Monday, March 21, 2011

If It Walks like a Werewolf and So on and So Forth

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘Sometimes you have to lift your leg to honor those worthy of remembering that way’.

We don’t get many Hasbara-bots around here. I’m assuming these blogs have a general vaccine that inhibits the presence but, despite the invisible fencing, several came around to cry out against the most recent Smoking Mirrors. Not a fact was in attendance from a single commentary, only speculative argument such as, “well, if this happens that can’t happen because... uh because” and that was about the sum of it.

Given the chatter everywhere and the powerful coincidences, not to mention circumstantial evidence, I have to return to a portion of the subject matter from the last posting. What I want to reference is here. Now, I haven’t the slightest idea about whether HAARP can cause earthquakes. I thought it was a measuring device, which makes another kind of sense, when it shows activity before and during a quake. I don’t subscribe to engineered earthquakes but I do believe, if they could they would. The simple truth is that I don’t know. Even my repeatedly saying this and my asking for correction in statements (not opinion and partisan paucity of content), it doesn’t seem to impact on those whose sacred lampreys are getting gored. Lampreys have to stick up for each other because they are all in the same business. They’ve definitely got a strong influence in Congress due to familial, genetic ties.

Anyway, this Stuxnet virus, as I understand it, is supposed to make it possible for an outside controller to take over the system. I’ve seen it phrased where Stuxnet ‘escaped’. Does it do stuff like that? Does it come with a suitcase and travel cosmetics and clothes? Doesn’t it have to be sent? Or is it like a dog behind a short fence, with someone in heat in the neighborhood? Does it hear someone yodeling in the canyon and trot off with a brandy cask around its neck?

We see where the US and Israel have taken credit for creating the Stuxnet virus. We see where it appeared in Japan in October. We see that an Israeli firm had charge of security at the Fukushima plant and, for all I know, all of the plants. Don’t they also do security around the US plants? I don’t have to speculate about if Israel did or did not do this. If they could they would. Any country that lets a military commander pump a load of bullets into a wounded ten year old girl and then lets him off Scot free, is capable of anything. I’m only surprised they didn’t do other things to her as well. Any nation that runs over a woman standing in front of a bulldozer, while bulldozing the homes of the legitimate residents, when you could just as well pick her up and move her and then makes jokes about it and calls her a terrorist, is capable of anything.

Anyone who launches bottle rockets at their own territory and is the world champion for false flag events, officially documented ...and who repeatedly does this every time they want to kill more people whose land they stole, is capable of anything.

Anyone who finances a funny money holocaust against their own fellows and then threatens and blackmails the world into silence on the subject, is capable of anything. Anyone who declares war on another country because they are doing things about the theft of their resources from foreign insurgents and then says they can’t leave a country when the documents to do so are public knowledge, is capable of anything. Anyone who murders tens of millions of people in gulags and then spends the next 60 years screeching and whining about minor payback that they also engineered, is capable of anything.

Anyone who launches an attack, make that several attacks, against their strongest ally, is capable of anything. So, I don’t wonder and imagine about whether the worst of us did the worst things. I take it for granted, as it has been the case for centuries. The intense effort to take hold of a populated country, inhabited by a people for centuries, in order to have the appearance of legitimacy for world wide criminal behavior, is capable of anything and that is why they have the biggest public relations machines the world has ever seen, to slander all critics of their activities.

Look at just about every dark industry from Monsanto to porn, to gambling, body snatching and organ harvesting, bad ecstasy trade, or what have you and they have the lion’s share of the operations. It’s hard to know whether they only intend to enslave the world utterly, or simply destroy it, even while inhabiting some portion of it.

Anyone who has to gain control of the world press by printing counterfeit money from central banks that they control and then loan out to each other to make the purchases, for the intended purpose of regulating human opinion and the flow of information, is up to so much bad shit that they couldn’t do it any other way. They buy up everything they want and put each other or their stooges in power and this is accomplished with counterfeit money that they print themselves, out of banks they own for that purpose, as well as loan-sharking at interest. They inflate the housing market and make gratuitous loans, then crash the housing market and take all the homes. It’s their SOP.

