Friday, December 04, 2009

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright and Sporting Wood

Dog poet Transmitting.......

The high and mighty are going down like bowling pins on the pro tour. Al Gored (as he will hereafter be known) had to cancel out of his Copenhagen dog and pony show because of a serious case of red ass, compounded by roses blooming in his other cheeks. Big Al Gored wound up on the wrong end of the stampeding bull of destiny. You have my sympathies Al. We’re all waiting for your Cardinal Woolsey speech.

For awhile you couldn’t shake a bush without discovering a Republican with a young boy or a Democrat with a black stocking hooker. These kinds of events seem to have their own inner clock; karma acting as a harvesting combine. In the spring you plant your seeds of greed, lust and hubris and come the fall you’re ready to bring it in to the barn where, in the darkness of the night, little elves make up that sachet for your moments of 20-20 hindsight; accent on hind.

As is typical with rats deserting sinking ships, our formerly respected climate scientists are pointing at each other and saying, “He did it and I don’t know nothing about nothing.” There’s a hurricane of outrage and censure brewing off the shores of the island where Dr. Moreau’s, Juju Weather Institute is based. It’s a big one and the silence of the whores at the S&MSM is deafening. Usually they’re squealing like butchered hogs as they fake it for the client but now it reminds me of that old joke; A Frenchman is walking along a beach near St. Tropez. He spots a beautiful woman being tossed back and forth in the soft white water of the surf. He goes over to her and begins speaking to her, caressing her and then, soon after, making love to her. A gendarme shows up with a small crowd of people and exclaims, “Alor Monsieur, can you not ze zat zis woman is dead?” The Frenchman looks up and replies, “Oh pardonez moi, I sought she was American.”

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure how relevant that joke is but hey, poetic license and all that.

The explosive nature of this climate scam is epic. It’s off the charts and the silence of the S&MSM is, against all the laws of physics, acting as an amplifier. This one has legs, not smooth and shaved, velveteen columns from the pipe organ of Heaven but Kenyan, long distance running legs. It’s the Energizer Bunny of scandals and it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys. Well, it could and it will. The bankers are feeling the heat too, now that it’s been established that they are even more crooked than we always knew them to be. The hard guys at that Goldman Sachs, mob operation are packing gats. Let’s hope they’ve got good reason to.

The politicians are getting hammered for all kinds of things and some of them are making it easy, like Barbara Boxcutter, as she rises to the defense of her bank account connection to global warming. She’s living proof that when you mess with their money they will expose themselves as the complete degenerates that they are. She wrote a book called “Blind Trust”. You can’t make this shit up. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction and a lot more ironic.

So now we’ve got Tiger Woods who appears to have had a lot of his irons in the fire. Apparently he was using his putter in the sand and honey trap. Was he not paying attention? What is it with celebrities of all professions that they invariably pick a particular kind of woman who might as well be called, Helen Wheels? I saw a picture of this Rachel Uchitel and she is definitely headed for Wildenstein Country in a few years. What internet escort site did Tiger find her on? It wasn’t necessary. He only had to go to Vegas. They’ve all got a home office there. Why do so many celebrities go to Vegas? They get treated like Gods. No where else on Earth can they have just about everything for free for only showing up. I believe Vegas is now stealing water as far north as Canada. That’s what I call slant drilling. Israel could learn a few things from Vegas and it would be that much closer to being the Hollywood Holy Land in fact.

I don’t understand people like Tiger Woods. Why not just stay single? Why buy a cow when milk’s ten cents a glass? (Sorry about that. I got possessed for a moment) If you’re not going to stay single then maybe a little discretion and discrimination might come in handy. I don’t understand who they risk it all for either. When I saw the women that Bill Clinton was messing around with, I said to myself, “I do much better than that on a bad night and I’m not the president of the United States". There are fairy tale princesses and elf maidens out there. Why do they always go for the sleaze? There’s some kind of Venus Fly Trap thing going on or maybe it’s that old black magic. To top it off, Tiger’s wife is far more beautiful than any of these other women. You can’t say, “but she’s American”, because they all are.

When you’re a big celebrity you’re kind of screwed anyway. You seldom meet real people and you’re in a spiritual k-hole to boot. You often can’t enjoy the more rarefied aspects of engagement because money is a kind of shit and it attracts a crowd of flies. You’ve got to be some kind of a fool to pursue fame. Some would say it was thrust upon them but they asked for it at some point. If you are going to be famous you should be cool famous like Willie Nelson; except when Willie got caught cheating one time, his wife tied him up in a bed sheet while he was sleeping and beat the crap out of him. Then there’s the Columbian solution and the Crazy Glue payback. It doesn’t seem worth it to me.

I wouldn’t be in a relationship where I couldn’t do as I pleased because life throws all kinds of things at you and sometimes it is inescapable karma. I’m not tempted though. That kind of just died, for which I am mucho grateful. So Tiger apparently gives this standup girl (that’s definitely the wrong term) something like a million bucks not to talk but now all kinds of people have the text messages and are shopping them around. Now how did they get those? That climate expose artiste has been working over time.

I want to mention something that I’ve alluded to before. This kind of thing is going to become exponential. It’s going to really get going shortly and what we see now will be nothing by comparison. People are going to get nailed right and left. It’s going to be 24 hour, balls to the walls. It’s funny that people don’t see this. It’s happening all over place with a lot more pervasiveness than that phony flu epidemic; of course, they haven’t released the real ones yet, nor have they activated the nano-bots in the vaccine. Still, people go right on doing what they are doing and in some cases calling attention to it.

