Monday, December 07, 2009

Cliff and George and The Shape of Things to Come

A regular reader, for reasons best known to himself and unknown to me, made a few comments in, what I imagine was, a fit of pique and... I thought about it because... sometimes people are correct in their observations (grin). In this case the observations were off base though because, had he been correct, I wouldn’t be getting a certain kind of input over the long haul. The observation was that I was losing my confrontational edge and playing to the crowd; that I had become satisfied with my fan base and wasn’t being edgy enough. This is by no means precise but I think it serves for example.

This is the cultural blog and I am trying (more than in the past) to stay within shouting distance of the area of endeavor and... if this is a culture, then I am a lab tech and I should be wearing a white coat. Back to the reader’s comment and why I even brought it up. I not only believe there is a divine agency, I am certain of it. It reminds me of its presence every day. Take it or leave it on that account. I don’t care if others agree with me. They are free to believe as they like and... so am I. Still, I hear about it.

Another thing I hear about is this, ‘positive attitude’ of mine. Some think this a Pollyanna condition and some feel it’s the result of my just not knowing enough about TPTB and how far along they are on the road to completely screwing every single one of us (including household pets, plants and livestock) forever and ever, amen. I talk about how the bad guys are going to get theirs and how the whole drama of life is an orchestrated play along Shakespearean lines. It’s also been my position that all secret societies are not bad; this lizard/snake thing is misunderstood and includes both good and bad and is related to the various applications of the kundalini force and that we are not screwed forever and ever. That’s my take and I’m sticking to it.

There’s more but the reader is aware of my positions. I state them often enough and... I hear about all of this too. In fairness to me, the people I hear about it from are in a small minority. I’ve also got a fellow who feels that it’s his job to, ‘cut me down to size’. I’m not sure how he got this appointment but he takes it seriously. It doesn’t matter whether my points are right or wrong, what matters is that I get far too much positive reinforcement from my readers and that’s not a good thing according to him. I don’t tell my readers what to say to me and sometimes I find it embarrassing, probably as much as he finds it intimidating. When he can’t find something real, he’s not beyond making things up or twisting the meaning of something I said for his own purposes and... he can be pretty nasty in his delivery much of the time.

All kinds of people come around to these blogs, some stay and some depart. Some comment and some lurk. Some have questions and some have answers and some have really useful information. That’s a given here, that all sorts of surprising information shows up via reader’s comments.

What this is about is the new "Shape of Things to Come", formerly called the ALTA Report, that came out yesterday, courtesy of Cliff High at Half Past Human and George Ure at Urban Survival. There is an explanation of the mechanics of the ALTA Report here. I consider the ALTA Report to be some of the most riveting reading to be found on the internet. I get the strangest sensations when I read one and I can’t stop reading until I finish it. A generous reader usually makes sure that I get a copy as soon as it comes out.

As I was reading it last night, I kept hearing a gong resonating from one of the mountain tops in my mind as if some guy in a saffron robe was hitting it every time some feature or point hit me. I couldn’t get over how many similarities there were in the things we talk about here and what I was reading there and... over and over there was mention of the bad guys getting theirs. Over and over there was mention of societies forming to counteract societies that have preyed on us for so long. I’m not even going to try to illustrate or ‘try’ to explain what I read. I’m not able to do that. The report costs ten bucks and a better bargain you are not going to find if... you are into this sort of thing and I am.

These fellows appear on the Jeff Rense Show occasionally and it’s a real treat to hear them. You can catch their interviews by selecting from the list here or searching on your own. I see where a series has been deleted from Zio-Tube for terms of use violations. That’s always a good sign. If the Zio-bots don’t want you to hear it then you should definitely hear it. It’s a huge plus that they appear with Jeff Rense because Jeff is a consummate interviewer with one of the best radio voices I have ever heard. He does not intrude himself into the mix. He’s a real professional. I’m sure we’ve all been sufficiently annoyed at any number of other radio personalities who won’t let their guests talk and who often use their guests as launching pads for their accidental soliloquies and rants.

There is something about these ALTA Reports that is so real, it’s scary. I get actual physical reactions when I read them. I can feel a certain part of me, that usually sleeps in the background, open its eyes and sit up from that couch in the back of my head where it routinely ignores the majority of other things to which I turn my attention. I feel like I am seeing parts of something dreamed or experienced at some forgotten time. It isn’t something I experienced. It may be similar to things I have dreamed but my sensation is more than that; as if I were catching a view into the cosmic subconscious where anything might surface at any time. It’s eerie.

If you haven’t experienced one of these reports then you owe it to yourself and this one is the most intense of the lot which I’ve had the opportunity to read. I only discovered them a little while ago and it was over a year before I actually read one. Until then I have only seen snippets taken out of the larger report.

It is seriously uncanny to me how closely it mirrors the thoughts which pass through my mind. I find myself nodding my head and going, “Uh huh... right... right... that sounds right". They are not specific and seldom mention names. They are clear that the predictions might be off timewise here and there. You can sense the honesty of the architects of this phenomenon. They are just laying it out there. It’s also done with cutting edge humor and a sense of drama that will occasionally send shivers up your spine. For ten bucks you can go to the theater and expect, on most occasions, to be disappointed or, you can get one of these and turn the inside of your head into a movie theater and do a little writing and directing as you go and you’ve got your refrigerator instead of the concession stand. It’s win, win (grin).

I’m being intentionally light here because the report will be handling the heavy stuff. I’ve read other reports but this one... this one for some reason had a stronger degree of authenticity for me. Cliff says that this is the last report that they have planned and that’s because of the uncharted waters that we and this world are sailing off into and... I do believe he is serious.

