Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Howdy Doody Terror Time!!!

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Yes, friends and neighbors and all you little kiddies watching the Howdy Doody show; “What time is it? What time is it? It’s Howdy Doody Terror Time!!!” It’s Richard Reid Redux. Was he setting his shoe on fire? Was he just setting off fireworks? Was he going to ignite the powder and chase the dragon in the economy seats? It depends on whether you are reading foreign or domestic news.

Well, he’s from Nigeria and they have oil. The Somalis must have some oil too and they’ve got lots of toxic wastes also. Whose toxic wastes are they? Who’s shipping their sludge to Somali? And... how come Richard Reid’s shoe never exploded and who were the three guys that jumped powder-boy and saved the day and didn’t even have to call their relatives on a cell phone at 35,000 feet? These are all good questions.

Gordon Brown and Dragul Netanyahoo are talking about the next big terror thing. They have to be don’t they? They’re involved in setting it up. Obama (rhymes with Osama) would be talking about it with them but Obama isn’t really involved in the planning because he’s lucky if he can tie his shoes. No... Obama’s people do his talking for him, which means that either Rahm (definitely not Emmanuel) or Hilarious Clinton are probably in the room with Dragul and Gordon; could be Nazgul Negroponte and it could be Dick Cheney, cause he may still be running the White House under the aegis of his Israeli handler .

Yes... the early stages of the next big terror event are in progress. It’s been awhile. Some of us thought (me included) that it would happen earlier but obviously 2010 has all the necessary elements; economic freefall, annoying Goldstone Reports, Israeli organ theft from all over, including adopted Romanian children... it’s kind of a real life slasher film isn’t it? The setting is a slumber party at an orphanage. Ehud Barak comes in wearing a hockey mask and goes about his business never saying a word. Do you know why Jason and Michael Myers never speak? You can’t reason with someone who doesn’t talk to you. The killer takes on the persona of an automaton. At least Obama (rhymes with Osama) won’t need his teleprompter because he’s probably wearing a bag over his head. He’d better look out for the horny drunks come closing time at the pub.

At the moment, Obama (rhymes with Osama) is in Hawaii for a little R&R. He’s in the land of perfect, island sun, while the rest of the country is buried in snow and trying to negotiate the purchase of rock salt and snow shovels with food stamps. He’s sending a message to the American people. “This is where I am and that is where you are.” Message received Howdy Doody. Message received.

I think I mentioned once that one time when I was in Hollywood and not on anything psychedelic, but obviously having some kind of flashback, I saw cartoon characters climbing up out of the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard... Warner Brothers and Hanna Barbera characters both represented... I saw things no sane person could endure. I’ve been thankful many, many times that I’m not sane and have no desire to be; you miss all the special effects. You also don’t get the telepathic narrative and subtitles so you might see what’s happening but you don’t know what’s going on unless you get the play by play.

I read a Penthouse article once (I had it for the articles) where some muckraking reporter was talking about all the perversions indulged in by Superior Court and Supreme Court justices; possibly all kinds of justices and not cool ones like Jack Warden in “And Justice for All”. One of them who sat on one of the high courts in Boston used to put a vibrating dildo up his ass when he sentenced the defendants that came before him. I remember the article because it sounded seriously authentic and it didn’t name names because of the danger therein. I wonder what our high up politicians get into while ‘servicing’ the country. You know there’s some serious kink out there. You can’t sell your country out to bankers, commit treason and indulge in routine murder as you go, without some of it finding its way into the bedroom.

What was his name, that guy who does “The Morning Joe” with Zbig’s ugly daughter? He used to be a congressman and they found a dead woman in his office one day which follows along with the old saw about the worst thing that can happen to a politician; being found with a dead girl or a live boy... depending on whether you are a democrat or a republican. I think Joe was a republican so maybe he thought a gender switch made for a good defense. “He couldn’t have done it, the victim was female.” Now if it had been Ann Coulter you’d have had a real mystery in the making.

