphoriant drug.

Now I have a question. Why are they allowing your posts on my page, but not allowing you to post? And why are they allowing your blog URL to be added to your comments? Gotta go to work now, but one o' these days when I remember; I really must ask.

Nostrils up.

Oh yeah. Weird weather. We're 10-15 degrees above normal, locally. Have been since November. No winter this year, whatsoever. We're also a little drier than the old normal, though we've been having less than average rainfall for years. I find it all a bit annoying.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Gibran's wine was apparently the wine of the Divine Love that would make Gibran's Soul inebriated, and inspire the poetry, Archi had a lack of experience with that wine, evidently...... and perhaps the wine was a constant experience of the Soul of Guru Bawa, considering the Tradition which made his Soul mature in such palpable manner.....
Thank you, once again, for a posting that emanates shapes, colours and a particular Beauty.....
Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'You ever have one of those dreams when you realize you are dreaming and you are desperately trying to wake up? It can take a while and be frightening too. Then when you wake up you think you are awake, BUT... you are still not awake' -

Oh, I had a mammoth one of those a few nights ago - I asked my housemate to wake me up by a certain time in future in case it happened again.

Those passages from Scripture totally resonate right now, as does the whole column.

'I am walking through a world of somnambulists. It used to be I was all about waking them up. That served to piss them off. I didn't know any better' -

The Awakened are all reached that conclusion now - if ANYTHING is going to shake the sleepy people out of their slumber , it is this - and it WILL- but NOT the 'Woke'.

The 'Woke' will NOT awake, no matter what they are presented with- it is impossible- until their 'little lives are rounded with a sleep'-

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Pocketnet! Try another browser, if you haven't already. I can't do shoite on it on Chrome anymore. I had to switch to Opera.

Visible said...

LTPTB; thank you so much for your efforts on my part. I don't know what's up with them. They certainly don't seem to care. I've contacted them many times. It's no loss however. I'd let it go if I were you.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'll continue to throw 'em up on my page and throwing the url on your comments. Only takes a minute or so, for those who don't wanna migrate to your blog. Solly, but I consider this stuff important for those who wanna wake up.

I'm a selective misanthropist, OKAAAAAAAAAAY?

Visible said...

Thank you, then...

What would probably do more good is if a significant amount of the readers I brought to Pocketnet would complain. There were over 300 such in the first couple of months, and then, MYSTERIOUSLY, they removed that feature so you couldn't tell anymore.

♫lawd, lawd I got 99, oh yeah, I got 99♫

Guy Reid-Brown said...

On the subject of Pocketnet, I have an idea.

I am in the agonising process of setting up a website-by-numbers.

I want it to be a Truth website, it will hopefully get millions of followers (well, why not? :) ) and in numbers is strength.

One of the pages would he called 'Cancel the Cancellers'.

It would simply list all those companies - from Google to Ben and Jerry's - who have 'cancelled'Truth Seekers, who the millions can simply unsubscribe from or not buy their stuff, and also list the non cancelling alternatives the millions can transfer to (so Cancel Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to GAB and Telegram, ditch Ben and Jerry's and buy Haagen-Daaz, cancel You Tube and list the alternatives and so on)

Can you imagine the difference that would make? Millions en masse trashing Google's income stream and exponentially growing small alternatives that have integrity?

All the best ideas are simple, and simply by suggesting this, someone will now go ahead with this great and obvious idea and I have just defrauded myself of potentially millions in revenue.

Oh well, no doubt I will spiritually benefit from this Life Lesson (damm! :/ )

Thomas said...

It looks like both gab and parler are back up. There's also one called - I don't know how many people use it.

Pocketnet is still in the works, it seems. There are a number of bugs. I get the sense that they are working on it, but that it is not an easy task, and that they don't really have a lot of man-power. It looks like a work of love and labour. It's quite ambitious to want not only decentralized p2p-networking, but also their own cryptocurrency. Maybe they don't have time to answer emails, and maybe they're not themselves really sure what the problems are. I don't know of course, but I don't think it's personal that you are not able to post there.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"They've Had a Good Long Run, Feeding on the Nutrients in Human Sorrow and Loss,"



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