Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Time to Wake up and Smell the Bodies Burning

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"May your noses always be cold and wet'.

Rise and shine world, wash the dream dust from your eyes; awaken dreamers! If you can’t see it, you’re not paying attention or... like so many of your fellows, you are seeking to explain circumstance on your terms, rather adjusting your view to step beyond the personal, where everything has to fit into the schematic of your desires and ambitions. Here’s the world you get from these people. That’s the only world you’re going to get from these people and their end game is a lot nastier than what you are reading there.

Let me say a few things about consciousness. Consciousness is power. Separated self-interest consciousness is relatively impotent, except where it’s allowed for the purpose of lessons. Connected consciousness; being conjoined with the source of consciousness it a power beyond measure. The only limitation is that you can’t wield it from the separated self position. However, the separated self position is inherently suicidal so... get rid of it. Something within you knows what you truly need and what will grant you liberty from stress and tension. A great deal can be understood by watching those who have mastered Tai Chi and Aikido. You can plenty of examples on youtube. This is what unified consciousness grants you, not only in your personal interactions but also in your engagements with the greater forces of the world.

Morihei Ueshiba ‘discovered’ Aikido one day in one of those enlightenment moments. As I recall he wasn’t five feet tall and didn’t weigh a hundred pounds. He was a practitioner of misogi. I know the benefits of this sort of thing, though, to my regret, I haven’t practiced this sort of thing in a long time. Michael Green and I lived in a teepee in Wittenberg, New York, which is about seven miles out of Woodstock. We lived there off and on for about 3 years... or in other teepees in other locales, together and sometimes not together. Michael was with Leary at Millbrook. We used to go out at dawn in the winter and bathe in the mountain stream that flowed a short distance from the teepee. Michael used to walk into Woodstock barefoot. Michael is a remarkable fellow though I can’t seem to find most of his great art that used to be at his site. We shared, with a few others, the operation of a Macrobiotic restaurant in Woodstock; Five Rock City Road. I also had a spiritual/occult bookstore called The Ajna Bookstore.

End digression; anyway, Master Ueshiba was able to pull a tree with a six inch diameter out of the ground. He came to a military base when I was a small child in Kyoto, Japan and several of the things he did were, extended his little finger and three enormous MP’s, probably my father’s men, pushed on it and he flicked his finger and sent them flying. He stood in front of an archery target and had someone shoot arrows at him from 25 yards away; he would just shift his form as they whistled past him. Then an MP pulled a gun on him with more than a body’s length of distance and the MP could never pull the trigger. This is all long ago and far away and I don’t remember it very clearly. Did I get much of the tale after or did I see this, in person, in my mind? I know it happened. This is the kind of thing that can happen when you are in accord with the universe and there are a number of ways to get like that.

A lot of things are missing from contemporary life of the moment. One of these things is manners. Oh how I miss that in the general flow of life. Another thing is ‘objective reasoning’. If you don’t possess it, you do not know how valuable it is. It’s a big help in controlling the trend to separated self status. That may seem confusing; only if you don’t possess it (grin). What I notice most are the disappearance of the virtues from human behavior; gratitude, humility, courage, honesty, compassion and the others. If you possess any of these, you definitely notice their absence. I watch people. It’s something I do. I don’t eat out often but when I do I observe how people approach their food. I seldom if ever see gratitude. They eat like animals, as if it were some kind of right, along with the right not to seek or practice any of the other virtues, because they take too much trouble and put you at a disadvantage socially and in the marketplace. This ties in with that Biblical quote, “where there is no vision, the people perish”, which ties in with, “generation of vipers”. That’s kind of where we are.

Michael Green is living proof of what happens to one when they live a life of discipline and practice the virtues. Most of the people you read about in the news are living proof of what happens when your disciplines are geared to self interest and you don’t practice the virtues. It is astounding; the level of corruption and negative character that you see in the public figures of this world at this time. It’s as if they were all being inflated by invisible bicycle pumps. Hmmm, maybe that’s what nipples are for.

When you look at the preposterous degree to which people have become debased caricatures of themselves; bloviating cartoons of something formerly (perhaps) human, you have to think they’re being jacked up beyond recognition for a reason. Yes, for a lesson of what happens when it happens. When I note the generally respectful and considerate behavior of the Muslim community, by comparison with other elements of society, I say to myself, this too is a lesson.

