Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What if Everyone just kept their Mouth's Shut?

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This is usually the most combustible of the various sites, obviously it won’t be today for reasons that I don’t think I have to elaborate on. Instead, I’m going to talk around something in a ‘what if’ kind of way and let you take from it what you may find useful for explanation or conduct.

There are things going on in this world that are reprehensible to the degree that one hardly knows what to say. One of these things is the recent admission that a certain country has been harvesting organs from those upon whom they are practicing irrefutable genocide. It’s being said that we now have indication as to why certain obvious innocents were targeted at seeming random. It’s being said they were targeted because their appearance matched an organ need in the oppressor community. If you go to most of the alternative newsgathering sites over the last several days you will see numerous articles on what’s been happening in the organ harvesting industry of the unwilling.

Some of what is surfacing is the equal of all the tales that have been told about Dr. Mengele and others. The irony here is dripping, so as to challenge the quantity of tears shed over the recently departed century. The irony is as great as any irony that has ever been. This is not the only outrage attributed to these sources. Their outrages are apparent across the world on any given day and they glare out of the pages of history with a dark, unpleasant glitter.

We’ve heard about some group called the illuminati which is purported to be behind the genocidal nation. We’ve heard about reptiles that may be behind the illuminati or in their membership or perhaps in an organization of their own. We hear about rogue aliens with bad intent and we hear all sorts of things far and near and we don’t know what the deepest truth may be. What we do know is what we see on the surface and we can readily see the names of people and nations who are engaged in actions that are inimical to and distasteful for anyone possessing an element of humanity.

In the area concerning the laws of most countries, when you are apprehended for criminal enterprise, while employed by a criminal organization, you are still responsible for what you have done. It’s not all your employers fault. If you lie in a court of law, concerning crimes and criminals of which you have knowledge, you have committed the crime of perjury and that is a felony. The only difference between this happening in court and what the media does in public is something I will let you decide for yourself. Should a person who sees this taking place speak out against it? What if no one did?

It is okay to kill unarmed citizens in a war but it is usually not okay to kill any kind of citizens if you are not in a military engagement or a theater of war. Wars, for the most part are caused by banks and corporations for the purpose of profit. Does this not make members of the military, hired guns? Perhaps the members of the military are merely following orders and are also unaware of the actual purpose of the war. It’s been said in a court of law many times that, “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. What am I supposed to think about that?

A particular country has been killing indigenous citizens in their own land for nearly a hundred years for the purpose of taking their land. They have been doing this because of their interpretation of ‘so-called’ Holy Scripture, which was written by their forebears. That’s mighty convenient on the surface. They say that this scripture was given to them by God. God has not told me this and as hard as I look, I cannot find anyone who can show me any proof that God told them this either. A casual inquiry shows that the vast majority of those making this claim are not genetically of the type to whom this land is supposed to belong to in the first place. Those who are being murdered and driven off of their land are of this genetic type. This is an established fact, even if the scripture it is based on is not. What am I to think about this? Should I say something about it? What if no one said anything about it?

Corporations can routinely get away with things that a citizen cannot. Banks can engage in self-serving practices that would cause an individual to be sent to jail. Rich men can do things that poor men cannot and when they are occasionally caught out at their criminal enterprises they can hire legal representation that poor men cannot afford. When they are sent to jail, they are sent to special jails where poor men are not sent. Nations can get away with things that would land a citizen on death row and nations can do things to their citizens that would land a citizen in jail or on death row. Should I avoid saying something about this in order to avoid the attention of powerful entities or to avoid the censure of my readers and anyone who might object to my doing it? What if no one said anything about any of these things?

Powerful banking and corporate interests have compromised the leaders of many of the major nations in this world. They tell them what to do. They have conspired to destroy the economy of the nations in order to exert a greater control over the citizens. They did this during the Great Depression as well and it was also a real help in bringing about a world war from which these banks and corporations profited. It was true then and it is true now. Should I not say anything about this? What if no one was saying anything about this?

People are paid a lot of money to report the news in print and electronic media. They report the news according to what the heads of the corporations tell them to report. They are given the tone and the shape of the information and they are told not to deviate from it. They receive a fine lifestyle and a public profile, which they can translate into all kinds of profit for themselves simply by being an obliging liar. Along the way they are somehow able to convince themselves that they are telling the truth... even when the facts directly in front of them contradict all of what they are saying. Am I not supposed to call attention to this? What if no one dissented from the pro forma lies that have brought us to this pass?

Religious texts tell us to bear all things and submit to governmental authority. This is damned convenient. Especially when I note that those who founded the church on their teachings did nothing of the kind. I also note that everyone who changed the course of the church and impacted on it for the better also did not simply bear it and submit. It’s right there for anyone to see. So which is it? Submit and be abused and go along with the program, when the program is in opposition to all of humanities best interests or... say something?

Should we all just color in between the lines of the approved coloring book and follow all the rules even though our leaders and the rest of the people at the top of the heap do no such thing? Because a criminal, organized crime enterprise, has gotten themselves a country in order to do awful things at home and around the world, should I just accept this? When that country is based on observable lies and absurd claims that somehow became gospel in the face of all evidence to the contrary, should I just accept it and deny what my eyes and ears and heart and mind tell me? Severe laws have been passed to silence all criticism of this country and its agents. Should I submit? Should I submit when no such laws exist for anything similar anywhere else? Is this not injustice? Am I not also unjust... and a moral coward... if I go along with the program?

There is no personal gain for me in speaking out; quite the contrary. Why would I or any of the few of the rest of us who do, do so? There must be a reason and I can only think that it is associated with conscience and as reaction against unnecessary injustices perpetrated upon our fellows. Just because it isn’t happening to me does not mean I should ignore it.

Perhaps my tone is less measured and circumspect on occasion than some of those who read here might prefer. Someone said I should be more like Gandhi. A lot of people died because of what Gandhi was about. Which Gandhi are they talking about? There were several chapters of Gandhi. I am an imperfect work in progress. I have been waiting a long time for an end to those shortcomings which plague not only me but all of us. Some of us are more concerned with their departure and some of us have just learned to live with them and even turn them to personal profit.

I have been waiting a long time for the lightning bolt that will make it all clear to me. Until that bolt hits me, I can only do my best and when I err, correct it and continue. I am not afraid of these people and I am not a friend or an associate of anyone who does not have the greatest good for the greatest number of people as their motivation for action. I have no sponsors and no corporate policies; no mentors or patrons to whom I owe fealty. Like some number of us at work in this time, I answer to myself and the one who sent me. That’s the best you’re going to get.

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Murphy151 said...

Hi les,

I am pretty crap at remembering quotes but here goes "All it takes for evil to flourish is for men of goodwill to do nothing" or something like that.

I think your article hits the spot and it may well be a very red sore spot for many but it needs to be said and you have done and continue to do so very well.

You are a literary exocet!

Best wishes to you and yours.


Anonymous said...


LongLiveGhandisSpirit said...

May God bless you Les and give you ALL the means and strength you need to overcome the powers of evil and lies.

Anonymous said...

Well done Les!!!!!!!!

Silence is not golden regarding such actions, it condones it.

At this time there seems to a long line of entities and persons heading toward the woodshed.


Anonymous said...

I don't think any serious or regular reader of your work has any doubt about where you are coming from and even though they might cringe at your audacity and the passion of delivery I think they probably agree with you in their heart of hearts.

It is to be expected that you would catch some flak about the recent Smoking Mirrors but you wouldn't be you if you hadn't said it.

People need to realize that truth costs something and that is why all too few people are motivated to tell it. It's clear to me that some very powerful energy looks out for you because no one seems to be able to mobilize anything against you. That is something people need to pay more attention to and take heart from.


veritas6464 said...
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Anonymous said...

how could it ever be wrong
to point out evil?
how would we ever learn?

gurnygob said...

Re: Religious texts tell us to bear all things and submit to governmental authority. This is damned convenient.

Les it seems people in high places come out with this religious text all the time, when it suits them. As I said before, I don’t always agree with your words or tone but that’s to be expected.
Coming from a Christian background may I offer my understanding of such scripture?

When we are asked to bear all things and submit. My thinking on this is when we encounter “personal” hardships or persecution. We are advised to submit humbly to heavens justices for then we have this piece of scripture to look forward too.

Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill

Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted

Blessed are the meek: for they shall possess the land.

Speaking up for the poor and oppressed is a duty not a choice.

Jesus was known for speaking up for the oppressed and the down trodden.
We have a duty to do the same.
When the ordinary people of Gaza and elsewhere need a voice and those with real authority refuse to speak-up for them then it comes down to the likes of you and I. We may be lacking some diplomatic decorum or political correctness but to the ordinary man on the street, a spade is a spade. Les says it as he sees it.

Saint Francis of Assisi was a friend of the poor and suffered the resentment and rebuke of Church authorities when he quoted scripture against their riches and finery while their poor flocks live in squalor. We could do with another Saint Francis.

