Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon over Gaza

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Here I sit, thinking. Moments ago I was thinking about a Jack in the Box commercial I saw while watching something that included it. Their tag line was something like, “Think outside the buns.” It got me wondering if this was a subtle message for the world to pull its head out of its ass.

The New Year approaches and that seems like something that would go into the Petri Dish, literally. Remember where you are this evening because by this time next year the world will have changed more than most of us can presently imagine. This is the turning point; the tipping point of a watershed year... three hundred and sixty five days worth of All Hallows Eve.

In our last Smoking Mirrors we talked about an exorcism for Occupied Palestine and- on the verge of this New Year- Palestine is very much in my thoughts. So many things that are presently happening in the world are tied in to Occupied Palestine. This is a good moment to trot out the Shrinking Map of Palestine again. Any and all arguments about what has happened there in the last hundred years must include this graphic. This graphic is the truth of the situation and everything else is a diversion or a lie. This graphic is the argument to end all arguments. Nothing more needs to be said. Israel’s right to exist is summed up by this graphic. All of these recent wars can be traced to the mind set that is responsible for what the graphic states. The coming year is going to be tossed like a hamster in a rock tumbler because of the lies that are exposed and made indefensible by this graphic.

Here is the exorcism for Occupied Palestine. Here is the Blue Moon in Gaza affirmation; chant, prayer, invocation... call it what you will.

“Out demons out
Out demons out
Out demons out

May all their plots turn against them
Out demons out

May they be driven from the occupied lands
Out demons out

May they be exposed in their crimes to all the people of the world
Out demons out

May Gaza be granted relief
Out demons out

And may judgment come to the murderer and thief

Out demons out
Out demons out
Out demons out”

Tonight when it is midnight in Jerusalem, hundreds and possibly thousands or even more will turn in the direction of Jerusalem and speak these words with conviction and focused intent. It will be spoken with the assurance that what the words state will manifest. It will be performed as an act of ceremonial magic. This will be followed by a moment of silence in which the speaker believes without any possibility of doubt that what they said has already occurred at the primary level and must now only precipitate down to the manifest plane because it is already a reality in the ethers. Now, certain that it is a living thing, the speakers release it from his or her heart and mind and permit it do its work without further tinkering.

It was yesterday (I think) when I made a comment that was taken personally by a reader named Calico. Calico is a good soul and had left a comment that, unfortunately, seemed to resemble what was in my comment. I had not even read her comment and it had no connection to it. These things happen sometimes, despite all of our vigilance not to offend others unless it’s on purpose (grin). I’m mentioning it because the purpose of tonight’s essay relates to the misunderstanding, as the misunderstanding relates to the something that comes up a lot and I think it’s time I clarified where I stand on the matter. I probably could have made that last sentence even more confusing than it presently appears to be but this will have to do...

I hear on a regular basis, now and again, that Love is the solution to all of the world’s problems. We have to love the Israelis and probably all the rest of the serial killers and, if we do, our love will make us victorious over them. Our love will transform them. Our love will heal and compensate (and possibly bring back from the dead) their victims. Our love will send them into recovery and sooner or later we can all dance like Teletubbies in the meadows of the world. Then we can sing The Barney Song because all the bad guys (who really aren’t bad guys, just kind of mislead or something) will be smoking a joint and flashing the peace sign.

I once said to a realized spiritual master that I wanted to surrender. I guess I was trying to ask him how I might do that. He would look into his palm where he could read about my past lives, my present life and the destiny that weaves forth out of all of them. He looked up and smiled at me and said, “No, you do not surrender. You fight and fight and fight and when you can fight no more, then you surrender.” This fellow was/is the genuine article. You only had to be around him for awhile and that became very evident. He didn’t say the kinds of things that you hear from all the new age oracles. He was very direct and definite and he didn’t mince words. He told me some things about myself once and they have become true. Modesty forbids my repeating them (grin). Of course, the things he told me pissed a lot of people off and made me even less welcome there than I already was. He was welcoming. A lot of his followers were not but I digress.

I’m a warrior. I might not be a very good warrior but that’s what I am. I consider myself a spiritual warrior and I am not the only one. Many of you fit that job description as well. I don’t stand around in a circle and hold hands with people ‘like’ they do. I don’t have a curriculum vitae that includes massage; crystal healing, channeling The Comte De St. Germaine, sand play dream working, chakra healing, interpretive dance and a Masters in social work. I’m not going to change my name to Hallelujah Rainbow Morning. I don’t offer free lectures with a mandatory, suggested donation.

I do have several certificates that pronounce me to be a practitioner of various body working disciplines and I do believe that Love is the key to the mystery of life but I do not have a curriculum vitae that states this. Maybe you can see where I’m going with this and maybe not.

94% of the people in Israel support the Palestinian Genocide and all that comes with it. They don’t belong where they are and their being there is an abomination and also, directly and indirectly, responsible for a large part of daily outrages that may or may not seem to be connected to this. Believe it or not; call The Pope and tell him I said the Earth revolves around the sun... I don’t care. Zionism is a psychopathic, racist cancer. There isn’t any more to say about it than that and there are no justifications or excuses for it that have any veracity or power. It should be against the law instead of criminalizing the questioning of historical anomalies.

Once, I was deep into the Hermetic Sciences and the occult. I even got an occult bookstore so that I could study these subjects all day long and have a job at the same time. The spiritual master I referred to earlier, took away my capacity to pursue an understanding of these things. He just took it away and that was that.

The people behind the central banking firm of Israel which pretends to be a country- but only became a country in order to legitimize a criminal enterprise- are practitioners of negative magic and it accounts for a lot of what they are up to and their success at what they engage in. There are a number of organizations that are engaged in magic for the purpose of controlling the public and concealing what they are up to, as well as accessing power in order to accomplish what they are up to. Many of these organizations are at war with each other. Most of what happens is the result of magical wars. That’s what is really going on. Manipulating the culture by controlling the sort of music you hear; the news you get, the entertainment you watch and the great varitiety of magnetic touchstones in society are all there to keep you occupied and ignorant of what is happening to and around you. It’s just another type of Occupied Palestine with you as the Palestinians.

Those of us who are up for it are going to perform the ritual, already mentioned, whenever it becomes midnight in Jerusalem. This sort of thing works. I know that it does. It will have an effect and it is only the beginning of what we can get up to and Israel is only one of the possible targets for this kind of action. It needs to be directed at other predators as well and it will happen in the course of events. I am sure that some of you remember my predictions post of a few weeks ago. One of the things I predicted was that Rush Limbaugh was going have some things happen to him. Well... there it is.

You are welcome to love everyone and radiate the bliss of your incredibly high state of being to all life forms on the planet. I am quite certain you do not do this sort of thing with any consistency but pretty much just talk about it or present yourself as doing it but not doing it. It’s a lot less work to give the impression of something instead of relentlessly living it.

You may have your own idea about who Jesus Christ was/is and what he taught and what he did. Jesus Christ was a warrior and he committed a number of warrior acts. He is no doubt the poster boy for loving all living things... that was his signature dish. It could be that most of us don’t even know what love is and certainly don’t know what divine love is or how much force and power is in it.

I’ve been talking for a long time about various possibilities of action that translate into ‘blows against the empire’. I’ve talked about not buying anything; a collective refusal to pay taxes (also predicted in the post that included Limbaugh), collectively not showing up for work, putting up 9/11 inside job stickers in public places everywhere, collective sit down strikes and so on and so forth. My friends, we are at war. You may think you are not at war but war is being waged on you all the same. These malicious thugs are not going to come around tomorrow and say, “Alright, we’re done now and everything can become prosperous, equitable and harmonious”.

We have a power that exists in our shared consciousness and unification of purpose that can blow these malefactors right off the planet. We have the ability to beat them like a red-headed Stepford Wife (hmmm). We can roll over them and their nasty little plots like the mother of all tsunamis.

Please do not project on me or make superficial interpretations of what is happening here. This is not about hate. This is not about anger. This is not about manifesting negative emotion through group consciousness, pro-activism. This is about focused intent for the purpose of freedom and an end to bondage and terrorism on the part of the people actually doing it. This is about messing up their plans and working in such a way that their plans backfire on them, which they will in any case. This is about speeding that up and assisting in it coming to pass. This is about taking responsibility for changing what should not be happening. This is a beginning and it can only grow and refine itself as it goes.

Let’s make this New Year the time when we collectively said, “Enough! That’s it.” The cosmos is already doing this. The divine is already doing this. All we are doing is going along with the program. I could say a lot more but I am going to leave it at this for the moment and send you my love and wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year and the welcome of our ineffable host to enter into the circle of pervasive protection that materializes with every righteous thought, word and deed,

End Transmission.......

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moon said...

I hear you laowd and clear..

Anonymous said...

excellent post Les, cleared up some of my misgivings - thank you

Liz said...

