Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Six Degrees of Separation from Redemption and Salvation

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Since discussing my flying saucer, certain things have become very clear to me over the last couple of days and a particular idea has been forming in my mind which I want to put out there for the readers and ask them to consider in their deepest core.

An act of great bravery and courage was accomplished by certain unknown individuals or, perhaps only one individual. Someone posted naked pictures of certain bankrupt and sold out scientists who were in the business of authenticating lies for venal gain. Not much has been said about what these scientists were in line to receive for lying and conniving but I think we can assume, with a very high percentage of success in the accuracy of our thought, that they were anticipating some kind of lavish payday for trampling on their integrity and performing like whores.

Someone acting on conscience exposed these nasty characters, with their pants down, in front of a shocked and awakening world. This is one of the finest acts of courageous ingenuity to come down the pike in a long time. Let’s have a huge round of applause on behalf of the human race for whoever this person or persons are and for what they did.

I have a request and a demand that I want to place before everyone reading what is being said here. I want you to give major consideration to it and think of what it may mean in terms of redemption and deliverance for yourself and everyone who might be affected by it. I am speaking to you in the military; in politics and religion, in the business community, in every office and rat warren of industry, in the sciences and academia, in the courts systems and on the law enforcement scene, in every area of endeavor that affects the general well being of the peoples of the world. Look at what has happened with this global warming revelation and go you and do likewise.

I am going to bring to your attention, if you are not already aware of it, The Six Degrees of Separation Game. Every one of you is or is connected to someone who can make a world of difference in the world in which they live. It is time to form The International Organization of Whistleblowers and Spanner Tossers and you are surely a tosser if you don’t join today.

Everyone possessing compromising information about anyone and everyone in every field that affects human freedom of movement and expression must come forth with what they know now. Send your information to me or any blogger you may trust (or post it on the internet) and we will get it out there. We will publish it and trumpet it and we will surely vet it first. I am talking about nothing less than salvation and redemption. I don’t care if you are a rat deserting a sinking ship or an unsung hero ready to have a ballad written in your honor... your time has come and I offer you the succor and friendship of the invisible and the gratitude of the human race. Expose your former masters, turn on them... betray them. Strip them naked before the eyes of the world. I both entreat and command you to do this now.

Senators and others are jumping on the bandwagon, smelling an opportunity to be isolated in a flattering light. All the usual opportunists who imagine they have the good fortune not to be connected to this are elbowing their way to the podium. The righteous among us should do no less. Let’s hit them where they live. Many of you are familiar with my constant reference to the apocalypse and the unveiling that attends it. As you can see, this is a very real force at work... step forward and do your part. No small amounts of you know about awful crimes and future plots. Your time has come; stand and deliver. You can be anonymous but serve the higher interest of your fellows. I am appealing to your true self. I am demanding that you come forward and shine the light of truth upon the engines of darkness.

I want to discuss one other thing today and that is this Project Blue Beam. I am in no way doubting the sincerity and efforts of Serge Monast. I do not know enough to take any sort of a position but... some portion of what is discussed in this article just hits me as way, way over the top. If the PTB had such things and... they would surely have even more if they have what is mentioned here... things would be much different than they are. A lot of what happens in a positive sense would not be happening or have happened. I believe the truth lies somewhere apart from these fantastic claims... somewhere in the area between outrageous disbelief and full acceptance.

I hear bizarre things all the time, from Sorcha Faal (such a fool) to all sorts of wild eyed, pseudo messianic claims about things that never happen but are reported on for whatever reason there may be.

My disbelief in many of these things is based on the fact that the claims predicted never came to pass. My disbelief is based on my belief in something else. My disbelief is based on a certain amount of common sense weighed against my experiences and reasoning concerning the visible and invisible worlds. My disbelief in the power and existence of certain things is based on the many times I have survived efforts to destroy me. I can only go by personal experience and what I have encountered and what has been made known to me. Something like this is primed to feed the, “we’re all screwed” headspace. We are not all screwed. If you want to believe that, you have that freedom. I choose not to believe it because I believe in something whose presence has been proven to me again and again and upon which I rely.