Les here is a piece of scripture for you.

But if also you suffer any thing for justice' sake, blessed are ye. And be not afraid of their fear, and be not troubled. 1 Peter 3:14

Les should not have to find himself in this position but here he is. Maybe he should just stick his head in the sand and say “god bless the people of Gaza” while playing miniature golf wherever it happens to be played.

We have a duty to speak up and take action. Jesus said.
“For I was hungry, and you gave me to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me to drink; I was a stranger, and you took me in. Naked and you covered me. Sick and you visited me: I was in prison, and you came to me. Then shall the just answer him, saying: Lord, when did we see thee hungry, and fed thee; thirsty, and gave thee drink? And when did we see thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and covered thee? Or when did we see thee sick or in prison, and came to thee? And the king answering shall say to them. Amen I say to you, as long as you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to me.”
There is such a thing as justifiable anger. Les’ anger is not for himself but for the stranger, the naked, the hungry, the prisoner and persecuted and so on. He may not have the skills of a seasoned diplomat and god knows I have had my own problems with his choice of words on certain subjects, but his heart is in the right place even if his tongue sometimes isn’t.

gurnygob said...

Ps. can someone please call me an ambulance now so I can get my tongue out of Les’ arse. (grin)

Anonymous said...

There is a word missing from this dialog - Zombie. The masses are programmed and dumbed down to the point that the word applies.

They sit in front of the TV getting their dose of electronic drugs. (BTW, this thing I am sitting front of can do the same thing)

I have received a lot of grief in my life for looking at and speaking the truth about the criminal bankers. It has effected my life deeply.

Let the truth shine on!


Visible said...

The next edition to the forthcoming easy listening jazz album; also a first take (I like doing that).

The Walls.

Visible said...


I am in one hundred percent agreement with what you said. I was being lyrical (I think that's the word) and also referring to how certain statements are taken out of context to suppress what is natural and human in any real human being. I've no quarrel at all with what you put here. It is just the way I see it.

gurnygob said...

As if to prove what I have just been saying.



Anonymous said...

The Walls! - Beautiful!


TLe said...

Well done again. Thank you for speaking up on behalf of us who can not put thoughts as neatly on text format.

Time before internet was like dark middle ages when nobody had a chance to read and think freely. Now when we have this possibility to choose who we listen to, we need gifted thinkers and writers that are genuine and original. And they are not many. Reading your pages have increased allowed area of thinking. This encouraged to new behaviour (modestly) and seeing through formal majority opinion.

Climate seems to be the hot topic just now. Majority thinking should be turned to real science and real threats. Copenhagen might have ended very badly and we were narrowly saved from global taxes. Without internet, climategate, bloggers, writers and a large reading public all might be now differently. Writing, reading, thinking and reacting to things is important.

John said...

I can't determine if Mordor is London or Rome.

paolocaruso said...

"""Does this not make members of the military, hired guns? """

Some people join the Army and Air Force to get a job and learn electronic, or dental technology.

Other people join the Marines and the Army Infantry, Navy Seals, to kill people. Punto. They will be judged and they will eventually judge themselves, as their own minds processes their crime against humanity and the guilt.

They should have taken a job at Home Depot and gone on to heaven.

Anonymous said...

"There is no personal gain for me in speaking out"
Now thats not true, you gain much by sharing your feelings and even more when you share the truth. What we dont let out only burns us?

Visible said...

Heaven for one who works at Home Depot would be Costco.

Anonymous said...

The colloquial definition of Vampire is someone who lives off the flesh of the living. Actually, since some of the organs were removed while the victims were alive and screaming, and these same body parts will be served in certain restaurants and also sewn into other animate bodies, it follows that Israel is a nation of Vampires. Like the ghouls in horror movies, they even come out and admit it, and everyone is too terrified to stop them.

It has been known for hundreds of years that the self chosen ones perform devil black magic by sacrificing goyims and drinking their blood and eating their flesh. Unlike horror movies, everyone knows who the monsters are. One again, they are too terrified of these maniacal demons from the lowest pit of Hell to vanquish them.

paolocaruso said...

The biggest scam was the writing of the bible where they say
"we are the chosen, and those who help us will be blessed and those who don't will be cursed.""

This was the start of thousands of years of jewish extortion. The Kennedys and the Clintons are well aware of this as are many others.

As for the Christian part of the story.. Evidently Christianity is proudly boasted that it was planned by Jews and perpetuated by Jews. Which basically defers power and chosen status to the Jews, while controlling the goyim, albeit with some occasional blowback. Much like a steam valve release, they can increase religious with years of Hollywood religious movies in the forties and fifties, or denounce it with period of scandals and films on bad priests.

Admittedly there is much in Christianity that proposes goodness and forgiveness for mankind, but it is selfserving for Jews who have raped and perverted society to have such compassion and protection. Christianity has allowed them to have their way.

Islam on the other hand is not so forgiving to their ways.

Anonymous said...

I recall the old saying "Silence is consent." Like you, much to my chagrin, I have spoken out against that to which I do not consent, and I have paid the price. It was worth the price. I retain my integrity. But I am watched closely and marginalized. I am an outsider waiting for others to join my club.


Todd said...

To update Thomas Paine: "Of more worth is one honest man to society, and in the sight of God, than all the crowned ruffians [perfumed banksters]that ever lived." -- Thomas Paine

Anonymous said...

Hear ye, hear ye,

Excellent work Les, stick with it, your doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

to not speak
is to not care
what about our
fellow sisters
and brothers out their
what about the palestinians
what about the wars
innocent civillians
and what about all
the brainwashing to fight
stressed out soldiers
who commit suicide
what about all the
bankers rich's
and those peoples
who starve to death
more victims
I dont think its hard to see
hell on earth
is all around we
and if we dont stand
up and say
it will just get worse
each day
they own a pigment
of our imagination
got in and made
a slave nation
trying to take down all
the earth
my peace says
that wont work


Peter said...

Oh well, you mentioned heaven les,
here's yet again, another lil ditty(sp?) FEELS LIKE HEAVEN

twist those bones until they snap

Anonymous said...

Great post Les, once again you have written a blog that has many parallels to my views on our world of corporate greed, and reading it is reassuring- to see I'm not the only one who has these feelings. Continue to write and post these blogs, that are fueled by truth, and keep stating the obvious because the mainstream media sure as hell wont.

Rebel 4E said...

"Truth is beyond social acceptance. Truth is maladjusted and cannot fit into the massively dumb patterns of ordinary relationships and activities....Greater truth cannot come to those who never bring up the possibility of it to one another. People do not inquire beyond their knowledge because they do not want to have any disturbing shift in their knowledge pattern. The cognitive system is calm and stable through avoiding any disturbing new truth" (Gabriel Chiron, "Truth is Greater Than Man").

Dubai is Mordor....


Mike Turner said...

In short stand up and be counted

Anonymous said...

"For I was hungry, and you gave me to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me to drink; I was a stranger, and you took me in. Naked and you covered me. Sick and you visited me: I was in prison, and you came to me. Then shall the just answer him, saying: Lord, when did we see thee hungry, and fed thee; thirsty, and gave thee drink? And when did we see thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and covered thee? Or when did we see thee sick or in prison, and came to thee? And the king answering shall say to them. Amen I say to you, as long as you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to me.”

With these words you are as good as knighted amoung men.

Beware of your gift - with great power comes equally great responsibility.

The truth will set everyone free, even the oppressors.

Anonymous said...

Swedish Proverb:

Fear less, hope more
Eat less, chew more
Whine less, breathe more
Talk less, say more
Hate less, love more
And all good things will be yours

Anonymous said...

Here we go.


Anonymous said...

you know what,if ghandi was around
now I reckon he would be,one of your regular readers.

Hei Hu Quan said...

Greetings Les,
That's two direct hits into the side of this multi-faceted beast. That divine energy does indeed speak through you and it's words resonate and contain the power to resurrect the dead (mentally & spiritually). To those who would seek to temper your words and dull the blade of your literary katana I would accuse them directly of abject cowardice. We are at war, besieged on all fronts whether one chooses to acknowledge this or not, the ugly fact remains and is undeniably tangible. This was not a formally declared war but one done of most covert means long before you were born and continues with few successful interruptions on and on as a continuity of evil purpose. It does not recognize nor distinguish man, nor woman, nor child and is moving with speed to its logical conclusion. It is a war not of our choosing and one to which we are fighting defensively. We are winning on many fronts and ranks grow everyday as does the spirit and soul of a defiant rage. In war you are either a victim or a soldier -- full stop and there are only the deceptions that we play with ourselves to accommodate cowardice which the divine despises. That disdain is borne of those who choose to accommodate rather than resist for even a bee will oppose an enemy many hundredths larger than itself and often drive it off regardless of the personal peril to itself. Many bees bound together with outrage and purpose can drive off many and put up the most formidable of fronts and . So what is the excuse of the oppressed masses of man? He who dares... wins. Which is not a call to blind action but one of strategic measured implementations. Don't convolute this however, and realize as all animals do that when your survival is threatened you mete out the force necessary to put it down. That is survival and transcends ALL man-made laws contracted by those who seek to bind you as victim.