Yes, yes and yes! I thought again this morning we are in a battle, and we wrestle not against flesh and blood, sure you know the rest. I am there for the exorcism, doing something finally... oh and Hallelujah Rainbow Morning does have a certain ring to it, but glad you're sticking with Les Visible.
Love to you, Liz

Dave Reed In LA said...

Just a thought about the suggested text (below)

"Out demons out,
out demons out,
out demons out.

May all their plots turn against them,
may they be driven from the occupied lands,
may they be exposed to all the people of the world,
may Gaza be granted relief,
and may judgment come to the murderer and thief.

Out demons out,
out demons out,
out demons out."

It seems to positive for them. I've always objected to the "May..." thingy. This gives them an out - it's too wishy-washy. How about this:

"Out demons out,
out demons out,
out demons out.

All their plots have turned against them,
They are being driven from the occupied lands,
They are being exposed to all the people of the world,
Gaza is being granted relief,
Judgment is coming to the murderer and thief.

Out demons out,
out demons out,
out demons out."

Yeah, that's it. I feel better already. Time is short.

Zoner said...

The broadcast is becoming much clearer, the receiver fine-tuning in increments. I can almost hear the hum of the power source nearby.

Going along with the program finally makes sense, and the price of admission was certainly fair. This one is worth attending. Thanks for the help with the Program Guide, Visible.

Arooooo! right back.


Anonymous said...

right i'm getting ready,see you at midnight israhell time.


Rebel 4E said...

I've never been a big fan of New Years Eve,
or any other kind of forced mass celebration.

This night feels different...somehow.
The blue moon, the collective chant/prayer/whatever..the timing.

I can feel it in my bones...this is going to work at some level.

I have a feeling that some of us may be slightly shocked/surprised at the final results.

Oh! and 2010..."Fasten your seat belts cause Kansas is going Bye Bye!"



Anonymous said...

Hi friends, have just posted 3 images on Mundos dois Sonhos., made at the start of the Blitzkrieg on Gaza which began tonight, a year ago, while the world was watching the fireworks and Obama was concentrating on his golf game in Hawaii.

Wishing you a happy 2010, and may it be a better year than 2009 for us all, especially for those at the end of the gun.

Tonight, when the transformative energies of
Sirius are at their height. and the Maya are conducting a Full Moon ceremony focused on the Great Pyramid, let's tune in and direct send some of that energy to the Middle East for the healing of the region and most of all, the liberation of the Palestinians, whatever it's going to take. For the highest good of all.

With love

Rebel 4E said...


@ Dave Reed In LA

I agree 'May' doesn't seem concrete enough.

How about..

All their plots WILL turn against them.

They WILL be driven from the occupied lands.

They WILL be exposed in their crimes to all the people of the world.

Gaza WILL be granted relief.

Judgment WILL come to the murderer and thief.

Just a though...

W/V - skymoo...lmao!

Anonymous said...

I amalready feeling the build up of spiritual energy! the drums are beating and the words pound against shield. The chanting begins.

I awoke this morning and started doing katas spontaneously.

If you hear a war drum in the background, that would be me. :)


wv: diagra :)

Visible said...

Every tradition I have studied in which uses verbal reinforcement of projected thought all agree that the basic idea should remain unchanged while the wording should be that of the practitioner; it should be tailored to suit his/her preference. Personalizing the message grants it an increase of power.

Kevenj said...

Funny that the few times Jesus became actually militant was with the money changers. Um, where have I heard that name in history? Must be coincidence.

I share your belief Jesus was a warrior. I do not understand how so many good people around me can do nothing about the evil that is so apparent around them and still sing praises to the King.Perhaps that's my shortcomings, but I won't offer a thief a cup of tea before I put a slug up his ass.

My destiny is to fight until I can't and will most likely die, to learn what I can learn and love what I can love and laugh as much as possible. There is a season...and the time for platitudes has passed.

Eye Zoner, I can feel it too.
Good Luck all.

The Blue Moon Gaza Prayer said...

It will be an honour to serve on the field of battle with each and every one of you today at midnight Palestinian time.

We fight not against the flesh but against the the powers of evil in the spiritual realm.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe bar none.

The moment is soon at hand. We will be prayer warriors every one.
God will more than protect every one of us.

'Whatever you do for the least and the weak among you, you do for me.'

The least and the weak among us are the Palestinians. We are not going to turn a cold worldy cheek to their sufferings any more. We are going to take on the beast head on beginning today at midnight Palestine time.

Please Lord, grant us the strength to change the things we can.


Mel said...

out demons out!
out demons out!
out demons out!

now, quick, get out the road!

Peter Offermann said...

Well said.

I'm one of those who refuse to participate in the criminal syndicates governments have become. I live as independently and as cheaply as possible on the very fringes of civilization. I only work for local community benefit as needed. I pay property taxes which mostly just support our local community. Revenue Canada is demanding Income Tax which I refuse to pay. I'd rather rot in jail than legitimize what they do by contributing to their coffers.

I just posted in a thread titled, "Anti-semitism is a Lie", on my forum. It discusses how threats of anti-semitism are used to deflect criticism from the Zionists. There is a related poll and area for public discussion. Participants are welcome at...

ZenHG said...

This will be fun. Beware of retaliation that will soon follow. I'll be there on the fronts too, come midnight.

Mauiguy said...

Wow nice resonance!
comin' quick!

Hao'oli Makahiki Hou Gaza!

Oh, and all you guys too! ;)

Visible said...

The one night I never go out is tonight. There are some rare exceptions. If I am invited to a party which is about as rare as a Blue Moon.. I will go if I can arrive early and stay over. Otherwise I am home hoping The Mikado might come on.

Tonight is amateur night on the highway. Being a veteran of driving in city traffic while peaking on white light acid (and other things at other times) a bus can come around the corner and open its chrome mouth and smile at me... I'm not an amateur. Nor am I fond of playing bumper cars with people who do not see the point of being super-humanly aware when they are on one planet in their heads and another on the road.

I'm not advocating driving while intoxicated but sometimes you have an emergency... or the person who took you can no longer drive.

Remember what visible says, "They can't pull you over in your living room." and it's a lot harder to get into an accident walking from the living room to the kitchen and back. It's not impossible but there's a really low probability.

It's like the guy who noticed the bad case of dandruff on a guy who walked past him. He says to his companion, "Someone should give that guy some Head and Shoulders." His companion replies, "How do you give shoulders"?

By golly, there seems to be no connection whatsoever there. I'm going to the kitchen to get some apple, kiwi lime juice. Hope it all works out (grin)

I surely love fruit juices and we get some good ones down here.

One who's been spanked! said...

It is all too easy, particularly in the world of today, to misunderstand what an "act of love" truly encompasses.

Yes, we should have love for those bad folk who inhabit/occupy Palestine, and all of their supporters throughout the world, in the same sense that we have love for members of our family. With that 'love' comes responsibility. We have an obligation to respond with 'love' when our family members do bad things. Chastisement, when done properly, is an act of love. Spanking, when done properly, is an act of love. Exposing the lies of a family member is an act of love.

The Zionist "State of Israel" relies upon the world to 'give it a pass' on every horrible thing it does as a 'loving' exception reserved for the 'chosen-ites' exclusively.

But America, and the world, have been very much remiss, and lacking, in that the 'tough love' the Zionist Rogue Terrorist State needs has not been applied. Consequently, America and the world have 'raised' a spoiled child which is very hateful and throws temper tantrums whenever it needs to have its way.

The "love" that 'Israel' needs and has not yet received is on the way. Our Father will assume the responsibility to 'spank' the Zionists and thrash them good for all the badness they've inflicted upon the world as agents of Sah-Tahn.

Have no fear. In the 'end' our Good Father will always prevail!

Visible said...

Yes, that power is absolute and the source for every other permutation of power or force and any and every appearance of power. Given that this is irrefutably true is certainly shows what fools we mortals be.

Visible said...

11 minutes to the moment.

Visible said...

here... heh heh

Mauiguy said...

Done and released...

Malama Pono

Unknown said...

BY my calculations midnight in Jerusalem corresponded to two minutes ago. My voice, mind, and heart has been added to the exorcism.

Their crimes are coming to light as we speak. The tangled web they have woven has caught none but them.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. another day another dollar(before tAXE, grin). Ready to rumble! To start whole new day...



Visible said...

Hey Maui Guy;

Did we ever meet when I was on the island?

Mauiguy said...

Not sure if it was Hawaii but I know it was somewhere. Can't shake the feeling...

Hope you have a peaceful new year Les and mahalo again for creating space for this ragtag band.

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!!!

Visible said...

Here's something funny, Glenn. When you said it's done I thought you were talking about something else and it really made me laugh.

Here's a suggestion for tomorrow people. The moon, as well as the oceans, symbolize the collective subconscious. The fish are thoughts.

