Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Posting from the Bridge Again

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

This hurts to write this and is probably going to take awhile since I am not myself these days. I can’t remember being this messed up and out of orbit. Sad to say but true; I am starting to sound like a soap opera as a shill said recently. This should probably go to Origami because of the context but I am here at Petri Dish and maybe I can throw in some sarcasm and humor to justify that.

I am getting a blitzkrieg of letters from a woman who feels I done her wrong. If I was wrong then my usually 99.99% intuition is off. I spent a lot of time in institutions and situations where not reading the signals right could mean your life or worse. There are things that are worse than dying because you have to go on living with them. Luckily my reflexes and training and especially my intuition were working properly and I danced out of the way. Even though I have had to walk some very hard highway, I have been the beneficiary of some marvelous protection. Just to list the incidents and close calls would occupy one of these blogs for a solid month.

Last year, or whenever it was, I spoke of an Ayahuasca experience. Those familiar with my writing remember the post about God having his morning coffee; conferring his blessings and then kicking some ass. I don’t know how to put into words how intense this was... and I know intense, believe me. I was slamming my leg into the futon side over and over as punctuation while God... or one of his angels- same thing- told me about what was coming.

I don’t have much and I’m not much, not in my mind anyway. I’ve hardly had two nickels to rub together a lot of the time. I have had some dynamic spiritual experiences and God has convincingly kicked my ass more than once. I understand why now. I didn’t at the time.

Well, I put myself in harms way again and I’m still there right now. I feel like Tom Sellick in that great film, “An Innocent Man”. Sometimes it just comes at you and there is nothing you can do about it. To top it off, my dog Poncho had a terrible seizure last night and he wasn’t right until this morning. I think it was my fault too because I wasn’t right and it came back on my dog. Maybe you have some idea of how that makes me feel right now and maybe you don’t but it’s not good.

Now today someone sends me something by David Icke. I don’t want to talk stink about David. He reprints my work... or someone over there does. My problem with him is that he has a lot of Carnival barker in him and I just get so pissed when I have to scroll through pages of adverts to read the news. I know we have to make a living but I have trusted God for that and not myself. I’ve had some tough times but God has always looked out for me and when it comes down to it I don’t have any other friends unless they are agents of God. I’ve had my house burned down and lost everything I owned more times than I can remember and I don’t remember so well right now.

Anyway, David says he is getting slammed and there’s some kind of chewing gum coming out of the sky. That is easier for me to accept than some of that sex slave mind control stuff. A simple practical awareness tells you that those people don’t get to talk about it later on. I only bring David up because I am getting hammered too so maybe this is what it is and maybe that woman that I got tough with isn’t really a double agent. It’s hard to know what’s going on any more.

I wouldn’t be writing this at all except for what happened last night. I wasn’t sure I would be writing anything for awhile and I can’t seem to do my radio shows either but last night, after Poncho had his seizure and we were laying in bed my Ayahuasca experience came back on me full tilt. If you have any psychedelic experience you know the significance of yawning. It is a sign of awakening. All of a sudden I started to yawn over and over again. Deep and extended they were and the voice came back and told me he was on the way.

I saw Krishna. It had to be him. I mean... it’s pretty hard to mistake and he had huge angels or whatever they are called behind him in a kind of flying wedge and he said I’m coming. He said he might be coming personally but he was certainly going to come in the hearts where he was welcome and to the degree that he could be received and I wound up slamming my leg into the mattress; different room this time and I got no sleep I don’t think.

I probably shouldn’t feel too bad even though I do feel terrible for whatever the reason is. He said some good things to me. I’m going to be fine and more than fine so I should just take what is happening and he told me that everything that was happening he was doing to me. No government forces were doing it... no double agents were doing it... no demons were doing it because they all work for him anyway whether they know it or not. He said maybe it was coming from here or there but he was well aware of it and of every single detail in my life at every moment and just because I didn’t know that or was unaware of it didn’t make it any less true; more slamming of the leg on the mattress... more extended yawning and repetitive clenching at the gut and fire in the Kunda.

I suppose anyone would feel good about this, objectively speaking; but it’s not the same when it’s happening to you. It reminds me of what Bilbo said to Gandalf about having adventures. It always sounds good in the books but in real life you have to sleep in the rain with roots digging into your back and there are trolls and goblins and all manner of bad folk. It sounds thrilling in a book. It’s a little different in real life.

The one thing I remember most about last night was the awesome force and power. It just cramps your body up inside itself and every word, every pulse just hits so hard. It burns and wounds because you know you don’t even deserve the attention in the first place. That is probably the most crippling feature... to know just how unworthy you are. All you have to do is hear the voice and every sin in your life is magnified just like that.

So.. I’m just writing this to say that help is on the way. You have my word on that and even better than my word which doesn’t mean all that much when you get down to it. It isn’t moving in our time concordances so it could be tomorrow or two years away but the impression I got and what I remember saying more than once is that it is closer than it looks and I would really not want to be Nancy Pelosi or Gordon Brown or any of the rest of them. If I were any member of Congress right now, I would make a statement on the capital steps and walk away. If I were anyone high up in the military I would put down my power because real power is coming and you do not want to be giving the impression of any power at all when real power comes.

I guess you can imagine the impact this had on me and still does. I don’t like to talk about these kinds of experiences. It diminishes them and I know I haven’t been right lately and I have probably let you down. I am going to try to get it together but that’s not up to me. I was told that not a single thing is up to me or am I the deciding party in any of it so... what can I say?

I’ve made some good friends here though I may never meet you. You have made whatever this is happen. I’ve never been anyone important and I didn’t want to be. I just wanted my walled garden... my paradiz ( taken from the Pakistani) which means walled garden. I just wanted to be able to play with my dogs and grow my succulents and be away from prying eyes. I guess in these times we can’t ask for things like that. As Nina said... there are times you have to “man up”. I’m not sure I am capable of that but I don’t have to be. Help is on the way.

End Transmission.......


Visible said...

I just saw the news about Haiti. I haven't been reading the news or anything. Jesus Christ. Oh lord.

Anonymous said...

You are not alone brother.

It hurts big time.

Anonymous said...

Take care.

"To here and back (or something to that effect)

The adventure of Les Visible..."

We all need some adventure...even when it means having the root sticking out to your butt or troll charging at you.

Take care.

moon said...

