Saturday, December 19, 2009

How do They do It? It Baffles the Mind.

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The truth is a dangerous thing. Even being close to the truth is a dangerous thing. Those who find the truth to be undesirable or inconvenient are usually those most devoted to the proliferation of lies and also the ones who are profiting from lies in a business as usual kind of way. When you get between a liar and his profit objective, you become a dangerous item to him and he becomes a dangerous item to you. We’ve seen enough of how the goose-stepping status quo goes about its daily affairs. Your life, your welfare and your head, provide a soft cushion for the marching tread of their hobnailed boots.

As usual, there is a plague of lawyers at work to create a comfortable distance between the fools who want the truth and the venal, Armani-suited footpads who prefer the rewarding environment of lies. The internet has been a scrotal itch for the godless scum who have appointed themselves as our leaders. They’re working on doing something about that. Well, I guess that means that I-and hopefully you-will do something about that. Here’s what I’m going to do; if and when these slime dumpsters like Jay Rockefeller and the rest of them, that don’t like hearing the truth about their evil machinations, pass their snarky laws and you can’t get these essays, I’m going to email them to you. You’ll get them as a word document, a PDF or a screen capture. Then you will email me your comments and I will put them up.

If they go to work on Gmail, you can email me at or or or some dotted com that will keep appearing at a new location and... I guess that takes care of that. I want to alert every blogger to this method of ‘sideways round the septic tank’ and I am sure there will be many other, even more ingenious ideas coming along. There is no one more stupid than a power hungry, greedhead who thinks himself clever. Their scene is falling apart. They can see this but they don’t get it yet. I’m not a Shadenfreude kind of a guy but I will admit, on behalf of the human race, I take a certain amount of pleasure in watching these parasites try to compromise the universal system, now that the head engineer has awakened from his nap and is having his morning coffee at the control board.

If you ever had any doubt about what kind of a Gollum, Bwak! Bwak! Obama (rhymes with Osama) is, you need only read this. I don’t know if they are charter members of the ‘Church of Satan Internationale’ or whether they are members of the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ in Israel or whether it’s some branch association like The Son’s of Cthulhu. I don’t care if they’re wearing Love Boat captain’s hats on ‘The Ghost Ship Scientology’ and I don’t care how many gratuitous medals adorn their chests or how much braid they have coming off their shoulders, so that they look like the doorman at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel. I don’t care if they’re lifetime members of Boys R Us over at The Vatican and I don’t care how much smegma- epoxied, wind tunnel shaped, hair they’ve got as they call the Schmoos to Jesus in some mega-church, money machine complex. Their time has come.

I’m not going to call for their heads, though I suspect that others will. Given the power, I would humiliate them but it would be for their own good. I’ve no hesitation about ending someone’s stay here on Terra under certain circumstances and I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. We all know what those circumstances are. There are times when you have no choice and times when innocent lives are at stake in the exigency of the moment. I’m not looking for such opportunities but some of us do encounter them. My relationship with the ineffable precludes this at the moment and it is my hope that that continues.

I must say that it astounds me when I watch these people lie and press on with their lies and evil deeds, even when their lies are exposed all around them. I try to understand what it must be like to be capable of this but I cannot. I think about the men and women who send other people’s sons and daughters off to die in foreign lands, for the profit of bankers and their associates. I can’t imagine how one gets to a state of such callous indifference; this desire for the fruits gained upon the torment and deaths of others. I pity them. I really do. I would not want to walk that road they are on. Have they no consciousness of where it leads? I do.

I’ve thought about what I believe in and what I try to stand for. I’ve looked at it with some amount of extended attention. I don’t behave as I do from fear of the consequences. God knows, I’ve danced with my passions and I don’t look back upon that with regret. I don’t buy into the ‘accept Jesus or go to Hell’ cartoon. When you meet the divine personally and... anyone can, if they make it the single, most important concern in their life, you find out that... although certain literal scripture may be true, as far as it goes, it is not to be understood literally. I’ve broken laws, without thinking about it and for which I also have no regrets, when I found them to be bad laws. Looking at my personal course, I would have to say that I behave as I do because it’s the right way to be... as far as I am presently able to understand it.

I’m not the smartest, most well read or informed person on the planet. I suspect it is possible that some of these men and women I am speaking of are a lot smarter than me and may well have read more books. They certainly have access to information that doesn’t get CC’d to me. How can you know that you are lying and wrong and hurting people with every move you make and keep at it? You have to be made differently. How can you pass a hungry person or animal as you go and feel nothing but contempt or impatience to get where you’re going so that you can hurry up and wait? Something hardened your heart and something is driving you. You think you are doing the driving but you are being driven, that’s clear enough to me. You may be smarter than me but you don’t know where you’re going and I can see it without difficulty.