I know that I and others are not going to be taken in by a holographic Jesus in the sky or some uncanny lightshow. First of all, Jesus Christ and every other teacher of humanity is an internal thing. It is within you, not without you. You have heard the saying, “If you see the Buddha on the road, cut him down.” There is a tale of a monk who had Jesus Christ appear to him while he was shoveling shit out of a stable. His response to the apparition was to say, “Get out of here before I fill your mouth with this.” Think, people. The outside world is the devil of appearances. Heaven is within you. You carry it wherever you go, if you possess it at all.

Furthermore, no external power can be matched against the power within. You can be deceived of its might through fear or the intimidation of its appearance but that would be you ‘giving’ it power. Nothing in all the universe can stand against The One and everything both good and evil- and often confused with each other- has no power at all except what it receives from The One, for as long as The One chooses for it to possess it.

You are free to believe as you wish and you are also free to live and receive according to what you believe and... you will. You will. I do not know what curious weapons the enemy may possess and I do not know the full scope of his plans and machinations. I don’t need to, nor do I care what they are. My duty is to seek the light within and serve it regardless of what the darkness may perform or intend. What I serve and what any and all of us are free to serve, under whatever guise we discover it, is all powerful. It only seems to be less so- and less present- to test our faith and try our integrity in the tempering fire of experience.

In conclusion, let me hold forth as a shining example what this unknown hero- or heroes- performed upon the global warming dog and pony show. The opportunity for equal and greater acts lies within the hearts and hands of every one of you who are privy to the secret treacheries directed at all of us. Become a true revolutionary and servant of the higher mind. Become V in whatever way is available to you. Go to war with the powerful weapons that you possess. Go to war with the truth of what you know and have seen and bring it before the eyes of the world. We are all counting on you.

Brothers and Sisters... friends of the light, you who still possess some honor. You whose conscience is tormented by what your fear and reticence conceal... take this great opportunity to nail the skins of the enemy to the wall. They have no defense against the damning evidence of their deeds and you... you can provide that. See that you do.

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Anonymous said...

Les, I hate to use the names of the cretins you allude to in your piece. So this would make the job of writing much more difficult as we need to name them in calling them out. To look on the face of such as Kissinger gives little satisfaction as the grained face is the left overs of evil, while similar rugged looks will show years of honest toil. He, to me portrays the most evil in the world to-day. With his age, and great intelligence which wasted his own life, and love , if he ever had any love to begin with. Not to mention the countless lives lost in the pursuit of this mans evil. Him in particular portrays the horror of his ilk. With the dead mouth, garbled words, and windowless eyes with the blinds long since pulled down.
There are any amount of names I could hate if I cared to have a will to. Sinatra and his rat pack will spring to mind. To think of the abused, and abuse of such like. Blair the war criminal, who would tell the world, I am now making application as to Christianity. So the death he caused was but a glitch in the road map of him and his masters. Closer to home I have Bono and his ilk. (You knew he would figure). In fact we could include any of our local elite. The movie-whores of the world, which would include most of our politicians. We must of course give most credit to our media-whores who make it all possible. If only most of us would refuse to buy their products, and projections, it would leave them all impotent and sterile.

Creatures is indeed a good choice in the description of our so-called leaders, and intelligent thinking. I for the life of me do not understand the thinking of for instance the Beatles, and such like. There are any number of people we could name. They for example are the sons of working people. They and such like were weaned on family values, as were many of the modern day stars of our world. Just what does McCartney think as he hides behind his talent while winding his way past Gaza the invisible, on his way to even more monetary gain. This same monetary wealth seems to be the all important feature of their living in the splendid estates of all our parishes. Perhaps they have their own picture of Dorian Gray. (How they wish ?). (continued below)

Anonymous said...