If you consciously send the invocation to the moon as a repeater station it will amplify it into the subconscious, by passing the conscious mind and setting up all sorts of interesting possibilities.

When I was outside doing a few minutes ago, I spoke as if I were power itself. This is the impression I gave my mind who... heh heh, is actually listening at the moment. This is one of the reasons why you can make all kinds of things happen if you talk to yourself in the mirror.

Thoughts and voices both resonate on the ether, which is a conductive medium. Imagine throwing a stone into a still lake. The following ripples will encompass the entire surface of the lake, even if you can't see them at a certain point. This is how one can say something in New York and have it heard and repeated in Cairo a few days later. We are dealing with something that has amazing potential.

Once I was done with the speech, I then began to continue as thoughts came into my head. I recommend this to all. Once you are done, if you feel the need to or are inspired to go on... just go right on speaking to those who are the intended recipients.

Visible said...


Happy Moke Year to you as well and l'dat. Me... I just stay going or, as they say over here, "Sto"

Mauiguy said...

Funny Les!

If you ever muster the gumption to get on a plane again and find yourself traveling this way, know you are always welcome!

Looked for contact info on your blog and didn't find it right off.

I'm at:

Let me know if I can do anything to advance the evolution (and it can't happen fast enough for me!).

veritas6464 said...

Papa,.. that felt very good, I can feel da lurv. I'm going to burn the oil for three consecutive midnights. I prefer a sustained bombardment to a 'fire and hustle'. Though the minute-men stuff is very effective if it is consistent and the resistance is maintained. I'm going to knock-up a 'Demons Out' bumper sticker logo, I'll send you a look see.



Visible said...

Not a matter of gumption but more a case of not wanting to be Quixotic or Pyrrhic. I most likely will be around there at some point. When I have the money I plan on buying the Old Perry Estate in Hana That will probably be possible in about a year when my long awaited ships come in.

Do you know Bud the Birdman? He's a good friend of mine

Mauiguy said...

I've crossed paths with Bud on several occasions (big surprise, little island!) but acquaintance is the most I could claim.

I'm a contractor here (well at least in name after the f'ing crash).

If you need help on the Hana place I would love to contribute!

Visible said...

I don't make resolutions for the new year. I make requests. I just toasted this new cycle which is supposed to be pretty momentous for me personally... according the the astrologers. so I remind myself to sink deeper into myself and to be more circumspect and cautious in everything I think say and do.

I just toasted the new year with a blend of papaya, kiwi, pineapple, lime, lemon, banana, tangerine, orange and mango juice. i should have added the coconut I see now.

People, let's get successful as a collective. I've heard people say that I'm fooling myself thinking I can have any impact on anything and... well, you've heard the occasional, denigrating comments.

However, I really believe that we can have a profound impact on the world to the degree that we possess the faith and energy to attempt it. Faith, certitude and determination are what we need.

I'm guessing the people who say we'll never shift the power balance haven't read much history because I see the pages of history loaded down with the lives of those who helped to transform their times,

Visible said...

I really miss Hana. I felt more at home there than anywhere I've ever been. I used to live in Nahiku just a little ways from George Harrison.

When you run into Bud again you can mention our meeting. Since you are in that business, you might know Gerald Stewart who used to be one of the owners of Paradise Fruits. I was the Deli Lama there.

Besides being in the restaurant business here and there I was a resident manager of several resorts and worked for a guy named Bob Lowe. Other times I did dinner theatre, worked in radio as Les Williams at KMVI or a little of this and a little of that.

I'm supposing you might know Piero Resta, he was a friend of mine. Well, I could rattle off a string of names but never mind.

I tell people on occasion that Maui was one of the most dangerous places I ever lived and they are always surprised. I managed pretty well but others were not so lucky.

Maybe you know Bruce Stoner? He's a roofer out Hana way and a good friend of mine.

2010-Celebrate! said...

Happy New Year to you Les Visible and to all of your readers.

Let us believe 2010 will begin a healthier new leaf in the history of modern man.

sincerely yours,

Anaughty Mouser
a.k.a. Glenn Dormer (Sweden)

Mauiguy said...

I've met Gerald and Bruce. I think I know who Bob is as well.

Did you ever meet Roland Zeitler? He lived in Nahiku forever and is a good friend.

I've always preferred the windward side. It certainly is the most beautiful on the island.

As far as Maui being dangerous, If she doesn't want you here, she certainly can be.

It seems that she will drag you kicking and screaming if she wants you here (my story is a guitar, backpack and a one way ticket). And spit you out in violent short order if she doesn't...

The Aloha lives on.

Visible said...

A little collection of little verses for this new year and in anticipation of another glass of fine juices to quench my thirst. It's great not to get blasted on New Years eve. I remember when it was a tradition for me and my associates.

The old fellow
Grew backwards
Each situation
Was a return
So that light
A bright sequence of mirrors
Facing emptiness


World unchanging
Beneath the coverslip of fear
Colorful disarray
Magnificent metropolitan ruins
Always in decay
I decry most
The loss of generosity to strangers
And after that
The bad intentions of strangers
Upon their host
The greatest of loves must
Suffer the most
Somehow we reach our dreams
Whatever they may be
World unchanging
Wave upon the sea


In that unfelt region
A cautious murmur
And fell voiceless
Fell beyond the realm of voices
Sometimes in sleep
When dreams release the bounds of slumbering death
It creeps to the edge of thought
To find the mind a memory of itself


I sought you in the dark kingdoms
And before the thrones of light
Chased my hearts beat through
A broken rainbow
Down the stairways of time
Followed the wind
Through a million windows
Poured into a chalice of wine
I was drunk upon the stage of this world
I worshipped you in the image
And the lie
And died for you
In my imagination I died
There was no end to living
Or to the things that I tried
Giving up was the totality
Of all that I attained
And then I shattered the sky with joy
Until it rained


The spirit of God sings through
But sometimes it
Carries a tune


The fool
Looked long and deeply
Into the pool
Where swam
Myriads of enchanted fish
Millions of eyes lit the forest with life
While we were
Light years away
Coupling in God this morning


Graceful rivers edge you have become
The soul of nature in an unknown tongue
The nightingale of love
The softness of rain
The mist on the mountains
The heart of the flame
And I lean upon your motion
Like a wave upon the ocean

One day
We shall all be this way
In the arms of the mother
The sister and brother


Visible said...

Raft of love
ride easy on the waves
You know what makes men slaves
And though you cannot
Force them to be free
You will not leave the sea


Out from the well of black time
Her belly moved
And we
Were sucked into a wet breathing silence
We looked on emptiness profound
And filled the darkness with words
to explain
what had preceded us
seeing finally
from a helpless unfolding dream
how great was the darkness
in which the lights of heaven burn
and how great was the darkness
into they return


Is the cats meow
In the magic forest of dreams


We are
Like two people
Pulling at a door handle
who turn
after a time
to find themselves
in the same room


Under the deepest rock
In the furthest reach of time
God wrote his name
In little letters
In a fine hand
He wrote


Moments held together
By the web of interwoven motion
Like one sad and secret ocean
We plaited fingers
On midnight beaches
In shades dressed
Beneath the light
Of eternity’s half sister
We closed our openings with each other


and around
the infinite bowl
they filled their pockets with life

time met them
and put a spell over the days
coming back to where
they folded up their shadows and
walked into the wall


Anonymous said...

Very nice poem Dog poet.


On a different thread...I wonder how the sheeple will react when the wolf is after there asses!

From WRH today:

Drone Porn: The Newest YouTube Hit

Webmaster's Commentary:

If true, this is really sick shit i.e. the people watching this live murder TV.

Anonymous said...

2010 is going to be the year that the dark kingdom falls.

To a great year for all!

Fruit juice, love it!


wv: Pliese

Visible said...

Wow! You get around. Bob has that nice house on the Hana Highway on the corner ocean side at airport road.

I know Roland. I don't imagine he thinks well of me but maybe I'm wrong. I was off the charts wild when I was there, no doubt you will hear some of that (grin).

I had an Austrian friend named Wolfgang who built this incredible house, mostly by himself on the road to Hana. I can't remember the mile marker now, I think it was 31 or 35. He poured and finished a concrete road all the way up to the house at least a quarter of a mile long... by himself.

He was a friend of another friend named Maria Matarese. He wanted to go to LA and become an actor. Seeing that house he built and knowing he had done most of it himself is truly impressive.

I suppose you know Ed who owns Mana Foods. I consider him one of the finest men I've ever known; a great human being.

Issac Shapiro was a friend of mine, still is. He's a guru now and travels the world giving lectures. I went to see him in Munich a couple of years ago. He's a real character.