What is it that compels a man or a woman to seek the approval of people who don’t care about them? I find that so perplexing. How can one be inspired to curry the favor of people who despise them? How can you sell your soul and your ass for money and power? Are not your soul and your ass of more value, literally? How can you seek the favor of demons while you expose yourself to the wrath of the immutable and the memory of the people? There’s an old phrase that I remember at oft times which goes; “Be nice to the people you meet on the way up because these are the same people you will see on your way down”.

These Pauley Shores of the various material realms just don’t see the natural cycle of the hidden side of Nature. It’s not all that hidden but then again it is. They have seen countless others walk the very same road to ruin but they’re not impressed. Sure, a lot of them die in bed I suppose and live to an unpleasantly ‘ripe’ age but what do they live with within? How do they die and where do they go? I’m thinking that they will think about that later. Later is coming into the Now. We are approaching the Now. Time and the perception of it are in transformation. We are coming up upon a quantum state at the crossroads of time. I am concerned with my various, smaller shortcomings and they... they are seemingly unconcerned by the magnitude of their own. It never fails to give me pause when I see them in action.

As I have said, more than once, there are so many of us who think we are all doomed. Others think that, no matter what happens, ‘they’ will continue to get away with it. Some people think flying saucers are going to come out of the sky and some people insist there are no flying saucers. Some people expect The Mahdi or Kalki or the returning Christ. If it is this last then I am confident this personage will manifest according to each system of belief. As for the rest I am convinced it all exists somewhere. If the mind can conceive it, it is possible. Make peace with yourself and serve as you can.

I can’t tell you why I am so sure that these brigands will have their hour in the dock. I’ve been told this in no uncertain terms but... maybe it was a hallucination? Even though it happened over and over again in the same way across significant periods of time? We’ll see. In the end, when I look upon these clueless, deluded miscreants, all I can say is, “There but for fortune go I.”

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Greg Bacon said...

How can you sell your soul and your ass for money and power?

It's easy, if you're a completely amoral person who gets sexually aroused at the sight of gold bullion and get a permanent hard iron thru power.

Death and destruction is their mantra and skinny dipping in their vaults of gold and jewels turns them on.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Les, I don't have schizphrenia nor have I ever displayed any psychosis. But, I would swear on all that is Holy that I have had experiences that one could only catagorize as otherwordly. I think a lot of people have. I think it happens all the time.

Love your writing. Good essay!


Anonymous said...

Les wrote: "Here’s what I’m going to do; if and when these slime dumpsters like Jay Rockefeller and the rest of them, that don’t like hearing the truth about their evil machinations, pass their snarky laws and you can’t get these essays, I’m going to email them to you."

I've wondered for a while why it is that the MSM was neutralized, yet the internet has been allowed to thrive.Huge oversight-or trap? An image of flies caught on sticky paper comes to mind. Anyway, you have my email.


DumbGoyNot said...

Hi Les,

As to why people would grovel to those who despise them, over the years I have known a number of such people, and the one thing I see that they all have in common is that they come from backgrounds of deep rejection, particularly rejection by their peers during their formative years, especially the junior high school and high school years. They come away wounded in their soul and take in unforgiveness toward the pain of the rejection thereby giving the principality of rejection rights to attach a spirit of rejection to them to cause them to enter the curse of rejection, after which they will tend to do things that will cause them to be rejected by others. And many of them reject themselves. It becomes a self-feeding scenario that makes them ever more needy for finding a source of relief from the pain of the rejection.

A major ingredient in the rejection is a feeling of powerlessness, which often drives the person to seek out means of acquiring power, all sorts of means one can think of. A lot of the time it manifests in the form of a vicarious identification with a hero, a champion who always wins at something, or a winning sports team or political party. The owning of guns is another power source, as is the acquiring of knowledge.

Another manifestation of it I see is Christian Zionism. I think that Christian Zionism is fed by the spirit of rejection coming through religious people who feel powerless in thier religious lives and are desperate to align themselves with a power source, and the 'winning team' facade propped up by the so-called 'God's Chosen People' does it for them like nothing else can. I know several people who have sold out spiritually to Christian Zionism and the one characteristic they all share is that they are social misfits who have found great acceptance among other Christian Zionists who all have the common idol. So here again the rejection is connected to the idol and empowered by it.

John said...

I think I am human. Yesterday I got angry at my little dogs, and I still feel bad about it. But, then I have a functional conscience.

Anonymous said...

dumgoynot---I have known many personally who were popular (cheerleaders, jocks), came from good families and were attractive in High School and they turned into "Jesus Freaks". I could give you a big long list. At least a couple of dozen names from my little town alone.

I do believe preparatory school whether public or private is more about creating a division of labor and a social pecking order (hierarchy) than enlightening children. I think a lot of kids are hurt really bad by middle school and high school experiences. Some kids get bullied so bad it breaks my heart to think about it. Most of us high school losers get over it.

Nothing in the human experience is more over-rated than formal education.

