Friday, October 02, 2015

The Treasure of Sierra Madre Flu and the Sorcerer's Apprentice Flu.

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May your noses always be cold and wet (given that it is flu season; it's ALWAYS flu season.)

Possibly you had the opportunity to read yesterday's rant concerning the bankers being at the heart of the troubles in this world. One might say Materialism is the real problem and the bankers finance the illusion for the specific intention of enslaving the populations through usury and all the many hydra heads of attraction to the varieties of magnetized dust. ♫It's a big wheel of fire that's turning in your eyes. It's the object of desire and your body in disguise and the soul bleeds forever. Is it love or love in pain? Is it both of them together or are both of them the same? Is it both of them together or are both of them the same?♫

Here at ground zero. The central generation nexus of Materialism, the number one killer is heart disease. After that it is cancer and number three (drum roll) is medical treatments gone wrong. Imagine that. Interestingly, in the undeveloped countries they have little to none of these top three killers. They have a different lifestyle, sure... but most importantly they have a different diet. We're big on protein here and have been conned into believing that we need twice as much protein as we actually need. More importantly we are conned into believing that we need ANIMAL PROTEIN and that is where the cancer comes from. People have been conned into believing that they need all these vitamin supplements because they need the vitamins and that is true and they would have all these vitamins if they ate the proper food but they are not eating the proper food, so the result is that Americans and those following in their doomed footsteps, wind up having the most expensive piss in the world because those vitamins don't assimilate.

Number three is medical treatments gone wrong.

In India. The poor people eat brown rice, when they aren't eating mud pies (made with real mud) like they do in Haiti, after the charities got done with them. The moment they are not poor anymore, or at least for however long they remain not poor, they eat only white rice. Today I was in Wal-Mart that bastion of capitalistic enterprise, owned by, arguably the cheapest, stingiest and most predatory family offspring on the planet. I could go on and on about their policies but why bother? You can find these things out if it interests you. It has never failed to impress me, how much time billionaires spend trying to cheat the system. One of the sweet ironies of life is that one billion, or ten billion or a hundred billion is just not enough and if the fruit of your efforts is the destruction of the system that made it possible, so be it.

Materialism is a very aggressive brain fever. I sometimes refer to it as The Treasure of Sierra Madre Flu. What makes it such a virulent parasite is that it goes largely unrecognized. It is actually the number one killer because it causes all the heart disease, cancer and medical error. Some form of Materialism is responsible for just about every death on the planet. We could get deep into the why and how of it all but... that's not necessary. When you turn your attention away from the true light, your world is illuminated by the false light and the false light is the light of mortality. It is a shroud of sorts and you wander from body to body as a ghost in a trance, in a dream of life which is not life but only a dream that cycles around ambitions and appetites, in endless reoccurrrence. The pain and suffering are significant. It is an agony, like the slow drip of endless time and everything you get, no matter what you get, is not enough. There is an unquenchable thirst at the center of one's being and were you to pour the ocean into it it would not suffice to satiate or end it.

What we see in all those third world Hell holes is the result of poor karmic investments made in other places at other times.

Today I had one of those experiences that have been coming around lately. They are made all the more profound by the sense of their ordinariness, as if it were obvious that it was true and why was it not as obvious as it should have been earlier? I was in Long's Drugs and I was waiting for something and so I looked around me. There were several people coming and going behind a large counter. There were several people also waiting here and there and some number of people who would appear and then disappear and as I was watching them it came very clearly to my understanding; not so much to my mind as to my understanding. There is an important distinction here. It came to my mind that all of these people were/are me.

I have had this experience before and I have known that this must be true and I have held forth on this concept now and again, here and elsewhere. However, it was one of those things that came into my mind and got considered for a moment, or a couple of moments and then it went back into the holding tank to await my deeper understanding. Today I got that in a visceral way. All of these people really are me in different stages of being and they only know what they know and it accounts for everything about them. This is why I so often get the sense that I am speaking to people through time. Very occasionally I am speaking to someone in the moment and those times are a joy to me. Very often a smile speaks into the moment with all kinds of people that I am usually speaking through time to and I realize that there are things that we can do with our consciousness in many different ways that far exceed the limitations of speech and the time comes when we are doing this all the time or... should I say that it is occurring 'through us' all of the time, since we are no longer blocking it's passage most of the time.