You’d be hard pressed to find anything seriously wrong in the world that they are not behind, all the way from the plague of Monsanto and its control of the world’s seeds and foodstuffs to the prohibitions of natural healing substances in favor of toxic pharmaceuticals. They’ve got their own casino called Wall Street that they used to fleece individuals, communities and nations while operating all of the biggest players, like Goldman Sachs; in the process they even eat each other like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

They operate openly as criminals in defiance of all laws natural or culturally derived and have no intention of ceasing in their manner of operation. They hate everything not themselves and see it as prey and they hate themselves also, as they well should because there is nothing to like and everything to censure and despise. The world is in revolt and you can explain it to yourself anyway you like.

You can tell yourself that the illuminati and the Masons are controlling all of the conflicts and that they will succeed in all their agendas. You can come up with outrageous stories about Babylonian Nimrods who are actually the ones doing all the money games and state that the Rothschilds are Babylonians, I don’t care what you call it or how you reason it out. It’s happening to clear the planet of the collection of deadly life forms bent on the destruction of all general prosperity and harmony and possibly life itself. I don’t care who you blame everything on and I don’t doubt there is ‘some’ truth to any of it, but all evil proceeds from one center of darkness, with many satellite outlets and this conscious creature of manifest materialism has it’s chosen people and you don’t have to look to hard to see who they and their enablers are. Their world is coming to an end.

I don’t like to have to say these things. I don’t like to have to write these things. There’s no personal joy for me in proclaiming what anyone, who is not stone blind and bone deep stupid, can see. There’s no possibility of argument to the contrary. It is patently obvious and made patently obvious for the purpose of demonstration in advance of judgment. Sooner or later you have to pay the toll and sooner or later you have been, by mysterious agency and your own efforts brought to stage center in all of your abysmal and disgusting glory.

I’d like to be sailing a small catamaran on a sparkling lake with the wind singing in my ears. I’d like to be seated in a meadow with the beauty of Nature, speaking directly to my heart. I’d like to be in meditative peace in a world of relative peace, with the cosmos radiant in Love and the planets making celestial music, as they rub up against each other. That’s what I’d like to be doing and what some day I might be doing but right now these things have to be said, in contrast to the blatant lies, incessantly flowing from the shit factories of disinformation. Until that day, this is how it goes.

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:
Ex Station Head Musing

Last night’s radio show is now available for download.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Les.

I am in awe and at the same time very glad you continue to take the time to comment and encourage everyone who reads here to seek the truth to save our livesm spiritually and physically.

And you do it all out of your generous heart.

Thank you.


just me, Laurel A. said...

les and coffee, it's the only way i can wake up each morning :))

Anonymous said...

All one can do is tell it honestly like they see it.

The lies being sold on MSM seems so obvious these days. Can the people not see through them? From my limited conversations with people I know (or don't know), it seems so. It tugs on the heart that we can sink so low. I am embarrassed to say I am human.

It raises my heart to hear someone speak so honestly and candidly. Keep on, Les. At least there are some heroes about that can raise me up.

Although I am far from being a Bible-thumper, I am oft amazed at the clarity and honesty of this one called Jesus speaking to the Jews of yesteryear... "Ye... generation of vipers"... "Your father is the devil". So well said. And it's real funny how a lot of self-proclaimed believers don't believe it, isn't it?

And who said there is no humor in earth life?


waiting waiting waiting said...

You sum it up so well.

But, can the sheep smell the slaughterhouse yet?

I doubt it. Throughout history they never have yet.

Maybe this time . . .

Liz said...

Yes, these things do need to be said, and you have my utmost respect and appreciation for doing what you do. I take most of what I read at "alternative news" sites with a grain of salt, but have no doubt what I read here is straight from the heart of the One.
May we all set sail on that catamaran on the sparkling lake sometime....Love to all

Anonymous said...