[I don't think I'm going to start describing myself. It's another person's job to get that wrong]

I think All can get this right Les, you are not alone, we neither.

Keep an eye on what we call MSmedia,,,how do you like your shake? financial, locked and loaded, personnel...
these are shaky times Les, no it is not your head that is spinning it is everything "unstable" that is around you/us that is shaking.
It is like a dog shaking water after a better be in a swim suit or in a safe distance.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it. It's just God judging you. You'll be alright. In fact, I'd suggest encouraging it. Call it the karma correction if you like. Much more power to you being karmaless soon now. It's sweet. Sit back and enjoy the show; the plan's perfect; wrathful judgment under The Light of righteousness, then heaven or hell; each to their own. Don't lose focus though, remember that we command all evil.


Better Built Craftsman LLC said...

Even in despair, you always share an element of the hopeful. Thank you for that.

As for psychic vampires, they go after the spiritually powerful. It's going to happen, try not to let it confound or entangle you.

I pray for Haiti.

Anonymous said...

Dude hang in there.

Try puttin' up a Hex Sign.
Maybe on the dog's house?

Just in case the Sirius Boys come back.

mick said...

About Help

Les --

Right now, the people of Haiti need help and we are going to give it to them as soon as we possibly can. Why? For the same reason we do anything -- because we feel called to do it, and sometimes we have the strength to respond to that call.

I profoundly hope that your recent experiences have not been as terrible as those that the people of Port Au Prince are now going through. But sometimes you could use some help -- from those of your readers who are willing and able.

If we send you a little help, whether it is prayers, good vibes, or a few dollars, deutsch marks, or ducats, (and always fewer than we would wish ) -- we do it for the same reason that you write. Because we are called to do it.

So please don't feel bad about accepting the small amounts of financial help that readers may send your way. Don't say "I'm going to send it back to you!" Accept it the same way that you accept anything else from God, including the bad stuff. Take it and say "What should I do with this?" and wait for the answer.

No, on second thought, don't wait! I'll tell you right now! What you're supposed to do with it is use it to help you freaking keep writing! Or feed a dog. Or -- do whatever *you* are called to do.

That's the deal that I propose, and I fear that in the coming months and years we will all get many opportunities to respond when various people need help. Let us all do what we are called to you. Faithfully send help when we are able -- just as you do for us, every time you write -- and humbly accept it when we must.

In this way, we all pay our debts to God.

------------------- Mick Richfield .

Anonymous said...

It is possible that you let yourself down but you have never let me down.


Anonymous said...

Les, you sound pretty badly bruised lately.

I've never done drugs so any flashbacks I might get are stinging memories of the wrong choices I've made in life.

The times I ticked the wrong box, you might say.

However, world events are precipitous and overwhelming and do make one choose to absent him/herself from the world awhile.

I'm not as gregarious as I once was, nor as tolerant, and that's fine.

Complements the times.

Organized religion holds no sway over me, but your trust in Jesus/God is powerful and must be of great comfort.

Please, I'm not belittling your experience, but perhaps your vision announced the coming of Nibiru/Planet X?

Astronomy is one of my hobbies and I befriend numerous amateur astronomers, some of which are convinced we'll witness a real show of force in the near future if this horned planet (as reported by the Summerians, amongst others) exists and pays us (even a distant) visit.

Haiti? Another HAARP test set at 11?

Please, consider this missive my humble attempt at commiserating with you.

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

I fear that the gates of hell are swinging open.

"Something evil this way comes". Perhaps lord Krishna is coming to send the beast and it's demons back into hell and lock the gates forever. "The Meek will then inherit the Earth"

On the other hand the gates of heaven our true home between reincarnations are still standing open.

Soon many of us will meet there again. We rode out this life cycle the best we could...some for bad but most for good.

We ourselves chose along the way where we want to go.

If the Webbot is accurate, soon we come together again.

Namaste all...Oliver in Ga.

Visible said...

First off Oliver, you are one hundred percent correct.

Secondly Babette; having never engaged these things I understand your position but I have never ever had a flashback in over a thousand incidents so... they don't actually exist and any psychedelic voyager I know only wishes that were true.

I'm changed by my journeys but I always had to pay the price of admission except in a few isolated cases which were the result of a lot of hard work and discipline which is not my forte even in the best of times.

First thing I thought was that this tragedy in Haiti was engineered so that the fucksticks could look good. You will note on the S&MSM that they are only interviewing white people which is pretty strange for Haiti and they are obviously fundamentalist Christians helping out the wogs. That put a bad taste in my mouth right off the bat. Nothing pisses me off more than to see fat well fed Christians in the land of no food.

I would be more inclined to think they did this earthquake because Mother Nature, except for reasons of Karma... and especially now is more likely to hit real targets and she is going to.

Who is that Zionist piece of shit on MSNBC.COM Matt Lerner or whatever he is called? and those other talking heads. Blood is going to boil on their tongues. I cannot stand the sight of them.

Cozy, smarmy, unctuous pieces of shit that would make Joe Lieberman look human which he isn't.

Watch them milk this with every fiber and dollar that they aren't already spending at killing more people abroad than whatever happened in Haiti. Fuck those scoundrels. Their day is coming.

Anonymous said...

to all the good people
who come down this way
energy's low after
our new year wave
planetery aspects
causing discord
I have felt this too
like an internal war
can't think straight
feel you're out in the cold
sold to the slavers
put in the hold
but I know peace
he is everywhere
in all mens hearts
who do care
peace has the power
to heal within
the higher qualities
of the nature within
sometimes its hard to find
but I know peace
is always behind
and when that hurt does
move through
like birth pains
leaving new
feelings a slightly different way
but renewed and fresh
like a new day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Oliver! Apparently (according to adepts of occult beliefs etc.) the gates of hell were, indeed, flung open on 9-11.

"...synchromystic post about 9/11, exploring the buildings surrounding Ground Zero and tying them to the stargate ritual/alien contact/cosmic consciousness."

From 9/11/2001: A Space Odessey

There's interesting info on the 3 WTCs and King Solomon's Gate at Mediggo too.

"Fuck those scoundrels. Their day is coming."

Sounds like someone is feeling a bit better...

A bientot,

Anonymous said...

tell you what,some thing keeps messing around with my computer
keep losing posts and it keeps crashing.


nina said...

