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Defending Iran and Condemning the West

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Trumpeting from the S&MSM today is the claim by the Zio-Ogres who own the disinfo system that an Iranian Nobel Laureate had her medal confiscated from her safety deposit box in Tehran. Well, by this time we know what a Nobel medal is worth and why they are given out along with what agenda that serves. Occasionally they will give the medal to a worthy person but generally, not. This has been evidenced in giving it to Kissinger; Peres, Rabin, Mother Teresa, Elie the Weasel and Obama. Certainly Mandela, Tutu and the Land Mine Org deserved it (I think) but the award is a capricious thing.

We haven’t heard from Iran on this matter but no doubt the truth of the event is different than the report concerning it. So far as I know, Iran does not have a ghetto of torment which contains the original inhabitants of Iran behind razor wire fences and the Iranians do not use these captive unfortunates for target practice, nor do they routinely kill children for sport. I haven’t heard anything about the Iranians harvesting organs for profit nor have I seen Iran attack her neighbors on a regular basis with zero provocation. I have heard nothing about cluster bombs or banned weapons used on civilian populations either.

Iran’s tens of thousands of long time Jewish residents are very happy in Iran and despite great pressure on the part of Israel, they have no desire to migrate to that fascist, racist state. Iran’s recent elections were certainly more legitimate than any number of recent American elections and the very wide difference in votes between Ahmanedijad and his western backed opponent certainly cancels out any possible effect of any possible hanky panky.

Common sense and the application of anything close to normal intelligence upon the situation shows that the intention of the western neo-cons is nothing less than total subjugation of the Middle East at the behest of corporations seeking to profit from the plunder. These entities orchestrated the 9/11 attacks; that is now beyond dispute and they have used the pretext of this false flag to invade Afghanistan and Iraq with Iran being the main prize from the very gitgo. Of course, the long term intention is to impact on China and Russia in various ways that serve the interest of world hegemony.

I hardly know what to make of countries like America; the UK and Israel, along with their stable of willing whores, in countries of lesser influence, here and there, who have been subjugated to global, fascist enterprise by dint of behind the scenes currency exchanges and arm twisting. They deplore what they call torture and false imprisonment in Iran while they are flat out, in your face, guilty of these very acts on a much greater scale and far more conclusively proven. Millions have been maimed; killed, displaced and tortured by agents of the west, based on attacks carried out by agents of the west, against their own countries and then blamed on those who had no part in it. They have been torturing people for information that only they possess and they know this as they do this.

Today, mindless legions of zombie shoppers descend upon the stores and malls of the falling empire for every kind of manufactured gifts for themselves and others, so that they can celebrate their imagined affection for each other in every way but the ways that might count for something. Meanwhile, their armies of occupation relentlessly plunder and pillage foreign nations because multi-national corporations, who run their governments, have decided they want what is buried in these lands and they don’t want to pay for it.

They brandish their nuclear might against nations without nuclear might and accuse them of seeking to possess nuclear weapons, which constant investigations prove they are not seeking, but that no sane person could blame them for if they did; given the threat they are forced to exist under. This rank hypocrisy stinks to the heavens. This is the real global warming, which is caused by the noxious methane of their relentless hypocrisy and the heat of their unbelievable greed, as well as their fiery hatred for any nation that will not willing lay its head beneath their hobnailed boots, as they march forward in pursuit of twisted psychopathic destinies, whose intent is to lay waste to the whole of the Earth.

Their corporations pour endless millions of gallons of toxic wastes into their water supplies, at home and abroad. They create bio-weapons with which they assault the world’s populations, as their pharmaceutical combines manufacture vaccines that are worse than the viruses they have engineered. They steal in broad daylight and laugh about it. As Lao Tzu said, “What kind of men are these, who never hunger, never thirst but eat and drink until they burst? There are other brigands but these are the worst of all the highway’s harms".

I don’t have the time or the space to list even a small part of their crimes and offenses but I can tell you without the slightest degree of uncertainty that I know who’s doing what and why.

Whether or not Iran has any part in assisting those being pummeled without mercy by these remorseless engines of darkness is unimportant. It would be wholly justified in any case, given the circumstances before us. All of this is taking place because the illegal, Rothschild created country of Israel, has control of the world’s money supply and is using this to force compliance around the world. This is not a country at all. It is a criminal banking concern, operating under the camouflage of a sovereign nation, with the intention of controlling the world. The country was founded under the guise of a massive hoax that reveals the damning details of itself with the dawn of every new day. The truth is coming out.

