Friday, September 04, 2015

The Adamic Principle and Friends in High Places.

Dog Poet Transmission.......

Fawcett Cartoon

Well... it is all coming together or... coming apart, depending on your position with the glass being half full or half empty; even though the biggest concern is what the glass is half full or half empty with. Russia is officially dumping the US dollar and China has offloaded half a trillion in recent times. It is the end of Reserve Currency Status. The critical reality here is that this is directed at the Zionista Bankers who have been running things for a good while and who are now sitting on the Whoopee Cushion. It doesn't matter which way they shift in their seats, the sound effects will follow. That leaves only the one option that remains, every time only one option remains and that is WAR.

In consideration of WAR being the option, the Zionist Banker controlled West has been circling Russia with ZATO forces and utilizing all sorts of sanctions and seizures as intimidation tactics. The war is actually not simply one of geo-political nature. It is operating on many fronts. Here is another front where the forces of the dark side are massed and- moving right along, here is another theater of operations. At MSNBC the tale of the Kentucky clerk has been the number one headline for days.

The war being promoted by the Zionist Bankers and their agents in tandem with International Satanists on the physical fronts, where proxy forces are being employed in The Middle East, the Ukraine and other locations has just experienced a dynamic shift, given that Russia is going boots on the ground in Syria and will be committed to the destruction of ISIS which is financed and operated by Israel.

The war on human consciousness is being financed and operated by Zionist Bankers, whose agents own 94% of the Mass Media and an equally massive amount of the entertainment and publishing industries. Their agenda has been ongoing for decades, just as has been their promotion of The Holocaust fantasy, whose purpose is to create a Sacred Victimhood Status for those pressing their diabolical agenda and to protect them against justifiable criticism for their malicious behavior in their all out war on the rest of humanity.

One of their primary arch fiends is Little Georgie Sorrows, AKA George Soros but they have their people placed in strategic locations everywhere and the Gefilte Fish Telegraph and Matzoh Ball Jungle Drums are humming and thrumming with infernal force across the globe. They own The State Department and they own Homeland Security. They are also behind the training of domestic police forces and have major policy and performance power in the FBI and the CIA. They have had this kind of power for some time, due to their control of The Federal Reserve and this is why it was so easy for them to arrange the assassination of John F. Kennedy with the assistance of George Bush and others. The only thing that is different is that they have moved into other phases of operation and that also involves a great deal more personal exposure. You can see them now and you can see them at work. Part of this is a reflection of their insane bravado and certainty that they have everything under control and part of it is because the ineffable is forcing them into the public eye for the purpose of demonstration, via the motivation of a great many courageous souls through 'one of' the avatars magic wands; the internet.

Soros in Secret Garden

Obama, Woods, Soros

This brings us back to the 'coming together or falling apart' – 'glass half full, glass half empty' dynamics. You can see the whole mass breaking into barbarian driven fragments, via all of the immigrants being force flooded into western countries for this purpose, or you can see the whole thing as a lesson in progress being orchestrated by the ineffable. The full court press toward a race war is also being hothoused by a Monsanto type of super growth chemical infusion. Don't forget, Kanye West says he's running for president in 2020 and that makes him President Camacho from Idiocracy. Drink Brawndo!!!

It's up to you how you view and interpret the meaning of what is happening around you. If you are faithless, or an atheist, you see things as random occurrences; possibly driven by some kind of Darwinian Imperative, or whatever pop tart explanation we are being force fed by the one's who think they are running the show and who replicate people like Steven Hawkings for the purpose of being spokesbots for the (un)happy hamsters in The Delusion Matrix.

One certain result of the end of Reserve Currency Status is that all those cheap goods that are flooding the Walmart world and sundry, are no longer going to be cheap; just about nothing is going to be cheap shortly, except life.

I don't know how that plays off with my own personal fortunes but since I don't have anything much, there isn't much that can be taken away from me and even if my life were to be removed from this plane it would only mean a promotion. This isn't some kind of a maybe. This is a definite, so... “What me worry?” You go where you are headed based on intention and industry to that effect. It's simple physics. Sure, you can set off for Kansas City and your flight can be canceled but if you are determined you will get a following flight. Your plane could crash on the way to Kansas City and that brings us to an esoteric followup based on that timeless arcane maxim, “As above so below”. Everything down here has a counterpart elsewhere. Your soul exists on a vibrationary plane that can make it seem like it is far away, if... your consciousness is materially immersed. Your intuition is your soul speaking to you but... can you hear it? Whatever radio station you are in the habit of listening to; meaning the level of frequency, is transmitting from that level, all of what is resident in and relevant to that level. In some cases this can block the intuition from reaching you on a conscious level. That is not good because you need intuitional input.

