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If It Walks like a Werewolf and So on and So Forth

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‘Sometimes you have to lift your leg to honor those worthy of remembering that way’.

We don’t get many Hasbara-bots around here. I’m assuming these blogs have a general vaccine that inhibits the presence but, despite the invisible fencing, several came around to cry out against the most recent Smoking Mirrors. Not a fact was in attendance from a single commentary, only speculative argument such as, “well, if this happens that can’t happen because... uh because” and that was about the sum of it.

Given the chatter everywhere and the powerful coincidences, not to mention circumstantial evidence, I have to return to a portion of the subject matter from the last posting. What I want to reference is here. Now, I haven’t the slightest idea about whether HAARP can cause earthquakes. I thought it was a measuring device, which makes another kind of sense, when it shows activity before and during a quake. I don’t subscribe to engineered earthquakes but I do believe, if they could they would. The simple truth is that I don’t know. Even my repeatedly saying this and my asking for correction in statements (not opinion and partisan paucity of content), it doesn’t seem to impact on those whose sacred lampreys are getting gored. Lampreys have to stick up for each other because they are all in the same business. They’ve definitely got a strong influence in Congress due to familial, genetic ties.

Anyway, this Stuxnet virus, as I understand it, is supposed to make it possible for an outside controller to take over the system. I’ve seen it phrased where Stuxnet ‘escaped’. Does it do stuff like that? Does it come with a suitcase and travel cosmetics and clothes? Doesn’t it have to be sent? Or is it like a dog behind a short fence, with someone in heat in the neighborhood? Does it hear someone yodeling in the canyon and trot off with a brandy cask around its neck?

We see where the US and Israel have taken credit for creating the Stuxnet virus. We see where it appeared in Japan in October. We see that an Israeli firm had charge of security at the Fukushima plant and, for all I know, all of the plants. Don’t they also do security around the US plants? I don’t have to speculate about if Israel did or did not do this. If they could they would. Any country that lets a military commander pump a load of bullets into a wounded ten year old girl and then lets him off Scot free, is capable of anything. I’m only surprised they didn’t do other things to her as well. Any nation that runs over a woman standing in front of a bulldozer, while bulldozing the homes of the legitimate residents, when you could just as well pick her up and move her and then makes jokes about it and calls her a terrorist, is capable of anything.

Anyone who launches bottle rockets at their own territory and is the world champion for false flag events, officially documented ...and who repeatedly does this every time they want to kill more people whose land they stole, is capable of anything.

Anyone who finances a funny money holocaust against their own fellows and then threatens and blackmails the world into silence on the subject, is capable of anything. Anyone who declares war on another country because they are doing things about the theft of their resources from foreign insurgents and then says they can’t leave a country when the documents to do so are public knowledge, is capable of anything. Anyone who murders tens of millions of people in gulags and then spends the next 60 years screeching and whining about minor payback that they also engineered, is capable of anything.

Anyone who launches an attack, make that several attacks, against their strongest ally, is capable of anything. So, I don’t wonder and imagine about whether the worst of us did the worst things. I take it for granted, as it has been the case for centuries. The intense effort to take hold of a populated country, inhabited by a people for centuries, in order to have the appearance of legitimacy for world wide criminal behavior, is capable of anything and that is why they have the biggest public relations machines the world has ever seen, to slander all critics of their activities.

Look at just about every dark industry from Monsanto to porn, to gambling, body snatching and organ harvesting, bad ecstasy trade, or what have you and they have the lion’s share of the operations. It’s hard to know whether they only intend to enslave the world utterly, or simply destroy it, even while inhabiting some portion of it.

Anyone who has to gain control of the world press by printing counterfeit money from central banks that they control and then loan out to each other to make the purchases, for the intended purpose of regulating human opinion and the flow of information, is up to so much bad shit that they couldn’t do it any other way. They buy up everything they want and put each other or their stooges in power and this is accomplished with counterfeit money that they print themselves, out of banks they own for that purpose, as well as loan-sharking at interest. They inflate the housing market and make gratuitous loans, then crash the housing market and take all the homes. It’s their SOP.

You’d be hard pressed to find anything seriously wrong in the world that they are not behind, all the way from the plague of Monsanto and its control of the world’s seeds and foodstuffs to the prohibitions of natural healing substances in favor of toxic pharmaceuticals. They’ve got their own casino called Wall Street that they used to fleece individuals, communities and nations while operating all of the biggest players, like Goldman Sachs; in the process they even eat each other like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

They operate openly as criminals in defiance of all laws natural or culturally derived and have no intention of ceasing in their manner of operation. They hate everything not themselves and see it as prey and they hate themselves also, as they well should because there is nothing to like and everything to censure and despise. The world is in revolt and you can explain it to yourself anyway you like.

You can tell yourself that the illuminati and the Masons are controlling all of the conflicts and that they will succeed in all their agendas. You can come up with outrageous stories about Babylonian Nimrods who are actually the ones doing all the money games and state that the Rothschilds are Babylonians, I don’t care what you call it or how you reason it out. It’s happening to clear the planet of the collection of deadly life forms bent on the destruction of all general prosperity and harmony and possibly life itself. I don’t care who you blame everything on and I don’t doubt there is ‘some’ truth to any of it, but all evil proceeds from one center of darkness, with many satellite outlets and this conscious creature of manifest materialism has it’s chosen people and you don’t have to look to hard to see who they and their enablers are. Their world is coming to an end.

I don’t like to have to say these things. I don’t like to have to write these things. There’s no personal joy for me in proclaiming what anyone, who is not stone blind and bone deep stupid, can see. There’s no possibility of argument to the contrary. It is patently obvious and made patently obvious for the purpose of demonstration in advance of judgment. Sooner or later you have to pay the toll and sooner or later you have been, by mysterious agency and your own efforts brought to stage center in all of your abysmal and disgusting glory.

I’d like to be sailing a small catamaran on a sparkling lake with the wind singing in my ears. I’d like to be seated in a meadow with the beauty of Nature, speaking directly to my heart. I’d like to be in meditative peace in a world of relative peace, with the cosmos radiant in Love and the planets making celestial music, as they rub up against each other. That’s what I’d like to be doing and what some day I might be doing but right now these things have to be said, in contrast to the blatant lies, incessantly flowing from the shit factories of disinformation. Until that day, this is how it goes.

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