Friday, September 25, 2015

The Pope Genuflects before The Father of Lies.

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Genetically modified up mouse

I think the picture says a lot about the culture that we live in. Why the mouse is in a Petri Dish I can't guess but it is appropriate for the location here. The force of Materialism, once it is in full swing, manifests in near countless ways to confuse, disorder and bind the mind. The intoxications of imagery and sound inflame the passions and then the mind is filled with the smoke that follows.

What one must realize is that corporations are soulless and inhuman. They do not care about the human factor whatsoever. They care ONLY about profit and they seek for that profit to be as extreme as it is possible for it to be and the cost to quality, longevity and safety are of no concern whatsoever. Any corners that can be cut will be cut. When it comes to research, what you see happening with the mouse is tame. There are no limits to what they will do to reach a market share supremacy. What we have learned about Planned Parenthood is also tame. Speaking of PP, here's a little graphic newsbyte, as the politically controlled and marketplace manipulated rap industry is set into motion, to seduce all those minds south of the 100 IQ borderline. This is the predominant musical medium of the day and as a result it is a full on expression of the Hegelian Dialectic. That is why you see it presented as a free wheeling outlaw style as if it were the refuge of liberty in expression; meanwhile all of its expressions are geared toward drawing the collective consciousness down into a pit of perversion, bondage and darkness.

The Pope is in town, shilling for Global Warming and immigrant rights. He mentioned God once, under the term of 'creator'. Here is a steaming load of shit written for public consumption; those who don't mind eating shit as long as it is served to them warm and the fast food industry has proven this. As has the international pharmaceutical industry and most glaringly, the entertainment and information cesspools that steam and bubble with toxic wastes.

First we get this from Bezos Central and then we get this fatuous piece that says they've received no threats but here are the threats. Personally, I have no interest one way or the other in the pope's welfare, given that he doesn't give a damn about anyone else and is simply a posturing cartoon character, going through the motions of magical deception. He's a liar who works for the Father of Lies.

I was in Rome a few years ago and one of my chief enjoyments, when I was in Europe, was the many baths and sometimes ancient spa centers that are to be found. Strangely... there were only a couple of them in Rome and one was far away so I picked the other, not knowing at the time that it was a gay bathhouse. Once I was in there it was a little late and being as it was me, I decided to at least check it out and see if there might be a place for me to enjoy some steam and waters on my own. I'm of an age where I don't attract much sexual attention in any case. Here is what I saw; hundreds and hundreds of men, all of a certain age and appearance, possibly there were thousands even. There was something familiar about them but I didn't catch it right away. Then the obvious dawned on me; they were priests, a very large collection of priests. I opened the door to an enormous steam room that was so dark you could see nothing. I assumed you had to find your way by feel. I didn't enter and probably couldn't have anyway because it was packed so tightly.

I wandered on and found an atmospherically lit grotto of joined pools that took up a lot of space and included niches and wider spaces. It was not massively occupied so I sat in the waters for awhile and that was nice but the sense that I did not belong there was great and so I left after a short time. Try as I might I could not find a co-ed or family bath anywhere in Rome. The other one that I hadn't gone to turned out to be gay as well. Later I spoke with my hotel clerk and she looked for me and found one more and a telephone call proved that that one was gay also. I told her about my visit and that I thought they were priests in the majority there and she laughed and said, “Welcome to Rome.”

She told me that some of the hotels in Rome would have facilities but that the one I was in did not. I knew that because I had already asked earlier. I was on a budget, as I usually am so I couldn't afford any of the pricier digs in that city which is known for being expensive. Rome is a cutthroat commercial rat's nest, as are the other Catholic shrine centers like Assisi. The crassness of these places has to be seen for the full impact, this link handles US Pope kitsch. Yet people come from all over the world to visit these places because of the alleged spiritual power of the locations. I did not go into the Vatican. I did not think there was anything there for me.

