Monday, January 18, 2010

Listening for His Master's Voice

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Inside my mind the area around February; but mostly February, has been sending me alert signals for some time. It’s not personal alert signals but more to do with world conditions going quantum (if I can put it that way... and I did). Things pass through my head like trains in and out of a station. I have a new way of looking at them now and it beats the old method, which was often reflexive. Everything means something but the meaning isn’t always on the surface or it’s symbolic, the way dreams are.

Last night on the radio show I talked briefly about something and it ties in with what I’ve opened with. I was saying that a lot of the discomfort and uncertainty that some of us are feeling is not our own but is what we are picking up from the population through our increased empathetic awareness. It’s an important point. Interestingly, an astrologer friend mentioned this same thing to me a week or so ago. It’s important to be able to separate your feelings from the ebb and flow of the ocean’s courses.

In some ways this is like what happens with the Web Bot linguistics system. They draw their projections from the web which... is also an ocean. Our little personal inlets connect to the greater ocean of surrounding souls in the encompassing mind. We are not independent of it. A few decades ago, the term ‘vibes’ was ubiquitous and there was an extended awareness of it in certain communities of kindred souls who may or may not have ever even encountered each other but who all drew the same meaning from it. Vibes are a good thing to pay attention to but it’s not nearly as effective as if you have the right understanding of how to interpret them.

Being a lighting rod, or an open channel, or someone who has pushed out on the boundaries of what is generally understood as the personal self, are likely to be getting all sorts of input these days. I realize now that that is what has been responsible for some of my wild and uncomfortable rides over how ever long it’s been happening. The flash of this realization automatically brought that end of things under control... for the moment... heh heh. Seriously, it was a pretty impressive breakthrough as these things go.

The powers that think they are the powers that be are not the only seeming concern that we have. They may not even be the primary one. Of greater importance is our willingness and faith in being able to adapt and also ...not to react. There are other considerations also. A revolution can be a scary thing but so are earthquakes or a powerful storm. They don’t come out of the same dynamic even if the same pervasive governing awareness is behind them both. What I’m trying to say is that you might have too much focus on one consideration and wind up caught unawares by another or even another. This is one reason not to spend your time constantly troubleshooting your life and trying to protect yourself from one thing when that might not even be your primary concern.

This is the single most compelling reason for anyone to put themselves under the protection of a higher power. Some doubt the existence of such a force but when you question them on it, you find their greatest doubt is related to traditional definitions of it and the observable hypocrisy of those who presume to represent it. You can see dark forces at work just by spending a week as a cultural anthropologist in any large urban setting and probably even in a small town; passing in and out of the various places that people congregate. Sometimes they aren’t dark forces but just something you don’t understand or something that affects your present construct of what defines morality but... sometimes it is certainly a product of what (for lack of a better word) can be called dark forces. Yes, it could all just be the outworking of Karma and maybe things only become what they are when we define them as such. After all, ‘Adam’ translates into ‘namer of things’.

Regardless, everything in the relative world is counterbalanced by an opposite so there have to be light forces as well. It’s even scientific. We know our eyes operate within a general bandwidth. It’s not a leap of superstition to assume that there are all sorts of things that exist beyond that bandwidth in both directions.

I’ve presented some things to flesh out an environment. We’ll move away from all of that now and back into wherever it was when I started.

One of the readers pointed something out over at Smoking Mirrors yesterday about a woman who worked in a store and was so proud of her son going into the Marines. He said something about how it should be hoped that he doesn’t go to Afghanistan and she replied that he was absolutely going because someone needed to defend our freedoms and yadda yadda. I often forget how many people there are out there who are caught up in various delusions. Even when you’re not simple minded like this woman, there are a lot of ‘oh so clever’ people who are striving to amass fortunes or scheming night and day about all manner of things. They are no more aware than this woman of what the present adjustment of the archetypes portends for them.

Awakening is not optional. It’s mandatory. Those seeking to awaken are in a far better position than those who are not. It’s a matter of degrees. It’s a matter of what it’s going to take.

I mentioned the other day that my bank cards no longer work. I went into town today for something and thought I would check on that. Curiously, the amount you can withdraw has now been cut in half. It still wouldn’t give me any money.

I get the distinct sensation that the next thing they are going to go after is the food so... it wouldn’t hurt to have a lot of beans and rice around. You can live on that and even make a host of different dishes with some various spices and probably cornmeal is a good addition.