Something is loose on the invisible and visible planes of existence and these miscreants do not know what to make of it. They are being exposed right and left and it has only just begun. Their house of cards is trembling. The Earth beneath their feet is shaking. Deep within their minds there are tremors of the unknown and voices from ancient distances across time and space that whisper to them in their private moments. Any sane mind would stop and ask itself the meaning of these things but these minds are not sane and no longer human; if they ever were.

Peoples of the world, look closely, those of you who possess the eyes to see. Look closely at what is happening. So many of you have abdicated your humanity in the pursuit of useless trinkets and false dreams of a security which disappears by the day. So many of you are slaves to appetite and the banal entertainments of a dying age. Instead of realizing what is rising up before you, you bury yourself ever deeper into the kindling. You wrap yourself in the combustible as protection against the flames; madness, marching in lockstep behind the Judas Goat.

Iran and Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq are no threat to the west. They have the misfortune to possess the item most necessary to light the marquees and pleasure centers of a false world, in pursuit of useless distractions, riding in fleets of SUV’s to nowhere. Your fast food Armageddon approaches and your heavy flesh will never carry you across that endless expanse. Your vacant and hypnotized eyes cannot see the way out. As you are, you are doomed and without the will or intelligence to change.

By all means, continue to follow your feckless leaders. Continue to listen to the talking heads that spew the same tired lies as day follows day. The avatar is coming. He is coming in the hearts of the believing, as he will surely appear before the eyes of those who do not. It is an inexorable process and it has repeated itself since long before the brief record of this small moment of badly remembered history. The memory of it is altered even as it is happening. I would weep for you but the oceans of the world are filled with the tears that have been wept already and which served as much purpose as mine would serve now.

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Mouser said...

You put it so eloquently Les.
Thank you.


"...(he) knew that having a good heart was no safeguard against evil...but (he) also believed that his skills, his instincts...his clarity of mind and his honesty would protect him from the darker intentions of the of the world that surrounded him.

(He) knew that he believed this even though his loved ones were dying around him. (He) was not so sure that good always triumphed. History did not prove this.

All relative evil did eventually fail but often too late to be of any confort to its victims...even if (he) survived what was coming he would not be the same in the end...he had a part to play...should be aware.

That was what he was doing, studying the terrain of the battlefield. He didn't know who or what he was he was looking for but he was looking...

...the very act of looking revealed...that if you concentrated on any problem or condition, did it properly, the solution would be impelled to expose itself by the directive of natural law... you could walk into a forest or a meadow, searching for something that could not possibly be found in either place and find it, if not there, at some point in the journey that led you out of the forest or meadow.

The point was that it did not matter where you started looking for something. What mattered was that you kept on looking. There was a force set in motion at the moment you began to look. This force led you unerringly toward the thing you thought. No matter that it was within you or without.

If the only person in the entire world who knew the answer lived in a cave in the Andes Mountains, you would be led there or they would be drawn to you.

What caused so many people not to find that which they sought was that they did not continue to look. It was not important enough. They became distracted by something else, or became discouraged. This applied to every area of human endevor. There was nothing, nothing denied to the one who remained steadfast in his pursuit of the goal."

- L. Visible 2006
'The Dark Splendor'

William Wilson said...

Hi Les. best

Fantastic, your work hits it on the head

Peter said...

Me thinks some disjointed but extremely wise entity speaks through you Mr Visable. Such clarity, such insight.
Is it any wonder,I find myself returning,daily,to your musings?

chuckyman said...

I love this site. I have just finished listening to your radio program from Sunday and then I get to read a Mirrors and a Petri Dish post on the same day. Is it possible to OD on righteous truth?

I really liked the imagery of the coal miner and the light of inner truth in the darkness. I only speak for myself but as recent pilgrim on the road inwards I take great succour from the light you show us. I can see the path clearer for all your efforts and can follow all the better for it. I can only guess what all these works take from you but some inner fire is burning bright.