We did it by increments and degrees, like someone getting lost in the woods and with the same results... walking in circles, suffering hunger and thirst while having the remedies all around and not being able to see them. We fall down to animal survival level and are willing to kill or whatever it takes to maintain the existence of the separated self interest; distrustful of our fellows, given over to base plots and hounded by paranoia and wild superstitions, turned against each other by those manipulating the landscape. It happened slowly. We didn’t see it. We traded our real security for the illusion of comfort. We became an audience for the banal, the trivial and the horrific. None of them had any more impact than the other. They were things happening apart. We were separated from our humanity. Occasionally you see these curious souls who are actually engaged in serving their fellows. They only make the news if the effort is gratuitous and self serving.

We can’t tell how far off we have come because it happened over a length of time. Some of us were off track before we got here and some of us were assisted to Verlorenville by disposition and the assistance of the dedicated deceivers. Even now, most of them pay attention to what these fonts of deception are promoting, though anyone of even borderline intelligence should possess ample evidence by now of the fecal stream of lies that by now has turned a good percentage of the culture into what looks like chocolate bunnies and just in time for Easter too. This is why catastrophe is the alarm clock, because ♫waking up is hard to do♫, apparently.

Now Obama makes war on Libya without the consent of congress, which he didn’t even ask for. The remorseless vultures on the Supreme Noahide Court, piss on The Constitution they were sworn in to protect. Everything is for the benefit of Israel; a gang of psychopathic mobsters and Christians insist that these bloodthirsty, human flesh eaters are the chosen people. Well, gee, I wonder who put them up to that. This why stupid is desirable and Dumb and Dumber is a curriculum, because you have to be to believe these things.

Look at the outrageous absurdity. The only logical conclusion is that lessons are being prepared. The obvious assumption should be that the bad guys among us are being celebrated and rewarded for their actions; recorded and video-taped at work for the evidence being displayed for the precession of awakening. That’s what it is and I’m sticking to it.

We’ve been in ‘any day mode’ for a little while now and so you can take it to the bank that more and more outrage and cold blooded murder is on the table. You don’t have to search too hard to see who’s behind it. Meanwhile, the public yells at each other as ‘liberal’ or ‘right wing’ without realizing that all that tells you is that they are the Tweedledee and Tweedledee of stupid. Those terms are meaningless, as meaningless as the lives of those using them. If you’re too dumb to comprehend, ‘divide and conquer’ then you’re the product of it.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent and Thank You. Melstone :)

Anonymous said...

We are definitely in the 'any day now' mode.

Thank you for your reflections - always appreciated.

Speaking of The Wall at SM yesterday; doesn't it just make you want to throw up the way ADL frontman Foxman has called Roger Waters anti-semitic (sic) after Waters' support of the people of Gaza behind the zionist wall of apartheid?

Foxman cited the Bauer stars released from planes along with $'s representing zionism and capitalism respectively.

I wonder if zionist frontman Rothschild and the fractional bankers gave Foxman the orders to try to belittle Waters.

I believe Waters is just as sick of zionism and israel as the rest of us - nothing more.


Dave Klausler said...

When I began, I was looking for an entity such as Master Ueshiba... unfortunately my means were limited, and local, and I settled with the best of my area. I can only imagine what it would be like to train under such a "man." Perhaps my search and intentions were not as deeply rooted as I portend.

Anonymous said...

Obama reaffirms commitment to Israel.

These guys are fundraising for Obama's proposed 1 billion dollar re-election campaign. Just look and you will see who has all the money. (read the comments).

Neko Kinoshita said...

♫"Watching and waiting,"♫

"If you’re too dumb to comprehend, ‘divide and conquer’ then you’re the product of it."

I love that line.

Nose is cold and wet,
Let us see what today brings.


Anonymous said...

Master Ueshiba is one of those people who understood that it is the inner strength that controls the outer physical side of ourselves. The Soul or the Spirit that God had given us is being enveloped by the flesh and bones and therefore we tend to forget who or what we are, what our existence is for.

When the Soul or Spirit knows the secret of our existence, the physical body follows the demands of the Soul. The Soul/Spirit could even envelops the physical body to look as if it disapeared from sight, but in truth, it is present. This was how Jesus escaped from his enemies, this was how Muhammad went to meet Allah in Isra' Mi'raj.

We will never reach this level if we are still being controlled by our Nafs - Lust/Passion/Desire. The same Nafs that is now controlling the 'Chosen Ones' until there is no difference between the 'Chosen Ones' and an animal.

Sakan - Nur Ilahi

Anonymous said...

Too often seekers water the leaves and branches but the roots remain dry and deprived..

Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of the Aikido method of martial arts said: "Above all, one must unite one's heart with that of the gods. The essence of God is love, an all-pervading love that reaches every corner of the universe. If one is not united to God, the universe cannot be harmonized. Martial artists who are not in harmony with the universe are merely executing combat techniques, not Aiki (Ai--uniting harmony and love with ki--the universal energy)."