I have to tread carefully because, before I intentionally banked my fires, I might well have taken advantage of the situation too. It’s one of the reasons I’ve danced away from fame until recently; couldn’t trust myself anymore than they could. At least I would have shown better taste though. If I would have been caught with someone you can bet that when the pictures came out everyone else would have wished they’d been there too. When I used to play baseball, which was my career goal at the time, people said I had a good eye. You can be sure that transfers into all of the other salient areas except for interior decoration and flower arrangement.

I truly loved playing sports and still do. I followed Joe Morgan’s lead with baseball and tried to play ping pong before each game because it made the baseball look like a grapefruit coming in. You can see my dedication since I happened to be a pitcher.

I just want to point something out here and it needs to be said; this new non-terror event and the genocide in Gaza, the organ harvesting, the looting and stealing by alligator pigs in suits, this business about doing God’s work at Goldman Sachs and all the lies and evil deeds that keep getting exposed and then passed over, by the whores who write the news copy, is living proof that it’s all a setup to show the world just what kind of people have shoehorned themselves into the power suites. The world of journalism changed overnight when they cleaned up Time’s Square and turned it into Disney World. All the whores that used to work the area went right into journalism and news-casting and it changed the business.

The more I see of what’s happening these days, the more I am dead certain that these candidates for The Roach Motel are being led down the garden path to their ruin. It’s so glaring and obvious. Can’t you see it? Every time they outdo themselves and you think, “Now they’ll cut back and behave themselves’, they take it one step further. They’re driving around with “No Fear” bumper stickers and they’ve never been on a surfboard in their life. I do believe that they can’t believe they keep getting away with it and it compels them to push the envelope just one step further. Meanwhile the public sits in their shrinking living room. Movers are removing the furniture; everything but the TV. Their kids are on the TV in that new reality show for pre-teens called, “Sexting you Up.” And they don’t even recognize them but they do keep asking each other if the one in the leopard skin leotard doesn’t look familiar.

You know that it’s completely wack now but just think about how wack it is going to get. If I were to walk into any American mall and start crying out that, “You are in great and imminent danger” I would get tackled by security guards and the bystanders would applaud as they took me away. There’s something deep down wrong in the psyche of those who have taken the material expressway; not looking right or left and with no capacity to register what’s actually going on. Just keep moving and sooner or later you’ll get where you’re going... count on it.

This has just been a midnight ramble through the increasingly less substantial dream substance that has had such a grip on the collective mind for so long. Soon other people are going to start seeing cartoon characters coming up out of the sidewalk but they won’t find it entertaining the way I did. Given their lack of control over their imaginations it won’t be long before Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse start to turn into Jason and Michael Myers either. Sure it’s not real but neither is everything else they believed in up to this point. I really don’t want to be there to see it happen and I took the necessary steps to avoid that a long time ago. Also, if you’ve been living on beans and rice for years it is not an unfortunate thing when you are forced to.

End Transmission.......

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moon said...

I am happy for you just found Nirvana.

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick here, haven't logged in yet.

Beans and rice aren't bad. Chile the last week of the month works well for me.

Ali Ürgic said...

If I woz a terrorisk I'd say
They copped out at non-copinheating
So whine not brink out a Bombay Toast
On one of those underwater trains?

Easypeachystuff, here's the recipe:

Dammerung said...

Honestly aren't you a little too interested in sexual perversion? Hell, I'm quite sure that 99.9% of the people who fuck dogs, or engage in hardcore S&M, or steal used condoms out of public trashcans - are otherwise totally normal people with normal jobs leading normal, non-Rothschild funded lives. Sure, a lot of them are bound to be pervs. But a lot of everybody are pervs.

paolocaruso said...

I recently read that Israel was recalling all its envoys for a special meeting. Now I can't seem to find the link... Anybody see this?

If this is true, they could be preparing for their desperately needed false flag. Their media around the world has been prepping for the iran attack for months.

Visible said...

