Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Of Trump and Time and Strange Circumstance.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You know that song by The Who? I think it is the Secret Policeman's Ball or somesuch and it's got that line about hoping not to be fooled again. Along comes this bad hair day... wrapped up in one of the most bombastic, megalomaniacal ego trips I have ever seen and every press release has got this guy accused of acumen and savvy. Damn! Maybe it is even wisdom he is being accused of. In truth... the guy is superficial and a regular toady to hidden and veiled interests and you have got to be dumber than a slug on the sidewalk to buy any of the lies and fluffer felating journalism that is now the standard.

If nothing else speaks... nay reeks... of compromise and cowardice under the banner of false bravado and smug suit and tie hypocrisy then his comment about all these Arabs and or Muslims, celebrating the 9/11 attacks should raise a few painted eyebrows. It is a given that the only people caught celebrating were Israelis who... as it so happens, did 9/11. No wait!!! Hold the phone! Some guy named Bin Laden who lived in a cave with a handful of other Stone Age Arabs did it and they couldn't even get a license for flying small airplanes. Want to know the difference between flying a small airline and a big one? The difference is enormous... exponential... logarithmic. Factually, it is impossible but this is how dumb and gullible people have gotten in this age of information saturation and overkill. Israel was behind 9/11... end of story and if you don't know this by now, you are the worst kind of shrinking violet, bent over, catamite or worse... you don't give a shit.

I see Trump being promoted all over the place and he is a lying, posturing sack of shit. There... I said it. Remember when you thought Mr. Hope and Change was a real turnaround from The Segway Clown? Nobody gets near The Oral Office these days who is not a whore and who should also be dressed in thigh high faux leather boots and a mini skirt. “Oh... you can get a half and half for forty bucks or practically anything for a hundred.” Uh huh. I heard that hookers were going for 3 Euro in Greece these days. I'm not joking about that... by the way.

The state of the collective miseries of the masses in many parts of the world cannot be measured. They amount to hundreds of millions. In the media and the movies they don't really exist except as fabrications of something they often are not. At this time, the cold blooded Satanists who are exercising an impressive control over world economics and the political and military theaters are after some kind of elusive prize that they believe is theirs for the taking and also something they deserve because, in their minds they backed the right horse. Am I right about the control they exercise? Look at the situations that repeat around the world at this time and look at the pervasive corruptions in operation in this 'scrimmage of appetites everywhere.'

One might almost think that they are correct and that what they believe is a fait accompli but the only fait accompli is that they will fail. They always fail. They may cause great distress in the process and they may sucker millions into believing what is not true... at a very great cost to those millions. However, as Lao Tzu said;

Those who would take over the earth
And shape it to their will
Never, I notice, succeed.
The earth is like a vessel so sacred
That at the mere approach of the profane
It is marred
And when they reach out their fingers it is gone.
For a time in the world some force themselves ahead
And some are left behind,
For a time in the world some make a great noise
And some are held silent,
For a time in the world some are puffed fat
And some are kept hungry,
For a time in the world some push aboard
And some are tipped out:
At no time in the world will a man who is sane
Over-reach himself,
Over-spend himself,
Over-rate himself.”

I am likely to listen to Lao Tzu with a far greater faith than I have in the noisemakers and the pushers and the over reachers. However... I am in a small minority in this world, much like the people who come here and that mysterious force that Lao Tzu speaks of. It is what has brought us all together here, just as it brings the bad guys together and the people who share certain tastes. Somehow these people find each other and it's that mysterious force that arranges it... just as it is involved in some way in practically anything; sometimes due to its presence and sometimes due to it's seeming absence. There is one thing that needs to be remembered and this has been already proven by physics and that is that everything is made out of the same thing, vibrating at a particular rate. It is also proven that the world is thought born and that explains this mysterious force. No reasonable or rational or informed person can argue against this, or those who consider themselves to be souls of reason, souls of science... representatives of some modern forms of enlightenment, based on Materialism; from what I can see. Instead they argue about religion and that is only indirectly connected to this mysterious force.