These murderous criminals hate humanity and have a death wish for all of us. They're all a bunch of cowards, really. They could not do all that they wanted to do without complete and utter deception. From rewriting the Bible to make themselves God's chosen, to poisoning our food and air and water, they needed from the very beginning to take control by slowly killing WHO WE ARE. ONce you know the truth about these scumbags, it's easy not to be afraid of them. They won't come straight out and just kill us because that would require some sort of courage in facing WHO THEY ARE and they need to be careful to have a fallguy they can blame all their atrocious actions on. Too bad everyone is catching on to their depravity. Must suck to be them and know that we know how soulless they are, how predictable they are in their need to destroy what is good.

They are not as powerful or as unbeatable as they would have you think, however and payback will be a bitch for the predators of humanity.


Anonymous said...

using this haarp thing or whatever other little toys they have got to create more chaos,I wouldnt put it past them either.
anyone checked the stock exchange for abnormal selling patterns..neil

brian boru said...

Amen to that! Anyone who refuses to name the jew as the source of the planet's problems is only a coward and a puppet. It is nothing to do with hatred, although I admit to hating the evil bastards, but with stating the truth.

Anonymous said...

engineering chaos
to service hell
frustrating symptoms
of do no well
spells of hatred
cause disgust
savage patterns
of is no trust
seen the signs
hidden effects
of life curtailed
in disrespect
in abject squalor
a defunct mind
consumed by demons
leave all men blind


Anonymous said...

Maybe Hitler was right. And we all know the solution.

Anonymous said...

this is the thing:
we pay for it.

yes, we pay for it.
and, we are not energy independent.
we are constantly allowing them to use us, as viewers and readers of their BS. We feed them. We send them money. We spend money on them. their products we buy.

it's time to get off the grid.

nuklear power will kill the planet.
bombs, power plants, tests...all that has ruined the earth.

gasolene, plastics, and other oil based fuel kill the earth. Look at BP. Look at the Gulf of Mexico. This is the result of filling your gastank.

if you want things to change, you will have to find solar power, water power, wind power and other free independent sources of energy.

otherwise, you can walk, or ride a horse.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for telling the truth again,please stay away from airports ect!Charles Manson had some REALLY good ideas in retrospect.

Thomas said...

Strong, Strong words, Les,

My short, humble, oppinion:

HAARP causing earthquakes is scientifically viable, and doable with even mainstream technology.
Plug a bad-ass power-plant into a vibration gun (HAARP relay station), and bounce vibrations of the ionosphere (~50 km into space, great vapors of charged particles). Choose a suited frequency of vibration for creating resonance in choosen area, not too far below ground for maximum damage. Water carries heavy vibration like that well also. Anyone who has ever experienced resonance phenomena should not be far off imagining the consequences, especially if there should already be balanced tensions in the target area, perchance a weak spot or two as well?.

Computer vira are scripted to be contagious. Smarter ones only choose "right/viable for function" targets/[net/cabled] connections. probably, in this case, infected computers are open to control.

Israel is merely the current proxy. And we see how "friends" are treated in their ranks, no?

Thanks Les, it's a always a pleasure to hear your say.

Much Love to All :)

Anonymous said...

Les, the problem has been identified
a million times over.
The proof is undeniable.
The list of the guilty known.

Now to solutions?
No, I don't have one.


Anonymous said...

Waiting and waiting alright.

The apparent bad guys and they are bad and it is apparent, aren't the only bad guys who are apparent.
They are not the only ones who have to pay the piper, so to speak.

I see quips all the time about slaughterhouses.
Offhand remarks as if this a normal thing for animals but not our exalted selves.
Our oh so wonderfully benign and advanced selves.

"But, can the sheep smell the slaughterhouse yet?"
"Like lambs to the slaughter."
"Stupid cows lined up for the slaughter."

Do you all realize just what this is?
What this means?

Are you culpable?
Are you complicit?
Do you truly revere life, living breathing, feeling beings?
Do you revere life by actions or only sweet fancy words?