Dammerung, you are already annoying and self-congratulatory, don't let acting like an Israeli lead to permanent invisibility around here. I've known you were an enemy agent for a long time but you're not alone in that. I even let them operate here... but push it and I push you.


It's at what really happened. I suspect it is other places as well. they really think they run the world and they are about to do something bad; count on it.

Today said...

Great post, too bad 90% America is to stupid to understand it even though it is written using plain language.

I have always said something special must wait for those of us who have evolved enough to see what is happening.

I wonder what it will be?

Thanks for keeping 9/11 truth alive so that I can get justice for my fallen Brothers and Sisters.

David Kirolos NYCCAN member.

Anonymous said...

You suck dude and your articles suck too. they are so convoluted and make no sense whatsoever. Stick to smoking pot, staring in the mirror, and playing your guitar while wearing a dew rag. You really look gangsta with the dew rag too.

Visible said...

See, it wasn't that hard to out you. I've known for some time and that's why I called you on it tonight. Two points... you don't use a comma with 'and' because it is a comma and it's not 'dew' rag Mr. Not Streetwise.

What I don't get is why you didn't post under Dammerung this time.

I let a lot of things slide here because I am always curious about where they lead. I'm also a lot like Sherlock Holmes and I don't smoke pot.

I take mushrooms, ketamine and X now and again. The first I can always have but take no more than four times a year. The second I harvest myself from the little amber 10 ml bottles. the last I have sent to me, on occasion, in liquid form from a professor in the California university system.

I make no apologies for who I am, you should.

Anonymous said...

to carry on like that
more insain acts,
killing orphans for organs
then trying to hide the facts,
changing laws and covering backs,
the killing fields
and starvation traps,
evil practised beast attracts
organized chaos under contract
freedom constantly under attack
society experiencing
a slow collapse
we as people aloud this to go on
aloud them to poison
with their selling souls song
selling men taking freedom
taking their peace
pretending to lead them
they need to pay their fee
the greed they are
infected with I just cant believe
established itself in positions
of high content
filling its pockets with
the lives it's spent
and we allow it to go on
causing descent
we know its wrong
but we wont defend
well maybe this year
things will change
people say about the new age
I hope to get there myself one day
but at the moment
the things on display
with restrictions
strangled unable to play
but so I hear
its about to be rearanged


Dammerung said...

An enemy agent, M. Les? Oh please. Nobody pays me enough for that. Maybe I do have my price. Everybody does. Nobody has met my price yet. Has anybody met yours?

All it takes is a little enjoyment of internet porn to notice it, though. Virtually everybody in it is horribly, inherently normal! No Jews, no Rothschilds, no Hannah Montana putting them up to it.

The internet has done something nearly metaphysical to human consciousness. It's like a miniature window into the Human astral. What we really are, for good, for evil, or apple pie, is projected onto the Network. It's all part of the Apocalypse, don't you think? I think you are mis-estimating what human beings are. You're imagining that human beings have some pure state that corresponds to your idea of holiness. I think it's better to look at what people really are and embrace that instead of trying to create an impossible and absurd standard for them to meet.

Annie Oakley said...

Zip! Good beanball, Ace!

You sure threw Dumberun some smoke there.
A superb backdoor breaking ball right upside his kitchen.


Visible said...

Now you are signing your nick again and talking like a gay, antique dealer.

You don't know what you're talking about but you don't have any reservations about doing so.

I have some capacity at extracting meaning from linguistics forms. As I said, I know what you are. I'm letting you provide sufficient evidence for those observing it. Once I tire of the display you'll have to move on the the Free Republic site.

Stirring it up said...

Damn! DampNwrung is no human rain delay - it could be Les, hell, even God in a nude disguy

Dammerung said...

Oh please, I was banned from FreeRepublic. And Fark, and Slashdot, and Common Dreams, and pretty much every Christian chatroom on the internet... several IRC channels. Banned from Islamic forums, banned from Gnostic forums.