Hermeticists and mystics and some others know about everything being made out of the same thing and also about that rule of vibration and because of this they can do some amazing things. There are others of us around who know about these things but we are confined by our duties and some of us have simply not developed the concentration and skills that are needed and that too is all about this mysterious force. Sometimes we are limited for our own good, or for the purpose of some demonstration or for reasons that are not clear but in time and sometimes... over the course of a great length of time, involving all manner of experiences... it will become clear and I suspect, though I do not know, that the length of time and experiences that are necessary are something that we might have something to do with. Maybe... maybe not. It could all simply be about that mysterious force and all the speculation and projection are simply exercises of the futility of the personal mind. One has to come to terms with another scientific fact, even if understanding it requires some metaphysical understanding and that is that there is only mind and we all share in it but our perception of it and the relationship we develop toward it is a matter of the personal subjective. Freeing ourselves of this constraint is the real job one but it comes at the cost of not being able to rely on the material world or its many permutations. We are required to rely on that mysterious force and whatever it is inclined to dispense or deny on our behalf.

It has been said that there is no material world. I have seen things I could never articulate and these things have indicated to me that our perception of a demarcation line between the material and the spiritual is simply an expression of the divisions within us.

Personally, there is a lot that I don't know and some little that I do know. I think one of the most important things anyone can learn is the difference between what they know and what they don't and this only happens if one possesses the sufficient honesty and that can only happen if they possess sufficient integrity and that can only happen according to the way we carry ourselves in this world, regardless of how we define it and maybe... yet again, exactly according to how we define it.

Some of us have had some terrible struggles in recent years. Maybe it is because of the nature of our primary objective. Maybe it is the period of time in which we find ourselves or... maybe it is the age we have arrived at. We look for reasons to understand some things but we often simply grab what is convenient to the arguments we have with ourselves concerning what we value and what we desire and how we go about acting on these.

I'm going to close with some personal anecdotes and these are only two of similar things I have seen or experienced. Shortly after I got together with my consort in Germany, her sister went and stole all of their mother's savings and other assets, greatly reducing what was available. We just went on with little thought about it, yet... it affected everything... as these things do. Now...

I just discovered that members of my own family stole a considerable amount of funds that I was supposed to share in and they did it for the most absurd and vain and venal reasons. It was comedy as much as tragedy. These funds were meant to come to me at the time I needed them most... in these very times. I suspected that this had happened and I discovered the truth today by applying that detective gene I have. I thought I might be sad or angry when I found out but I don't feel much. I know it's all going to work out. Some part of me wonders why so many circumstances of loss and treachery have been my lot. It goes beyond coincidence and all those elements of chance and fate and luck. I once heard something like; “luck is what happen when preparation encounters opportunity”. You hear a lot of things out here on the highway of life. Sometimes they come to you like the wind through the trees and sometimes it comes in the sounds of the wheels of the cars going by and... sometimes it comes in the symphony of voices, barking dogs, singing birds and that strange communion of thoughts that appear out of it in one special moment, where the mind has woven it all together and it vibrates and resonates in some unique and unforgettable manner.

It seems like every time I've come around here I've had to report on yet one more disappointment but I'm not disappointed. I'm doing the best I can with the hand I've been dealt. I think most of us here are doing that and the reason these things ever get spoken about here is because they are germane to the nature of what goes on here... with the resonance and with the understanding that comes out of it. We don't all have the same understandings, or experiences. We're not all at the same stage of existence. We're the same but we're not the same and that is beautiful and also the source of much of our difficulties... if we have any and most of us do... but they are not the same. I have come to realize that possibly the greatest quality we can develop is empathy and that is something we strive to do here... in ourselves and in each other and that includes us all each in our own special way..

End Transmission.......


Jenny said...

