Friday, November 13, 2009

Wandering in the Mist of our own Confusion

Dog Poet Transmitting (cue the howling of a Canadian wolf across the moonlit expanse of the frozen tundra. A Chopin nocturne begins to play as the faders move upward on the mixer. John Cage attempts to rise from the dead but... there wasn’t enough dissonance)

I was talking about lawyers yesterday over at Smoking Mirrors. I think I’m going to segue via the Mobius strip and see if those capoeria lessons from long ago have managed to make it over the neckline; precipitating upward, so to speak. Obama is tarted up like a Piccadilly rent boy on his first date. There’s no better time and place for him to pull out his old Kabuki mask, while his people talk to their people (Obama moves his hand up and down- thumb and little finger extended- next to his right ear. He’s mouthing something sub rosa. It looks like, “Ball me”. I could be wrong. Reading lips- except in Braille- is not my thing.

I know a lot of you think that the red caste mark that you see on a Hindu’s forehead means that coffee is ready. Stupidity is job one in certain parts of the western world these days and I want to talk about a particular stupid. I’m not sure it’s stupid as much as a lack of awareness concerning things where time has made accommodation a naturally ongoing affair. ‘Accommodation’ is that thing that happens when sounds fade into the background. A jackhammer is playing outside your window and then you don’t consciously hear it any more because it has become subliminal or... something.

Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew are among the languages that are written from right to left. Meanwhile, the British and their former colonies drive on the left hand side of the road but... English is written from left to right. Britain played the larger role in the creation of Israel and also helped them get the atomic bomb. The City in London is the nerve center for world finance and Zionist bankers pretty much run the show there. Swans mate for life. Are you with me so far? Good (grin).

The pyramids are supposed to be tombs but there weren’t any mummies. Angelo Mariani made a wine back around the turn of the last century (not this one) that was routinely imbibed by Popes; Kings, world leaders, entertainment figures and, I suppose, anyone who could get their hands on it. It was pretty exclusive. Now you know what was in those snuff boxes during The Yellow Nineties in Paris and other dens of propinquity.

We all like to feel good, unless our idea of feeling good is personified in feeling bad; S&M freaks, slave bottoms, incurable romantics and alcoholics, to name just a few. An increasing number of us are resorting to a variety of comestibles that one can drink; swallow, smoke and snort. If you’ve snorted too much you can always hop on a plane for Peru and employ someone to blow it up your backdoor through a bamboo tube.

Drugs have been around a long time. Alcohol has definitely been around as long as that. Before The Harrison Act (not George) and right around the time that certain bankers muscled the Federal Reserve back into business again, drugs were easily had from your local pharmacy. Laudanum was all the rage and many an uptown lady would spend many an hour in bed with her amber bottle.

Back around that time, alcoholism was epidemic and you could see the signs of it everywhere. It’s what finally launched The Temperance Act. Perhaps you can imagine what it must have been like to have been a drunk back when carriage wheels would sink into the mud above the axle. Viewing the series, “Deadwood” one gets an idea of what it might have been like in the hinterlands.

These days, someone dies as the result of a drunk driver every 20 minutes. Some say it’s 39. I don’t know. Alcohol ‘related’ deaths would, of course, be much higher. Marijuana related deaths are a much different affair. Alcohol is legal and marijuana is not. I’m sure there are more precise figures around. I grabbed these pages for their brevity. I think it can be safely said that more people die from alcohol (what the heck, throw in tobacco too) in one year than have died from all illegal drugs in the last century. I don’t want to add in legal pharmaceuticals because the number of deaths would be much, much higher.

In my unsuccessful efforts to find a friendly veterinarian, I have pondered this question over many a depressing hour and I have come to a certain inescapable conclusion as to why certain things are legal and certain things are not; unless you are ‘connected’.

I’m just going to say it straight out, booze feeds guilt and also separates a person from their spirituality (despite it being called, ‘spirits’). First the spirituality goes, followed by one’s moral code and then by one’s conscience. Finally one’s health and reason depart and... after that? Take a wild guess.

Here’s the thing, it’s much easier to motivate a person when you can manipulate their guilt. It plays right into the Judeo-Christian work ethic. Alcohol causes even the most reasonable person to do all kinds of things. These things feed the guilt. Yes, there are certain disadvantages to smoking pot. It can space you out and disorient you and maybe it’s not good for your lungs but the main disadvantage (from the viewpoint of those making it illegal) is that it can make you unproductive in Prison World. It can also open your eyes to the bullshit reality being pawned off on you by those who made it illegal. Sure, the liquor companies have something to do with it and they are very powerful. All you have to do is look at how ubiquitous alcohol is to see how many lawyers they can afford and how many politicians they can buy.