There’s a disclaimer that warns you to be careful about reading the report if you have a weak constitution. It’s not an idle addition. I don’t advertise on my sites and I don’t shill for products because there are very few products that I believe in enough to talk about in the first place. My interest and attention is primarily esoterica. I may talk about politics, culture, the world and what have you but these are not subjects I am naturally attracted to. I’m attracted to what’s really going on, not what appears to be going on.

I have sensed for some time that the turning of this year is the jumping off point for all kinds of wild and unpredictable events. Many things are coming to a head and I can see that perfect storm on the horizon. Given the mentality of the players involved in the state of the world in which we find ourselves, there’s no way that circumstances are just going to work themselves out and return us to Ozzie and Harriet land.

I’m turning it over in my mind. Images from the report keep surfacing and vibrating like Tarot cards in etheric space... like archetypes rising up on the blocks and waiting for the starting gun. I don’t know exactly how they do it but it has a palpable hit to it. I’ll leave off for now and let you be the judge.

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Visible said...

And what besides this "Shit? This is fan. Fan? this is shit. Have Fun. don't we know?

chuckyman said...

Thanks for the heads up on the new Alta report Les.

Will be back when I've read it - and taken a valium if it's anything like the last one(grin)


V word = hepessim (?)

Anonymous said...

This latest one is particularly brilliant. Just to keep things straight, they are not called ALTA reports now. This series is called "The Shape of Things to Come."

The last one led to a stack of bad feedback for Clif and George. I get the impression that Clif wrote this one not to make it easy for anyone to read, but straight on the nose! For those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

It must mean something that I described this report on our forum this morning as a 'galloping good movie script'. Shows the 'movie like' quality of life that we've entered into - Its an illusion folks! Get centered, get real and get right! With the creator, with the people, with your life!

Anonymous said...

Hell no Les, how could anyone even begin to think you would tell any of your readers what to say. Look at my effort for example, try telling someone to say some of my jottings. I have been a reader of yours for I don't know how long, and I would not have considered myself to be a fan. I would have thought more on the line of a visitor to your place, just to drop in from time to time, and have a chat or tell the odd lie. No Les I took a look at the cut of your jib, and I thought this skin is OK. So you keep doing it like only you can.
This post of yours has me slightly worried. It agrees in a bad way with something I read recently as to this being the "last" Christmas. So you see this is a daunting prospect if true. Now the reader could scoff at this, but if it could be true, what are the consequences for all the good and bad which you created about you. A bit like being told you are going to die, but then we knew that anyway. Right?
I read one of the earlier reports this year and I found it a tad disturbing. It would make for thinking as to where we fit in, in all this. The one I read, I put in a file in case someone would accidentally read it. It made me shudder to think of the possibility of the parent getting sick looking at the never ending stupidity of the sprogs of his creation. I thought it written in a matter of fact sort of way, the words speak for themselves. Like the parents, they give the means to do with it as you will. How it turns out in the end is a reflection of how we used the knowledge we were given.
Not so sure if I will buy this report, perhaps it would be better to hide my head in the sand. As some of your posters are wont to say, it would be great to not know, or want to know. It would be a whole lot simpler to just not give a shit, and let the parents worry about all the hard stuff. There is a sense of this being a turning point I think, and I think most people are not aware of the times which are about us. Our lives are about to change in ways we will not readily appreciate.
Hard to figure really when you consider the good people you meet on your travels. It always seems to be easier to recall the good or funny people, or things you have encountered. The beauty in our surroundings, and the choices we made as to the uses we put to the creation which was given into our care. It would be too simplistic for to expect our maker to pluck all the evil in the garden, but no doubt he had a plan when we see how weeds too will have some beauty.
I am content in the belief of a divine plan. I am not sure as to my place in it, or if I will be allowed to continue to what I would call heaven, I can only hope. This is what makes us different I believe, we could aspire to be better. We could wish to have touched people in ways which would inspire good in our fellows, and to hell with those who would not conform to some sort of decency in their lives, and those they have wounded.
So you see Les I wrote this all on my own. You only provided the dish for to swirl the thoughts about, and then create further thought. The dis-jointed comment, and words are written by one who would perhaps be a better talker, but I do what I can and hope for the best. We are all merely moments in time, and we would wish them to be good moments which would continue on to create more. As for your positivity, well you can keep the glass half full for me. My glass is always empty, as I never leave good whiskey behind.

PS.Point taken, McCob. Regards.

Visible said...

Every year is somebody's last Christmas and every day is somebody's last day. they don't live with that in mind but they should.

No matter what happens plenty of us will be left, I'm pretty certain of that. God could trip me up but I'm eternal anyway so I'd just be migrating to my real summer home for an extended stay. That's the thing of it... life doesn't end when you leave, it just reintroduces itself somewhere else and in some cases merely comes into complete residence in a place where one is already living. One can enter Heaven while still on Earth and other places too.

This is one reason that suicide is ill advised and it definitely makes matters worse as does dying drunk and other things which I'm not going into now.

Anonymous said...

Les, With the advent of Carbon Trading becoming a new currency, I wonder what your take on the Carbonari would be relating to current events? Issues related include: Carbon, Forests,Religion Politics and Money. Have they been "resurrected"? Thanx.

Rebel 4E said...

The Christmas shoppers are out in force this year despite all the talk of financial woes, maybe they sense it's their last chance to 'fill their boots'...their 'Last Christmas' (Cue George Michael/Wham....On 2nd thoughts Don't Bother).

Nothing like a S.O.T.T.C. report to fill you with the joy of the coming festivities...


Word-V = agrapho (im not joking)


Amanduh said...

Indeed the best reading on the web because it is a distillation of the web. Drink up - it burns going down, but it makes you feel a bit "high." 100 proof. Does not come in child's protions.