Anyway back to the point I wanted to make. I caught a snippet of this broadcast 2 night’s ago on Channel 4 here in the UK. This is the new “advisor” to David Cameron – the expected new PM after the next (s)election. They call him “Cameron’s RED Tory” and hail him as a philosopher king! Shades of Paul Drockton’s musing come to mind!

How blatant can these SOB’s get? The pace quickens. As more of us awaken to their earthly agenda they must move before we can oppose them on other levels. I truly believe that all of the good will from the many readers here has a life force of its own.

Keep on trucking Les.

I'm glad to call myself a humble member of Les’s Legion


Anonymous said...

Hi -

What is/was wrong with Mother Theresa?

- still waking up......

Visible said...

This is by no means comprehensive

Mother Teresa.

You can use any search engine and ask for 'the truth about Mother Teresa' and get a great deal more.

nina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

his is an extraordinary book."

Ilan Pappe, author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

"Political Ponerology is fascinating, essential reading."

Philip Zimbardo, author of The Lucifer Effect


“In the author’s opinion, Ponerology reveals itself to be a new branch of science born out of historical need and the most recent accomplishments of medicine and psychology. In light of objective naturalistic language, it studies the causal components and processes of the genesis of evil, regardless of the latter’s social scope. We may attempt to analyze these ponerogenic processes which have given rise to human injustice, armed with proper knowledge, particularly in the area of psychopathology. Again and again, as the reader will discover, in such a study, we meet with the effects of pathological factors whose carriers are people characterized by some degree of various psychological deviations or defects.” (Lobaczewski, 42)

With very few exceptions down the ages, discussions in moral philosophy - the study of right conduct - have failed to systematically investigate the origin, nature, and course of evil in a manner free from supernatural imaginings. Evil was often considered something to be endured rather than something that could be understood and eliminated by rational measures. And - as Lobaczewski demonstrates - the origin of evil actually lies outside the boundaries of the conventional worldview within which the earlier moral inquiries and literary explorations were conducted. Evil requires a truly modern and scientific approach to lay bare its secrets. This approach is called “ponerology”, the study of evil, from the Greek “poneros” = evil.

The original manuscript of this book went into the furnace minutes before a secret police raid in Communist Poland. The second copy, painfully reassembled by scientists working under impossible conditions of violence and repression, was sent via courier to the Vatican. Its receipt was never acknowledged - the manuscript and all valuable data lost. In 1984, the third and final copy was written from memory by the last survivor of the original researchers: Andrew Lobaczewski. Zbigniew Brzezinski blocked its publication.

After half a century of suppression, this book is finally available.

Political Ponerology is shocking in its clinically spare descriptions of the true nature of evil. It is poignant in its more literary passages revealing the immense suffering experienced by the researchers contaminated or destroyed by the disease they were studying.

Political Ponerology is a study of the founders and supporters of oppressive political regimes. Lobaczewski’s approach analyzes the common factors that lead to the propagation of man’s inhumanity to man. Morality and humanism cannot long withstand the predations of this evil. Knowledge of its nature – and its insidious effect on both individuals and groups - is the only antidote.

Read an interview with the author, Andrew Lobaczewski.
Copyright 2008 Red Pill Press

Anonymous said...





"Jesus, being God, was the wisest beyond all human belief. Like Socrates, he told us: We should not judge before judging the merits and deficits of our own sins. This Man of Galilee, who despised the Edomites (the original Jews) knew us even before we were born: for he fashioned each and every one of us according to the delight of his own heart’s desire. When we die (for there is no concept within God’s Plan such as ‘death’, we shall all, and that includes individuals amongst all races and all various denominations, be judged, satirised, laughingly scorned, adjudicated, and sent into the inner-most regions of his or her pre-existent consciousness to rectify or justify all that was unacceptable in the Face of Our Lord), we all return to the Body of Christ.

Whether Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Judaic, or whatever the hell you conceive of as being a man-made religion of political and social control. The True Creator, who has no name, and who escapes any conceptualisation on the part of human beings (as testified within the Satanic-Judaic Old Testament in which He says, almost as a defiant whisper against the Usurper Jehova: “Those who do not know me have misrepresented me”) has the world in derision. On this planet, we who live, within the context of ‘time’, as fleetingly as the time-span afforded to a day-long firefly, are held within the omniscient presence of the True Creator as mere mortals, none of whom can ever over-ride the Just Laws of He who has created us. He has the ‘world’ in mirth. He laughs at our vanities and pretensions to grandeur.