I don’t smoke pot by the way. I have. I don’t care if they make it legal or illegal because if I wanted to do it I would. Like I said, I obey reasonable laws. I ignore the others because, like some portion of the rest of you, I am my own man and I am not on the guilt treadmill. Alcohol doesn’t open your eyes, it closes them and is one of the weapons the enemy uses to control the populations. Pornography, gambling and sundry also fuel guilt. Guilt is what drives so many of us in a direction we might not choose to go otherwise.

I could go into greater detail and some of you might comment on that. It’s your job to go into greater detail. This is to spark the conversation, not limit its opportunity by hogging the ball.

Alcohol is an enormous problem and enormous industries have their wheels greased by it because a significant portion of the people in prison are there because of acts they committed under the influence.

Before we can be free we must first become aware of ‘how’ we are enslaved. Before we can be free in this world we have to become free in our minds. Before we can address why we are troubled or afraid we have to discover what is causing these conditions. You can wriggle like fish with a hook in its mouth through all of your days but you will not be able to do much about it until you find out what it is and why it is.

A lot of us know that the world is crazy but, I suspect, most of us don’t know how crazy. You can take this little treatise on alcohol and drugs and apply it to a great many other things and conditions that are present or happening.

You do not just break free one day due to a spontaneous reaction to your confinement. You have to find out what is confining you. You have to see clearly enough and be willing to let go of the chains that bind because we are actually holding on to the chains. We wrap our arms around the bars of our prison when the liberator comes to free us. One has to become able to see the pervasiveness of the net in which we are caught and comprehend its composition.

This may seem like an odd production. I seem to be talking about something but it’s not clear. That is precisely the point. It is possible that pondering what has been said here will lead to a little thinking outside of the box. There is a pressure coming from somewhere. There is an atmosphere of apprehension. We need to study ourselves and our reactions. We think we are free but we are not. We will not be free until we recognize that we are a part of the conspiracy that keeps us the way we are. It does not have to be alcohol or drugs that are causing it. The possibilities are vast and wide and all of them are contained within our minds.

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Rebel 4E said...

It's been suggested in the past that certain Wicked Entities find it easier to infiltrate people's minds whilst said person is in a state of intoxication...entering through the crown of the head.
Ever heard someone say after a heavy night on the lash - "I don't know what came over me last was totaly out of character"..."It's like I was possessed"
I know from observing many a boozed up character in my time (myself included)that they often do take on a demented/glazed over appearance whilst under the heavy influence of 'spirits' etc.
I rarely drink much these days, nor do I partake in any other form of intoxicant...I just can't deal with that out of control feeling and muddy head that often comes with it.
Sobriety and regular exercise is where I get my buzz,healthy body = healthy mind..blah blah blah lol!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Les - wonderful as always!
Especially enjoyed the link about the coke in coca-cola.
America in a bottle?

The Media is the Matrix said...

Dumbgoynot 1:21 from yesterday-

All true and very well written. Please allow me to continue the thread.

Posit: The CIA and Mossad are both teams in the Rothschild NWO playbook to achieve complete economic, political, media and military dominance over all mankind.

1) The Kennedy assassination in 1963 was carried out by CIA/Mossad for Rothschild interests.

2) The 9/11 attacks in 2001 were carried out by CIA/Mossad for Rothschild interests.

3) The Fort Hood shooting in 2009 was carried out by CIA/Mossad for Rothschild interests.

Turn off the MSM - question everything the 'authorities' have said to be true.
Seek the real truth.


Idealist said...

A 10 minute video against war.

Anonymous said...

Super, well done, thanks!!!
Ill be your first witness to too much drinkin and the nasty loop of self hate it creates. So true you are! We have tons of work to get out from under the world we agreed to and created at others hands. I for one watched too much MTV back in the day!!! Im 34 and just now, with a few years work have started looking back and dealing with issues, pre drunk boy. I have spent many years acting with no idea of cause. I still feel like a nembe and things can turn back to unhealthy states still, but just knowing the power I have to heal myself is enough to keep going!!!
Thanks for the reminder Les!!!
PS The pyramids arent tombs, they are something much cooler!!! Just think about meditation?