I stayed around in Maui for a number of years trying to get my songs to Willie Nelson... a lot of people tried to do it for me too. One of Willies closest friends was very appreciative of my work and was going to give it to Willie when he came back on the island. He died a few days before it happened. Was his name Poppy? He'd been a restaurant owner in LA, owned something called The Great American Food Experience or something like that.

I suppose you've come across my old friend Annenberg the artist. He's got to be pretty famous by now

You might know Anita Hallard. She is a former girlfriend... that wasn't a good experience for either of us; starcrossed lovers.

Deane Mercer?

I used to love to get me those Huevos Rancheros at Charlies. Memories...

Visible said...

I saw that headline, didn't read the article though. I don't spend the time reading at Michael's site like I used to... just read the headlines and the blurbs and move on.

I've lost interest in the great mass of news and blogging, much preferring the empty spaces of my head.

Unknown said...


Synchronicity is working wonderfully. I saw this post just in time to check the time difference and join in.

I broadened this out on my last chant to the whole world.

I love your sites, Les.
I love everything today.

Love to all..


Mauiguy said...

Well Les, you've managed to remind me what a tiny, cozy corner of the world I live in (and gratefully so I must say).

Many of the characters you've mentioned are well known to me.

Thank you for refocusing my attention on that the beauty of the islands isn't just about sun, surf and amazing vistas. It has everything to do with the priceless souls we're blessed to share this existence with.

I look forward to your return. It would be an honor to make your acquaintance here in paradise.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best
Thank you for looking forward. And envisioning victory. Knowing chapter and verse of how things got the way they are today is good, but thinking of what is to come is even better.
Sometimes I wonder-what will the world be like when the bad people go away? The Zionists, greedheads and warmongers- powerless. It's bound to happen, only question is how long it will take.

Visible said...

Thank you Thea and William. The good news is that we are resident in one consciousness which takes care of that awkward me and you thing. That's probably life's biggest stumbling block.

Mauiguy.... isn't that amazing? Small world indeed. I'm guessing you must have come across John Deruiter then. What a strange tale that is turning out to be. There are perks to being a guru and people find these things attractive. For some reason they don't see the downside (grin). My thinking is, if God puts you in that position then one has to have a firm awareness of what's okay and what isn't.

The capacity for justification of anything becomes so much easier when people treat you like a
God. And that's a very good reason to sidestep being made into something you're not as well as a commitment to live without the usual fuckups of money, power and sexual opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Thanks - I needed that. As for them, well, it's midnight when I say it's midnight.

For BH(norhymethere)O bullshit followers like myself, I found this gem today: judgebusters. Another worker bee.

What a New Year the moon is bringing! Great to be among the living, and thanks for the voice-over.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa what's new? Nothing; this just in:

"Change You Can Forget About"

And this is what they do to the heroes of the "home of the free and land of the brave", or vis versa or whatever. No respect intended. If you are a proud American and are annoyed with my total lack of respect for your nation of schmucks - get off your lard KFC arses and earn some respect by topping a few traitors at the Whitehouse and Pentagram oops Pentagon!

The Jew.S.A is dooooomed!

I will be adding Xe to my chantra(grin).



Anonymous said...

It's now 6:15 p.m. New Years Eve, 12/31/09 in Seattle so I have missed the group exercise Jerusalem time. But I have participated in affirmations before where everybody was instructed to do the exercise at the same set time in each individual's own time zone, so it kind of makes it a rolling affirmation around the globe. So I will do my affirmation in about 6 hours at midnight Seattle time.

I also am not comfortable using the term "demons" to describe anyone so I shall re-word my affirmation "Out occupiers Out". I really like your statement that we are not doing anything that isn't already in motion anyway, just adding our power and hopefully speeding up the time frame.

Happy New Year everyone.

Kevenj said...

"The moment is soon at hand. We will be prayer warriors every one.
God will more than protect every one of us."

May the God/Goddess of Peace, Justice and Love be with you too Mouser. Well said.

Done. I look forward to tomorrow.

veritas6464 said...

Papa,.. on a positive note:

“It was curious,” wrote Orwell in Nineteen Eighty-Four, “to think that the sky was the same for everybody, in Eurasia or Eastasia as well as here. And the people under the sky were also very much the same, everywhere, all over the world … people ignorant of one another’s existence, held apart by walls of hatred and lies, and yet almost exactly the same people who … were storing up in their hearts and bellies and muscles the power that would one day overturn the world.”



Mauiguy said...

As detrimental as others proclaiming guru, the true danger I believe, is when one begins to assimilate that persona.

Humility is a virtue for a reason. It's not easily attained and well worth the endeavor.

(take a deep breath, it's just how it came out )

A bit of sincerity and commitment to truth go a long way to avoiding the invisible shackles that tend to accumulate with the pursuit of false fulfillment (the last three monkeys you mentioned).

Ahhhh, a simple island life for me.

A Hui Hou, Malama Pono Brah!


Anonymous said...

this is my first post here. Finally some action. I join my forces with you. The midnight in Jerusalem has past already but next midnight will come...lets do it together as often as we can manage. This is spiritual struggle and we will win it. Each of us has Light inside, this is the real power.

amarynth said...

Hi Les and all,

With blessings: May you have a vibrant and spirit filled new year. May you all be filled with and radiate the highest Love.

There is no energetic hold-over from the misunderstanding Les .. and even in that, there was learning for me. It was a momentary kick-back as the New Age Twinkie song sometimes still reverberates in my mind and sometimes at the wrong times :-) It is so that our words chosen frequently overlap with the fluffy side.

We are spiritual warriors, and if we are not, we need to be now. I realised this clearly during 2009. By nature I am not a warrior, I'm sure like many others. But, saying that, if you are not a warrior, you need to become one, or find another job in this war. It is necessary to do our warrior work ethically, and in integrity, otherwise we become like those that we are battling.

For me, method is method. There is no value to method, it is only how one uses it. For me, there may well be more than one 'son/daughter of God', and I think I am one of those. And in that light, in community with all the other 'sons/daughters of God', there is nothing that can trump that!

The Gaza is not my battlefield but I resonated with all of you that made it your battlefield. I cannot gather the correct intent and energetic feeling-focus for this battle ground. So, last night I spent time in focusing my energy with yours, praying for protection for you, and praying for an exponential increase of your intent as a group of warriors. So, I put some high octane into your tanks!

This will continue ..

amarynth said...


We are a small group that has been investigating and doing some of this spiritual warrior work. Our focus is to the positive, but not stupidly so. Our first 'battlefield' was to find alternative and clean money/trade/instrument sources so that we can create a group of people that is focused on the clean resources necessary for all to live a different life, in tune and harmony with the other side of our human coin, the earth. Most, I think all, big companies have dipped into the illuminati well for resources, but we feel there are clean resource on the earth, or, we must create those. So, our first step was to pray and decree that we find these clean resources and be able to utilize it for mankind to create 'right living'. This prayer is out there in the ether and some things have moved already.

The 2nd battlefield that we have chosen, is the peadophilic methods that the illuminati/powers/principalities and dark spirits use to 'disciple' children. We are going to attack this head-on.

So far we've done our work quietly. I do not have the wordsmith ability to clarion call for action that Les and some of you have. For this, you have my deepest honor.

So, onward to battle. One of our group is strongly focused on integration and considers that each time we enter into battle, we have to give the enemy an opportunity to enter into the light. I am still in two minds about this. I really do not know what to do with the enemy. Kill them? well, we are in a spiritual battle. Send them off-planet? to continue their dark deeds somewhere else? Throw them to the pigs and let them fall over a cliff? So, I am still thinking and asking the source of all about this.

Inside the space of the new numbers that we're going to work with, 2010, my request to the Creator/The One/God/All-That-Is:
I ask for a group of people that spiritually want to join our next battle and help those children that are victims of illuminati/type dark and dastardly deeds. The ones of us that have become warriors over the past year, will do the warrior work. I ask for the nurses, the healers, those that can nurture and 're-birth' the little souls. Those that can love them, and teach them right! This is what I want in 2010.

My 2nd request is that we, the warriors can begin to gather around one platform and become strong in spirit and enter joyfully into battle, knowing that our very species, our spirit and soul and earth need to be liberated. But knowing also that in liberation lies responsibility and we must think and act to right living. We cannot create more of the same.

Aargh, sorry for this long comment... I don't do the writing stuff as well as some of you do! Anyway, if anyone is interested in the next battle, let's talk. Our small forum is on If I get some technical help, this domain is also available to act as a gathering point for battle. Please take this not as wanting to change what Les is doing, simply as an offer of resource if there is a need. And if there is no need, then don't even think about this .. I say this onely because I think there is a need for one platform. Also, if you want me to make this platform somewhere else, I can do it.

Calico (but this has changed to Amarynth,
after a discussion with an angel, that came to tell me what my job is .. I'm still shaking my head about this one - angels are very big!)

European American said...