Vis- I too have had an experience similar to yours. When my father passed I had the gall to ask if he had a will..... and got yelled at by my siblings for even asking. None of us got a thing as it all went to his wife (not my mother of course)and life just went on as it does. Now 5 years down the road I see that old purpose of demonstration thing going on. I really could have used some money at that time.... now too. But I am the person I am because I did not.
I am thankful that in my life I have been shown again and again that things are not fair in mans world.... but in lady nature's books all accounts are in order. I thank you Vis for telling the TRUTH to those who will listen. Not a day goes by when I do not mention to someone the links on my site leading to your writings. Just yesterday a young lady came top watch me on a bee job & restored my faith in the youth of today. She totally understood what was going on- you go girl! My customer was a great person too- and I am sure by now he has done a bit of reading himself.... and the world goes on. Much love to you Vis- take care of yourself- it will work out as needed!-Jen

Doug Pearson said...

It's simply amazing how people will sell out their own families for some money. Imagine what they'd do to their mates? Makes you realize that you don't really know someone til push comes to shove.

robert said...

Gratitude and love to Visible and his testimony to intrepid, integrous love of the One!

(part 1 of 2)

Perhaps one of our primary illusions is the inversion of the objective-subjective topology in our conception.

Let us put the pieces together:

The manifest creation is the result of the thought or imagination mechanism of the Prime Director, from the inside out, from a dimensionless point out into a spherical (or toroidal) creation.

Take as analogy, human made objects:
First comes the idea from the creative imagination, then comes the applied energy, directed through the personal lens of one or more human temple pilots, then comes forth into the common sensorium the thing, the sound or the experience.
As we learning in the analogous sphere of virtual reality, change the programming and instantly, the created world morphs to match the change at the origin of the creation.

We are attached compulsively to the seeming permanence of things and especially the relative stability of our human forms. A primordial nightmare of child-hood turns on the theme of these forms going wonky and out of our control. In adulthood (or A Dolt Hood), this nightmare recurs in the fear of cancer.

Like those moments in child-hood when, looking sideways at some part of our body, we realize in a shocking moment of insight that we are not our bodies and that it is a living being with a life of its own, an “alien” thing which we become used to inhabiting, to stay sane in the material world.

Nested deeply in the perfectly ordered hierarchy of dimensions, is the One source, the One motive, the One thought generating the standing wave projection into the common, law-conforming “physical” Universe, to which we are privileged to co-create, for better or worse.

To change the real, we change our perception and communicate, become common with, the Original Author. Not easy when wed to a death cult lasting millennia, trying to pass as just another leaf on the wind, but nonetheless, possible and doable, as the black magicians demonstrate to us daily.

The awe-struck responsibility is what stops us at the doors of perception. Once we allow ourselves to see the truth, we own our choice to either set ourselves free or just go along to get along. The more creative one permits one’s personal lens to be, the more, by analogy, the endless possible ways to wield this gift of power are revealed.

We know the (Sufi?) parable about the blind wise men reporting on the body of an elephant, collecting humorously absurd, conflicting impressions. In the so-called objective world, every personal lens may report the limits of its own perceptual mechanism as every witness to an event may either add holographic precision OR blur the whole image by distortion, depending on the clarity of their personal lens.

robert said...

(part 2 of 2)

From the inside out, when we train and permit our perception to be “grounded” or centered on the level of the Consciousness from which all things flow, then the process of integrating infinite points of view into a true representation becomes not only possible but significantly probable. The original conception becomes reconstructed in the commons, where all of our projected awareness’s may perceive from the outside, what is only truly real from the inside, the so-called subjective, in a topological treat, an Ouroboros teaching moment!

The inner cause is the real (objective) and the outer manifested projection out from the center, through many layers or dimensions, is designed for the (subjective) experience of perception through the lens of the personal.