I've been asked not to return to several churches. I was expelled from high school and kicked out of a court-ordered anger management class.

I find the idea that any being would even allow me to do its will unimaginable.

Why then have you hated me, you Greeks?
Because I am a barbarian among the barbarians? ...
Do not separate me from the first ones whom you have known.
And do not cast anyone out nor turn anyone away

If you know what I am, you have the advantage on me.

Anonymous said...

I love baked beans.

I hate to think Xe-Qaeda might be planning multi-attacks in the coming months, (we are talking about the final moments before the devil incarnate reaches the top of the stairs and takes its earthly throne,)thanks to Americas Christians turning the other cheek so much and not being able to face the evils in its own backyard they are simply falling over. Too dizzy to know which way to go , or right from wrong, are obviously helping evil make the last few steps.

But God doesn't like having little ones force his mighty hand. And the neo-bolshervatives will pick-up where old Russia left off.

I don't think Jesus takes too kindly to powerful nations that love to kill such a massive amount of innocent people (especially children) in his holy name. That's a burden I feel the Universal laws will deal with in such a way so that he may never ever, feel that sort of humilation again.

Billy G.

Dark farter of lice said...

I'm on everyone's side... in, out, top, bottom - I OWN YOUR ASSetc

;)I am one - and so are you(:

every nook and cranny, funk and groove, every thought, all the subatomic knick-knacks and wotnots tweeting and twitching in my web - think haarp about it, knocking out eenymeeny com and using the self same beam to inchy-winchy com on II - too juicey!

Visible said...

And wonders of wonders, you are now banned from here.

And you, you drunken Foot Loops, my patience is at an end with you too.

I don't get the chance to ice the road for a 2 for one Little Caesar's night very often. I think this might be the first time. There's a new marshal in Dodge.

Anonymous said...

when will we
all of us see
we are all the same
one species
we must unify
to see whats inside
live with our
true nature
in love abide
in harmony
wize man see
travel the road
to see the sea
to see the size
open the eye's
rise inner sun
in meadows sky
where birds play
inner way
that place within
where mother nature stay
in all beings
and the stars too
better make peace
better join with
the truth.


Godsdog said...

Dragul Netanyahoo!!Poifetct!!


Anonymous said...

Cool reflexions going on here!

Are you guys doing a fight-club act or something?

Jim Hansson

veritas6464 said...

Hey Les,.. Perhaps they are taking their time or timing their take, maybe just maybe the plans are fizzing like the 'Bomb/fireworks' on the not-quite-a-scary-enough-terrorist-attack recently. Maybe their lawn-mower just won't start no matter how many times they yank on the cord, or it putters-out before they get it hot? Mmmm? Best keep your powder dry.
Oh, you know, I often use a comma following a 'and'; as a kid seeing that always made me cringe. Now, however, or at least for the past couple of years I have been using it as technique to communicate with an audience that I feel might need a play by play in transliterating a nuance; why? Modern usage is not what it was. The lecturers and those that lead the flock nowadays refer to this anomaly as a 'pregnant pause'. I used this sloppy technique when I posted a comment here or on one of the other Blogs, a couple of days ago. I still cringe when I see it and I still feel remorse when I do it, go figure.
Re: dammerung; it would be improbable that you are not being shadowed by a fifth columnist or two, I think it is easy to spot the lesser talented spies, they fawn and seethe in one paragraph. There are plenty of cranky arse-holes here; most of them are the best of the commentators. I hope my value outweighs my 'pain-in-the-arse' quotient. It would be too obvious a hit for the PTB to take you out from a Clock Tower - metaphorically speaking, internet wise. They would then have to engage in a dual - Where's Wally and Whack-a-mole in order to stop you - imagine the resources they would have to commit "they seek him here they seek him there.." - I figure they are aware that your hit counter indicates a huge amount of return traffic, I assume there is a high volume of drive-bys that never return; some of the stuff here is at a very high level and it takes a certain pathology to be as cluey and literate as many of the regulars and as persistent with the Course. As opposed to those annoying comments that frauds put next to their 'work' in 'for profit Galleries and Studio Salons'; you know the ones: "Brass Tap on Wall" is perfect example. "...the implied imagery/fantasy of the incongruous connexion that confronts the viewer/witness on a journey through and within the context of racial/sexual integrated dissociation as a dichotomy of the inane threads that.. yada yada".

to be continued...