Ahh, just the right percentage of those magical ingredients in this one. Like cooking real hot on a skillet with no oil. Just grabs the food to it's surface and doesn't let go. The smell of burnt, cooked souls in the air makes the few hairs on my back stand on end.

A quiver in the liver (seat of anger).

moon said...

Just a thaught: some individuals can not be "cured", ie dammerung...foccus on thos who would, ie veritas.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa Visible, I am in such good company here. I love it here. If I am nuts; it says so in my resume, or is that my Sheet? Anyhoo, That calico is a treat or is it absinthe or amaretto? Whatever, and K @12.27ayem - "cured"? LMFAO, I ain't takin' you on babe! I'd be shattered if you called ME 'fart face! LMFAO.

Oh FYI, look who's getting involved
this is the type of red herring that lights up the board at MilInt HQs:

And what's this about?



Anonymous said...

so israel wakens
with a pressure within
rothschild and his ilk
are having thoughts
that make them sink
all that blood they've spilt
to fill their pockets
full of gold
well up to them I suppose
they shut their hearts
and went to cold
the learning of the lesson
every one has their day
myself I feel lucky
I was young when that displayed
to live my life
and find that out
on the day that I die
that the whole of my life
I had been serving a lie
well many men do that
I suppose they are not here to tell
so we rely on the prophets
ancient scriptures and ourselves
the living light always lives
will always be
its up to us to take a look
liberate go free
nows the time for application
there is a job to be done
to work for earth the stars
the trees the moon
and the sun.


amarynth said...

Ha, I have an answer that makes sense to me as to what to do with the enemy deamons .. put them into a whirling black hole! and let the core of creation deal with them.

Anonymous said...

"Let’s make this New Year the time when we collectively said, “Enough! That’s it.” The cosmos is already doing this. The divine is already doing this. All we are doing is going along with the program." - LV

Perhaps we can repeat the invocation today (1 Jan) and as the moon wanes, the strength behind the unspeakable actions will wane, deflate.
Amarynth, your group's aims and actions appeal to me. One of my prayers is that there will be a change of heart in humankind, and that it will see the error of its ways. There has to be.
It's up to LV to decide how to proceed and shape this group. He has garnered a lot of positive energy. It can be used as a scalpel or as a tonic.
"Wandering Minstrel"

Who Are You? - The Who said...

Nina 3:31 -
Nice poem the day after the joint Gaza invocation.

Dammerung -

Do you recognise anything related to you in the following quote?

"It would also be easy to dismiss them as childish and ignorant nincompoops. That is precisely what we have done over a number of years. Our observation of the behaviour of Greenstein, Elf and their ilk led us to conclude that another of their motives, in addition to hijacking the Palestinian solidarity movement, was to distract genuine supporters of the Palestinian cause with ceaseless, tedious and time-wasting arguments that have nothing to do whatsoever with the Israeli occupation, land theft, colonization, Zionism or apartheid. Our position and our advice to others was, and remains: 'Do not engage with these Judaeo-centric, narcissistic misfits.'”

Anonymous said...

I notice their the talk of love
I suppose love is a very vague word
it could describe a number of things,
a bit like an uncatchable bird,
I think the ancients understood
it better,got it all wrote out,
sat down with this love they had,
made maps and practiced,
they were definately devout,
now as a people its knew to us
all though its always been their,
hiding deep within
all the wise men knew where,
but in this time its needed most
its up to us to raise it high
waiting around for some one else
to do it,
is part of living a lie
and living lies is not living life
your true nature you abuse
all the essences of harmony
are held within the truth,
and that feels much better
to go that way
along true natures path
the duty of all men
I would say
to live the truth
take off the mask.


moon said...

Veritas...what is LMFAO??

And greetings to the Monck was about time For you to take a peek over here. Be prepered woriors because "Kansas is going byby" as beautifuly said by Rebel.

Veritas sorry if I called you Fart face..did I? Was it you?? Sorry veritas I didn't understand what you said about "cured"...I might be hapens.


brian boru said...

Hi Les,
I just finished your book 'Dark Splendor'. Quite a gripping tale. I get the impression that you believe that there are really characters like Billy Joe out there. Whether they use evil magic rituals like he does or not, there are certainly people with souls as malignant as his. The stringpullers behind the scenes in occupied Palestine and most of the 'western' world are every bit as evil.
I have always felt confused about the idea that 'Love' is the answer to all of the world's problems. It seemed to me that the only way to deal with the monsters who run the show is to use maximum violence. They respect nothing else.
I read about some of those spiritually evolved people, the genuine article, and they were never shy about using force when they considered it necessary. Pramahansa Yogananda was one who would take a tough stance, at odds with the image of a soft, peace/love guru type, when required.
Not being spiritually evolved myself I find it hard to take an optimistic outlook on our condition. However, I am sure that I could change my view when evidence that positive change is underway becomes apparent.
Best regards for the coming year.

Anonymous said...

I know one thing in gaza today
more inspirational thoughts
it may not feed
the hungary children
but it will
nourish them of sorts
inspired by that stregnth
felt by the poor and disposessed
when times are rough
that inspiration overcomes
the pressure of the depressed
I did hear the convoy got through
but I havent seen the story
any way soon enough
the whole of israel
will be feeling sorry
thinking they are chosen
well chosen to play the fool
playing games to dominate
instead of sitting
in life school.


HistoryIsBunk said...

I do not buy the love thy enemy idea. And most certainly, neither does our mortal enemy.

You do realize we are faced by a world-wide death cult renowned for centuries as liars, thieves, traitors, subverters of nations and responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of our people during the 20th Century alone.

Good Luck loving them. Really.

While you are awaiting the opportunity to shower them with life-affirming love, I suggest you do a couple things:

1. Toss their brainwashing TV in the nearest dumpster A.S.A.P.

2. Try to get a deep understanding that you have been scammed your entire life into believing in bullshit Hollywood happy endings. If you really need to pray, then pray for the reawakening of your long-dormant critical thinking skills

3. Reflect on the "endings" visited upon somewhere in the region of 100 million of YOUR people by members of the death cult over the past 100 years (and that includes all our people who never made it further than one of the tribe's abortion buckets in their fetus murder clinics).

4. Do your research into the long suppressed Truth still available on the net BEFORE the death cult gets the net censored all over the West by all Western governments, which are staffed entirely by a mixture of their wholly owned traitors and venal cowards. The labels "bootlickers" and "lickspittles" come to mind; I'm sure you can think of others.

5. Continue reading/contributing to Truth blogs such as this for as long as you are able.

~ Good Luck. We are all going to need it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les and All,

Happy New Year, especially to all fellow 'blue moonies'. (smile, pun intended)

Love is a funny topic and a strange word- coming from the energetic angle, it really is a force. I am one who would be wary of people who spend their time talking about love as they are what I would call the drainers.

As love is the opposite of fear- those who have the most to fear and who are filled with dread about their own futures and current lives are the ones who seek out love, where ever they can get it.

Love, like power can be taken from you, stolen as can any other energy, force or tool useful to the human race.

Those doing the stealing are NOT human and are seeking what they are not capable of themselves. This love that they require is their antidote to the fear that fills their lives.

Love like power also has many levels, dimensions and types. It is not something to be squandered and given freely to others who are undeserving and who lack compassion themselves.

Because it is a force, trading it away to those who are empty and devoid of emotional connection will only serve to pull you down to their lower vibration.

Our ability to love (use this force to create or solidify potential energy) is what sets us apart from the rest of the planet.

This is an entirely human quality.

All the very best,

April Danann

Anonymouser said...

Les, Nina and HistoryIsBunk -

You rock my world.


paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, Buon Anno a te !!!

Yes, 2010 will be a changer for sure. The financial crisis is coming to a head and they cannot keep stabilizing with their little bandaids on gapping fleshwounds.

7-8 CIA officers taken out, 6 wounded, in one swoosh. Huge loss sends them crying at Langley. for sure.. expensive assets...pashtun trained. They grieve the loss, but the MSM doesnt mention how pumped up the insurgency will be in 2010.

They have just raised the bar for their capabilities. 2010 is going to be very rough going.

Israel will be desperate and will probably attack Iran. It will be a mess.

moon said...

HistoriBunk, if I may, you just said the right think. It souve my heart to see that people are realy gettin it...finaly.
The way things are going we should realy be prepared for what's to come.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you and mauiguy brought back some found memories. When we lived in California, for over twenty years Hawaii was practically the only place we went for vacation. Been there over a dozen times. I can close my eyes and still see that winding road to Hana. We stopped a couple of dozen times, took us forever. All those streams, waterfalls, rain forest. Unfortunately, never saw a menehune. We considered selling everything and moving there. I had what I thought at the time was a decent job in California and just couldn't do it. We talked to a lot of people who made the move. To turn back the hands of time.