Anonymous said...

reminds me of that saying, if you are looking around the room trying the find the sucker, its you.

Scooby Doo said...

Thank you Les for your care and effort.

I've been reading you for a couple of years or so and you and other like minded folks have kept me sane.

I followed up on Michael Green and found this location.

Anonymous said...

If this is the -On The Beach- moment, OR even if this -New Nagasaki- doesn't foretell it, --it still is the -On The Beach- moment anyway for all the existentialists and nihilists and relative-moralists, the idiot pill-poppers, the money and sex addicts ---non-believers in -THE GOOD- because what the hell difference does it -ALL- make anyway before -LIFE- sits heavy enough on your chest to keep you from taking another breath.

I don't believe it.

Life is a super party -MAN-. Like wow, what are the chances? Can you beat the odds for this? Nope.

Don't mess it up.

Science is a dead.

Dig hard for the inner barbarian now. We need him desperately, -HUMAN-.

Reality is infinitely complex.

Life on the other hand is pretty simple for us.

Life is not a box of chocolates.

Enjoy anyway! -And don't spend it all in one place or at one time.

(By "one time" I mean in OUR TIME.)

Don Robertson
Limestone, Maine

Dammerung said...

I've had dangerous ocean dreams recently (even before the tsunami which damaged 100 boats in our harbor,) but maybe that's just the result of living a block from the ocean. But God is a lot like the ocean, isn't it? Beautiful, majestic, awe-inspiring ... and dangerous. And, like the ocean, whenever there appears to be a great recession of God from the world, it's time to get somewhere else in a hurry.

Visible said...

400- Bad Request.

Anonymous said...

Being fed lies from birth it's very easy to see why people fall into the multitude of traps laid before them in advance. I can say so with authority because I'm one of those unfortunates.

One of these lies (among many) is the House with the white picket fence, the 9 - 5 job and a couple of kids with the appropriate SUV.

The real trap is the children. Yep I said it. The tepee by the river , Long meditative explorations under a waterfall etc. are preempted by the non stop requirement of providing for a child's needs that immediately and continually supersede the parents personal needs for at least 18 years. You're young and a parent you don't know much yet so it's kind of hit and miss for a decade or two. But hey you're young you know you're gonna get there heh. You just don't know exactly where there is yet ?

It's a backpack you cannot put down and it's based on love so it is indeed a daily labor of love but again it gives the TPTW even more excuses to lock you down. Threats of imprisonment for not sending your child to the state run indoctrination center (school) . Threats of removing that child from you if you do not provide an adequate home. Oh these are real threats trust me. They have the hired guns behind them.

So then, fully locked into the system they created for your imprisonment you play the game. At first you don't see that it's a game and some never do perhaps, but most feel it's presence.

Oh the Boss looked at me funny. What if they make fun of my kid because he dresses different or he can't have the latest trends in clothing etc. Your kids friends set the agenda, that's the way they get inside your home. You can't plug all the leaks. You're not in an Amish village oh no you're in the world baby and TPTW know it man and they milk it.

Any decision you make now involves another persons life who may or may not at some later date agree with your moves. It's a tricky dance. Pickin up and rollin down the road ain't what it used to be nope.

You feel the chains and you know somethings really wrong inside so you try to shut that voice down, you have to. You're unhappy .(Prozac or Whiskey Buddy what'll it be ?) Why ? What the hell, I did it like my folks said I should so whats the deal? Hey I know maybe a divorce will fix this ! Ya ! Great Idea ! Maybe I can run away ya I can do that. Nah I can't. Hey I'll meditate (JUNIOR TURN THAT STEREO DOWN !). Oh baseball practice right, wait school supplies, oh new clothes ya forgot, or orthodontist ya forgot.

By the time it's all over it's over and you may breath some fresh air if there's any left. Congrats you've successfully cloned another you into the exact same system. That is if you're lucky enough not to have lost them into some other devious trap they set up or to illness or violence or accident.

They're all wide eyed and bushy tailed waiting for slaughter. You dust off, you feel like you've been gang raped in the laundry room of cell block D.

You're looking at a Youtube video one day and then it hits you holy shit , this was all a lie !

You try to tell the kids but they have kids to look after right now maybe we can all talk later.

I think I see why the most Holy men walk the path of the single life. Heh. Ya that makes sense. Yep.

I better shut up now or get my own blog.

Thanks for your blog Les

Patrick V1.0

Anonymous said...


Me too, bad ocean dreams, huge huge waves coming on shore in California. I live in Santa Maria, Ca and 2 friends of mine have had similar dreams. For huge waves to reach Santa Maria, we are talking mega tsuanmi. Santa Maria is over 10 miles inland and I can't swim. Guess it wouldn't matter if I could. Great post Les...been reading you for years but rarely ever post comments.