Why don't you understand there are consequences in being complicit in the slaughter/murder of 40 BILLION living beings every year?

Why don't you understand the karma of that?

Not only here but..

Anonymous said...

Voltaire said of the jews:

“They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair.

I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.” (Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron, 1771)

Rothschild and friends said...


The dead fish washing up on the west american coast a couple of days after the earthquake in the pacific were caused by HAARP waves frying their brains.

Think about the timing.

Dirds and other things falling to earth were test runs in preparation for 3/11.



Anonymous said...

Hi Les:

Following up on your point about Libyan rebels

The youtube link below is an interview with a Libyan dentist who tells the Truth about the so called rebels and the current invasion. It's all you really need to know about the criminality of the so called coalition.

The Truth About the Libyan Rebels

Thanks for your Blog Les
Patrick V1.0

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Does it hear someone yodeling in the canyon and trot off with a brandy cask around its neck?"
The last time I was "yodeling in the canyon" I got rug burns on my chin.

Anonymous said...

ISRAEL is an anagram of SERIAL.

Just sayin ...

Giordano Bruno said...

Their own prophets, who they killed, accurately described what would eventually happen. Zechariah Ch. 12 has the final, the ultimate denouement: "And I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and pleas for mercy, so that, when they look on me, on him whom they have pierced, they shall mourn for him, as one mourns for an only child, and weep bitterly over him, as one weeps over a firstborn."

What better comeuppance than the undeniable realization that they were wrong about the Messiah, the one they currently revile. That they, as Jesus clearly told them, were doing not the things of Abraham, but of their true father, the father of lies?

Anonymous said...

The Japan catastrophe has been knocked off the news by Libya's third-string Saddam Hussein wannabe.

Life in the 31st century.

Don't ya just love it?

just me, Laurel A. said...

hitler? hitler? we are not re-inventing the shirts here are we? hitler, btw was a stooge, a puppet, whose original ideology was "jacked and twisted by, um, a group....who then twisted it into something that could financially benefit them and um......gain sympathy so that the "world" would aid rather than resist the um, group's effort to um....gain some illicit booty in the form of

Liz said...

Couple of things...found it weird that no one picked up on the RT report from Russia. Military there monitoring from space claim there were no air attacks from Ghaddifi on Benghazi, hmmm. Also just watched watched a video of John Hagee on Libya, would have been better to stick my head in the blender and hit the puree button, sure would love to see him in the profiles of evil line up. Love to all

Neko Kinoshita said...

Hey Laurel,
Who needs coffee when Les is holding fourth in Petri Dish?

Catamaran on a sparkling lake,
Seated in a Meadow Listening to Nature’s speech,
Now those are thoughts worth thinking.

HAARP Might cause earthquakes from scratch, but power logs indicate more likely is an “enhancement” of a quake swarm that was already started by a CME impact.
Not the only answer, just the way I see it.

Stuxnet doesn’t travel via internet, it has to be “introduced” into a LAN that contains the controllers it feeds on. That means someone has to “bring it in.” Security systems are typically “inside” a locations LAN. It does not appear to look for instructions from “outside” but is instead designed to “go bad” when emergency conditions ensue. To put that another way, it sits there quietly and does nothing, until something goes wrong in the systems it is present in, then it makes the situation much worse. Nasty little bugger, eh?


I told you not to be too impatient Les, The moon doesn’t do it by itself, and it’s just setting up the strain. The electron burst will get here late Wed / Early Thurs, but that might not be enough either. We know it is coming, even if we are not too sure exactly what form it will take.
Let us not get too concerned with date/time, and remember, this has been on its way for some time.

Dodging dust dervishes in the alley,


neal said...

They are invaders. They sow the wind, and tried to sell me some. I became not predator, not prey, but a whirlwind; I chose not be a snack for them on their road to hell, rather a force of nature, not good to eat.
They are grinning death heads watching the ball game of death from the skies- not playing the game will soon be the only game in Shangri-La.