Best stuff out there if you know how to read it. Les - your contribution to the noosphere cannot be underesimated "ether."


Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone, remember King Solomons Mines, I bet you don't know about Al Gores Mines!

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best

You know my internet limitations so wanted to ask-any way to get it (the report) in paper?


Visible said...

Hi William;

I'm sorry to say that I can answer that.

McCob said...

Les---Your mentioning dying drunk could bring about a troubled migration to the other side. If you permit me to digress from the main theme:

20 yrs ago I lived in the woods of central Michigan. There was a hunter's cabin back in the section adjacent to my property. One time a 15 yr kid drank a 1/5 of hard liquor and choked on his puke and died in that cabin. Anway, the sportmans club that owned that cabin quit using it because people were getting to spooked to stay there. They seemed to be seeing a ghost or something like that.

Dammerung said...

The ALTA reports read like great Sci-Fi, but I don't know to grant them anymore than that. It seems like most of their predictions are, shall we say, unsubstantiated to date.

Anonymous said...

Very few of us are wide awake. Most of us put to much value in physical possessions, and saving our selves with gold, seeds, and ammo. The more of us that ascend towards universal conciousness with nothing but love in our hearts , the better of humanity will be.

Death , life, are all part of the same thing. There is really no evil or good, only light.

Unknown said...

Not only is there divine agency: There is in fact none else besides Him-Her. Every creature is operated by it, through the tentacles of mother nature.

We are now at the time of the revelation of our evil, so that we can overcome it and return to Unity. So many secrets will be revealed, so many that soon we will just wave them off with the hand as heresay. Just like in the slow infusing science of 1984, conflicts will become a blurry distant rumble of Humvees.

The time is here to reveal the evil in each of us, se we can overcome it and begin to re-unite through our hearts. When we change our inner world, the outer world follows suit. Nothing can save the material world, very simply because it is an illusion made out of one perfect thought.

One is the perfect thought. Be thou perfect, as your Father who art in heaven is perfect - is the name of this new anti-repressant!

Visible said...

Daniel and 7:56

Well Said!

Dammerung; Actually they've been right about quite a few things. this isn't a specific science. It's trends and possibilities as well as a matter of spikes and upticks as indicators.

If you spent any time following the sites and listening to the interviews as well as what comes through at other locations they have hit a number of things pretty close but they do not say that Jack will hit Jill over the head with a wiffle ball bat at 6:57 PM on 8/8/09.

No... I'm not going to itemize any of it. It's there to be seen if one wants to. The last report hit the Climategate whistleblowing. That was talked about recently.

Many people subscribe to these reports and they wouldn't if there wasn't something to it.

Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 2.12

na tv evāhaḿ jātu nāsaḿ

na tvaḿ neme janādhipāḥ

na caiva na bhaviṣyāmaḥ

sarve vayam ataḥ param


Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be.


In the Vedas, in the Kaṭha Upaniṣad as well as in the Śvetāśvatara Upaniṣad, it is said that the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the maintainer of innumerable living entities, in terms of their different situations according to individual work and reaction of work. That Supreme Personality of Godhead is also, by His plenary portions, alive in the heart of every living entity.

nityo nityānāḿ cetanaś cetanānām
eko bahūnāḿ yo vidadhāti kāmān
tam ātma-sthaḿ ye 'nupaśyanti dhīrās
teṣāḿ śāntiḥ śāśvatī netareṣām

The Lord says clearly that He Himself, Arjuna and all the kings who are assembled on the battlefield are eternally individual beings and that the Lord is eternally the maintainer of the individual living entities both in their conditioned and in their liberated situations.

Visible said...

Now that is the kind of confirmation that gladdens my heart; to see it there in the most relevant and enduring (for me) text of them all.

McCob said...

Lots of interesting comments: I would like to share a personal philosophy: All people are prone to mental/emotional problems as well as stupidity. Even the smartest and strongest among us.

Anonymous said...

Les or anyone, I am unable to access all Major russian media. Ria Novosti, Pravds and the Moscow times. Anyone else seeing this? 12/07/09 1200 hrs

mother of all oxymorons said...

‘Judeo-Christian’ is a contradiction in terms, even though that truth is yet to be discovered by contemporary evangelical and fundamentalist Christians” –-Dr. Gordon Ginn

Judeo-Christian means Talmudic-Christian.

It means Pharisee-Christian

It means Satanic-Christian

It means Anti-Christ-Christian.

But capital “J” Jew little “d” deo-Christians
believe it with all their ignorant hearts!

As Paul said, “Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?” – Galatians 4:16 (NIV)


Anonymous said...

Sorry Les and Gang, Russian news feeds are back up here at 1309. Just keeping an eye on things.

Anonymous said...

There is a plague reported in Russia, 30 dead.

Reports of thousands lying dead in quarantined areas of western Ukraine. This is very disturbing.

chuckyman said...

Dickens said it best:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way.”

This time the Rothschild agents will not guide the hands of rebellion but will feel the brunt of its fury.

Times of civilian rebellion are times of great horror and grief. It is also a time when the thin veneers of the consumerist civilisation are ripped away and the true beauty of the human heart can be seen.

I hope you don’t catch too much flak – or fan mail Les. There were definite pointers there for your readers to spot (grin)


PS I’m glad I paid for the original. $10 in Brit money is about the same price as 20 cigarettes but far better for you in the long run.

V Word = ination (no shit :+D)

Anonymous said...

Mick, You gotta see this fresh off the press...

WV- codur

Anonymous said...

Hey Neptune (and anyone foolish enough to click for the free ripoff report of The Shape of Things to Come): This report is not free, and any sites showing it as free are suspect at best and copyright infringers (lawbreakers) at worst. The "free" reports are often altered, and anyone who rips Cliff off by getting a free report deserves what they get, both here in the temporal and in their karmic debt account.