Anonymous said...

A good friend of mine I call July is a self chosen isolationist. For the past 18 years, He has lived in an old trailer on his own small patch of ground in the swampy boondocks of southeast Georgia next to the Altamaha River. July is very spiritual in nature. He lives like a classical “redneck,” but he is a very well self educated one. His IQ far surpasses mine. July has two years of college and six years active duty in the Army, he left the green machine disgusted with the military… and his now ex-wife. He also plays a good electric guitar. He reads everything that comes his way and can intelligently follow any line of communication.

July is the classical survivalist type, in that he is heavily invested in guns, ammo, and outdoor survival gear. He is patiently awaiting the Apocalypse. He lives and works in nature year round, just doing odd jobs, and raking /selling pine-straw. He lives primitively He has electric service to his trailer for the lights, stove, and refrigerator but never heats or cools it. He has no computer or t.v., but stays well informed somehow.

The author Carlos Castaneda (sp?) has made a big impact on his life in that He often refers to all plants contain either “allies” and “demons.” To him alcohol is a demonic spirit, and “shrooms”, grass, LSD, and other such drugs contain spirits that he considers his allies.

I don’t really know where I am going with this thread, but this entry by Les today made me think of my friend, who lives as many of us just wish we could. I think I will pay July a visit this weekend, and bring him some stuff I printed off the net at work.

Anonymous said...

The dog poet is back and at such a fever pitch it is hard to keep up with. One of your best Les, although army of the standing bankers and the the rise of the stupids are dear to my heart. Ahroooooooooooooo

You mentioned the amber bottle. I would imagine most of you saw the movie Tombstone and so did I but it is a matter of perception. Wyatt Earp's wife was drinking out of that amber bottle but it was more of a pharmaceutical concoction as LV briefly mentioned.

In Wyatt Earp's day, the red sash gang where plundering Tombstone but many don't realize that red sash representied the redshield of the European banking family. The red sash gang were some of the first inklings of organized crime in America and the Earp brothers decided to deal with it. It all led to a fairly bloody aftermath.

If you noticed in the movie they are watching Faust in a staged play at the saloon. Faust as you know is all about selling your soul to the devil, think masonic elite. Powers Booth laments he would just shoot that ole devil in the ass, that would be his deal and Johnny Ringo quips, I have already made my deal with the devil. There you have it in a nutshell. It is all a matter of perception.

The Earps decided to leave town and as Wyatt Earp was putting his brother on the train after they had already shot his arm off the red sash gang ambushed them and tried to kill them all. Earp killed the killerees and left one alive announcing you go back and tell them I am coming and hell is coming with me.

His loyal sidekick Doc Holiday the self made dentist from Griffin, Georgia who did not have a dental degree, he simply read books goes with him. It ends up that Johnny Ringo challenges Earp to a mano y mano gunfight in the treeline.

Doc Holiday gets there first after escaping a TB asylum sensing that Wyatt Earp has zero chance against Ringo and in the movie they do a little dance about five feet apart and Ringo is shot in the head. Holiday is said to exclaim, poor soul he was just too high strung.

That is the point I am leading up too, the lizards are high strung, twitchy, beady eyes with a lot of nervous energy. It is all about perception however.

Most Americans view the Earps and the James gang as simply as a bunch of liquored up gunslingers when in fact that opposed the redshield.

The James gang were coming back from the civil war which they probably did not even understand the reasoning for when the Rockefeller Pinkerton agents of the queen burned their farm house down with their mother in it. This led to some hard feelings and the James gang began robbing banks in retaliation.

What most Americans don't realize is they were giving part of the money back to farmers whose land was being taken at a penny on the dollar so the railroad could go through it.

The hollywood gang loves to drop hints knowing full well Americans are too hypnotized to even recognize them as such. The Pinkerton agent who is contracted to kill Jesse James speaks the queens English.

The Ned Beatty saga in pre-industrial Australia is the same thing. Ned grows weary of being abused by agents of the crown and begins taking out a few. In the movie he is shown to announce you tell them in London that one more Irishman just got tired of the queen's men.

skilpad said...