If you don't have access to the intuition, or the intuition doesn't have access to you, you are left at the mercy of whatever partial understandings you have about what is going around you and the chance that you will make any number of mistakes is pretty much a certainty, as it always is when you rely on what you think you know. We are all enclosed in a certain schematic that has to do with what I call The Adamic Principle. Adam means 'namer of things'. Whatever we have named everything we have encountered in this life, is what it becomes to us and that is why we all live in a world of our own creation. Being able to experience, “I don't know” on a visceral level can free you from this prison of your own creation because you will come ever more and more into the world named and defined by the ineffable and what the ineffable knows, as opposed to what you think you know and as opposed to what we have told ourselves is real. Is it real?

This is why, “I don't know" is so fundamentally important because, only speaking for myself here, “I don't know” and why would I want to put myself at the mercy of thinking I know? This is a form of arrogance and self assertiveness that is all to common in times of Material Darkness and the dangers of it are many. You might think of it as attempting to traverse a minefield while blindfolded when you don't even have to be in the minefield to begin with. All of those mines are things you think you know. If you don't know these things then the mines have no explosive potential. HOW we come to understand anything is a matter of serious importance, depending on whether it comes to us via the intuition, or whether it has come to us in a corrupt or biased manner because the machinery by which we arrived at our conclusions was corrupt and biased. We are influenced by the world because we live in the world and the world collective of common identification of everything that exists here exerts a great influence on our view of everything we encounter. Many influences intersect to affect our judgment. The intuition is our lifeboat and our intuition is the firm and all seeing hand on the tiller and eyes on the horizon and most importantly here; eyes on the outer and inner horizon. Nothing else can do this for you and if you have taken refuge beneath the wings of the spirit, or beneath the overarching hood of resonating and risen serpents... you will be led and watched and you will be protected, even if it sometimes seems, as one might imagine it could have to me in recent times, that this was not the case. It's not what you go through that is important, it is how you come out of it.

Don't let the world shake you up too much. You have friends in high places.

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A viewing recommendation passed on to me from a reader and which looks very impressive, though I have only seen one episode. It is called, "Mr Robot":

I have been predicting September as a time of great change; simply drawn from intuitive input. I am not alone in this but I don't see any specifics here. This was sent in from a reader:


Anonymous said...

Hi Visible,

Glad to see that you are back to true form after your latest incident.
Hope all else is well.
I also just watched a movie you might find interesting- Ex Machina. I don't watch as many movies as you do, but I can probably say it is one of the best of 2015.

Much love


Visible said...

Saw it. I thought Self/Less was better. Mr. Robot though; that is very cool.

Walker said...

It was food for my thoughts.

Ray B. said...

Regarding intuition:

I am sure that everyone knows that intuition operates beyond SpaceTime. As such, it contains a 'precognitive' facet. (That means it can 'see' the future.) One teacher regarded intuition as a 'probability wave' that some future event would actualize.

This form of intuition, at least for me, often comes about as an increasing sense of foreboding or elation, as I get increasingly-closer to the event 'manifesting'. Sometimes one can 'turn away' from the event; sometimes one cannot...

I have also found that one of the most useful aspects of intuition occurs just as I meet someone. There is often a 'flash' (sometimes visual, sometimes emotional) in the microsecond of first contact. If I 'listen' to it, it gives a good idea of the results of interaction with this person. Nowadays, I immediately check with Higher Self what to do. (Sometimes, the HS 'advice' is surprising or even counter-intuitive. *grin*)

One example of the above was when I was starting to lean over to pet a visitor's dog. I got this instant 'flash' of the dog jumping/leaping at me out of a combination of fear and defensive-reaction. So, I froze and slowly backed off. Within a minute or so, another man bent over to pet this dog. The dog leaped at him and bit him hard on his lip. Blood everywhere...