Terrance said...

Hello Les, Man, that is so cool that you were in the presence of Ueshibason. Aikido is the martial art of love. It is magical....well, you already know that! .....grace and beauty.....on another note Les, I think we are living in the time of Kalkin, who will be riding a white horse and wielding a flaming sword,to separate the righteous from the wicked. The final incarnation of Vishnu. You can sense the presence of death that comes to all things. Shiva is!

Thomas said...

Beautiful Les!

one of your best yet, IMHO.

many thanks &

Much Love to All :)

Anonymous said...

The most amusing thing about a pantomime horse is the necessity of having to shoot it twice.

I like to feel things in my bones because it saves space.

the trustiest rule of social disintegration: bars burn last.

Anonymous said...

"Better to be killed by Rama then by Ravana.."

The Srimad-Bhagavatam (12.2.19-20) describes Lord Kalki's activities as follows: "Lord Kalki, the Lord of the universe, will mount His swift white horse Devadatta and, sword in hand, travel over the earth exhibiting His eight mystic opulences and eight special qualities of Godhead. Displaying His unequaled effulgence and riding with great speed, He will kill by the millions those thieves who have dared dress as kings." We should make note here that, as the Vedic literature explains, when the Supreme kills anyone, that person is immediately spiritually purified by His touch and because the person is focused on the Supreme Being while leaving his body. Thus, that person attains the same destination as those yogis who spend years steadying the mind in order to meditate and leave their bodies while focused on the Supreme. So being killed by the Supreme is a great advantage for those of a demoniac mentality who would otherwise enter lower realms of existence or even the hellish planets in their next lives.

William Freeman said...

Sorry to say that the Aikido schools I've encountered have not really stood up to Master Ueshibas standards. Even in schools where the Master has seven dans etc. I took up Jiu Jitsu instead, because my teacher was the one for me, and I found that it doesn't really matter which form you use, it's all Bushido in the end. It's all the way of the Samurai and the way of the warrior. There is always Love at the base of this, even when in fighting mode.
Of course, you mentioning Tai Chi or Aikido was always going to get people to respond and say "what about the Hagakure and all the other forms of self-mastery such as Judo, Karate, Jiu Jitsu etc?"
Master Ueshiba took it one step further, but the code of honour was always the Hagakure, even for him. This is in no way to be taken as criticism of your post.
I'm afraid that the practice of Misogi has never really been of any relevance in our culture. In Germany, where I happen to live, they do have a "Saunakultur", which is probably the next best thing and can be used to those ends if you are so inclined. I know a few Budokas who use the cleansing effect of the finnish sauna as a way of Misogi.
I'm a bit concerned about Robert Zimmerman performing at Israel’s Ramat Gan Stadium in June. Maybe they've just worn him down over the years. He does look a bit tired nowadays, even if he is 69.


William Freeman

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Les.
U R THE Biz!

amarynth said...

Uhm, talking about projected futures .. We're slowly getting up and running at the new and the new community site - simply called The Community.

Seems we have not broken anything yet! Welcome to all who are calling in and saying Hi! A few reports of log-in struggles .. kindly keep in mind we're still up and down like yo-yo's -- try again and if it does not work -- contact Erik or myself on the contact button, top right hand corner.

The front page of the site, also has a login facility to The Community.

Soon we will have the store up and running and then we'll start putting the kitty together for New Shangri-La. Got the New Shangri-La Bank-Account .. just need to hook it in! (grins)

Come by .. say Hi - for the moment it is a respite from "Bodies Burning"

Uhm .. wv groohmon .. that is just what we are doing! grooming on!

Les, your blog was awesome yet again!

Liz said...

What I don't know is a lot, regarding these marvelous disciplines, and teachers, and knowledge. I am in awe. The only thing I have is to go back to is my beloved Gulf of Mexico, now raped, pillaged, and mercilessly murdered, and lying in her waves, swaying in her tides. But I will dance, and I will sing and send love to you all.

Visible said...

Well, I'm glad to hear that and even more glad that the word verification wasn't morun or usuke.

Anonymous said...

peace to earth and sky
potency of essence
lessons of in union
mastering of presence
sugestions of the universe
sensations of in truth
lifting of the moment
pervading conscious root
fruit of living sanctifying
whisper of the stars
calm of all around
pulsating deep and far
the heart of all existance
wise old everything
integrating unconditional
loving medicine


Anonymous said...

Cootie Harris is my friend and neighbor.

Jazz drummer, martial artist, Tai Chi Master instructor.

He is 87 years young.