I don't believe religion is necessarily a bad thing but people need to understand the difference between what they can prove and what is their opinion.

More power to you DGN as I believe we are on the same side.


Timster said...

Don't forget the "dark web" or "deep web" may be our only hope Obi Wan. You can get to it by d/l freenet software. But be careful "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious."

Pstonie said...

I also hate it when Pauley Shore shows off with his intelligence.

He's such an elitist.

Anonymous said...

While tossing/turning last night I was thinking about erasure of deadmanmusings & how the joogle blogger seems to be shutting down blogs offensive to them more and more frequently. I was wondering, "I wonder if LV has a contingency plan if his 'turn' comes?"
As occurs so often, I get the answer to my thought-question here the next day! Glad to know the answer is 'yes.'
Personally I feel the evil counteroffensive has only begun.
The evil senate just gave the pentagon another $634bn to play around with & when you have more war toy money each year than the rest of the nations in the world allocate, obviously you intend to use it. We just heard Bwak Bwak ordered the b*mbings in Yemen & some in Somalia so this is an ever-widening gyre.Babylon is not going to give up her half of the stolen pie anywise easily. Expect more and wider wars and killing, expect the Iran event, expect a lot. Sauron will pull out all the stops.

Rebel 4E said...

Chiah @ 5:52
"Flies caught on sticky paper"
The Inter-'NET'..
The World Wide 'WEB'..
Sort of makes sense if you look at it that way...

Did somebody mention
Christian Zionists?


Visible said...

Well, finally I'm in a creative state again (musically speaking) so I'll be putting up rough examples as I go along with each one. This was a first take (there are probably certain indications of that... heh heh)

Think I'll stick this over at mirrors too. I notice not everyone leaves there to come here and even fewer go to Origami.... just like life.


John said...

Bravo! I love it. And you didn't even mention religious doody.

(I really like the song and the performane.)

kikz said...

‘I’ve no hesitation about ending someone’s stay here on Terra under certain circumstances and I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.’

I’ve come to the same conclusion/knowing…. over the years. it’s strange to me - to think of the dichotomy w/in that some killing would bother me.. and some not.

I assume a history of generational gun ownership/sport hunting and personal past experience as a sport hunter of animals has weighed in this conclusion although the comparison is only valid as ‘ending a life’. my belief system regards the ‘intent’ behind the act as prime, and that if there can be any ‘respect or reverence’ shown to the animal for its sacrifice - it be carried out as a swift, clean kill - performed in as dispassionate a mindset as possible – the meat not wasted.

never having taken the life of another human, this conclusion has often caused me to ponder and question; the varied circumstances in which such scenarios might present such opportunity to choose that action, my moral justifications for choosing/not choosing it and the consequences (physical & metaphysical) to the connected parties that would invariably follow.

suicide? defense of self or family or country? a mercy killing, a release from the wheel?
as the ‘agent of karmic justice’ for what I perceive as gross injustice visited on perceived innocents? what would happen to the eternal portion of the ‘one’ I killed, or my eternal portion for having killed? would the act serve as I intended… what was my intent?
why should I feel that I have the right to act in such a manner toward some? why was the opportunity presented to me to question, why has no one thought to act as ‘avenger’ to that 'offender' before?

as I have for most of my adult life publicly ‘carried’, I have on rare occasion made the decision/committed to the act in self defense of/from a human predator- but was spared taking the action by forces which interceded on my behalf… and which I can not to this day explain.

the nanoseconds of assessing the threat and committing to the act if provoked – hand on weapon - as time itself seemed to slow/freeze - meeting the human predator’s eyes – seeing him visibly reassess his target and move away… evoke a different feling from dealing with the comparable situation of an animal predator…their motivations are at either end of the spectrum.

it’s been said… that we hate without – what we find we are within.
do I hate my inner predator?
in a word …no.

Anonymous said...

My Mother, who seemed to have a saying for everything, was wont to say on such occasions as to some in our midst...If you put a beggar on horseback he will ride to hell. Beggars must have been different to tramps in her book as she always would feed the tramp as he was said to be a "troubled soul", who could not rest and would offer some service for his crust, or few pennies. The beggar I suppose would be of the opinion he would not need to know the periphery of his travel as he would be vying his next handout. So too is it with the miscreant of our elite of all walks of our lives. They are similar to but lesser than the carrion who would steal from the bird-table, the carrion though would do it for survival, our elite will pander to their own vanity.
This is where I have a problem with my own elite who would profess to care yet speaking softly lest they upset those of their own class. Sinead O' Connor would come to mind here as I remember her, as she humbled herself to a doyen of our media for thinking out of the box in error some years ago. They are all cut from the one bolt, and thrive on the accolades which they give to each other in public view for their loyal following. Be they chefs, singers, so-called stars or any in the public media domain, the onus is on them to speak out at every available opportunity. They have for the most part enough education to know how to use the corrupt system wherin they operate to be of best use to those who do not have that voice. We could wish for them to develop a back-bone though.
This is where the scribbler has always been hampered. His teacher was a little too adept with the leg of a broken chair, as she thought it a tool with which to instill knowledge in young minds. The ways of educating people in to-days world is much more subtle. We have the teevee now to tell our youth that sex is love, that war is in reality peace. Our media is the cause of most of our woes. Those whores and their rag-taggle wannabes are teaching our youth that it is OK to ignore the hurt, and the entrails of bodies human or animal should look as such in dismembered bodies on the new flat screen teevee. Leads me to think the teacher with her home hurt and ignorance in the school-house, was the better teacher.

continued below

Anonymous said...