I will probably never see Hawaii again. Swore off flying several years ago. Years ago it used to make me feel "affluent" to fly places. Now it is nothing but a hassle. Spread those cheeks boy and I mean wide. Fuck the airlines, let them go broke. Thanks for the memories.


Anonymous said...

bad news strife
the truth has
come to fight
the four winds blow
the wolf howls through
the night
and when the truth come
you'll wish you didnt know
playing about with lies
down hear on earth
selling souls
silly thing to do
you know where you play
messing around on mother earth
picking fights to take more pay
a new year has come
know one knows what it brings
but for sure one thing
the heart of the people
is multiplying and rising


Mauiguy said...

Here ya go Fud!


Menehuni for ya!

Ever consider a slow boat?

And I agree the road to Hana is the most amazing sight on Maui (wonder why they call it work? [hana ~ Hawaiian for work]).

Visible said...

I know what you mean, Fud. what rankles me the most is that 9/11 was done by the very people who are defining and applying all of these freedom stealing laws.

This means we are being hassled by the people who committed the crimes simply in order to hassle us. It's no surprise that Israel would have security contracts at sensitive locations around the world and which also puts them in the position of being in control of what happens.

I take trains now and probably will go by boat in the future if need be. I'm not in a hurry anyway.

I was more or less told that if I could live on the small but reasonable funds which appear when needed that I wouldn't have to be concerned about the basics.

I can see that I will have some amount of money in the near future but I don't think about it.

I lived around Hana off and on while I was there. I also lived upcountry, in Kihei, Iao Valley and Lahaina. It was food for my aoul to be able to walk along the ocean, climb among the redwoods, explore in the jungle and wander in bamboo forests.

a full moonlit night and the means and opportunity to walk on the shoreline and hear the waves speaking to me is as close to paradise as I have been in a material sense.

There were drawbacks. the locals liked to fight and when they drank it made them combustible. The place was over run with drifters on a hedonistic pleasure cruise. There was a huge assortment of trust fund babies and the people who feed on them.

There was always a lot of straight tourists caught in the glitter of the shops and restaurants. There was a lot of materialism and precious little spirituality except for the new age variety that invariably included passing each other around at their various parties.

I didn't jell with the personnel. It's always the case that when something truly and naturally beautiful is discovered that they rape it for profit.

Now, I imagine a lot of people there are just holding on... tourism is the life blood of the islands. On the bright side, you can grow just about anything, the weather is mild. There are fruit and avocado and macadamia nut trees all over. Avocado is classified as a nut (but so am I)

This is The Old Perry Estate which I have my eye on should the universe grant me a boon. It used to be 770,000 and then it jumped to 990,000 and now it's back to where it was originally. In Euros that would take the price down around 600,000

I don't think about it much and my longings have mostly been sublimated or in a file cabinet in the back of my head. Some people would consider those figures to be a lot of money. it doesn't seem like a lot of money to me at all.

It would be so wonderful to walk from that house into Hana proper and then over to Hasegawa's country store for some necessaries. Homoa Beach (my favorite on the island is just 3 klicks from my house.

moon said...

..Les we all diserve to to have a place we call home...hopefuly you will get yours.
NB we are no angles, we human have basic needs, no need to be a communist or a Che to be revolutioniste.


Anonymous said...

We looked at condos in Kihei. I think they were around $250,000 in the high rises. There is a sugar refinery near there and I had lots of experience in the sugar industry in California. Might have been a good fit. A relative had a friend who moved to Maui and bought/rehabbed condos in Kihei. He was doing real good, maybe not so good now.

The Iao Valley was nice. Lots of nice little homes on the road a few miles before the needle.

I never experienced any hostility while I was there. Back in the 70s/80s I used to carry my 45 ACP. I had a CCP in California. Dissembled the gun and put it in my check baggage. Sure as hell wouldn't try that now. They would Xray the luggage, but nobody ever said anything. Don't know if it was legal, didn't give a shit.

"Homoa Beach my favorite on the island is just 3 klicks from MY house."

That's an optimist for sure. I like your style. You have already taken possession in your mind. Now if those Euros will only come through. Best to you Les in this new year.


Visible said...


So you caught that eh? Yes, that is just what I am doing. My only concern is whether the volcanoes awaken due to the movement of the crust. A little less than ten minutes before I go outside and send my support to Palestine and invite the interlopers to lope on off.''

I am quite certain that money is coming to me so that I can take it up a few ticks and be able to provide a nice environment for those who will be coming by. Someone is going to open a door or simply give it to me.

It's supposed to be ramping up now and more and more as the year passes. We'll see but I CAN feel it.

I rely on the divine for everything and it is amazing how it works. He built this universe out of himself and house in Hana Maui would be a piece of cake for such a one.

Anonymous said...

yes Les... you are a *Warrior* not because you talk the talk nor walk the do these things My Brother are a Warrior ...simply because you live it ...
Many a Blessing to you my Friend and we shall see what this new yr brings...

ps: sound like someone would like you put a prettier picture to your mesage Les..
Fuck em if the truth hurts their feelings...should be a wake up call to them..Oh the truth burns the soul when you hear it or see it...

Unknown said...

"This is not about hate. This is not about anger. This is not about manifesting negative emotion through group consciousness, pro-activism"

It's still fairly hard for me personally not to get angry and not to manifest any negative emotions when I read some of the news stories posted on or, and judging from some of the blogs you wrote in the past I can see that you probably share this with me to Les.

I'll just sit there nodding my head in disgust and frustration when I see the media blitz pouring out propaganda about how Iran is being defiant and how the western countries want to push for new sanctions, when I know the facts.

I know Iran has signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and has the right to use uranium enrichment peacefully. I know that Israel has declined to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and has at least 200 nukes. I know that Israel has locked down the Palestinian population, and that they are blocking off any humanitarian aid while they gradually bulldoze Palestinian homes to make room for new Israeli settlements.

Yet regardless of what Israel does, if it be making nuclear bombs, harvesting organs from Palestinians, bombing UN buildings, or even attacking a US ship(the USS Liberty in 1967)- Israel continues to have unconditional support from the US and England.

Its just hard for me to not generate any negative feelings, when there is such a explosive amount of hypocrisy. Yet the average person doesn't see it, because the average person gets their news spoon fed to them by Zionist entertainment-saturated media or Zionist owned newspapers.\

The average person (like my dad) is convinced that there's nothing wrong with Israel, yet all Muslims are fanatics and that we should just drop a couple of nukes to end the war more quickly. To them the word Muslim is synonymous with the word terrorist. They do not know anything about the true Muslim religion, nor do they know the difference between a Zionist and a Jew and they most certainly do not know the history behind the creation of the state of Israel in this past 100 years.

Maybe I'm just being pessimistic, but its hard to stay positive when I see so many injustices in the world to which I am powerless to do anything about.

Visible said...


I'm going to have to agree with everything you say. My point about not manifesting certain emotions was only in respect of the ritual. One has to be in a certain state to be effective with this kind of thing. It amounts to just another form of channeling.

If one gets out of the way and lets the super-conscious pour through them then it has the imprimatur and sanction of the one whose will cannot be opposed with any degree of success.

As for the rest of it, we feel what we feel when we go through our days.

My only criticism of the love everyone routine is that those espousing it do not practice it with any consistency. It also doesn't take much to rouse them to anger where they let the whole facade go; I've seen it many times. It's a pose for them and designed to make them look all wise and suffused with equanimity.

I have seen no more than 2 or 3 people on this Earth who actually accomplish this 'love and serve everyone'. It reminds me of the platitude at the Hard Rock Cafe chain, "Love all serve all". Sure... it sounds nice and it looks good but it's just empty gestures on the part of people out to make a buck and come off on the right side of the equation.

Hypocrisy is the biggest by product of an culture wherever it may be.

I am working on being able to love all as a constant condition and I AM going to get there too but I'm not there now and I would rather not lie to myself because me and myself will wind up in some situation where it gets pointed out to me.

Anonymous said...