I know that their arrogance is off the charts. It’s why they put a black man with the name Barrack Hussein Obama (rhymes with Osama) in the White House; just to show you that they could. They’re having a big yuck up in the backrooms but it’s not a deep release in the gut laughter because there’s a cold wind blowing in from the east and they can feel it but still they continue.

They are truly being driven mad as the preface to destruction. All of this is happening, as the curtains are being lifted, and they go right on as if the curtain were stapled to the floor. They’re like some guy in one of those hospital gowns with the open back, out on the town and dreaming that he’s wearing a tux. There’s smoke on the waters of the mind and they can’t see where they’re going which, to them, means they’re not going fast enough.

It’s going to cost Tiger a bundle but that doesn’t mean anything at all. He can go right on making more money for as long as he can knock that little ball around the green graveyards of the material world. He’s going to take a hit from the sponsors though and the tarnish is not going to fade. Things like this matter in that world even though they are all hypocrites and clowns. Surely if you’re going to behave like this you should move to Europe. No one pays any attention to that sort of thing over here, except in England.

Polanski’s in his chalet in Gstaad; no doubt he’s ordering off the menu at this very moment from the local boarding school. Tiger’s trying to figure out what went wrong and whose fault that might be. The new lineup is headed for the world runway as the next series of falls are set up on the drawing board and scheduled for their moment in the lights ...and god bless whoever blew the whistle on those scientists. There ought to be a Nobel Prize for that. I have to admit that made me feel pretty good and that feeling does not appear to be going away any time soon.

End Transmission.......

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Mouser said...

Thank you Les for your words of truth.

Although the global warming fraud has been exposed and sent Al Gore into hiding, Soetoro and the other Rothschild/illuminati head-of-state puppets are going to meet in Denmark 7/12-09 to try and pass into international law the Copenhagen carbon tax treaty anyway.


In other words the NWO is being lied into place by a bogus global warming carbon tax orchestrated by the Rothschild lead private international banking cartel.

And the controlled main stream media isn't reporting a single word about this completely corrupt "carbon tax" which is in reality the cornerstone of the NWO - an administration tax.

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more - not for me and not for my children.

Better to die on my feet than live on my knees. Give me freedom or give me death.

Anonymous said...

Les, This AGW hoax will reveal "ALL". This is the apocalypse and hells bells are ringing.

Boulderdash said...

"...and god bless whoever blew the whistle on those scientists. There ought to be a Nobel Prize for that."

Here, here!!

But meanwhile, Barry "Surge" Blackbush heads to Europe to accept his Nobel "Peace" Prize. Maybe, for the sake of efficiency and total irony, he can declare the next war while accepting the Peace Prize, all in one speech?!?!

Can it get any more blatant?

simon said...

why the huge global concern with tiger woods, how he drives and who he fucks?.

I couldn't believe it was the lead item on every news channel in the uk, and, so it seems, in france, italy germany, canada, australia, the us etc etc

people seems to be obsessed with this trivia.

Or am I missing something hugely important, in which case could someone please tell me?

Oh, and Les, I was hoping to be able to pick it up from one of your blogs or the comments, but I'm going to have to ask – What does the first 'S' in 'S&MSM' stand for?

John said...

I was chuckling constantly during the period leading up to the presidential election last year. I kept cackling to myself and thinking, 'Wow, do you think an Adolf Benito Bitler would have gone over as well as Barack Hussein Obama?' You know, maybe right after WWII, how priceless. How arrogant, exactly my thoughts as well, right in our faces, like a private joke. LOL. Har-de-HAR-HAR! Doesn't anyone else get it? It is so fucking funny.

word verification: 'mossions' i love it, a special name for their missions

Visible said...


Can it get any more blatant? You wouldn't think so but it just might.

Simon, do you know what S&M stand for? Any search engine will tell you. That's what it means. I just happen to be using the same M twice.

McCob said...

Hey, Les,

Still laughing about the putter remark. Tiger Woods: Holy shottenfreuden.

Anyway, I have a joke for you: Al Gore and Tiger Woods are walking down a country lane when Tiger spots a sheep with it's head caught in a fence. Tiger immediately knows what to do. He walks up behind the sheep and drops his trousers and has his way. Afterwards, he goes back to Al and says, "Damn, that felt good! You should try it." Al replies, "I would but I don't think my head would fit in the fence."

ThinkingWolf said...

Good Day all:

"Tiger’s wife is far more beautiful than any of these other women"

So? He probably LIVED with that "beauty" for a while. Nothing proves out the old saying that beauty is skin deep, when you're up close and personal to it for a while.

Yes, he's a dumbass, and golf has no serious athletes (Les: "contact" is surely NOT required to be an athlete - you know Bryan Clay?)... just commenting as a veteran of "mariage."

McCob said...

Simon, I think I can answer your question. Unfortunately, (IMHO) we americans have the collective sexual maturity of a 13 yr old.

Lamont Cranston said...

Is that wind from the East coming from Vlad the Putin? As for Pussycat Woods who gives a rat's ass. Media whores get what they deserve. I have more love for the cute clerk at the dollar store than some bought and sold superstar whore. Ahh the curse of interesting times. Keep the mothership fueled up L.V. it's gonna get hot here on the third shitball from the sun.

Anonymous said...

Les, Lets see here.... Al Gore started his carbon exchange shortly after he "lost" his bid for president. At the same time Henry Paulson was the Treasury Secretary under Bush.

Of Course he became CEO of Goldman Sacs who had to be bailed out.....