Humility is perhaps the one chief virtue we would hope for. I in my older time have tried to find this, but in our modern times it is hard to hold, and even harder to pass on to our youth. When we have the insidious teachers such as the Jeremys, Oprahs, and Sallys of the world feeding the minds of the masses, we are small cheese. The youth having their brains massaged and sucked with shit in the jungle, and sex in sex factor. Then we have our older people being asked to give up their old gold, and buy insurance from more media-whore stars, while they kill our youth with so-called swine flu, and war in the pursuit of world peace. Yes Les, a mess of pottage indeed.
This scribbler does try on occasion to perceive the on-goings in his surroundings. To the tune of recently meeting a neighboring farmers wife. I met her on the road as she was out walking. As I was driving past I waved, and she nodded in reply. Her eyes seemed to me to be telling a sad story but it was none of my business. I have since heard a day or so later that her husband is cheating on her, so this is just one more marriage on the rocks of modernity. Forgive the digress, and derail but bear with me. The man concerned owns some 2 farms of 500 acres, and one yet to be willed top him. He manages another farm of 1000 acres. He is the owner of some 6 or more rented out houses. His wife works in a shop, (this being the woman I met). I wonder then would the reader agree, there is something amiss here?

I could tell of a similar story of a movie star (Hollywood), who lived near me which would beggar belief, and this it seems is how we are to live in our world in such carelessness, and yet none will stop to see how there is something wrong, and would decry the fool who would try to point to the error of our ways. It is indeed an enigma, when the fool would tell the intelligent or wealthy among us, there is error of judgment in the thinking and actions of our lives to-day. The fool remains a fool in society.
Anyway Les you keep doing it as only you could. Remember your work is always well appreciated, and you keep the faith.



ThinkingWolf said...


I would only add that the enemy need not necessarily be of some high rank. Even revealing some local bureaucrat may initiate a chain reaction of sell-out extending many levels above.

chuckyman said...

Hi Les. I have noticed a new edge to your posts of late. Sort of like Christ in the Temple - ass kicking mode. I must admit it suits you.

On this Climategate issue I must admit to a small dose of “smug mode”. I have been sending the links from some of the main UK news sites to those I know – no more accusations of tin foil hat wearing paranoia today.

Small chinks in the armour of the dammed are appearing. The recent Channel 4 documentary on the Israeli lobby in the UK has opened some eyes also. As you have often said the revealing of the apocalypse will bring a great awakening also.

Maybe Les’ Legions can assist this in some way?


Visible said...

I'm going to share something I said in an email to a correspondent who will remain unknown. It might prove useful to others.

"First things first. Either God is real or not. That is the fundamental point. If it is real and... I am certain it is, then... it is aware of you; observing you and a part of you. Accommodate it by opening to it by simple belief with an inclination for guidance and see if there might not be something to this intuition (inner teaching). To the DEGREE and INTENSITY that one pursues... one will be engaged in the process ...and to that degree and intensity. What stops this? The world; the desire body grasps at something closer... that 'seems' to be it ...but it is closer than that. Seek and believe and a door will open, dependent on your determination and belief is the determinant of the speed of communion. Surrender into, is the key, when you sense... compute...veracity. It's a living thing. It doesn't leave you. You leave it. Consider this and let it percolate.



Visible said...

Om Tat Sat

I am that I am.

God is a person and a living thing.

Or it's this, or it's that.

Who knows

what we can know is that there is something that has presence and there seems to be an opposition condition that has to do with testing. It could be infinitely confusing if appearances are taken into consideration in combination with desires and intentions.

However... if you are going the right way... well

We shall see

or not.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best
The example you cite: the exposure of the global warming greedheads-is similar to the national intelligence estimate, by multiple US intelligence agencies, that Iran was no nuclear threat.
Similar in that it's a ray of hope. Good news.
What is it with all these people pushing fear, anyway? Fear of what Iran's going to do, fear of he weather, fear, fear, fear. They manifest the same level of urgency an unscrupulous used car salesman manifests when he's trying to sell you a lemon.

Visible said...

As you can see. forces are pressing upon ancient traditions. Shapes are shifting.

What's he going to do?

I don't know.

Time to shine the light on the crimes.

Anonymous said...

The "leaks" appear to be a controlled item that will result in the loss, transfer, control and or suppression of new technologies to the "old school" types.

They are the ones who finance most of the studies, and that the grants given are based on a desired outcome. Only those who work toward that result get the money.

The Global Warming issue really took off in 2000, when researchers were able to assign a dollar figure to the effects of (theoretical)Global Warming.

The papers published were spot on (in theory) had Global Warming been a scientific fact at the time. Unfortunately thats when the opportunists move in, just like they did during the oil crisis of 1978.

