Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Flaming Dumpsters at the End of the Line

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Surely there are chemical waste dumps around. Some of them have permission slips and some of them don’t. There’s no telling how many different chemicals get together and what they might get up to, burbling away as they merge in strange and unpredictable copulations below the sight line. One can only imagine the sort of progeny that results.

Similar things are happening in the human body, as the various chemicals have their way with the DNA and the internal systems. Similar things are happening in the culture as the individual mutations interact with each other. The changes in the composition of the human form and the effect of these on the individual minds and emotional bodies, as they interact in the wider world, have an impact on just about everything.

Most people embrace what appears in front of them. If it wasn’t supposed to be there it wouldn’t be, would it? Certain restaurant chains pop up on the landscape and become the de rigueur dining experience for the world at large. It might be about chickens; cows, pigs or even kangaroos. Whatever it is it has a persona and an atmosphere and it's quick and it’s tailored for some combination of taste buds which determine if you want it and whether you’ll be back.

Massive stores appear, with countless shelves filled with thousands of items. Like the cellphone, life had gone on fine without these things but now you have to have them. They are all part of what you do and you’d be lost without them now. The runoff from the production of all these foods and items find its way into the dumping grounds. Beneath the surface of the world these chemical compounds engage one another. They form communities and have offspring. Hundreds of pharmaceutical and other chemical products from manufacturing plants and private and public sewage works have found their way into the water supply.

The rainforests of the world are being bulldozed for beef production in order to service these restaurant chains. I had some statistics on a small piece of paper. It’s traveled with me for years. Occasionally I run across it and then it disappears into my files again. I’ll have to try to recover what I can from memory. It said, that if it were not for government support of the meat industry and the free water for livestock, that a hamburger would cost 125 dollars. It also said that if meat consumption were reduced by ten percent we could put an end to world hunger. This may sound fantastic but it was convincing as I remember.

A certain crowd of well-heeled parasites has been caught fabricating data to make a convincing argument for global warming. They want their opportunity to rape and pillage the public till just as the bankers and Wall Streeters did recently. They even appear to be the same people. The meat industry, with its destruction of critical wild places and other effects from the production of meat is a far greater polluter than the transportation industry but... you don’t hear an international call to reduce meat production and consumption. The bottom line is that people do not want to alter their lifestyles but they do want what they would achieve if they did alter them. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

Obama (rhymes with Osama) gave the impression that he wanted a national health care program. The Europeans and certain other countries have some very successful examples of public health care. I have full health insurance for a pittance compared to what is charged in America and on the rare occasion I need something like that, it is expeditiously taken care of; treatment, medicines, hospital tests and hospital stays... no problem, no denial of service. I had a kidney stone event a little while ago and this would have cost as much as twenty thousand dollars in the US. It cost me nothing. I had costly scans and even stayed in the hospital for 3 days for IV pain medication as I pondered the surgical recommendation of the doctor; all free.

I decided to treat it on my own with ayurvedic products and that’s how it went. Because I am an artist, I also pay a pittance compared to what others pay here and what others pay here is far less than what you have paid and will soon pay in America.

Now we see that the White House has intruded into the health care legislation to protect the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. We see that arrangements are being made so that insurance conglomerates can deny you coverage if you acquire an expensive to treat malady. Not only will there be no national health care for Americans but they are absolutely going to be even worse off now. Seen from their perspective it could well be a blessing if the world ends. They won’t suffer nearly as long or as much as they might have.

They are providing -and aggressively encouraging- free flu vaccines for segments of the population but we are coming to understand what is going on there. The number of Americans on food stamps is inching up to 20% of the population. The job market is bad news and the immediate opportunities lie in military service. Massive war efforts are being financed to stop terrorism, which is routinely being performed by the very people engaged in allegedly stopping terrorism. This money turned to domestic concerns would very swiftly change the climate but... that’s not being done. Some alien intelligence has entered into the minds of the leaders and the wrong way is the right way and the law.

Now they are saying Bin Laden has been dead for years and... they knew this. It has become very clear that the governments and the corporations that run them are evil and consumed with self-interest. It is clear that the corrupted media lies in defiance of what is true and supports and encourages terrible and treacherous acts against the population. You are on a runaway train with an insane meth freak at the controls. Nothing has to be as it is but it is.