Dear beloved Visible, it appears that wherever a supposed weakness exists, something horrid attempts to obliterate it. What you want from this journey is very much what I want, what most of us want, peace of mind and hearth, but in the new world operating system this need tragically marks us for extinction along with poor and innocent people everywhere. Sometimes its a tsunami, sometimes its quakes, sometimes its fire, sometimes its white phosphorus, but the result is the same, isn't it? More fences, more mass graves, more regulation and manipulation, more nazigate, more choppers over Umuofia. I am sick of it too. May your own blitzkreig be brief and your happiness and awe remain supreme. Nose pats and fur smoothings to Poncho.
Look at it this way, at least you don't have a straight jacket on those legs.
And one more thing, who is this bitch bothering you? I'll scratch her eyes out.

Visible said...

I'm watching Lo9nesome Dove right now and if anything can break the spell that is the one. What a pleasure it is to see it. I have the boxed set and I've got my big Samsung monitor and all's right with the world at the moment.

they did Haiti. I know that now and they did it to make themselves look good. Woe on their asses.

nina said...

they did Haiti. I know that now


Visible said...

Thank you Nina but I think it was my fault. She offered me something I have been looking for for awhile and it was too quick and easy and I smelled a rat. I was probably wrong. I've been wrong a lot lately.

Zoner said...

One has to wonder why the really big "natural" disasters happen where the dirt-poor reside, time and time again.

Are they just unlucky? Cursed?

It makes one wonder.

Fur smoothings all around.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the planets being all out of whack. I feel it too. Its not a problem within but a place on the station thats hard and confusing? It will soon change. Say dont worry about the dog thing. You are super wise to see you and him/her share all things and when youre not health the dog isnt too. Stop the mind there? Dont get into why with ideas but feelings? We all links ideas and pictures of the mind together with little real input, so dont read into the images you saw, feel them as they return and then let them leave? The old breath them in and blow them out? That might help with the dog thing?
Les you feed off others and this loop can help or hurt?
Look to the world you cant ever explain to others but feel and see yourself, it holds the answers and path. Brave you are to try and share it, but just pushing outwards will lead to unhealthy ideas too?
The Fool

nina said...

She offered you something. Sigh. If there was ever a recipe for personal disaster, you just nailed it. Truly, we scan our lifetimes and there is this aching undeniable thread of exquisite annihilation. The offer. AGHHHH.

Visible said...

Hey, at least I refused and that cost me plenty, Nina.

Yeah Z; I wonder about that too but sometimes I think the scum are reborn in those places but it doesn't make sense for me to consider them that.

It is a perplexing dilemma.

Anonymous said...

I once took a drivers course to learn the skills of defensive driving :( and lower my insurance rate :) and I'll never forget what the driving instructor said to me near the end of my exam - Always drive as if ever other car on the road were out to kill you.

Those words helped me avoid many a near collision.

Billy G.

r2d2 said...

Hang tough like a new kid on the block Starcommander L.V. We are going to witness some exciting things in the next few years. Yea those earthquakes in the news might be a warning from the divine that we better get our shit in one sock. Or the greenies have pissed em off ahahah. Here's hoping you are well and better. Keep your psychic firewall up.

Anonymous said...

There is something about Haiti that is not known. It may be they just want to get rid of those 'eaters' there so that they can turn it into a zio resort of sorts. Not sure but it was definitely targeted. This type of stuff is going to increase. It may have been a warning using defenseless people as an example.

I suggest a look at "Golden Lily". to get an idea of the brutality that is coming. Here comes China's revenge.

Anonymous said...

Awwww crap! I've got so many stories of my own and others' beloved animals deflecting/taking-on the shit coming at us I could write a whole book. Anyway, all blessings and peace to you and Poncho.

This poem was from TomPainesCorner yesterday:

by Vi Ransel

It’s two degrees.
People are burning
to death in Detroit
and eating dirt
in Haiti.

Britain’s Enclosure Acts
drove the people from lands
they’d worked for centuries by right
and into the “great dim sheds’
of the Industrial Revolution

owned by the propertied privileged who,
with iron and callous contempt, ruled
those with neither property nor privilege,
who had no right to food,
or health or shelter,
since life itself
had become
a privilege.

No right
not to starve. No right
not to die of disease
easily treatable. No right
not to burn or freeze
to death. No right
to live.

Now there is no escape
from the rapacious Eagle.
Even sovereign nations
face it’s tearing talons,
razor beak slashing at
anyone who dares to resist:
dissident, communist,
insurgent, enemy
combatant, terrorist.

Liberal left, no less
privileged than the right,
travels personal Avenues of More,
bourgeoisie blinders on,
shielding tender sensitivities
from the fact that the path
they travel kills
with an indifference
no less callous
than contempt.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

who knows what
who knows why
haiti at the moment
is just suffering big time
know doubt the money men
are looking for a scam
all the good people
will do the best they can
I just noticed
someone high in the u.n
supposed killed
some one needs
to see who he was
see what that reveal
them people at the moment
need help and support
supposedly thousands
lost there homes
with no shelter caught
and infected water supply's
children crying
no mums or dads
in the mud their lying
why oh why
it has to be this way
well I will do all I can
send love their way
and if this was
caused by men
with harp technology
well you know what happens
when the people
take back authority
probably better to renounce
come clean come down
tell all men
what you saw and found
this goes for everyone
working for the powers that be
better come back to the people
think consciously.


Visible said...

Anyway you see the kind of shit I catch.

Visible said...

It does not pay to threaten me. You can't do anything to me beyond what life has already done. I wish I was dead every single day. You would be doing me a favor.

Anonymous said...

edna les,sort it out
we need to communicate all of us despite our differences.

Visible said...

Now I am thinking that maybe I shouldn't have done that but you know what? Honestly, You can't threaten me. I take it as a challenge and unless you have weapons that make distance strategic you are no match for me. I've also got friends you don't know about.

Why this is happening to me at my weakest point I don't know but I'm not going to take this shit. I'm not Alex Jones and the rest of the people who pretend to be the opposition and actually work for the other side. I don't work for anyone but the almighty god and everyone else who isn't working for the same blue guy in the sky and in my mind can kiss my ass.

Visible said...

I've been trying to sort it out. Look at my apologies. What does it take? Blood?

Anonymous said...