This time due to the advancements in materials science, technologies have been developed which threaten oil and other interests. I cite Hydrogen based technologies.

The exposure of the fraud in the studies was by design. The mine was salted.

Visible said...

people, comments are for comments... and emails are for emails whenever fishing a bicycle from your mind or the river

in any case, not happening.

he disappears and turns into someone else
it is a consideration or should be

in any case. I am not bereft of anything and all things in time.

One of the things that happens when you try to do the right thing is that bad guys try to wind you up if you let them


case closed

Anonymous said...

often wondered this degree of separation before I knew what it really meant. As I have done a lot of driving I would assume I must have touched a fair few in the pin-ball of life. Truck Drivers being the breed they are, as they thieve and smuggle as they hide, and get in your face by their over important size. Yet I like most of my sort would always be regarded as a fool at best, and a tramp at the least. If you consider the hike of one driver to include up to 4 countries or more, with any number of millions of people. If the driver was to scribble the name of the local indigent politician on the arse of his trailer, with necessary short details as to said political hack.

As a for instance of the new Rompuy in the EU, so check out Paul Belien. I think on reflection, this could have been an early form of whistle-blowing. A hit rate of one per cent would be good odds the scribbler will assume.

Yes Les this is one of many ideas of yours which I agree with. We need as a thinking animal as we try to make some sort of way in the world, get the message out by all and every means possible. Enough with the Armani suited depraved evil, and the Armani who suited them. Enough of the glamour draped appendage love-sacks who would lie with this filth and thereby create more filth in the image of the first. Would it were we had some of our religious of any denomination who would say as you say. Enough of the tired old lies of the same tired old has beens. We need this talked of in our local parishes. We need this inserted wherever we may, be it in the internet rag or the parish rag. We need to get it out.

This is where I digress again so bear with me. The scribbler being a poor scholar of sorts would like to have been born with more ideas of computers. If he had been he would inundate his media with the errors of their ways. The pieces of writing he has done has had little effect but to confirm the scribblers insanity. This is where the Degrees of Separation will be possibly most effective. If we as readers were to get a writer (you) to compile a piece such as you do, then we in turn would send said piece to all and every place in creation and beyond. You may start your piece with dear sir, or madam. You may end it yours most politely. What you do in between is your own thing. I think I could live with that.

Yes Les I do think I could live with the thought of our very own Dog Poet pissing in the parlours of the elite among us.



Anonymous said...

Les --

I'm a little dull. Are you talking about things like the various nursing homes in Florida that offered to kill my Alzheimer suffering mother for $60,000 so I wouldn't waste the rest of my inheritance on her upkeep?

Or more along the lines of how Boeing was turned into a shell company after WW11 and then the Zios gave it all the stolen German technology from the plans for 707 to how to manufacture flying saucers?

Or maybe more like Junior Sirrico of Sopranos fame who was a prominent mob figure in late sixties in NYC and was the trigger man for the "junior mafia" that kidnapped and tortured Hendrix and later killed him?

Or more along the lines of how the Manhattan project was a complete failure and the Zio guard there kept all the scientists under threat of death until he was dispatched to Germany where he brought back the theoretical plans for the bomb? Or more like how the London bankers force delayed Patton and others from taking Berlin so that trains full of starved Eastern Europeans and Russian corpses could be dumped at all the concentration camps?

Or maybe something more along the lines of how the army's air divisions were stolen by Zio lawyers and the Air Force has been the hidden enemy in our midst since the mid-fifties -- or more along the lines of how Woodrow WILSON WAS BLACKMAILED OVER HIS AFFAIR WITH FELLOW PROF AT PRINCETON -- AND THEN WAS POISONED AND KEPT SEDATED FOR TWO YEARS BY COLONEL HOUSE WHILE THEY PASSED THE FED INTO LAW as well as the IRS and entry into WW1.

Or maybe more along local lines THAT certain Satanic cities where chimneys and lighthouses mark sites of ritual sacrifice and all rich people who lost small children in swimming pool accidents actually sacified and ate them in initian rites?

Or more along the lines of how an understanding of acoustic science and scalar physics and its ability to cure cancer and levitate buildings has been known for 50-100 years? How the formula for gold is stupefyingly simple and is the hidden hand behind the financial markets? Or how the foundation of the London Lodge in 1717 perverted the real and ancient secret societies' Utopian vision for mankind and perverted the good name of the Druid's knowledge ever since?