Now Goldman Sacs bankers are applying for concealed weapons permits.....

Gee there is also talk of climate gate....

Then he quietly disappeared from the scene.

But Wait.. There is more

Anonymous said...

" It’s why they put a black man with the name Barrack Hussein Obama (rhymes with Osama) in the White House; just to show you that they could."

Yeah, and they also put a peanut farmer and a B-actor in there. In 2012 we get a retarded, crippled, out of the closet lesbian. We celebrate diversity over here. She will only get 35% of the vote, but that is enough to carry any election in the good old USA.


Visible said...

I see Palin making the switch if it would get her elected. I could see her doing literally anything; besides engaging in an intelligent conversation or acting with integrity or honesty but all these things run contrary to a successful career in politics anyway.

nina said...

The wars out there are mirrors for the wars in here where torture takes the form of stones gathering moss as they roll across a cluttered landscape. It could happen to you, it could happen to me, torture is for the audiences to understand they are vulnerable and better walk the while chalk lines crosshatching the power grid. Gloria All-Red understands this and makes her fortunes unashamedly, the madame of the mistresses, slinking to the airports of the world in a long black limousine driven by the horned beast himself smirking.
All this and the Salahis too. We ask "Why news?" Where did it comes from, what good is it, who is interested, is this old Rosebud in his afterlife or something? Its like the garbage, everyday it must be taken to the dump or it will overflow into your entire house spawing maggots and earwigs. It could happen to you, it could happen to me ...

Anonymous said...

I'll bet'cha Palin gets elected. She is perfect for their next job if the pack of rats are still around and runnin things. I'll also bet'cha that the a holes in congress start getting their permits pretty soon, but then again they don't need such things as a carry permit as they are above the law. Pissed in GA.

Anonymous said...

When Monica, her of oval bike fame, on being put away wet and sweating after her latest rider had dismounted, neglected to notice the stains upon her person. Bill, being slightly puffed more than his usual puffiness, would not have noticed his staining of said bike. Men being the creatures they are do not notice such dalliances. Women on the other hand are more of a clean nature, one would have thought Monica would have noticed this staining of her clothing, (and character should she have any). There must surely have been men involved then if the soiled clothing were still available for DNA testing some months later. Elsewise the onlookers must assume this must be a rather dirty girl if she should keep soiled, and dirty garments about her person.
Puffing Billy with his ankles manacled, and his choice of masturbatory device of the moment is not a lot different to any of our world elites, past and present. We have them all about our world. In my parish we have our most recent Prime Minister when caught with his hand in the till, lacking a reasonable excuse for the moment for his unusual wealth, replied, "I won it on the horses". It being the country that it is, this would appear to suffice to the Armani suited media-whores we have in our midst. We in this country have little in the way of whistle-blowers. Our most recent case of corruption ended in the matter of ten years of mickey-mouse courts with no convictions, and wealthy millionaire judiciary. Which would lead one one to assume that crime does indeed pay, depending on the recipient.
So you see, Obongo is no different than any of his ilk. They have freedom to do as they please, as long as they are pleasing to their masters. The fatal difference for the world and the US in particular, Obongo is sending all the US military to the Mid-East in the service of his masters, the zio-joos. What then of the US were they to need assistance during civil unrest? With their military "stranded" in Afghanistan near Iran, and the zio-joos kick off in their final plan. Strange thinking indeed, but the scribbler not being a military expert would wonder. Why would the UK, and the US send their military to a country which in history has collapsed empires? I am somehow reminded of the Irish in the British army in the 14 war as their own country was being tortured.
Well may anyone wonder the attraction which drives those of our "betters". They must be driven by vanity as they loose their talent on the attainment of their idea of wealth. Paper dreams given way to perversity as they loose sight of reality. When kinky sex, and its thrill which is not tolerated in civility, will be sought in their darkened minds, and finds no place but in their own kind. Woods, and Polanski are jetsom of the elite in our world, and cast off for the time being. Just as Sarkosy came to the aid of the pedophile Polanski, there will be assistance given to woods in due course. What if they were both potential whistle-blowers, but needed to be reigned in?
Anyway Les keep telling it like it is and as to discretion, I have heard it was the greater part of valour, but it would appear there is little bravery in our elite of the present world, and the fools know not to take apples to the orchard.

Visible said...

There's a new visible-streams-of-consciousness up-

Rapping E=[Mc]2 Upside Your Head.

kikz said...

'There ought to be a Nobel Prize for that. I have to admit that made me feel pretty good and that feeling does not appear to be going away any time soon.'

i think we *grin* should/could come up with a better name for the Prize/Award...this was a 'true' service to humanity.

wish i were more clever...

Ivan de Coward said...

I sense and hear some undercurrent and powerful sarcastic overtones in Les' ravings lately that reminds me that of Alex Linder's in Goyfire and I like what I'm hearing. I like it a lllot as Jim Carrey would have it. That's what I like most in Americans - they can be fucking funny and sharp like nobody else can.

Christopher Monckton said...

"The trouble is this. If that treaty is signed, your Constitution says that it takes precedence over your Constitution, and you can’t resile from that treaty unless you get the agreement of all the other states participating, because you’ll be the biggest paying country, they’re not going to let you out. (Editor’s Note: This is based on an interpretation of Article VI, paragraph 2 of the Constitution and may not be accurate. However, a treaty and the Constitution would be interpreted as much as possible so as not to conflict with one another, which alone may empower the treaty enough to cause significant damage to America’s sovereignty).