It is important to not 'process' this flash. No intellectualization or self-doubt. Just treat it as an "aha." Then, do what is needed.

(As with all things, it is important to "Know Yourself." Outside entities can also 'squirt' ideas or emotions into us. Once you have become familiar with your own processes and 'felt sense', it is usually clear as to whether it is 'yours' or 'feels different' somehow. Act accordingly.)

Hope this helps...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching the first couple of episodes of Mr. Robot. A lot of people were pretty jazzed about this new series. Then I heard there was a gay sex and/or rape scene in the 3rd or 4th episode, and a lot of the same people decided to not watch it anymore, thinking it was more media manipulation and programming. I didn't see the episode myself, simply because I was busy with other things. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads up about that, and would like to hear your take on it after you watch it.

Meanwhile, good post. The MVA article was pretty painful to read, and the pictures difficult to see. Yep, looks like another war is coming to a world theatre near you.

Visible said...

The scene was a brief nothing. I have no idea why it was in there. There was no rape. The whole sequence that followed made no sense either and then it was back to whatever it is and so on.

Anonymous said...

Another writer's take on Ze Miley...not that I agree or disagree, but you might find an interesting tidbit or two inside.

Visible said...

Well said... except for drawing a parallel with Johnny Rotten and especially Miley Cyrus with David Bowie because Bowie had talent and these other two... not so much and basically not at all. Otherwise he is elegantly on point.

Alan Jong said...

Believe it or not inflation has been in the news lately as something the Federal Reserve wants, and it hasn't been able to create, because the prices of most things are falling or simply flat, but not rising. Even if the Dollar loses a third of its value over night price are not going to sky rocket, those are myths that have no basis in reality. The price of goods especially the things people don't need are based on supply and demand, and most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck something which is finally running its course, because they're not buying as much, the price of goods can't rise. The Value of the dollar is hard to peg to anything, because even the treasury bonds are auctioned off, with the trade deficit between the U.S and China especially Americans have slowly been losing buying power, and believe Me even China is having trouble unloading all their goods to keep their economy healthy. The only solution for Americans is going to be some kind of economic reform that includes basic income as a general policy or entitlement program, or the other option is to create a middle class again by raising the minimum wage. In this country most teachers are living paycheck to paycheck, and that pretty much seals the deal on a dead middle class. America's middle class began its death march with Reaganomics, and Robert Reich under Clinton shot the last bullet with the dismantling of Glass–Steagall, that began the looting of America the pillage and gutting of the country and its handing over to an oligarchy, we have a plutocracy run by those same people, and nothing will change unless its to their advantage.

Visible said...

What I know about economics would have me failing sixth grade. I was merely parroting things I read.

Visible said...

Well... Me. Robot is turning into another one of those shows where it doesn't matter who or what it is about. It could be lawyers or doctors or sanitation workers, it's just turned into random fucking and none of it has anything to do with the plot. Weird gratuitous crap happening. Oh, here's a twist; the fucking turned into a strangle followed by immediate remorse. I have no idea what is going on and am starting not to care. There was a prison break a couple episodes ago where everybody just kind of hung out and recited Icelandic poetry while waiting for, I think, Dominoes to show up and there's some Islamic lady in the mix serving no purpose that i can gather. This is one of those shows that is committing a long and agonizing suicide but the viewer will probably have killed themselves before the show does.

Alan Jong said...

When Hedge Funds are this desperate, you know a bubbles about go puff, and because productivity has been automated goods today are made without as much man power so at this point in history unless we devolve technologically, any kind of economic down turns will always be deflationary, and because even energy prices have slumped due to low demand, you can see clearly the people who profit from scarcity have no where to turn, but things like water, and carbon, that is a scary road. I feel like Mother nature ain't playing along and at some point California is going to be hit with so much rain parts of the central valley will become lakes, but not before she really brings them to the edge of drought. Back to that link which only reveals signs of desperation among the vultures of our society. The headline says it all "Hedge funds buy debts of struggling families in Baltimore, then take their homes when they can't pay."

Alan Jong said...

Developing nations are more susceptible to the kind of inflation You're describing, there are so many variables that create that circumstance for them. One of the major reasons we are insulated in the United States from runaway inflation is because oil is pegged to the dollar. The United States isn't going to give this up without a fight, and that's the point you come out charging with in this blog, and I totally agree. We are both on the same page this is a status the U.S ain't giving up without a fight, it would be suicide if it did.