I am not so much concerned as to how those who should be nameless miscreants meet their demise. I am more a tad sorry I will not be there to hasten their exit. No doubt you are right in your idea of there not being an Angel with a flaming sword, or an alien with a light-saber. There is most likely no God coming from the sky, or Heaven. There is no Santa, or Tooth Fairy, and even if there were any of those mythical things to arrive on any coloured horse, it would not make the slightest bit of difference to the movers and shakers of our planets, and peoples miseries. There are no enough's in the minds of those who would follow Mammon, as the first of the millions of their printed matter is but the first rung in the ladder of their Heaven.
As a driver in times past I would listen to the different news some years ago, and listening to the "markets" on Mondays in particular, I would wonder as to the loss of billions on any given day. It crossed my mind to ring different radio stations and inquire as to where this money would go? Needless to say, this was always regarded as a stupid question. Much like the question of, if there are 4 million people in a given country, and their government could give billions to any bank as they "need" it. Why not devise a way of dividing the billions equally among the lesser millions? Why do we slaughter animals for the food industry, only to throw it in the skip? Why do we drive by unused land, which lies fallow for years, and not notice this waste? Is this not why we elect our politicians, because they are supposed to know the answers?
Are those stupid questions I wonder, or is the answers even more stupid? How do they do it indeed? How do we continually elect, and adore those among us to such esteemed places in our society only to be fooled time and again, and yet carry on the farce as if we never are to learn from our past mistakes? I think I will have to stop now as the questions are starting to play havoc with this old brain of mine. Do what you will with this post as it appears to ramble a bit or two.For the mean time you keep well and have a good Christmas if that's your thing, myself I believe in Christmas, and presents if I can drink them.



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add something which I may have mentioned before….When you take your first steps, as a child, you are watched, hopefully by a your parents or parent in my case, but you don’t remember it, well I certainly don’t, perhaps because the brain has not yet evolved to a certain state to remember things so young. Nothing traumatic about for me so I guess I’ve had it good so far, not being bombed out of my house, chased with M16’s, etc….

The soul, so young, so not remembering a past life can account for the reason that some people don’t see reincarnation a possibility, I do though. Everything else recycles, why not the soul? or consciousness if you prefer.

We are such a young race, if you believe we’ve only been here for no more than 11,000 years…I don’t know personally, but I think it’s written in the stars, anywho just my thoughts for this morning. Peace, as much hate as I can carry, I still want peace.


paolocaruso said...

I think over 600,000 soldiers died in the civil war... and who really cared.. not the native americans.. not the politicians, and arms merchants. Just their families.

Look at WWI and WWII, Korean and Vietnam.

Only 5,000 lost in Iraq and Afghan. There are lots of unemployed gangbangers and suburban brats hanging out at the mall.

Their disfunctional parents would be proud to see them in uniform, and even prouder to put a triangle folded flag over the high-def flat screen next to the favorite football team beermugs.

I think we havent seen nothing yet.

Anonymous said...

I think about the men and women who send other people’s sons and daughters off to die in foreign lands, for the profit of bankers and their associates. have to be made differently. How can you pass a hungry person or animal as you go and feel nothing but contempt or impatience ......How can you seek the favor of demons...."

EASY, it must be easy there are so many people that have no problem with this. Many are soulless, they aren't human, no karma, no reincarnation, no consequences. Others were MK Ultra projects etc. They were conditioned to be that way. That's the way it is so there is no point in wondering about it. It is right in our face.

The thing that gets me is ordinary people that join the military. You know, the ones Kissinger described as "stupid idiots that are used as pawns for political objectives." I sold my last home to a man that was a pilot in the navy. He had been to Iraq a couple of times undoubtedly murdering civilians. He had three girls. How would he like it if someone dropped a bomb on his house and killed two of them, and maimed his wife. Does that thought ever occur to him? How about some officer or NCO sitting on his lard ass in Florida directing drones in Afghanistan? Shoot a hellfire and blow dozens women and children to bits. Kill whole families. Is he married, does he remember his wedding? What if the tables were turned? Then we have the chemtrail pilots spraying poisons night and day. Don't they like to see a clear blue sky? Aren't their wife and children breathing that shit along with the rest of us? And I won't even get into the bankers and their ilk.