Daydream believer.

Zoner said...

I know things were scheduled to get freaky, but this wasn't what I expected. Good riddance, I say.

The recalling of all israel's minions is a cause for concern. I pray that they are not going to (attempt to) finish the job in Gaza.

(Sorry spell-check thingie, no capitalization for that particular word.)

I always wondered about that "comma and and" thing.You learn something every day if you pay attention!

I bet you were never afraid to pitch inside, Les. Move 'em off the plate and expand your strike zone.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Les, my convoluted tome continued...

When I was a Journo' down in Melbourne I was something of a Bohemian, I knew all the 'Art cognoscenti', rich and poor; for a brief period during a strange separation-still-cohabiting with my second ex-wife. I dated E-M C----d a relative of N', a famous old-school English Thespian, truly,(inappropriate name drop? Not really; however I have hidden certain letters for discretion, the 'clue-ier' among you will work it out. E' would be delighted to get a mention here), we even got an invite to his funeral. Well, E' and 'guest' got invited.
I met every type of con-artist and contrived eccentric - bow-tied pompous pederast gollums and scarf-wrapped senna tattooed old lez-hoes, twinks, rent-boys and over-privileged middle-class fag-hags with daddy's credit card. I also met some of the most beautiful talented and tragic souls I could ever have dreamed of forming a crew with. I learned a lot and taught a little to. I figure; warts & all, I am in some late-night Cafe here on your Blog, ..throughout the night groups and individuals wander from one venue to another, revelling and engaging. Origami, Mirrors then off to the Dish. Always good company often a pain-in-the-ass will walk in and annoy every one, which is good for a stouche and cleanser. Sometimes I/we are the pain-in-the-ass, nobody is perfect (and I don't mean you 'Nobody', grin). I think if we all lived in the same town we'd have some sport eh? Never a dull moment. What a revolution we could describe in prose, rhyming stanzas, fragmented couplets, freestyle quatrains and purple haiku's. Imagine your crew, what an imposing threat to the frauds we would manifest! What colour, what energy...what would we achieve? What could we achieve?..It's 1776, it's 1854 - We are at the Eureka general store; do we build a barricade? Will the barricade (political and spiritual) that we 'stand to',come to be remembered as "The Eureka Stockade"? Or are we no more or less another gaggle of cognoscenti?

I believe we are a part of a great apocalypse that has immense power-potential.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sifting out the crap. by the time you get done reading that crap you forget what the essay was about and are ready to go for a walk.

All can say in regards to future events, stay out of the cities! It can probibly be figured out what is coming buy the prep work. Who is buying insurance on what, etc...



veritas6464 said...

Visible; Mmmm? I collect all the comments and Posts by email, I know when they are up as the Inbox shows the arrival. Nothing so far. Paranoia is an unsubstantiated fear, however, just because I am paranoid doesn't mean I'm not one of the banished 'Froot Loops', even though I only drink wine with meals now.
Anyway,.. life's like that.



Anonymous said...

Dammerung!! I should have known. He was so impertainent. Why didn't I sense it?


Unknown said...

Just watched the BBC World News and the Israeli's have killed 4 alleged Palestinian insurgents. Two in the west Bank, and two more in Gaza.

I think Les, as you've said over the past while, we're starting to see those wheels turning again, and I suspect will start gaining momentum.

Also on the BBC news an eye-witness on the @terror plot' Detroit flight mentioned in a telephone interview that the alleged bomber was in some sort of 'trance' on the plane. Smacks of MK-Ultra don't you think?

moon said...