The more I surrender and let go of any need to control anything or get upset at anything, the less need there is to control anything or get angry or frustrated about anything. I am beginning to see in ways that I never saw before that the only thing I've ever accomplished is interference (getting in the way) and that everything is under control and that all I have to do is acknowledge that and live accordingly and I am trying to do that, without actually trying and I know now that that is why I was put in this little building in the jungle and left more or less completely alone, so that I could discover these things. It's all perfect. Well... except for me that is (grin) but... all things in time. I've been told there is nothing for me to do except be and it will all become. I'm guessing this is my purpose of demonstration... to show that I can be still and know that there is a god and not run around trying to act like one which is what all the hurrying and scurrying that is going on around me is an expression of... a potpourri of fools acting as their own creator and... given the results, one would have to say they have been successful at it as far as their capabilities go. There sure is a lot of Sorcerers Apprentice Flu going around.

I didn't mean to go off on a subjective lark. That sort of thing just seems to happen around here and I don't have much control over it. I don't want to have any control over it. I prefer that it has control over me... given that I have sorted out exactly who that is without ever being able to comprehend it. The concern always was that it not be evil and all I have to go by on that account is that same, “by their works ye shall know them” thing and I guess I'm just going to throw myself on the mercy of the court in that respect and hope that the body of efforts is not canceled out by the body of failures. Time will tell and we shall see.

Oh well... back to the news of the day. Israeli banker owned nations are increasingly livid that Russia is targeting their financed terrorist operations in Syria and now Iran is sending 'hundreds' of ground forces in to wipe out the Israeli banker financed terrorists. In the meantime, ironies abound as Israeli banker owned western media complain that Russia is killing civilians while direct evidence of Israeli banker owned NATO forces are caught doing exactly that. Like, the old song says, ♫something's got to give♫ Batshit crazy Fiona is calling for the Russian planes to be shot out of the skies but the really important cultural work is continuing unhindered, via lengthy psy ops postings in the Israeli banker owned media and... as is usually the case when things aren't going well for the genocidal Israeli banker wars and public relations efforts like Israel's opposition to the Iran Deal, it's time for another domestic school shooting. We don't know anything about which Tavistock or MKUltra graduate was sent in to accomplish this yet. Once they've packaged whatever the official lie is, we'll hear about it.

Anyway, there's always some new amusement afoot and this one which will no doubt be responsible for unloading truckloads of abuse on all sorts of people; will, no doubt eventually, rank right up there with such intellectually challenging systems like Twitter; 'Twitter is for Twits!' The stupider and meaner you can make the general public and the easier you can make it for them to demonstrate mean and stupid, the better it will be for those who need the public to be mean and stupid. It promotes their support of mean and stupid at the top. Recently the New York Times reported on the inconsistencies in the 9/11 report and even mentioned Building 7 and the public provided zero response to the news. It can't end well for many and maybe all that means is breathing room for the rest of us or... well... almost anything is possible. September has come to an end and that moon is gone too.

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long john said...

"'s time for another domestic school shooting."

Well, here it is, right out of the kitchen and piping hot:

What is known so far (40 minutes ago):

•Authorities responded to reports of a shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, at 10:38 a.m. local time.

•13 people were killed and 20 others wounded, according to the Oregon attorney general.
•The shooter is among the dead, police said.
•According to a survivor's Facebook post, the suspect was carrying four guns.

•Oregon Gov. Kate Brown identified the gunman as a 20-year-old male. It's unclear whether he was a student at the school.
•President Obama angrily condemned the shootings and called for stricter gun control.
•"Our thoughts and prayers are not enough," the president said. "It does not capture the heartache and grief and anger that we should feel."

Jenny said...

Vis- this post is spot on. I loved it- thinking of you and sending all of the blessings of lady nature- bee well my friend!- jen

Anonymous said...

Well, since you mentioned it was time for another school shooting, we had one in Oregon, earlier today. Yep. The numbers vary, but so far, it's around 10 dead and 20 injured. The shooter was the usual "lone wolf" ...a young, white, disenfranchised male. The propaganda machine is in full swing with this one.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, Russia is getting rid of a lot of worthless psychopaths, huh? Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch. Well, 'cept for the banksters, most world politicians, pharma people. . .

OK, I take that first sentence back, but they are in the top ten.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

On the Oregon 'shooting', did they remember the fake blood this time?

missingarib said...

Vis, it's time ,their time, our time ,time to smell the coffee,time to take out the zion garbage , haul it to some landfill and seal it up like some chernobyl memories.

Gumby clones in suits whose job it was to shake their fists at the sounds of the wolf moon.

Reservoir Dogs


How long can we live this way?
How long 'till the rain starts coming down?
Everyone here's been wondering
When will it be over?

I hear the night train every evening
Maybe change is coming soon
With the harvest moon

Take me down to the river
Take me to the preacher-man
I can't wait any longer
I messed up all I can

I hear the night train singing in the distance
Maybe the angels are coming soon
With the harvest moon

If the river's rising
Look to the dark horizon
For the harvest moon, yeah

Wait a minute, just a little bit longer
It's all up to me and you

Wait a minute, just a little bit longer
It's all up to me and you

Wait a minute, just a little bit longer
It's all up to me and you ...