We all wonder what it is that would make so many people in power around the world behave in similar fashion. Surely they know that so much of what they are up to is wrong. I’m not talking about the psychopaths. They do it ‘because’ it’s wrong. I’m talking about people who have different degrees of humanity that flares up now and again. Why would so many people cooperate in a system that is out to get them? Like I said, more or less, there’s a dark side and a bright side; both extensions of the same thing but different. In order for them to secure their positions and to prosper in what they do they had to make an arrangement with the dark side so... whatever they do... that ancient intelligence is there and it justifies (inside their minds) whatever they do as the necessary end. Whatever they are thinking, it is thinking with them and it finds whatever is needed to make the irrational seem rational. They are under a spell. There’s a purpose to all of this. The powers that think they are in charge are not in charge. It’s not really us against them. In every case it is us against ourselves and once you have sorted that... there is no them. There are just a lot of bewildered people who don’t know what they are doing but think they do.

Now, I can either look out for myself and my loved ones or I can let the one looking out for everything look out for me too. This doesn’t mean being stupid. I will take some reasonable steps because I’m bring informed to do so but that will all happen as it happens. What I am not going to do is panic or become insecure because that is not necessary for me. It might be necessary for some because it might be tied into waking up. Think of it like a nightmare that is responsible for making you sit up in bed.

I’m not saying anything directly here. I’ve tried to paint a partial graphic for which everyone else can fill in what applies to them. Though our ultimate destiny is the same, our relative destinies of the moment are as different as our locations ...but we can all be served by the same higher mind if we will permit that. I’ve mentioned, ‘Nipper, the RCA Dog’ before. There’s an old commercial where a dog is sitting by a Victrola with its ear cocked to the speaker and the caption reads, “His master’s voice.”

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Nipper, hehe. I used to work for RCA an had a Nipper hat and a little stuffed Nipper on my desk.

The time does come. The feeling would be the same as "the Huns are over the hill". Well, it is a good time to get out of the way. Part of the key is not to be a target. In the times to come and if there is civil unrest then it would not be to hard to figure out what makes and does not make you a target for either side.

Already stocking up on bulk food. :) I used to be one of those macrobiotic people, so in a way it is like goiing home- beans and rice. Yum.... It also helps to know a bit about edible wild plants.

In regards to guns, if you have one the other guy has to shoot. something to think about.
Feeling the vibe...

There is a yogic term for when you are so enlightened that you turn to pure energy. I can't remember it but it sure feels that you are on your way Les. It can be an uncomfortable ride at times but the destination is well worth it. :)

Peaceful vibes to all,


Anonymous said...

HellO Les, a well know intuitive person at a certain prophecy site posteD thIs,

"8. A very scary event at the Winter Olympics. It coUld turn into a tragedy."

This person has a decent track record, is not always %100 but is one of the closest I’ve seen regarding this gift.

Also they said, many other things, “11. NW US, Vancouver/Alaska--very scary dangerous quake.”

Now I’ve just come to learn that a certain security company who has had ties with all the main events that end up fucking us over, have control over these approaching games. Red alert, someone’s flag might be flying again.

Chiron and Neptune conjunct Feb 16-17, which could mean squat or something.

Anywho, just thought I’d bring all this up and manifest it in another dimension or not.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Les,
On the same wave band was just speaking to a friend about the feelings we where having and she said feels like more of a earth movement and not personel. At the same time your blog came up and the message is clear that connections are in process,and we ready for take off.Rice and beans for February.
You are loved,

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Les

A relief to hear someone else, your good self to name one... of one? - that I've heard/read of... speculate that some of the muddy vibes might (also*) be coming from outside oneself; something that's crossed my mind before but never as opressingly as now.

* always been a sensitive, paranoid pansy, stick in the mud, blue, negi-pessi-pissy-bastard... but that's cos I lost me sense of humour at a tender age in a tragicomic accident called birth.

Feeling pretty much ok apart from that. Esp with a little help from whatever animates the +'s, like your posts, etc.

1ove n stuff,
Johnny Q

moon said...

Humility is a blessing in deed Les, and bliss you,

Anonymous said...

Imagine that you were not trained in some religious or scientific dogma, and based your beliefs upon your own observations. You would probably notice that the Sun feeds you with male energy, and the Earth nurtures you with female energy. It would probably eventually occur to you that they must be super conscious, since they created you and are like your super parents.