There is a segment of the population at the top of the heap who has more than they will ever, ever use and they want more. There is a conspiracy of complicity and silence that runs through the worlds of privilege and when it comes down to it, it is you or them and it’s not going to be them. Well... this can’t go on forever. In an effort to loot everything of value from the system, they have destroyed the system and now they expect the system to protect them from what they have done. Unfortunately, all through the system are the people they are abusing whom they expect to continue to serve them. They do not live in a bubble although they may think they do. They rely on their victims for more than they fully understand.

There’s time to be equitable and sane and to fix everything but they are not inclined in that direction. Well, so be it. All along our personal roads to Samarra we have opportunities and choices that would have changed the outcome of our destined meeting there. We/they ignored every warning. They murdered their conscience in the dark of the night and buried it in a forgotten field. They killed what made them human and now they rise to each day to seek greater and greater insanities of behavior with increasingly public displays. They are so certain of the force of their madness that they pose and preen at the funerals of those they have ruined and destroyed and then they turn their attention to the survivors.

You may well ask yourself why it has to be the way it is when it does not have to be the way that it is. I reflect upon these things through my every day. These scoundrels have got their bolt holes and secret rooms in their palaces and estates. They are so sure that when the storm which has been engineered by their behavior passes, all will return to normal; whatever that is. I am not so sure of that.

As what happens, happens... the awakening continues. The unveiling proceeds apace. The time is coming when there will be little question, even among the dimmest of us, what has happened and is happening and by whose agencies it has come to pass. Within every moment there lies the opportunity to change. Epiphany waits at every crossroads. One can come to realization or realization can come on its own. The result will be the same in either case. The conditions which follow will not.

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Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

A truly excellent article. The PTB are living in la la land if they think this insanity can continue. There is such a large disconnect between the reality of every day life and that reported by the MSM that it is becoming difficult to ignore.

People are waking up but they are still fearful of losing their 'privileges'. The danger is that they will listen to anyone now who will deliver them from this madness and the likelihood is that this 'saviour' won't be who he claims to be (the Obama effect).

The sooner this era is done with, the better.

All the best and thank you for persevering with all the writing and radio shows and evrything else. I am amazed at how much you continue to contribute, it must be the alien genes!


Anonymous said...

There a surplus of folks out "here" in the stolen aboriginal mountain west where i domicile "which" are mere caricatures of human potential. They parade their prefab moral/religious opinions in partisan secular venues that exclude more thoughtful reflections by non conforming "pinkos". I truly despise and pity their "get" who will pay the price for their racial benefit. Never a ratracist i fervently pray daily that they awaken but this leopard cannot change. Stop looking for salvation "outside" of You or "later on". Know the raw truth that fills the void and delivers victory over this illusion. This is the time promised by prophetic voices since before the fall into duality. A word on the blogger calling himself Les...You are noble sir. If our paths shall cross you will instantly know and recognize a fellow time traveling/shapeshifting eye witness to history. No praise or blame. Chipsahoy.cradrowm

Anonymous said...

Les, this may be going from bad to worse. Health care mandates and a carbon tax about to rushed through congress. They are done deals.

The Bankers and Insurance folks are arming themselves and so are these folks..

Anonymous said...

representatives of greed
out infecting minds every day
through the tv
the newspapers and computers
they display
one thing I know
for sure
most men are definately blind
these leaders
they dont work for mother earth
they deceive and just tell lies
it seems to me
whatever happens
they will not give up
they tasted greed
a demon infected
hate ridden cup
but mother nature lives
in all hearts and minds
you can never really
sell your soul
but your inner eye
will be blind
and now maybe
with this 2012 pole shift
the inner eye
or your true nature
will open or uplift
a gift for some
a curse for others
I dont really know
but take a gift
from mother nature
a seed for your soul


Anonymous said...

"We see that arrangements are being made so that insurance conglomerates can deny you coverage if you acquire an expensive to treat malady.Not only will there be no national health care for Americans but they are absolutely going to be even worse off now."

I remember twenty odd years ago saying not to worry, there will be national health insurance. There has to be, the current system is too expensive and screwed up. Well here we are, it is a hell of a lot more expensive and couldn't be more screwed up.