Stop the loop! Step back. You cant control peoples response to you or the world? The debate of nothing today is a great lesson if you let be, chill!!!! Dont be a drama queen, I know its hard being a Leo but others will only make it worse if you play along? I think you and I have done that many times over?
The Fool

Karyn Weese said...

Les, there are links on "The Truth Seeker" to music and a blog by "Gilad Atzmon".

Take good care! I do not like seeing you being attacked like this when you are not feeling well. You have a lot of people that love you and support you all over the world. Don't give any value to the others.

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't be making such a stink if they weren't bad guys. God save us from the do-gooders. Even Hitler was a social reformer.


and also, anyone cheating on their wife is no friend of mine. They either have bad judgment or no staying power.

Visible said...

Hey Fool. I've been doing this for years. I can come out of the bag now and then. I've earned it.

Oh, that Atzmon. Well maybe I fucked up. Be that as it may. What's he going to do? Hit me with his horn? I'm in no mood right now. That's just how it is. Any kind of one on one is fine with me.

Zoner said...

This is really hard to watch, as someone who wishes we were all on the same team ultimately.

Lots of poking with sticks on your blogs lately, Visible, as your profile and readership expands - people suspecting and accusing each other of things that cannot be proven, and it gets ever closer to chaos. An intense paranoia that comes with seeing words on a screen and not having the ability to see the face spouting them is at work in some posters. It is stinking up the place.

I don't know who ANY of you really are. This could ALL be bullshit, but some things resonate and I return here, for a couple years now, to learn and hopefully grow.

"Atzmon"? Who the hell knows, and frankly, who gives a shit? If it is someone creeping around London who garners whispers and is stepping out on his wife with someone else, who really gives a rat's ass? Are we supposed to tremble at the notion of upsetting any of these clowns? I don't think they know you very well, Visible, if they are trying to scare you, but I guess I don't know you at all either, do I? I just know what you say and what you have done for me personally.

We could all be united in support of each other, but we seem to find ever finer points of divergence and now with your brutal honesty about your current condition, some folks see a weakness and will take advantage. It is pathetic on their part, and I see nothing more than a misunderstanding and egos at play with piling on from folks not even involved in the process you and Edna are going through. I'm not taking sides either way because it isn't my fight. I won't ever question your motivations or your methods, but would hope that some of the BS that has been tolerated here is reconsidered. Do what you will, know you have my love and support regardless, and let's move on with more important matters like getting all of us through the shit that is raining down without turning on each other.

Sorry if this is intrusive, but it is really getting ugly here on this plane, and we MUST STICK TOGETHER! This is no time for dick-waving, even if you don't have one to begin with


Anonymous said...

"Be gone you viper." Classic!

Les, I think you spent 10 or so too many emails/time on this "lady". Rational sane people know an apology when they see one and know when to drop the topic, so to speak. This continues back and forth because she gets the desired response from you. Cut her off. Like you said, there's much more important stuff to be worrying about than what she thinks about you. She may have had honest intentions, but she is sucking you dry and making you grovel, not something someone with intentions of friendship and good things for you would force you to go through.

Your vision about Christ returning was uplifting to me. Thank you. Despite the madness out there, this is the one promise I hold true to. Let's kick some azz already!

Rebel 4E said...

Drama, drama, drama....
I need a cigarette.

"Hit me with his horn?" (O____o)

Chill Winston!


Anonymous said...

My private life is my own business, Visible, but wherever you're getting your information, it's all nonsense, by the way. I'm surprised you would print this kind of crap, I really am. Kindly remove this hogwash about me and whoever else and stop this bad behaviour.

John said...

What the fuck caused that little busybody to get her panties in such a wad? People writing and commenting on a blog? Just ignore her, or keep publishing her trivia. She is obviously either up to a game or has too much time on her hands, with no truly important issues to engage her psycho/socio-pathic programming.

kikz said...

ahem... watchin this bs puddle round here over the last few days..

if 'queenie' needed to stay under the radar as she stated..

"...i don;t talk a lot about what i do in terms of planetary work, I need to stay under the radar. I..."

why would she comment online or exhibit a presence online in the first place?

it's beyond ridiculously inane. (eyeroll)

if she thinks her safety is so threatened by her 'breakin cover' on your blogs she's even more unintelligent that she now appears.
'queenie' doth protest too much.

les... somebody'z jerkin' yer chain, hon. blow it off.

as j the c said... turn your cheek man, your eyes will follow.

nina said...

She/he is a bad scene Vizzy. Delete the emails as they come in. They appear to have all been written by one person, a desperate, lonely, bitter crank nutcase with really nothing in common with your dedicated readers, your virtual but very real friends. Trouble yourself no more, there is so much else, far more worthy, to take up your attentions.
I don't know how long this has been going on but I suspect you are showing us the link to that ugly email about Susanne.
You need NONE of this. No one balanced does and you are balanced, maybe blitzed, but balanced still. Repeat after me: Believe in yourself the way I believe in you. Then revise it to say WE believe in you.

nina said...

Kikz, you are a trip. I admire you very much.

Anonymous said...

Visible how long has this been going on? Is this why you are all fucked up? Come to the Czech Republic and let us show you some hospitality. Fuck these brutes.

Artur in Prague

New Reader said...


Calm down, step back and look at all this critically. Then turn your critical eye inwards to figure out the "programs" inside that have been "scratched" by this latest attack.

When I do this, people often believe they have "won". That is not the point. I'm busy trying to figure out the _why_ of it, not just the how.

Cutting off people who piss you off and drain you simply because they can is a good thing. Doesn't matter if they are intentionally or unwittingly doing it. It is still a drain on your energy with the intention of confusing you even more.

You now have enough information on all the parties in this current mess to simply stand back, analyze all the info and then come to a conclusion. Take a breather, meditate, do deep breathing, pray if needed. Disconnect, de-couple and center yourself. Once you do that, keep at it until you feel like you are recharged enough and clear-headed enough to respond, or not.

Take it easy man. God Bless

Visible said...

I thought that was what I was doing.

Anonymous said...

edna chill,lets get back to what we came hear to do attune ourselves.
I suspect these reactions are all
something to do with this planetery stuff at the moment,I am sure you would know more about it than me.
I have seen your website you seem like a good woman with a positive outlook.
If you are some body else
trying to play games,then their is nothing here other than people
looking for a piece of truth
and a means to express themselves
come on people lets all chill.


nice poem blahonath

Anonymous said...

Hey Boss --

What we have here is a failure to communicate...