Hi Les, I really like your insight re guilt, namely that indulgence in porn and other illicit activities leads to guilt leads to being susceptible to manipulation ... very astute.
I would like to comment though on the term "Judeo-Christian". I read a fascinating article recently which pointed out, in brief, how the jewish Levites of yore, upon realising the threat posed by the upstart Christianity (which is in its conception and message completely antithetical to the miscreant judaism) took the steps of first infiltrating the budding Christian movement and then attaching the rotten Old Testament (Talmud) and in fact the entire filthy, deathist, fear-based judaist belief-system to the Christian corpus. This was a magnificently cunning trick, and enough justification for any right-thinking person today to reject Christianity. Unfortunately, it is also a cognitive error: what is best about our Western culture can all be attributed to the good essence of Christianity, and what is nasty and rotten can all be attributed to judaism.
So, "Judeo-Christian" is the right appellation for all that is rotten in the state of Denmark (and elsewhere!), but it is important to distinguish that from "Christian", i.e. good and pure.

Visible said...

the term, "judeo-christian work ethic" hasn't got anything to with your points. it's an old saw that has to do with being driven by what I assume is guilt. Ergo, alcohol fits perfectly into the picture.

The truth of the matter has no connection to the point I was making. There isn't a religion on Earth that hasn't been debased by the mercantile mind. I would think (though I haven't looked) that the term would be in any search engine and give a fuller explanation than I have (I don't think I even gave one did I? -grin-).

I run into this all the time here and the problem is that when you are illustrating or painting a picture there is always the impression that something got left out or something wasn't explained to the last jot and tittle.

I only give myself 1500 words here and I try to paint a picture with them and then the mind of the leader can embellish or elaborate, which is what I was talking about at the end of the piece.

There are some number of people who pass through here that think I've got something against Christ or any amount of others but it's not so.

It's impossible to add a bibliography and the required footnotes when I do this. I just don't have the time. I haven't even been able to record the songs that are sitting here and waiting for me to do something.

Ah well... heh heh... back to work. ("judeo-christian work ethic, you see.)

nina said...

Learning, knowing, seeing, surmising, feeling, experiencing, being here, being there and still we remain passengers in the Open Boat. Have we come so far only to be dashed against the craggy reef never to reach that island paradise?

Anonymous said...

I understand exactly what you saying visible. One of the things which impresses me about this site, and there are many, is you can take it for granted a vast understanding of what is brewing in the cosmic petri dish is already understood by most people here and you don't have to constantly explain yourself over points that have already been covered countless times.

Press ahead Ahrooooooooo with your Christian work ethic!

Anonymous said...

I meant to add in that last one that I am sure most of you are familiar with the average pablum you encounter on even the best of the best forum threads.

Feed them some info on Hegelian Didactics and the first thing that will transpire is you will be met by the (army of the stupid) and they will demand a link for that one.

I recently encountered it on a forum concerning vaccine depopulation. My view on the subject did not fit the guidelines and a few posters indicated my links I provided were not credible. LOL

Once in awhile Chucky and i exchange a link or two for laughs detailing our confrontation with the forces of darkness.

I don't know why I take a stroll into the lions den once in awhile other than the fact that maybe I am just an asshole. Political sites attached to football forums are my mainstay. You are not preaching to the choir here, most of them need a lifeline out of the dark ages.

I like to hit the troglodytes between their electronic eyes.

Visible said...

Anyone who can admit to being an asshole will never be one except temporarily. It is precisely the individuals inability to see the reality of their behavior that makes them one.


Nina... that's just the special effects. I could well be crazy or deluded but I don't have any apprehension at all concerning these things. To my mind it comes down to a very simple equation. We're all attached to something. It will depend on whether or not we are too attached and the degree of our capability to let go.

I think a lot of time people are unable to gauge the mercy and compassion of the divine. They always see the divine in terms of themselves and become the victim of a limited God; even a god with the less desirable human characteristics.

That light is burning brightly within you and I suspect it's more powerful than the lighthouse you are looking for from the prow of your ship of being.

Ah... ran out of things to say.

nina said...

It doesn't have to be said, I got the message anyway.

Visible said...

Now that's odd because it was the primary reason I hadn't been responding.

That means with a little more focus and application... who knows?

Anonymous said...

"They always see the divine in terms of themselves and become the victim of a limited God; even a god with the less desirable human characteristics."
Yep, As a leo I do this way too much. I ask how else you would start? I have looked at Buddha's wheel or even web to help.
"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky" Buddha


Unknown said...