I suppose we do
what needs to be done
as it come
when the time come
as it unravel
we'll know what to do
practicing truth
refusing abuse
telling the people
shouting it loud
true information
pierce through the cloud
rise up the people
come on wake
who do you think is
running this place
its time to act
apply the facts
this system we live by
face the axe
it dont belong here
never will
look at the blood
that has to be spilled
to keep the few
starving the many
children dieing
considered enemy's
thats not the way
the road to go
thats the road to hell
as most of us know.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. thanks for that. Cathartic release. I do try to achieve a certain Zen state most of the time, I have to; I am always close to the volcano. It seems that Hawaii is a special place IN your heart, that's nice. I used to feel the same way about Pratchinburi province on the Thai-Cambodian border. Eventually, I had to spend a lot of time in Bangkok. That's what happens, when you get what you want..."If I could get a permanent job here, I'd be sorted" WRONG. Shangri-la becomes downtown Sydney, all the same issues with rent and electricity and bosses etc. It's funky for a time because the life is still there and you have bread, then the gossamer rubs off and the spirit dies. In the 80's it wasn't so bad..then the pub-crawl 'contiki' types arrived to 'live' with the 'locals' and 'become' expatriates. Teaching English at dodgy language schools to supplement their trust funds for their piss-ups and drug taking. I was one of the "Obliterati" of the 'Peachey Guest-house'. I met Bonnie Wraite there. One day this crazy american women walked up to me and asked if I knew such and such, she had two large bottles of JD. I said yeah, he's one of my best mates, but he's on a visa run to Penang. Well, she said, I brought two quarts of his favourite liquor, I've read both his books and was keen to spend some time with him here at the 'Peachey'(Jim Eckardt; 'Waylaid by the Bimbos' and 'Running with the Sharks', he was writing another one at the time, can't remember the title). She had telex'd him a week before. He would have forgotten. Anyway, I hung out with Bonnie for a couple of days and then she went off to ride an elephant. I went back into Cambodia to cover the start of a new offensive by the K'PAF, (Kampuchean Peoples Armed Forces) I travelled with the Guerrillas, I have never been "on the Government Bus". ANKI (Armee National Kampucea Independant) Sihanoukists. Good guys, brave and fair to prisoners. I loved my life and the people around me, some great folks amid the riff-raff.
Then I got wounded again, and divorced again and then I was sent to the Pacific. By the time I got back to Thailand, the 'Ashram' lice had infested the bars and cafes and the War had moved to Phnom Pehn; have war will travel. PP was cool for a while then the lice came like locusts. "Rock Hard Cafe" (bass-akwards name due to licencing laws) on the Banks of the Mekong. Go figure, I was wounded again and never went back. I tell you what though, if I ever get to buy you a mango Lassi, I hope it's on the banks of the Mekong river at sunset, while we sit on the balcony of the FCCC (Foreign Correspondents Club of Cambodia).



Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

"Feels like Love" around here! Thanks and I'm in.


Anonymous said...


2009 was a year the great veil of deception that Israel has cast over the entire world began to have some large holes appear. Those on this forum know the specifics, no need to go into that but the point is that the Veil of Deception had covered up every kind of Crime and Sin one could think of and on a Global Scale of such immense proportions that Israel must be in a serious panic mode. That means whatever is coming, to my mind would need to be an even larger and more serious false flag than 911. Something that would shock and cause an immediate reaction of Horror even larger than 911. Then I read about a small bit of news in Israeli Newspapers about 2 Mossad Agents within Israel admitted to Psychiatric Hospitals and these agents were guarded. It was clear to me that Mossad WANTED this news to get out via Newspapers. They certainly could have blocked it. Why would they want that news to get out? To my mind, it was a warning to other Mossad agents within Israel and I have to wonder if the next false flag isn't something within Israel itself against its own people blaming Iran. Put that together with the the Zionist Media's story after story this past year of Iran's Second Nuke Facility, Iran putting together nuclear triggers (proven a fabrication) and now Iran's purchase of Uranium. None of these stories has "stuck" and much of the World is catching onto Israels Propaganda. Just how low can they go? I don't think I want to know the answer to that......

moon said...

I this is how low they can get type of scenario: a Zionist extrimest (again) will cause a catastrophy in the holy mosq of Aqssa in Jerusalem. Ghaza send few home made rockets and land them randumly on israeli setelment.. The zionist army declare the state of alerte, the israeli gov condemn the terrorist attack on the holy Muslim historical mosq (Aqssa), the Zionist army attacks visiously ghazza..few unknown rockets fly over to Israel comming from West bank and south Lebanon...Iran condemn the attack on the Aqssa and condemn the israely retaleation on Palestinians.. The Zionist army extend it's attack to the west bank and to Lebanon destroying all infrastructure in their line of fire...including the presumed nuclear Iranian sites.
The US plays alone but quikly notice the increase on the insurgencies in afghanipakistan and in Iraq (to name few locations)...Syria Turki and the rest of the world will sit and watch inoscent people getting waked and sent back to the stone age...
The rest remains aistery...meanwhile UFO contact keep the dumbed people busy while the world fall a part..
Interesting 2010 it seems..looking forward to embrass it.

TrollsShillsAndOtherRiffraff said...

Alright "Moon" or "Kheireddine" or what ever other names you are using: You are a fraud.
Below is a direct quote from you from 7 days ago where you make only some very small gramatical and spelling mistakes. During the last week you have deliberately decreased your vocabulary/literary skills in an inconsequential fashion.
My take is that you are many (3-4 persons) writing as these two names in shifts.
What do you want?
Why are you here?
If you are lying - even under a pseudonym - you are an (albeit unwilling) agaent of the dark side.
'Out demons out.'

"Kheireddine said...
Fool you...shouldn't be hard to do when you are by yourself. FYI "Les" is like it sounds exactly: it is "many" and all of the "Les" of the world are not hiding and they are very "visibles".
You should know by now that what ruins our lives are the like of some who looks at the world and people living in it as if they are a prize, a loot for the conquerorNGO take. Veritas you should know by now that the "measuring dicks" game is not in play in this blogg (if you havent noticed yet.


Dave S said...

"Have you done any study of the group known as 'Anonymous'?

They've been pretty good at mobilizing internet users around a common goal. It seems like it would be pretty easy to do a real-time-test. Post information regarding a time... and see what happens. Find a site with big bandwidth and a counter... check the site for a few days previous to establish what an average number of users are at the site and then launch the meet-up. It seems even if most weren't posting comments (if you had a big group, it would be impossible) you'd still have an idea by watching the counter scrolling of the effectiveness of this.

I wonder how many blogs you'd have to post the information on before it went viral?

I think this is possible, but I'm pretty dumb about the way computers and the internet work, so I might just be blowing smoke out my keister.

Dave S"

reenie said...

5 pm east coast time

Out demons out


till success

Love all of you and best in 2010


Zoner said...

When engaged in a battle, who has the advantage - the one who is enraged and driven by anger or the one who has control of their emotions and is in touch with all faculties? I believe anger has a function, but cannot be the main motivational force. Sure, it can lead to big drama and lots of noise, but can it be sustained? Is the goal to get supercharged and burn up all at once in some sort of "blaze of glory" scenario? Who wins then?

This is a different type of battle than what most may have experienced I think. The power utilized here is not our own exclusively, if at all. Are we not simply asking to become a vessel for energies to manifest through us here rather than working up some kind of "hate bomb" that we hope is passed on by another agency?

I guess I don't know, really.

I'm not a BA or martial artist. I have unfortunately been thrust into battle with other individuals and know what happens when everything goes red and control is lost. It is never a good thing, whether the battle was "won" or lost. Nothing good has ever come of it.

Just $.02 from someone who wishes to keep anger(fear) at bay and still become worthy of the title "Warrior".


Edna said...

hi, i think the various anonymouses are different individual, not a group. But something I sent out via e-mail was also posted by someone (not me) as anonymous. I refered to the Maya who were doing a full moon ceremony focused on the Middle east on 31 dec (the Great Pyramid) and also the planetary aspects, especially Sirius, at it's most powerful as New Year arrived, and asked the big group f people who received the e-mail to join in with the Maya in spirit, focusing their energy for the liberation of Palestine. Will post one person's feedback in the next comment so this is not too long.

Edna said...

Friday, 1 January 2010
Happy New Year Edna! :))

I thought you would be interested in hearing some feedback from yesterday. We had some family staying over, so before they arrived I thought I would tune in, in the morning before the chaos and fun started.

It was incredible. The overwhelming energy of love and innate wisdom that had tears of bliss running down my face. I saw an Egyptian figure which I initially felt was Isis but when I checked it afterwards in my book, the head I saw didn't have the horns or disc. Perhaps it was me ... I know I have had a past life as a High Priestess there. But it was just a beautiful feeling being amongst the stone, and the sensation was one of oneness with the stars and Universe ... so different to the separateness of life today. It was so beautiful looking up at the stars in the sky and knowing... the wisdom, understanding, oneness of the Universe and its star systems. At one point I saw you and me on the ends of a the base line of a triangle and the energy surging up through the point and out into the Universe. I saw the Cheops pyramid vibrating with light, and actually lighting up layer by layer until it vibrated so fast that it just shimmered and floated. I felt that I connected with a part of myself that had been missing and brought back some of that knowledge into this life. Lets see!!

I have to admit that by the time moonrise came, I had had a couple of glasses of wine, but I tuned in anyway. I sent my love to the pyramid and the energy was just as beautiful and strong as before. What was really interesting was that at midnight we were all on Copacabana beach and exactly as New Year arrived ... the full moon appeared! The moon stayed visible for a good 10 minutes, despite the cloudy sky and huge amounts of smoke generated by the fireworks, which made them invisible to us!!
…This year already feels so different and I am so excited about the months to come…

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Edna said...