I am such a Polyanna sometimes. When I was in Assisi I thought I might walk out of the slick bazaar area and into Nature and I found some woods eventually and went into them, thinking I might be walking the same ground as St. Francis. What I found was a lot of garbage and a spiritual dead zone. It was a disappointment. The Italians are prone to throwing their garbage anywhere they please, much like the Indians, except the Indians are in Turbo mode with it. It was actually a lot worse in Italy in former years but they have cleaned it up somewhat for the tourists. I didn't get much out of Europe. Yes, the antiquity was nice but such things don't interest me much anymore. The people are much more civilized and intelligent in certain countries and the governments are more sane and humane but I don't have much interest in history anymore. Where most people see grandeur and enjoy the cultural differences, I see those stretches of time filled with bloodshed and treachery. I see the continuous tyranny of the strong against the weak. This is to be expected in Kali Yuga.

I don't like the pope but I'm not fond of the Dali Lama either, or any of the rest of the ruling conspirators in all those countries around the world who only want to live in ease and satisfy their appetites. I see the world these days in a certain light and for me I only want to serve where it is possible and leave when I am able and outlast all of the transitory attractions that lead only to one's downfall. My lot is not so bad. I might not have much and I have certainly been through the wringer but there are things one can possess that have a greater value than all of the world's attractions put together. If you can come into possession of these you don't mind being short on anything else. I imagine that the pope, if he were capable of knowing, would much prefer to be me but he is who he is because of who he is.

Today is the 24th and not much happened yesterday except another of those Haji tramplings that left hundreds dead. Ironically they were all headed to or coming away from some ritual stoning of the devil. Let's face it folks, fundies are crazy, be they Christian or Muslim or anything else. It's best to give them a wide berth; yet one more example of why I don't like crowds and stay away from them whenever possible. Most people are only a hair away from turning into insane beasts. There is some connection between the direction people are being herded in and all those zombie style films. I just half watched something called Maze Runner, Scorch Trials; really annoying juvenile crap but one more apocalyptic shitstorm of gratuitous violence. September 28th is coming now and all I can think is that maybe something happens in the economic sector on Friday (as it often does) and then leads to one of those Black Monday things. This is certainly coming. It might not be this week but it will happen. I don't know of course, just speculating. So far though... all the paranoid prophets have been wrong as they usually are but they will eventually be right like a busted clock.

I can feel big changes lumbering up against each other in the wings. Personally, I am experiencing a much stronger spiritual drive and a greater intensity of aspiration and that is a good thing. I'm not concerning myself with anything else that is going on elsewhere and has nothing to do with me. This is not to say that I am unsympathetic to people in other locations. I am sympathetic. I am also limited in capacity to do more than what I do. The ineffable permeates all space so it matters less where you are than it does what you are.

Time passes, my friends and... things change. These are constants. Sooner or later you see pretty much everything, if you are around to see it.

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Anonymous said...

pierre said...
A busted sun dial only tells the time right once a day, twice on Hiroshima day.

missingarib said...

Vis,perhaps there is a lost and found cache somewhere,where all our lost time may be reclaimed. But in the meantime we share with you the knowing that "The ineffable permeates all space so it matters less where you are than it does what you are."

Sing praise to the Lord on the harp, on the harp, and with the voice of a psalm:
Douay-Rheims Bible


Welcome to the numbers game
count the warriors,widows,orphans
count the missing, count the slain

By Big ben's hands and monarchs limits
chasing life between the minutes
locked inside old the photo albums

The times we reaped and times we sowed
Of fields and dreams inside our trades
The loves and lives some borrowed some sold

"changes lumbering up against each other"
Our changing reflections in deeper water
the shift of seasons,a twilight gleaming

"stretches of time filled
with bloodshed and treachery"
tear stained rorschach memories

The Father's prayer,
give us this day
"all the paranoid prophets"
would wish it away

live long

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Uh, Chili aftershocks are still happening. They're finally toning down, but. . . There's rumours food stamps (Isn't that EBT cards? Headlines don't say that.) may be shut off October 1, Wal-Fart isn't fully restocking, and some of us are expecting a case of 'burn baby, burn' in the cities, but we shall see. It's only a week away. News stories are absolutely psychotic, and they are getting progressively insaner as you have noted. I wouldn't say nothing is happening. I think there was a 'shift' on the Equinox.

And I had two nights of really nice dreams right after you wrote about yours. Of course with mine, they were nice because of my attempts of gluing the ALL back together again was working, instead of everything going wrong, but hey!