Become entranced with the surface undulations? Stay trapped in the subjective perception of the real. Bash away in ignorance at the gift of your personal lens in a vain, self-motivated attempt at enlightenment? Eventually lose your sanity, your temple and your ticket to ride in the projected Universe.

Or, trust your personal lens enough to keep it clean, polish it daily and let the One see through your eyes, feel through your feelings and create through your imagination station. Eventually, learn to see the objective inner truth generating every perceived “thing”, as we walk.

The antidote to linear spectrum thinking is nesting, the study of the onion. No more oscillating along artificial word-based polarities, good/bad, up/down, left/right but in motion in the training wheel world of the 4 dimensional dynamic model (to start), where we must navigate from the center out, not from one point of lost to the next point of lost along the periphery, not stuck on the surface but deep diving into the real from whence the fresh air comes.

In the dynamic world of space-time, which our minds enthralled inside the box of the death cult are trained to fear, it is imperative to find our center and continue to re-acquire it every moment, so that our aim is true and no true feelings are harmed in the making of our way.

The One is not an abstract but the truly objective neutral center, co-existing everywhere in space-time, in a magical alchemy of geometry! Not a lame excuse by totalitarian-serving deceivers to stuff every mind into the same boxcar, in the name of the “collective good” but a powerful ally, a precision tool to cut through the bullshit, a place to stand.

A fulcrum upon which to move the world perceived, a magic carpet to pull from underneath the naked would-be emperors, the clapper of the Universal bell.

What if we have been lied to for millennia and the inner world, denigrated as merely subjective and where only losers venture, is the way to the power to change our minds, ourselves, and our world of experience? What if the world of the sensorium is not the ultimate real but only the object of limited perception, buying into the scarcity of the materialist, reductionist mind-set?

What if we are here, not to suffer by being cut off from our source, overwhelmed by sheer numbers of the walking dead but to find the One and create our own path through the hairball cluster-fuck, the nearly-destroyed playpen of thoughtless creators, forging our own pathway before us, with stepping stones flying into place just in time for each footfall?

Would that be a better game to play?

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Just read your last 2 postings, Vis.... And I cannot believe the level of difficulty you go through!!! That said, I believe you when you say you're not depressed. And I know that you will make it through all of this because... Well, you always do and you always have. It's who you are and you simply can't do it any other way.

I wish I was rich so I could set you up in whatever place you call perfect and you could stay there without any concern for such things for as long as you wanted. Though I'm quite sure you'll be more than taken care of anyway and you don't need me for it.

God Bless You,


robert said...

To change the real, we change our perception and communicate, become common with, the Original Author. Not easy when wed to a death cult lasting millennia, trying to pass as just another leaf on the wind, but nonetheless, possible and doable, as the black magicians demonstrate to us daily.

Please allow me to clarify the above, before anyone is triggered or offended!

What the black magicians, now playing their crescendo climax in the MEdiaMatrix near you, as well as upon the astral plane are “demon-strait”-ing, is power, but power misused in service of the Tester or Adversary.

By going one or two layers deeper than the conventional, blindered mindset, they are playing with the levers, like the Wizard of Oz, controlling the special effects tricks to bamboozle the unconscious-of-their-power populace into conforming to their zero-sum, the-casino-always-wins game.

Far from being in communion or in common with the One, they are tuned only into the lower frequency of the demonic denominator, but still this is deeper into the onion than those living a superficial life. Their power is being wielded thoughtlessly in the big picture BUT, they are claiming a slice of the power granted to all sentient beings, even if they are mere vassals and vessels for demonic gluttons, consuming mortal frenzy and blood.

Why settle for the life of a minion, owned by the low gods in their own minds, when we can bypass this station and work for the higher good, even if the immediate perquisites are not apparent? What the deluded-by-design minions have bought into, the trap of “ruling in hell instead of serving in heaven”, is that they are not the captains of their fate, but only the pirate crew in a fore-doomed ship.