Cootie, at 84 years young, led the American Tai Chi delegation at the Olympics in China in 2008.

Unfortunately, neither Wushu nor Tai Chi is accepted as an Olympic sport.

But who could ever forget the Tai Chi opening ceremony!

The most elaborate and beautiful opening of Olympic history.

The other day Cootie and I were doing speed reflex tests with coins.
He was holding a cup of coffee in one hand.

He spilled a little coffee on my foot and I said "what the Hell."

Then we laughed.

He like me because I chant Hare Krishna when I exercise.

He a;ways sees me coming and he smiles and bows nicely.

He's my friend.


Anonymous said...

To see Tai Chi opening ceremony at 2008 Olympics in China...

Paste in Google..

Tai Chi in the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Anonymous said...

With respect Patrick V1.o, When I look at my children, my heart fills with a small portion of the love that the the creator must have for his children, having an eternal understanding, where we only have the perceptions of this hell world.

I know that the responsibility is daunting, to care for these little humans, but I have found myself in the task. Endurance is needed, no doubt, I wonder if God gets tired? The lesson is only worth what the effort takes to learn it.

Dammerung- those were the best words I have heard you say


Monk Fuma said...

A Japanese Monk Sent this Prayer Request

The damage of earthquake in Japan is devastating.
Unable to cool down the reactor we are facing a possibility of nuclear
plant explosion.
Please join our prayer.. Feel free to forward this prayer request to anyone.
It would be great if more people can pray.

Here is a translation of a message/oracle from the Ise Shrine in Japan:

After the sunset we need strong power of prayer.
Please let me deliver the message to as many as possible.
We can stop this earthquake with our prayer but right now the nuclear
plant is in danger.

Please everyone heal the suffering, sadness, anger, worry about nuclear
Please do not think that this accident will bring justice.

Please care for each other.
The energy toward conflict and fight is also fueling the things happening
right now.
Please stop the conflict and stop the fight and change the worrying voice
to the power of prayer.
Please pray that as many people as possible can be saved.

We will be O.K. if our hearts start connecting with each other, the earth will be healed.

There are the sound/vibration that can release the karma of earth.
Anyone who can make prayer sound, anyone who can do reiki,
anyone who can do long distance healing
please direct your energy to the center of Japan .
The exact location is above the Hachiro gata, Akita Prefecture .

If you can sing, please sing.
Humming is fine too.
Let the earth listen to the sound.

Please send gratitude to the earth.
If the mother earth wakes up then everything will stop.
The word Song/Sing writes in Japanese Kanji that small possibilities
support a big lack.
Please send your prayer to the earth to wake up the spirit.

I will be in meditation after the sunset.
I will pray for the light shining the sky even in the darkness.
Please everyone be safe.
Thank you for supporting my heart at this very difficult time.
Gratitude for the life.

Michael Sandeford said...

In "The Host and the Parasite," author Greg Felton concludes that only a military coup will save America from destruction by Zionist forces.

Such a military government could:

. Institute a Nuremberg-style war crimes tribunal to prosecute the leaders of the lobby and the junta for treason and crimes against humanity;

. Declare null and void the Supreme Court confirmation of justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito, and void all fascist legislation passed over the last six years, including the USA PATRIOT act:

· Call for a proper investigation into the September 11 attack;

· Freeze and liquidate the assets of every Zionist Jewish and Christian organization and place the proceeds in a bank account for distribution to Palestinians, Iraqis and Lebanese; and

· Declare military, economic and political war on Israel.

Bowels of Power said...

zionist frontman Rothschild for the international fractional bankers:

Stephen, thank you for your rousing speech to help get the no fly zone/regime change vote swung in our direction at the UN security council.

Prime Minister Harper:

You're welcome sir. I did get a little flack from the house (of commons) back home though - they threw my party out of office on a non-confidence vote.

Rothschild: Yes I heard about that. But not to worry - you go to the governor general and ask for a dissolution of your minority government. I will arrange for a majority government for you in May through our Canadian affiliate of Diebold. You have my word.

Harper: Well thank you sir.

Rothschild: Don't mention it. How are the missus and kids?

Harper: Fine sir, thank you for asking.

Rothschild: Right then, I must be off to tune our wonderful harp.

Harper: Yes sir, good bye.

Rothschild: Good bye Stephen.

Anonymous said...

The prayer request for Japan is beautiful. I've been sensing the need to send energy/light/reiki to Japan. I close my eyes and see the Island and deep love resonates within me and I send the love outward to every living being in Japan.

I'm careful what I ask for in prayer, but a legitimate coup would be nice right about now. I pray for a military coup that will be honest, truthful, full of integrity and justice. And so it is.