Les, I'm a lurker, but relish your postings (Urbansurvival is another one of my must-reads). You have led the way for my eyes to be opened to the true nature and potential of our spiritual aspects (this coming from a life-long "Bible-thumper" who has woken up in the past couple years.) Thank you. And please, continue being just who you are. You owe no one anything.

Anonymous said...

My last comment today is thank you Les for letting us all post items here. I would never abuse this tool and would like to thank you for that. It's amazing what "we" do in seconds or minutes compared to what they do.

good on you.

WV- regarks

Visible said...

Sorry I had to remove that post. I do not want to get into trouble with those guys. I know you meant well.

I Fear More Lies said...

As I read the article about plague/swineflu in Russia/Ukraine my eyes are drawn to the understated propaganda.
'Shortage of swineflu vaccine.'
Maybe this is disinformation to get people totake the H1N1 vaccine.
If it is yersinia pestis or a variation of hemorrhagic pneumonia - THE VACCINE WILL NOT HELP WHATSOEVER.
This may just be what is called 'shortage marketing' to get people to want to take the swineflu vaccine.

Rick Garves said...

No problem on the post removal. I look at it this way:

Chinese Proverb:
"When someone shares something of value with you, and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others"

I will leave it up to the Cosmos to decide my karma on it.

Anonymous said...

*For William, who asked about getting a hard copy, here is the blurb from on this: Current Issue: Volume Zero, Issue Three is now available from the button below. It runs over 40/forty pages in PDF format. This is delivered in ELECTRONIC form ONLY. NO HARD COPIES are shipped by us. If you can not accept electronic delivery, this report is not for you.

It may be printed from the PDF but not copied.

*And...not to hammer on this since it's done and all, but here is why removing Neptune's post was a good idea (thanks Les...I agree he probably meant well):

Relevant excerpt:

There has been so much ripping off of the “Shape of things to come” report in torrent sharing and on web sites out of places like the Netherlands, that we’re being forced to shut down the whole project. While it may appear to some (low-life types) that file-sharing of the reports wouldn’t be noticed, not only has it been noticed, but it has driven a stake through the project.

The reason is that the costs of the project run in excess of $20,000 per month and we’d been counting on revenue from sales of the reports to pay for bandwidth. Since the rip-off artists have effectively killed the paid downloads by giving it away free, Cliff is forced into the position of shutting down future reports unless we can find another way to cover the $25K/month in project costs.


Next time you download a file off the internet that contains copyrighted material, please remember that you’re screwing someone who has put hard - not to mention original - work into whatever it is that you’re downloading.

*AND another excerpt if you still don't see the harm in not paying that $10 - particularly note the risk of meemering by disinformation agents:

Excerpt: we noticed that the file size of the ripped-off file was not the same as the original, so if you’re thinking about reading the ripped-off illegal copies, please bear in mind that the ONLY report which we can vouch for the accuracy of are the ones downloaded directly off the links from the site.

This second point is incredibly interesting to us. The reason? We already know that there is a fair bit of ‘memeering’ going on around the net. In other words, groups unknown are deliberately putting things into the netosphere trying to spin public emotions this way and that, and it occurred to use that one of the best ways the PTB could lessen the impact of the work would be by removing the financial component that makes it pencil out from our side. What better way than to put it on torrents and on web sites in foreign countries beyond the practical reach of our lawyers?

Put things in a whole new light for us. So while there’s nothing to stop that illegal rip-off artists, we have to wonder what their intentions are, since the cost is incredibly low at $10. A number of readers who were subscribers to the previous (and somewhat expanded) ALTA reports said they’d gotten enough value that we should reprice the series at something like $1,000 a copy, but we rejected that. This is not about ‘get rich’ - it’s about help so that the maximum number of people can get access to what the future may hold.

When you read on a site somewhere that we should be publishing these reports for ‘free’; and claim some kind of ‘rights’ to rip it off, you know right there that they’re not being intellectually honest - the project is damned expensive. And if they’re not honest about that, what else are they not being honest about?

Turns out that we may actually be stepping on some toes of the PTB. Gee, gosh, sorry…..NOT.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I got the email, I went to the site and bought the latest report.

I'm only a dozen pages into it, and I hate to take it in pieces.

I need some time to sit and absorb the whole thing. Although, I'm heartened by it's initial statements about climategate, I do remember it took be 3 days to get over the last one emotionally. And if you say this is even more intense, I hope i can deal with it in a more calm manner.

Thanks for referencing this important piece of information Les.


Joe Bloggs said...

Nice broadcast from the pod, Les

Eyespecially liked the bit about getting light-headed... or was that light-hearted, or plain old; light10end up?

Strangely enuff I've been experiencing a blissful lack of gravity... this is perhaps what's dragging everybody else down, that I get 15 minuntes of peace after 2 years of rolling rocks up hills on Jupiter... just gassing, folks, I know Neptune is a gaseous planet.

Anyway, ooze gonna be the first to bid for me topping meself so the whirlt can get it's knickers untwisted and gravitas back in order? So, do I hear a one? One, anyone?

(ducks below desk-fan in expectation of more old poopers flinging pooh)

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a reference showing that no honest and competent scientists could possibly have believed in the climate models.

Here's the source article complaining of moral corruption in science and academia.

windbreeze said...

Neptune 1...

Copywritten material has no business being posted free. These guys spend lots of money and time doing these reports...I willingly spend the $10 every time they put one out..just because I don't want to see it ruined for those of us who want them to continue...remember...."The road to hell is paved with good intentions"....windbreeze

Visible said...

And moving right along... points having been absorbed and not wishing to alienate or press on anyone. I've made similar AND different mistakes.