Your mind is the fulcrum that catalyzes and manifests thought into action. There exists a world outside all of ourselves, communicated to all whom acknowledge this power. This Chi runs through all of us and waits for its awakening and universal connectivity that flows with righteous determination as small as a brook or as unstoppable as a Tsunami. If your mind is not free and acclimatized to this reality then you will die on this plane with a death worth nothing and just as forgettable. We were all born to make a difference in this world and contribute to the betterment of our fellows. To recognize the path of rectitude and leave a legacy that inspires our descendants. Realizing thoughts into action is a continued lifelong exercise which is why those who make war upon us get us chained to a hamster wheel existence where no free time is permitted, and that which does is dispersed through petty material diversions. If you wish to reclaim your freedom, you must first recognize yourself and define your limitations, then challenge and free yourself from them through diligence and asserted discipline. This is the path to true freedom that begins with a single step, taking one step at a time until the stage is complete, then you move on until you reach the apex of your destiny.

Josey Wales said...


There are those who belong to that group that should speak up against what they know is despicable or when retribution comes, be included.

Your message is very appropriate as we all remember the birth of Jesus of Nazarith and what he taught us and died for.

The idea that this group wants Jerusalem for a capital, after what they did to Jesus, is inconceivable to me. They covet their neighbors resources and plan to steal and control them, yet their neighbors don't seem worried enough. Why?

Thanks Les, really, and Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Obama signs new Executive Order to give Interpol full immunity from search/seizure and FOIA requests.


Someone is worried about something being disclosed.

Visible said...

Hei Hu Quan...

Thank you one and all...

Anonymous said...

Regarding Obamas Executive order,


I might add that Israel was admitted to Interpol around 2006.

Where there's smoke.....

Odin's Raven said...

What if everyone just kept their mouths shut when they saw the abuse of apostrophes? Linguistic standards would continue to decline, and powerful writing would lose some of its impact.
A particularly egregious example of misuse, frequently perpetrated by those who have been exposed to modern 'educashun',(and sometimes noted amongst your commentators) is the use of 'your'instead of 'you're'.

provides a guide for the perplexed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les and All,

Thank you to each one for inspiring me to also keep going, in that, it is not all in vain this work we do, where Gaza and the world we live in is concerned.

I have another quote from a great person as well...

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
Martin Luther King

And now I will go and update my own Gaza page as it is Christmas and we must not forget what last year brought us- lest they think they can do it again.


Happy Christmas and Peace for us all this season


Visible said...

I'm recording another album called "Movie Soundtracks of the Future" (seriously grin) and so I've retooled this tune The Love.

very rough first cut which is why I stuck a harmony on but this is my work place here. Doing 3 to 4 new CD's gonna have them done in a month.

Anonymous said...

men afraid and restrained
with locked up minds
their material slaves
to all this wickedness
this shame and sickness
spiritual poverty
humanity is inflicted with
an unnatural mess
chaotic wave legnths
a system of fear
keeps man from acheiving
his best
what ever that may be
need a true nature to see
mother natures seeds
to the truthfull
always free
its up to us
our decision
cultivate peace
or carry on this condition
allowing the elite
more power to control
they just hold us back
so we dont evolve
myself I think their time
has come
like the dinosaurs
they had their fun
now its time to go away
that old beast has had his day


Anonymous said...

myself I have often wondered
about the power of the apostophe,
maybe if we entered the office's
of the new world order with over 200,000 of the finest apostrophe's all correctly aligned,we might just have a chance.

love you people

Visible said...

meaning that incorrectly placed apostrophes and especially apostrophes who have placed themselves wrongly because of an objection about conforming are the only salvation for all the apostrophes who have conformed. I rest my case, you're witness

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les and Anon 3:14.

I will make certain to be more "punctual" next time. :)

Anonymous said...

you mr visibles
are a master
and have learnt the art of the internal apostrophe also the comma
and the full stop.


Anonymous said...

Les (and Amicus)...

People who take some lumps for speaking out against injustice - wherever it happens, and whoever the perpetrators are - will find the internet a 2-edged sword... if your enemy has no scruples about lying, they will simply splatter vitriol anywhere they think it might be found.

That's why I have absolutely abandoned the whole 'Ghandi' idea: you can't reason with a Guinea Worm, and you can't reason with smallpox.... and you can't reason with homo cheneyensis (this is not a partisan issue - parasitic sociopaths occupy all political posts, and most senior bureaucratic posts, and dominate the clergy... and on it goes: degenerate pathologies seek power).

The thing I find remarkable is that degeneracy is FAR more widespread than you might think (probably 10% o fthe population) - and furthermore, as those famous experiments showed, a VERY large slice of people will torture to the point of death so long as

(a) they are told to by a figure of authority (even if the authority is diffuse... just some guy in a lab coat suffices); and

(b) they don't have to view the consequences of their actions.

At the risk of this being taken the wrong way: the best thing that could happen to you, is to be incarcerated for your recent outburst (which, since you're in France, could be pursued under their silly 'negationnisme et anti-semitisme' pogroms).

You would discover that it's not really that hard being an Enemy of the State.

I have some small experience of this - I was chucked into a concentration camp at Lyon for two weeks for a piece i wrote against "Holocaust Denial" laws... it was actually a liberating experience. (More accurately... I was accused of holocaust denial, interrogated by their military police and internal security... my papers 'disappeared' from their Prefecture and I was then deemed to be 'en situation irreguliere'... chucked into the concentration camp for sans papiers, and 'reconduite a la frontiere' (not deported though - I can go back whenever I want).

Seriously - let's ALL force the State to incarcerate tens of thousands of us... and in the meantime, set in motion "Liberty Pools" to ensure the demise of as many goons as possible.

Read Jim Bell's 1996 piece "Assassination Politics"... (Bell is still in priz - ostensibly for something other than writing down those thoughts).



Anonymous said...

Sometimes the truth hurts. The other day I was told by a bartender to change the subject because I was having a conversation about 9-11 with another patron. He said I was offending his customers, but nobody said a word.....
So many people are afraid to question anything. Thanks for another fine post.. Mud

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this.

"Scourging" was the word that came to my mind when I read your 21 Dec post. I was reminded of the scene with the money-changers.
Righteous indignation on behalf of the downtrodden and crushed is necessary.
You are correct: there are not enough voices raised against the horrors and the perpetrators. It is not just the perps who should answer to all charges, but all the enablers, the others in power, the silent majorities, and those in all other countries, even if they have no power, who've been blackmailed or bought off, and will not speak out.
I pray you will be able to continue to write and speak out, often in the name of Truth and Justice, and for those who are helpless.
Apart from regular readers, new drop-ins will have their eyes opened, and ever-widening ripples will spread out from your posts.
Best wishes.

Visible said...


Don't you wonder why they haven't messed with me yet? They got their time with that already. That time is over... definitively. I will alter the fabric of their reality the moment they consider something like that and they know it. I'm not just talking out of the back door here. For whatever people may suppose I am up to and who I work for let me say only this... sometimes it's real. Sometimes it is very real indeed and on that note I wish you a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the presents under the tree. There are going to be several of them.

Anonymous said...

saw their
another lie it disperse
in inner sky
of this heart and mind eye
this truth
it breaks all lies
it harmonize
connects with peace
and bring supplys
for living life
help a man to realize
how ancient
the road that goes
to higher nature
the wize river
raw and roll,rise and waken
another peace maker
whose heart
peace blow's
medicine seed
internal flower grows
in this life insight
better for a heart
to live right
cultivate love
with honor respect
and recite
their daily peace
on their tongue
release the seeds
of their higher nature
so their truth is released


Anonymous said...

That song

The Walls

REALLY fucking good. You're a renaissance kind of a guy.

Anonymous said...



paolocaruso said...

Public Broadcasting is working overtime producing religious documentaries that legitimizes Israel and shmoozes Christians.

Go to http://video.pbs.org/video/1354541084 click on the video progress bar to 37:06 and listen to the exaggerations on numbers. I'm sure this comment has a few people connecting dots.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for shedding the light on the darkness. Thank God for the internet.

Zellie said...

God Bless You, Les...There ARE Lots of people who think as you...no, they cannot say it with such tenacity and conciseness, but they THINK it and they KNOW it...the clothes are turning invisible on the powers that be...revealing all their ragged wretchedness to everyone.

moon said...

Amen to that Les..


veritas6464 said...