Good post Les. Hey, I think I get the process!, and like was said above, I think once you've read awhile, you understand better, if not straight away. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. You think about what you have to share/offer and you gauge the mood/level of your target audience. Then you take an idea, sometimes abstract, and you communicate it with words. It's up to the individual reader to give those words meaning/purpose/definition and relate those words back to their personal lives. It seems quite natural. Of course at Smoking Mirrors we can deal with more concrete things and more facts. But still it is up to the reader to do individual research to learn more. Don't want to write a book every day, or one post for every personal reader!LOL/////Dublin Mick---Hey, that is very funny about going to these other forums and making some waves! In my own experience, some people will listen to these things with an open mind and some people will not. But I get the feeling sometimes that even those who will listen, they don't always seem to want to make any adjustments in their lives to what's really going on. I guess it comes down to a matter of what things you value the most. I'm not trying to be self-righteous or preach here because I've got plenty of adjusting to do myself. But we gotta stand up for what we believe in right! One thing I do not understand is why so many people give so much value to the temporal things in life and not much thought or value to where we are going and what we will do in the spirit world after death. Our earthly lives are short compared to eternity. I for one am interested in the big picture. As for going to these other forums to try and wake people up, hey that sounds like good work man, and humorous too! pond owl

chuckyman said...

Cheers for the plug DM (grin). There’s no way I can keep up with Les and DM’s work rate. Still here but I only join in if I can add something.

We had a minor glitch in the Matrix here in the UK. The lead scientific advisor (Prof David Nutt - you couldn’t make it up) to the home secretary on drug policy voiced the opinion that LSD & Ecstasy were less dangerous than alcohol. Of course the politico threw a pissing fit and sacked him. 3 other senior scientists then resigned in support of the professor

Into every cess pit a little light can shine. We can’t interfere with the black budgets for CIA/MI-6/Mossad etc Lots of sheep scratching heads – cognitive dissonance is fun to watch

Anonymous said...

taking hearts and shackling them
by promoting subtle greed
infected crowd behavior
with deluded falsity
sending men to hell
to sit by delusions way
men dont know
they have been taken
brainwashed by who they obey
to serve a purpose
that is broken
they was never told
they think their free
for ever
but they was already sold
slaves to death
unable to
go to peace
my brothers and sisters
mother nature please
wake them from their sleep

Cognitive dissonance said...

Cognitive dissonance:
"This is the feeling of uncomfortable tension which comes from holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time."

The more common definition of cognitive dissonance is one where one is behaving contrary to one's beliefs.

For example, if deep down one believes that premarital sex is morally wrong but one lives his/her life in a open, sexually-active manner, cognitive dissonance will manifest itself.

This will be experienced as stress.

Many mental researchers believe this kind of stress is constructive because the discomfort caused to the bearer motivates the person to do one of two things
a. stop the behaviour perceived as morally wrong, or
b. change the moral belief to allow the behaviour in the context it is occuring.

Both (a) or (b) will lead to a person's actions and beliefs coming into balance and thereby end the cognitive dissonent stress.

Anonymous said...

Hear! Here! I concur. :)

Visible said...

Please forgive my vulgarity but that sounds a lot like, "shit or get off the pot". Some kind of interior conversation where the principals have names like Id. Well, you know, the rest of the crew.

In the famous meeting between Confucius and Lao Tzu, it is reported that when Confucius came up on Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu asked, "Who are all these people you brought with you. Since Confucius had no one with him except, perhaps and attendant he was mystified.

Later on someone asked him about his meeting and he said, "I met a dragon.". He sounds very similar to the man I met on the beach

nina said...

Heh, you have a sort of bottomless mind ... its really amazing.

BTW, I'm going to go way off topic here, but I just got online for the early evening and saw that this Hoody character now has Paki ties. Pretty soon, we're gonna hear he did 911. Bet you already knew that.

We could then say, the S&MSM has a sort of topless mind.


Anonymous said...

to the battle of heart
and mind
all men need to go
but most men have forgotten
they just dont even know
to live love
lights a heart
like a star in inner sky
makes all the colors
spin inside
of the inner eye
round and round
nature blows
higher natures light
the living mighty river
take its course
wakens sight
and the risen mighty river
flow the universal soul
blows like the wind
through the meadows
on the road

Anonymous said...


On the other thread concerning the blood types and how they can at least be enhanced by copper element you might recall the first time we communicated, I suggested go to the flea market and buy you a copper pot and maybe a silver bracelet.