Bet "she" doesn't know whereof I speak (hah)... In any "event," with a soupcon of humor this tired charade could become deliciously funny... Perhaps an email to Mounsier Atzmon could kick things off to a kind of twisted internet soap opera?

Remember, Les... the Great Green God says it's a "sin" to take of the "spirits" and not laugh with the Gods at the folly of it all.


New Reader said...

-I thought that was what I was doing.

You sounded like you've just started.
God Bless you and may Jesus/Krishna/Buddha watch over you.

-To the Poster who referred to "Golden Lily" thank you, that was an eye-opener! The Seagraves are some brave folks.

Anonymous said...

we need all the good people
to come together
we are not enemy's
take a feather
by the power of the truth
of the eternal one
on the big picture
evil strikes and stuns
and all of us here
are here not knowing
some afraid thats ok
we are all constantly growing
no matter who you are
from where ever you come
what nation or creed
dont matter what tongue
all is welcome here
to say their piece
but evil will be
stripped and shown
for what it really is
so people lets get
this thing rolling
new inspiration
and problem solving
get back to doing
what feels right
new pathways open
new ways arise.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les

Sorry to hear about the latest reflections in your Petri Dish. It looks like a blowup of a microscopic issue lacking both a human and divine perspective. Who cares, if she´s so afraid she should shut up and protect here self better. You are the captain of the starship and we who thrives on your writings are the crew and the passengers who try to maintain the machinery and hull so that you can make many more travels in order to benefit where need may be.
Out demons out. I do remember your usefull toole posting. You are the most usefull tool on the internet that I know of. Just look at all those responses you get. How many hasn´t said that you have changed their life to the better.
The issue of problems with travel is a misery. Is everybody now going to stay put not daring to move anywhere because of it? Well, there are some people who don´t give up. The ocean is their autostrada. The atmosphere is their way of communication by radiowaves, the wind is their engine, the hull is their veichle and they are so close to the divine beeing that it´s whispering is constantly present to them.
Wish I could take you on a healing cruise my friend. Peace.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. as soon as that tatty old MILF changed her profile picture to show you her tits I knew she was a whacko. There is a place in the hinterland of Queensland called Nimbin, it is absolutely chocker-block with earth-moms, they all look bedraggled and wispy, they are either juicers or junkies, or alternate between the two. And you know what? They are all 'Artists' and channellers and tree-huggers and they are all pains in the arse. Nimbin is notorious for drugs and fire-twirling ferals. Edna Schmedna you are a nobody blow-fly poaching gossamer off Vis's wings; go bleed someone elses Blogs for free publicity you trollop! Five will get you ten Les her hit-rate sky-rocketted when she found your blogs. Atzmon, hezbollah, eat me shit head. Go and get a gun and zap some zionist IDF or is your 'work' in the London Lefty scene too important? As for all the 'work' edna does for the Palestinians. Show me! Your artwork sucks your website is cliched. You appear to be just another MILF on welfare, or does 'atzmon' leave a little cash on your dresser before he slinks home to Sally House-coat. What a shameless self-promoter.

Chill Les, shit happens. Apologising to this fraudulent skank is not good for your soul.


Oh, check this out an Annular Eclipse on the Gif on this page:

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure...
The man in the bottle is a motherfucker.
He's pure poison.

abe said...

Been scouring the darker side of humanity myself lately, scary stuff out there. Your ability to speak as one with Hiawatha is truly mind bending Les, and I love it. I do have some thoughts -
1. All suffering and injustice exist solely as opportunities for us to practice courage and charity, to justify our creation.
2. All personal misfortune is nothing more than an invitation to grow in wisdom and kinship.
3. The world is only as unbearable as our refusal act on these opportunities.
Also, as a fellow succulent fan might I recommend some cactus tea for the nerves? Dried Aloe and Nopal, sweetened with some Agave nectar might be just the thing you need.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll be glad to know pat robertson has set us straight: (according to cnn) "those people made a pact with the devil."

John said...

Forest: many many trees.
Tree: one of many.

Tree talking shit: ...

Tree has a name:










(the dots are only to illustrate: this system wouldn't let me do blank lines in the simple way I tried. . . . .

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it might be helpful to REWIND, ERASE, REWIND again and then lay down a whole new track. Time to take more than the usual 3 deep breaths ... at least 30 may be needed. Then I'm hoping all the jittery molecules will settle down and behave themselves (including my own of course). My heart is aching for Haiti right now and I forgot to "out demons out" on my walk this afternoon. Dark forces are building up again around Israel's illegal borders and this is no time to forget but I did. I send what I can ... good vibes to all here and be easy on yourself, Les. You don't need to give us strength but you do anyway. Pats to Poncho and take care.
V-word is "ingsti". Out angst out!

Kevenj said...

Keep the faith Les, we got your back.

moon said...

Les & All,
good morning.

Anonymous said...

Les, you are taking a lot of heat for one reason and one reason only,
you are doing the work of the Almighty and people in certain circles don't like that.
You never forget this one thing les, You are a Warrior and the Warriors path is never easy , he walks the long and wide road of many difficulties.But you will prevail on this most difficult journey ... Your
Brother Raven123

walter washco said...

Les. Jennifer, Kikz and Nina give good advice. Also, Gilad Atzmon is a beautiful man, and like you a wonderful musician.

moon said...

Les & All,
I check every day what are the top topics being the foccus of the Internet users on
Yesterday/today results, after Haiti quake: the movers and shakers of the net are Tax, food and Elvis hehh :)
Men are in a hurry to pay their taxes Or find ways not to pay them (wise decision not to), women are looking for some privet times with their loved ones around the dinner table, and Elvis did not leave the building, he is still in.
I have a question from some one who doesn't know what Elvis means to couples of 45 years and above. Can any one fill me on that? What did Elvis symbolize to his generation?

moon said...

...veritas you have spoken like a true knight.

Lukiftian said...

Now I know why John Lilly fell off his bike. He was riding desperately away from Edna Spennato.

I can tell you what she really wants, Les. She wants you to play 'Misty' for her.

An honest to goodness, deranged fan turned cyberstalker--- creepy but impressive. That's not bad for a blogger.

I'm enjoying your book btw. Thanks again.

Wow my verification word is 'countsin'. I love it.

exorcismiscalledfor said...

Hey Les,
The ultimate goal of the zio-trolls is to drive people away from your site and discredit you.