People like Ron Paul only because he looks like a diamond in a shit pile compared to his cohorts. Not too long ago I heard him say we cannot afford national health coverage. No mention of single payer or modeling a plan after the Europeans. He said we already have health coverage for the uninsured. Nobody is dying in the streets. Asshole, there are people dying from lack of coverage. If the average person manages to accumulate anything, and looses his job (assuming he had health insurance on the job), a lifetime of savings can be wiped out with one illness. The biggest cause of bankruptcy in this fucked up country is unpaid medical bills. What kind of a sadistic system is that Ron? The best course of action for the US voter is to kick out ALL incumbents on every election. We have a less than worthless CONgress so we couldn't do any worse. With our crooked elections it would take 75% of the vote to accomplish this. What's the chance? Not very likely with the zombies I come in contact with.

"You are on a runaway train with an insane meth freak at the controls."

So true. Man you have a way with words.


Joe Bloggs said...

Jolly good post, Mr V

Your mention of:

Nothing has to be as it is but it is.

makes me thinklike, write:

Nothing is as
its always been
because Everything else is not
sometimes never a scene from a dream

Anonymous said...

"You are on a runaway train with an insane meth freak at the controls."
Another gem. Thanks, as usual.

This site has several articles tracing the connections.

How much longer will the downtrodden majority of the world have to endure all this? There might be no Gaza left by then, nor any area in parts of western and southern Asia which is not devastated by depleted uranium which is causing deformed babies to be born both to Gulf War vets and to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Greg Bacon said...

The time is coming when there will be little question, even among the dimmest of us, what has happened and is happening and by whose agencies it has come to pass

Maybe, but it's difficult to understand what is going on elsewhere that is affecting you and your family when you've lost your job or home and are either living on the streets are you're headed there.

Stupidity isn't free, it has a price, a terrible price and some are beginning to find that out.

But all the 'ouchies' will go away tomorrow for an hour or two when the Church of the Most Sacred Bleeding Heart of Jesus of the Thumping Bible tells their flock of 100 million Americans to not worry about themselves, but to cry for Israel.

Darius said...

These people, it's no mystery where they come from.
You sharpen the human appetite to the point where it can split atoms with its desire.
You build egos the size of cathedrals.
Fibre-optically connect the world to every eager impulse.
Grease even the dullest dreams with these dollar-green gold-plated fantasies until every human becomes an aspiring emperor, becomes his own god.
Where can you go from there?
As we're scrambling from one deal to the next, who's got his eye on the planet?
As the air thickens, the water sours, even bees' honey takes on the metallic taste of radioactivity and it just keeps coming, faster and faster.
There's no chance to think, to prepare. It's buy futures, sell futures when there is no future.
We got a runaway train, boy.
- Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate (1997)

If you want a clearer statement of how and why humanity is headed over the cliff I’d like to read it. Not that you can blame the Devil.
The guy who invented temptation could hardly stand aloof from the impulses that presently course through the human psyche like some foul river, free will notwithstanding.
The mind reels at the gruesome spectacle of greed and manic indulgence that is daily paraded before our glazed and disbelieving eyes. Go on, have one more. Because you’re worth it.
And there’s the nub of it really. We really don’t know how much is enough and our whole social structure is built on the idea of having just a bit more – or in many cases, a lot more, and right now if you don’t mind.
Simplify your life and you’ll be startled at how little you really need.
But simplifying your life, really getting it down to basics, is not an approved option in the bastions of consumerism so you have to be ready to be pretty much instantly unpopular with a lot of people of your acquaintance who need to compare themselves constantly with everyone around them and don’t like to see something they can’t fit into the picture.
It doesn’t matter that you’re making to the move purely for your own reasons and without reference to anyone else, they’re going to feel uncomfortable with someone who used to be on the team and has now decided that team sports suck because the coach and all the players are insane.
The unspoken part of keeping up with the Joneses is that you get to look down on everyone else. Being around someone who isn’t trying to keep up with anyone and privately views the whole competitive and acquisitive essence of our doomed culture as a disease is guaranteed to raise hackles.
But it can be a lot of fun while it lasts.

Visible said...

That is one of the greatest and most dramatic speeches in movie history. I own that movie and occasionally reply the closing portion; or watch the whole thing. it's a masterpiece and I am surprised this is not a more widely shared consensus. It should have won a lot of awards. There's a pretty obvious reason why it didn't.

Visible said...

By the way, they are messing with the site again and closed off my ability to get into the dashboard to post the few comments that are getting through. I had to find a way around it. Just wanted to let you know. It won't even publish my comments without some tweaking. If you can't get through then email me your comments. I'm going to bed soon but I will get them in the morning.