In spite of how other humans react, you would probably try to develop communication with them, as life has certain problems that require inspiration. Since the authorities, who always seem to be thoroughly corrupt and against your well being, tell you this is paganism and very bad, it just might occur to the rational part of your mind that they are lying. There also seems to be a history of so called pagans being murdered quite horribly, in spite of not harming others in any way.

Of course, you are brain washed. You would rather believe in a dead hippie Jew, who roamed around with mostly single men, prostitutes, thieves, and other nefarious sorts as your point of enlightened Cosmic Consciousness. You buy into this fable, despite the fact that this avatar's exploits were chronicled by a group of vampire parasites that have plagued humanity for 3000 years.

This is why before practicing real magic, one must throw all previous programming. This is not easy, but is far better than living as a weakling slave. You have to walk a lonely path usually, because magic is only for the strong.

The principle reason students of magic are told to shut their mouths is not because they may reveal "secret knowledge", it is because they will be rebuked to the point of quitting the study. Most people enjoy being ignorant lemmings, because they need the approval of the other lemmings. This is why salvation or evolution is strictly an individual venture.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your fine words Les.

Barry Hussein Soetoro is now sending armed troops to Haiti in addition to/instead of food, medicine and other emergency aid. Do they have oil there too?

Information is coming out that Mossad carried out the tsunami via multiple mininukes planted just under the seafloor outside of Indonesia. The objective was to flood and render useless the Indian nuclear powerplant - that would have crippled that nation into begging to the IMF on its knees for help.
That the web-reporter who broke the Israeli/Indonesian story was literally killed 5 months after posting his theory.
If these facts prove to be true, the Haiti earthquake - which conveniently could not destroy Florida coast mansions because the island of Cuba protects it from the after tsunami from Haiti, must be suspected as man-made as well - otherwise WHY is Soetoro sending in American marines?

Haiti is rumoured as the central exchange for S.American drugs on their way to N.America and Europe.


dorothi said...

reread the shape of things to come again last night~lots of positives coming our way~and much work to be done~i think seeds are the key, and compassion. the aztec had a national rule that the first 6 outside rows of a field were available for travelers-not thieves-we will see many travelers soon. i am going to talk to local farmers, and attending city meetings. seeds.

Josey Wales said...

Hi Les,

Was listening to a guy I know describe a personal disaster.

He had been out drinking and hit a tree on the way home. I guess the scene was spectacular.

A good Samaritan stopped to help.

While all eyes were focused on the accident, another drunk driver hit the guy and he died 5 days later.

Sometimes the secondary threat is what you should be looking out for, sometimes there's a third.

Thanks for your help.


Anonymous said...

Good evening Les and all,

Good theme and excellent post Les!
As one who has very recently'come around'im afraid im gonna have to skip breakfast aand forgo the coffee.Since around Jan 10th -12th i too have felt a sense of foreboding throughout my locale like i haven't felt in a long time.Dont know what it is,only that it is emenating from outside myself and it dont feel good.

I hope i have time to get my act together and hit that eject button on the burning cockpit that was my life.Somethings in the air.Does anyone know the way to helms deep or its earthly equivalent?

keep safe folks


satan said...

All who believe in me are fools, as there is only the Infinite Creator. The Infinite Creator gave Humanity a perfect world in which to live, and the ultimate gift of Free Will. Through this gift humanity can become one with the Infinite Creator itself.

In spite of these amazing gifts bestowed upon Humanity, they keep babbling "the Devil made me do it". Nothing could be further from the truth, as the Devil only exists in your sycophant minds. Evil lies within your hearts, not in some mythical being.

Humanity has the opportunity to become godlike, but strives always to become animal like again. The cosmic experiment has not failed, because in eternity there is only games, and games always allow a myriad of outcomes. The only possible way for Humanity to produce a positive outcome for themselves is to evoke the real savior.

The real savior is themselves, but they refuse to see this. Always they cry for the higher beings to save them from themselves. Guess what, the Infinite Creator does not give a s%*t!

gurnygob said...

Anonymous 9:08 AM said...
blah, blah, blah....

well anonymous if you know so much about magic, why don't you just magic yourself out of here. (grin)

Jesus was a punk rocker said...

Great post, Les

Really helps light the way and takes a load off the road.