However much their onslaught is hurting you personally, I think its better to censor their posts and get them off your site, and out of your head.

They will mess up your site and they will NEVER end their meaningless vomiting of tripe because their aim is to engage, distract and attempt to publicly discredit you.

They are getting far more stage space and attention than they deserve. And it is clear to many of your readers that they are getting to you.

You are brutally honest and I respect you for that. But there is an art of revealing and concealing of our weaknesses, especially in times of war.

If this sounds patronising, it is not intended to and I apologise in advance. But PLEASE les dont let them wreck your site which gives strength and inspiration to so many.

Bless them, and exorcise them

Out, demons, out!!

Visible said...


You are one hundred percent correct. I am working on it. I expect today to be difficult but I also expect tomorrow to be better.

I've got a lot of work to do now because I let time go by when I should not have.

One moment at a time we shall see what we have shortly.

moon said...

Les & All,
I have an idea (maybe) about what is happening now and about what we are witnessing in your Place Les.

It is this moment in time where the world of the souls joins with the world of the bodies.
we are becoming one, body and soul, that is very scary for the few who spoil the skies with their evil vibes, for they lost the road to their souls and in their blind quest to find it they rip of other souls and send them back to the world blinded like them.

These few are panicking watching our souls getting stronger as we are getting femiliar with our mass/body.
the first thing i do once the "process" is complete is to aid others reach that stage, you can call it the awakening process if you wish.

Not many uses both eyes to see. For long we where all looking into an microscope or a telescope, with one eye closed and the other fixed on some where we are not (infiniment petit et infiniment grands).
it is time to see the world with two eyes.
The third shortly follows.
Hope this "idea" of whats happening rings a bell some where in you Les & All,

Anonymous said...

Of the "scroll down for headlines" bunch, DI does take the cake. I almost opened a youtube account (but suppressed the urge) to argue with a DI supporter who argued that DI had to "make a living". (Don't we all.) DI is a business operation of the profit philosopher sort. I have found some of his research helpful and interesting, but I smell a carney dog too (I was born and raised a couple of blocks from the boardwalk, so I know the scent from miles away.). Sarah Palin's another one . . . profit political . . . I wonder whatever happened to the brand-new baby Trig Van Palin she had in 08?


Frog said...

As I've grown older I believe in demonic warfare more and more. Read "The Screwtape Letters" by CS Lewis for an idea of the methods if you wish. Anyhow, as you grow in stature and your good work impacts more people, be ready to be assaulted. The faults and weaknesses of your friends/family/enemies and yourself will be turned to hurt you and distract you. People you don't know will be pushed to distract and hurt you.
Your health and worldly standing may suffer. It will all be proportional to your importance to the light. You will not, however, die till your work here is done.
You are in my prayers. Take care.

Anonymous said...

That probably should have read 'profit politico' rather than 'profit political', but that's just me nitpicking. In my defense, there is a better standard of writing here which I choose to uphold.


William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best.
I gather you've been going though a lot.
What I referred to in another post is-we are in a very old war.
And, when someone on one side is effective, the other side starts getting nasty.
take care

Anonymous said...

The attacks upon blogs are not trivial or done by amateurs. It is a well funded government operation that is part of big O's war. Big O will end up if not already the biggest war president in history. Yeah, we got change, we got far worse.

Les, I know you are a warrior. You may step back to catch your breathe but I also know that your are there for the distance. They will not back off. they will change tatics and even escalate. Know this.

We are in a Warld War. Remember Thermopylae, a small number can have a dramtic effect on the outcome. We who stand here at the what is the cyber front of truth are having such an effect. Day by day the truthh spreads and they become more desparate. Ultimately, they will die from within.



wv: libulat (I will take that as liberty :)

Anonymous said...

"What is to give light must endure burning."

-Viktor Frankl

Anonymous said...

Les, Bhutan has the right idea.

Burnie Metzen said...

You, as some have said, are not alone. I said this on SM, and I will say it again with more emPHAsis. Thanks to you, and all who comment.

How does that song go? "When your down and troubled, and need a helping hand"

We are all on the same rock together. Best to you Les, I understand a statement you made In one post about being awake. It does hurt and maybe that's the lesson, it is also a gift, a seeming terrible one, but a gift nonetheless.

I could say I feel your pain but that would be bullshit, I am not you but I am you in part. Just as I am everyone in part, and nothing special to boot. Sorry if this is all convoluted, I am trying hard to................................ communicate..jesusmaryandjoseph.......Here it is in a nutshell:
We all beat with one heart.

Publius said...

Les, I do not know if you are a poet with much interest in the European classics. Since childhood I have been interested in them, more so perhaps than most outside of Graduate School. Eastern thought is also interesting to me, but I constantly gravitate to the Greeks and Romans. Often it seems to me that Rome never died, or as Phil Dick said, "The Empire never ended."
However that may be, I read your post today and felt obliged to offer you wisdom from Aeschylus-
“He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.”

Anonymous said...

you havent posted for a while,
how are you.


Anonymous said...

fake quakes:

e vero?

wv: hingone

Anonymous said...

Si, e proprio vero.

Che macello!

Ameri-Cani e Hebrei. Disgraziati tutti.


Editor said...

You have been a source of strength for so many of us here. I will pray and focus my positive energy in you direction. I have shed layers of cynicism since I began to regularly read your blogs. You have done so much for me I wish I could be helpful in some way.

Amnesias Goldmen

p.s. check out this simple blog for news -

John said...

Les, George Ure at posted a nice message with several references to you.

Just scroll down almost to the end of today's post.

Hank said...

Les, I'm going to go completely off topic again, but given the direction and composition of the current vein, maybe that's not a bad thing.

It's this Avatar thing. I cannot get this movie out of my head. It has consumed my thoughts since I left the theater, and it haunts me in a way I cannot explain. The only way I can think to explain it, is that it touched something in me that isn't human.

There was another short film called, 'what the bleep do we know', that explored the idea that we create our own reality, not only in this life but in any that lies beyond. It provided food for thought about the nature of possibility, but Avatar put a face on it. It somehow made possibility real, if that makes any sense.

To me, the society of creatures on Pandora was perfect, and displayed the bond between the universe and corporeal creatures that I believe exists. I am also left to wonder whether our imaginations are simply that or are we just touching realities that exist elsewhere.