As for myself I keep a kadush cup in my water jug. It is not so much keeping up with the Jones' as it is keeping up with the jews.

I found a copper bottle opener at a flea market, Israel 50th Jubilee. It is one of those little things that tell you hey they know what is going on. You can drop that opener in a soup or stew for your copper supplement. It works for killing a flu bug about as well as the Hebrew chicken soup approach with the silver spoon we all heard and read about maybe 90,000 times at this point.

They say the pope drinks out of a solid gold goblet, the Italians are big on the silver drinking cup for the toddler and prince Charles is said to be so full of silver most doctors would pronounce him with heavy metal poisoning.

My wife couldn't quite grasp why I paid $100 or so for a bronze skillet at the flea market. It has gold trace in bronze. The life is in the blood children, that is what Jesus said anyway. It is good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible you might be familiar with Guru Maharaj Ji the 15 year old his disciples described as the Lord of the Universe. I was one of them and was there when he rented the Houston Astrodome and tens of thousands showed up.

The baptists were there out in droves handing out literature and explaining how the satanists we were would taste the fires of hell. It was a great time for all I can assure you. Satsang meeting the Texas Baptists head on. They couldn't believe some of his followers were board certified medical doctors taking care of anyone who got sick for any reason.

I knew a Mahatma and he told first off that he was a master and as such I needed to catch what he was telling me the first time around that he didn't have time to repeat himself if he was going to help me and it was not going to be a debate. I have never forgotten that. We were talking one day and I was relaying some of the deep spiritual truths I had learned and he started grinning. I said what is wrong and he just said you don't know a lot about the higher sciences do you?

Anonymous said...

inner sky rainbow
inner song bird sing
call all the names of peace
to come
the mighty universal light
to sing a song
only one place
from where it come
the universal soul
the mighty inner sun
oh come to weave
your river
mother nature
weave each one
weave us with your river
so all men see
you cant live by the gun

Anonymous said...

There's this aspect to the insanity:

From a recent article on countercurrents news site (maybe posted before on SM)-

Seven million Americans have been arrested since 1995 on marijuana charges and 41,000 of them are rotting in federal and State prisons. Thousands of other pot users and sellers are confined in local jails as well. Police arrest someone in America every 36 seconds on marijuana charges, with a record 872,000 arrests made in 2007, “more than for all violent crimes combined”. 89 per cent of all marijuana arrests “are for simple possession of the weed, not for producing or selling it.”

There but for fortune...

dub mick-
that was some awesome history. wouldn't be surprised if it were all true. makes real sense for sure.

thanks for this one, Les, pretty much lays it out, as usual per your articulate poetic way.
It would be nice to look back upon this time with great gratitude for having blasted through it all.
The cooker's gettin pretty pressurized.


Joe Bloggs said...

Gosh - I had to lookup a whole bunch of words there - veryummy, Mr WordSmiff. Alkaloids and acids are all very fine if one can keep a balance. After twenty years I fell off the bandwagon and now enjoy the walkabout in the desert of derision - No drink for you, eh, Your holiness? - Well, not really; but who needs lip reading service when other signals are so loose?
Sod 'em - the signals, I still see the Goof in my (puke up) fellow convicts.

How to cure the newly achoired Blog Addiction? How best to provokay the Master(baiting) chap who smokes up the keyboard from dawn til dusk between martial martoonies and other strange Assanas in the air?

The trough and swill continues to deepen; giving up the Pig Drinkiepooze is a runny eye-opener - smoking pot and poohsing was all about trying to contain the H8 - having passed the soaking mattresses stage I taunt it was time to have a go at my fave raver and see if you can blog the punchlines.

I must add that this is purely (what a liar!) for laughs and one of the reasons I shadow box as I find I have not yet found any smoothmover who cannot resist in getting serious, mushlike DaddyO who dust not like to lose a game of chess to such a bezerk-plain loser.

Putcha dooks up, Vicious Bill!
Okayallwriteallready! Uncle! Uncle!
Can you resist a final twist as you let my toe go? I think you can.
Ya big fraidycat!


ps Here's a lead to VitaK , hope you cotton on, old bean :)

Visible said...

Well Clarence, you've gone from tiresome to annoying. Don't you have enough to do at fray?

In any case, good luck in your travels to a new posting location.

Unknown said...

We must first understand the laws, regulations and acts, the System, set up which keep us confined to the cage:

Take a look at Rob's videos especially.