Peace Be to All

DaveR said...

Nothing too deep, just something I thought of today:

If I tell you to think for yourself, and then you do, did you?

Pietro Spina said...

Thanks again, you are a bit of a lifeline for my sanity. And my, you can turn a phrase! (I love "Verlorenville" as the place we're trying to escape from).t o escape from).

I, too, greatly miss the practice of self-control, humility, generosity, gratitude, and honesty. Not only are they by far too little practiced; as a society we have almost lost the aspiration to practice these things. Indeed, they are widely held openly in contempt.

Perhaps Abe Foxman can be the subject of a future Profile in Evil.

Anonymous said...

another movie just watched , I'd waited a long time to "get hold of" Man In The Wilderness", staring Richard Harrison circa 1971. touch of the noble savage, bad white massa man (noone siad he was a Jew, so that was an omission). the biggest impression was the image of the Native American chief (harris, damaged and alone and left for dead by boss man was watching the tribe pass), ... this chief ...get off his horse with such ease and dignity and comfort. he was adapted and had meaning in his life. [though after much practice I do myself get a kick out of the rhytmn of using a chainsaw. cant get cocky with that machine though]
I'm not too hard on the dumb, I dont underestimate my own dumbness in many respects (and the internet is a booster these days and I didnt invent that). wilful ignorance and blame gaming is something else though.
as for leaving the ego alone (I am probably using a different meaning and term here , still).. Jungs Zomimos lectures filled with exqquisite detail a women who had visions. The idea is active imagination, less passive than normal dreams, the observer has a higher degree of consciousness. Its meeting the unconscious half way. like Job questioning God. That's far from abandoning the ego-self. Im probably misunderstanding or skewing what you said though. general surrender to the sublime is the correct medicine (and correct direction for the moral compass) for the uber-ego and resulting skewing/blowback by the neglected unconscious.

not sure I am making sense there even to me, just having a 'go.

Anonymous said...


I love my kids more than life itself and they have given me great joy. The point of my post was how this is used against us.

Thanks for your comment there is truth in it.

Patrick V1.0

rickslagle said...

Do you think that the USA military is finally despising itself enough for it's 60 years of dumb maneuvers... as you say because of following the zionist plot... that it will finally implode?

The young'uns sign on in dumbfounded stuporous I'll do anything not to be homeless visions... and then want to die.. these people are not like me.. the americans are all armed, so what's the need of all the waste of $ to spread politics...

Terrance said...

To whom it may concern: the die is cast...

A patriot said...

I think Sandeford is on to something.

But to avoid the present situation EVER coming to be again a few more measures are required:

.Abolishment of fractional banking and usuary, both domestically and from foreigners, where giving or accepting such funds gives life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

.All foreign lobby groups must register them selves as such, and it be made illegal for any elected official in municipal, state or federal government to accept lobby funds from a foreign lobby group or nation.

.zionism and/or belonging to a zionist organisation be made illegal on a par with naziism.

.members of elected government be prevented from directly or indirectly accepting lobby funds from coorporations in the goal to erradicate political corruption against the best of the people these officials are elected to protect.

.the US military force be brought home and used ONLY in the de facto defense of America itself.

.CIA, FBI, NSA and all other secret police forces be dissolved. Future security services shall only work to stabilise domestically, never to destabilise foreign regimes.

.war shall only be declared formally or informally upon invaders of the USA itself.

.no war coalitions with other countries shall be made.

.it shall be illegal for the government or for corporations to directly or indirectly influence the media.

.total freedom of speech shall be paramount in all forms of media including TV, radio, film, music and internet.

.all natural ressources shall be the exclusive property of the people. Profits from using these countries ressorces shall go to build infrastucture such as schools, hospitals, roads for the people.

.the government shall protect the people and the country from misuse of the resources of the country by corporations.

.corporations shall be made illegal. Even very large companies will have a flesh and blood head of operations who is ultimately responsible for the company's actions and who can be put in jail if the company knowingly engages in illegal activities.

.companies shall pay income tax of not less than 25% of their gross income, individuals shall pay income tax of never more than 25% of their gross income. Goods and services tax shall be paid equally by companies and individuals and never exceed 10%.

Labor unions shall be legal and welcome.

Violence by military or police on domestic peaceful protesters shall incur life imprisonment both to the perpetrator and to the official who gave the order. Provocateurism shall be met with life imprisonment with parole.

.any laws against the investigation of any event in history are voided such that investigation of all and any historical fact shall be welcomed in order that we can learn the truth from history.

.Orwellian surveillence and spying on citizens shall be made illegal and ex-patriots allowed to return to the land of the brave and the free without fear of detention or incarceration.