But here on Planet Earth, Satan (Zionism) is ‘The Boss’. Mafiosa Boss Number One. He calls all the shots. His dupes, and their equally stupid stooges, are what we now know and recognise as Zionists and their willing, pro-Israel, gullible ‘Christian’ cohorts. That Zionist, Palestinian-murdering traitors to the True God, such as the Satanist and Freemasonic Hagee and his fellow shower of so-called, profit-oriented television evangelists continue to live without immunity to legal prosecution or execution before the Face of Justice is a mystery to me."


Anonymous said...

Yes, mon -
Armagiddeon soon come.

Who says torture don't work? KSM, as well as admitting to planning the bombing of a building still on the drawing board, apparently kidnapped the lindbergh baby, killed jesus, and extincted all the dinosaurs. A little water-cure clears up so many mysteries.

Our "leader" coincidently pisses on the land-mine treaty as he collects his nobel 'prize'. It just leaves ya breathless.

Dave McG. referred recently to O as "President BlackBush". Ouch!
Now Mantiq has started calling him "Netanyahoo's Lawn Jockey". Aaaaooooooow!

Up here near the CO-NM border the cattle mutes have struck again. KSM?

great one, Les.

Anonymous said...



Degenerates hate normal people.

It is pleasure for them to watch how one semi-insane sadistical leader, chosen by them, goes to war with another semi-insane sadistical leader of another country, also chosen by them.

Millions and millions of normal people are dying for the joy and sadistical pleasure of degenerates...

Masons, Illuminates etc - are clubs, where degenerates observe behavior of possible candidates and upon verifying real homo-sadistical inclination of the person - promote him into the real world of power.


Again I must point out that we use term DEGENERATE as strictly medical term (in russian - VIROZDENETZ, VIROZDENTZI) and NOT as an offensive word.



Anonymous said...


"The focal point of Satanism on earth today is the U.S. military-industrial-intelligence complex, with its allies in Britain, Israel, and the other NATO nations.

This complex is a death cult engaged in torture, assassinations, mind control, destruction of nations and peoples, and confiscation of all the resources of the earth. Among its roots is Nazism, which itself was a Satanic cult that was incorporated into the American CIA after World War II when a host of Nazi mass murderers were spirited into the U.S. from Germany to form the core of Western intelligence operations against the Soviet Union. The CIA was run by members of Yale University’s Skull and Bones, itself an Illuminati death cult said to have been founded by white Protestant males with money from New England’s Chinese opium trade in the early 19th century.

Today the Illuminati cult intends to complete its conquest of earth, destroy much of the useless human population, enslave the rest, and likely enjoy itself to the end of time in drugged debauchery, just as its leaders among the elitist class already do on a regular basis. Planning among the cult for World War III is well-advanced, even though Russia thwarted the earlier plans for it to be dissolved during the events of the 1990s.

The cult is doubtless frightened because it knows that Russia possesses enough nukes to obliterate all major Western elite strongholds and will do so if pushed too far. Nevertheless they will be moving out soon because they know time is no longer on their side. There are indeed plans to impose martial law within the U.S. and other Western nations and lock up all those perceived as still capable of independent thinking. According to one of my informants:

“I’m a retired Correctional Officer….. I was recently talking to a friend of mine named M- who still works at the prison I was at prior to my retirement. M- told me of a recent conversation he had with an officer at this same prison who is also in the National Guard. The officer told M- that they (the National Guard) were presently training to put people in ‘Re-education Camps.’ I asked M- if he was sure that was the term the officer used? M- said he was absolutely certain that the guard used the term Re-education Camps.”

Anonymous said...

"Jesus, being God"
and then right below that...
"The True Creator, who has no name"

Not to nitpick but which is it?

Wouldn't the True Creator, Who has millions of names be, perhaps, more appropriate?

It's stuff like that which makes me wonder if what I'm reading isn't just so much, well, speculation, and sloppy speculation at that.

Rebel 4E said...

The link below is for a revealing Time magazine image of Mother Teresa...a well placed 'M'.

Anonymous said...

Catching up on several posts. Thank you for all.