Instead of abstract “goods”, projected illusions of fame, fortune or a series of killer moments, torturing the innocent, for which the minions have contracted or placed themselves in bondage, those who have the courage, wisdom and fortitude to tune and stay tuned to a higher frequency, receive their daily bread of joy, hot from the Creator’s heart blood, reward for staying true in the moment, every moment possible, with any moments missed, forgiven.

The evil doers are doing it ass-backwards (just like their sexual proclivities): evil is live backwards.

They are misusing the power granted to all sentient beings BUT are allowed to do so to remind others that there IS power available to be used creatively, not destructively. It is easier to learn destruction by the broad examples throughout our experience but the fruit of learning to create is sustainable joy.

Be whole and be well, the deep well holds the best water!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Les! Praying always for your highest well being and good.
Love and respect

Questioning said...

Oh, don't write off Trump yet. The man is a master of Alpha Game. He is discombobulating both the shitlibs and cuckservatives. He's a Juwe Yawk real estate magnate and knows PERFECTLY well what the score is. His daughter married into the Tribe.

Watch his video with Republican Self-Chosenites, it's hilarious how he shivs those evil tapir-noses.

He also knows people are capable of using a search engine and reading comments. How many searchers do you think will come up on the five dancing Is-ra-els? Quite a few!

Think about it, every turd thrown at him, he has turned his fan on mega-blast and blown it right back.

"We can't build a wall, it's impossible and won't work!" (Sh!t flung)

"Well let's ask Israel how well their wall works!" (Sh!t 180s right back in their faces)

Reading the above, you can understand why Trump is so hated. THAT response alone, on Live Talmudvision, made a lot of traitors to the West squirm like a worm on a hook. And he has a zillion of them.

He never apologizes, never backs down, assumes the sale...

Trump is the last,best hope for not just the West, but for the Red Sea Pedestrians.

But as it ever were, they will always say...."Give Us Barabbas!!!!"

Anonymous said...

When I was younger I sought music so profound and sublime that just hearing it with an empty mind would bring enlightenment.

As time passed I realized that Jesus, enlightened while wondering 40 days and nights in the desert, reported hearing no music, only privation and the temptation of becoming a farmer/miller/baker, turning stony soil into wheat/flour/bread. The same with Siddhārtha - he voluntarily surrendered the privileged life of his father's estate to gain insight into suffering. He reported no sublime music either. Only privation.

And so, as best I could, I began to embrace privation. While I don't seek it, at least I no longer curse it.


Kazz said...

Dear Robert,

Thank you for your informative communication. I agree with what you have written. What I have experienced is that to become One we must go within to the core of our being. Walking with the God is a strange journey to be on. As it unfolds almost my entire existence is shown for what it really is, a false reality. I say almost because there is much love in my life. I AM slowly, ever so slowly, emerging from this state to see that all that IS in any moment is the opportunity to resonate with the One consciously or unconsciously. Unconscious service denigrates us to a robotic existence where thought is not so necessary because all one has to do is follow the herd. This is the state that leads to DEMONstration. Conscious service is a daily challenge to move forward on a journey of enlightenment that takes me further and further from the reality of my outer world, yet still I remain aware of and in this world.

Your comment, '[T]he antidote to linear spectrum thinking is nesting, the study of the onion,' makes sense to me. Linear thinking is a means of limiting our minds to keep us trapped in an objective existence that has been created by Man. The 'study of the onion', as I see it, is the journey one undertakes to expand one's consciousness through an intake of learning, and this learning can come from books or experience (internal and external), most preferably both. The trick is to remain at One with the Divine, which I have found is no easy task, because Divine contact is so subtle it can be missed if full attention is not given. Then there is an issue of putting one's will aside to allow room for Divine Will to manifest within. It has been impressed upon me that this journey is a SOUL/sole journey so one cannot integrate into one of Man's organisations or the connection will be corrupted. The journey home is one that occurs only via fellowship with our Father, just as our physical health is procured only via fellowship with out earthly mother. Just as our physical health is provided through adopting a right relationship with mother/matter, through a well balanced diet, exercise, and righteous thinking, our spiritual health is provided through living in accordance with God's Will.