Ron Thor said...

Les is more, Well said amigo,
So dosnt anyone remember what a prophet said a couple thousand years ago 'Except those days be shortend no life would be left'. Are we all so jaded by the religionistas that we throw the baby out with the bath water? The second coming of the Great Teacher and Man who is'One with God' must come now with the forces of Light backed by the Angelics and the higher civilizations we see every day now fliting about the planet in their seriously advanced spacecraft. In a free will universe as this one is we must ask those who will not interfere otherwise to intercede on our behalf to overthrow the evil controlers by whatever name. Its not so much the race of man as it is those who persist in negativity that feeds the satanic forces. Without our negative emotions it would die of starvation. Pick a target. Declare the enemy and fire away and the dark ones continue winning.We must disempower it by non attention inasmuch as that is possible. Learn who the Galactics are and what they propose and then we have a chance. Otherwise we are doomed to destruction as THATS THE POINT OF THE DARK OVERLORDS.

abe said...

Good stuff Les. The jewish bible (and much of the post-jesus christian one)is a declaration of war upon humanity. Look no further than Psalms 1&2 for proof of that. The son of god frequently refereed to in Hebrew scripture is not Jesus but the future king referred to in both the talmud and protocols.

waiting waiting waiting said...

"Anonymous said...

Maybe Hitler was right. And we all know the solution."

Study suppressed history, hidden from the public by the jew history twisters, and you discover Germany was using the same option dozens of other countries have chosen over the centuries when dealing with the subversive self-chosen - expulsion.

As Visible noted, the lying shyster bastards turned that attempted expulsion into their holey holoco$t scam - (don't miss the movie!! complete with Auschwitz labor camp theme park for the rubes) - and have milked us dumbass European suckers ever since. (European man could easily write the definitive tome on Gullibility 101.)

The devious swine at the top of the jew pile used Germany's attempted expulsion to uproot millions of their fellow jews from Europe to become the thieves of Palestine; creating jews-only Apartheid Israel whilst singing the praises of multi-culti madhouses for everyone else.

Prior to the holey holoco$t relatively few Khazar jews had expressed any desire to move to Rothschild inc. purchased land in Palestine.

If you are unaware of all the above (and much more) you have not done the research of suppressed information still freely available on the as-yet uncensored internet.

Anyway, let's say "Hitler was right" and expulsion was the answer, where do you suggest they be expelled to this time?

Jody Paulson said...

The earthquake in Japan took place on the 7th anniversary of the false-flag attacks on the Madrid trains. The bombing of Libya took place on the 8th anniversary of the Iraq war.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Between blackmail, bribery and out right evil all the cards they 'hold' now are being exposed. The curtain is being lifted like Marilin Monroe's dress in 'some like it hot'...or whatever(grin).

This stuxnet virus is just another mini suitcase. They are all over the world, ready for the text message that triggers their version 'of the way it should be'.

We all know that the status quo is being remodeled.

The tares of our world are being exposed.

Stay positive and enjoy the show...

Love to All. I really do mean it.
Love to ALL!

DW in The Snowy Tahoe Forest

Anonymous said...

most kindly @ Liz 11:49

if you haven't already, look into who owns RT (then you may wish to apply caution regarding anything propagated by it)

warmest regards

Paul said...

Interesting post Les.

The players are very good this time!

Roller-coaster from day one.

Down the line, eventually, I will be thanking all the evil I've encountered.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 9:42AM
anagram, State of Israel
Bloodsucking Monstrosity
:) Mel.S

Anonymous said...

'They' are the John 3:9'ers.

Liz said...

Thank you anonymous, I will...
Love to all

M. Rocknest (Em) said...

Help! I can't read as fast as Les writes. (grin) I'm so grateful he is doing what he is doing which is playing a major role in the world's awakening.
For Canadians: Here's an entertaining and informative video about the big bank hollowco$t. It's called "Oh Canada"...