Your thoughts are a steady beacon to focus on as we get tossed around in the sea of the play of good-and-evil these days, when evil seems to be stealing the show.
And as you point out often, the One, for reasons that we cannot grasp, plays all parts. "You are that which is Good, and also that which is Evil" says a devotional poem.
One reader, in one of your sites, mentioned spirits who work in the air, etc. Peter Tompkins in The Secret Life of Nature, writes about spirits of the plants, water, air, etc, which are in charge of the processes of the natural world, which have been seen and described by many - fairies, elves, devas, etc. He also writes about the alchemy carried out by plants, in The Secret Life of Plants. As you know, there were some clairvoyant Theosophists who saw and wrote about things inside atoms in 1908.
The mystery of Existence, and the meaning of the parts we humans are supposed to be playing on this stage, and how we should play them, is always in the background.
And your role is always to say "Take heart" and remind us "All is well."
You're in good company. You seem to be provided for in the way Edgar Cayce was - he was given what he needed, but not more.

Anonymous said...

so down hate sat
out a bone spat
a son a daughter
snapped or splat
I know hate
he dont care
he tell lie
steal your chair
the place where you sit
inside of yourself
he wants slaves
he cast spell
put man under
took him down
slaved to hell
took his crown
now man frown
he cant see
slaved to hate
but thinks he is free
but I know free
I had a taste
a humble peace
of fully awake
opened eye
wise river ride
north wind blow
down go lie
mother nature's
life equations
of the ancients
for the taker
for him to take
always give
never break
be awake
see the sign
its nearly time
planets align
truth will shine
another revolution
of the wheels of time
so wake from your slumber
rise and shine

...peace to all....

Anonymous said...

"Jesus, being God"
and then right below that...
"The True Creator, who has no name"
.which is it?

Nonsense like the above is exactly what you hear every day on the S&MSM. Al Qaeda, terrorists, war on terror, get your free jab, global warming, holohoax, blah blah blah. Anytime I hear one of these catch words/phrases I know there is going to be some heavy duty bullshit and I turn it off/stop reading. I have better things to do with my time and can no longer tolerate a rehash of the same nonsense.

When I meet someone I try to be a good listener. That way I can see where they are coming from. If they are too far off base I let them cackle. Not interested in trying to change a mind that has no potential for change.

Jesus is God; the true Creator; what is it? Damn, haven't you heard of the Trinity which isn't mentioned anywhere in the Bible but Christians believe in it. There are three Gods, but THEY are only ONE???. I know it doesn't make any sense but neither does a lot of other things people believe.


Anonymous said...

elitist mind
ego inflated
men in charge
are out dated
better stop
if you think
the middle east
you will take
the cake
that you bake
you know for satan
that cake wont bake
cos you are ill
look around everywhere
hate you spill
you maim the innocent
children kill
your poisoned will
will be healed
take a flower
by the power
of the sun and rain
take a shower
by the flower
where rainbows remain
by the power
of the shower
of inner sun
time to rise
a new dawn
is nearly begun

...peace for everyone....

Peter said...

Les, I hope this doesn't bum you out but this song is for you man.

ride captain ride

000 said...

Sorry but, how does the norwegian authorities know that something of the seize of a medall is missing from a safe-box in Iran?

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

Les Visible, Heretic at Large.

Anonymous said...