In the meantime, my own work gets downloaded all over the world to the tune of of a lot of money from what I calculated based on the traffic and downloads but my production costs are not what theirs are.

Still... I know whenever I get my royalty checks; twice a year I can see that most of the revenue just goes up in the air or is deposited in the bank of the future. I've got no way to police it.

I come across torrents and other modalities all the time and others tell me I should do something about it but like 90 percent of the people in the world, I can't afford the lawyers. only the big ripoff artists can afford the lawyers.

So... moving right along and hoping everyone stays around and comes back even...


tappimg my fingers...


Rebel 4E said...


$ome Peeps take $hit farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr too $eriously,

it's no-skin-off-ski-my-skin-gnoski

John said...

Great post, and a great new web bot report that I just read. I especially like the part about the villains messing with the wrong frequency-benders at the wrong time.

Unknown said...

Astrology: As I understand there is a lunar eclipse occuring on Dec.31;rings in the new year. Also many intense planetary configurations and aspects, which kicked off around Sept./Nov. of 2009, will continue to occur and will only get stronger throughout the whole of 2010. In 2010 they will basically occur non-stop one right after the other throughout the entire year. Astrological energies for change and The Shape of Things to Come reports seem to agree. Many changes to come? bearwalk7 (formerly known as pond owl)

McCob said...

Jesse Ventura has a show called "Conspiracy Theory" on Tru TV network. He is talking about 911 this week. last week he talked about HAARP. I think Jesse is a sincere truther. Anyone out there have any ideasAbout Jesse? Am I foolish to buy his line?

chuckyman said...

Howdy Les. I must shamefully admit hat I don’t listen to your music as much as others here. I’m not sure why because any that I have listened to, I have enjoyed. It enriches your writings for me.

I guess you’re not listed to be a huge rock star pimp like bono. I think you have learned to live with that.

I know nothing really of substance about you Les in the long time that, I – like many here would read and say nothing. I think that your “gift” is to open the window to the soul and beyond. I am a recovering catholic – I’m better now – but you manage to open a window to a faith that the regular Pepsi didn’t reach.

I have noticed and I recommend that the readers here follow the posters back to their home sites that quite a few of us just said “bugger it” and started adding our voices to the planetary choir. Many of them in the Sept/Oct period. Is that significant I don’t know – it was for me.

You are an enabler, a multiplier and a gatekeeper in the finest sense. You address many of the non- PC issues troubling our time in an elegant and eloquent manner – and you still hit he nail on the head every time.


V word=mortsca
(they can't be funny every time :+D)

Mark said...

Hi Les, I've been enjoying your blog for awhile now and I have to say that guy who said you aren't edgy enough sounds like a bit of a douche. There is nothing worse than edginess for its own sake, nor anything more boring or blatantly attention seeking. Stay the course, speak from the heart, and I'll continue to listen.

RW said...

The Oracle sez:

"Oh, don't worry about it. As soon as you step outside that door, you'll start feeling better. You'll remember you don't believe in any of this fate crap. You're in control of your own life, remember? Here, take a cookie. I promise, by the time you're done eating it, you'll feel right as rain."

skilpad said...

While I've read the last few of their reports and now this one (thanks for the heads-up!), I have some concerns and a question:

For people whose business it is to analyse words, they make a surprising number of spelling mistakes! E.g. the word for the gifter sense of timing would be "kairos" and not "karios". Also, it's a "coup d'etat" and not "coup de'tat". These are not typos since they are each repeated. Am I nitpicking?

My question is this, and perhaps someone more au fait with their precise methodology has some insight: if their prognostications are based on an analysis of the collective corpus of humanity in public forums, are they not therefore measuring the RESULT of all the manipulation of mass consciousness through the spreading of memes via the MSM? And are they not therefore serving to further promote the contemplation, discussion and perhaps assisted manifestation of those same memes??
For example, anyone who keeps an eye on the output of hollywood would have noticed, apart from the steady onslaught of ongoing zio/holocaust mythmaking, a steady rise in apocalyptic visions for our collective future - visions clearly in accord with the talmudic desire for world destruction.
Are Messrs. HalfPastHuman, in their increasingly dire predictions, not only measuring the ability of the misanthropic powers-that-be to manifest their baleful eschatology, but actively aiding and abetting same?
Enquiring minds need to know...

Anonymous said...

What I'm pissed about is where are all the musicians I grew up listening to who could inspire people now the same way the music and lyrics did in the late 60's and 70's.
I feels so sorry for teens today, OK, alot of bands sung about sex and having a good time, but it wasn't as hardcore as today's wide open players. The music industry is selling porn.

The bands form the 1970's and 1980's have gone into hiding.

William (Mike Funt)

info bandit said...

If anyone wants to comment post a wee bit of info (just a smidgen) from the new report go ahead feel free! Can't hurt anything, right! Give us the really good stuff, you know, aliens landing, revolutions against the oppressives, ten-mile wide meteorites streaking towards earth. We all already know the economy is going to hell!

Pstonie said...

Skilpad, I believe the typos show up mostly in their bracketed words only, which is culled directly from the result sets and is in turn pulled from the net, which is probably where all typos come from.

From an explanation in one of their other reports, the data resulting from intentional memeering isn't as steadfast in its growth as authentic leads are. That's the theory, anyway.

Remember also that the best lies have some truth to them. If truth could be killed it would be dead already.

Zoner said...

Well, I dropped the $10 this time just to see what all the fuss was about, and even ignored the warnings of dire emotional danger and such.

My feelings about it?


Made me feel like I did that time I had a session with a "psychic".

Sorry, but I guess these things hit different folks in different spots. Or maybe I'm just too stoopid to "get it?"