R. Schutlz said...

Great blog Les

There is no no sin held in greater contempt by all mankind than betrayel.

"Still, as of old,
Man by himself is priced
For thirty pieces Judas sold
Himself, not Christ."

Anonymous said...

The chosen are constantly spreading it's cloned TV hosts and movie star wannabee's, and especially in America.

The idea of HAARP causing some of the earthquakes has entered my mind once or twice. It is possible they can't wait for the Ring of Fire, and need to speed up the plan for a NWO.

Its what they are aiming for. its what the ancients went for a couple of times so long ago.

The worse it gets, the less they see.


dublinmick said...

Glad I came over, I saw the last post and the trolls are definitely on the move.

You have accrued some great responders here, Resort lady, laurel, Joe Azaziah, odin's raven, to just name a few.

I am really in no position to say positively but everyone has just assumed this was haarp as they usually do on many things. It may be and it may not. There was a CME around that time.

It does not make sense for the ptb to destroy Japn, it is a Khazar kingdom. Shinto buddhism is an oriental form of Judaism. The invaders of Japan were the Khazars, routed by Alexander and Ghengis Khan and many ended up in Japan. They overcame the mainline buddhist in many wars and Ainu people the original inhabitants who are a Russian remnant, and a bit like the American indians here.

Mainline buddhists were forbidden the sword and adopted the nanchaku as a defense against the well armed samarai which by the way is another term for samaria.

The mainline buddhists lost the war and now the main religion is Shinto Buddhism. It has a holy of holies and a king who is considerd divine just like ancient Israel and he is Khazar in ethnic origin.

Rothschild attacking Japan would almost be like attacking himself. That is not even speaking of a base for nato planners right on China with 200,000 employees, a navy etc. Japan also manufactures aspartame, msg, handles much of the wests computer work and does genetic research or used to out of Sendai which was destroyed. Parts industries for cars to world is also off line now.

I can't say one way or another but it doesn't make sense they would do this over financial haggling. Even if this were a highly improbable event, they could not know it would destroy the reactors or exactly where it would take place, could they?

Anonymous said...

Great video for the audience at Les' place

Rabbit said...

Interesting the hasbarats came after you. I actually liked a quote from the blog you reference (the one about dogs rolling in Israel if it was by the roadside)and posted it on my YT channel and several of my friends channels also with reference to reading it on your blog, so chances are given that I and my friends are targets of the JIDF lunatics that I may have drawn the lampreys in. My guess is it would have been RavDov (Rabbi Dovid Coder and Mercenary1967, Jim Sharry) these two are the most likely to be put on such a task. The resat sounds about right. Not suggesting you don't have plenty of these demons breathing down your neck, but the sudden appearance of such mouth breathers seems a little co-incidental.

just me, Laurel A. said...

neko, its not for les i need the cofee :)....were i to awaken to les in a place kinder to my old soul than the armpit of new jersey, i would be hopping wide awake in anticipation of the event, but as it is, i must first supercede the environment that greets me upon my first bleary blink. hence, coffee. so that i wont get distracted by the armpit location to which i am assigned for whatever horrid spiritual reason. so, coffee ~~ its my one weakness ;)

Anonymous said...

Great write-up Les,
I've been reading your blogs for about a year now and what you write invariably resonates.
You're correct - their world is coming to an end. And when it happens, we will hear the usual whining "Why does this shit always happen to us?"
The Heavenly Father is allowing these people to fill the cups from which they will later drink and by the time they quaff this brew the word noxious will be too weak to describe it. Yet drink it they will; they have no choice. They are performing as Father has purposed them to perform; as Satan is an instrument of God, so are these people... so we know their end is coming and we can look forward with rejoicing to their end.
I, with many others, are growing impatient; however the word I've received is "wait, wait, it will come."

mauiguy said...

Wow Less

I wept

aloha nui nui nui nui

Anonymous said...

Servants of the Fallen One!

Servants of the Fallen One,
Time is almost nigh;
Thence to Hellfire shall ye go!

pax verbum

Anonymous said...