.all groups such as ATS, Homeland Security, Blackwater and their ilk shall be made strictly illegal.

.no foreign nationals may engage in any kind of security function within the USA.

.the constitution and the bill of rights shall be upheld according to the words and the SPIRIT in which they were written.

I'm sure there are many, many more.

Erik said...

Hi All,

My e-mail was acting funny yesterday, so it is very well possible that those of you who e-mailed me for an invitation to The Community site have not received it .... sorry for that.

In the mean time we have gone 'live' yesterday with Les' new site and community.

In case you missed it, the new site is here:

Les Visible

In the topmenu you will find "The Community"

You can create your login yourself ...

Would love to see you there soon ... (grin)

Erik: Answer the question said...


Call me sceptic if you want.

What have you or your gang of Billy-Bob-Sue actually contributed at Les' sites.

Have you even past the 9/11 Litmus test?

For all I know you may be a mickeymouse club of hasbara poseurs seeking to engage commenters here in data-mining about those who read and comment at Les Visible's sites.

Allay my suspicions by telling me who carried out and orchestrated 9/11. Was it arabs? Or was it Mossad and elements of the US secret services.

Erik, if you do not answer and/or you disappear from these sites altogether your silence will be your answer, and thereby warning to all that trolls are afoot.

Canucks: Don't shoot its all a NWO lie said...

Updated: Tue Mar. 22 2011 17:55:15 News Staff

Two Canadian CF-18 fighter jets took part in a mission over Libya on Tuesday morning, but returned to base without attacking their target because the risk of collateral damage was too great.

Canadian CF-18 fighters and Polaris CC-150 air-to-air refuelling tankers are helping enforce a no-fly zone and protect civilians from Moammar Gadhafi's troops.

Tuesday was the second day of missions for the Canadians who are working alongside their counterparts from France, the U.K. and U.S., but it was their first bombing mission, said Maj.-Gen. Tom Lawson.

"Two CF-18s were tasked for a ground attack mission against a Libyan airfield," Lawson told a news conference in Ottawa.

"I can confirm for you that the air crew returned not having dropped their weaponry. Upon arrival on the scene of the target area the air crew became aware of a risk they deemed too high for collateral damage."

Lawson said the risk was not related to any threat to the CF-18s, but rather potential damage to civilians or important infrastructure such as hospitals, on the ground.

Erik said...

Anon 6:43

The answer is:

B:Mossad and elements of the US secret services.

And maybe other 'Neo-Pharazeic' Zionist entities, but what do I know ...

Happy now?

Still skeptic said...


Sincd you have set up a sort of live chat zone for Les, was is your thinking behind it?
Why have you done this?
When I buy a girl a drink I usually have personal motives.
What are yours?

P.S. Great that you have started a site around Les. Publicity is always good for the truth.

P.P.S. Are all jews responsible for the nearly 3,000 civilian deaths on 9/11 or just zionist jews?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Eric, did the Romans crucify Jesus for oil, or what?

And furthermore, do you use two spoonfuls of sugar or one on your cereal.


Visible said...

Okay, let's stop messing with Erik. It's to his credit that he's had nothing to say. i don't know where this is coming from. It's ironic in the light of recent events but let's stay engaged in useful things. This isn't Twitter.

est said...

after a good look-see
i can give the new site

a complete non-kosher
stamp of approval

great minds don't think alike

there thoughts arise
from the same source though

and once you know
right from wrong

the only choice left
is what you gonna do about it ?

blessings to all
that move towards
the light

many many thanks
to the nexus

Les Visible

Mouser said...

Terrence said the die is cast...

Israel has been cut loose by the zionist frontman Rothschild and the international fractional bankers.

Israel has been sacrificed to save TPTB. Just like in the movies - the really powerful bad guys get clean away.

Problem is even without the crime syndicate cabal of israel, zionist Rothschild will continue his corrupt control of the world continuing to start and fund both sides in wars for profit and power.

Zionist frontman Rothschild and his international fractional bankers with their usury must be stopped completely before there will be peace on earth.

These zionists, even without israel, own the central banks in all but 5 of the 197 countries in the world.

Bauer should have been hung instead of being allowed to give a cut to the royals and then have his spawn intermarry with them.

What a living hell zionist Rothschild's fractional banking with usury has caused the world to become.

Anaughty Mouser

Anonymous said...

a few "details" for anyone interested:

"After four years without any X-flares, the sun has produced two powerful blasts in less than one month: Feb. 15th and March 9th. ...associated with our sun's regular 11-year cycle, ... Solar activity will continue to increase ... toward solar maximum, expected in the 2013 ... ."