Some readers may find this useful:

As for light hearted, hee-hee, humor is a balm, too... really amusing pagAnon 9.08:

"Bladeeblah...This is why salvation or evolution is strictly an individual venture."

Wish it were so but I suspect it ain't. That's why it's taking so long, man... we're waiting for you to catch up so we can move on. Take your time, it's only been forever so far.

justice said...

"...always hits the nail
square on the head.
In any area of the world where there is a disaster(man-made OR natural),especially where the people are any shade but white,are repressed/oppressed,are victims of racial apartheid and poverty inflicted by US filthy foreign corporate policies....the locals should NOT believe that the US gov/Pentagon is there for PHILANTHROPIC/humanitarian reasons.
That's the cover(sheep's clothing)for the wolf's agenda!
Those US philanthropic,humanitarian days are LONG GONE,since we allowed our nation to become the USC(United Sadistic Corporations).

So,Obama,what's the difference between New Orleans/US citizens Katrina victims and the Haitians?
Oh! Of course....Cuba,Venezuala,and LOTS OF CHEAP PRIME HAITIAN REAL ESTATE(geo-politically)for new US/Israeli bases/embassy/Gitmo-prisons/intel-outposts?

All 'nicely'and CHEAPLY pre-levelled by a US man-made policy disaster,just like the LEVEES in New Orleans!
If Billy-bob 'Free-Trade' blackmailer and WAR CRIMINAL DUBYA BUSH are there,then Haitians are in MORE TROUBLE than the earthquake!"

MyLatin'sNotThatGood said...

"quid per quo"
I'll show you mine if you show me your's.

"sin qua non"
My way or the highway.

Wonder which is closer to Obama's motto - which one coinsides best with his increased transparency.


Anonymous said...

that mother
what is she thinking
sending her son out to die
for colonialists
and suppremacists
well thats how it goes
in the big lie
she has no idea
she is successfully
divided in her self
values life differently
puts in boxes
counts up wealth
well I dont know the reason
but I have a pretty good idea
suffering deception
been their myself
you cant see
its just not clear
I wish the people
would just get up
out of that living prison
reflect from
higher nature
a truth full position.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les just listened to your radio show and was reminded of that priest in france you once talked about,good stuff thanks for that

Anonymous said...

I listened to your radio broadcast last night les. As always, you shine bright with the "good" message. A message of hope and good cheer.
You are surrounded by POWERFUL ANGELS les.. really!!
Your "good" work is appreciated by many.

Lost but found... said...

Anonymous above said:

"Of course, you are brain washed. You would rather believe in a dead hippie Jew, who roamed around with mostly single men, prostitutes, thieves, and other nefarious sorts as your point of enlightened Cosmic Consciousness. You buy into this fable, despite the fact that this avatar's exploits were chronicled by a group of vampire parasites that have plagued humanity for 3000 years."

The 'Old Hippie' you mention above was not a Jew. He 'hung around' with those the established 'Religion' had no use for.

The Man from Nazareth, also known as the Lamb and the Son of Man, brought a message of great hope with constant encouragement to 'stop doing what is bad.'

Have love for all our human brothers and sisters, especially those who are poor and in need of our help, the 'widows and orphans.'

While what the Man from Nazareth did was very real, it is also very much symbolic of what is soon to come. He told us about the 'signs' to be alert for.

Whether we believe he was, or is, is immaterial. He and his Father have love for all of us and in due time will lovingly persuade us to stop doing what is bad.

Be patient and have faith. Let what must take place happen without interference while offering help and refuge to all who are in need.

What is soon to come is something the earth has not ever experienced. It will be very, very difficult for many. Do not let resentments and hatreds overpower the love for all which springs forth from the heart.

Ultimately, we are in very GOOD HANDS even as we experience our long overdue chastisement.

flaemon said...

Sounds like you're in the K-hole Les.

Whatever way you find it, the perception of real truth is enough to push you over the edge.

Truth is many times stranger than fiction.



Anonymous said...

L.V. I used Internet Exploiter for two minutes looking at a page and picked up something malicious. Anti-virus said there was nothing but I am 'noid about PC security. So I zeroed the drive, formatted and fresh os install. Some people dread installing, I love it. Windows updates we don't need no stinking updates. No need for help from Redmond. Hold my hand Bill is it safe is it safe to turn off the it safe?! A buddy gave me an old Mac for birthday and you wouldn't believe the things a Mac can do with one third the CPU power of an IBM based machine with windows os. Sorry for the technobabble jibberish but it seems you are back and better than ever Bravo! The architecture is leaning like the tower in Pisa, the facade is cracked the paint is chipped there is a domestic plan but they are for countries in the middle/near east by pipeline routes and on top of oil fields.

becbeq said...