Who are these military people, Rambo fans, idiots, psychopaths. There are probable some that truly think they are defending the country, and those who are desperate for a job any job. Do they think through the consequences of this decision? Could you become that desperate?

Will those of us who see this despicable situation for what it really is be able to raise our vibrations and eventually free ourselves from the matrix? Is that what Les sometimes hits at? When you are dealing with a system that is corrupt to the core there's no possibility of rehabilitation.

Revolution won't change anything. In a few short years we would be right back in the same boat. Revolution won't change human nature, or the nature of the nonhuman. Wasn't there a parable in the Bible about some demon/enemy type planting cockle in a wheat field? The owner of the field allowed both to grow together until harvest time then he separated them and the good grain he took to his barn. HMMMMMMMMM

Great article Les, I don't see how you can be so prolific. Guess the chemtrails in southern Italy aren't as bad as they are in most places. That aluminum messes with the brain. Do they fluoridate the water? How about GMO food, microwave radiation, EM etc. You are on Gaia, right.


Visible said...

I have certain protections carried over from other times but... I do have my own well and I eat fresh and wholesome food. I don't see many chem-trails but now and then I do.

Anonymous said...

Mac said:
....and listening to the "markets" on Mondays in particular, I would wonder as to the loss of billions on any given day. It crossed my mind to ring different radio stations and inquire as to where this money would go?

You have a lot of questions, this is an easy one. The money never existed in the first place. As unbelievable as it may seem, in a sense, it is all a game. It is like fractional reserve banking or the Fed situation. Let me use an example. Lets say ten people each own $10 of stock in company XYZ. Two of these people trade their stock back and forth, each time paying five dollars additional for the stock. Eventually one of the traders paid $50 and owns the stock. The remaining eight who still own XYZ at $10 check their financial paper and see the price of XYZ is $50. (the stock quote reflects the price of the last shares sold) They feel great, look at all the money they made. (Get it, no additional dollars were created) The same principle is in play on the downside.


Origen the heretic said...

Season's greetings to one and all, and may God's light shine on your paths henceforward.

I've been saying for years, and several times on these blogs, that you can't have a police state and a free press. Well, we've got the police state so the last vestige of a free press has to go. However, there always remains some form of communication among those who are courageous enough to try to remain free e.g. samizdat. But I've gotta ask ya Les, don't you think they'll shut down your email? And probably you too if it comes to that.You, along with everybody that reads you are A1 candidates for re-education and/or death camp. That's one point where I'll be happy to use deadly force. I'm not worried about it, because I believe, along with Les and others here, that God's got the situation under control. What will be will be, and I can hardly wait for the next installment.

And, as always, another superb article. You really have a way with words fella.

Rev. John

Visible said...

It so happens that some things can't be shut down except by the administration of that particular agency which employs the subject in question.

Certain forces have whatever sway they have within their filed of operation. It doesn't extend into other arenas.

and merci.

Anonymous said...

so we let them stumble
keep our peace
watch them trip
over their own greed
playing games
with mother earth
who do they think
they really serve
a harsh lesson
going to learn
thinking you are high
things always turn
come back to earth
join as an equal
come back down here
join with the people
we are all trying to
live our lives
all of us dreaming
of some paradise
but elite yours is infected
with the want of material
to you everyone is just inferior
me all I want
is to see everyone the same
full of love
living their life
in truth not in shame
everybody is the same underneath
dont matter what race
or creed or belief.


Anonymous said...

Being confined to a lip reading of the internet will have its advantages. While looking at the art in general and what the thinking could be in the creation of genius. I came across the work of Repin who was a Russian artist. His idea of the Barge Haulers of The Volga would tell how times change little in the order of humanity. It would I think tell us of the great order and perspective.
Fud, this is actually one of the greatest mysteries of mankind in the scribblers thinking. The moment you printed $10 you lost me. When a student full grown (if there be such a thing), encounters the "sums" of his childhood which would be beaten into him, he would gladly shun figures of the written kind. Thankfully it also gave me a disregard for counting money, so it would appear every cloud would have a silver lining.

Anonymous said...

true natures sounds
flood inner eye
flowers sprinkle
through the mind
goes her way
does natures job
but lots of people
hearts and minds
switched from true care
so mother nature needs
our help
she teach's us
love all
and the self
unite us
in the family
of all the stars
of all we see
old mother nature
I do trust
old and wize
I feel I must.


Anonymous said...

Obviously, it's not just "greed" driving the "people" pulling the strings.

The people in the drivers' seat here are Jewish supremacists.

Yes they are greedy, of course, but they're also bloodthirsty and perverted and power hungry and they just seem to generally enjoy causing others to suffer.

In other words, they're pure evil and/or insane (if there's even a difference between the two when you that extreme end of the spectrum).