(Primarily about how to lawfully say No, no consent, while at the same time not getting yourself into a legal pickle.)


Verbalkaka said...

Joe Bloggs -

Don't be obtuse.

It's ketamin not vitamin K.

John said...

Mick, yes indeed I remember. 'Scrap Sterling' is a useful search term on Ebay; most of it is not scrap but is selling near melt value. I got a little sterling baby cup and some soup spoons. I missed out on a tankard, but it was selling at a premium to melt, and I wasn't going there. I use my cast iron skillet when I can. I have no doubt that we are deficient in many ways. Almost everyone is also Magnesium deficient whether we know it or not.

Oh, and another tidbit regarding metals:

brian boru said...

I don't know whether the banned drugs are unsafe or not. I haven't tried any of them. I do like to smoke cigars - they put me in a contemplative mood. Perhaps that is why the governments are making such an effort to ban smoking while making it easier to obtain alcohol. I must say that a good wine in moderation with food is very satisfying. The problem is that so many people can't seem to take alcohol in moderation. But, bad as the effects of it can be they are not as insidious as the effects of the lies of TV and the rest of the Beast's media.

chuckyman said...

To cognitive dissonance @ 3:51.

It is a perverse pleasure that I must admit to when I watch the dance of emotions on the face of the programmed sheep. It happens when you describe in factual and incontrovertible terms that they have been duped, the government is a sham and they are expendable slaves.

You are spot on when you defined it as:
"This is the feeling of uncomfortable tension which comes from holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time"

I disagree as to the 2 possible outcomes. Some may be a little dazed and are potentially open to more gentle persuasion. Frequently find that I watch the jaws of the programmed mind slam shut as they retreat into the safety of the Matrix. Some get quite angry. I really shouldn’t make fun of the afflicted.


Visible said...


That person knows that very well. he's been taunting me for over a year now and he's tried to pull off some pretty shady acts against me. There's a dark side to all of this that doesn't often make its way into the blog and the comments but which does surface in emails and efforts outside the spectrum of these efforts.

We won't be hearing any more from him.

Visible said...

I guess hope springs eternal and the truth be damned. Anyway, just to let you know Sorcha Faal.... that's code for 'such a fool'. It's actually a fellow named David Booth and if you search around you will get enough background on him.

This Sorcha Faal personality was created to spread fantastic lies and seems able to still do it. anyway, just to let you know.

Visible said...

Oh let me count the ways;

Inviting me to Bari but not being present.

Texas sized lies out of Texas.

Talking nonsense as a veil for insults apprehended.

Just one is enough.

Anonymous said...

Les, Just thought you might be interested to know that, in South Africa, when miners have a lung condition from working underground they are - or they were - always able to get license to smoke pot because it cleans and heals the lungs.

Anonymous said...

An Odd Interjection; Judeo-Christian = oxymoron. Judeo = "tradition of the elders" - Christian = Love. Mark 7. Christ was foremost against the tradition of the elders used to circumvent the Laws of Moses. Great Work Les.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling it would be very bizarre to see the posts that Les Visible has discarded over the years.

Chucky you had best be careful about doling out too much reality they will say you are crazy! Either that or you are some kind of conspiracy nut with the wrong link!

Anonymous said...

I should have added be careful with British made teapots especially as many of them are soldered with lead. I assume it was another way of leveling the working class.

I bought a bronze Chinese made wine cup from a guy in new york, steinberg or something like that. It weighs about two pounds. One like it now days would go for big bucks. Anyway when it got here it had lead soldered in the bottom of it. I am wondering if he thought he was going to poison me.

I took it down to a welder and had him melt all the lead out of the bottom with a torch. It is the mother of all wine cups though.

Anonymous said...

It is a good idea to learn the rules and conditions of withdrawal in able to get the drug/booze experience, while controlling the downside. All to often the fear of death is the lever that triggers abstinance when the desire to show independent control over the bodies intake, is the better inhibiter. It is all good if it leaves the body intact after the withdrawal is over, physically and mentally.Thought provoking can be thought of as part of a two step drug experience.As ever Rubbell.

Cream and suregear said...

Joe Bloggs says, Good Morning, hope you've slept on it.

Just double checked "apprehended" - so there you go, you defined it yourself.

Checked Bari - so it seems you do live in Italy. I live in Denmark and I prefer not to travel, my narrow mind is plenty for me.