Ciao Papa,.. paulocaruso, I followed your link as all theological stuff intrigues me - researching the biblical past is one of my responsibilities where I work. Unfortunately the bible is often mistaken as a historical document - it is not; it is allegorical. The very reason why nothing that the proponents of Israhell say should be taken as having any value whatever. My colleagues and I use many scriptures as a source of inspiration and a kind of spiritual treasure map. The reason also, I believe that many of the Christian symbols and characters are syonymical with other faiths and scriptures is because like the language a group of people speak in a certain country, so the allegories and cultural icons have to be germane to that people - I think zeitgeist the movie (which is wrongly considered a cause celebre for the athiests)is contrary to their posturing, a movie that actually proves the universality of the energetic being that manifests as an affectatious entity; why affectatious, because like karma there is no good or bad, merely the manifestation of the energy of the individual/s that empower it. Be that love and light or hate and darkness. Of course once empowered, lookout, it will destroy you or enlighten you - like fire as master or servant.



HoffPoIsZionist said...

"Huffington Post has lost all credibility by running this story, proving that HP is as controlled by the agents of Israel as any other corporate media outlet.

Note carefully the date of this article. This was posted AFTER Israeli officially admitted that illegal organ harvesting had indeed taken place, yet clearly attempts to dismiss the story as a modern-day revival of the "Blood Libel" from Medieval times.

This article should demonstrate to all that Israel's supporters are not only liars, they are shameless and unrepentant liars."

Anonymous said...

What if they kept their mouths shut........and the record sealed.


Anonymous said...

(aside) I was posting in Jesse Ventura's forum at true tv. I got admonished by the moderator 3 times for making statements to the effect that the government is not trustworthy. I was put on notice for making unsubstantiated claims.

Tru tv is owned by Time Warner. I think Jesse is being had.

Anyway, forums like this or JREF or Loose Change are soooooo 2004.

Les, I believe you and I believe in you.

Mud, I have had experiences like that of what you speak of in your bar anecdote.

Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays if you prefer) to all!!


Anonymous said...

Former Enron/Cia official pens novel.


This site has some pretty good info.

SouthernHungary said...

Merry Christmas to all! Let us rejoice in that brave act in Moldovia,reported by Bro.Nathanial on RealJewnews,let more countries follow suit in 2010. Good times are coming for those who persevere.

Anonymous said...

Odin's Raven:

Rule #2 (Use an Apostrophe with -s for Possessives of Singular Nouns) on the website you posted, has two exceptions:

Jesus and Moses get an apostrophe but no extra "s" if they are possessing something.

I have no idea why this rule is observed. I read about it in the fantastic book, "eats, shoots, and leaves."

E Vero

p.s. very funny riposte, Les, ... the "you're witness" comment.

Visible said...

Thanks Odin, I thought I had it right. I feel like I could have mastered geology too if I had only gone to high school cause I always had a thing for strange shapes and nice figures or maybe it was the other way around.

John said...

Your a hoot, and I can't stop reading you're words. Their's no stopping they're impact on there intended victims. Aren't the Irish's the real criminal's?

Visible said...

Not only do you know who the real villains are but you wield a mean apostrophe.

Visible said...

Not only do you know who the real villains are but you wield a mean apostrophe.

Hank said...

Where you would talk around it, I am compelled by the nature of the beast to talk to it. Zionist jews. Israelis if you will. They are and always have been a stone in the shoe of decent human beings. All one has to do is actually READ the bible. This so called 'holy' book that promises land to the israelites. Yes, I know israel and israelis and israelites should be capitalized, but I can't bring myself to even give them that much respect. They deserve none.

One of the first things Moses did when he and the israelites escaped from Egypt, was to create and train an army to conquer the land of Cannan, the so called 'promised land'. Moses died before they actually started the process, but Joshua picked up where Moses left off. They started at Jericho, and according to the bible, by gods command, when they entered the city everyone and everything alive was put to death. Every man, woman and child. Every horse and cow. Everything. From the very beginning their true nature has been evident, and it continues to this day. One has to wonder exactly what kind of god do these people worship.

They have insinuated themselves into the fabric of almost every society on earth, and like a cancer they eat away at the body of it. They control the message, the money and the governments that legalize their carnage, and receive the support of millions of people around the world who sit in silence and inaction, and allow it.

I have to wonder about that too. How can people allow themselves to be so easily deceived? They get all motivated to oppose embryonic stem cell research because "it's a human life", but almost nothing when they hear that israelis are harvesting organs from people they murder. HELLO, THEY'RE HARVESTING ORGANS!! Where is the outrage. Have we, as a race of beings, become so spiritually degraded and callous that we can simply turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to this abomination called israel, and the animals that infest it?

If so, then I would have to believe that we do not deserve to survive as a race. We have no place in a galactic community, and it's no wonder that space travelers don't willingly land here.

If the human race does not awaken from it's gluttony sated stupor, and take steps to heal itself, then it will deserve the destruction that is staring it in the face.

The bankers that monetarily enslave the masses, the media that distracts and deceives, and the governments that legalize what everyone knows is not only wrong but reprehensible, are the problem. We can no longer allow them legitimacy by blind compliance. Your silence and inaction will condemn, not only you, but all those you love.

The time to find your courage is now. Peace and non compliance my friends.

Anonymous said...

All the lies are about the massive inbound object that NASA announced they found in 1983. This is what theyre hiding with the chemtrails sprayed every day globally. News here: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/6519605/WarNews

Anonymous said...

Bended Knees.


Anonymous said...

exodus chpt 12 vs 35, 36

"Now the sons of Israel had done according to the word of Moses, for they had requested from the Egyptians articles of silver and articles of gold, and clothing;

and the Lord had given the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they let them have their requests. Thus they plundered the Egyptians.

(American Standard Bible)

Plunder: def. To rob of goods by force..

Yep, the israelites looted Egypt before they left.

What kind of person "plunders"?
I think we all know.

Anonymous said...

The Impossible Dream from Man of La Mancha

To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go
To right the unrightable wrong
To love pure and chaste from afar
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star
This is my quest
To follow that star
No matter how hopeless
No matter how far
To fight for the right
Without question or pause
To be willing to march into Hell
For a heavenly cause
And I know if I'll only be true
To this glorious quest
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
When I'm laid to my rest
And the world will be better for this
That one man, scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with his last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable star

Anonymous said...

Good one Hank, israel no caps. I never cap god when referring to their god Lucifer.

Great article by Mike James on Truth Seeker, a must read. It is like something Les would write except with some Aryan slant. I've been reading this blog for quite a while and that particular aspect of reality is rarely if ever discussed. Too many little "frogs that might get stepped on." Hey, nobody around here ever cuts the Joooz any slack and rightfully so. So be it. That was what was so great about the Yahoo financial boards before Yahoo ruined them. Absolutely no holes bared, and you could engage in continual real time conversation with some savvy and not so savvy individuals.

Back to James, I have always wondered what will happen if/when social order breaks down in the USA. I remember reading Civil War II by Chittum. ZOG has declared war on all of us but we definitely present no united front. If/when the SHTF that is going to be a real problem in this country. Race war and military crackdown at the same time. Maybe/probably with foreign troops on our soil. Fight ZOG at the front door while looters break in the back door. These big cities are going to be something else. Did the blacks learn anything from Katrina? Like when ZOG says go north you go south.

Open boarders provide cheep labor for corporate America and keep the wage rate down. They also stir the racial pot. The blacks and Hispanics are already killing each other in LA, what will happen if anarchy breaks out. How about the Caucasians who live in the general vicinity, and those poor unfortunate Joooz. Think the NG will be able to round up the rowdies for a FEMA camp? You going to volunteer to help?

Well, just something I thought about while reading Les and James. I could go on but......... Everyone have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I once thought I had mastered gynecology but it turned out i had spelled it wrong!

Anonymous said...

Hank -

You are very correct sir.


Vickie said...

Just to clarify some much confused Christian doctrine.

1.) Yawhee is fair. The Jews always had that land with conditions to obey his laws; and to this day they are not. Killing and murdering thy neighbor is far from loving thy neighbor. Jesus did not give that land back; tragically they stole it and murdered for it. The conquest of Canaan was only justified by the severe moral depravity of it's inhabitants. Jesus did not approve of roasting infants over an open fire. Yes, Abraham could not inherit that land. The moral depravity of the current inhabitants of that time did not justify it. They were so depraved by the time of the conquest God did judge and wiped them out. It must have been bad. Those Arabs the Jews stole that land from were not even close. To be blunt, the theology from the Christian pulpit to justify this is literally crap. I sometimes wonder how many believe it; and how much money and prestige are involved. Tragically Satan does I think even rule some "Christians". To clarify it would be a long theological discourse that nation of Israel has zero to do with the Second Coming of Christ. He did not need Israel to be an intact sovereign entity for the first coming and he does not need that environment for the second coming. It would take a long time to get into how the theology has been corrupted. It is that bad. To summarize I can guarantee you Jesus does not approve of what goes on in that nation. Sometimes from both sides of the conflict. He disapproves of terrorism no matter who does it - that is no loving thy enemy.