"On March 10th - another X class solar flare erupted - (and) caused a significant hit of the Earth by a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) -which triggered the massive Japan super quake (M=9.0) on 11th."

as reported by Piers Corbyn (who debunks the zio-orge "anthropomorphic global warming" hoax - designed to establish the biggest Rothschild bank "World Conservation Bank" -though not in these terms)

"Moonbow" (nighttime rainbow, in Hawaii USA see foto here:

Thanks for your works Les Visible,

"short fingers", just passin' through

Erik said...

Thanks est,

You know I needed that ;)



Anonymous said...

Sorry about the sugar on the cereal.
Was just trying to make Erik smile.

Visible said...

Oh, it's like that. Sorry, misconception on my part. Carry on.

est said...

although i do not believe sunspots, flares etc...
cause earthquakes

here is a heads up view
of what's headed our way

these are real time

the big guy looks mad

i will attempt to hotlink



nice work
et al.

Anonymous said...

can anyone explain what mr high is talking about with this time loop technology stuff on his recent post..

respects neil

No disinformation said...

I'm with you est when you say you do not believe in sunspots (or CMEs) as the cover explanation for the Haarp caused earthquakes being generated on the 11 Marchn 2011 or what's to come.

Grace, sunspots and CMEs are a ruse.

Rothschild controlled Haarp is the very, very probable cause.

Anonymous said...

hey neil,

i'm no expert. but from what i understand, tptw pretty much have a "breakaway" civilization with massive underground facilities and access to advanced technology WAY past what they allow us meager peons to acquire (check out richard m dolan's, UFO's and the national security state).

according to clif, one area of technology that they're experimenting with and withholding from us is the capacity to accelerate and/or decelerate time within an enclosed container through altering the electro-magnetic energy surrounding an object within the controlled setting.

so if clif is right about his speculations, they might be able to surround the fukushima reactors with this compressed electro-magnetic "time-stuff" and accelerate the time that the radioactive toxins take to degrade, thus, minimizing the damage.

in his opinion and mine as well, they (tptw) are hoarding this technology which they stole from other civilizations to themselves as a means of herding the rest of us.

it makes sense to me. as do most of clif's ingenious/crazy theories. but like i said, i'm no scientist. clif is the virtuoso in that area.



End zionism said...

Since zionism is the belief that jews rule the planet and therefore the natural capital of the world should be in israel, wouldn't the total fall of israel and the thereby rendering of the Rothschild built knesset building as unusable mean the end of zionism and zionists?

Not necessarily. The reason is that zionism is not a religion, it is a cult used by zionist jews to justify the maltreatment and control of all gentiles.

When israel falls and the land goes back to the arabs amd Bedouins as per pre Nakba/Ballfour, Rothschild can just continue his zionism without a zionist mecca - sort of like a disposed capital of zionism somewhere else - not unlike the Tibetian government in exile in India since the Dalai Lama's exodus from Tibet.

The end of israel does not mean the end of zionism - unfortunately for us goyim.

Japan EQ = Haarp said...

Okay have you read about military sock pupepts?

I'll give you an example of how it works.

On this Petri Dish there are 53 comments without any high priestesses talking about sunspots or new age. But if I write just one word the sock puppet will appear with a lengthy treatise of all things obfuscating deliberate earthquake genesis by Rothschild and TPTB.

Here we go:


Let us see now what happens.

est said...

try this
the url has to fit
in the window



worth a look
here's hoping

est said...

alright i'll stop trying
[hot lincoln]

i only have two things to say

man has not and will
never posses anywhere
near the power to even
make a dent on this planet
and i submit a new term


let's not be
those people

Anonymous said...

thanks bhagirit,it seems our mr high may be a very ancient being[always been around],he seems to hold the template for the futuristic scientist...
if tptw have this technology and using it for unbalance,there must be a counter balance to this process as this would make total sence...

anyway respects..neil

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Navigating the Road of our Karmic Misfortunes.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild said...

Haarp has and will again make several dents in this planet.

est said...

to [no] diss-info@
3:56 pm

no you are not with me
in any way shape or form

and i don't like you co-opting my words

for your nefarious

i am constantly amazed at people that buy into all this bullshit

or perhaps they are getting paid to spout it

if you can't see a missile hit the pent

if you think arabs did

if you believe that we
are being 'crop-dusted'

haarp and on and on

i think your stupid

and as they say
'there is no companionship with a fool'

do not draw me in to your idiotic game

i'm way to old and much wiser than all that

i seek only the light

you live in the shadows

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Our Hidden Enemies who Pose as Friends.

Visible said...

A new Profiles in Evil is up-

Monsanto, by any other Name, would be Murder Most Foul.



Joseph Brenner

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