So, thank you America, you were the beacon of freedom for the world, it is a privilege merely stand on this soil of freedom while it is still free. But in the next few weeks, unless you stop it, your President will sign your freedom, your democracy, and your prosperity away forever, and neither you nor any subsequent government you may elect will have any power whatsoever to take it back. That is how serious it is. I’ve read the treaty. I’ve seen this stuff about government, climate debt and enforcement. They are going to do this to you whether you like it or not. But I think it is here in your great nation that I so love and admire that perhaps at this eleventh hour of the fifty-ninth minute and fifty-ninth second, you will rise up and you will stop your President from signing that dreadful treaty."

Visible said...

Would this actually be Lord Monckton?

Anonymous said...

He's here in spirit I'm very sure -but to answer your question I am quoting him verbatum.

Anonymous said...

No one can resist the temptation of a beautiful slut, except a faggot or someone who has watched so much porn that anything normal is just too fucking boring. Tiger should watch porn.

Les I love your work and what you do but I think it’s time to move on. We are dealing with some thing far greater than simply the jews, or Zionists or what ever the fuck you want to call them, scum will do. Aliens bro. I find it funny, we all are pretty much content, after the rambling, to eat our food, watch the stars (celebs, I prefer the ones in the sky though) and sleep under a roof.

Have your money, take it all, it means nothing, you know this, there is something far greater, that we can see but cannot acknowledge at this point because of 9-11 and what people are trying to see through that.

It took me awhile to see through that, what got me was Dr Mark Heath’s footage, you can clearly see the flashes and sparks and detonations occurring, when I saw that, GUILTY was the word that went through my head and out my mouth.

Fuck the jews, but they are only human, some one created the myth or something, so that they would believe their own shit doesn’t stink, mandatory enlistment within the Israel army, nice crop to choose from.

I myself love drinking, I use to love smoking bongs and ciggs but I stopped those at the start of November and I ain’t going back. Booze gives me courage, courage I need but I am working on it.

Anyway, fuck the jews, fuck 9-11, fuck everyone, good work though, you’ve got balls brother, I could never attach my real name to anything on the web, unless I was blotto, right now I’ve just woken up after 18 beers.

Synchronicity is showing up a lot lately. Sorry for rambling.


Ivan de Coward said...

Would this actually be Lord Monckton?

Now, Les, I do not know what's your opinion of Lord Monckton, but you might learn something new about him by listening to his take on the Holocaust and 9/11. For him 9/11 is simply a conspiracy theory. More than half of Americans have at least some doubts about what happened on 9/11/01. Could the good Lord be that stupid. I don't think so. I would never, ever trust anybody who is working side by side with the Jew boy John Bolton. You can listen to Lord's answers closer to the end of The Interview of Lord Monckton with Jim Giles

Anonymous said...

Fuck me, I posted something like this (wish I had saved it in wordpad, lol, I cheat! At spelling)

Anywho, there’s a thing going around, “Why is the ADL promoting Alex Jones”

I posted earlier under the name Brad Pitt that "Alex Jones was found out years ago, working for the other team, RIP William Cooper."

Then I just tried to post something like this, under the name Yellow….”Even this site hides the truth, why the fuck do you think William Cooper was shot to death? It wasn’t just to hide the fact the 9-11 was a setup, it was also to do with aliens and the true nature of humans and this planet”

Or something like that and it was not posted, go figure.


m_astera said...

Hey Les-

Good joke. Thanks, I'm still laughing from the whole essay.

Though I've lost friends and been trashed pretty bad over the years due to calling bullshit on the global warming thing, among other topics, I persevere in the firm hope (?) that all of the truth is gonna come out about all the heroes and lies. So far, your heroes and belief systems haven't been undermined too seriously, while the ones you had previously called out are taking some serious heat. Just wondering how you will react in the offchance that one of your sacred cows is gored on stage.

Graciously, I would hope.

I think I'm pretty safe from having to eat much cold crow dinner, as I no longer believe in anyone or anything that I've ever read about or seen in the MSM. Maybe I'll be surprised but I can't imagine how.

For the record, here's where I see you as vulnerable to unpleasant surprises: Putin, Gandhi, Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Castro, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

I think JRR Tolkien is safe.

In the OT WTF category, I just got an email from inviting me to view his photos at

No, I didn't click on the link. After all, it said you had 0 friends, 0 photos, and 0 everything else, so what would be the point?




Anonymous said...

anti intelligent
supremicist ellitist
sold its truth
self respect
a defector from
the self protector
the honesty harmony
to degeneration
of equality and
calm for we
dishonor all it knows
with hate it grows
serving greed
the seed never satisfied
its always owed
the self possesed
are their a lesson
a reflection of a culture
with no protection
they work for vultures
who kill soldiers
for gold
many wept
but the hooded elect
and swear to protect
the wicked witch
the controller of all
the west
most dont know
they are trying to
live their lives
the best
unaware of the mess
civilized society
disclose and depose
the corporate's own us
deception their key
constantly deceiving
the people who think
that their free
slave's to disorder
chaos dispute in each quarter
the world divided up
heading for a mass
corporate slaughter
maybe it explode from within
when that day comes
and them men
who did this
who made hell
on earth with spin
are showed their lesson
shown the power of perception
of higher nature
the potency of true reflection
we can live with no deception
live life with
positive projection
in peace and calm


Visible said...