McCob said...

pstone---nice comment about the durability. A nice analogy I heard was: A lie is like a mountain. The truth is like the wind and the rain. Eventually, the wind and the rain will wear the mountain away to nothing.

Joe Djemal said...

Hi Les, I much admire a great deal of what you say and I used to be a subscriber to the originaL ALTA reports. I must adimt I wondered quite a while ago if you might be the dog poet.

I'm a forest gardener. I have Aspergers syndrome and I have a knack for systems. I think you may be a bit turned around about a few things though including climate change. Just because the elite are exploiting something doesn't mean that the thing being exploited isn't real. I've read deeply on this and the evidence is pretty convincing.

This culture is based on some seriously deluded concepts including it's dependancy on permanent growth for its continued existence. You can see humanity's impact almost everywhere you look. I work closely with ecosystems I've seen the changes that have occurred in my own lifetime and they're very worrying.

Our species is in deep overshoot. If you want to understand the consequences of that read about the reindeer of st Matthew Island

(That whole site is worth reading although disturbing if you don't know it already)

I know the mind behind the universe. I don't like assigning names or properties to it but some things about it are observable. It operates through synhronicity, sometimes impossible appearing sequences of thousands of "coincidenes" per second to achieve an effect or communicate a message (It's trying to persuade me to give up tobacco but I'm rebelling for my own reasons) but the point is it ALWAYS operates within the defined physical laws of the universe. Its operating arena is probability.

We are in deep trouble because of our current insane system but no amount of belief will prevent us from going through a bottleneck and it won't be the first time it's happened.

The only way we could have mitigated this would have been to tranfer to a sustainable system 20 years ago. Unfortunately it seems that elites themselves are unsustainable and they couldn't countenance that so we had no switch and now their demise will be a messy one.

You can't fight physical law (Although it can be incredibly flexible sometimes)

Keep up the good work.


chuckyman said...

To Info Bandit..

Wrap up warm this winter - expecially just after Christmas :+)

William Wilson said...

Les -and, Cyansquirrel-
thanks for the support and info, up to interpreting page 15 so far.
Meaning, it's not in conventional English.
The fears of TPTB are noted.
Will be glad to help with one of them at least.
again, thanks

Visible said...


You're taking a surface impression. There's a reason for 'spacegoatfarts' and everything else. If one reads literally then 90 per cent of the modality and meaning is either distorted or lost. Now... I'm not a pro at reading these things. There are some here who can synthesize this for you and maybe one of them will.

There is a lot more going on here than appears to be. When I first read one of these I was lost but portions of the thing intrigued me. I've got a better grasp of it now and it makes a lot more sense.

I'll leave it to someone else to fill in the blanks.


Joe Djemal;

Thanks for the good words and the synopsis. I'm going to put the following in all caps and I hope it becomes viral because I have said this so many times that I'm getting ghost pains in my back teeth. I NEVER SAID THERE WASN'T SOMETHING FUNNY GOING ON WITH THE WEATHER. I CAN SEE IT. I AM IN IT. WHAT I HAVE SAID IS THAT THE GLOBAL WARMING THEORY MAY ACTUALLY BE GLOBAL COOLING OR SOMETHING ELSE AND I NEVER REALLY GOT INTO SAYING MUCH ABOUT IT PERIOD UNTIL I SAW THAT CARBON TAX THING AND THE PUSH FOR PROFITEERING FROM GW.

I don't know what's what about a lot of things but I am sensitive to the weather and I notice various differences that weren't around before and that didn't just become an anomaly but kept on coming.

I do think there are much bigger and more immediate concerns and I believe that's going to show itself soon. Time enough for the climate if we can get by the other things.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best.
Wanted to address the idea of "global warming" with reference to it's exact opposite. TPTB may be clever, pernicious and in many ways evil-but they are a bit predictable. Look at the tungsten /gold bar scandal and scam, this one, plating a lead bar and selling it as gold, was practiced in 1800s New York City. And probably long before that.
And creating an "emergency" which provides opportunities for TPTB in terms of power and profit. Communists, Nazis, drug users, terrorists, Muslims........oh my.
It's very possible that skeptics to this latest global warming scam could be characterized as "traitors to Gaia" or some such label-and persecuted. And since it's global, it'd mean that anyone opposed, anywhere, would be fair game.
I'm put in mind of that old Twilight Zone episode where this man is trying to survice when the world is getting hotter and closer to the sun, then wakes up, relieved its a dream, only to then find out or remember that the planet is set to be getting colder and further from the sun.

Dammerung said...

I was hoping for the fast appearance of the scarred woman. She, and her horde of flesh-eating Reavers, would be about the only people in the world to accept me for who I am and allow me to speak my mind freely... who am I to cast judgment on a little cannibalism, just so long as I am an inalienable part of a community? Hah!

Anonymous said...

Like the Bible, "Half-Past" says "in the begining was the word"?

Wrongo in the Congo!


"Im the beginning was the Thought!"

One can send for the pack, pay your bucks for reading someone else's conjecture of "The Shape of Things to Come," but the future ain't written in stone!

Anyway, there are a MULTITUDE of futures, NOT JUST one.

And everytime we change our minds about something, the Futures change.

IOt pays more for you to dream, and write it yourself. Set it down on paper, to confirm, in details, what you want A Future to be.

After all,that is EXACTLY what the ptb are doing...when they present the "news" to us, current events. And even the projection of the Weather. Or do you really thing, the mass of clouds, the gas, humidities, vapors can be projected several days ahead? Via a "Five-Day forecast"?

They're tricking us all along! They KNOW very well, we believe them and conjure up the final solid event, COLLECTIVELY with our THOUGHT.

Knowledge is Power!!!

Elohim Ka Amen Ra

McCob said...

About weather control: look up "haarp".

Zoner said...