Or more prosaic things like how most social workers are pedophile satanists and that Boys Town is Warren Buffetts personal cat (kiddie) house?

Please help me Les as I am so confused as to where to start.


Visible said...


I do not doubt the possibility of any number of things but I think the fact that I illustrated the holographic Jesus thing might indicate the direction in which my thoughts were extending.

Basically though here is the short and sweet. No matter what any of these people can or cannot do they are answerable to someone of my acquaintance who permits and, at times, adjusts the scenario for the purpose of demonstration.

I choose my words carefully. See if you can see how the words are used to convey an impression.

Keeping in mind of course that most of the time people decide their own fate by what they invite into their parlor; the vampire on the threshold. Sometimes they do it for protection which... I consider to be insane (grin)

We're all at different intervals on the Escher/Mobius staircase so we are defined according to what we believe to be true in accordance with what is true. The closer you get, the righter you are and there are still margins.

Some time ago I was completely taken over by something. It put my hands into those Hindu mudras. It did things far outside the scope of the ordinary and keeps on doing them. I'm signed, sealed and delivered to a specific end. There is no wiggle room with me concerning what is and what isn't.

So, if I don't know something I am obliged to accept that or have it made clear to me which I'd rather not (grin).

Now I could be wrong but... my spidey sense tells me that the whole house of asbestos lined concrete cards are going to come down of the heads of the builders and anyone who wants to be part of the action. I've seen it before and I will see it again. It's what I think. I expect I will be surprised at some of the things that appear which I did not suspect but I doubt the relationship between me and the potter is going change in any way other than my continually growing awareness of the potters presence (me being the pot). And my primary thing is just to express what the potter has done to my pot and to demonstrate its different uses just in case anyone would like to do the same.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt Al Gore and the "church of climatology" have pushed global warming by carbon emission as a means fear mongering, scaling back jobs and a means of social control but it is a fairly complicated issue.


The change will and has come from the sun, which heats up and cools down on a whim. We have experienced some solar warming recently but right now the sun is in a very down cycle as far as flares.

I don't think anyone can argue however the ices is melting at both poles. They are already planning how to harvest the resources under both and shipping lanes are opening in the arctic.

New Zealand now has several ice bergs which have broken off the antarctic which are about 800 meters long and headed for the beaches there.

The polar bears are under stress they claim also in the arctic so it is complicated.

There is a belief also backed up by the likes of Cayce and others that even with some warming it will change the gulf stream off Europe and lead to a mini ice age. So you have people going back and forth on this with constant debate of which I have been a part of I might add.

For instance the strato volcano that sits on Costa Rico could blow opening up a channel between the Pacific and the Caribbean and this would change the gulf stream and weather world wide, So I certainly don't portend to know exactly what is going to happen or what is going on.

Solar system warming from the sun normally causes more volcanic eruption which in of itself produces more sulfur in the atmosphere which in turn leads to more global cooling.

It however is simply a much weightier subject than Gores carbon emission theory to control the masses, remove jobs and thin the herd.

Over and out Dog Ahrooooooooooooooooooo

Anonymous said...


The earth's magnetic field also effects climate. When this field changes for the better we should see some firesnakes awakening if they don't fall under population redux. The Schumann resonance is rising higher.

As far as outing somebody I have said several times right here in central Florida they are sticking wifi towers everywhere. There is not much you can do about it either. It lowers the resonance if you happen to be in the area.

Anonymous said...

I'm literally dying to break (out of) this (prison) pot.

Oh to be a little Potter's dust, lying at the feet of the Supreme Potter.

How is it I thought I could ever be the Potter, such a tiny bit of clay as I?

Anonymous said...