Anonymous said...

articulated men
and women
of all aquired tastes
peace of mind
is hard to find
if upon lies it is based
the people who lead us
didnt say that they told us lies
favours for the rich
keeps corrupted pockets lined
hundreds of years
of ethnic cleansing
murder and rape
the killing feilds
go on and on
make no mistake
upon humanitys road
we learn our species lesson hard
allowing leaders to lead us
who have no love in their heart
the times we live in
broken smashed and demoralized
the wicked witch of the west
stole,looted the supplies
on her little mission
to infect all that she see
chopping down forests
and kill the bumble bee
well their my mates
I say know
i'm fed up with
who you think you are
elitist domineering
who killed their way in charge
what are you thinking
when you sell your soul
you sell your eternal peace
turn your back on mother nature
and practice insanity deceit
their comes a time
for earth lessons
our true nature to unfold
I think now might be
one of them times
life puzzles solved.


gurnygob said...

Greg Bacon said...
So you’re a Catholic Greg who goes to mass? Just wondering how you came to the conclusion that Catholics pray for Israel. Why do you pick the Sacred Heart of Jesus to lash out like that? Are the Catholics to blame? Maybe you just don't get Jesus. I am a Roman Catholic of 49 years and as far as I can remember I have never heard a Catholic or a catholic Priest crying out for Israel, but then I’m Irish, maybe we do thing different over here.
It was Jesus who said "do not worry" and so on. He also said pray for those who persecute you. Maybe if we all prayed a little more we would not be in the shit we are in.
Maybe America would not be looking down the barrel of a gun right now (civil war)
Greg I know you comment here quite often and most of the time you have something to say, not that I would always agree with you, but picking on Catholics and their faith in Jesus is not the answer. Wake up Greg, people will be depending on the likes of you, so buck up and hold your head up high.

gurnygob said...

your going to bed at 2.49pm. get up you lazy bastard there's work to be done.(grin)

Anvil of Crom said...

The higher ups in the pyramid got too grabby. Too much wasn't enough. They seem to think they can be at the top of the pyramid suspended in mid-air with no levels (middle class & have lesses) underneath them. Sorry so called elites it's not going to work, and don't think you won't come tumbling down to the shit with all the rest of us. Keep your bolt hole stocks bristling and hope your guards don't mutiny.

Anonymous said...

I always liked the u Major (pronounced mu major) chord. People come together now and reel in the years.

We are all aware of the 3 card monte dealer's pig in a poke that got us here. The lie has been revealed in Technicolor and surround sound.

We were told that an outfit calling itself a toilet hatched psycho kinetically from the bowels of a mountainous plumbing in Tora Bora and executed by Arabians who learned to fly playing Microsoft's Flight Simulator with their Israeli Art Student apartment neighbors. I've always wondered why terror from the sky guys bent on heavenly suicide pack their PJ's before they depart.

So off we go to Afghanistan.
Rin a tin tin
Rin a tin tin
Rin a tin tin tin tin

Led by a prince of fools the election machines said won the pulpit by pluralities of anti-abortion zealots hell bent on vaporizing the placental wrapped fetuses of fellow Caucasian Afghani mothers to be by shooting loads of prosperous white phosphorus from the breasts of Predator Drones straight up their birth canals.

I wonder if Mary felt the same way when god sired Jesus? The righteousness of vampires pales in the wake of their communion blood.

So we go - fire breathing death machines and mighty men in green - so we go a killing again. Killing without sin.

Then the truth of why we're really in Afghanistan resolves from the mist. And we sit on our hands and we complain and take the pain while righteous robbed alter boy rapers kill in our name.

I don't know where it is or when it is.But it's close and very near. It the abyss of the breaking point. When revolution comes, there will be no innocents. Only truth can fill this void.

I thought we'd be save by a merciful H1N1 death, but that angel never opened her wings.

Truth vindicates all. It rides a fast horse. And believe me baby, it hurts!

Publius said...

TPTB are just that. They have capacity to do others do not have. This is why ancient cultures put great emphasis on educating the elites. Unhappily for us, at least since World War I, and doubtlessly well before, the education of elites has been to be predatory.

Anonymous said...

It is good to know that we as humans, sons of Adam, we make discharge of the same nature of the universe.
Our discharges are natural, biodegradable, recyclable, the OS doesn't need any add ons to operate proficiently,
no alien interference is required for the human body to transform matter into discharges/matter.
As humans we discharge matter in its three basic forms: gaz, liquid and solid.