"If one reads literally then 90 per cent of the modality and meaning is either distorted or lost."

O.K., then I suppose a decoder ring should be included in the purchase price.

Is there a reason that the words are arranged a certain way, yet one must "interpret" them in a manner that may not be immediately evident? I'm a simple-minded HS dropout, so once again it seems that this info is not intended for my level of "understanding".

"Hey, here's a bunch of info we carefully assembled for your use. But, in order to use it you have to re-assemble it in a certain way, which is up to you to discern".

I don't get it. Sounds like a familiar scam to me. It reminds me of the whole deal with organized religion. "Here are all the answers you seek, but you can't do it alone and only we can help". "Be sure to be generous when the basket gets passed"

If anyone wants to help me out with this, I'm at I apologize for the tone here, but I hate this kind of thing - seeking info and then finding out I'm too dumb to understand what I read.



Visible said...

Hmmm... well... I gave a link in the post which goes into what's happening with the ALTA Reports in a general way and they explain a little in the report as well.

I'm not clear on where your frustration is coming from. the things you are saying don't apply to what they are doing which makes it more difficult.

I'm right brain, not left brain so I have difficulty with these kinds of things all the time. However, when I read this, my point, is to see where it pings off of my own take on what's going on and this provides a reinforcement of sorts.

I get a lot of pictures coming from the future; you might say my projection of the future and I am always looking for evidence of similarity. This is a massive linguistics culling and I look at it as the babble of the universe below the surface of the moment.

Your thinking you are too dumb to understand can't possibly be true because you get most of everything that goes on here,,, unless here is dumb (grin) and that could be.

Dammerung said...


"In the beginning was the Thought!"

I have a running game that gets me banned from Christian chatrooms in no time flat. I try to come up with as many possible ways to interpret John 1:1 as possible.

In the beginning was the Equation, and the Algorithm was with God and the Itineration was God.

In the beginning was the Fractal, and the Hologram was with God and the Projection was God.

In the beginning was the Program, and the Assembler was with God and the Database was God.

Needless to say, Christians don't appreciate originality (that is, thinking) about Christianity. Anyway, the word itself is "Logos," which has a very rich philosophical heritage and doesn't mean any one thing.

Zoner said...

My apologies to all here. I should not allow my own personal weather to spill out in this manner.

Case closed. Z out.


John said...

I thought the report was a rather simple read, but I'm not new at reading them. Looking at future language trends is what it does, and it's pretty good so far. But, I have to confess, a creative writer using themes of the times current and past could come up with the same thing.

Clif High is a very interesting individual, web bots aside. Anyone with a remote interest will find his actual voice interviews very riveting.

Anonymous said...

Again Les, May I repost this: A lot of people read the newspapers, but how many of you look at the (tiny) legal notices. In most countries the Government is requires to publish rule making proposals/legal ads in several of the major/local newspapers. Take the time to get beyond the cartoons/funny pages and read them. If you take the time to review the legal ads, and get the word out, a lot of issues would get the attention they deserve before it is too late. The reason a lot of bad laws are passed is because they begin by publishing this under our noses and we did not pay attention. Borrow fresh newspapers if need be.

Rebel 4E said...

Your 'Imagination' is a very powerful force.

Be careful not to let others Hijack it for their own nefarious means.

The Pap-Musick-Industry/Tee.Vee/Holy-Wood/Magi-zines are all guilty of abusing the M-asses minds 360 daze a year.


Anonymous said...

I don't think, therefore I am not?

lightandlongshadows said...

Zoner, I haven't read this but I may be able to help.
Stop seeking info.
Stop seeking.
Trying to discern the collective madness of fools is useless. Realizing how absurdly foolish my own "i" is is humourous enough.
The "truth" beyond this fiction is nothing if not simple.

Mike James said...

"I have no desire to quote scripture against scripture, for therein lies the woes of our times; and the adjunct of satanically-inspired wars that have seen men and women of all races and denominations slaughter themselves in multitudinous inter-fraternal bloodbaths instigated by The International Tribe, against whom we dare not speak. (Though I personally say whatever I think; for, though I live in the Belly of the Zionist Beast, I scare the crap out of them.)"

Paul A. Drockton said...

"I will focus on the reasons behind it and the perpetrators. If you remember nothing else, remember this: The Illuminati are both Fascists and Communists. They want to maximize profits and consolidate political power under a tyrannic one world government. In order to accomplish this, they need to destroy the middle class and industrial bases of North America and Europe."

MadAsHell said...

Global tax deception:
(11 min video)

W. Kundt said...

"The term 'Gold Effect' was coined by Raymond Lyttleton in [1981], after a conversation with [Austrian astrophysicist Thomas Gold] during which Gold had explained how a mere unqualified belief can occasionally be converted into a generally accepted scientific theory - a dogma - through the screening action of refereed literature, of meetings planned by scientific organizing committees, and through the distribution of funds controlled by 'club opinions' (Club of Rome)."

The Ingham County Observer said...

I noticed the misspelling of "Coup de'tat" as could be (and probably is, either consciously or subconsciously) word play, as "coup de tat" sounds like "Coup de tete" (with the circonflex thing over the first e in "tete").

Also, I wonder if some of the misspellings are intentional in order to ferret out those using the report in unethical ways, in the same way that map companies put a certain number of "mapos" (map typos) onto their maps which end up "trapping" those who use the information on the map without obtaining proper permission.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hi Les,

Here's a letter I wrote to Dick Eastman in response to his article titled: 'Please Send Christmas Cards to the Heroic Political Prisoners', which was posted on on Sunday, in which he had photographs of of Ernst Zundel, Horst Mahler, Sylvia Stolz, and one or two others, but with no explanation of who they are or what they did to get put in prison. I wrote this letter to Dick Sunday evening and haven't recieved a reply. I thought I'd pass it along to you for your interest.