I suppose a lot of men
have fallen taken by the unknown,
the uncertainty of life
from birth to death is
where men condone,
where they roam in life
cicurmstances victims
but in self all's alone,
the reflection point
higher or lower
fire water wind metal stone
the reflecting point
where wise men see
the true or higer nature
the lower only their to teach
with true nature
the power of equality,humanity
philosophy in society
structured properly
not divided and an enemy
all of us I suppose
are trying to attain
but some walk the earth
out to domineer they act insane
they order to kill,corrupt and maim
the elite,deluded fearful
out to reign
I think we are all an aspect of
our own understanding
it seems the lower nature
is in charge
with lies commanding
but lies fade 'they hold no weight
their fake they illude
and then they break
so wake from your slumber
mighty inner river
of light
higher nature take men
to the school of life
its ancient
it teach a man
with peace to right
to forgive
fill him up with love and insight
harmony within
the truth can begin
the heart sing
its like its connected by a string
to all of nature
made by the maker
may be i'm mad but my heart
has been truely wakened
risen rose
from where the north wind blows
and flows through the west
with seeds to sow

Anonymous said...

I must be doing something right. When I sign into my blog the main blog wwwcampfire.blogspot.com doesn't show up with the other blog. When I go to smoking mirrors, I don't show up on feedjit any more either. It is like I am not even visiting this site. It obviously holds down your numbers also visible. It must be the invasion of the blog snatchers. I can see why some people really determined to do this finally get themselves a cerver and a web site.

Anonymous said...

so i suppose,
some men oppose ,
for the love of gold,
they sell their soul,
unstable flow
their reality low,
storm cloud grow
cant find the road
to truths abode
their destiny
internal testimony
essence see
spark our humanity
humility,our inner equalities
philosophies and recipe's
of existence with persistence
nature's wise
she see through all eyes
when she rise
she unifies the divide
I profess
a walker
walk the road to the source of
a seeker I seek the teachings
the guidance of my teacher
north south west and east of
all around me
the equations
of my maker
like an inner sun
the waker waken
the living force of all nature
the mountains,rivers
and the seven sea's,
the sky the,wind
the leaves on the trees
it flows through everything
living peace

Visible said...


Yeah, I'm aware of that and I've had so many events with my hit counters, the interface, yabba daba do da. I don't talk about it much because it just sounds like whining and I've got bigger things to be concerned with. the realm is poisoned inside and outside but the troops are on the way.

You ever see that film series Starship Troopers? There's going to be a bug hunt. Mais oui, it's the brain we have to get and that's underway as I speak; taking out the bugs is only a diversion. We've found that the best way to have at them is to turn their devices on themselves.

Anonymous said...

breathe the flow
like a dove
flying through the light
of the rainbow
or an arrow
fired by the maker
flower tipped
raw with the wind
blow hearts back
to true nature bring
raw peace
blow through the
belly of the beast
inner sun
strike cloud
light released
from a peace maker
come to make peace
teach the hater
back to love
these are the teachings
of the ancient
wise men the protectors
of living life
on mother earth we must center
with fathers light
the lessons
the presence
of our essence
our harmony ,our duty
to keep the beauty
not corrupt and bruise it
we must respect it
for ever more
not eject it

Anonymous said...

sorry got a bit carried away

Visible said...

actually you didn't get carried away because you came back and said that (grin)

which is interesting because that one went up a notch

Anonymous said...

thank you teacher
I sit humbly at you feet
your teachings
never ending
I will serve
for ever
that you need
your lessons deep
truely unique
simple but steep
so tomorrow master
if you would be so
kind as again to teach
you humble servant
ready to recieve

Anonymous said...

Have you been following the story of the Canadian diplomat who has exposed the torture of Afghan detainees and Canadian government involvement? Richard Colvin told a parliamentary committee last week that all detainees transferred by Canadians to Afghan prisons were likely tortured by Afghan officials.
Colvin has also said his concerns were ignored by top government officials and that the government might have tried to cover up the issue. Colvin further maintained that Prime Minister Mulroney told him to keep quiet about the situation.

Anonymous said...

that last one is just meant to be a
a pupil thanking his master in poetry

Visible said...


i am nothing

and nothing is how it works

while parting the mists upon its


the presence finds a place

and that is where it sits

hiding inside of me or

anyone who will allow it to be


easiest thing in the world.

but astonishingly difficult.

because it is simple

Visible said...


i am nothing

and nothing is how it works

while parting the mists upon its


the presence finds a place

and that is where it sits

hiding inside of me or

anyone who will allow it to be


easiest thing in the world.

but astonishingly difficult.

because it is simple

Anonymous said...