2.) Christians Theology dictates Jesus ripped the kingdom from them and gave it to a people who would produce it's fruit. To summarize an apostate Jew is not "God's Chosen" - well if you actually believe the New Testament.

3.) God's law is love and the gospel is our plea. Obey your civil authorities until it conflicts with God's Law then you oppose them with everything you have. This teaching has been perverted to get Christians to do some horrendous things by the powers that be - I know.

4.) Ephesians 5:11 Have no part with the unfruitful works of darkness; instead expose them.

To summarize - You are right scream bloody murder about murder, theft exploitation ect. Jesus was not a pacifist - he really cleaned that temple out with a whip. The one time he confronted exploitation head on - he did much more than kiss babies on the head. Why do you think the powers that be murdered him - for kissing babies on the head.

Jesus is not the problem - we are.

Hope this helps - God Bless

Sign me off as disgusted with much of the "Christian Church".

PS: I am actually a Christian. I really like Jesus, what to make of much of the pulpit I am still working on.

Anonymous said...

The Israelis are not harvesting organs.

They are STEALING organs.

This is organ THEFT!

How can anyone 'harvest' something that wasn't 'sown' in the first place?

It's a bit like saying the bankers are harvesting money.

See what I mean?

S. Cat

Anonymous said...

the soldiers all them men
who have been sent
they just dont know
their minds been bent
shackled by the
evil that controls
the west
the corporations
their owners on a conquest
to shackle everyone
ripping hearts out of chests
the wicked witch
control minds it infects
like a parasite
it feed and feed wont leave
it wants our children to die
in wars for greed
to bleed to death
not ever knowing their best
their true nature
the elite hate they truely detest
and thats their weakness
their just dumb fools
their hearts numb
to the teachings
of life school
and now its getting late
theirs a cross in the sky road
a puzzle no one knows
if it will explode.


Anonymous said...

Les you don't need to ask whether it is appropriate to speak out. There is a universal consciousness screaming in the ears of the just, "Do Something". So we speak out. Until another venue comes along for use to use. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Israel threatens another large-scale Gaza war


The descendants of Jesus are the Palestinians.


veritas6464 said...

Buon Giorno il mio Campari...Hank, I used to worry and get frustrated by all the obvious to "those with eyes to see", inequity and horror dished out by the yids*, then I started to get a different view of things from that justice perspective, rather than the vengeance perspective. Don't take the Bible too seriously, really, I mean it, the answer is written into your DNA - the Temple - your Body: Is the grail. This is where I now have come to understand what I figure is Visible's view - will the yids be stopped by some enormous powering down of all their electronic devices - Dimona, Spider, IDF belligerence? A sort of passive grinding to a halt of their evil machine, or, my aggressive tendency to want to go over there and blow everything and every yid to fucking bits!(They trained me, go figure) Although my tainted pathology drools for the latter, I believe that Visible's belief that the awesome power of the energetic G-d will just shut the fuckers down, if you look closely enough you will see that Visible's dream is coming to fruition - Moldovia, Venezuela, the current period of revelation/apocalypse etc. Don't get me wrong - they still run the show, the 'worldly' one; that's because they worship the current titular Head - Satan. They use the term 'Lucifer', this is a misnomer it actually describes the same entity as the 'True light' only there can be no light without love, that's why they never actually produce anything but torment and rubble. The false light doesn't illuminate the path to the next Bardot. I know, I am still wrestling with my own light, which is what tires me out and stops me from progressing, one day I'll stop fighting myself and my inner light and I'll be fine, until then I am enslaving myself in their 'World'. Like a tactile junkie that has a 'jones' for 'worldly' soul-mediocrity.

I do believe the natural course is in train and I erroneously like to give it a nudge, this should not be the focus of my remit, however, "I fuck things up therefore I am".

"with our dreams we create the universe"..



N.B. the views expressed by the poster are not necessarily the views of the Blogger(grin).

(*For yid/s read; Zionist, bad jew, not-real-jews, etc).

Anonymous said...

Indian Chief 'Two Eagles' was asked by a white U.S. government official, 'You have observed the white man for 90 years. You've seen his wars and his technological advances. You've seen his progress, and the damage he's done.'

The Chief nodded in agreement.

The official continued, 'Considering all these events, in your opinion, where did the white man go wrong?'

The Chief stared at the government official for over a minute and then calmly replied, 'When white man find land, Indians running it, no taxes, no debt, plenty buffalo, plenty beaver, clean water. Women did all the work, Medicine man free. Indian man spend all day hunting and fishing; all night having sex.'

Then the chief leaned back and smiled, 'Only white man dumb enough to think he could improve system like that.'

Anonymous said...

Sinead O'Connor - The Emperor's New Clothes

gurnygob said...

John said...

Your a hoot, and I can't stop reading you're words. Their's no stopping they're impact on there intended victims. Aren't the Irish's the real criminal's?
7:28 AM

Dear John, your name has been noted in my little black book and stroked off. If I were you I would leave town,,,, NOW

AdmiringTheFairerSex said...

Vicki -

Since white man come no plenty buffalo or beaver.

You speak with straight tongue, welcome to Petri Dish.


Anonymous said...

Hello Visible.

I've been listening to your music for awhile and while admiring your lyrics and voice, I have also been shaking my head at your production skills. This isn't a criticism but more of a desire to see you have the best for what you do.

Your newer work shows a real improvement in mastering your sound. I'm writing because of the song "The Walls". You sound so much like early Billy Joel here that is is uncanny. I mean that as a compliment in the musical sense. I don't like the man otherwise. I have had the displeasure of his company several times because my wife was a friend of one of his casual arm furniture fucks and things went on from there. I believe that 'boorish' is the right word.

I don't comment often. I prefer to email you. You know what I do and I expect you will take my comments in the spirit of my position in a particular community. I don't know your age and I suspect you are not a hundred and five years old as your Facebook and other locations report, you are now ready for the musical end of what you do. You are past ready at the rest.

I was reading Clif High and George Ure long before I met you. When I heard you actualized as the Dog Poet it didn't surprise me one bit. You are a powerful presence and I am not alone in saying this, maestro. On behalf of those in the academic community and the military as well, I want to say, "You done good son."

If anyone is so inclined tell me if this doesn't sound like Billy Joel http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=33200&songID=8512954

I think a little too much Christmas cheer is responsible for this.

God must like you. I certainly do.


William Wilson said...

hi Les, best

the logic and common sense expressed in the article is impeccable

John said...

Gurnybob said:

"Dear John, your name has been noted in my little black book and stroked off. If I were you I would leave town,,,, NOW

I don't know if I should be flattered, titillated or afeared.

Anon 1142 said:

"Yep, the israelites looted Egypt before they left.

What kind of person "plunders"?
I think we all know."

Yes, you are spot on. (InsertName)-Moses, living god of the royal line of Egypt took much gold and trinkets, soldiers and chariots when he and his fellow gods fled and plundered as they went. Akhenaten is a bit of a more specific name. His descendants, whether biological or idealogical, are still plundering as they go. They are gods and can do as they please.

Anonymous said...

So, Les and friends, is the 'enemy of my enemy my friend'?
I don't know where to begin, but this Mike James, praised by some here, is a fucking moron piece of shit.

"After all, we, who are of ancestral European-American descent were lovingly made in the image of the True Creator"....
"If you’re Jewish, ‘aboriginal’, Tibetan, or a UN-designated member of an ethnic minority disgustingly opening your bowels from the uppermost reaches of trees deep in the Amazon, your ‘uniqueness’ is not only openly celebrated and trumpeted",blah blah blah....
"But I’m an old-fashioned Englishman,"...wow!
"We have nothing of which to be ashamed; and everything of which to be proud." Gag.
"Let us no longer entertain or even countenance the idea of ‘white guilt’, for it was we, and we alone, who, from the beginning of time, brought order, culture and civilisation into a world devoid of real thinking human beings."
"They [jews] birthed the gypsy race, an inbred clan of natural thieves and tricksters." Uh huh, I have to go spew my breakfast now....

When the SHTF, I really don't want to be around these types of moronic "white true christians" and pretend they're some kind of "allies".
I'm so fucking sick of both jews and nazis and all the sick ass racist types, I just wish they'd all destroy each other and leave the rest of us to live a sane, peaceful, earth-respecting, dogmatic-meme-free existence.
Oh yeah, remember the Alamo.....


Hei Hu Quan said...

Well said Bholanath, I emphatically second your well-placed comment. The 'old-fashioned' Englishman belongs rotting in the same grave as their putrid, buggering, idol Cecil Rhodes. One better is the fact these 'old fashioned' Englishmen is the one who's currently putting the 'new-gen' Englishman in chains, with a police-state that would make Rudy Giuliani climax. While we're at it let's ask the Irish how they feel about those 'old fashioned' Englishman and their personal experiences with them.

Anonymous said...

The truth is painful to those who live a lie. The truth begins with every moment. We either live in truth or we live in a lie and delusion.