Visible said...

Right. Ergo; war

Anonymous said...

Mr Visible .... Please don't feed the fear monsters .. we must starve them instead with feelings and actions of love, trust, confidence and peace. There will be no war, no catastrophies, or the like. This is a last gasp attempt by the demonic ruler / worshippers of this plane to gather enough negative energies to escape their plight. It wil fail and justice will prevail ...... Keep your thoughts pure, calm and loving and all will be well.

torus said...

Pegging September as a month of "change" is just part of the reverbetating majesty of 9/11. Since "they" initiated change on Sept 11 2001 it only makes sense to capatilize on that month, especially within the "alt" media. From personalities as diverse as Les Visible to the corpulent zionist John Hagee to the zany, madcap antics of Dr Joe Chiapalone, Sept ember is the month. Take a huge grain of salt when listening to those who claim to "illuminate the shadowlands". The sheer bombastic audacity of 9/11 still reveberates. Let me state publicly that NONE of the dire predictions will manifest. No, not even one.
Time will tell and we will indeed see.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's all about social engineering. Don't know if anybody else has noticed this; thought I'd bring it to your attention, in case it is happening where you live. Lately, the TV weather forecasters where I reside, have been deliberately overstating the actual future temperatures while doing their "forecasts" this summer. I'm in the Desert Southwest and every single day this summer, the forecast for the next day, has called for temperatures that wind up being about five degrees higher than the actual recorded daily high. Also, I've noticed that the weather crews on TV are overstating the actual recorded temperatures on any given day. For example, it will hit 103, and they will state that it hit 108. This happens over and over. A few days ago, they stated that July was the third-hottest ever for the area. Well, if you are overstating the temperatures every day by about five degrees, I could see how that might happen. In reality, it was one of the coolest on record; I think we've only had about seven days over 110 the entire summer, which is extremely abnormal. As you are probably aware, the NOAA got busted a while back for inflating their worldwide temperature data, while compiling their "global warming" evidence. Apparently being outed didn't deter these guys - now they have decided to just lie about the actual daily temperatures on the TV news. Since the rest of the news is all lies and bullshit, might as well make the weather lies and bullshit as, is anybody noticing this in their neck of the woods?

Visible said...

I realize how it can look sometimes but at no point in the posting did I say that WAR would occur. I said it was the option that they always exercise when unable to make their point any other way and I tried to show that war is occurring now on several planes and that should be obvious. To say that there will be nothing of the kind when even a casual observation of the world situation shows that war is going on all over the place is to be in evasion of clearly observable fact. Nothing in recent history shows otherwise and the amount of conflicts taking place are in large multiples and so many countries like Turkey, though seemingly not directly involved are directly involved like nearly every gulf state. I try to stay optimistic in face of the evidence at all times but I require myself to see things as they are and what is happening in The Ukraine and the ever tightening belt of aggressive forces circling Russia is not something one can dismiss, nor the intention of it. It would suit me fine if the heaven's would open and butterflies, flowers and rainbows were to fall to earth singing, "I ain't gonna study war no more" but- for the moment, what we see is ominous. I went out of my way to indicate with the glass half full and another example that everything going on is serving the will of the ineffable in terms of a positive outcome at 'some point'. I can't promote peace and love while also ignoring what is going on. It is what it is.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Maybe it isn't April. Maybe September is the Cruelest Month.

Visible said...

Perhaps the latest Origami will show a little more clearly my position on many things. You can't say and clarify everything in the limited format of every posting.

Just For The Record said...

It was Robert Ruben, of Goldman Sax, who dismantled Glass-Steagal while acting as Treasury Secretary, not Robert Reich, who was the Labor Secretary.

Alan Jong said...

I stand corrected, and guess I can atone for my error by giving Robert Reich the last word
"I used to believe in "free trade" agreements, until I took a hard look at the numbers. NAFTA cost U.S. workers almost 700,000 jobs. Since the Korea–U.S. Free Trade Agreement, America's trade deficit with Korea has grown more than 80 percent, the equivalent of a loss of more than 70,000 additional U.S. jobs. Since China’s admission to the World Trade Organization, the U.S. goods trade deficit with China increased $23.9 billion (7.5 percent) to $342.6 billion.