I will add this for anyone who has not discerned such, Les is serving the most high. This path is not a fun path. When you do this you place all of your love ones in the path of harms way.

On a more positive note your love ones should not have chosen to incarnate with you if they were inclined to turn away from the truth and the way of the true seeker.

I love you Les and the light is all that matters. Some of us realize the streak you are on and we join with you. Our cards are on the table.

Anonymous said...

No useless poetry here, just some facts. Obama has his own personal Halliburton brewing (General Electric) but only bigger. The Global Warming scam is bigger than most think. Read this and pay attention to the last half. You will see what Jeff Immelt is also connected to. They are giving bailouts and grants to companies that buy G.E. wind turbines, medical equipment and locomotives. Larry Summers is very involved as is Tim Geithner. That is why MSM will not report on the latest developments.


Zellie said...

For some reason, Project Blue Beam doesn't work me all up...I think the game is coming to an end...I mean aren't we recycling the 'incredible mean things' we can do to humanity? WHAT hasn't been done??? Is it all just an imaged game... and we all will get to witness the last images upon the screen of the sky? let's use our heads...hearts.. minds...and souls...If you have it within, the without won't matter...Lights, camera, action, oh yes...brain waved audible words....too much of a game to me...too gamish...On that day, go within...but I don't think that exact day is coming...

Anonymous said...

thank you les
and all of the wise teachers of past present and future.

my self as an aspect,made of dust,of the nothingness,will practice the presence through compassion today

will be back this evening,wise men

may everyone all have peace with them always love you all

Greg Bacon said...

the holographic Jesus thing might indicate the direction in which my thoughts were extending.

Those lovable cutups at the Pentagon already have this technology available as they had contemplated broadcasting a holographic 'Allah' over Baghdad during the opening salvos of "Operation Desert Slaughter, Part II."

So, if in the near future, you see a 'Monty Python' type god hovering over some American city, you'll know it's from ZBS... Zionist Broadcasting System.

Anonymous said...

i am a small and insignificant person but i make a point of telling the truth to the people i meet through the day and though i am damned to no small degree for this the funny thing is that more and more people are replying to me with things they have noticed it's a funny old world they have no chance

Anonymous said...

"Keeping in mind of course that most of the time people decide their own fate by what they invite into their parlor; the vampire on the threshold. Sometimes they do it for protection which... I consider to be insane (grin)"

Les this happan in a second and most people pass it by. Its sooo true and the need for an overload is big too. Not sure why but people like the "big brother" to lean on and at times bitch about, all the while asking for its presense? Its like we were programmed early on to need or create a battle or dual in the head? It keeps the sheep stuck in a loop of self hate?
Its like the talking head song, "watch out, you might get what you want!" If you dont know what your asking for, or why, what will you get?

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

Visible said...


would you please email me? I don't think I have your email address and there's something I wanted to talk to you about.

Odin's Raven said...

There may be some good news to consider. The educate-yourself.org site which has the Blue Beam story also has a series of very interesting posts from a Z.S Livingstone who has had some spiritual experiences. He points to the work of Louis Kervran on transmutation of elements in living bodies, suggesting that resource constraints may be less than usually supposed. He also claims that nature spirits are in conscious control of weather and other activities of nature - it's not just automatic and subject to irredeemable messing up by humanity.(Another reason why the computer models would be unreliable.) He claims be be in communication with Sylphs (air spirits)who are fighting chemtrails and US government electromagnetic weapons (which can kill them). Even more interesting are his claims about Aetheric Coronal Elements and Etheric Ice, and alleged physical (and mental) influences from higher dimensions, where reside a lot of the 'bad guys'who influence our rulers.
Here is his latest post about how flowers supposedly transmute elements, aided by ultraviolet frequencies.

Here is list of his essays on the site. http://www.educate-yourself.org/zsl/index.shtml

It would be nice if the 'good guys' could acknowledge each other and start to co-operate.

Visible said...

There is a new post up at visible-stream-of-consciousness.

The Frayed Angels.

Anonymous said...


Those / those individual(s) who hacked the scientists emails deserves a thank you from this entire planet and probably a few other planets out there.