I just wanted to know if that was him. Nothing more


I don't have any sacred cows but if it pleases you to think so then have at it. I'm far less concerned with what goes on on this planet and the people who come and go here than I am with other locales.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm surprised that no one on this forum has noticed, but what do Tiger's 2 sluts (one from LA and the other from NYC - by the way his wife is Swedish, not American), Monica Lewinski, the madame Heidi Fleiss who busted Charlie Sheen, the "other woman" who broke up John and Kate and their 8 kids, and many other gals who just happen to break up celebs and athletes and make a lot of money??? Yes, all are Jewesses who I wouldn't have shagged when I was 16 and full of hormones and sperm. Is this not a pattern? Is this not some sort of extortion racket? Does it dovetail with satanic ritual and sacrifice? Are these brutal babes actually witches and masters of charms?

No doubt Tiger's wife fulfills many other purposes, and one would get bored with shagging mind control slaves afterall, especially when they are not disposible and have to make a public appearance every once in a while. Me thinks Tiger is up to his 3-wood in many shenanigans beyond simple adultery...


Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,
Great post, getting down and dirty makes a nice change of tempo.
In answer to your question, “why buy a cow, etc”, the answer is pretty obvious.
For power-driven men like Tiger, it’s not just about the money it’s the trophies that come with it. So he gets the ultimate trophy, the perfect blonde Nordic princess and where does he go from there?
When he’s older he might try to trade up, but how do you trade up from a babe like Elin?
When everything in your life is so perfect there’s a part of us all, what Jung called the shadow, that just has to go off and play in the rough. And so it goes.
If Tiger had asked Bill Clinton for some advice during one of their times on the links the reply would surely have been something like this: “Never, ever screw a yenta. No matter how big the eyes, the hair, the boobs, keep your driver out of that particular golf bag.”
For those who don’t understand why this is such good advice, I urge you to consider the lessons spelled out in The Book of Esther as to what happens to those gentiles unwise enough to play in the holy of holies of one of the Chosen People.
But if Tiger (now known as Cheetah) had the perfect life what possibly possessed him to go off and try to shag every slut with big boobs that he met? What possessed Hugh Grant to go cruising with Divine Brown when Liz Hurley was at home in bed? What possesses George Michael to go cruising in places where undercover cops wait with a penis-sized handcuff? What possessed Fatty Arbuckle … oh, never mind.
Here I think we have the clue. A little demon got turned loose in Cheetah’s perfect world and whispered in his ear: “Go on. You know you want to.” It’s a clear case of demonic possession and Cheetah needs to see a priest, not a marriage counsellor or a lawyer.
When all is considered, if Cheetah’s taste in playing off the reservation is only what’s been reported it’s pretty tame compared to the stuff that routinely goes on in stately homes all over Europe and the boarding schools of England, never mind the whorehouses of Hollywood Babylon and the joss houses of Hong Kong.
What’s even more interesting is the prurient fascination that the media are devoting to the whole sad saga – like some jabbering, masturbating bird of prey unable to believe the feast that has so unexpectedly dropped into it’s foul lap.
Wonder what’s going on behind the curtain while we all wait for the next instalment.

Visible said...

Excellent points Jack and very well articulated.

Anonymous said...

Tiger tiger running in fright.

Under a florida lit moonlight.

His wife's wrath, incured did he.

With a 9 iron, she'll frame his symetry.

Anonymous said...

We forget to quick.

I swear Les, you're doing everything right but its all wrong, I can't explain it because it doesn't matter, matter heh, fuck it, maybe there are no atoms, brainwashed agian perhaps?

Who knows....I'm lost but I will not follow, I can only feel but even that I'm afraid of because I can feel sexual bullshit, I'd fuck anything, it's sick, I'm sick, we ain't ready for a transition, if aliens can read our minds, then I understand why they don't want us to join the 'confederation' we are scum, as much as I want to do good, we are simple scum, mold, bacteria and we should be wiped out. No wordpad this time just me, drinking again of course.

Have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

And to add, that's why they haven't tracked down and killed you yet Les, cause it ain't that important to the Alien notion, movement, science, religion, obedience or what ever the fuck you want to call what they are up to.....enjoy.


Anonymous said...

The NWO agenda is still rolling Les..

There is no going back now..

Minor hiccups don't mean shit.

They have many aces up their sleeves in case the plan stalls..

The ultimate of all is the -bogus- 'Alien Landing'..

'We are here to save you guys..all you have to do is...'

DumbGoyNot said...

I guess you could say that the primary indicator of a totalitarian society is when the status quo reaches the point where everyone is thinking and saying the same things, namely whatever the state media dictates for the public to think and say (e.g. the constantly up-in-your-face "Let's all love the Jews and hate the Arabs" agenda). It's as if the whole nation becomes of one mind, to the point where the individual is completely absorbed into one huge psychic blob, a mass automaton that relies on the power brokers of the state to do all the thinking and make all the decisions. They become obedient little slaves saying in unison "Yeowwzzah, yeowwzzah, yeowwzzah," with the media talking heads (and robot airheads like Sarah Palin and Pat Robertson) ever so dutifully cheering them on.

Anonymous said...

Another corker Les! I gleefully observe the faux bubbles slowly dripping down unsuspecting faces:O

I am almost convinced that Martin Gore wrote the words to the Depeche Mode song about "Rhymes with"........

There’s something wrong with me chemically
Something wrong with me inherently
The wrong mix
In the wrong genes
I reached the wrong ends
By the wrong means
It was the wrong plan
In the wrong hands
With the wrong theory
For the wrong man
The wrong eyes
On the wrong prize
The wrong questions
With the wrong replies

In the meanwhile, I would like to hop onto Lamonts Crantsons' mother-ship, cos its getting dung hot....