Maybe this is all just hoping, but I have never been so compelled to want to be somewhere, like I am about Pandora. I really don't know, but there is something in me that...resonates, for lack of a better word, when I think about this place, that makes me...feel that it exists somewhere other than in a mental fancy.

I know I'm not making any sense, but I cannot control where this movie has taken, and continues to take my being. I simply do not have words to explain it, but for me, it was far more than just a movie, and I guess I was wondering whether it 'resonated' in you as well.

Sorry for the unrelated topic, but I don't know where else to talk about it, where anyone might understand. Any way, thanks for listening, and peace to all.

Visible said...

Hank, this is an open forum. I dreamed about that film for a week after I saw it.

Yes... I've seen the people coming in from Urban Survival and I answered over at Mirrors because that was what was linked.

Thanks Amnesias. Things are quite fine at the moment. I turned a corner yesterday morning and it's been pretty smooth since. I've got a lot of work to do in he next couple of weeks so the blog postings are going to suffer.

Anonymous said...

unfathomable sadness~in the very ether~almost hear the angels pleading for more delay~it approaches thundering into being~more anguish than ever before~makes it very hard to function thru a day of clients and work

Visible said...

I know the feeling.

kikz said...

hmmm. i'm beginning to wonder ‘bout this movie avatar.

I’m playing devil’s advocate here…
as hank has said.. he was quite touched, “I cannot get this movie out of my head. It has consumed my thoughts since I left the theater, and it haunts me in a way I cannot explain.”

I’ve heard there have been quite intense reactions to the movie… some expressed as ‘loss/grieving’ for having to leave the theatre..having to leave Pandora.

why rile the masses? why sympathize with nature against naked MilIndust/Capitalism if it didn’t profit TPTB in some way (other than the investors of the movie)… ?

subliminal tenderization for the next draconian ‘climate/carbon tax/population control’ legislation ? to foster animation reality over daily reality?

granted, elements of Perennialist philosophy do manage to get through the crap, despite ‘the crap’s’ best efforts to subdue it..

but, why show the ugly american bloodthirsty soldier, when lots of our ‘johnnie’s jarheads have yet to march home’ or worse yet… why put silly ideas of native armed resistance to our soldiers in our heads?

having read a metacontext review of it... and all the 'holes' in the storyline, seem very incongruent... I’m not impressed. I was however impressed w/the metacontext review >

i think there are other possible angles to its appeal...
as unimaginative as the storyline seems, there may be other factors at work.

...could simply be a question of the richly stimulating visual environ its (i've heard) stunning animation provides.
combined w/ utopian concepts of Pandora presented, may share a kindship w/initiatory plays/allegories of the heart, after all …the pagan mystery religions/schools did a far superior job of ‘touching’ people in this manner than others.

while i appreciate hank's feelings of euphoria inre hope for a more utopian earth and empathy w/the pandoran's harmonic/natural way of life…

I just have to wonder.

Visible said...

I have no idea. I haven't been compelled to see it again. It was extremely visually striking with many archetypal images. A review only qualifies as another person's opinion.

I read the rave reviews of Nick Cage in the Bad Lieutenant. When I saw it it struck me as a cheap gratuitous piece of shit. I seldom share the opinions of critics and a lot of them trashed this movie.

In the end, it's just a movie. But many strange things are happening at this time and they are all connected.

moon said...

Sorry to intrude on the Avatar conversation, if I may say two words about Avatar movie: it is a recruting effort by TPTB for new type of bloggers on the net. They are recruting woriors for the war of the souls raging now days on the Internet.
The end of the movie message to all of us: keep the revolution on the net, don't extand it to the "real" bloody world.
TPTB know they can't control nor stop the cyber revolution and they know it is "spilling" onto the real world. What to do? Well they try to divert the energy of this huge emotional wave by trying to rechanel it into fantasy world.

Anonymous said...


This movie, which I havent seen nor will till its on DVD seems to be a doublesided weapon? I have seen all the rave about it. I understand the plot, and its all too evil for me.
I do see Hanks view about it helping us see a part of us thats not human. The images Ive seen are super wonderful and theres much wonder to the film. This is all very health. Nature and worship of it is to a wonderful thing I see. Problem, what do the humans do? They create a, them or us, war? Well, so to does the media man? This movie gives reason, poor reason, for the modern world. Worse we dont just move to a hitec world, we have to destroy another race and world to do it. What are we doing around the world rightnow, same thing?
No Ive heard the people seeing this as a antiwar movie, but its not. It only helps give life to turning from the mother and making people feel bad without linking these feelings to the real world like Gaza?
The Fool

Visible said...

Sock puppet alert! Will people who have not seen the movie please refrain from commenting on it?

We're getting a lot of that sort of thing lately. Like quite a few people here, I can read between the lines of what comments actually intend.

I'm going to start monitoring what I consider uninformed statements by people who see evil in everyone and everything. It's all a bit more than that.

You'll note that I didn't comment on it in any critical way dealing with the plot (and I have seen the movie) but only referred to its impact on the subconscious. I have no way of knowing what the real intent was and its only a movie anyway.

Rebel 4E said...

The reason I enjoyed Avatar.
Not the accompanying music..(grin)

10 foot blue alien cutie...
Who'da thunk it? (-____-)

P.s. I'm only half evil.


kikz said...

'But many strange things are happening at this time and they are all connected.'

i know i'm humming the FIXX's
'one thing leads to another...'

Anonymous said...


Should have lied about seeing it. It wouldnt have changed my statement about Holloywood or my love for nature? Not sure you cared to look at it that way, you just get fixed on the evil part. I ask whos talking evil now?

Damm you OK? Yes we can see evil in anything and Im sure that gets old for you.

I ask myself why I share anything with you? As you're correct, my comments dont mean shit because I havent seen the movie, Im sorry but my comments do mattter. Maybe I was hoping to support others posting here? Maybe I really dont like the movie for no good reason? Maybe I just wanted to talk. Sorry to waist your time?

The Fool

Visible said...

It would be nice if you used just one nickname and your logic is a bit too strange for me to comprehend.

The simple fact is that one should never pass judgment on something they haven't experienced. Lying about it in order to comment on it leaves me scratching my head.

Hank said...

I didn't mean to start another controversy, but Les is right. To and try and asses this film without seeing it is just extolling someone elses' view.