I'm pretty sure murcury, venus, and mars were pretty sick of the lies being told about them as well, and this kind of spotlights that if they are lying about earth then it's a fair bet they are lying and have been lying about the other planets as well.

But I digress.

The point I wanted to make was that even though the focus is on the scientists, lets not shift focus away from media and government, and place it soley on the scientists, who were afterall, taking their marching orders from the government.

Afterall there were also quite a few thousand scientists who signed a counter petition saying man made global warming was BS, and the way the mainstream media is spinning it is exclusivley scapegoating the scientists.

Keep your focus on all of them.

Government, media AND scientists, and whomever else the money trail leads to regarding the global warming lie.

Espeically when so many other lies are stemming from this lie.

Cap and trade, and carbon tax are just two examples.

I love your call to expose everything, and hope it gains monenteum and avalanches at light speed.

Joe Bloggs said...

Les, your podcast was sure-fire fine and divine and on time... well it was delayed actually, but I heard it art thee write time - in the right frame of mind

Lasha Darkmoon said...

"I’m afraid an email from me is unlikely to put the world right. It will probably come as no consolation to you to learn that you are not the only person to have been victimized by the Jews of the art world. I have received dozens of emails from artists who feel desperate failures. They have struggled all their lives and their efforts have all been wasted. The beauty they offered the world has been scorned. This is because the arbiters of art — mostly a Jewish cultural elite — have decided that henceforth only ugliness shall be beauty. A mesmerized public has been brought, like blinkered horses to foul ponds, and forced to drink filthy water."

Anonymous said...

Isn't each life a work of art?

How about that arca-vigraha!

Anonymous said...


21 dead in Iowa from swine flu, wet hemorrhagic lungs!


Horehound herb!


Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

I'm going to Copenhagen but I can't take You.

Anonymous said...

Well, I haven't posted in quite some time, although I have remained an avid reader.

But, I must say, "RJ" writes of some very interesting things; things that should be expanded on for all to see and digest. He has become the vital poster of this blog and deserves much more attention.

The manufacture of gold (not mining), for instance, has been a major factor in politics / economics for many centuries. It was always referred to as alchemy, which is thought to be mythical, but the manufacture of gold and/or the very real ability to transmute other metals into gold, continues to be a central force behind the scenes. Various kings, popes, princes, and entire societies (think Aztecs) had the knowledge or forced others to produce gold. I think the PTBs thought that the game would be up this late in history, but no, the sheeple still think it is a rare, precious, and valuable metal.

RJ, please spill more beans.


Anonymous said...

As my friend lobro so astutely observed..

"When you have usury, who needs alchemy?"

Anonymous said...

to 7:07 I'd reply

Who needs usury when you have alchemy ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's the point..

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but your point is that because we have massive levels of usery in modern society, then we cannot have individuals or groups who are using alchemical techniques to manufacture gold??!!

Don't see the logic there friend. Why can't both exist at the same time? Why not assume that the PTBs will use all sorts of scams, plots, agendas, techniques, technologies, even voodoo to keep the sheeple poor, stupid, powerless, confused, weak, sick, apathetic, distracted and generally cranky???


Anonymous said...

Well that's every bit as impressive as alchemy itself. Actually, more so.
Your producing my point out of thin air.

One slight hitch, it was not my point you produced, it was your point.

I never said it can't be done, nor did I say both can't exist at the same time, nor did I say they don't use all these. You said this for me.

My point is, logically, why, assuming you can produce gold from another base metal such as lead or copper by using siddhas, incantations, magic wands or chemicals, would one even bother when one might simply, much more easily and conveniently (not to mention the market permeation) produce said gold out of "thin air," as it were?

Would this in fact be the preferred method?
You know, advances in evil and all that.

I'm sure even the demons strive for and are awarded for their new and innovative time saving and efficient ideas.

The "invention" of usury may even have won the ignobel prize for economics in Hell.

C'mon now, is that a smile I see?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dumbo,

Ever heard of Hegelian Dialectics? Posit two fraudulent financial systems -- one paper, one gold. When you get done milking them with paper -- you switch them over again to gold and milk them that way.

You need real gold to keep this eternal financial scam dance working.

Grow up -- go home to IZZIE.




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