Zero waste of matter, 100% of matter comes in and 100% of matter comes out. Matter transformed by passing
thru us, thru our operating system, digestive, respiratory, atomic level. It transformed to another basic form of matter
necessary for the creation of other matter we interact with in our surroundings (trees, birds, air, water, earth...).

In that sense we are as sons of Adam recycling beings of matter. And while our system operates this transformation
our body create energy. Energy matters. If we do not recycle correctly the matter coming in we will have a poor energy
production supply to our own survival and the survival of other matter/energies that requires our recycling abilities to regenerate,
to be transformed for a matter to another those participating in this eternal cycle of energy.

All of that is true for matter that is materialized in our 3D world. 100% of matter comes in, 100% of matter comes out and energy is created from this
transformation process of matter into matter, from dusk to down, from dust to dust.

Dysfunctional humans do not follow this golden rule, 100% in 100% out= optimized energy production & absolute harmony (ultimate heaven).
Dysfunctional human beings are not the crippled ones, the retarded, the handicapped, no, the dysfunctional human being is the worst conductor
of energy, of recyclable energy. 100% of matter/energy comes in and maybe 30% of matter/energy comes out. The 70% remaining in the body/soul
builds up into fat and, around our necks, our wrensgh, ankles and around our hearts. Those who stocks gold and silver are the fat glocking our development,
they are the fat that engulfs our hearts and making our blood pressure rising to death.

Those who stock gold and silver prevents the recycling process, the transformation process from matter to energy, they hold back in fact bad energy in our
human society. With all the fat that surround our humanity every little step for man kind feels like an endless tiring effort to move forward or to evade danger.
More than 70% of their non recycled energy is stocked in banks and religious institutions.

As a Human Body we should be agile in order to evolve or to "fall" into our next step, this is how we advance and we transform.

My advise to all the visibles and invisibles is to wake up, it is time to loose the Fat, both
physically and spiritually. Forgive and do not seek revenge, and just stop taking any more bull shit and be ordered to transform it into more gold!!!

It is time for the Leviathan to rise.


Greg Bacon said...

So you’re a Catholic Greg who goes to mass? Just wondering how you came to the conclusion that Catholics pray for Israel. Why do you pick the Sacred Heart of Jesus to lash out like that? Are the Catholics to blame? Maybe you just don't get Jesus. I am a Roman Catholic of 49 years and as far as I can remember I have never heard a Catholic or a catholic Priest crying out for Israel, but then I’m Irish, maybe we do thing different over here.

I'm a recovering Catholic. Don't see any need for a pseudo-religion that hides behind misogynists who wear dresses and rape little boys and then blame the kids for being evil, while sheltering pedophiles like Bernard Law.

The reference to the 100 million was to the 100 million Evangelicals who constantly stay in a state of agitation over Isael, dancing around like whirling dervishes while worshipping Judaism and death.

But as long as you brought up Catholics, what is the Vatican's stance on these 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel?'

They seem to be awfully quiet on this subject. Why?

Isn't there still a commandment that says, "Thou Shalt not kill." or was that nullified by a Papal Bull?

Sure was nice for GW to invade Iraq back in 2003, thought the Pope, since that took those headlines about priests raping altar boys off the front page.

And killing all those 'Muzzies' is one helluva way to eliminate the competition, isn't it?

If JC was still around, would he have anything to say about these wars, or would he be wearing custom made frocks, silk panties, riding around in Mercedes limos and wearing more gold that a gangsta?

gurnygob said...

To Greg.

Greg. You’re a recovering Catholic. I see you also have a wicked sense of humour. I didn’t know if should laugh or cry.

“The reference to the 100 million was to the 100 million Evangelicals who constantly stay in a state of agitation over Isael, dancing around like whirling dervishes while worshipping Judaism and death.”

I know what you mean about the above.

As for the rest of your comment.
What makes you think I don’t share your feelings about what has gone on in the R.C.Church everything you said is true, but the RC church has produced some great men and women, saints in their day; and still does from time to time. You can’t pick good fruit from a tree that is fully rotten. The teachings of the church are based on the words of Jesus, but as with all religions and organisations there are those who will spoil or make rotten. I see the RCC rediscovering its self in Christ somewhere in the future, but there will need to be a lot of cleansing to go through first.
Anyway, I can see you have been deeply hurt and let down by these things and your not alone in that. I didn’t mean to add to that pain, so I ask for your forgiveness.
I must say, you have a way with words.
I wish you peace brother.