Nirvana is no place for damned ones, they live somewhere else. It is sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

Have you seen this yet?


ClaudeZachary said...

First the Shoe Bomber, now the Nigerian Underwear Bomber. The underwear bomber is not gonna work as well as they'd hoped for since CNN (of all places) already has an article about how it was most likely the guys PC battery going berserk. So now I am expecting the line to be that Al-Toilet used the Nigerian underwear bomber as a diversion so they could pull off their real attack as they are already spreading news about 5 Terrorist Pakis in America. Who is writing this war on terror stuff? Monty Python? is the real attack gonna be flying animals and nuclear feces thrown by a French Al-Queda knight who says I will fart in your general direction? And still sadly, the Duhmericans will buy it, they still believe in Richard Reid, and still laugh if you tell them they are living under Israeli occupation, Heil Emmanuel!!

btw, funny you mention the Hollywood Blvd. characters, I made a documentary about them called "The Reinactors" after encountering them on mushroom on my way to see Brazil, check it out.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes think how most people on the world today know for sure that Al-Qaeda is nothing but a kill machine "industrial complexe" corporate creation, and also fear ghosts? (Certainly the latest Al-Qaeda Christmas gift ghost of the present couldn't have come at a better time for the media/military maggots) But, like the international banking system printing money out of thin air and then at the same time chocking all the people to death for breathing it all in is not a fun to think about. We are simply unable to step back and take a look at the road ahead from the flood flow behind us. Breath in the last few gasps of free air my friends. Eeven for that they will continue the war on us and charge us for it.

They get away with it not because they make the rules on this world.

Billy G.

Better Built Craftsman LLC said...

I can write: I like beans, rice, and chili; I like beans, rice and chili. They're both correct. It's a stylistic thing.

Don't ban me, dude! ;)

As for Dammerung, I think his comment re sexual perversion is demonstrative of his inner mechanisms.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up now and the radio show is on tonight.

Burn away the Veils and May Roses Bloom on your Cross..

Anonymous said...

black-eye peas, rice, a little bacon (0r fatback) onions apple cider vineger a bay leaf---It's called "hoppin john". It is cheap and easy and is a nice variation of the beans and rice dish.

Anonymous said...

I loved this posting but nothing will change. The Sheeple will remain perfectly ignorant.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best

My opinion is that human beings DO have a pure state that corresponds to Les's idea of holiness. Its not something that can be proven by me, its something one has to experience.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the NEWS;BUT,you are preaching to the choir,lol,You just cant see these things from the window of a private jet nor from blacked out windows in the BLACKHOUSE!LOL
Why no shoe bombs on private jets?

Anonymous said...

Until we all start treating each other with respect, despite our differences the world is doomed. We certainly don't do it on a personal level. I am witness to that every day. So how can it ever happen in the community, the state, the country or the world. I am sick of it and I have no hope.


Anonymous said...

Howdy Doody Time. Who do like better, Howdy who's honest and a do gooder or Phineas T. Bluster who's always hatching underhanded plot's.

The answer is the Puppetmaster for both of them.

ishtzionista? said...

Dammerung -

You sick fuck!


Anonymous said...

a witness

Mouser said...

" Israeli organ theft from all’s kind of a real life slasher film isn’t it?"

This would be funny if it were not the truth.

How does one 'know' the "donors" were 'dead' before their organs were deemed necesary?

We are all Palestinians now. We're all in this real life 'slasher film'.

When is reality enough to make the world 'wake-up'?

Government officials only have the power the people afford to them. When will the people around the world in every country say:

"This is more than enough evil, murder and 'harvesting'. Israel shall be made to stop and desist now."

Peace out.

m_astera said...

Like M said, the comma before "and" is allowed, according to my murky memories of English comp.

But only when it's a list of more than two things. I like beans and rice, no comma. He likes beans, rice, and bacon, comma optional.

Because I was taught that it's optional I often leave the comma out before the "and", as in beans, rice and bacon, but then end up going back and putting it in anyway, because to my eye it scans a little better with the comma there.