McCob said...

m astera...I hope Jimi Hendrix isn't on that Putin, Ghandi, etc. list. He is the only guy who ever inspired me.

Unknown said...

Odium said-"Synchronicity is showing up a lot lately." Friggin' A it is. Me too. Synchronicity or stop you for a few moments coincidences or whatever it is. One example is I keep seeing the time 4:20 over and over again. I'm not kidding I just looked at the clock as I am typing this and it said 4:20 again. This has been going on now for several weeks and no I'm not smoking the ganja. There are other types of these little eyebrow-raising instances occurring too and the amount of them has doubled over the past 2 or 3 weeks. I have become accustomed to these coincidences in my life over the past few years, but like I said the frequency and amount of these instances has doubled in recent weeks. bearwalk7(poster formerly known as pond owl)

Mouser said...

I also got a "Les Visible" facebook e-mail with 0 friends and 0 images.
Les, has someone hacked into your personal quarters and begun to ransack your your cyber space?
Some of the latest drucken rants here almost sound like veiled (though empty) threats intended to strike fear into you.
Yesterday ven trying to write posts to here or SM was retarded noticeably.
Just thought I'd ask.
Hope you are well.
Sincerely yours

Visible said...

Hey Mouser;

It's all explained at the new Visible Origami.

No... I think that fellow is just drunk and striving to be agreeable but unable to achieve that completely due to the state the alcohol creates. I've been there.

A lot of people are cannonading of late. Piet just showed up at the Origami before this one and voiced his disapproval of people saying nice things about me while lapsing into a faux Joycean, opaque rant... I suppose he didn't actually want to be understood. he also addressed the post to someone I've never heard of as well as me.

I couldn't understand what he was talking about except I definitely got the impression that he's got it all figured out and it's too bad I don't.

Anonymous said...

There are lies,
There are damn lies,
Then there's Statistics.
-Mark Twain-

There is Climate Science,
There is Political Science,
Then there are Al-Gore-Rhythms
-Dog Anon-

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it would help Piet to read (or reread) "The Eden Express."

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best.
I find it very interesting how the MSM makes minor dieties out of celebrities and other public figures-then dethrones them a day, week, month, year later. And then they blandly assume that everyone not them will swallow this. It's like a roller coaster. The public gets expectations and then these are continually being dashed. And the public's anger and disgust towards the MSM are part of the reason for their falling revenues. The next thing after anger and disgust is contempt and indifference. Who can get that upset at a total irrelevancy?
It's part of the slow suicide of the MSM in the West. Best thing about it is that they seem powerless to do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

I got banned from one of my favorite sites today, the site is

I posted what Obama had said a few years ago, about pulling the troops out.......

Oh well, I wish for someone to go there and do something for me but alas, you will be banned.....

William Cooper was right, "when you broadcast the truth, you piss everybody off"

Back to watching porn.....


m_astera said...


Jimi's music inspired me too, the first two albums anyway. When he got to the "dolly dagger" crap I figured he was done; and I was only about eighteen at the time.

I don't recall what Dave McGowen wrote about Jimi in his Laurel Canyon series, or if he got around to Jimi at all. Jimi was ex-military so he too could have been a mind puppet.

Anyway, I was mostly talking about politics and religion, sorry if I wasn't too clear on that. Then again, isn't it the MSM controlled by you know who who decides who gets famous?

Also please note that I'm not real sure about Putin and Ahmadinejad. Putin may actually be the real thing, but it's hard to imagine the temporal powers allowing the real thing into power anywhere in the world. Ahmadinejad, well, he might be the real thing but what's that? Someone who wants to be president of a theocracy? Ewww.

Gandhi, like ML King and the Vietnam war protests, I see as puppets who were used to convince those who care about humanity that non-violent protest actually worked. It wouldn't have worked if TPTB hadn't wanted to end the colonial era and cut the British Empire down to size, and I won't bother explaining the other examples, you can figure them out by looking at the results forty years later.

Note that the temporal powers themselves only pay for non-violent protests to overthrow governments when that seems like the easiest and cheapest solution, e.g. the orange and rose "revolutions".

I see the truth coming out, and I see it as a heads-up for all of us, because it isn't just going to happen in the headlines and to the famous. Ready to stand transparent before all? Time to get that closet in order, methinks.

McCob said...

m-astera....I know Jimi was fucked up. certainly self destructive...but as an artist he was a one of a kind. Last I heard (Mike Henderson's bio on Jimi) the case of Hendrix' death had yet to be classified as either homocide, suicide or addicent.

When I was kid my hero was Paul Hornung (still the greatest football player to ever live imho). Anyway he got into trouble for gambling; betting against his own team. Plus, he did a Marlboro-remember when football players used to smoke cigarettes on the sidelines?-commercial. I was so disillusioned that a great athlete-he really was an athlete unlike Tiger- would behave thus.

I do believe the entertainment business in general is assaulting decency. I think the onslaught against decency began in the 50's but really took hold in the 60's. Scatalogical humor, prison rape jokes, South Park, eminem...humour without wit and music without beauty, stories with no moral imperative... gotta quit...starting to rant....

I always find your posts thoughtful and dignified and I thank you for your repsonse.

McCob said...

m astera...according to the Henderson bio and the movie 'Jimi Hendrix' Hendrix did think he was possesed by some sort of demon. Maybe that was some mkultra shit.

Visible said...

When lived in Woodstock I knew Michael Jeffries; Hendrix's manager. he had two great big Irish wolfhounds that used to get loose now and then and run around the town. He was a pretty shady guy.