I wouldn't say nothing is happening. There was a bit I blogged today, but I am half asleep and totally scatterbrained at the moment, so I couldn't tell you what it was unless I looked it up, and I'm not going to do that. In fact, I'm signing off before my face hits the keyboard, nose first. I can't do that to my Precious. (Actually, it's name is 'Snorfles'.

Visible said...

It seems to me you are talking about things about to happen that have not yet happened. As I said, there are big things lumbering into each other behind the scenes, offstage. Once these things turn into occurring events I will oblige with recognition (grin). Happy dreams.

maya seri said...


I do not get it with the Hajji incident. It does not make any sense to me at all I am like you and stay away from crowds as much as possible.

Did you see the one where the Pope had to cover his crucifix and bow to greet the orthodox jewish woman-PRICELESS-


Visible said...

Yeah, I did. I don't know about had to. Nothing these people do is accidental.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the videos of all the Muslim pilgrims being trampled? Where are all the still photos?

I've seen one wide-angle shot so far with some alleged dead bodies on the pavement (all of them conveniently covered up with sheets). And I've seen a video with no solid evidence of dead bodies anywhere...

Don't they have CCTV cameras all over that city? Didn't somebody nearby have a cell phone, and shoot some video or some still shots? No? With all those people there, all at once? Didn't they have heliopters and planes flying overhead, after the allged event, to shoot video and still photos? No?

Wow, what a monumental lapse in judgment...

Visible said...

An interesting point.

Anonymous said...

Well it's like Galadriel's mirror..... am having weird dreams, but can't tell what
has happened from what is happening and what might or will happen.... maybe it's
all the same, usually disastrous....
Well maybe Iran has it right, in Tehran they blame the usual for the
Stone the Devil Shuffle/Stampede: 'Death of Saudi Royal family! Death to Israel!
Death to America!" Well take your pick, Premier Xi and bus crashes on the West
Coast or the Pope and ImamObama at their Communist White House State Dinner on the East Coast with all Hollyweird luminaries in attendance...

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

To Mimic the Sun in the Luminous Heart of Everyone.

David Fiske said...

I am no fan of organised religion but as Pope's go this one is a breath of fresh air indeed. I think you should spend more time with the 'Ineffable' and not dirty yourself throwing crap at people because that is what happens as you should know. It sticks. New 'Essay' on Meditation on my website. Hope you are recovering from that beating. Dump on these miscreants rather.

Visible said...

I regret to say that you are not looking carefully enough or don't want to because the evidence of culpability in many lies and abuses is right there to be seen. Had I not an abundance of the same I wouldn't have said anything. The man is a fraud. The church is a fraud and a Satanic death and lies machine. I wish I could call it another way but I cannot. It is as it is. Honestly, nothing would please me more pleasure than to be wrong but I could list all kinds of things from an indifference to and deception about the sexual abuse to cheerleading about global warming and immigrant movements that do not impact on him or those causing them. He does not call out any of those powers for what he HAS TO KNOW they are up to and by his silence and evasion he is complicit. I could go into MUCH greater detail but I am busy and that it the responsibility of the one who cares enough to discover it. There is plenty to be found.

David Fiske said...

Ah well Vis as a friend once said humans are licorice allsorts so we must just allow different points of view to ourselves. There seems to me to be so many really bad people. Still Vis bask in the Ineffable and let it take its course. Fortunately neither of us are judge and jury just pilgrims passing by, and doing the best we can.
Meditation is what I like doing. Holding the Light. More fun than judging and dumping.

Visible said...

Of course you are correct but given the centuries old depravity of this church it is, I would say, impossible that anyone good would be invested as pope. Best case scenario they elect a fool. In any case, the church is run by a strategic cabal of cardinals and not the pope who is a mere Mardi Gras figurehead. My view of this avuncular poseur is that he is a shill for corporate forces and political agendas and he hardly ever mentions the ineffable. I find that last pretty odd. I feel less like I am judging and more that I am making observations as there is zero emotion involved on my part.

Anonymous said...

"Archbishop: A Christian ecclesiastic of a rank superior to that attained by Christ." (Mencken)



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