I don't think a rational, morally competent person such as yourself can even fully imagine what these creatures are capable of.


Anonymous said...

A couple of things have sort of 'come' to me in the last short while.
First one, in the last couple weeks - is that its very possible that developments could just keep on appearing increasingly outrageous, whacked, bizarre, 'novel', blatant, and absurd - onward daily through the next 3 years till 12/21/12. Things could proceed like this WITHOUT a major transforming turning point or apocalyptic intervention, during that time, or to suddenly halt the insanity and omnicide.
Just a thought/perception in the vein of "I don't know".

The other thing, from the last couple days (and this coming along with finding myself processing a shitload of ancestral DNA) - is, along with the blatant uselessness of all "leaders"/globalism-bullshit, and the accompanying disenfranchizing of most sentient beings and life forms, through the Copenhagen 'tamasha', and along with the recent revelations of both scientists and Yupik shamans noting the Blue Whale Death Songs happening since 2002 (signalling the final 10 years of this 'life-reality'), and along with the fact of the 120 species/day extinction rate - what I "got" hard was the sense that what I need to do is just get down and proceed with the grieving process regarding this Planet Earth, because that just may possibly be what we're lookin' at, Her staring us in the face. It's been, for the most part, a fucked up experiment. Humanity just couldn't ever get itself out of the (divinely ordained) "nobles-serfs" program.

FWIW. I don't know.


Anonymous said...

In regards to your thinking that some of them may be smarter than you....

That may be true, BUT only from a materialistic angle is it true.

In all other regards, especially big picture cosmic, they are not smarter than you, and are obviously much more stupider than you.

They are given visual examples on a daily basis, of their accomplice's downfall on an almost regular basis, bernie madoff comes to mind, vince foster springs to mind secondly.

And those are just the public ones.

And yet with blaringly obvious examples like those they still play on that side of the fence.

All spiritualality aside, and just working from simple logic (a trait of being smart), it is pretty obvious it is really really bad to go that deep into the negative....and yet they all do.

Smart entails knowing where the line is between "I can get away with just so much" and "oops I just stepped in sh*t", and it's obvious they stepped in it quite a while ago, with no sign of backtracking.

Just one of your blog posts equals more "smart" than all of them could collectively muster in their lifetime.

If there are any smart ones, they are the ones who have already jumped ship and severed all ties with / to them.

tom said...

they're psychopaths and they're as alien to us as we are to them.

Anonymous said...

You misunderestimate your talent for jazz!


Anonymous said...

on adventure
here we go
through the jungle
beast has shown
lets go quick
lets give chase
watch a mongoose
he fear no snake
track it under
when its circled
crack the thunder
lightning strike
four winds roll
living river
raw with soul
from inner sky
sun and wind
from inner earth
nature sing
hunters prize
beast goes down
new peace rise
in the crown
back to earth
to new work
new dawn
of the day
of rebirth.


Anonymous said...

with butterflys
and flower essence
humble peace
is in alls presence
he walk the path to
shine the sun
the living force
of everyone
with powerful
old peace shake
vibrate the waves
of inner lake
mother nature
does her work
inner eye
she clean the dirt
so the mighty sun
can shine
harmonize the
heart with mind
eternal river
of the flow
the star the sun
the four winds blow.


Hank said...

"I can’t imagine how one gets to a state of such callous indifference; this desire for the fruits gained upon the torment and deaths of others. I pity them. I really do. I would not want to walk that road they are on. Have they no consciousness of where it leads?"

I see it every day on the 'news', in movies, adds for video games and so on, but I too cannot imagine what it must take to be 'them' and do what they do.

How can someone create and dedicate themselves to an industry who's only purpose is to devise new and better ways for people to kill each other. How can one be part of a government who helps perpetuate such an industry, by creating the wars in which these industries make fortunes supplying arms to both sides.

Seeing the truth is a one time event. That is to say, once you see the truth, see humanity for what it is, you have seen the entire history of humans. Like a collective manic depressive, humanity is locked in a pattern of behavior that creates the same disaster, over and over and over again.

Being appalled or shocked or amazed by every new revelation of human moral deprivation is not going to get us where we need to be, I think. Seeing the truth is the first crucial step, but it is only one step.

Being a mechanic, I am always trying to determine how things work, and with things mechanical I have a gift. Determining how humans work if far more difficult, but knowing that we are just bio-chemical mechanisms, I am compelled by my nature to do so. All mechanisms have what I call a trigger. That is, the one part that makes the whole thing work. That part, that if you alter it, makes the mechanism do something else.

So I look at humans and try and determine what the trigger is. What is the one thing that, if you control it, gives you control of the whole thing. What is that one thing that can completely over rule reason, and cause people to look at what is, and not see it. What is that one thing that the psychopaths manipulate in order to control the masses of humanity.