The truth is the mighty sword with which we will bring down the walls of deceit. 'They' fear the truth. Yes, the truth will set us free.


Anonymous said...

I spotted that too bholanath,I am all for retaining identities but this
racial suppremacy thing I have never understood,if their was to be a revolution or anything we would need
everybody standing together,all comunities of whoever,what ever race,divisions are worthless.


Anonymous said...

questions arise
about what awaits
a lot of people
get involved
in racially based
arguments that
will just divide
the truth
the truth is all these
people are being used
used for a purpose
by the elite
the elite want divisions
because they are easier
to lead
so they get what they want
and we get wars
divisions serve this purpose
we are confined by the laws
if their was ever to be
a revolution
we would need everybody
all of us
the only solution
any other way
where the people
are divided
wont work more fear
more lies more despising
we need the good people
from everywhere involved
to get this little
problem solved
and for one
each man needs his peace
because questions
become easier
with a clear mind
that can see


Visible said...

I probably shouldn't step in here but I expect you expect me to. I don't feel like I have to defend anyone and that's not the purpose of my stepping in here.

What I see are egos reacting against egos. Yes, Mike is bombastic and I cringe sometimes when I read the very thing you object to. On the other hand, Mike has done some great work on behalf of humanity and taken the licks for it. He's a character and an eccentric and I seriously doubt he is talking about the Englishmen that you are taking exception to.

My feelings about the behavior of the British Empire, especially as it regards Ireland for whom I have a deep love cannot be put into strong enough words . To say that I despise this and so many other things would be very short of the mark. There just aren't words to describe how I feel about The Black Nobility and all the titled scum and their cartoon royalty but I seriously doubt that Mike is talking about that or unaware of it or representing it.

Mike is just an emotion driven kind of a guy who is looking to throw himself on a sword for some telling sacrifice. I'd put it down to a kind of poetic license and a personality tick.

Mike and I had a brief email exchange when he was in trouble and I invited him down to stay with me. He had a health problem which meant he couldn't leave and then he got into more trouble and we lost touch with each other.

I think you need to look at whether he does more harm than good and I think you need to keep in perspective who the really bad guys are and be tolerant of each others shortcomings; God knows I have my own.

Many of you like Hunter S. Thompson and William Burroughs. I'm not going to say anything here about whether I crossed paths with these people or not. I've crossed paths with a lot of people... very famous people and people who are more famous to me than any of them will ever be. Let me tell you that Thompson and Burroughs both were Grade A sonofabitches that you would not want to know. They were so caught up in the aura of their importance and their atheistic prancing at supplanting any God in favor of themselves that you would not want to know them.

I know some things about these guys that I don't feel it's my place to comment on. I know various things I don't talk about because I don't see the point and I don't want to spend my time tearing people down unless they are engaged in killing and stealing from people on a major level.

Mike is small potatoes in this regard and he means well. I would ask you to cut him some slack but you will do what you will do.

I know that some of you are very angry these days and I have definitely noticed it in certain cases and I just don't know what to say about that. I understand why it is but I just don't know what to say.

Focus on the real problem which is always ourselves. I have to constantly slap myself down to make sure I do not take seriously what people say about me. We can all profit from that kind of police work. Mike is work in progress like all of us and he is definitely over to the top sometimes with the emotional gag maker but he means well and he is true and he would die for you; in fact, that is just what he thinks he is doing.

I hope on this Christmas Eve I haven't pissed anyone off because I would like all of you to enjoy the season because it is about to get really freaky. I have that on high authority. It's going to get REALLY freaky; best attend to what is in front of you and I know it isn't Dwali which is what I celebrate but I celebrate all of them.

It's not Christmas that is important. It is the openness in so many hearts that occurs at this time and the spirit of giving that everyone is so incapable of all of the rest of the time. I keep hoping it will catch on.

Look to your own shortcomings and I say that as one who needs reminding.

Anonymous said...

To me, it's important that writers who are published in places named "truthseeker" and such, and are considered to be authoritatively offering historical/political/spiritual contexts and 'wisdom' regarding what we, as peace-loving, spiritually-growing people are facing and dealing with in this time of apocalypse - its important that we are able to discern what is destructive dogma and distorted history mixed in with some truth.

We can rant all day long about the jews/zionists, but conveniently ignore the 90-95% genocidal extinction rate in the "New World" and the 300-year slaughter of "witches"/destruction of male-female relations wrought by the christian PTB in 15th, 16th, & 17th centuries.

Recommend a 2004 book/study of impeccable scholarship on the intertwining of witch-hunts, new-world-conquering, land-enclosures, and church-depravity, and the deliberate, conspiratorial imposition of "capitalism" -against the backdrop of massive anti-feudal wars and rebellions throughout Europe.
(And "jews" played a very minimal part.)

"Caliban and the Witch", by Silvia Federici.


Visible said...

Bholanath, I know that all this perceived injustice rankles you but it's all karma is it not?

I've heard those fantastic lesbian tales about tens of millions of burned witches and I don't believe them. I do believe that it happened a lot. It is impossible for all creatures to live in harmony here; only you can do that.

God is in complete charge of everything. He is the one you should be yelling at because he's behind all of it or she, as you prefer. No matter what I say someone will take exception. If I don't make all my references to God based on God the personality I will catch shit from one group of dogmatists. If I do this, I'll get that....

People are free to believe as they like and free to rage or be indifferent as the case may be. I keep thinking of Ales Guinness in A passage to India and what he had to say about all of it.

We can't change anything. We can only try. I've no desire to see the feminine or masculine preeminent because they both come and go in their times.

As for Mike, like I said, people can have whatever take they like. Personally... I'm going to try to pay attention to my own flaws first.

chuckyman said...

Before I begin let me first say that the universe has a bloody strange sense of humour.

I am an Irishman who has personally shed blood in the recent struggle to liberate the remainder of my country from British rule. Having said that, I really like Mike James. He may be English but we can’t all be perfect can we?

I have met many fine English people and I also met many who were anally retentive twats. That’s life. The English people have been brainwashed for centuries by their “lords and masters” into thinking they were on a divine mission to build their empire-strangely referred to as a “New Jerusalem”.

The upper ranks of their aristocracy have been filled with Jewish bankers since the time of Cromwell (and he was a complete bastard). Interestingly the majority of jewish people have also fallen for the same line of BS into following the Rothschild agenda.

Mike may use a little poetic license when he lets rip but the object of his rants never wavers. Yet again anyone speaking out about on behalf of the indigenous people of Europe – the white population - is immediately labelled a racist. We are entitled to representation also.

Unfortunately the agenda of white representation has been filled with the usual useful idiots – complete with Nazi imagery. This also helps to feed the ongoing story of the holohoax. Discrimination has become a bad word. The verb means to make an informed choice. I meet many people of different races and colours and I treat everyone of them as a human. I do not however, give them preferential treatment on the basis of the colour. I also do not want many of the new laws that enforce conformity that have been implemented by PC crowd – enforced with new terror and hate laws.

Immigration, legal and illegal, has been used to undermine national cohesion across Europe and the Americas. Racial tensions and strife are exactly what the Rothschilds want. We need to identify the forces that enable our enslavery whether it is the British government or the real twisted SOBs that pull their strings. Speaking out is the first act.

Finally, “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all” - Noam Chomsky

I’m off now to wrap some presents for my kids.

Merry Christmas to one and all


V Word=encers

Anonymous said...

I know mikes a good guy


Anonymous said...

Neither the author nor the book I mentioned (nor I) is promoting a "preeminence of masculine or feminine", neither are they talking about 10s of millions (in the 100 thousands).
I merely wanted to point out a thorough study of a period directly linked to our current implosion of capitalism, and the intrinsic necessity of SCAPEGOATING for the formation of powerless, distracted working class and the rape of the natural world. Yesterday's 'witches' are today's 'terrorists', and right after the IMF-and-fundies arrive in a 3rd world place, the witch-hunts begin. A fascinating and revealing read, also.
Am I supposed to keep my mouth shut when claims are made that there was never any culture or civilization before "white christianity"? Belies all my own experience and study.
As for "karma", well, I'm just gonna say "I don't know".


Anonymous said...

that is what i call finesse

the way you stood up for Mike and all of us and didn't get lost doing it and strived not to offend as you did it.

you are the genuine article.

i owe you a large gift for showing me how small I am when i fail at this.

Visible said...


You really made me laugh there because the very post in which we are commenting is all about whether we should speak the truth and say out peace or not.... heh heh... come on, it's funny.

I have no idea what book you are referring to, I must have just gone right by that.

I think it's all a load of crap except for my divine lover. Everything is a lie merely due to being able to present itself to the senses.

At much higher realms it is the same. In the real place of liberation there are no statements, no effects and no examples and I just want to be halfway decent on my way.