Nitwityahoo and Merkel had words over the total farce of 'peace talks' between israel and Palestine. They did not agree at all.
Merkel abstained from Germany participating in the NWO bombing of Lybia.
Very strange, first israel hires 50,000 mercenaries from Chad etc. to fight for the Kadaffi regime AGAINST the rebels, and then israel openly encourages the allies to fight for the rebels AGAINST the Kadaffi regime.
The day after Nitwityahoo and Merkel had their arguement, Merkels helicopter had a freak double rotar stop and fell to the ground.
What a coincidence.

Link Mercenaries:

Link Arguement:

Link Helicopter Crash:

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Down the River of Life to the Ocean of Presence.

Anonymous said...

So these mercenaries are immune to prosecution? Epiphany: The plan is Somalia 2.0, wreck a nation by forstering tribal hatreds and hiring mercenaries, add some foreign bombardment then send the mercenaries as "refugees" to Europe and America, thus weakening the majority culture in them.

And when anger is rising about the mercenary low-lifes doing what mercenary lowlives always do, use media whores to blame it all on Islam, and increase support for wars aginst "terror" and "Islamofascism", in Iran perhaps.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Who benefits again?

I sincerely hope the Apocalypse is coming, aand I think it must be. I've had some connection with the Divine after all, that can't be explained with the Material. Doesn't mean that the Divine will forgive me if I'm a coward and won't carry the burden assigned to me or refrain from naming the City of London/Crown/Israel/Washington/IMF/UN Beast.

Have to stop feeding the Beast, and transforming ones own thoughts returning to true self. No other way out, and no other way to help others without being blind leading the blind.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

An astute point, Snake Sage..

"Doesn't mean that the Divine will forgive me if I'm a coward and won't carry the burden assigned to me.."

Indeed the burden will be assumed.. up to and including Lord Shiva's heaviest of all dharma, if need be.

Visible said...

A new Profiles in Evil-

Israel; the Ace of Spades of Evil.

Anonymous said...

Amerikagulag said:

And any group of people who have been kicked out of almost every country on the planet, EXCEPT Egypt,(the only country they CLAIM to have been kicked out of, but weren't) has a history which preceeds them. There's an historic reason these people are disliked and it has to do with their behavior. Their self-worshiping behavior at the expense of all others. Their behavior is TAUGHT. It's taught through their self-authored books of LIES. It's called the Torah. Then there's the other man-made book of filth called the Talmud. BOTH these books are written by evil minds; degenerate minds, dark minds; sick minds and both are claimed to be the words of some 'god'. Only one god would foster such enmity: Moloch
So we can safely say these people worship Moloch.

It is the responsibility, indeed the duty of humanity to rid itself of this infection; this festering boil which eats at the flesh and fabric of spiritual growth and true peace. It divides and destroys humanity. These 'books' must be exposed continuously as the falacies, fabrications, forgeries and fictions they truly are.

1. Adam and Eve are allagory.
1. there was no burning bush.
2. there were 3 version of the 10 commandments (which do you like?)
4. No Exodus - it never happened
5. No wandering in the desert - it never happened.
6. No wall around Jericho - they were an Egyptian vassal.

So the entire foundation this group of people claim as history is a lie. Their religion teaches them they are superior. One would think a 'superior' group of people could at least come up with an original idea! No?

If the Germans had written the bible, the Germans would be the 'chosen people'. Think about it!

Followers of the Torah and Talmud are enemies of humanity. Destroy their instruction books and you destroy their justification for existence.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Desperate Dreams of the Demon Spawn.

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn Moise ("Dub Mick") the Dickmuncher from Hell:

-- "samarai by the way is another term for samaria"

It's samurai, you Kike, not samarai.

Samurai is Samaria?

That's a new one!

Samurai < verb samorau; to watch for; be on the lookout for; protect; attend.

+ + +

And WHAT THE FUCK IS A SHINTO BUDDHIST!? you bloody moron!



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