I've had a few beers, so if I make less sense than usual then....oh well! I don't agree with kikz that it has some message from the TPTB, because the theme is not new. It's Dances with wolves on another planet.

No, this movie has had, I believe, unintended consequences. As Les has said, there are forces at work, and judging by the impact this film has had on me and others, I cannot discount the possibility that forces are at work.

I am no novice, and those who have read my comments before know that I question everything. I did have thoughts about this being another construct of evil forces, but the place that it touched in me and the energy it has activated are not evil. I am in a place that is beyond their capabilities. They are in all cases, material and therefore mundane in the big picture. Of that which this film touches, they are clueless.

The impact of this film transcends the physical, and divorces itself from box office numbers, and those that are touched by it do not want to deal with it in those terms. To try and equate everything in this world and this life to meat and potatoes is small. For those who have acquired any level of spiritual awareness, this film pokes a hole in a facade that was previously unseen by even those of us who have looked closely.

I know, it's the beer. I saw this movie with no preconceptions. No knowledge of it's theme or intent, and was therefore open to whatever it had to offer. I would simply recommend that those who have not seen it, go and see it the same way. If it speaks to you, then I'll see you on Pandora. If not, you can keep coming back here. All I'm saying is that it may be a real choice. I don't know. Peace.

Anonymous said...

sorry people
strange evening for me,anyway I have also not seen the film avatar,so I would say this must give me an expert
opinion on it as well.

Biological_Unit said...

I'm a sometime contributor here (hey Fool !) and I'm leaning to the opinion that NO ONE was killed on 911.
I invite everyone to check out

It's just an intuition, I just don't "see" any 911 victims families doing ANYTHING ! The only "activist" was the Sheehans - who had their son die in the War ...

Don't forget - no one was fired from their jobs over 911. A job was done, successfully, and little remains of the "families" e.g. web tributes and emails ...

Anonymous said...


Logic is a trick. Mr Lucifer give us "logic" so we could feel better about the unknown? As it fills in the holes, its fake and has no real grounds to our souls or will?
Ive never hoped youd "understand" my logic or myself, as I dont either, but just listen?

Ok, got your ears turn this way?
Im going to share some ideas I think you need to hear, with not logic to support them!

Remember the story you told about being on stage and figuring out what to say and not saying too much, as you had before? Foucs on that idea!

Remember passing that stone, Im sure thats never going to leave ya! You talked about fighting off some force that wanted harm you because of your work? Focus on that idea!

Remember the post about the green terra? Spend more time with her, please!

See Les, I listen. Thats the first step. I sure have a problem hearing myself, and you only like to feed on that, fine man but please dont stop listening to yourself, even if comes out of someone elses mouth?

The Fool, soon to be The Sock Puppet !!!!

Anonymous said...

Bio Unit
Thanks for sharing the link, never got to this site before. I dont know about the victims thing, but its far better to question all things than take them at face value, thanks, the mind is turning!!!
Hank never seen the movie and I dont think I will now. It seems to drive people crazy. Ive talk to about fiveteen people that have seen it and this seems to be the case? I'll run at the mouth agian and say, this movie was created to send people into a world of confusion about really important and healthy ideas. Its an old trick that works well at making people loss faith in they mental abilities? As per Pandora, we all remember that story right? Watch the movie and open the box? Off case here, I would love to see you in a "Pandora" like place. We dont need a movie to share such a wonderful idea like that! You have a power mind and have helped me tons! With any luck we might find ourselves chillin in nature together!!!

The Fool

Anonymous said...

"The simple fact is that one should never pass judgment on something they haven't experienced."

LOL, I sooo agree Les. This leads us to then only pass judgment about the self as its the only "thing" we have experienced? Not to be a face here, but you sure talk about a tons of stuff thats not you? I dont falt you for it, Im thankful for it. The hope is you dont throw the gavel at me as you're judgeing things and me, your honour!!! LOL

The Fool

Unknown said...

Damm you sick of me yet!!!
"It would be nice if you used just one nickname"


Im not sure I understand this? The Fool = Le Mat
Same name? I thought you did the whole tarot cards thing? Im scratching my head?

The Fool

Anonymous said...

Avatar is no big deal.
I've seen this movie a hundred times before it ever arrived. Only the name was changed.
If you're a child I can understand the excitement.
But still, "The "Jungle Book" was as good if not better.

Ironically, Roger Ebert hits the nail on the head...
"Watching "Avatar," I felt sort of the same as when I saw "Star Wars" in 1977."
Well whoop dee do.

Shoot, real nature is many times as beautiful as that computer generated (3-D) dream world of Avatar.
(So are real people)
Every bit as, if not much more fascinating and remarkable.

Even the name is an insult.
Lame propaganda at best.
I mean, c'mon, at least they could have used the name Gaia or Terre Mater or Tellus or Ceres.
They either don't have a clue or their intent is nefarious.
Who'd a think it?

Perhaps the movie should have been named Jake Sully (Tarzan) and the Mountains of the Moon.
Oh, never mind, that's already been done.

I'm looking forward to the sequel... Lord Rama meets Lord Rothschild in a duel to the death. (knives are optional)

Anonymous said...

P.S. (Lord Rama really is an Avatar)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Les, for all the fools congregating around these parts lately. And, lecturing you!!!??? Guess it's to be expected in blog-land. What to do?

I was just sent this excellent article re: Haiti and Avatar.

Sacred Avatar "Hometree" is the Mapou Tree in Haitian Vodun

It was posted Jan. 5 - so before Haiti earthquake.
As Les wrote:
'But many strange things are happening at this time and they are all connected.'

Out, Fools, Out!


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the sequel... Lord Rama meets Lord Rothschild in a duel to the death. (knives are optional)

Haven't/wont see Avatar. But I will be first in line to see this:)

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Living in the Light at the Center of the Wheel.

Hank said...

Haven't/wont see Avatar. But I will be first in line to see this:)


Actually, you can reduce this to, 'won't see'. There are none so blind....

Oh, by the way, you're a jerk.

Anonymous said...

They discovered a large gold mine in Haiti. I am sure that has nothing to do with the international attention it is receiving however.

Anonymous said...

It just dawned on me, some of you are as old as I am. I had not realized that before.

Les who could not like Grace Slick and her son God Slick?

You bring back some old memories. Grace posters adorned the billets along with Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Steppenwolf, Janis Joplin and John Mayall.



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