Ah-ha! Thanks Les, now things make some sense. I've been feeling like a string pulled tight head to toe for the last month or two. And it's vibrating a discordant note that makes me try to hold my head together. Things are under control on the home front, so no self reason for the frequency driven irritability I've been feeling lately.

siamsam said...

Hi Les,

Seems like many people with good intent are seriously deluded. I was working in China not so long ago and whilst having dinner with a senior executive from a major internationl company (generally nice guy - Norwegian) we got on to general polotics and world affairs. I quickly realised that we were living in totaly oppossed reality tunnels when he said 'everyone in Europe has good jobs now'.

I also recall as a young man(18 or so) flying by chopper to an 'offshore platform'. I didn't even flinch even though the weather was blowing a hooligan as I was in the company of much older men (as old as 50) and I new they wouldn't be flying if there was any real concern.

Some years later I realised that even the OIM (Offshore Installation Manager - think capatain of ship)whom I often sat next to whilst flying offshore, was actually shiting himself. So in way I was happily deluded. As yo say Les awakening has to come - it is just a mater of time.


Siam Sam

Sorry if this is duplicated Les - had a little trouble registering

seeker said...

Very deep thoughts, Les

One of the most intriguing aspects of your excellent article involves your claim there is no "them," and that the most important struggle we encounter is with ourselves.

The only way I can understand that very deep notion is to think of the world as a place in which more than one reality exists. In the mind (or reality) of Christopher Columbus, aka Cristobal Colon, the vulnerable natives he and his compatriots almost completely devoured constituted "them," or at the very least, a potential enemy. The black slaves too in the eyes of unenlightened travelers of Europe were perceived as non-Christian, inferior beings, good for nothing save for working as chattle to make obscene profits for their superiors. The term "them" therefore may well be a mental construct designed and disseminated by powerful, opportunistic, pathologically-selfish beings bent on bringing the world under their thumb. They are confidence men, par excellence, with the capacity to sow the seed of "them" in the minds of unsuspecting, unwitting masses too self-interested, too narrow-minded to notice they are being manipulated by forces, perhaps darker than they.

Yes, Les, I genuinely concur there is indeed light in a dark age and among dark beings, but what is the extent of its true power amid an overwhelming darkness. Is it not a balance of power issue between the extent of darkness and the degree of light in Gaza, in Yemen, in Afghanistan, in Israel, and in the West where much food, air, and water are now tantamount to poison. Or, is imbalance between light and dark forces impossible?

Maybe, I'm perceiving narrowly when I conceive of your idea of "us" as an important element of your perception of reality. It certainly suggests to me that you adhere to the concept of the oneness of all things, and this underlying oneness is precisely what most of us can't quite fathom in an age of darkness. Why can't we?

I believe it's because we have been overcome by forces so dark, powerful, and cunning that they've gained access to our powers of perception. Because they may possess substantial control over our perceptive capacities, they can determine how most of us see the world. Obviously, what makes these rulers of this dark age quite happy is constant division among the sheeple, so what we obtain is sheeple against sheeple rather than masses of enlightened human beings versus the dark ruling elite, the former scenario being derived from the sowing of "them."

May peace and light be with you in an overwhelmingly dark age,


Visible said...

Thank you all. Some wonderful souls come round this way.

One point of notice. I'm not in a K-hole. To my knowledge I never have been and from what I hear one does not do things like write or even walk or talk in one. It is non funziona I understand.

I haven't even had any in a long time and I seldom have it for long in any case. when I do have it I don't use it the way I have seen some people do or have heard that they do. This particular item for me is similar to what a chain saw is for a woodsman as opposed to a hand saw, or an airplane to a bicycle.

Regardless, no... nothing at all unless you count the ineffable. It is only that something has gone and something else arrived. Nature and vacuums and all that.

Anonymous said...

Geez, you guys are so negative.

Can God make something that is so heavy he can't lift it?

There's really no such thing as darkness: it's just a lack of lightness.

Can God make something that's so heavy he can't lift it?

I am, you see. In His image.