“The Almighty Lecturer, by displaying the principles of science in the structure of the universe, has invited man to study and to imitation. It is as if He has said to the inhabitants of this globe that we call ours, "I have made an earth for man to dwell upon, and I have rendered the starry heavens visible, to teach him science and the arts. He can now provide for his own comfort, and learn from my munificence to all to be kind to each other.”
― Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason

live long

Ray B. said...

If real, the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, is sad - and close, just up I-5 a ways. I visit Roseburg periodically, and have probably driven past that campus. Also, it's a bit more personal for me, as I got two degrees at Virginia Tech long ago...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Wait a few days. The story is gonna change 10 times, and a few more crisis actors will be exposed. Cell phone cameras were confiscated, students were patted down before they were taken away (I just read the headlines. Rense, WRH? I dunno. Can't remember, and I don't feel like bringing them all up again. Just another staged psy-op, from the looks of it. I don't believe any of these faery tales anymore unless proven otherwise. Just another 'PLEASE TAKE OUR GUNS, SO WE CAN BE MORE EASILY SLAUGHTERED' crap.


Lori said...

Hi Vis!

Are we all talking "Moon language" these days or what?

You were in my dream before I awoke this morning : ) and I awoke
with a smile. Sweet, innocent, cool.............and best of all - I remembered it!

Love your vulnerability these days, love the YOU!!

Just wanted to say "hi"..............Lori

Anonymous said...

The Roseburg school shooting is obviously yet another false-flag hoax in an increasingly long list of such animals. Still photos displayed on TV show bored "medical personnel" carting what they want you to believe is a corpse, covered with what looks like a sheet.

These guys are good. Very good. They don't have to kill anybody, all they have to do is pretend they did. If you think about it for a minute, it makes sense. If they actually slaughtered all of these innocent people, their relatives and friends would start searching for answers. And the conspirators would eventually be outed. Much easier to tell the players it's a drill, have them sign non-disclosure agreements, and pay them off if necessary. If things get dicey later, okay, then maybe you whack them.

This has been going on forever. For example, Jonestown was just such an operation.

If you want to read something about one of these vintage faux events, which dates back to the late 1800's in America, go to the following link; it's a book written by A.S. Mercer (for whom Mercer Island was named; he was the founder of the University of Washington). It deals with the Johnson County Range Wars in Wyoming back in 1892, and it's a platinum-plated eye-opener -

(Most of the copies of this book were rounded up and burned, shortly after the original printing back in 1894. A few copies survived. It has repeatedly "gone missing" at any libraries that have kept it on their shelves. Including the Library of Congress, which is quite a trick. And nary a Zionist can be found among the cast of sordid characters...)

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

@ missingingarib. Time to take out that zion garbage? Time to refute their "victim status"? Time to expose the fire-pits of Auschwitz? Time to render mute the ideological paradigm? NOT WITH PUTIN. I notice that "Real Jew News" will not post my critiques of Putin. Putin the "former" KGB. Putin, who has criminalized historical revisionism pertaining to the "holocaust" as well as overt defamation of bolshevik, communist, and Stalinist atrocities. Putin, whose bretheren, like their American allies, participated in the torture of the SS (Otto Ohlendorf for example) to extract confessions of complicity in murders that didn't take place. Putin, whose national pride and obeisance to the Jews criminalizes the exposure of the intellectual, artistic, and historical cancer known as the "holocaust". He's "on board". Perhaps setting the stage for the forthcoming Israeli trickery that will "inflame" the situation in Syria.

Anonymous said...

time after time visible you consistently put out the most inspired off the cuff brilliance that I have ever seen, even historically I have never seen this. time after time you go this way and zag that way and it is all about love and self discovery. you are unmatched and you should take that to whatever bank you believe in. you have no equal. i know it has to be tough for you. there is no way it could not be in these times but you never fucking give up. kudos my friend. kudos!


Anonymous said...

A big amen on that.

mike m said...

Saw on the news last night that there are 88 guns per 100 people in the USA, in Syria the count is 3 guns per 100.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

♫The Annunaki's Connected to the Archon, the Archon's Connected to the... Uh...♫

Anonymous said...

And every time I look at the Ganesh on your site, I see a hand grenade in the hand of his right "fore arm."

Visible said...

Well, that's demonstrable proof of what we always like to say around here that the world is a projection of our minds and we see what we want to see as everything accommodates itself to our vision. Of course, when I look at my own life I can find that to be somewhat disturbing. It's probably one of those grenade lighters that you can buy on EBay and other places and I think Ganesh uses it to light his cigars.

Visible said...

Here is the latest galactic transmission.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Dark Armageddon Gothic of the Satanic International Banker Army of Zion.



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