The last time I was involved in a physical altercation, not that long ago actually, I was breaking up a fight in a bar because one of the participants was helpless and getting pummeled and no one would do anything because of the person doing the pummeling; reputation maybe, I don't know. I didn't know him. I only know what he was doing/

I put my thumbs into that area just under each ear and I walked him outside and let him go. he turned on me and immediately threw a right cross at me. I took my thumb and forefinger and caught his wrist as it came to my face and bent it inward and he punched himself in the nose.

I've thought about that a lot lately because it applies on all levels and... looks like I can't say anymore. Bedtime is coming up anyway.

Merry Christmas one and all and to all a good night.

Hei Hu Quan said...

The point of my contention was not Mike James because that would violate the free speech of the very freedom that I uphold and fight to see re-established. What I believe is that all this shite of one people believing that they are inherently better than another group of people is a game. One of the first ancient PSYOPs directly dealt from the croupiers whom designate themselves as 'our masters'. The irony in this is glaring before all but those without sight and just as acrid. The truth is that those who take the bait and actually buy into this bankrupt joke, have a deficiency of self-esteem and utilize the general deprecation of others they deem less than themselves, in order to build themselves up. This well-spring of this is rooted in insecurity, nurtured by perpetual indoctrinated agit-prop and self-loathing.

'Divide and conquer' is not some quaint saying, it is a military strategy that works decisively well, worldwide in scope. Because it exasperates and exploits the weakness in us all and takes the gun that we point at the enemy and turns it against neighbor and against fellow soldiers fighting the self-same enemy. Playing into this not only provides aid and comfort to the enemy, but is ultimately self-destructive when run to the length of its course. Instead of becoming stronger through unity of purpose and commonalities, we fall prey to cannibalizing ourselves over the pettiest of differences. Much to the roils of demonic laughter of those who deployed the PSYOP in the first place. They get stronger through our infighting amongst the ranks while we get weakened through division.

The war is the same in all hemispheres of this globe, with the same central enemy and differs just in degrees and tailored strategies to meet resistance and environments. It's the same war and the only thing that differs are those who deceive themselves into buying into the propaganda to which we have all been thoroughly exposed to. Those who buy into the trappings of this tiny material world will fail to transcend out of it and will be involuntarily compelled to repeat the lesson until it's learned. Don't take my word for any of it just look into the possibilities of freeing yourself. Freedom starts with one's self and there have been invisible chains devised by the failing of our own minds. That keep us all firmly rooted to the games of this world, orchestrated by pathetic little madmen who believe themselves gods beyond reproach.

Those who fall to this diversion have not steeled themselves to the task of true freedom and this is one of the single anchors which has kept and will keep us as pets and slaves of this world. Freedom is for everyone who chooses to recognize its inherency and we need all available allies within this globe to achieve it.

gurnygob said...

Have a peaceful Christmas Les.

veritas6464 said...

Buon Natale Papa...Chuckyman; "it never ceases to amaze". There is only one Satan regardless of his her manifestation, with only one agenda; fuck up these beings as and when you can! Many of these bastards will be eager to assist for a few shekels. Englishmen, Irishmen; humbug - remember who inflicted the potato blight and subsequent famine on the Irish? Irish patriots! Wankers of every ilk and stripe fill every corner of the 'world' - it's no coincidence. Fuck racism - I am a patriot and a true believer - why? Because organised resistance is not useless - it is essential for the survival of the entire community - would you have a lifeboat all to yourself? If you have a means to save your fellow travellers, then use it, espouse it - lone wolves give me the shits - fuck Rambo - he wouldn't last five minutes in a cohesive unit. We are a social and political community - I don't mean 'Political' in the greedy 'western democratic' stripe of shysterism, I mean the local micro-management of a village society. Dogma is derisive - that's it's purpose, to create division and secularism. There are only one tribe of evil incarnate and they manifest their shit all over the place - throughout every tribe of Israel. Anyone who thinks that there are many different usurpers or demons has not studied enough. One G-d one energetic entity that we are all integral to. We must heal ourselves and then heal others, if you can do it at the same time, and some can - you are a gift. "With the best intentions men create weapons of mass destruction"...

When was the last time an angry mob with pitchforks and flaming torches stormed a Presidential Palace or parliament demanding that the politicians invade another country and murder women and children - NEVER. Party apparatchiks and 'rent-a-riot' not withstanding - I cringe when do-gooders bang on about man's inhumanity to man - we the people can and do live in peaceful co-existence - agitators and self-interest groups motivated by the same old villains are the ones that monger for death and destruction - why? Because their boss Satan lusts for it and it pays very well. Also, the more evil the souls of the sh'tyn are steeped in it the more that satanic lust manifests within their Being. Like 'Hammer' it controls the metabolism.

So, fuck all this banter about 'Englishmen and Irishmen', HORSESHIT! totally pointless and utterly fruitless - Egotistical Knob-gobbling!

Merry Christmas. Not because I am conned by the corrupted Druidic festival - but because it is an oasis that provides an opportunity to love and be kind and gentle - that's why the yids are hard at fucking it up with slaughter in Gaza and HAAARP created Tsunamis and Earthquakes - Tesla didn't get knocked for nothing!

Oh, Vis', I got swept up in the story about the Shepherd, there were moments while I was reading it that I had flashbacks to Hemingway's 'A Cat in The Rain'. A beautiful simple story, well told.



Anonymous said...

I love Mahatma Ghandi

He gave his life as an example and bastion against ignorance and criminality.

"If we search for the founder of Hinduism we come to an enigma. Nobody in particular discovered or founded it. It is the sum total of research involving countless adepts, men called Rishis who were Christ like figures, stretching through eons of time.

Basically anyone who is searching after truth is a Hindu. There is One and only God and One Truth. The very first book of Hindus was called the Rig Veda and proclaimed, "There is only one truth, only men describe it in different ways."

Mahatma Ghandi says that even an atheist can consider himself a Hindi for he too is searching for the truth.

There are no Joan of Arcs, nobody burned at the stake. You can even criticize Hinduism.

It took me longer than I would like to admit however to figure out I was a Hindu!


Anonymous said...

Les, this year Santa didn't even leave a lump of coal in my stocking........

Instead, Al Gore left a friggin carbon certificate.

Anonymous said...

veritas---an enthusiastic and energetic post. But, I don't understand you.

"If they make you hate them then they win." Nixon

Jews are people and people can be monsters. So if you are saying in so many words that jews are fucking people over all over the world then you are ranting about man's inhumanity to man. You are the very kind of do-gooder you condemn. With or without jews human beings will do messed up things. We would still be just as cruel.

For the sake of argument let's assume there is a Great Pentocrater in the sky whom we all have to see after we die. When we explain our sins is it a viable defense to blame Satan? I don't think so. Satan may put ideas into our heads but we make the decisions.

Does it bother you when people point out that man's inhumanity to man can actually exist outside sphere of jewish influence?

Irish potato famine? I don't know what caused it. Crop failure can happen quite by nature. I do know the English could have helped them but didn't. Am I wrong on that point? And I am not saying the English are any better or worse than anyone else.

Nature put lust, arrogance and greed into our hearts because up to a point we need these feelings in order to look out for ourselves. But, there is a point when these feelings can go too far and make us destructive to ourselves and those around us. We don't need "the jew" to fuck up our world.

I don't believe violence will solve the problems of humanity. Our anscestors used violence and all they did was curse future generations into falling into an ever increasing spiral of violence. And look where we find ourselves today.

Courage is more important than intellect and kindness is more important than courage. Anyone would rather spend time with a good hearted idiot as opposed to an ill hearted savant.

Jews are just as good as anyone else. I am STRICTLY OPPOSED to any violent eradication of any ethnicity. Violent revolution will only bring about the "meet the new boss same as the old boss scenario."

Respectfully Submitted, McCob

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up=

Dear Santa, here is My Christmas List.

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick,

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God." Matthew 5:9 New American Standard Bible

I admire Ghandi and ML King. They rejected violence as a tool of opposition. Extremely brave men; easily as brave as any soldier. They weren't perfect and in some ways their movements backfired. But, ultimately because of them the world took a positive step I think.

The meek will inherit the Earth for the blustery obviously have emotional problems that get the best of them and eventually they won't be able to manage anymore.


Anonymous said...

McCob said:

"We don't need "the jew" to fuck up our world."

Go read Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and then see if you can connect the dots.


Anonymous said...

"When the SHTF, I really don't want to be around these types of moronic "white true Christians" and pretend they're some kind of "allies".

Don't worry, with your attitude you won't be.

"I'm so fucking sick of both jews and nazies and all the sick ass racist types, I just wish they'd all destroy each other and leave the rest of us to live a sane, peaceful, earth-respecting, dogmatic-meme-free existence."

That's rich. Been to Detroit lately? How about those gang wars in east LA and many other large US cities. Are the gangbangers white Christians? Why are South American countries referred to as third world? How come Africa with all its natural resources is considered fourth world? How many earth changing discoveries are coming out of these countries? Go read The Bell Curve and get it figured out.