So, any lies I might serve might be Texas sized but they originate from Denmark.

Please explain - "Just one is enough" - was/is that some kind of garbled reply to my question about - is it one force or not?

Why on earth didn't you check whoever invited you to Bari? Sounds like a schoolgirl falling in love with an anorak-type on a chat-site.

Fool that I am I was convinced I had worked out you were several of your own posters, Dublin Mick etc.

Also thought, aha! Visible (probably being a sensible chap who's tried a lot and now just drinks tea) is also kidding about the K-thing and is pulling the wool. Apparently not.

You should drop by One Ball Media and check Matthew Delooze's latest adventure in blowing his circuits on Ayahuasca. The stupid geezer has me down as working for "The Serpent Cult" because I had the temeritaudacity to ask him whether or not said drug isn't just another "Matrix" trick. He also acussed me of stealing his work merely because I briefly quoted him in a comment asking how he can be so sure he's right and everyone else is a Muppet. The folks on that site are heavily deluded and make you look like an oracle in sensablity.

People are either off their rockers on and on about conspiracies or just - you're crazy, stick your head back in the sand - quick. It's fucking hard to find a balance.

But I'm getting there. Ever since I was a kid I knew there is no such thing as friends or sharing, everyone walks alone in their own piles of self-created shit.

This has been yet another powerful lesson in how sane insanity can sound and I feel like a little schoolgirl writing love letters to the big bad wolf.

The next video I'm planning "Death Wormed Up" has got nothing to do with you or anyone - apart from everyone - it's just me amusing myself with yet more lies.

I'll gladly removie Psychophant Toady and/or the link to your blog, but you'll have to leave a comment on my blog or send me an e-mail as I have grown weary, very wary, of being glued to your comment section in the vain hope of any civilized answers from you.

Keep up the good writing, it's fascinating.

Having said that, I wish (stoopid, real stewpit) you'd move on and get more down to some nitty-gritty on whatever instead of endless repeititons of the Conspiracy/1Force dissonance.

I'm working on it, Les - and as you know, "there can be only one" so wash out I don't beatcha to it!

That'spozed to be a joke - okay?

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami posting up-

The Coming Storm and Visible Origami Radio Show.

Anonymous said...

cream and suregear

No it is just me if that is what you mean. Nobody really posts on my blog except Chucky John and Irish4Palestine. I am not trying to sell anything, covering up the NWO. I just throw out a tip once in awhile I picked up walking bad highway.

The only misunderstandings I have had were ironing out that I am not pretending to live in Dublin and I am not David Booth. Other than that it is has been smooth sailing.

Anonymous said...

I think this is worth looking at. A croatian priest warns the flu vac is for the destruction of humanity world wide. What caught my attention is the Vatican is supposed to issue a release on it in a few weeks. Why wait a few weeks when people are shooing up pig and bird genes with chips.

The vatican can come out looking like the savior of the world by denouncing the vaccine.....but here is the problem I see here, after it has taken effect among the population, Spanish flu was caused by the vaccine.

"Croatian Priest Says Vaccine for Destruction of Humanity Worldwide
November 15, 2009

Controversy in Croatia after famous Croatian priest Miroslav Bustruk appealed to Croatians not to get vaccinated against the Swine flu vaccine.
In a church ceremony dedicated to St Martin, father’s Bustruk statement caused an avalanche of reactions in Croatia.
What is it that he said?
“I appeal to you, to not get vaccinated for the so called Swine Flu under any circumstance. There is a plan for massive destruction of humanity worldwide. For this purpose we will see new diseases springing up everywhere” reports Croatian daily “Jutarnji List”, quoting father Bustruk.
“The H1N1 vaccine itself is a very sophisticated weapon whose implanted microchip will control the health of the human being” added the Croatian priest which prompted a great deal of disagreement by Croatian officials.
In defense of his colleague stood Don Jure Zubovik who said father Bustruk’s statement only defended the Church, adding – “certain people who have spoken out or warned against the vaccine are already in jail”.
More will be known in few weeks when the Vatican is expted to issue a press release addressing all World’s Governments."

Anonymous said...

You just appeared on inadvertently. This article was at the top.

I pasted the entire army of the standing bankers in the comment section. lol

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Industry of Guilt and the Way Beyond.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Taking Refuge in Green Tara.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

the Hour of Judgment and the Hour of Need.



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