Fear. More to the point, fear of death. Fear is that one thing that if you control it you control the whole thing. It is what the psychopaths use to control the masses, and to varying degrees, we are all subject to it's effect. It is only when one loses their fear of death, that they are truly free of manipulation. I have come to the realization that my entire search for truth and the meaning of life has been in an effort to overcome my fear of death. I have thought that if I could determine our reason for being, or who or what created us, that my fear of death would disappear.

I do not have the answers to those questions, but my search has not been in vain. There have been moments where my desire to know has been greater than my fear of the unknown, and in those moments I have been touched by something beyond my ability to relate, and have been given a knowing. Like the wind in your face, I cannot explain what it is, but I know it's there. It is where I came from, and is where I will go when death comes.

I cannot say that I have overcome completely my fear of death. Being human, I am not certain if that is possible, but it has been reduced to a fear of dying. Like a visit to the dentist. An inevitable pain that we feel better about when it's done.

I do know that the psychopaths no longer have sway over me. Their lies are no longer hidden. Their intent no longer clouded, and it is I that control my fear. They can deliver me nothing that is not coming anyway, and I will not let them take credit for the inevitable, or the staying of it. I am, and have ever been in the hands of the creative force, and my life will go where it leads, but I will hope that my visit to the dentist won't come for some long time. Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

As to the questions of several writers in this comment section who inquired about what happens to money when the marketprice decends, I believe I know the answer.

In all speculation markets... either in stocks or commodities, there are "long"&"short" buyers. A long buyer are those who are betting a stock or commodity will rise and they expect to profit from that rise.

On the other hand there are just as many who wager the stock or commodity they are watching will fall. Those who are betting on falling prices are called short buyers. A person who "shorts" the market buy put options on those stocks or commoditites, such as those who bought put options on Eastern Airlines on 10 Sep.2001.

Either way... money is made both ways.

Another commenter mentioned chemtrails.

I believe that the dark force's Chemtrail program is failing; as more and more people around the world are building and deploying Croft type chembusters (CB's) in their home regions. The chemtrails are still being laid in most regions, but the hundreds of CB's deployed are effecting the negative effects into positives, and the trails do not stick over the areas protected.

I have built and deployed three cb's thirty miles apart in my home region and we are not negatively affected as much as others who have no protection.
Namaste...Oliver in GA.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Out of the Darkness and into The Light..

Anonymous said...

Les, It does baffle the mind and everyone else, until the ah-ha moment arrives. Remember the stolen auschwitz sign.... Check this out.

m_astera said...

A thought I had the other day, is one willing (or doomed) to believe as many lies as they tell?

Is one doomed to tell as many lies as they believe?

Who is ready for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but; not just to know the truth about others, but to have all others know the truth about your self?

If some you have despised were revealed as worthy of great respect, if your heroes were exposed as liars, cheats, and thieves, could you handle it?

People get ready.....

Anonymous said...

A bad week for "wag the dog" PR firms....

Anonymous said...

They Demand!!!!!!!!

m_astera said...


It appears the greatest trick and most desperate ploy of those bent on destruction is to convince us that we are all just helpless animals in a cage, waiting for the next painful shock that we cannot avoid. That is what the fears of Earth changes and prophecies of doom and the financial collapse are at root: just another painful reminder to prove to us that we are helpless animals descended from apes. That is what the "evil sinner" lie is all about, and the threats of hellfire and damnation. That is what all of the suffering and the wars and the fear of atomic warfare are about and have been about, to keep us from finding out who we really are: That we have, within us all, that same divine spark, and that we can connect to and use the powers of creation for the betterment of all. We can change it all in the twinkling of an eye.

We need not beg the false gods they have set up. We need only to remember who we really are, and take back to ourselves the divine heritage and nature that is rightfully ours from our creation. The evil ones cannot access the power of creation. They cannot, for they are not creative. The powers of creation are not given to those who worship destruction.

We are divine beings incarnate in this human instrument; we are not helpless animals, and the evil ones know they are in big trouble if and when we figure that out.


I know there is a new world coming, and I know it is real. It is not the world of horror of the New World Order. It is a place of great peace, beauty, and abundance for all. I have walked the country lanes and seen the blue skies and talked to the happy people. It is real. It is coming. And it is no other world than the one we are on right now. Do not fear the Earth changes or the warmongers or the chaos. We need not let the dark and the evil destroy our beautiful home. The forces of darkness cannot access the love, the vision, or the powers that we can. Their path is the rot of decomposition, the path of de-evolution, the downward spiral of destruction. Their rot can only thrive where there has not been sweet fresh air and the light of the sun. They are not who Terra Earth is. They are not who we are. We are the gift of Creation. The powers of Creation belong to us. They are our birthright.

All have heard or read "As above, so below". Now hear the whole passage:

From the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus:

"As above so below for the performance of the miracles of the one thing."