Trade deals the fail to address currency manipulation or to effectively address labor standards -- while protecting the intellectual property of global corporate investors and the financial asset of Wall Street -- aren't even about trade, since tariffs are already very low. They're really about enhancing corporate and financial profits at the expense of American workers. That's why I urge you to tell your representatives in Washington not to give the President fast-track authority to negotiate the Trans Pacific Partnership." Robert Reich

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

I wouldn't call my thing as follows intuition, I have a lot of that, I think, ergo, I think I do , I'd call it a tap on the shoulder , or a reminder that there are more things Hiratio that are chattered (kookabarras going crazy just as I typed that, an example?) in my chatterbox mind.
just about every night as I pace the lounge, learning how to walk (literally, qualitatively) TV is on, or ratio (Rense usually) through it, usually as I turn around, the thing I am thinking (ok, chatterboxing) comes on the TV just after mine. Jung called it sychronicity , meaningful coincidences. Sometimes several in a short time. sometimes phrases. way beyond mere probability (lots of chatter, lots of TV/radio, but still extremely unlikely). me first, TV second, and often a gap of awareness just before it just after mine (usually an important or energetic part on my part) of "here comes another one". So either time goes backwards or it is not what we think it is. I do not program the TV (downloaded then played, not live to air). Probably doesn't happen all the time in'real life' because I am not so tuned, or that is not my part on this world a stage. One could be stoned immaculate (sans 60's tainted drugs, uncue Jim - my daddy started the Vietnam war - Morrison, ah this Morrison was Jewish perchance?).
nothing special or important, just a tap on the shoulder. that kind of influence/being-influenced I guess the pack-a-poo ticket lottery satanists (do you feel lucky punks, well do you?) are into. I hope god plays dice with the trivial pursuit crowd that manifested (manifestered) our unlevvelled, bomb cratered fields of former childs play and integrated meaningful connectedness. cue The Green Beautiful, La Belle Verte (1996), until they fell to Earth that is. yes, crucifiction.
speaking of the earth, or end of most of it, I found this guys channel on youtube,
so recent updates more than his apearances on Rense occasionally , and evidence galore of what should be the sole pursuit of a global town cryer in a saner, albeit dying world. I suppose the ones that did this (see ,Fukushima report ) think they can jump ship and go to the pentagram that is the northern hemisphere of Saturn like Dr Strangelove scenario.

thanks for the billboard space here. btw His name is Visible, Vis to familiars.

Visible said...

Call it what you like and I will do the same.

jay said...

Dear Vis...
I hope things are improving and you are well.
I enjoyed the humour and pointed barbs you inserted into this piece, top form.
I think we should be looking beyond, Putin good, the west bad etc. Because, this is how 'they' have always played things out against us. Divide us and insert tension, fear and anger. How else did they previously manage to get one 18 year old to stick a bayonet or a bullet into another 18 year old lad.
Putin goes through the same lodge door as the rest of them.
Satan does not rule one part of the world and neglect the other half. As we are minded, 'a house divided against itself will not stand.
By that reckoning, pull the plug on either the economy, the dollar or start WW3 in earnest, and it's goodnight Vienna for Evil too.
Evil keeps raising on a busted flush.
God Bless.

Visible said...

I don't remember mentioning Putin at all here nor at any time in a long time so I'm confused.

jay said...

Putin seems to be held up as some sort of hero against the NWO, in my opinion, He's just another fake enemy.
Did you know, that Putin's Grandfather Spiridon Putin, was a chef to Rasputin and subsequently to Lenin and Stalin. Possibly, the name "Putin" may be linked to aristocracy where it was common for divergent, bastardised lines to shorten a name...for example (maybe!!!!) Ras/ proof, of course, but does it not make one go Hmmmmmmmm.
Being a chef as you can imagine in those days was highly trusted...
I need not point out the links of both aristocracy and Bolshevism to the Judeomasonic conspiracy.
Putin's daddy, was also a member of NKVD...mmmmmm.....
Putin Himself reaching the heights of Lt Colonel in KGB...

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Something Dark and Malevolent is Moving Behind the Scenes.

Visible said...

Here is this Sunday's radio transmission.



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