The Bible tells us we cannot build a temple to God with our hands and stones, so why does Man keep trying to do this? I believe the answer is EGO. It is for this reason St. Augustine said. 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions!' These people are not evil just misled, which is why I make a concerted effort to show them love and continue communications.

The true wealth of my inquiry has come through a more personal relationship with the Father, which is the true self when all masks have been removed. Years ago when I studied metaphysics at uni a simple question was asked, who are you? EVERYONE responded by providing what they did for a living, engineer, teacher, mother etc. I responded that I was an eternal being having an adventure in the not so physical realm trying to expand my consciousness. I found it most humorous that when people found out I was a philosophy major they thought I was a joke, because you can't make any money through being a philosopher. I realised very quickly that people don't study to become knowledgable any more they study to improve their chance at getting a job that will provide more money. How terribly sad :o(.

I see the One in many of the writings here. It is in this way we are united as brothers and sisters. No earthly connection is necessary because when we arrive at source we are all ONE. I find this knowing very beautiful because it allows each self to be an expression of the Divine with absolute freedom, rather than an enslaved DEMONstration, :o).

Thank you again for your post Robert I enjoyed your contribution very much, as I enjoy the majority of all writings on this site.

Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

Vis, I am sorry to hear of yet one more 'betrayal'. I wish you well in this time of trouble/learning.

My experiences - as I am awakening - have shown me certain 'vulnerabilities' in us and those around us. To put it bluntly, each of us can be 'influenced' by those of greater awakening (with positive or negative intent). Robert, in his excellent postings above, called the baddies as black magicians or those "in service of the Tester or Adversary." They are both real and operational.

I can deal-with those 'influences' below my current awakening-level, or ask Higher Self for protection/assistance where I sense something 'wrong'. However, those of lesser-awakening are progressively more 'vulnerable' to beings not on their Higher Self line. It is even worse when those folks - including family and loved ones - have been conditioned out of calling-in some version of Higher Self. They are vulnerable on levels that they do not even recognize...

I have great heartbreak when I have a profound realization that someone is 'wide open' to manipulation from without. Especially, someone whom I care about. (I do ask Higher Self to 'do' or call-in whatever is appropriate for them.) However, I have learned - sometimes the hard way - that their minds and emotions are (effectively) not their own. Just 'fending off' that which is directed at me has given me a deep appreciation of just-how-much such folk are messed-with without their knowing. Sticking your head in the sand has a cost.

So, and I hate to say this, I have reduced-expectations of those who will not do their own 'work'. In essence, I love them, but I do not 'trust' them. They can be 'gotten-to' at any moment. (If it is important and HS agrees, I can 'go-after' the interfering one. But, that does not solve the basic problem.)

Finally - and I suspect this applies to anyone 'rocking the boat' - the bad guys may not be able to get to 'you' personally, but they can indirectly-cause instability & harm to you. They do this by 'getting-to' those who can affect/effect you. If you remember "Maslow's Pyramid," knocking-out one or two of the bottom blocks renders the upper ones vulnerable.

It is important to not go all paranoid about this possibility/probability, but to factor it into our life-assumptions. Sad, but necessary...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. I suspect all-God (through helpers) 'protects' those around us who are vulnerable, to a certain extent and for a certain time. Otherwise, beginning-strivers would have no chance of 'emerging'...

Anonymous said...