I can see where you are coming from. I don't doubt you wish for a "sane, peaceful, earth-respecting, dogmatic-meme-free existence." So do most of the rest of us. You fall into the trap of equating white pride with racism. James is proud to be Aryan and he is "trade puffing" so to speak. He did not imply hostility of any kink toward others who differ from him. Farrakhan and many others do the same thing. Do you have a problem with Farrakhan? I've listened to him for years.

If you are in search of the truth, you must go wherever it leads you.


Anonymous said...

Fud--are you saying caucasians never do anything wrong? I don't understand you.

The I Ching said something to the effect: While slaying dragons it is important not to become one.

Why should I feel "white pride"? I didn't tell Mozart how to write music nor did I show Babe Ruth how to hit a baseball. I did not tell any other creative, historically significant caucasian how to do anything. I will not take credit for what another man has done.

I didn't choose to be white. My mom and dad were white so I came out looking more or less like them. Wasn't any choice I made. (Unless it was in the metaphysical world before I was born of which I am totally oblivious). I am supposed to be proud of this?

All men are born of woman and eventually turn to dust.

A person is either good hearted or they are not. What does ethnicity have to do with it?

I believe Israel is a monster.

I believe the holocaust is highly exagerated.

I believe there is a nefarious criminal enterprise threatening human society and there are certainly members of this organization who are jews. I am sure there are lots of other ethnicities and multiple organizations who are involved, too.

You ask me to read the Protocols__________________. Why can't you just tell me in 25 words or less what the damn thing says. I tried to read some of it one time and it bored the piss out of me.

In your opinion has the whole jewish culture bought into this plan?

You show me one crime commited by jews that hasn't been done by any other nation.

Don't knock Detroit. Detroit has it's problems but there are a lot of decent people down there who are trying to make it better. You have only the most vague idea of what is going on in Detroit. I fuckin' love Detroit!!!

You are just like a liberal tacitly claiming expertise in what is wrong with black america. That's just what black people need is white people pointing out what is wrong with them.

You were condescending with me and I don't appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

"........... laught at my losses, mockt at my gaines, scorned my Nation, thwarted my bargaines, cooled my friends, heated mine enemies, and what's the reason? I am a Jew: Hath not a Jew eyes? hath not a Jew hands, organs, dementions, sences, affections, passi­ons, fed with the same foode, hurt with the same wea­pons, subiect to the same diseases, healed by the same meanes, warmed and cooled by the same Winter and Summer as a Christian is: if you pricke us do we not bleede? if you tickle us, doe we not laugh? if you poison us doe we not die? and if you wrong us shall we not seek re­venge? if we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that. If a Jew wrong a Christian, what is his humility,revenge? If a Christian wrong a Jew, what should his suf­ferance be by Christian example, why revenge? The vil­lanie you teach me I will execute, and it shall goe hard but I will better the instruction."

from Merchant of Venice

posted by McCob

ps...I suppose I should be proud of this work by Shakespeare because I helped him write this! After all I am white.

In a pig's eye!!

veritas6464 said...

Ciao Vis,... McCob, you are just being awkward, why don't you take that crown you made of paper the one you wrote "Holier than Thou" on; off your head stick it in the nearest Trash can. It's not all about you; no one is directing anything AT YOU. So, get off your high horse and feed the poor bastard some carrots; it must be shagged. And NO I don't blame Satan for all my fuck-ups I was talking about the 'Grand Plan' whatever that is, check back with me on the next bardot. And No I don't believe that G-d is one omniscient being. (I use the term 'G-d', not dogmatically, I use it to show the vagueness of the term as I understand it)I can't speak for anyone else, however, I do not come here for confrontation - in the past I may have come across a little skewed,I have my moments(grin)nonetheless are we not fellow travellers? Debate is the nature of this comment section/forum by it's natural evolution and the tolerance of the moderator: Dissent in our ranks is grist for their mill.
Hey Fud, wasssuuupp? Evil is as you make it, so is good.

love light & peace


Anonymous said...

"Fud--are you saying caucasians never do anything wrong? I don't understand you."

Man, where did that come from? Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, lesbo whats her name secretary of state etc. etc. Did they do anything right?

"Unless it was in the metaphysical world before I was born of which I am totally oblivious". I am supposed to be proud of this?

Race was part of your contract before you incarnated in the flesh. Most are oblivious to this. As a result race etc. appear to be the luck of the draw. No problem with people of any race being proud of their appearance or any other attributes they may possess. I was painting with a wide brush.

If you like Detroit good for you. Miles of abandoned/burned out factories homes. (and yes I realize there are some decent parts) I used to listen to police dispatch in Detroit. It was fascinating hearing all the crap going on.

If you have a handle on what is going on in this world you would realize that the Protocols provide profound insight into every single political situation of the last century. They might be boring but they sure as hell aren't that difficult to comprehend. I'm certain the "elders" collaborated with their horned god in penning that document. Too much insight for mere mortals.

"You are just like a liberal tacitly claiming expertise in what is wrong with black america. That's just what black people need is white people pointing out what is wrong with them.

I'm no fucken liberal, far from it. I never claimed to be an expert in what's wrong with black America, but I have eyes to see.

That's as far as I'm going to go. I realize I'm not the most diplomatic person. I call it like I see it. Have a Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

fud and veritas

I do not accept that I am an egotist on a high horse. Implying so is and ad hominem attack. I guess when you can't prove your own points you resort to debate tactics of that sort. You or anyone else is free to not take anything seriously which I say. I am not self centered any more than the average person. I am entitled to my opinion.

I feel passionately about what I believe. I am not a particulary smart man and I suppose my emotions get the best of me from time to time.

I haven't read the 'Protocols'. I have read commentary about them and quotes from the text.

There are certainly parallels between the protocols agenda and the way history has fallen out in the last 100 yrs.

Where I differ with the "Jews are Evil" crowd is I don't believe the protocols are strictly jewish in origin. And I don't believe the majority of jews are taking part in a world wide cabal to destroy western civilization. I do believe a lot of jews know what is going on but won't speak up out of fear. And who can blame them?

A lot of the jews didn't want to go into the wilderness with Moses when he fled Egypt; not hard to glean this point when reading Exodus. They could't very well stay behind with all of those pissed off Egyptians. There are times when you either go with the crowd or die.

I think "the jews" are like a matadors red cape. Peoples of the world are being inundated with bad/scary news all of the time. Threats from everywhere. Men get scared and angry and after that we can't really think straight. A smart military tactitian would realize this and use it against his target.

I don't believe you are bad men. Actually, I think you both are quite smart and well read. I bet you are a good family men and good neighbors. Maybe you both know things I don't but neither of you express your arguments very well. If you were lawyers I think you would starve to death.

Critical thinking requires an open mind.

Maybe I am wrong. When it comes to this 911 shit I hope am the biggest fool the world has ever seen. Because, basically, I agree with you guys.

Detroit is a beautiful place. There is electricity crackling in the air. You see decay and thugs and crack. And you are right. But there is also brave and beautiful people down there who are fighting back.
The creativity and inovation expressed in this part of the world is on par with Hellenistic Athens and Florence during the Renaisance. It is a magic place.

One more thing. I don't have to agree with someone in order to show them respect. When I am shown respect I respond in kind.

I wish you well.

Sincerely, McCob

chuckyman said...

Well I see the Merry Christmas spirit didn’t last too long around here.

I hope everyone had a peaceful day – I did. Leaving the computer turned off for a day helped .

To McCob, Fud and the rest of the big hearts around here, shake hands and make up. Truth is a path and not a destination.

As you come across each unpleasant realisation do not fear to follow it to its conclusion. I used to be a PC, pro-feminist etc, etc pain is the ass. I’m still a pain in the ass but I am not one of the useful idiots anymore. Besides there are newer posts from Les to read and argue over :+)

I’m going now before I get flamed by everyone.


V word=anitab

Anonymous said...

Good point Chucky
I used to be a cop in Detroit, I understand it pretty well!

Just stand up and tell them you are from Detroit! That should do it for anybody that does not believe me.

Anonymous said...

In the Detroit area the Rouge River is so polluted, those who fall into it usually die from the invasion of a radioactive parasite within days.

Anonymous said...

chucky---It is just that I have so much fun being a pendantic diletente. I bear no hard feelings. Hell, my wife is a hell of a lot crabbier to me than any internet forum people and I am crazy about her!

fud and veritas

I apologize to fud and veritas for being an snarky asshole.

You are a beautiful man Chucky


Anonymous said...

Detroit Policeman:

Back in the late 60's early 70's my detective old man used to work undercover in Detroit. He was with MING task force. I live up in the center of the mitten.

I aint been to Detroit in years.
I was at Tiger Stadium when Denny McLane won his 30th back in 68.


Anonymous said...

Love your writing, Les.

The comments are also interesting and erudite.

I'll keep coming back for more.




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