Anonymous said...

Most of the world is still asleep. Help speed the awakening among others, encourage them to view: Zeitgeist, the Movie. It's online and free if one has 2 hours to dedicate to viewing. I first saw it when it first appeared online about two years ago. I buy cheap copies of it at ($4.99 plus $2.99 S&H) and give them to my sleeping friends and encourage them to pass it on... Oliver in GA.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

The Coat of Many Colors and the Body Beneath.

Also we are on the radio tonight here
Feet to the Fire.

or you can download it here Visible's Radio Show archive. in a day or so.

The Eaton County Observer said...

+1 for the anonymous referencer of Mu Major chords and Reeling in the Years.

We're all Fools to do Their Dirty Work.

Have you seen the glory of The Royal Scam?


And they wandered in
From the city of St. John
Without a dime
Wearing coats that shined
Both red and green
Colors from their sunny island
From their boats of iron
They looked upon the promised land
Where surely life was sweet
On the rising tide
To New York City
Did they ride into the street
See the glory
Of the royal scam

They are hounded down
To the bottom of a bad town
Amid the ruins
Where they learn to fear
An angry race of fallen kings
Their dark companions
While the memory of
Their southern sky was clouded by
A savage winter
Every patron saint
Hung on the wall, shared the room
With twenty sinners

See the glory
Of the royal scam

By the blackened wall
He does it all
He thinks he's died and gone to heaven
Now the tale is told
By the old man back home
He reads the letter
How they are paid in gold
Just to babble in the back room
All night and waste their time
And they wandered in
From the city of St. John without a dime

See the glory
Of the royal scam

For my money, "The Nightfly" may be one of the most underrated albums in the rock era.

Anonymous said...

Greg Bacon and gurneygob.

I am Irish American who was raised Roman Catholic. My parents were devout but I left the church years ago.

I have recently been reading about Christian Identity, also called Christian Israel. Several good websites such as

Christian Identity is the belief white European Christians are true Israel of the bible. People who call themselves 'jews' are not Israel but imposters. It says in the bible (sorry I don't have the quote) we would forget who we are but would remember in the end times.

I'm still learning about it but you might find it worth a look.

Anonymous said...

There is solace - but was never so naughty or ever tasted like this.

If the river was a whiskey
I'd a dive in now
I'd dive straight to the bottom
And never come up

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

To Know the End from the Beginning.

Anonymous said...

Here's more grist for the mill...

Anonymous said...

Les, The title of this chapter couldn't be more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

gurnygob: "the RC church has produced some great men and women, saints in their day; and still does from time to time. You can’t pick good fruit from a tree that is fully rotten."

Like maybe Saint Francis as one example?

But, is it really true that the RC Church (or any human organization for that matter) actually "produces" people like that???

And also, doesn't the RC Church (the apple tree in your analogy) have a very long record of carefully singling out many of its own best "apples" and declaring them to be BAD APPLES, and dealing with them accordingly? I'm thinking of Meister Eckhart for example. Now there's a really prize apple that grew right on the RC tree. If supported, maybe he might have taught lots of students how to actually realize Jesus's REAL teaching, which was not: "Accept the church's holy sacraments and you have nothing to worry about," but rather: Seek and actually find the kingdom of heaven within yourself. And Eckhart actually did that . . . and ended up as a heresy convict (unknown what if any punishment he received).

Anonymous said...

The looting of the US isnt just some "meth heads" out of control, its a planned event. Those that wish to create a NWO are just feeding off the last free lunch before bye bye Uncle Sam, and the last "free" (minus NFTA) nation not in some trade block.
I think the effort to destroy this nation and its econmony will not fail, but will give tons of people the wake up call needed? Once a good amount of people that lived with the shelves full of shit, have nothing, they'll ready to see the light? This seems to be happening already. The media is working hard to cover up the "tent cities" and long lines for food. The O man is letting people see dead service men come home, but wont show homeless vets? The "great" generation is about gone and they are the only few that remember the lessons learned last time. After we become educated on the banker scam, they'll have the wait another life time to try again?
Give thanks for these times, we can gain and learn the hard stuff now, or wait another life time?

Katie Ham said...

It is a great article. The content delivered a great opinion to each and everyone on us especially to those who read this and understand what it mean.



Joseph Brenner

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