It has always been this scribblers belief of the Nobel awards being little more than a gong made entirely of dung. So it would be more than fitting that the wearer should wear it close to the orifice from whence would issue the most bile. This piece of dung was issued to the trio who would put forward the Irish Peace Process, but alas as to Gerry Adams, well he was not allowed to receive this piece of dung as he would not toe-the-line. Adams despite being the initiate with Hume, and the ever unwilling Robinson, would not be allowed to wear this piece of dung. Well of course human nature being the donkey that it is, two of the three accepted the gong, and no doubt wear it with the pride as be-fits the wearers.
Well may you wonder as to how countries and why they should follow so blindly their Israeli whores. My country has been for years the zio-bitch of Israel through the medium of US investment. I remember working in Intel some years ago and seeing some of those zio-masters as they came on a visit. They were obvious by the little black cap they wore with pride. I thought at the time, as they strutted about of the similarity to the gay pride, but those kiddies were well out of their closet, and in control. To see them strut in the canteen, and listen to them drop the word Jerusalem in every day talk. I had thought of taking those cretins on as to their origin, but their christian audience would soon talk down the commie site crank.
My national MSM zio-whore had the situation under control for any number of years. their first pogrom of Gaelic thinkers were silenced when reasonable thinkers had their balls well cranged in the 70s. It was with laws to defeat the terrorists, and fellow-travelers, who would see the specter of Brutish Imperialism. Small details are never noticed by any people who are busy trying to raise decent children. This is the method by which those insidious whores do their vile work. There are no shortage of whores who will do the work of the whore master, the pay is so good, and greed and vanity are driven by the engine of usury. If any reader be in doubt of this then look to their own media-whore splendor.
I am, and will be of the opinion that small countries are more than a match for this zionist monster. I hold the belief that Bonepart had the right (but to late) idea. There is a back door to this monster. It was proven to be true when the Dunne's stores workers refused to handle South African produce in the 70s. It was true when the protesters marched in Shannon as to rendition. It is a problem of voice, and the means and opportunity to be heard. Alas there is in my parish, as there is in most parishes no honest media or people of prominence, and those who would say they speak out are but cowards of opportunity. This is why I am of the opinion as to people like Jim Corr in my parish where it would make a difference. The lip service they pay to the problems in our world is small change whilst they themselves fear to speak as to their own elite.
Having written the words "fear to speak" have an ominous meaning in my parish. It was of a time when Swift would try to tell people in his way of the deeds of his time. It was a time when none would utter the name of their country in public under pain of imprisonment. It was a time when people would not wear the colour green in public, or speak their native tongue in public for fear of a beating, imprisonment, or transportation to the colony's. So I do hope you are right, and those miscreants are about to get their long over-due comeuppance, and I hope to hell I am there to see and participate in the thrashing of those monsters. In our ever changing world, the more things change, the more they stay the same I suppose. For now we can only keep on trucking and hope the next hitch-hiker has a solution (right?).

Visible said...

I had the distinct honor of receiving a visit from Jim Corr last year in the place where I am now. We spent several days together and it was a truly enjoyable event for me. One of the main things I noticed about him was a deep and abiding humility. This was accompanied by a piercing intelligence and a palpable commitment to the service of his fellows. I'm not easily impressed. i was impressed.

Anonymous said...

Am I saying Irish national radio and television for example could be lying to the people all the time? Of course not.

This is a line from Jim Corr's site. This line says it all in my view. I have for years been telling the national hob-knobs what liars they are. I have been for years listening to their gobbeldy-gook spin, and on phoning them their so-called "researchers" will keep their unwanted callers on the phone to waste their credits. This is but one of their methods of censorship. The Irish media has for years been a mouth organ of the elite of our country, under the auspices of the wannabe British in our midst. This is what pisses me off with good reason. I have spent a life time from a source of a bad educational system, and country hauling goods in this and other countries. I have taught my children to work and be productive within our society. Our whole parish has, is, and will always be a nepotistic society, and this could be a good feature of the parish if you look to the news at present within the clergy in the news recently. The initial intent of my post was not the intent of judging any in our midst. It is more a swipe at the elite of our existence who, on the achievement of "fame" then continue to ignore their fellows.

Mr Corr is but one name of many about us upon who I will put the onus on, to be in the face of every crooked cretin in our midst. For it is while important people among us say nothing, the unimportant people suffer.

Les, I do not wish to tread on the toes of you, your frogs, or your friends, or their frogs. I will make no apology for speaking out when I see those about me looking down on me with long keen noses. I am sending this to you as an e-mail, as I have no wish to make this a personal attack on you. You are for me, and for most people who visit you a light in a dark place, so I have no wish to be offensive to you or your thinking. You could not, and have no method of knowing the insidious nature within the parish of the existence of the scribbler. Were I educated and proficent with writing, I would give you a full account of the doings of the elite within my own area, but it would just look like bitching on my part, and would prove futile.

Like I say Les this is not personal, it just pisses me off to see anyone on the attainment of fame, and the podium it gives them, piss off their chance to make life a bit better for those who have no chance to a life.
Anyway Les keep well, and do with this as you will.



Lawson said...

"The avatar is coming. He is coming in the hearts of the believing, as he will surely appear before the eyes of those who do not. It is an inexorable process "


The "avatar" IS coming. He must manifest for 7 years as "savior".

All the deceived will rejoice. All the satanic world religions will receive their messiah! For 7 years.