Hang in there my brother
Though it seems dire, you (and I and all of us who come here to read your inspirational words) will be so glad we took the hard road when this absurd play comes to an end. The soul learns more in one lifetime of hard knocks than in many lives of leisure. Like yourself and so many others, my life has been one disappointment after another. I see those who perpetuate the bullshit continuously rewarded with all the toys and great living conditions. It is however illusion. It may appear that some are flourishing while others are not, but in the end what matters is what is in your heart! When it is our time to go back home to spirit we will be rewarded for our faith in the ineffable and because our hearts were in the right place at the right time. Here doing our part to help humanity.
Bless you Vis for your sharing of profound inspiration and understandings with those of us who are not the wordsmith that you are. I feel like every time I visit your websites I'm reading a letter from home. You have no idea how much comfort I and others have received through your words. You are in our hearts and prayers.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Don from Texas

mike m said...

@Questioning, This is where we are as a nation, trump or hillary? What a sack off shit.

David Fiske said...

Lovely post Vis. Hugs,David

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump's hair probably looks like Hillary's bush. Can you imagine having to weed-eat that vegetation prior to lapping it up? Holy shit, I'd rather be "one" with the brain-dead masses than tongue that disgusting bacteria incubator...

Questioning said...

@ Mike m.

Sadly, yes, it's either Trump or the yiddish Terminator (we came, we saw, he died! Cackles) Witch. The Sephardic Ladinos Rubio and Cruz are still in the running, the Magic Negro turns out to be a moron version of Clifford Huxable, he actually lied about being a "bad boy" why? Go figure. Then you have the yiddish Jimmy Carter, mr. #feelthebern (rolls eyes)

Trump at least is pretty much out there in the open. He is a slimy Juwe York real estate magnate and makes ZFG bones about it. The rest are either career Beltway Boyz (and B!tch) or just want a comfortable slot on faux news.

I'd suggest picking up two books, both by Vox Day, Social Justice Warriors Always Lie and Cuckservative:how "conservatives" betrayed America. The first book will help you understand our insane Cultural Marxist PC kabuki theatre. The second book....all I can say is that you will finally understand the deep-seated anger and neurotic anxiety of the "bitter clingers" of fly-over country. It is BRUTAL to the Republican Establishment and mainstream Christianity. Mocks them for their signal-virtue caring for the foreigner over their own people.

He Names the JQ, indirectly. Protocols of the learned Elders of Wye Island

Anyways, enough shilling. It is the Kali Yuga and girls make love with their mouths instead of their vaginas like the soul-crushed whores they've become and manlets are old and "dead" in their teens (the physical body hangs around for a few decades, but the soul/spirit has been crushed).

I am scared, yes, as a Badthink, Badfeelz ray-ciss who loves and appreciates all the Good that has come out of the White West, fought for in blood by the white trash goy and fellow westernized POC, I see 4,000 years of struggle and heaped seed corn being frittered away, libraries turned into mush, the good books needed for civilisation being horded by Le Happy Merchants and their shabbos goy.

We, the children of those who wrote those books, are being destroyed in every way possible.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Trump is good for one thing. Calling out the media and government itself. Am I gonna vote for him? HELL NO! I wonder if there's even gonna be an election by then. In fact, will there even be a u.s. left? After all, the world economy is shutting down, and taking everything with it, 'cept for a few minor established societies here and there that are independent of the grid.

I wouldn't ask for their rescue, if you are aware of them.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Ring of Fire Dance with the Orc Master Elite .

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

Bro Natty dealt some high cards on Trump.

still, almost all have long sleeves upon which their cards to hide them.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Stalking Horses, the Booty Bandit Media and Lies, Lies, Lies.

the proprietor said...

Robert said:
"The manifest creation is the result of the thought or imagination mechanism of the Prime Director, from the inside out, from a dimensionless point out into a spherical (or toroidal) creation..."

Ok, so I can buy this (Kabbalist?) view as a somewhat plausible view of reality that unites my monotheist leanings with the trans personal or even monist understanding. My question is: what's the endgame? Where's this all leading? Is there an end coming? Is there a goal to all this? Or just some sort of endlessly rotating cycle?
To put it more succinctly: in your view, does Good ever win? Does Good even exist?



Joseph Brenner

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