At the time I was a friend of Jackie Lomax, one of the people that The Beatles signed early on with Apple. he had a girlfriend, I can't remember her name now. She was a really nice person; got nailed by a big truck while in a VW Beetle. Survived it and moved to Ojai where she may still be. At least that's what Jackie told me when I spoke with him in LA some years later.

She was a good friend of Jimmy's She said he used to ask her to sit on his chest to counteract the effect of demons who were trying to strangle him. Knowing her as I did I am sure she was telling the truth. It's odd I can't remember her name but it was years ago.

I met all kinds of people in Woodstock.

m_astera said...


Reading your comment about the entertainment industry destroying morals, I thought back to reading Lenny Bruce's autobiography, and watching the Smothers Brothers' comedy show on TV. As a young teenager I thought the censorship was uncalled for. I had no idea how far it could and would go. I haven't felt comfortable around television for twenty years; the shallow sex, violence, and brain-dead scatological excuses for humor truly offend my human spirit. It is simply demeaning.

Yet I walk into my 80+ year old mother's living room and that is on TV, what is truly despicable and perverted to me seems unremarkable to her. Reminds me of when I used to visit a friend who lived next to the sewage treatment plant. He didn't notice the smell any more.

If you didn't see it before, here's an interesting expose on the deliberate debasement of art, plotted and carried out by the usual suspects-
The Plot Against Art

m_astera said...


I'm not denying that Putin is intelligent, competent, and presents himself well. The question is, is he sincere, is he real, or is he knowingly playing a role under the control of manipulators higher up, a role that will result in harmful consequences for those who trust and believe in him?

Emphasis on "knowingly".

If Jimi Hendrix was an MKULTRA product, I doubt that he was aware of it.

If Gandhi was a puppet, did he know he was a puppet? And if he was and did, did he allow himself to be used anyway because he believed his cause righteous?

Not simple questions; they go back to issues like intent and sincerity. They go back to what is in the heart of each person. If a man is deluded but sincere, what negative karma do his actions bring upon him? I would say none.

Anonymous said...

omg, I've been playing and enjoying, for at least the last week, Purple Haze, only because I downloaded it illegally and have it in my cigarette adapter SD card playing through the radio car device thingy..…..syncro syncro syncro

I’m not banned anymore, from that site, I just changed my IP address, haha to them.....shhhhh, don’t tell anyone.....kiki

Visible said...

I'm not like you Michael;

That's not a judgment, just an observation. I can't judge people, wholesale and across the board like you do and I don't see dark phantoms behind every tree or dark motives in every human mind. I find McGowan's work interesting and I find David Icke's work interesting but I do not believe there are millions of mind slaves running around like Icke does. I don't buy Ms. Obriens story.

I'm sure McGowan has his reasons for reaching his conclusions and some of his arguments make for convincing reading but not all of them.

I have no idea about Hendrix and all of that MKUltra stuff.

I never met Gandhi. I wasn't around then. Therefore I am in no position to have an opinion.

I do not believe that every world leader is evil. I do not believe that the bad guys control everything. I do not believe there are not good guys. I never find a good guy or a good secret society in the whole of history in Icke's book. That cannot be right.

You got this idea that I'm a Chavez supporter and you just cannot let go of it. You got this idea that I am solidly behind a lot of people and I'm not behind any of them because I don't know them. I do know that I find the general opinion of these people do be much different than your own except among the right wing and imperialist mindsets.

I do not buy a lot of what I hear. i do not live in paranoid anxiety about everyone meet. I cannot live that way and I am not afraid of these people. I've been right up in their face in desperate circumstances and I've paid on many occasions for being who I am. It's a good thing I didn't insist on having a life because I didn't get one.

Everyone has a right to their opinion but opinions are just that. I live in Berlisconi country but he never crosses my mind. i live in Merkel country but she seldom crosses my mind. I say some pretty intense things and I hardly ever catch flack and I run into no difficulties with governments at all. People could draw a lot of conclusions from that but I know why that is. The one I serve has power over all of them and they can't do shit unless he says so.

he put me into the shit a few times and he got me out of the shit every time too. He put me in life and death dangerous places and places that could have been worse than life and death and not only did survive but I walked through it untouched even though I was put in there for bad things to happen to me according to those working that side of the thing but they don't have any power. it is an illusion.

Visible said...

I believe these things with an intensity that words could never convey. I am certain of the existence of the one I serve and certain of its control over everything... everything no matter what. Should I waver it makes a point to show me.

Now each of us has different karma and that karma has a direct effect on our vision and comprehension so there's little point in arguing about these things because they are not the same thing for each person. The rules shift and the laws apply differently depending on who is involved. Perhaps the rules do not shift and maybe the laws don't apply differently but the impact is not the same and things can take all kinds of turns depending on how one walks the line.

I haven't got the time or the inclination to be negative about everyone out there and all across history attributing bad motives to every character who ever lived.

I have no way of knowing if Ben Franklin was a Satanist. I know about the Hellfire Club and I have done extensive investigations into occult history and the players and I still don't know because i wasn't there. You can be given two entirely different stories about the same person and both of them can be plausible while attributing different intentions.

I just don't know. I'm going to be positive in my outlook and believe that all things work for good depending on where ones allegiance lies.

My life and the world I move through just isn't the way so many people are saying it is. my experiences do not bear them out. I get ripped off if I'm stupid and I don't always pay complete attention but I'm learning.

I don't know what's going to happen in this world but I am not going to kill my faith and potential toward reaping positive results by buying into the awesome e negativity that is around and which I hear about from someone every day.