No, he can't. He can make a world of beings who can, though. In His image.

We are gods, don't you know? Each of our own. It's perfect.

This world is an experiment in God experiencing Not-God. Darkness,
lack of light that is. Evil, Satan, bad vibes, call it what you will.

Do you get it?

The Light is the all that there is. The darkness is just a lack of light.

It's easy. I can elaborate if you'd like.

We're all perfect individuilisations of the All That There Is. That's it.
It's simple, really. We've just got to realise it. Geez.



PS. We command all evil.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. check it out..
snow in Australia in the middle of summer - again!

Apparently the Marshall's Office has been busy evicting Polar Bears that have set up a Shanty town of Igloos in central Victoria's High country.(grin)

Yuk Yuk..



Visible said...

We certainly do command all evil to the degree that we command our selves.

John said...

Loud and clear, Les. In print and at the show.

Anon908 Don't just hit and run. Tell us more about real magic...

Anonymous said...

The Physical Universe is composed of 110 or so elements, with 120 being the absolute limit. The analog is that consciousness, which has its representation in the physical world is also composed of a finite grouping of elements. Since soul and body, or observer and observed, are considered illusions, and their connection which is consciousness is considered the real, it follows that one tangible approach to magic is to master the elements of one's consciousness.

This approach is called Tantra, which means technique. Meditation in its purest form implies emptying the mind, whereby Tantra investigates the mind or consciousness in order to eventually transcend it. An excellent workbook is the rather inexpensive "Book of Secrets" written by the infamous Rajneesh or Osho.

The author only expounds upon centuries old techniques of real magic, so none of the material can be pointed to as his. If you have any internal gumption at all (doubtful), then practice some of these techniques and talk critical after wards. Otherwise, you are the typical imbecile with no basis, like most fat, lazy, back stabbing, loud mouthed American white trash.

Have personally been studying magic since the age of four, and Tantra is only one sidelight. To me, Christianity is not to be fixed but extinguished. It preaches subservience to the most vile Jews, who are truly the root of all evil.

X dummy said...

I am a man from Bulgaria. Fully programed and well oiled machine of the system or the program as you called it. I am a as they call us professional soldier. "Bulgarian professional army" just another arm on the monster thats been feeding of us for so long now. But no more! My paper work is all most done so in a month or so im taking my new born daughter and my wife out of this cesspool. I have a house in distant village that my grandpa left me with some land around it. Seeds, couple of cows a horse may be :) a good old AK-47 by my side at all times. All though i believe there is better world for us. I know there is, there must be one. I refuse to go through the transaction with my family on my side and with only a hope for the best in my arms. I studied the Vedic tribes in India or so called "Atlantis" that they are still pretend to look for. All our present knowledge comes from India and the Nagas. They found something that they were not mature enough to use and still they did, and look where it brought us. the way i see things ( i am sorry but i like to call things with their real names) we are heading for a mass public disorder in other words Hell on earth. Now dont get me wrong im far from being a religious person. I have my own way of looking at the world and the forces in and around it. The way i see it... we got to far away to see our selfs and our foolishness is standing in the way of our sight.We have been manipulated for so long that (as they say) we cant see the forest from all the trees. Walking, talking. all eating, all shiting crap of the universe (Fight club). I welcome what is to come with a smile on face, head up high and arms open wide. May the lord have mercy cause i wont.
P.s If anyone has more info related to the Nagas or the Vedics apart from the mythology or any info whats so ever this is my e-mail Feel free.

Anonymous said...

You are a sensitive, elegant and prolific writer, Les.

Thank you.

As an aside, when commenting elsewhere does anyone else get vitriolic attacks when they criticize the military's wars of invasion, or mention HAARP or Chemtrails or the Marines in Haiti etc.?

I mean smart, articulate people fling all manner of insult at me simply for suggesting the US might be invading Haiti at this point.

The level of nastiness is mystifying.

Had I been blessed with your verve with words, Les, I'd go back and slap 'em down.

Best Regards,

sambhava said...

Anonymous 12:42 PM...
Does studying magic also teach you how to empty the mind of all traces of contempt and aggression? And by "vile Jews", are you referring to Jewish people in general or pseudo jews?
And finally, by "Christianity", are you referring to an organized religion or the spiritually inspiring words of (an admittedly "hypothetical") Jesus?
Personally I'm not a great fan of magic of any kind. In fact, if the magic of the Satanic ruling elite is anything to go by, I'd say it's all a load of bullshit. After all, had it not been, they'd hardly need to have to resort to the pathetic means they're using at present in order to negatively distort the perception of humanity. In fact I hereby invite them to reduce me this very moment to a very neat pile of ashes...
Can they do this? Of course not! Their magic is impotent.