Visible said...

And the Christians will remain overweight and smug while missing the point that the returning Christ is the same thing as the coming avatar. Pass the meat and potatoes, Jesus wants me to bulk up cause I'm playing left tackle at the Armageddon finals.

iggy6 said...

Hey Les and Co, have you read John Kaminski's article titled, "The Beautiful Iranians" that starts off... "I don’t know how many times I’ve said to my friends — and they can verify it — “I wish we had a president as decent as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the current and outspoken president of Iran.

“I mean, just compare the two men as human beings. Mr. Ahmadinejad seems like a decent guy from the neighborhood, trying to tell the truth while being trampled by the demonic Jewish spin machine. And here is George W. Bush (interchangeable with Barack Obama, as have been all American presidents since U.S. Grant), revealing himself to the world as a lying, pathological killer. Hey, which one would you choose?” "

It's well worth reading for any who haven't yet...


Anonymous said...

Amen brother.

Anonymous said...

Les, you have expressed my sentiments exactly, as you are wont to do.Thank you for the pleasure of reading your truth as would be expressed by me if I had the ability and preseance.
Mo visable

Anonymous said...

I love you all please keep seeking truth, keep loving, keep expanding your levels of consciousness. All will be well when it is time for all to be well. And that time is totally up to you!
Thank you Les.

Anonymous said...

You are correct that the US has become the evil empire, filled with bloated retarded swine that feel justified in murdering and stealing from the infidel Arabs. The US is soulless and its people exist only for dark pleasures bereft of any long lasting value. However, you are completely wrong if you believe that some Avatar will appear and alter any of this.

The US, like many other empires during history, is doomed. Also, like the previous empires, the people of the US shall be justly slaughtered without mercy by invading hordes. This cleansing is necessary as the people of the US are a loathsome blight upon the Earth.

As you stated, Black Friday is just another despicable orgy of self indulgence. Half the house owners in the US owe more on their houses than they are worth, and average credit card debt is $10000, but here they are spending money on imported crap they do not need because their masters told them to do so. Then they go home to pig out some more and watch barbaric sporting events on the boob tube.

gurnygob said...

Anonymous said...
Hi -

What is/was wrong with Mother Theresa?

- still waking up......
8:49 AM

Hi Anonymous. Les writes a lot of truth and that is why I come to his site/s. However, I would just like to point out to you that the link Les give you about Mother Theresa is to do with a book written by one Christopher Hitchens. Now what Les has failed to tell you is that Christopher Hitchens is a tool of the Anti-Christ who loves nothing better than to bash the Catholic Church and does so at every opportunity. Hitchens is a God hater and you can often find him in the company of the NWO whores promoting abortion, gay rights, population control, atheism and a host of other dark NWO policies. Those who have sold their souls for what this life has to offer. Why don’t you Google Hitchens and see what you can find on him. Mother Theresa was a sinner just as we all are. She got a few things wrong from time to time. These things should not undermine a life-time’s work serving to poor and destitute.
“Waking-up” as the saying goes, can be as dangerous as not waking-up. You will come across things that could shake the faith of a pope or the Buddha or whatever your flavour happens to be. My advice to you would be the same advice as was given to me by Les, who got it from Jesus Christ….The truth, will set you free. That said, not all so-called truth seekers speak the “Truth” and quite a few are more likely to fill your head with shit. The truth is in your heart. Its that little voice deep down in side you that lets you know when your wrong even when you try to tell your self you’re right.
Hitchens is no truth seeker and Les knows that. Hitchens did not write his book The Missionary Position out of some love or concern for the poor. He wrote it simply because he hates everything and anything to do with God. His pet hate of course is the Catholic Church. He is a liar like his father the devil. Just be careful what you read as you wake up.
Re: Dear Rebel 4E
As for the Time Magazine link. I wonder who owns that rag?????????????

Les I think you knew I would have something to say on this one. (grin)
your truly

Visible said...

What Gurnygob fails to tell you is that if you search engine, "the truth about Mother Teresa" you will find tons of corroboration for all of this. Hitchen's is a drunken hack it is true but that doesn't mean what he said isn't true because it is.

Yes... you can find tons about M.T. from all sorts of sources. I grabbed that link because it was on top and I was in a hurry.

Moving right along.

chuckyman said...