I get people coming in here talking nonsense. maybe they ar just entertaining themselves or maybe they are fucking with me, talking gibberish or trying to be arcane in some sophomoric way. I let them do what they do and pay little attention to them and I don't think much of anyone else does either.

I have no idea what is what and who is who a lot of the time. My focus is on my own behavior and staying right with my employer who sees to my every need to the degree that I allow it.

Kevenj said...

" met all kinds of people in Woodstock."

Grew up just west in Syracuse, on the wrong side of the tracks.
Funny, although I was too young to care about all the hype from some stupid concert I still remember the energy.

Gore gave me the creeps from years back without reason, now I know why.Kudos Les.

simon said...



Thanks, but I should have guessed that one.

They certainly have the whip hand for now

m_astera said...

"I can't judge people, wholesale and across the board like you do and I don't see dark phantoms behind every tree or dark motives in every human mind.... I find David Icke's work interesting but I do not believe there are millions of mind slaves running around like Icke does."

Seems you are making some pretty big assumptions about me there. Good thing there's no judgment involved.

"You got this idea that I'm a Chavez supporter and you just cannot let go of it. You got this idea that I am solidly behind a lot of people and I'm not behind any of them because I don't know them."

You have praised Chavez' words and actions often enough. Maybe that's where I got that idea. It was probably reinforced by you attacking me and allowing if not encouraging rather vicious ad-hominem attacks against me by readers of your blog when I dared to cast doubt on Hugo's saintliness and integrity.

I would guess that I probably know a bit more about Chavez than you do about Eckhardt Tolle or Tiger Woods. That hasn't spared them from your castigation or ridicule.

You do seem to know a lot more about David Icke than I do. I have read very little of his writing. Both he and Tolle strike me as good-hearted people though. I don't think either of them would take over every radio and TV station in the country on a weekly basis for five-hour hate filled rants attacking anyone in their own country who didn't support them. They probably wouldn't go on national TV and tell the police to use "strong" gas against peaceful marchers. Nor would they praise Robert Mugabe as a freedom fighter, call Carlos the Jackal a true revolutionary, or say that Idi Amin didn't commit any atrocities.

They probably wouldn't try to start three wars with neighboring countries within two years either.

"I do know that I find the general opinion of these people do be much different than your own except among the right wing and imperialist mindsets."

Wouldn't your doubting anthropogenic global warming be one of those things that the true believers in AGW would characterize as right wing and imperialist? That's the point I was making in my first post on this thread:

"So far, your heroes and belief systems haven't been undermined too seriously.... Just wondering how you will react in the offchance that one of your sacred cows is gored on stage."

All I care about is the truth, Les. Let the truth come out about everyone and everything and let the chips fall where they may. I'm more than ready for that.

Have a nice morning. I'm off to bed.

Anonymous said...

what does "S&MSM" stand for? i know "MSM" is main stream media but that "S&" has been bothiering me for months now

Visible said...


You really do twist things. You have the most consistently mean spirited attitude I've ever seen around here.

I'm not even going to bother responding to this various crap and when I hear Chavez saying these things or people besides you quoting them I might pay attention. So far I have heard too many things from you that I've never heard from anyone else anywhere else.

As for the right wing comment. The right wing are the ones who oppose Chavez. Since you know so much about him you might want to think about what wing of the political spectrum he's in. It's got nothing to do with another subject but I guess you know all about apples and oranges.

As is your usual style you tromp in and start slinging innuendo all over the place. I'm not sure who you work for but you've raised quite a few flags in your time around here. I know you're not well disposed toward me but I'm guessing you would know what circulates and what we see right in front of us as well.

All I know is that whenever you show up, trouble follows and it doesn't matter where that is. I'm going to do what I should have done in the beginning and ignore you. You won't change and that chest out, John Wayne, hard-walking thing just doesn't have any flexibility

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

From Bondage to Rothschild to Freedom Within.

VeryConcerned said...

Has anyone read the Copenhagen treaty for a world government?

JSP said...

It's the occasional links that lead to great pages such as The Most Dangerous of Rogue Nations and thought provoking comments like the following by M Astera that make it worth it to sift through LV comment sections:

"Gandhi, like ML King and the Vietnam war protests, I see as puppets who were used to convince those who care about humanity that non-violent protest actually worked."

Very few people are aware of the crucial role that the militant resistance group called 'Deacons for Defense and Justice' played in the American Civil Rights Movement of the 60s. From Wikipedia:

"The Deacons for Defense and Justice were an armed African American civil rights organization in the U.S. Southern states during the 1960s.

The militant Deacons confrontation with the Klan in Bogalusa was instrumental in forcing the federal government to invervene on behalf of the black community and enforce the 1964 Civil Rights Act and neutralize the Klan."

It's a lot easier to have 'non violent protests' when you've got pissed off armed ex military freedom fighters watching your back.

Elevating willful ignorance to an art form since 1776.

Anonymous said...

Joe -

You are so autistic I mean artistic!

Anonymous said...

As for Obama:

I had long wondered, why there seemed to be some kind of secret pact in the US film industry to portray african americans in positions of authority and power going back quite a few years.

Now I know. While I can only guess, if Obama was either long-time planning or other agendas were served too, this was a big eye-opener towards organised and hidden media manipulation.

Anonymous said...

Not only is Obama not black he's barely even brown.

If Obama was black like Idi Amin Dada was black or like Louis Armstrong was black, there's no way he would have been elected or even made a race out of it. (no pun intended)



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