Anonymous said...

Is everyone out there not capable of reading? Christianity was created by Jews to control non-Jews (goyim). Is this too difficult to comprehend?

The books of the New Testament were written by Jews over four generations (90 years) after the mythological Jesus was born. The Catholic Church had numerous ecumenical councils in order to coerce the utterly (and obviously still) ignorant masses to obey them in a blind sheep like manner. They changed the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday, allowed icon worship, removed reincarnation, etc..., all to grow in size and controlling power.

Has anyone out there ever met Jesus? No, because it is a f#&ked up fable pushed into your mushed out, brain washed, totally worthless, hypocritical minds. You stupid God Damned people deserve to be to be nuked out of existence, as you make snails look intelligent!

The next time a Jew spits on you, either for real or in some metaphorical manner, know ye well that you fully deserve it. They have been drinking your dumb ass goyim blood for thousands of years, because you refuse to recognize this simple fact. The Human Race truly deserves their soon to come nuclear annihilation.

gurnygob said...

Anonymous said...12:42 PM

To me, Christianity is not to be fixed but extinguished.
It preaches subservience to the most vile Jews, who are truly the root of all evil.

Matthew 16:18.
go look it up and weep.

As for preaching subservience to the Vile Jews.
Are you sure you are reading the Christian Bible? According to my bible, Jesus had a much different point of view. Matthew 23:13


Anonymous said...

I was looking at who we call the PTB's MO's. Yes, them. Two patterns emerge. First, the use of multiple participants in a crime of grand nature. That way all these powerful forces have to keep one another in check. The other one is the use of addiction(s). They create a plethora of them. Some we see, many we don't.

They control the very flows of life, the masses conditioned to flow like a stream in pre-determined patterns. Herein, lies the danger. What do we do, unknown to our cognitive awareness, that is part of the brushstrokes of the grand painting they paint. WE shall not talk about the images on the canvas.

Which of the many patterns of behavior we exhibit are truly organic or are they outcomes of a forgiegn and not so benign enitity.

thoughts on this dark winter night in the year 2010 and we are still alive.


Anonymous said...

Well it's a one for the money!
two for the show!
three to get ready now go Katz go!!

But don't you, step on my jew swayed news!
You can do anything but lay offa' my jew swayed views!

We got the paper!
we got the press!
we took Palestine and you can guess the rest!

But don't you
step on my jew swayed news!
you can do anything
but lay offa' my jew swayed views!

ah jew, jew, jew swayed news
ah jew, jew, jew swayed views!

you can do anything
just lay offa' my jew swayed news!!


Anonymous said...

Israel opens dam gates

Israel has opened the floodgates of one of its dams in the eastern part of the Gaza Strip, flooding Palestinian houses and causing severe damage.

The Israeli authorities opened the dam’s floodgates without any prior warning.

Zellie said...

Well, actually I have met Jesus, twice...he exists...he exists for seekers...As Edgar Cayce says, "There never was a time when there wasn't a Christ Mass." He was the first Adam. He is alive and him and you will find him.

gurnygob said...

Anonymous said... 5:31 PM
“Has anyone out there ever met Jesus? No, because it is a f#&ked up fable pushed into your mushed out, brain washed, totally worthless, hypocritical minds. You stupid God Damned people deserve to be to be nuked out of existence, as you make snails look intelligent!”

Yes and I too have met Jesus and been taken by Him to the place where He was crucified. I have had similar experiences to Les. I believe we have both seen and talked with the same person only I know Him as Jesus the Christ. Why do people confuse Christ with organized religion? Is Christ the Christian Churches? Is Obama America, or Gordon Brown England; and Nicolas Sarcozy, is he France?

You call us “God Damned people”. Which god are you talking about?
You go on to say…” They (the Catholic Church) changed the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday”. I take it this is some reference to sun worship? Actually what they did was put an end to sun worship by replacing it with SON worship. Son of God as in Jesus.

Why don't you put a name to your comments, what are you afraid of?
I expect you are trying to get some of that old “Anti-Semitic magic” going on this site. What is your real motive?