Dear Dick,

I read your pictorial article about the political prisoners, which may or may not have some affect on those who already know something about the people the article is about. However, as of late there has slowly begun a mass public movement away from the mainstream media toward the internet alternative news sites; most of the newcomers have no clue as to who Ernst Zundel and Horst Mahler and the others are, nor about what they did to get themselves put in prison. So it seems to me you have taken for granted a scenario that doesn't exist, namely that most people are informed about the political prisoners and the 'Holocaust' industry.

Also, the Christmas card idea may in fact serve to offend the prisoners seeing as how it is a bogus dark angelically inspired ritual that is and has been used as a tool of social control by most of the elites throughout Western history. In view of how well educated and informed the aforesaid political prisoners are I would find it hard to believe that they don't know this to be a fact. And if they do, the Christmas cards would very likely be percieved by them as bitter-sweet at best. At worst regarded as a cruel joke.

We live in a society that is going 300 mph and it's easy to run ahead and not think things all the way through. None of us are innocent, we're all going way too fast on the inside and therefore we make mistakes. So I don't want to come across like I'm pointing the finger at you, because I know that in order to do that I'd have to stand in front of a mirror and point the finger at myself first. And stand there awhile and get a good look.

By the way, I do like most of what you write.

Your friend,


P.S. I wish you'd post another article expaining who the political prisoners are and what they did to get put in prison, while omitting the Christmas thing.

walter washco said...

Hacked climate emails used to attack scientists

World Gone Crazy said...

Global warming is a scam.
CO2 increases 800 years AFTER the earth temperatures.
CO2 is GOOD for growth of the planet.
The last decades the relative and absolute temperatures have been DECREASING.
Climategate exposed Al Gore and the warmists as NWO propagandists.
The carbon tax treaty is the administration tax of the NWO.
Say NO to climate warmists and the inception of the NWO.

Having said that we are at a particularly strange moment in history.

It has everything to do with blind faith for (corrupt) authorities.

We are supposed to believe the necessity of 33,000 more US troops to Afghanistan to quell Al'Qaida and the Taleban. This information is coming from the US gov't e.g. the same individuals who proclaimed WMD and yellowcake uranium to instigate the war in Iraq. Over one million civilian Iraqi deaths tell the opposite truth.

We are supposed to believe CO2 is dangerous to the world. This information is coming from the EPA e.g. the same individuals who proclaimed post-9/11 air was safe to breath. Lung cancer and blood cancers tell the opposite truth.

The so called climategate of research papers and e-mails from East Anglia University prove the climate change question is far from settled, but warming alarmists want to dictate into existence a carbon tax treaty based on warming anyway! A tax that is going to cost each US, UK and other Western family household about $6,000 dollars per year.

This is actually an administrative tax to set up the NWO and the result will be the complete destruction of the middle class.

So we are actually being asked/told to dig own own graves - to pay for the very machinations that will lead to an elite/serfdom world.

Is it not better to speak truth to power - to risk dying on our feet instead of agreeing to live on our knees?


StandUpOrDie said...

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."
~ Mohandas Gandhi

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

"Dumber than Dirt in a World of Hurt.

Visible said...

Hi Mike J.!

Long time no hear. I sent you a number of emails but I'm guessing that was a rough time for you. Since I read your recent bit of scatology at The Truthseeker, I do believe I know why you placed this here (grin). No worries on that account but I am appreciative of the effort you made to say it.

It matters less what version of God we believe in than that we believe to begin with.

I'm still waiting for you to visit me here. I've got a five liter can of my olive oil for you.

I'm thinking it's time to gird the loins if that hasn't been done already.

chuckyman said...

Excellent - so that was the real Mike James. Happy days.

You have a lot of supporters out here Mike. You sound like you're ready for the fray.

Sorry to use your blog Les but I can't think of another way to pass anything to Mike since Rixon's email doesn't work


V Word = lessen

Visible said...

Nobody else that I know talks like that (grin)

Ghostdoghaiku said...

Just wanted to say hi, as in not always just lurking. Keep on keepin'on.

Anonymous said...

A little music...

Kevenj said...

Hey gang,

Thanks for reminding me to invest a Hamilton over at ALTA. A rough reading, if the guy is only 10% on target we have some fun things after Santa comes down the chiminey.
One note, silly perhaps in reference to an HPH post- did you catch the sun's polar degree number-9.729729729...?
729 is a number we're all familiar with.
Btw, I'm curious why you said that dying drunk would be dangerous Les.Do you mean only alcohol?Does that include dying when you have a buzz? How about high on something else?
(Not that I intend to by any means, God/Goddess willing.)
Any chance you might elaborate on that?

Visible said...


Drunk is drunk and high is high.

A little disclaimer is in order. I remember many people talking about being 'stoned' and 'fucked-up' when they shoulda/coulda been high.

Only very few people have this gene and that is why spiritual teachers advise against it but we are what we are. Being drunk is the approved method because the people who profit from it prefer it. High is something else but you have to be able to negotiate the terrain. I have a guide that gets me through... apparently I did him a favor once much like the two characters in my The Dark Splendor novel. I'm always pretty much autobiographical... deep memory helps.

Anonymous said...



chuckyman said...

Not sure about this one folks. Just picked up on it on Rense. SpaceGoatFart or "other"????


V Word= ennad

A Reader said...

"apparently I did him a favor once much like the two characters in my The Dark Splendor novel. I'm always pretty much autobiographical...deep memory helps."

I knew it!
P.S. Great book Les.

bronstein72 said...

Why do you look Middle Eastward when speaking of the attacks on the United States? London is north of there!

Visible said...


What are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours.




Joseph Brenner

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