No, don't thank me.

Michael said...

More Than A Coincidence? ICTS provides security at Amsterdam airport where a Nigerian with a bomb allegedly taped to his leg and links to al Qaeda boarded a plane to Detroit. The Israeli-owned ICTS also provided security at all the airports from whence the 911 hijackers departed

Visible said...

Don't worry I won't because that wasn't the case, so it devolves to nitpicking. I really more expected you to be defending his positions rather than his punctuation

m_astera said...

If I agreed with Dammerung's points I would defend them. As it is, I disagree with his stated interpretation of human nature. The predators go to a lot of trouble to convince the rest of us that because we have the ability to occasionally act as they do all the time that their actions are just the way people are.

In a better society, one where the programming from birth onward had not come mostly from the example of the predators, the essential goodness and nobility of the human spirit would be expected, honored, and considered normal.

That nobility is to be found not in the physical instrument but in the human soul, which the predators don't seem to have, and in the heart connection, which they don't have either.

It does occur to me that you are getting a bit overly sensitive, to the point of seeing personal criticism even where none is intended. I haven't found many worthwhile blogs or forums where the overwhelming majority of posters agree with each other or the blogger. On the best of them, it is working out the differences that leads to better understanding. On the worst of them, the preacher attacks anyone who questions the accepted dogma and the choir joins in.

Which is your intent?

Visible said...

Criticism is more readily accepted when it isn't 100% criticism all the time and when a portion of the criticism, as in this recent case, doesn't apply and the purpose for it can't be seen.

They've got a word for people who have no inspiration and can't write but who know all about punctuation and sentence structure et al, they're called editors.

Any number of people criticize here on occasion and sometimes they are right and it's embraced into the larger body of what transmits the work. None of them but you criticize only. It does make one wonder.

Dammerung said...

I'm just suggesting there are far worse issues in the world than what consenting persons do with their bodies. If you want to talk about "perversion" I'd say the organ-theft headlines or the massacre at Kunduz are perverse. Operation Northwoods was a perverse idea; the CIA doping up a 5 year old girl with acid was perverse. I don't think sex is particularly perverse and conflating sex acts YOU think are gross and actual, honest-to-god mass murder and slavery is disingenuous. There is enough perversion in the world without making up fairy tales about Illuminati HAARP rays making people do things that are painted on Greek frescoes.

Visible said...

Who are you talking to? I can't recognize anything you are saying here and why did you jump form Origami over the here?

I do think is wrong with you. I don't know what it is but part of it is definite game playing. It's pretty pointless because it won't have any effect on me.

Meanwhile, the use of the medias latest hot buzz word, "conflating" is amusing. Why not include, "boots on the ground"?

You must be talking to someone else as I haven't mentioned HAARP for some time. Please indicate your target.

Visible said...

We lost one of our most talented and valuable contributors on Christmas Eve. He was known here as 'Dadnerd' and to his family and friends as 'Bill'.

He was here for a good while and often lit the place up with his penetrating intellect and the deeper awarenesses of which he was so very capable. He was unique and maintained possession of his integrity and honor throughout his life when so many have let go of theirs.

You can tell the value of a man by how deeply and genuinely he is loved and in that regard Dadnerd was a true success as a human being and his life was an example of this.

Sometime ago he suffered a heart attack and never got back to a place where he could contribute here again.

He has gone to one of the illuminated worlds and we should all hope we do as well as he did so that such a fate will find is as well.

I never met the man in life but if I had he would have been one of my close friends in the flesh, I do believe. I still consider him a close friend and am certain our paths will cross on some stellar highway to come.

These blogs and I personally are better than they would have been because he chose to come here,

Bon voyage my gifted friend.

Dammerung said...

I do think is wrong with you.

Odd sentence structure I'd say. As to what's wrong with me; nothing's wrong with me. I'm just another being trying to express its individuality.

I don't know what it is but part of it is definite game playing.