Just one last thing :) the timing for getting the demons out could not have been better than new year's night because it was that night EXACTLY a year ago that the blitkrieg really got under way, and they invaded Gaza with their tanks after bombing from the air the the week before that.

I did the thing at moon rise more generally for the Middle east and then again at midnight local time very specifically for Palestine...with fireworks going off in the sky above us.

I was much more tired than usual the next day and I still feel sleepy, and I didn't have a particularly late night or much to drink on NY at all.

Anonymous said...

with you on that zoner.

Anonymous said...

israel you went and done that
I didnt think you would
at least left it
just a while longer
I was misunderstood,
why did you do it,
every one know's your
big and tough,
with unnatural abilities
to practice hatred
and spill blood,
what made you do it,
it just make's you look more low,
or maybe thats your game
make a live horror show,
do you really think
thats a wise decision
slowly going insain,
I suppose thats up to you
if that is your aim,
dont expect me not to say
anything or to portray,
the little people
are getting angry at you
and the elite
are the ones to blame,
its not hard to tell
sucking away society's good
you could never rule the world
by killing people
and cutting down woods
psychopathic decisions
lead to a psychopathic end
what do you think will happen
when mother nature comes to mend


Epiphany! said...

A light bulb moment.

The Vietnam war finally ended when average Americans had begun to protest the war to such an extent that congress members voted AGAINST further funds to the pentagon - so they brought the troops home.

1. a) When the protests against the Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemeni, (Iran) wars in the middle East become so vocal and so loud that the congress members vote AGAINST further funds to the pentagon - they will bring the troops home.
b) The US economy/dollar crashes completely so that the US can no longer finance its armies in forreign countries including the middle East - they will bring the troops home.

2. The middle East war will end.

3. Israel will then be FORCED to make real peace with Palestine or lose its support from the West to exist as a country. i.e. If Israel does not negotiate in good faith for a peaceful solution they will lose their charter from the UN of 1948 and without Western armament support they will cease to exist.

4. Either Palestinian apartheid will end completely or israel as a state will end completely - one of the two.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gurnybog
(what does that mean?)
for you and other catholics at this site -
maybe it would help the exoricism if catholics pray the rosary at the
given time when others are praying for the cleansing ? It might balance out any
possible negativity and i think the Queen of Heaven would be in concordance.
Here's the Prayer of St.Michael
for some additional help :
> > Saint Michael the Archangel,
> > defend us in battle.
> > Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
> > May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
> > and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
> > by the Divine Power of God -
> > cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
> > who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.
> > Amen.

It's used in exorcisms.

"Cast into hell" would cover their destination quite nicely.

Yes, it will indeed be a battle, and those who engage MUST be spirtitually and morally prepared. I recommend all Catholics invoke the name of Christ before proceeding.
This is a powerful weapon you are deploying, and not without it hazards for the user.
Handle with care brothers and sisters.
Peace and love to All,

Cheryl said...

God is LOVE --- God is JUST
There is True Freedom in True Love
Those who FREELY Choose to be Unjust
and do not repent (change their actions & replace with LOVE)
those same people,
choose to end up in a place where God, Freedom, Love, and Just actions do not reside.
This place is called Hell.
It is from God's LOVE that He gives us a place called hell.
When people keep choosing to shut GOD out --they ultimately reach a place where He does not go.
Hell is not vengeance.

*For all the apathetic...
*For those who bury their head in the sand,
*For those who say "I meant well",
*For those who have been successfully brainwashed to disbelieve EVERYTHING except for "facts" on a paper that the "powers that be" have clearly written out for you,
*For those who have been indoctrinated in a "faith" that does not teach ACTIONS of LOVE as a means to know Christ --("Love as I have LOVED you" He said...)
*For those of you who are unaware that Jesus is a warrior of the truest kind....

stop for a second...
think about HELL
it exists --
I don't understand all of the mystery of why Hell was created by a Loving God-- but it has something to do with Love...
so we must Love these vicious people -- with the same Love that allows them to burn for eternity in hell.
That is a mystery-- but it sure doesn't look like hand-holding to me.


Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

Flying in a Cloudbank.

IranIsNotYourProblemWe(israel)Are YourProblem said...

How many people in the Western world know the following facts?

"One has to merely turn back the clock to 1953 when the CIA engineered a coup in Iran to get their handpicked monster Shah Pahlavi inserted into power. That was because the Iranian Prime Minister nationalized the oil and natural gas for the benefit of the Iranian citizens. Yeah, he had to go so they engineered the 1953 coup, threw out the PM that was acting in the best interest of their citizens, and the US inserted a monster, a terrorist, a killer and torturer of his own fellow countrymen at the behest of DC and London.

It is truly amazing what some people will do for oil and natural gas."

Iran is working toward nuclear power. WHY are the US, UK and israel going to attack them? Does nobody in the Western world care about cold blooded murder for oil?!

RightInOurFaces said...

"The US president De Jour is, and from here on out will be a yes man, subservient to the ultra powerful too big to fail oligarchs who control the money and power and are responsible for putting him in the drivers seat. This is not compatible whatsoever with prosperity, democracy or anything else the US still holds itself out as. Here at the end of 2009, the United States has morphed into a bankrupt fascist oligarchy which owns the military machine as a policy enforcement tool, the entire political body and the media. It isn't going to fix itself because the fraud, corruption and malfeasance is systemic. It meets every definition of organized crime and it's all happening right out in the open."

It'sAlreadyHappened/USDollarPonzi said...

"The key point being that the people in control are out to make money and increase their power at the expense of the citizens. Mr Orwell said "the purpose of power is power" and that statement needs to be well understood. These megalomaniac, sociopathic aspirations of ever more power and control by an elitist group of criminals come at the expense of America and future Americans. It doesn't matter whatsoever to the oligarchs because they have property waiting in Croatia. When the remaining wealth has been extracted from America, they will all pull out and the citizens will be left with a rusted out bankrupt hull. I believe the circumstances for this eventuality have already been created, just not yet realized due to the enormous size of the economy and the momentum it has. In other words, I believe it's collapsing as fast as it can although living through it seems like slow motion. When viewed from the future in a historical context however, I think it will have seemed fairly rapid.

The financial markets have deteriorated into a Las Vegas casino atmosphere where the the only consistent winners are the house and the too big to fail entities trading on foreknowledge and inside information shared freely between the treasury and the few remaining large trading houses. The entire system is bankrupt, fraudulent, corrupt and irretrievably broken. The anchor of the global financial system, the US dollar, has become the worlds largest ponzi scheme and the remaining 95% of the worlds population would like a new, viable standard. At this point however, despite any action the FED may or may not take, the US debt is far too large to ever be repaid. It is questionable if the interest payments will even be serviceable if interest rates were to rise, and the only reason interest rates are low is because the FED is using brute force. At this time the only way out without a complete collapse is to inflate away the debt, thus turning a deflationary collapse into a long period of inflationary decay and declining standard of living."

The Main Stream Media said...

"...the FED chose to solve the problem of too much debt by creating even more debt by taking the unprecedented action of buying it's own debt under euphemisms like "quantitative easing" and "debt monetization" and also covert buying to artificially force negative real return rates of interest. Through this course of action, the FED so far has been able to turn what would have been a rapid deflationary collapse into a decaying inflationary depression which is euphemistically called "a recession that is now over" by the six people who control 96% of the global media and attempt to pass off propaganda as "news" to a woefully mis informed, dumbed down and apathetic general public."

Craig Harris said...

"I see a new global reserve currency emerging and a global central bank which will effectively also be a global governing authority where the heads of state effectively report to the group of central bankers and their anonymous shareholders who effectively control the money, power and politicians on a global scale. When the global currency is introduced, only then do I expect a sort of collapse of the US dollar versus this global currency. In this way, the world can carry on while the former global reserve currency called the US dollar will be free to depreciate to a level where solvency is regained and the now unpayable US debt is inflated away to the point where it can be repaid in depreciated dollars. US citizens will experience a continued decay as the US becomes to resemble more and more, a third world country. Detroit is already there. The corporate media won't show it to you but if you do a youtube search on Detroit what you see will shock you."

It's economic fascism said...

"I have lost confidence in the fairness of the "system" where some elite entities are free to keep the profits and nationalize their losses."

Anonymous said...

The Center for Media Research has released a study by Vertical Response that shows just where many of these ‘Main Street’ players are going with their online dollars. The big winners: e-mail and social media. With only 3.8% of small business folks NOT planning on using e-mail marketing and with social media carrying the perception of being free (which they so rudely discover it is far from free) this should make some in the banner and search crowd a little wary.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Creatures from the Black Lagoon of the Reptile Mind.



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