John said...

How funny. Yesterday, an old RCA Victor tube radio arrived in the mail for me. It is certified to have the 'Golden Throat'. I had forgotten this Ebay purchase until it arrived and didn't even see a connection until I woke up today. On the bottom spec sheet I see Nipper listening for 'His Master's Voice'.

Anonymous said...

First of all, there is a huge difference between anti-Semite and anti-Jewish. The Jews in Israel are white, not semite, and they have high regard for blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin of course. They are in fact the most powerful white racist movement in the entire Earth (take that David Duke).

With regards to seeing "Jesus", one must consider the three levels of madness, as defined by Buddhism. Level one, which everyone exists upon is the inability to totally focus (or achieve Zen) at each and every moment of one's life. The esoteric Christian philosophy has the equal law of zen as "seek the Infinite Creator in all things", which is very Pantheistic.

Level two of insanity is not being able to listen to others or the inability to read properly what someone else writes. Most everyone slips into this at times as well, because most conversation today is thoroughly inane. People who dwell heavily on this level generally become pathological criminals or politicians and lawyers (same thing), as they are complete narcissists and believe the world revolves around them.

The third and last level of becoming lost is where you actually imagine various things so much that they appear to become reality. Clearly, seeing visions of a mythological character puts you in this realm. At this point, you are very close to being institutionalized, and only the fact that so many are in such bad shape today and the institutions are overcrowded and such prevents this.

My dialogue was only to point out that modern Christianity does not work, makes society susceptible to the "self chosen ones", and should be replaced with Pantheism. It only makes sense that the principle critics to this are firmly entrenched on level three. Depending upon an imaginary entity to work out your evolution will only lead you to Hell. Please wake up.

simon said...

A bit late, but sing along -

Jingle bells
the jesus tales
noah was a drunk
from abraham
it's a complete sham
that book is poisonous junk

It's not that there aren't good bits in it, old and new. But it's a deliberate fabrication, stitched together from whole cloth and whose main purpose is to control and use you, US, like domesticated animals

They are the hibaru, the shepherd kings. And what shepherds do with their sheep is catch them, fleece them, fuck them, then fry them. -


Harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away;
Only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air.
You better watch out,
There may be dogs about
I've looked over Jordan, and I have seen
Things are not what they seem.

What do you get for pretending the danger's not real.
Meek and obedient you follow the leader
Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel.
What a surprise!
A look of terminal shock in your eyes.
Now things are really what they seem.
No, this is no bad dream.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
He maketh me down to lie
Through pastures green He leadeth me the silent waters by.
With bright knives He releaseth my soul.
He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places.
He converteth me to lamb cutlets,
For lo, He hath great power, and great hunger.
When cometh the day we lowly ones,
Through quiet reflection, and great dedication
Master the art of karate,
Lo, we shall rise up,
And then we'll make the bugger's eyes water.

Bleating and babbling I fell on his neck with a scream.
Wave upon wave of demented avengers
March cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream

Anonymous said...

simon quoted Roger Waters vitriolic "Sheep" from Pink Floyds Animals. Tremendous guitar work on that LP. Yet someone who reduces the human race to dogs, pigs, and sheep, is not really a source of inspiration...for me. Animals preceeded the release of "The Wall" in which "he" Pink, becomes a fascist as he laments the loss of his father. Floyd lost me at "the wall", I found its commercial success to be disturbing as well. Pink Floyd had a "disco" hit, who knew!? I was tempted to call that one "The Mall"

" FRIEND, you have not revealed the lowest price!! I SENTENCE YOU TO BE EXPOSED ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!! TEAR DOWN THE MALL!!!"
just a bit of fun! : )

juliaonthehill said...

hello les visable thanx for words from supra concsiousness!!! love your wisdom, first i've heard in a while, truth is so hard to come by!
got my own two nippers, bull dogs much feared by wonderbread land.
people fear the other, the uncontrollable ( sic intended )
hey bro, share youre wisdom when your ready. dont force the phorce.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Practicing the Presence of the Ineffable Divine.

Anonymous said...

"In Defence of Smoking Mirrors
Rixon Stewart – March 24, 2010"


I'm laughing my head off because I have personnally spent several days recently with Les Visible and his wonderful wife Susanne and they are as normal and wholesome as apple pie.


Glenn Dormer

Anonymous said...
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Joseph Brenner

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