This is how it is done. You wish to change what is happening here? Change it the same way our Creator brought forth the Universes: See it done. Feel it done. With breath and gentle focus, knowingness, and love. Know it is done. Hold the Earth in your loving hands; see her healed and perfect. In your mind, see her bathed in that ultraviolet light a little beyond what our human eyes can see, the blue light that cleans away harmful things. With your breath, gently blow away the veil of darkness that now shrouds her glory; see that darkness disappear into the void. Hold the vision of your own place in this new world that will be ours; see what a beautiful place she is. Let the love in your heart go out to her who has given you so much. Know it is so.

This present mess must fall apart because it is too broken to fix, but we get to decide what it will become. Let the broken useless harmful things fall apart. Let them fall, while holding joy and anticipation in your heart. Preserve what is worth preserving. We are those actors with the vision and the talent to stage the new performance. If you are feeling the pain of this world, then comfort her, see her vibrantly whole. Yes there will be chaos, but none of the grand cataclysmic destruction is needed. Out of the chaos will come our chance to create the New Earth. This is what we came here for.

"As above so below for the performance of the miracles of the one thing."

Love I You Greatly

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

m astera---simply a beautiful piece of writing!

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Play 24 Hour Miniature Golf at Auschwitz.

Anonymous said...

Les you ask the deepest questions. I fear youre wish to see an end to those most turned by the darker side will only help them and worse turn you? As you have suggested before, all is in order and you need not move outside that order? There is reason for these monsters and beast among us. Wait till one leaps out at you before wishing death as an outcome?
You asked how one can act without a heart or why a lot of people wish and long for "approval of people who don’t care about them." I say you know well the case, we all do? Misplaced love, fear of the self, fear its self, and the need to belong are all good places to start looking at this?
As we lie to ourself we sometimes forget the act its self? This can lead to a world full of lies. Much learning is in figuring this out, and watching ourself as we lie? We live in a world that isnt as we see it, so this is hard, even for the most well minded? When people get tired of this they look around for a reason or group common to the problem. Many overseeers then use this fallin out as a tool for control and power. The act of turning away for the struggle is what turns people to look for lies and hate. None of us will get it right, just yet, so hoping to is too another form of darkness. I believe many that kill or send kids off to die or doing so to take some control over their own death? I know this sounds silly but many times people side with what they fear thinking this better than struggling againist it? When this become bigger than just the ego fighting within, we see social movements ready to do the same. Its not new, the spilting of ones mind is used to support fears or at least keep one from understanding the loop they are in? The best people to lead this darkness and mistrust are those most in fear of it, but dont relize it? Then add in the fact that most people find comfort of the body and mind the single most important goal and you can quickly create beasts and monsters without anything more than a TV, sex, and drugs?
Botton line, if we let feelings take over and forget that oneness isnt going away, that order and peace are the norm, that we live a gift of love and creation, we turn too, to the darkside?

Visible said...


Anonymous said...

Les nothing is "irrelevant." Many ideas are useless to us for as much as we wish to not understand them, but thats not irrelevant, thats ignorance.
I mean not to be rightous here, but your needs and will arent others? The source that lights your body and gave you a will is in others?
We are born with all the love, light, and creation, of the one, all of us, Les. You rightly share your path and well too, but please dont let others become irrelevant. We are all faces of the lord.

Visible said...

I was referring to the points, not the person. I don't agree with the points because they indicate actions and intentions on my part that aren't happening and in fact, never even crossed my mind. I don't know where you come up with some of these things. I try to discover what it is that you saw that causes you to say what you do and I can't find it.

They appear to me to be presumptions that are based on speculation and not present in the text. I actually make the effort to understand and it's all the more frustrating when I can't find what I am looking for and am left with the impression that it was all a projection and nothing more.

I think your time would be better spent treating with actual statements and sorting them apart like the parts in a sentence and then you can highlight what doesn't fit into your view of the cosmos which somehow I am getting the impression is the official view of the cosmos and its at that point where I am left with not much I can work with. I don't know what the cosmos thinks so it's hard for me to tell what the official version is. My experience has been that the cosmos informs me of its position when it wants to.

Anonymous said...

Thats sounds correct, thanks for clearing that up, my bad. I do see your reasoning now, and I have shared "irrelevant" ideas in referernce to your statement and post for the day.
"I actually make the effort to understand and it's all the more frustrating when I can't find what I am looking for and am left with the impression that it was all a projection and nothing more." Great words, and I guess Im working off a projection I created?
I understand you do make great efforts to understand, if not your work wouldnt be so powerful for many different readers. I say you still treat your work as a child of yours? What happens after you write it is not yours to claim or debate. Yes you well support and continue the lines of thought afterwords but others will do what they need or want with your statements and there is more room to learn and watch other here, I say?

My2CentsWorth... said...

"I wonder what our high up politicians get into while ‘servicing’ the country. You know there’s some serious kink out there."

Try the new book, "The Franklin Scandal." It's a doosey.



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