Wow. I didn’t know there were so many of us Micks about the place.

Well said Mac. I left Ireland 11 years ago just after the referendum on “peace process”. I voted against for what it’s worth. At that time I believed that the vast majority of politicians were a bunch of whores. I also believed that although they were whores – they would be our whores. WRONG

I have learned in the years since that it matters not what flag flies on the mast head as it is mere window dressing. The Rothschild/Zionist octopus controls all with a hidden hand. I will still support the cause of freedom for Ireland and for ALL the peoples of the world that live as indentured slaves – and most don’t even know it.


V word = unpec

gurnygob said...

Well Les. Are you without sin??
I wonder what they would be saying about you, or your past sins, if you suddenly found yourself in the lime-light or happened to be a world personality with a reputation to up-hold. You have build something of a reputation in speaking/seeking the truth and I commend you for your efforts, but what if I knew all your past sins and published them for the entire world to see, some might rightly think you a bit of a hypocrite to be speaking about truth. Give the woman a brake. To say or give the impression she was nothing but a shrill is unfair considering the good work she has done and God knows she must have done some. BTW, you should know not to believe everything you read on the Internet. Just because people like Hitchens or others say X,Y, or Z doesn’t mean its true.

Moving right along.

Visible said...

what the hell has that got to do with anything?

Meanwhile, I'm not a Christian; sin, I believe is your construct, not mine. I recognize your need to defend your church but there's just too much about Mother Teresa to ignore. It doesn't wash to sidestep the point and start ranting about my sins... meaning she gets a free pass. She doesn't. She was a nasty piece of work and I have studied her in depth and that is what I came away with and it is a view shared by many people. The same goes for the Catholic Church. I'm sure there are good Catholics who live good live but the church is a business racket. it's a religious Las Vegas.

gurnygob said...

You are right. Nobody gets a free pass. God will judge.
ps I hope this little rant has not effected our love affair.

Thanks for allotting me the space Les.
Yours truly,

Visible said...

Nah... we're supposed to hash these thins out. I don't care for Hitchen's at all but he wrote this stuff back when he was one of the better journalists going. Then somebody got to him and compromised him and scared the shit out of him. I don't know the details but I can see the results.

You're a lot more important to me than Hitchens' or M.T.

gurnygob said...

I knew there was something I liked about you. Glad we are still friends

lightandlongshadows said...

Les, I watched a wonderful movie about Iran yesterday and think you may appreciate it.
Mystic Iran The Unseen World
inside out

Zoner said...

Lightandlongshadows, thank you for that.

A level of commitment to faith that most in the West would simply not understand I think. There is reading it, speaking it, and finding time for small gestures, and then there is living in a way that makes any efforts I see around me seem like a joke.

Going to the megachurch once a week or just catching the sermon online might be perfect for many, but the respect I have for the efforts sown here is tremendous.

Thank you for opening my eyes to something I would likely never have seen

We must leave these people in peace.


lightandlongshadows said...

Pleased you enjoyed it (although I had nothing to do with it).
I would suggest that a difference (east/west) is that these people (mystics) aren't depending on "faith", they "realize" that "god" is within.
Waiting around for "the second coming" would make me depressed/bored enough to just "visit" church en route to shopping as well I suppose.

RW said...

Hey 3:04am!

Your stereotypical venom is tired erroneous and the spawn of divisive brainwashing.

I live here in the US, have never been in debt, and care little for your retarded regurgitated bile.

Sir, with all doo respect many of us are not as loathsome a blight upon the earth as those who parrot generalities.

Imagine theres no country,
It isn't hard to do. . .


McCob said...

rw--I am a tax paying american with an honorable discharge from the army. I agree with some of what you write but the US does have a history of human rights abuses, genocide and hegemony and we as a country are a little bit phony when we pretend to be the good guys. But you are right, that guy was a bit judgemental.

to all Catholics....

I am not a christian nor a catholic but I want to thank the catholic church for saving the life of my wife. She had 2 dissected coronary arteries which caused a massive heart attack. Thanks to the Catholic Church there was a world class hospital (Saginaw St. Marys) were she got the care she needed. I still owe 70 large for that and they have not dunned me once. Thank You Catholics!! And I mean it.

She has survived the attack for over 7 yrs and they have been the best years of my life.



Joseph Brenner

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