If you don't know what it is how do you definitely know it's a game? What's wrong with games anyway? Chess, checkers, World of Warcraft; international politics - I just believe nobody should be forced to play at gunpoint, that's all.

Meanwhile, the use of the medias latest hot buzz word, "conflating" is amusing.

This is news to me, though amusing news. I don't have cable connected to my idiot box and I download anything I want to see. Last thing I watched? Some Star Trek: TNG Season 5. Really, Les. There aren't Illuminati agents underneath every rock. There's a scene from the movie "Thank You For Smoking." They don't need to destroy you or care about you in any way. They just need to tag the suckers.

You must be talking to someone else as I haven't mentioned HAARP for some time.

Sorry for having a memory longer than 30 seconds. But I assure you that humanity is manipulating the Illuminati, not vice versa. THEY are just puppets empowered by the petty viciousness of the average human being. Until the average human being seeks spiritual betterment nothing will change no matter what happens.

Visible said...

You make no sense at all. You're just masturbating and being contrary as well..

Your weird response about my mentioning HAARP which I haven't is off the charts. I'll let others deal with you. I've lost interest. As long as things stay in this MPS schizoid playroom tenor you're welcome to knock yourself out.

Well... that's that.

moon said...

Les, All,
"Until the average human being seeks spiritual betterment nothing will change no matter what happens."
I couldnt agree more with this damm, But your wish to build on this tip point of truth you want to build a hall new society!!! A new human societe Built on the thaughts and visions and aspiration of some "illuminated" individuals, individuals that have reached "spiritual betterment", then we will have change!!

got news to you damm, few humans have reached this point of culminated truth and they called themselves gods.

i am not willing to start this cycle all over again damm, it needs to stop. Humans cant just relay on their own point of vues and their personal experience in life to make their own laws and rules. it is called fascism, socialism, capitalism, comunisim, zionism, bolshevism, arabisem,,,, All failed.

One way is open to better societies, one way and no other. the way the univers follow and the illuminaty ignore, it is not i who created this kind of hedious and ugly creatures called illuminaty & Co...these individuals think they have the right to say this person is right this other is wrong,,, you cant live in a community ruled by the opinion of few peaple, it is despotisme, damm you are suggesting the same exact system to be applied by the those who are yet to be revolting against the rule of the elite, and to become themselves self proclaimed despots and eventualy gods.

It stops here,
the univers will set the balance right...sooner or later.

Dammerung said...

Kheireddine said...

Despotism exists because people follow orders. If every individual considered themselves a sovereign nation, their own autocrat, a self-evident god - then despotism could not exist. All forms of collectivism whether socialism or communism or pan-Arabism or Zionism or whatever are corrupt because they are fundamentally based on people following the commands of their supposed superiors.

Consider the Imperium that you, yourself, are. "You" are composed of billions of cells in a constant state of warfare with alien enemies. Every breath you take opens the fertile fields of your lungs to enemy encampments. Each heartbeat transports chemical weapons to the Front throughout your body. To the living organisms in your body you are more than Caesar - you are Gaia. A natural force, the Law of Nature, with a will ineffable and inexorable.

moon said...

Damm correct me if i am wrong but this is how i understood what you are saying: despotism is a problem because people follow orders, and what you suggest being the answer to that problem is for people not to follow any rule what so ever. and like the human body is in a constant state of fight and war so is the human society when comprised of people that dont follow any ones order but their own self giving orders!
You reasoning damm shows really how twisted you are and how twisted is the world you would like for all of us to live in.
You are preaching chaos, the total disintegration of human relation, you want every human to be by himself, alone, "independent" as he doesnt take orders from no one, free to execute any of his self giving order with no second thought about the consequences of carrying away these orders, or about the harm that it can cause to others!
you are preaching anarchy, the opposite of harmony.
you see why i dont like you, at all damm. you are not my friend nor body no ma'man. you are doomed. so are those who follow you. to hell demons..out...out...




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